Hi! My name is Marissa, your Miss Teenage Greater Sudbury 2017! I live in Sudbury, Ontario, a small city 4 hours north of Toronto. I am 16 years old, the youngest of 2 siblings. I have 2 older sisters, Mélodie (age 23) and Mireille (age 19). I am very grateful for my mother who raised us on her own. She is my biggest inspiration and I appreciate everything she has done for me. I also have 2 cats that I love very much. I adopted them at only 6 weeks old and they’ll be turning 1 at the beginning of July! There’s never a dull moment in the house with them!

My beautiful family

Bronx & Luna

My biggest passion is dance. I have been dancing since I was 4 years old and competing since I was 8. I spend most of my days rehearsing in the studio and when I’m not, I’m dancing in my kitchen. Dancing allows me to express my emotions, knowing I left my heart on the stage is such an amazing feeling. It’s the perfect getaway from a long day. The best part of dancing is the new family that I have made. My teammates are truly my 2nd family. We’re always there for each; through thick and think.

Backstage before our last competition of 2017

In my spare time, I like to spend my day in the beautiful outdoors of Greater Sudbury and trying new things; such as competing in this years’ Miss Teenage Canada Pageant! It is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and I’m very excited to begin this journey.

Until next time,


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I’m finally here! So excited to finally meet all the amazing delegate which I can now call my pageant sisters!

My amazing roommate!

Upon my arrival, I was thrilled when I found out that I am rooming with the beautiful Emilia N. from Peel! Not only do we have very similar personalities, but she is also a very passionate dancer! We are currently having a dance party in the room while writing our blogs! She is such a sweet genuine young woman and I am so excited to spend the next week with her!

The night of arriving here in Toronto, we got the chance to talk to some of our amazing sponsors! First I visited the Golden Glamour Goddesses! These 4 sisters offered their spray tanning and eyelash extension service at Miss Teenage Canada! Then I had a nice relaxing massage from the Wright Traveling Spa! These wonderful women gave me a much needed massage to eliminate all of my nerves! Over at the Hi-Tec station, I was fitted for a pair of super stylish Hi-Tec sandals! Not only did they have my favourite colour, pink, but I also got to get my groove on in my new kicks, I had a blast! Finally I visited the Motivescosmetic center where I got to learn more about their incredible skin care products, and I got to take my own nail polish, awesome!

Photo shoot!

Day one was a blast! After getting a great night sleep (which most people didn’t, I am so lucky I managed to sleep!) everyone gathered together in the holding room, the excitement in the room was crazy! This was because day one involved the MISS TEENAGE CANADA official photo-shoot, video introductions, and interview! After being pampered in hair and makeup (done by MOTIVES) I had a fast bite to eat then it began! The video shoot and photo-shoot was so much fun, the videographer and photographer really made being in front of the camera a piece of cake! Interviews was definitely the most stressful part of the day! Although the second I walked into the room the judges were so incredibly welcoming, all my nerves were left at the door! I found the interview more of a great conversation which I think is very important in any type of interview. After I met the judges, I went up to my room to catch up on some stretching and dancing for Fridays talent night!

Overall I am having a blast and I can’t wait for the rest of the week!

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I can’t believe I will be waking up tomorrow morning and boarding the plane for Toronto! I am so excited to meet the other delegates, I know I am going to have the time of my life!

I would just like to quickly take a second to thank my amazing sponsors; Mom, Dad, I love you! I am so lucky to have such amazing parents that support me in everything I do, I would not be able to do half of the things I am privileged enough to do without them! My mom can also be known as my personal manager, my backbone and my best friend. My dad? Well he’s my personal bodyguard 24/7 of course! I am so blessed to have both of my parents in my life, guiding me and helping me to constantly make the right decision. Because they never failed to support me with any of my endeavors, I never failed to achieve happiness in my life. I fall short of words when I try to express my thanks for everything my amazing parents have done for me. Yes I can’t live without my phone, computer, and dance, but I certainly cannot live without my parents! I love your both from the bottom of my heart!

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After competing in the provincial pageant of my area, Miss North Ontario Regional Canada pageant and being selected as one of the 7 girls chosen to compete in Miss Teenage Canada, I immediately confirmed my position. I did my research from the Miss Teenage Canada Facebook page, and knew that the professionalism and quality of this pageant was not like the rest. With so many marvelous prizes and opportunities, I couldn’t turn down a chance of a lifetime.

Michelle Weswaldi

Michelle Weswaldi

The title of Miss Teenage Canada has come and gone since 1969. Our parents may refer to this pageant as the original Miss Canada, under the sponsorship of CTV. As the pageant world flourished, many people attempted to recreate this legendary pageant title. Although in 2008, the largest and greatest teen beauty pageant was produced by Michelle Weswaldi, (Learn more about Michelle here) and owned by MTC-W.

Luke Bilyk

Luke Bilyk

Not only is Miss Teenage Canada the largest pageant I have ever entered, but also it is currently largest pageant in Canada! The most exciting part about participating in this pageant is that out of all the incredible delegates, few select girls are chosen to represent their own country at national/international pageants such as Miss Teen Universe or Miss Teen International! By holding regional pageants across Canada, MTC-W Inc. is able to bring extra attention, and media to the pageant industry, compared to other pageants. Not to mention the wonderful panel of celebrity judges and hosts that Michelle Weswaldi brings to us such as the Degrassi actor/heartthrob Luke Bilyk and Sara Fisher, celebrity weight-loss and lifestyle coach Belinda Kirikaou, and former Miss Universe Canada Chelsae Durocher, what’s not to love? With so many delegates from across the country, I hope to become the first from my province, Ontario, to obtain the title of Miss Teenage Canada 2014!

At a young age, I have always been the ‘different’ girl in school, with little or no friends. Dealing with bullies through my entire elementary school years, pageants have helped me to mature into the confident young women I am today. Simply being onstage under those vivid lights gives me so much self-assurance and makes me feel like I can conquer the world! Although, finals night is not the only time when I gain confidence, but the preparation and events I have experienced helped me to become a more sociable person. I am frequently speaking in front of my school at pep rally’s, and events, meeting new people and sharing my story to inspire youthful women in my community. I believe pageants have given me the strength to speak out and help in any way to positively impact our world. Hosting events to raise awareness for charities such as Free the Children makes me feel empowered.

I believe in Miss Teenage Canada since they are committed to giving back and raising awareness. In affiliation with Free the Children charity, delegates fundraise across Canada and bring attention to FTC charity to educate children around the world. ME-to-WE is an event held by Free the Children, and this gives people the opportunity to positively impact the world. Citizens gather and partake in volunteer trips and leadership training programs and it makes me especially proud to say that the Miss Teenage Canada pageant has raised over $190,000.00 for this amazing organization.

With the title Miss Teenage Canada 2014, I would continue to positively impact the world, particularly how society sees the pageant industry. Many people are skeptical on the idea of beauty pageants, but by showing the public what we are really made of through our charity work, volunteer efforts, and community involvement, we can educate expand the group of supporters in the pageant industry. With my outgoing personality and experiences with pageants, I can encourage young women like myself to find inspiration in the little things and live your life!

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Hello everyone! Hope you all are enjoying your summer! Miss Teenage Canada is quickly approaching and I can’t wait! Before that, I think it’s very important to bring to your attention, a sister pageant of Miss Teenage Canada!

            Top Model Search Canada is the official sister pageant to Miss Teenage Canada! Founded and owned by the incredible Michelle Weswaldi, Top Model Search Canada gives teenage girls who have always dreamt of strutting the runway, a chance of a lifetime! Yes, This pageant is still a pageant, you still get crowned, and there is a winner, but that’s just the beginning!

Michelle Weswaldi

Michelle Weswaldi

Top Model Search Canada is different from other pageants because of the amazing team that is behind everything. Not only do you the delegates receive the full pageant experience but also perform in fashion shows, attend workshops and train hard to start a modeling career! With over 25 years of experience in the modeling industry, Michelle and the team are guaranteed to boost your knowledge in many ways. Top Model Search Canada is the best stepping stone in becoming the new generation of high-fashion and supermodels worldwide!

There are also many other pageant opportunities that branch from Top Model Search Canada as it is the official Preliminary to many different international pageants. This pageant allows girls to travel the world and have the time of their life! Travelling to international pageants allows young women to make lasting friendships, and gain a different perspective on how others see the world.

“We stand by our promise to deliver the best and the brightest program in the country and are confident that you will find that the Top Model Search Canada Competition is the ultimate modeling pageant competition in Canada.” (From official website)

Miss Supranational 2013

Miss Supermodel Canada 2013

Top Model of the World Canada 2013

Top Model Search Canada offers many great prizes for everyone! Flying in scouting agencies from across the world, this pageant gives you the best opportunity to kick start your modeling career! On August 12th-17th, 40 delegates spend 5 days in the beautiful city of Toronto, and have the chance to expand their education and train in runway skills, camera movement, make up application, first impression training, wardrobe coordination, public speaking and much more! Several girls leave the pageant with agencies, booking movies, commercial shoots and even music videos!! The most amazing part of this pageant is that you have a chance to travel overseas and represent your very own country in places such as Thailand, Europe, South America, Poland, Korea and Spain! Suzette Hernandez is currently Miss Supranational Canada 2013. With this title comes over $15000 in gifts and prizes including a series of photo-shoots with well-known photographers, features in magazine spreads, TV appearances, and red carpet events! Most importantly, the winner will have the opportunity to represent CANADA at the Miss Supranational an international pageant! Also, Runner-ups participate in international pageants such as Miss Top Model of the World Canada, and Miss Supermodel Canada International!

My most recent photo shoot

            Having many years of experience in the modeling industry, I have taken all the constructive criticism and applied it, to be the best person I can be! If there is one thing you girls take away from this all, is to live in the moment! One of my favourite quotes; “Live in the moment for the sheer joy of living it. When you do, each moment has a quality of bliss. Whatever the moment contains – joy, disappointment, sadness, excitement – welcome it. Don’t try to force it or change it; just allow it.” This quote is so important because when you try to control everything, you don’t enjoy it, therefore relax, smile, and go with the flow!

            Finally, I would like to wish all the beautiful girls competing in Top Model Search Canada the best of luck! Everyone has something unique to share; simply being onstage already makes you a winner. Remember, who you are is what makes you special, do not change for anyone. No matter what the outcome may be, always look back on the friendships you have made and you have learnt from the experience! GOODLUCK!

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Hello everyone! Hope you are all enjoying the beautiful summer weather!

Almost one month ago, I auditioned for a feature spot in a commercial, I was successful in getting the job, and you can spot me in a Logitech commercial recently aired!

“Focused on innovation and quality, Logitech designs personal peripherals to help people enjoy a better experience with the digital world” (source: www.logitech.com)

The most interesting part of the audition process was that it was all done virtually! I was successful in getting the job through a ‘direct booking’. This means thats the producers and directors saw my agency pictures, and choose me! After virtually connection with them via Skype, I filmed for 2 full days in Toronto.

The beautiful view from my shoot!

My favourite part of the whole experience was meeting so many new people, and forming great friendships with them over a short period of time. The entire team was beyond generous, the atmosphere was so relaxed and it made my first commercial shoot very exciting!




You can check out the commercial in the link below!

Logitech Commercial

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Hello everyone! Last weekend, June 1st, I had the amazing opportunity to attend the Greater Sudbury Police Services BBQ event!

I had such an incredible time, meeting so many new people and spreading the news about my upcoming pageant! I volunteered to help serve the guests at the Barbecue, and also kept the children company! I would like to thank GSPS for giving me the opportunity to participate in their wonderful event. I had a great time enjoying the BBQ along with some amazing demonstrations from Sudbury’s own tactical team!

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Hello! My name is Julia, I am 16 years old, proudly representing my beautiful hometown Greater Sudbury. Attending an all-girls academic high school, I am currently finishing up my grade 10 school year, maintaining a +90% average. Once I finish high school, I wish to attend medical school and ultimately become a dermatologist. I believe that beauty emerges from the inside, and every person should not only have inner confidence but outer confidence as well. With this career, I would positively affect several individuals.

Having an enormous passion for dance, I have been fortunate enough to travel not only all over Canada, but many places around the world, learning about diversification and acceptance. I have been given the opportunity to reach out to various organizations and participate in charitable work in my own hometown with many annual festivals such as the Sudbury Garlic Festival, Canada Day Festivities, and volunteering at senior centers. Being involved and helping others is what I enjoy most, and I show leadership not only through my dancing but in my high school as well. I am highly involved in a Big Sister program helping new students with acceptance, and a transition into high school, which many young woman struggle with. I love working with children and teaching them valuable life skills such as cooperation and determination.

In my spare time, I also enjoy spending time outdoors at camp enjoying the natural beauty Greater Sudbury has to offer. I consider myself a very passionate and determined person who constantly strives to live a healthy and happy life!

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