Sexy babe begs for an anal pounding facial and boobs

Sexy babe begs for an anal pounding facial and boobs
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blonde hottie jumping fat shaft in pov style My second story! Thanks to everyone who read and commented on the first, you were the reason I decided to keep writing.

And thanks for all the instant messages everyone! Special thanks to Jerry and Mike! ------------------------------------------------------ For the past few weeks we had been emailing back and forth.

We had been talking about meeting each other, and what we wanted to do when we met. John and I had met in an online dating service, and both of us were fairly nervous about our first meet. John was a 43 year old man, and like myself he didn't have that much experience with a man.

Both of us were a little scared of the whole online dating thing, but we each had a fantasy about meeting a stranger for sex. I heard a knock on my door, and quickly went to answer it.

I welcomed John into my apartment after exchanging quick pleasantries I led him over to the couch and offered him a drink. We both sat there for a minute sipping our drinks as we attempted to act casual, but then again a casual encounter isn't quite what we had planned for this evening.

John made the first move, asking me if I would like to help make him a little more comfortable. I eagerly complied, and sliding off the couch and onto my knees, I knelt in front of him and started to unbutton his blue jeans.

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As I slowly unzipped his jeans then worked them down and off of him my cock sprang to attention. I leaned toward him and began to run my tongue all over his cock through his briefs.

I watched as his cock grew harder and harder as I teased him through the cloth, his smell was intoxicating. John leaned his head back as I worked his briefs down and off of him, then I quickly removed his shirt as well leaving him totally naked on my couch! I dropped back down to my knees and started to suck on his beautiful dick. John had a large 8" circumcised dick all neatly trimmed, and I quickly started to learn what he liked.

I swirled my tongue around the tip of his cock a few times, then wrapping my lips around it began to take more of him into my mouth. I worked as much of his cock into my mouth as I could, then running my tongue along the underside of his dick, I slowly pulled him out of my mouth. His cock started to leak precum out of the tip, and I greedily licked it up. He tasted amazing! I started back down again, this time taking him just a little bit further into my mouth.

The feeling was incredible I loved having his hot member in my mouth. I backed off slippery and juicy asian pussy toying japanese hardcore cock again and heard him moan softly; I could tell he was really enjoying all of the attention his cock was getting. I began to quickly bob my mouth up and down on his cock taking him a little bit deeper each time until I had about 6 inches in my mouth.

John raised his arms and placed his hands on each side of my head holding me down on his cock. I paused for a moment with him deep in my mouth as I tried to adjust to this new feeling. John rocked my head back a little, then held my head still as he began to push his cock deep into my mouth. We stayed like that for a couple of minutes, John guiding my actions as I learned to let his cock farther and farther into my throat.

I was loving every minute of sucking his beautiful dick, and after several minutes of practice I had his entire length in my mouth. John relaxed his grip and let me go my own speed, as I started taking him all the way into my mouth the slowing running my tongue down his dick as I pulled away.

After a few more minutes of me sucking his cock I could tell he was about to cum. When I thought he was on the verge of cumming I took him all the way into my mouth and began to play with his balls with my hand.

I could tell the pleasure was too much for him. I sensed him tense up, just before the first splash of hot cum hit the back of my throat.

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I grabbed his waist and held him tightly to me as spurt after spurt of cum ran down my throat. I swallowed it all. Now it was my turn. After a few moments rest, John stood up and told me to remove my clothes. I quickly disrobed, tossing my clothes into a pile beside the couch.

John playfully swatted my ass and pointed me towards the bedroom. He followed me into the bedroom and directed me to lay, on my back, on the side of the bed. I laid down, slightly nervous, wondering just what John's plans were. John leaned over me and started to run his tongue up hard member.

I was so turned on by this point that my cock was leaking precum like crazy. As he got to the tip of my cock and quickly took me into his mouth, almost taking my entire length.

He managed to get all 7" in the second try! His mouth felt absolutely amazing. I could feel his throat contracting around my dick as he swallowed me, I was in heaven.

After teasing my cock for a few moments, John turned his attention lower. He ran his tongue down my dick teasing my balls as he passed. I then felt his tongue caress my tight little asshole. He started to loosen me up with his tongue, while he was rimming my ass I closed my eyes in complete ecstasy.

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He worked his tongue in and out of my hole until, finally, I began to relax and let him have his way. It wasn't long before I felt his finger start to work it's way into my tight hole. At first I tensed up, but after some gentle prodding he was able to get it inside me.

Once his finger was inside me he began to work my hole, stretching me open. Soon I was able to adjust to this new feeling, and I started to enjoy all the attention my ass was getting. Once John felt I was ready he added a second finger stretching me wider, getting me ready to accept his large cock.

By now I was loudly moaning, I just wanted his dick inside me. He pulled his fingers out of my ass, and without skipping he miami got mom and son to replace them with his hard cock.

I felt every little ridge on his dick as he slowly pushed his way inside me. After a few tries, I held my breath as he managed to push his dick all the way inside me.

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After pausing a moment to let me adjust to the thickness of his dick, he pulled almost all the way out then plunged back in and I felt his balls on my ass. The feeling was indescribable, I felt so full, and so turned on knowing I had such an amazing, hard cock in my ass. Again John pulled out, this time completely, then lining back up he pushed back in this time a little faster than the last. He repeated this several times, each time a little quicker than the last until he was pounding away at my ass.

What started out as an immense pressure had given way to immense pleasure and I started to rock back to meet his thrusts, impaling myself even harder on his thick member. We kept up the pace for a couple minutes, until John decided it was time to switch positions. He pulled out, motioning for me to roll over. I began to roll over until I saw his hard cock only inches from my face, I stopped mid-way and took him into abigail mac and cherie deville in sex addicts anonymous mouth.

I heard him moan as I began to work his cock with my tongue, teasing him for all I was worth. I pulled him closer to me, and using my new found skill deepthroated him.

Knowing that his cock had only moments ago been deep in my ass was a major turn on. I began working my mouth back and forth on his dick, listening to him moan as I greedily sucked his cock. I knew that even though he was enjoying my new found cock-sucking skills John really wanted another shot at my ass. After one last lick I relented and laid down on my stomach with my ass in the air, inviting him to fuck me some more. I felt him guide his dick once again to my hole, and felt his cock as he pushed it deep inside me.

I was his little cock whore, and I just wanted more. I pushed back to meet him, and soon he was pounding my ass like there was no tomorrow.

I started to stroke my cock as he fucked me. It wasn't long before I felt like I was going to cum. I tightened up as I began to cum all over the bed in front of me. I felt John also start to cum in my ass, his hot seed filling my ass. John's dick slowly started to shrink and he soon pulled out. I collapsed forwards on the bed totally spent.

As I laid there, I sighed and told John how amazing that felt. I felt him crawl onto the bed beside me as he told me that we were just getting started.

Looks like I'm going to be up for a long night!