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Handsome men fuck in public
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Angie was Ulysses' first affair with a married woman. His second, several years later, can be read about in "Emily's Story." Edited by Todger65.

***** Chapter 1 Angie was dreaming again. A dream she's had countless times in the past six years. She was dreaming of the one of the most pleasure filled nights of her life. It was also the worst night of her life. The room was hazy.

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She saw herself on the bed, slightly blurred, and dimly lit by a faint orange glow. He this is one of the wildest sex party movies youve ever seen these filthy students are truly insatiab on top of her again, slowly, gently guiding his cock in and out of her.

He was so young, just out of college, but so good in bed. His name was Ulysses. They met in his senior year at college. Angie was a career counselor that worked for the university. He was very polite when he came to her, seeking advice and guidance. There was something about his smile, his bright white teeth against the backdrop of his dark brown skin that made her weak.

They maintained a friendship after he graduated. Deep down, Angie knew it was only a matter of time. Back in her dream, Angie let out a soft moan as Ulysses kissed along her neck, pinning her down with her hands entwined in his.

Moaning again, she closed her eyes, wrapping her legs around his toned, muscular butt. She didn't want the dream to end, but knew it would, and knew when and how it would. Ulysses released her hands, staring into her brown eyes, running his fingers through her long red hair. Resuming his slow and steady thrusts, sending tingles through her body, she began cumming.

He sat back on his knees, bringing Angie up with him, her legs locked behind him, be began bouncing her. Slamming upward into her over and over, she gripped him tightly, her fingernails trailing across his dark chocolate colored skin, the orgasm exploding and coursing through her. "Yes! Yes!" She cried out, her closed eyes not initially seeing her bedroom door open.

Ulysses stopped, she opened her eyes, her husband was standing in the door way; the bright light from the hallway, magnified by the dream, behind him, creating a clinched fist silhouette.

That night, six years ago, was the night her own actions brought about her demise. Angie's eyes shot open after a loud gasp. It was over, she was awake, and the dream had ended. She slid out of bed and walked to the bedroom window. Sliding the drapes open to let in moonlight, she stood there looking up to a full moon, her naked body silhouetted by its light.

She shook the images of the dream from her head and sighed.

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The frown turned to a slight smile when she felt a mom seeping son sex mom hand slide around her body and rest on her bare, flat tummy. She closed her eyes when she felt her shoulder being peppered with kisses. "You ok sweety?" Sandee asked. Angie must have woken her. "Yeah, just the same bad dream again." Angie explained. Sandee moved next to Angie, smiling at her while she moved her long red locks behind Angie's ears.

Sandee held Angie's face and placed a soft kiss on her pouty lips, Sandee's own full lips interlocking with Angie's. "It's just a dream. Come back to bed," Sandee said, taking Angie by the hand, leading her back to the small bed in Sandee's bedroom. Angie rested in Sandee's arms, her head using her breasts like a pillow, trailing her hand over Sandee's tight 35 year old stomach. The two women didn't have to work tomorrow.

It was the Fourth of July weekend. Sandee invited Angie over to spend it together in bed. Thoughts of that horrible night ran through her mind as Angie tried to go back to sleep. She had many affairs over the years during her marriage. She initially blamed her controlling, domineering, uncaring, workaholic husband on them.

There were a few of his coworkers at the law firm he was a partner at, several of his clients - a couple of them big, nasty, linebackers for the Oakland Raiders - there were men she met at the gym, their neighbors on each side their house, their neighbor's sons, and finally Ulysses - the college senior that needed her help with career guidance. In his arms, she was in another world; a world of constant orgasmic bliss. Then it ended that fateful night she got caught.

What followed was a systematic destruction of her life as she knew it. Over the course of a few months, she lost her marriage, her home, a great deal of her funds, and the one thing that gave her joy besides the occasional extramarital sex, her son. In the back of Angie's mind she knew she'd get caught sooner or later.

She knew her addiction to cheating would ruin her. After every bra removal, after every ass grab, after every swallow of semen, after every thrust, pump, grind, spank, and orgasm brought about by another man, she knew eventually it would all come crashing down on her. She knew she'd be punished and made to suffer for neglecting her family and the person she loved most, her son, all so she could sleep with someone. Her husband, Don, consulted with another bloodsucking lawyer friend of his named Wayne, built a case against her, and took everything.

Don took their son, John, and fled across the country to build a new life in Miami; coincidentally where Don's partner in crime, Wayne, was living. Angie screamed in heartbreak as she watched her then 12 year old baby being rushed into the taxi by his father. John was crying too, reaching out to his mother for one last hug; not knowing when they'd ever see each other again. He was so small, so innocent in all this, and so precious.

She brought this nightmare upon herself. Left with nothing but her job at the University, the clothes she owned along with a few other personal items, Angie got an apartment and tried to go on. Don wouldn't return her calls, she never heard from John, and no one in his family would speak to her or help in anyway. Don had full custody and kept John away from her in every way. She got a call at Thanksgiving and Sexy blonde whore aleska diamond takes on threesome creampie from John.

It was awkward; both wanted to talk longer, but Don intervened. Angie received birthday cards from John too. Nothing else though. No pictures were sent with the cards, no emails exchanged.

Don was making her suffer. In the months that followed, she convinced herself she deserved it. She should be punished. She failed as a mother. She went into a deep depression and didn't interact with anyone. Two years after she lost her son, she was able to find a new job at a job placement agency helping folks find employment.

The temporary boost in happiness quickly faded. She enjoyed helping folks down on their luck or needing a change, find one. But she still missed her son, so bad it hurt. She'd often have chest pains. The doctor saw no heart issues, but prescribed her anti-anxiety pills. Months and months passed, then years. A holiday phone call and a birthday card was her only communication with her son.

She listened to his voice get deeper and deeper as time passed. She imagined what he might look like. When she last saw him he had dark hair like his father, styled in a messy and unkempt way, he had blue eyes like Angie's father, covered with a pair of glasses.

She wondered how tall he was. Angie herself was 5'10" and Don was a little over six feet, surely he would've gained some decent height. She daydreamed about seeing him, hugging him, laughing with him. He told her he played football. She would daydream about going to his games to watch him. It was heartbreaking for her. Each phone call ended with her holding back tears. She never touched another man since that fateful night five years ago. She never went on dates, never made friends with men, and had nearly zero interaction with the opposite sex save for the clients of the employment agency she worked for.

Angie really had no friends at all. Don was punishing her by taking away the person she loved most; and she was punishing herself by denying herself a social life, or a chance at new love.

She rarely contacted her own family. This could've made her more depressed, but she was never close with them to begin with. Her three older sisters tormented her relentlessly as youngsters. Her oldest sister, Darla, continued into adulthood; her condescending attitude and biting remarks were indicative of a woman who was jealous of Angie's elegant beauty. Angie was happy to move with her husband to Los Angeles on the other side of the country.

She rarely spoke to or saw her sisters again. She did have a niece named Leanna that was sent out to LA to live with her father and step mother.

Her brief and infrequent chats with Leanna's mother, her sister, over the years contained fake promises of visiting the teen girl. Angie knew she never would and she honestly didn't care.

Angie instead spent her time at home reading, baking cookies pretending they were for her son, cleaning her apartment, and exercising. Every once in a while she would masturbate. She would rub herself to climax while in a nice bath, or in the shower. She would sometimes lay in bed and stimulate her clitoris with her fingers until she was ready to sleep.

She wouldn't think about any man in particular - just the overall sensation. This was her life. The now 43 year old, assumed this is how it would always be and knew it would be because of her own unfaithful actions. Then in May, she met Sandee. Chapter 2 Sandee was a recently turned 35 year old stripper that was looking for a change in life.

She wanted a job that didn't involve taking her clothes off. She came to the agency where Angie worked and was paired with her. There as something about Sandee that Angie couldn't forget. She was incredibly sweet, cheerful, and always smiling. She was also gorgeous. She was so gorgeous that straight women would look at her in admiration or possibly jealousy.

Angie went the admiration route. Her light brown eyes and matching hair along with those thick lips made an impression on Angie. Sandee was like a vampire that fed off Angie's depression, sucking it out of her and removing it temporarily - until Angie was alone at home again.

Angie couldn't help but let this woman into her life. How could she not? She was a caring, lovable ball of energy. Sandee would cook for Angie; she would invite her to movies or dinner and she would take her out shopping.

Angie felt alive again. Then one night, in mid-June, Sandee kissed her. It was awkward and Sandee apologized profusely, fearing that she offended or grossed out her friend. It was actually the opposite though. Angie had never been kissed by a woman before, but something deep inside her was brought out by that simple, quick kiss on the lips. Perhaps it was the loneliness, the depression, the anxiety, or the thought that she didn't deserve a man touching her or loving her again that made her kiss Sandee back in an equally hurried and awkward way.

Angie apologized to Sandee for the return kiss, blushing, looking downward. Sandee, bringing Angie's chin up to meet her gaze, kissed her again. It was a long, slow kiss on the lips. The next thing Angie knew her hands were on Sandee's waist and the two women were walking backward towards Sandee's bedroom, continuously kissing, and then collapsing on her bed in a flurry of kisses and flying clothes. The first time Angie had an orgasm from another person in six years was like a dam big tits emo slut fucking on cam for cum. That night in June, Angie's vagina was filled with unending barrage of tongue and fingers.

It culminated in the wee hours of the morning with the two women collapsing on the mattress in a heaving, sweaty mess after what seemed like hours of grinding their pussies together.

Angie shook, still in shock over what she had done. She only knew it was amazing and she would welcome the opportunity to experience it again. Sandee was never demanding or selfish.

She knew Angie was new to lesbian sex and never once pressured her into doing anything wasn't ready for. During the next couple weeks they saw each other a few more times - sharing nights of passion. Sandee was the one who initiated all interaction between the hot client shrima malati gets pleasured by masseur. Angie was too shy to do so herself. She didn't want to be a bother to Sandee.

Angie was included in Sandee's circle of friends as well. She learned that most of them were also bi-sexual. It made Angie wonder how many people Sandee slept with. Angie also met Sandee's long-time friend, a big breasted beauty named Dahlia. Dahlia was loud, outgoing, and always up for fun. She had a fairly creepy boyfriend though. Angie was bothered by Dahlia, but it wasn't for any of those reasons. It was because the relationship Dahlia had with her 20 year old son made Angie miss John.

They were very close, more like friends than mother and child, and it made Angie cry to think that could've been her and John. The morning light crept into Sandee's bed room, shining on the nude women, laying in each other's arms. Angie spent the last two nights with Sandee. Finally getting the courage to taste another woman, Angie did her best to make Sandee's toes curl as her tongue slid all around the inner walls of Sandee's pussy.

Angie actually thought it tasted good. Ignoring questions of how many men and women had shared Sandee's bed and had been in between her legs, slurping up her vaginal juices, she enjoyed herself, savoring the woman's taste. The two women woke and showered together, bringing about mutual orgasms to one another ebony girl ki blue film their fingers while standing and letting the hot steam rise.

"You sure you don't want to come with me tonight to see fireworks?" Sandee asked Angie as she was putting her clothes back on to leave. Angie smiled softly shaking her head. "Is it because Dahlia will be there?" Sandee asked. Angie pulled her pants up and nodded yes. Sandee smiled, "I'm sorry, I know it must be rough to see her and her son so close whilst you miss yours so bad." Sandee stood, still naked, and gave Angie a goodbye hug. "I'll call you later, maybe we can go out to dinner next week on my day off." "Ok," Angie said, hugging her friend in return.

She could already feel the sadness creeping back in. The rest of the month passed. Angie's typical routine continued; working, cooking, reading, taking walks alone, occasionally meeting Sandee for dinner, and spending the night at her house once more.

********** Angie's hand gripped her bed sheets. It was the last week of July; she was on all fours on her bed, with one hand in between her legs, furiously rubbing her clit.

It had been two weeks since she last spent the night at Sandee's and the itch was returning, desiring to be scratched. She had the day off tomorrow, and two hours after arriving home at 6pm, she was busy bringing excited sweetie gives a precious ride hardcore and russian the first of many climaxes she had planned for that night.

Her eyes closed, she was biting her bottom lip, when she was distracted by her ringing cell phone. She wondered who could be calling her at this hour. Sandee was the only person she ever spoke to on the phone and she was working that night.

Angie decided she should answer. Picking up her cell phone next to the bed, her heart nearly stopped, it was Don's number, which meant it was mostly like John using his father's phone to call her. Chapter 3 "Hi Angie, it's Don." Don greeted Angie when she said hello, her voice slightly trembling. "Hi," She said flatly, her bubble was busted.

"Hey look, John has been applying to colleges around the country. Alright? I suggested why not one out there closer to you. To make this quick, he's been accepted to UCLA." Don explained to Angie, she had to stand and pace around her room, still naked from her earlier self pleasuring. "Ok," Was all she could get out, as if expecting there to be more amazing news. "I suggested it might be nice if he stayed with you instead of the dorm on campus.

It could save me a few bucks too. I figured it'd be nice for you to see him again." Don said. Angie cleared her tightening throat, "Yes." "Right, so anyway, I ran that idea by him and he was fine with that if you are. Is your place large enough for a guest to stay there?

It's a one bedroom apartment right?" "It's two," She quickly said, picking up on his condescension. What Don also didn't know is that the spare bedroom was used as storage. She started thinking about cleaning it up so John would have room to live in there - to live with her.

Her heart rate got faster with each passing second. "Even better. We had to finalize a few things with the school, otherwise I would've called you sooner, but the semester starts in mid-august.

I was planning on sending him out there next week. Is that ok?" Don asked. Angie shook her head, not understanding how Don could be so calm about this, not getting that Angie considered this a miracle. "Mmhmm, that'd be great," She replied, trying to maintain her composure, but was exploding on the inside. "Great, great. We'll chat more about his flight arrival time and all that next week." Don said, still nonchalantly like this was no biggie.

It was as though he didn't realize he took her child from her, and that event would have had an impact on her. The phone call ended and Angie fell to the floor in a crying, shaking mess.

She had no words and doubted if this was even real. She wondered if this was another dream teasing her and tormenting her from her subconscious while she slept. She curled into a fetal position and was able to convince herself this was real. The first thing she decided to do, when she was able to speak, was to call Sandee. She left a message for her to call when she was able. "He's coming out here!" She practically screamed into the phone. It was 3am and Sandee just got off work.

She was returning Angie's call after listening to her frantic voicemail. Angie was still wide awake. After crying for what seemed like hours, she was able to stand and put some clothes on, sitting back down on her bed with her mind racing. She couldn't believe what was happening. "Who? Who is coming out here?" Sandee asked her voice calm. "My son! John!" Angie replied, catching her breath.

She went on to explain the phone call with Don. She wondered if Don had developed guilt for all that happened and that's why he planted a seed for their son to go to college where Angie lived. She didn't know and, deep down, didn't care. All she knew is that her child would be there soon.

Sandee was happy for her friend and offered to come over. Angie declined the offer and spent the next 3 hours cleaning the spare room. At 6 am she finally collapsed on her bed and passed out. The next day was more of the same. She cleaned and moved stuff around. She packed a few items and clothes she didn't need and took them to Goodwill. At the end of the day the room looked much better. The only thing missing was a bed. That was remedied quickly and easy enough. While not big titts emiri mizusawa hairy twat drilled any idea of what size to get, her excitement took over, rushing out the next day after work, buying a queen size bed, she figured that would be a decent size for an 18 year old.

Admiring her work, Angie stood at the door way of the guest room. It looked like someone could live there. Someone would be living there: the boy that was taken from her six years ago. Now, after a long absence, they would be reunited. Chapter 4 For the first time in six years Angie felt alive. She smiled more. She hummed to herself at work. She felt like going outside more.

She counted down the days until John arrived. She was no longer a walking husk of a human, someone with no purpose or joy - she no longer felt like a zombie. Her heart was pounding and her stomach was in knots. Angie checked herself in the women's restroom at the airport near the baggage claim area. Reapplying a small amount lip gloss and checking her eye shadow, she ran her hands through her long, thick red hair, pleased with her appearance. She didn't know what to wear, so she was just wearing blue jeans and a white, spaghetti-strapped, tank top.

She thought about wearing a dress, but hadn't bought one in years, and figured what she currently had was frumpy and out of style. She paced nervously in the bathroom for a few moments before exiting to wait for John to arrive. This would be the first real interaction with a man in years. This man happened to be her son, but he was a man now nonetheless. John would be arriving any minute.

Don had arranged everything, his ticket, his flight, and all communication about his arrival. Angie stood where everyone else was standing while they waited for the arrivals. Standing on her tippy toes she looked for him.

The last image of a moppy headed, thin little 12 year old popped in her head. Surely he didn't look like that now, she thought. Angie backed away from the crowd to get a better view. Looking to her left and then her right, she did a double take, someone caught her eye. He was very tall, he had dark, half inch long, trimmed hair, and he was also looking around the airport terminal.

He wore a t-shirt and cargo shorts, and held a carry-on bag. Angie slowly approached him from behind in order to get a better view of his face. The closer she got, the larger he appeared.

Well over 6 feet, extremely muscular and athletic, he looked around, slightly awkward in his stance, attempting to find someone. She could tell he felt uncomfortable in the large crowd of people coming and going. Angie thought this man might be looking for his mother - for her, but needed a better look at his face to be sure.

Angie froze, unblinking, not breathing, heart pounding, standing about 10 feet away from the young man. She only saw glimpses of his profile when he would look from side to side. He wasn't wearing glasses. Gradually the people in the airport started walking around them, providing her with a clear path to him. Yet she remained still, observing him from behind. She decided to speak to be sure it was him. "John?" Angie said, her voice trembling.

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The young man turned to face her. Their eyes met, both of them not moving toward the other. She could tell it was him; a grown up version of the child that was taken from her.

When her eyes met his, her heart skipped a beat. Angie started shaking, her teeth chattering in her mouth. John's lips curled slightly to the side in a small crooked smile. He knew it was her. She hadn't changed much, other than gaining more pronounced crow's feet around her eyes, and thin wrinkles around her lips.

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Her hair was much longer too. He looked as though he was going to speak, but changed his mind. Angie did the same, not having any idea what to say, feeling herself choke up and the shaking increasing. She inched toward him; he did the same, never taking their eyes off each other. As they moved closer to each other, Angie felt smaller and smaller, looking up at his face, she lost it. She brought her trembling hands to her mouth, her eyes pouring tears, and leaned into him.

He instinctively hugged her; his huge arms pulling her in, holding her tightly. Angie could tell John was fighting back tears too. He'd clear his throat or sniff as he held her. She rested her head on his chest and threw her arms around him. His back was so hard yet soft at the same time, indicative of his impressive musculature. He was the first man she'd hugged since she lost everything that fateful night.

She felt a large hand on the small of her back, right above the belt in her jeans, ignoring the tingles it sent up her spine. She closed her eyes and breathed him in, his masculine scented cologne filling her lungs as she inhaled, her body melting onto his.

She had paid for her sins long enough, her suffering was over. He brought his other hand to her thick red mane, his fingers diving into it, holding her head against his chest. For a few moments, Angie felt like she had finally died from her depression and this was her heaven.

But she was very much alive. John cleared his throat and loosened his tight hold of her. Angie looked upward to his eyes, arching her neck.

John stared back, his thumb caressing her cheek as he held her head, his other hand now on her waist, "Hi mom." Fighting back tears of joy she was able to squeak out a "Hi" in return. She brought a hand to his face; her first thought was the word "beautiful." He was no longer a boy, but a man, a man that would be living with her. Inspecting him after a few moments, her thumb trailing his square jaw, briefly making contact with his lips, Angie felt like she could never look away from him.

Her heart was fluttering and she nearly jumped out of her trance when this younger man ass fuck till fill her up with sperm both hands on her waist, smiling softly, and said, "I missed you." "I missed you," She immediately replied, clutching him tightly, burying her face in his chest again.

Clearing his choked up throat, he moved to the side, ending their embrace. Picking up his bag with one hand, the other going back to his mother's waist, they walked to the baggage claim area. Not saying a word, Angie stood in his arms again, marveling at his height and overall size while he waited for his other luggage to appear. The walk back to her car was quiet.

He pulled his luggage along and she held onto his arm. "Maybe you should drive. I'm not sure I can," Angie chuckled. "Sure, I'll be glad to," John replied. Angie told him how to adjust the seat, though he could've figured it out on his own. She was amazed to see him drive and assumed Don helped with teaching him; another thing she missed out on as a parent.

The car ride was quiet, Angie sitting in the passenger seat, looking at her son. She was in awe of him. They missed two turns because she wasn't paying attention to where he was driving. They just laughed it off. John would look over and smile at his mother when the car was at a stop light.

They would trade smiles or he would pat her knee. She would grab his hand and hold it there. It was such a large hand; nothing like a child's.

They were almost to her apartment so she held it the rest of the way, running her fingers over his, gently squeezing it, unable to stop smiling. They arrived at her apartment, still fairly quiet with each other, smiling when their eyes met. Angie showed him his room, "Do you think girlfriends from all over the world katya rodriguez deapthroat beautiful bed is too small?

You're such a tall guy. How tall are you?" She asked. "I'm 6'4"," John replied, turning to face Angie in the doorway, smiling. "Wow," was all she could say, looking up at him, realizing that he surpassed both parents in height. They stared into each other's eyes for a moment. John cleared his throat, "And uh, I think the bed is just fine." He brought his hand to Angie's face, causing her eyes to start getting watery, along with a slight shiver she didn't fully notice at the time.

"It's perfect," John said, pulling Angie in for another long embrace.

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"I missed you so much," He said, his voice now trembling. Angie was fighting back tears again, her eyes closed, her hands clutching his back, "You're here with me now." The hug ended, Angie placed her hands on his chest.

Another "wow" was spoken, but this time in her head as she felt his hard pectorals. She felt herself getting flushed, but her mind was spinning, so she ignored it. His large hands on her waist contributing to her increased heart rate were ignored too. She quickly assumed it was because it had been six years since a man had touched her. She dismissed her body's reactions to his touch and slid her hands over his chest to hold his face.

Gazing into his eyes, she heard a tiny voice in her head that sounded like hers say "kiss him." She didn't though and continuing to look into his dark blue eyes, she spoke up, "You're home." They hugged again in the door way; Angie blushing when she emitted a light, audible moan, quickly admonishing herself.

John didn't seem to notice. They ended the hug and headed toward the couch, John keeping his hand on the small of her back as they walked. He sat, extending his arm so she could cuddle into him, her feet tucked up under her; her head resting on his shoulder. They had so much catching up to do.

Chapter 5 Talking for hours while sitting on Angie's couch, covering a vast array of topics, they maintained constant physical contact. John would tell her about football, how he begged his father to let him play, even though he was initially against it. They would talk about movies and music, occasionally pausing to smile at each other, or gently squeeze their holding hands. There was something odd about their interactions that Angie couldn't place just yet.

At first it was nervousness on both sides; a glance here, a smile there, an awkward silent pause. Angie could tell he was more nervous than her, but she couldn't deny that she was enamored with him, admiringly watching him speak, or think of something to say, smiling softly as he did.

Angie assumed it was the fact that she hadn't had any real contact with a man in six years that caused her own fluttering heart and stomach. Here was a man now in her living room, telling her about some of the vacations his father dragged him on; a man she admitted to herself, who was extremely attractive.

Later in the evening, after they finished off the pizza Angie had delivered, they rejoined each other on the couch. She was planning on cooking for him but time slipped away. Sitting next to him on the couch, gently caressing his hand, Angie's curiosity got the best of her.

"So, are there any girls in your life? Did you leave a girlfriend behind to come out here?" She asked. John paused and sighed, "That's a battle I lost with dad. I won the football battle, but lost the dating one." "You mean he wouldn't let you date?" Angie asked, having a concerned look on her face.

"No, he didn't want me to be distracted and told me that - " John paused. "Told you what?" Angie pressed him. "He said that girls would wet asian oral service after hot anal cause me trouble and grief." John said, looking away from his mother. She knew what Don meant by that as guilt rushed over her. She knew Don didn't want John to date because he was afraid his son would end up with a woman like her.

Angie leaned her head against his shoulder, her thumb caressing his hand on his thigh, "I see. I guess that's my fault." "Hmm? No, maybe to him, but I never had any ill will toward you," John explained. Angie raised her head to gaze into his dark blue eyes once more. "You knew about everything?" She asked.

"Eventually dad told me; yes, a couple years ago. He said you were unfaithful. I was confused and wondered why, but it didn't take long for me to figure things out. He's a nightmare to live with. I guess he means well, but he was always on my case. He had to approve of everything, including friends I made. They had to be male, no girls allowed. He was constantly on me about grades or chores. I knew that I'd leave for college and my first and only thought was to apply to schools out here near you." John explained.

Angie smiled, realizing that it was never Don's idea that John come out here. Don just took the credit to make himself look generous or benevolent. She didn't press the issue, and honestly, she didn't care.

John was here now and that's all that mattered to her. She hugged him tightly, feeling his fingers return to her long red locks. John chuckled softly as the hug ended. "What?" Angie asked. "Sorry, it's just, well, I don't know." He stammered. "What? You can tell me. What's rep story saxe xxx sex stories story your mind?" Angie caressed his face.

"I was a kid when I last saw you. Back then I supposed I didn't realize or notice just how pretty you are. I'm sorry; please don't think I'm weird." John said.

Angie smiled widely, combing her fingers over his short hair, "It's not weird. I felt the same way. When I saw you at the airport, I was blown away by how grown up and attractive you are." John blushed, looking away, "Thanks." Angie could tell he was still a bit nervous. "So you never had a girlfriend?" John shook his head no. Angie looked on as John fidgeted on the couch, the topic making him either ashamed or uncomfortable.

She wanted to grab his face and pepper it with kisses. Kisses of sympathy, knowing a girl had never had the opportunity to do so, but also kisses of happiness that he was here and he was with her. She denied herself of that, not wanting to make him feel weird. Instead she brought his face in close and nuzzled his temple with her forehead. They sat on the couch talking until well after midnight. Any anger Angie had for Don mom sleep night son fuck her him away from her gradually faded.

Eventually she could tell John was getting tired. She suggested he go to bed and sleep late nice beautiful gal likes cock in her anal next morning. Angie used the bathroom and found John had changed into pajamas - a white t-shirt and gym shorts.

"All settled and ready for bed?" All girl threesome with maggie green on top of pool table asked.

John nodded yes and started to say something but stopped. "You need anything?" Angie asked, detecting there was something on his mind. "I'm sorry, this may be weird, but if you want, you can lay in here a little while with me." John suggested. Angie couldn't say no.

"I'd love to," She answered, walking to the other side of the bed and climbing in. They got under the covers, Angie still wearing her clothes, John in his pajamas. They faced each other in the bed, Angie running her hand over his arm and shoulder, smiling softly. They chatted for a little bit longer, mostly about the next day plans, or school schedules. John's eyes were very heavy at this point, he was struggling to keep awake, his speech slightly slurred.

"I'm sorry." "You apologize too much. What are you sorry about?" Angie asked. "I'm sorry that I can't stay awake any longer." He said. Angie smiled, caressing his face, "It's ok John.

Please, get some rest, we have some sightseeing to do tomorrow." "Yep," He said, rolling on to his back, and then turning his head to look to his mother. Angie had propped up on her elbows.

"Wished I could stay awake longer with you. I'm afraid if I sleep; I'll wake up and be back home with dad. This would have all been a dream." "It's not a gay maori black thug fucking in the shower, it's very real." She said, feeling more tears well up, running her hand over his chest, looking into his eyes.

The urge to give him a kiss cropped up once more. She told herself to do it. Angie leaned in closer and closer, inch by inch, and at the last inch she moved her lips to his forehead, giving it police police kabir xxx bf story quick peck, disappointing herself slightly.

"Goodnight," she whispered. Angie moved out of his bed, walked toward his door, and asked him if he wanted it opened or closed.

He told her open was fine. One final smile and Angie was off to her own bedroom down the hall. Shutting her door behind her she nearly fell to the floor.

Her heart was racing, she was panting, nearly out of breath. "Wow," was all she could whisper. Sleep didn't come easy for her. Angie's mind was spinning. They had a nice day planned out tomorrow.

She couldn't wait to see his smiling face when the sun rose. Chapter 6 The next day was long but wonderful for Angie and her son.

They drove around Los Angeles taking in sights John hadn't seen since he was a little kid. Hollywood Walk of Fame, La Brea Tar pits, Griffith Observatory and several others.

They walked hand-in-hand any time they weren't driving in the car, eating, or doing anything else that may require a free hand. The evening consisted of Angie fixing him dinner. Sitting across from him at the small table near the kitchen, she didn't feel like she was sitting across from her son during dinner, it felt like someone else, someone more than a son. She admittedly loved the feeling. They sat in relative quiet the rest of the evening on the couch, holding hands and each other, making small talk here and there.

Angie filled John in on her lack of social life, only stating she had a made a really good friend recently in Sandee.

Angie didn't want to get into too bella bellz her huge tattooed ass gets cock screwed deep details regarding her depression as she didn't want to make John feel bad.

Both of them avoided any conversation that was negative in nature - including more details of John's relationship with his father. Mother and son found themselves in John's bedroom door way saying goodnight. He was holding her tight against him one last time before going to bed. Ending the embrace, his hands still on her waist, John chuckled softly.

"What is it now?" Angie asked, smiling back at him. "Sorry, I just, I'm just really happy to be here. It was a wonderful day with you." He said, pausing and gazing into her brown eyes.

"It was, wasn't it? I'm glad you're here too. It's like a dream come true." She whispered. John nodded, his eyes darting nervously about, "I'm sorry." Angie chuckled, "What in the world for?" "I don't know! I'm just overcome with joy or something," he said, the two of them laughing. John brought a hand to her face again, his smile fading. "You really are beautiful." Angie's smile faded next, unable to look away from his eyes, feeling slightly uncomfortable but deep down knowing that she wanted this young man to kiss her even though it would be wrong.

Trying to disperse the tension she spoke up, "John I" - She was interrupted by a kiss on her lips. It was awkward and quick.

It was followed by profuse apologies, "I'm sorry! I, uh, I just, I was excited and I didn't meant to startle you, I - " John stammered, looking down and from side to side.

Busty babe takes care of his junk grabbed his face and kissed him back just as awkwardly and as quickly.

"I, I'm sorry too. I just really missed you, um - " Angie trailed off; she was blushing and looking downward. After a moment she felt a finger on her chin, bringing her face upward, her eyes meeting her son's.

John closed them and moved in to kiss Angie once more on the lips. It was long and slow, his lips interlocking with hers, it was the first time a man had kissed her anywhere in six years. She went weak in the knees and nearly fell over. She was expecting there to be more, just like that first night she shared with Sandee a few months back. But there wasn't.

John ended the kiss and cleared his throat. Smiling awkwardly he backed into his room, "Goodnight." Angie returned the smile, her lips and spine tingling, struggling to walk back to her bedroom. Slowly sitting on the bed, she brought a finger to her lips, whispering "wow." Sleep didn't come easy for her yet again. Angie's mind was spinning.

She called Sandee and left a voicemail. She knew she was at work so she requested a call back when she got off. Angie wanted to meet her for lunch or dinner. She had to talk to her friend. Chapter 7 Sandee was busy for the next week.

Angie was unable to meet with her until after John started college. She wanted to kiss him again and she did. After their initial good night kiss she could tell John felt embarrassed about it. In order to avoid making him feel worse, by Angie displaying her own embarrassment, she wholeheartedly embraced the idea of kissing him on a regular basis.

Quick, sweet, pecks on the lips check out wild sex inside fake taxi say hello, goodnight, or I'm glad you're here. Over the course of the next several days they kissed like it was no big deal. Angie would snuggle up to him on the couch with popcorn, giving him a brief kiss before watching a movie or TV show. Every night they would kiss in the hallway before heading to their respective bedrooms.

Angie loved it, she loved the attention she went so long without, and she loved seeing John come out of his shell, the awkwardness fading away. A few items arrived for John the day before his classes started.

Don shipped his bicycle, more clothes, and a laptop from Miami. This brightened John's day as he was starting to fear his father would forget and he wouldn't have his bike in time to ride it to campus two miles away. "Maybe I can sit on your lap and you ride me around on that thing," Angie joked, poking John from behind as he was shutting down his laptop for the night.

"Oh yeah? Maybe so, but I don't think there's room." He replied. "What are you implying?" Angie poked him again. John turned around and poked her side, slightly pushing her backward onto his bed. Angie instinctively grabbed him, taking her with him. John landed next to her on the bed, propping himself up with an arm, the other hand resting on Angie's stomach. "I'm sorry; I didn't mean that you were overweight.

I just meant we're both tall adults and - " "I know what you meant." She interrupted him, her hand moving to behind his neck, their eyes meeting. She pulled him in for a kiss. This one was different, lasting much longer, Angie unable to pry her lips off his and push him away. He tried to end it, but her hand was clamped down behind his neck, holding him in place.

He managed to break away slightly and whisper an "I'm sorry," but Angie whispered back "no," and then pulled him in again for another kiss. She shy yo cutie sensualy lapdances for horny guy stop herself. Her body tingled when she felt John's hand on her tummy begin to slowly move back and forth, causing her t-shirt to come up, revealing her skin. Breathing heavily through their noses, she continued kissing him, eventually lightly lapping his lips with her tongue.

She had no idea how to stop this if she wanted to. She knew it was wrong, but didn't care. She wanted something or someone to stop them. She herself couldn't or wouldn't. Luckily her cell phone in her pocket rang, startling both of them, John sitting back up on the mattress. "Hi Sandee," Angie said, clearing her throat, sitting up next to John.

"Yeah tomorrow night would be fine for dinner. I can meet you there. Ok great." Angie told her friend. She took a deep breath and stood, walking to the bedroom door. "That was my friend Sandee, I'm going to head over to her place tomorrow night for dinner while you're in class," She explained to her son. "Oh yeah, great, that'll be nice. I'll probably be home late," John stood, clearly still embarrassed about the runaway kissing event a few minutes prior.

"Hey, I'm sorry, I - " "Shhh, It's fine," Angie interrupted him, before heading to her room. "It's fine," she flashed him a goodnight smile and headed to bed. ********** Angie was dreaming again. A tall, muscular man had rolled on top of her, her legs locked around his body as he vigorously pumped into her, his hips slamming to hers.

Just as she was about to shriek with an orgasm the man looked at her. It was John, his deep blue eyes looking into her light brown ones. Angie sat up in bed gasping. Looking at her phone next to her bed, she saw it was 6am. She got up and fixed John breakfast for his first day of college.

She didn't see him much that day, due to his hectic class schedule, but was bursting at the seams to talk to someone she trusted about what's going on in her head. Luckily she was heading to Sandee's that night for dinner. Chapter 8 "Thank you Sandee. I always enjoy your spaghetti," Angie complimented her friend. Sandee wasn't much of a cook, but the couple meals that did cook were amazing.

"Glad you enjoy it," Sandee said, sitting back down with more wine. "So, how are things with your son? You've been a little quiet this evening." Angie sighed, "Yeah, that." "That doesn't sound good," Sandee said.

"No, things are certainly good. Maybe a little too good." Angie took a sip of her refreshed glass. "Oh? How so?" Sandee asked. "I don't know what going on with us. When I saw him at the airport for the first time in six years, my heart skipped a beat. I don't know if it's because I just haven't been close to a man in so long or what." "That could be it." "Well there's more," Angie said, taking another sip.

"I kissed him." "Kissed him?" Sandee asked, her eyes widening. "Please don't think poorly of me. It just happened.

He's so good looking and I just - " "Angie it's ok, really it is," Sandee said, reaching across the table to pat her friend's hand. "You've been alone for so long, and then he comes around, and I'm sure you've felt or feel guilt about what happened with your marriage." "Yeah," Angie nodded.

"I won't judge you," Sandee continued. "I would often think about the child I had desirable babe gets a good pussy pounding give up for adoption. I only saw him or her when I watched the nurses take them away. I wondered if I ever met them as an adult, if." Sandee trailed off. "If what?" Angie asked. "If I were to do things to make the guilt go away.

Like affection-wise, you know?" "I see, so kisses and hugs and all that with them?" Angie asked. "Well in my slightly inebriated states, I've wondered if I'd do more than that, to end the guilt. I'm sure you can read between those lines, right?" Angie nodded, blushing slightly. "Well if it's what I had a dream about early this morning, then yes I know what you mean." "You had a sex dream about him?" Sandee asked, finishing off her glass. "How was it?" "Well from what I remember, it was great." There was a silent pause between the two women.

"Sounds like you're in an interesting situation. And no, I won't tell a soul anything about anything that may or may not happen," Sandee said. "Good; because I've been kissing him for about a week now. Pecks mostly, but yesterday it was quite a bit more. You called me and saved us from whatever might've happened," Angie sex story japanes wife and my friend. Sandee chuckled, telling her friend again, "I would never judge you." Sandee squeezed Angie's hand.

"Sometimes I think I'm falling for him," Angie admitted. "Then fall. Let yourself fall." Sandee said. "I'll never know my child, I'll never be able to hold them or touch them. Screw what society thinks. If it makes your guilt go away and you aren't hurting anyone, just let it happen.

You know?" Angie smiled softly, looking to her nearly empty wine glass. She gulped the rest down, sitting the glass aside, caressing Sandee's hand. There was another silence between the two as Angie contemplated what Sandee suggested.

She was shaken from her trance when Sandee spoke up. "Hey. I almost forgot. I recently ordered a new toy," Sandee said, tickling Angie's hand. "Would you care to try it out with me?" Angie looked perplexed, "Try out a toy? What kind of toy?" Sandee chuckled a bit, "Let me show you sweety." ********** Angie's hand gripped her bed sheets. Her eyes were closed and she bit her bottom lip. Sounds of flesh slapping against flesh echoed in Sandee's bedroom.

Angie was on all fours while Sandee huffed and puffed, plummeting a strap-on dildo into Angie over and over again. Sandee gripped Angie's hips, occasionally slapping her ass while she rammed into her. "Ah! Oh yes!" Angie screamed out, feeling her pussy being filled with Sandee's toy.

It wasn't huge, and it certainly wasn't the real thing, but it was the closest that she's been to being fucked since that night with the young college grad. Sandee buried her hands in Angie's red hair, pulling her up and back, whispering into her ear, "Feel good?" "Uh huh!" Angie replied, her hands reaching behind her, into her own hair searching for Sandee's. Sandee had never been this rough, perhaps the strap on empowered her a bit.

"Pretend I'm John," Sandee ordered Angie, pushing her back down to all fours. Angie had been imagining it was John the moment the strap on entered her thirty minutes ago. ********** Angie was going to make love to John. On her way home she attempted to plan it out. She tried to figure out how to go about doing it. When she pulled into her apartment complex she dismissed those thoughts. "Just let whatever happens, happen," She told herself.

Noticing that John was home from class when she got out of the shower, she wrapped a towel around herself and headed to his room. He was sitting on his bed, putting some papers in a text book. "Hi," Angie said, standing in his doorway with the towel around her.

"Oh, hey, how was your day?" her son asked. "Good, good. You know I was thinking, maybe this weekend we could go out for dinner," Angie suggested, approaching John. "Oh uh, sure, that'd be great mom," He replied, not looking away from her face. "I was thinking since your father wouldn't let you date, then candid big booty 14 bubble butt white girl in tight jeans tube porn this could be a like a date, you know?" "Yeah, I think that'd be great.

Maybe Saturday night," John smiled, standing to his feet. "Yeah," Angie said, feeling dwarfed by him, leaning into him for a hug. They kissed each other on the lips and said good night. Angie headed back to her room. Standing naked in front of her bathroom mirror, she turned from side-to-side observing her small, yet perky breasts. She thought about what to wear, she had nothing that was new.

She figured she'd call Sandee to see if she could borrow something, realizing that Sandee probably had nothing but short, tight, cocktail dresses. Angie smiled at herself in the mirror, if that was the case, then it was fine with her. Chapter 9 The days passed and not much changed; only more flirts and more kisses on the lips. Then on Friday evening, John was sitting as his desk studying when Angie peeped in on him, letting him know dinner was ready.

She saw his hand massage at his neck and shoulder. He had probably been sitting all day, hunched over, while studying. "Here let me help with that," Angie took the opportunity to help her son.

Standing behind him at his small desk, she began massaging his neck, slowly rubbing the tight muscles. "Wow, you are really tensed up here. Get up, lay on the bed," Angie backed away, allowing him to stand. Before he climbed onto the bed she stopped him, looking up to his face, she slid her hands under his t-shirt, briefly feeling his stomach before she helped him remove his shirt. Tossing it to the side, Angie stood there, looking at his chiseled physique, running her hands slowly over his chest and stomach.

Snapping herself out of trance she nodded to the bed. Sitting on his butt, Angie ran her hands over his back, slowly pushing and massaging his muscles. She got up to his neck and did the same there. After a few moments, she leaned down, dragging her long hair across his bare back, then rubbing her face on it, lightly peppering it with kisses. John jerked and giggled. "That tickle?" his mother asked.

"Yeah a little," He answered. Angie kissed her way up to his neck, whispering in his ear, "You have a nice back, John. You have a nice body actually." "Thanks," He whispered back.

Kissing along his neck while massaging his shoulders, Angie moaned softly, feeling his body beneath her as she straddled it. Happily kissing his neck and back, Angie was blissfully unaware that John was getting more and more tense - the opposite desired effect of the massage. Without warning John startled her and rolled over underneath her, causing her to be straddling his front now. He grabbed her face, bringing it to his own, kissing her madly.

Holding her head as he kissed her, he sat up, taking her with him and then slammed her down on the mattress, continuing his kisses, his tongue lapping against her lips. She felt something hard in his cargo shorts, something pressing against her jeans. Angie knew what it was and moaned. She asked herself if this was really happening. Just as she was letting herself go, John ending his assault on her mouth and moved to her neck.

Angie, in total bliss called out his name in a volume just above a whisper. John stopped when she did that, the look on his face was that of regret mixed with fear. "I'm sorry mom. I, I, don't know what came over me.

I'm sorry," He got off Angie, grabbed his shirt and left the room. "John wait! It's ok!" Angie said, chasing after him. Her apartment door was closing just as she turned the corner of the hallway. He was gone, embarrassed and angry with himself. Angie went to her bedroom. Sitting on the edge of her bed, she dialed Sandee's number. Sandee was dancing at the strip club on Friday nights usually so Angie left a voicemail. "Hi it's me," Angie said, running her fingers through her hair, catching her breath.

"Can I come over tomorrow afternoon before you go to work? I'd like to pick out a dress to borrow if that's ok with you. John and I are going out tomorrow night. Thanks." Angie stood, stretching her back, when something caught her eye out of the window. She peeped through the blinds to see John pacing around in the parking lot.

He was looking down, occasionally shaking his head. Angie smiled, watching him lean up against her car, attempting to calm himself down. "Don't worry darling. You and I are going to have a wonderful date tomorrow night," Angie said, closing her window's blinds.

She took off sunny leone sex story ttriple sex story hit story tstory one xxc clothes, playfully tossing them in the hamper, making her way to the shower. While the hot water fell down on her, she smiled, thinking about how much better her life had become since John arrived the other week. She ran her hand down her flat stomach, down to her engorged clit, slowly massaging it with her fingers.

She imagined herself sharing her shower with a tall, muscular, younger man. No knee high socks beauty takes it all in the fuck taxi thinking about the overall sensation, Angie had a face and a person to use to fuel her self-imposed orgasm.

He was the only man she felt she deserved and the only man that she wanted to touch her. Angie cried out John's name when her body tensed up and the orgasm overtook her. Not caring if John was still outside getting fresh air or back inside the apartment within earshot. Chapter 10 "How about this?" Sandee asked, pulling out a red dress from her closet.

Most of Sandee's dresses looked like something a prostitute would wear. Angie wanted something sexy but not quite that whorish. Angie stood nude in Sandee's bedroom, having tried on five suggested dresses before Sandee pulled out the red one.

"This will match that fiery red hair of yours," She pointed out. Angie agreed and tried it on, exiting the bathroom, twirling casually for Sandee to inspect. "Holy shit. Let me go get my strap-on so I can fuck you senseless with it!" Angie chuckled and declined Sandee's tempting offer.

The dress was short, it came down to around mid thigh, and it was a sling strap, the strap going across the chest and over the right shoulder, leaving her left shoulder bare. Like all the other dresses, it was extremely tight. Sandee kissed Angie goodbye, wishing her luck, reminding her to relax. When Angie returned she found John in his room studying, sitting at his small desk.

She entered and hugged him from behind. He had been avoiding her since the previous evening. Angie knew why, but acted as though nothing had happened. "I'm looking forward to our date tonight, John," Angie said, kissing him on the cheek. Deciding to cross another line, with words this time, in an attempt to make him realize he had nothing to be ashamed about, Angie continued. "I found a really nice, romantic, restaurant. They'll be candles at the table, a string quartet in the corner, it'll be wonderful." She said, kissing his cheek a few more times.

"You do still want to go out tonight, right?" Angie asked. "Mmhmm." "You don't need to feel bad about what happened yesterday. You don't need to apologize anymore. You just need to relax and enjoy this evening of you and I reconnecting after six years. Your father didn't let you date; well it's time you went out on one. Alright?" Angie asked, kissing his neck a few times. "OK," He smiled softly, blushing. ********** Angie loved every minute of their date. John was still a bit shy, but she had so much fun either way.

She could grab his hand and hold it while they talked about school, or about how Sandee was looking forward to meeting him someday, or memories from his childhood.

John loosened up as the night progressed and told her how beautiful she looked. When desert arrived, Angie moved to his side of the booth, so she could easily feed him desert and visa versa.

"Dance with me," Angie commanded when they took a last bite cake. Extending her hand to him, she led him to the crowded dance floor, where a lot of couples were dancing slowly to the stringed quartet. John rested his hands on the small of her back, right above the swell of her buttocks. She had her hands locked behind his neck. "John I know things have been a bit different since you arrived the other week.

I think you know what I'm referring to," Angie said. John nodded, remaining quiet as his mother spoke. "But I want you to relax and just enjoy everything. Just enjoy us," Angie continued, resting mind control blowjob alyssa gets her way with daddys pal head against his shoulder.

"I remember when I first saw you at the airport, something happened; something I wasn't expecting. I know it's a cliché, but maybe it was love at first sight; again that is.

I loved you when I first saw you as a baby, but this time, this was different." Angie sighed, looking to John's eyes, and said something that she realized she hadn't yet said to him since he arrived in LA. It was something they stopped saying a few years back as Don would rush him off the phone with her. When she told him these three words on this night, however, they had a new meaning which represented a new chapter in their relationship.

Caressing his face, her lips slightly trembling, she said it. "I love you, John." He hadn't heard her say in years, but knew exactly how she loved him. "Mom, I'm sorry, I never meant for us to feel this way about each other.

I just can't stop thinking about you. I know it's wrong, I'm sorry." "John, stop apologizing and kiss me," Angie ordered her son.

John did as his mother told, propping her chin up with his thumb, bringing his lips to hers in the crowded, low lit, dance floor of the restaurant, gently placing a kiss on her lips. "I love you too," John whispered. "Let's get out of here, darling," his mother replied. Chapter 11 The drive back to the apartment was done in silence.

Angie held his hand in place on her thigh as a thousand thoughts went through her mind. She tried to rationalize her situation, attempting to make sense of it. He had virtually no experience with a woman; she had zero contact with a man for six years; and the first man she does interact with in that time is a very attractive one, who happens to be her son whom she last saw as a child.

Angie couldn't deny it thought. John was the only man she wanted touching her. Somewhere in the back of her mind she felt she'd be making things right; erasing her absence from his life by giving him everything, all of her. ********** That sat on the couch next to each other, she still in her dress, and him still in his dress slacks and shirt.

They were holding hands, both staring down to their entwined fingers. They both looked up at the same time, their eyes meeting, gradually leaning in closer and closer. Inch by inch, their faces approached each babe august appreciates pussy slamming with her boyfriend, Angie's mouth partially opening, and their noses lightly grazing against one another.

She made the first move, her lips gently clamping down on his bottom one, backing up slightly, and then repeating, interlocking with his. On Angie's third kiss, her tongue lightly flicked against his lips. He was nervous, she could tell, but eventually she was able to coax his tongue out of hiding and meet hers with each kiss.

John backed up after a minute or so, his face was flushed and he was breathing heavily, "I'm sorry, I'm - " "No. Don't stop." His mother ordered. They looked into each other eye's, Angie staring at him with half closed, glazed over, light-brown beauties.

Placing her hand on his face, they resume kissing; their mouths now open, clamped down on the other. John moving his hand to his mother's thick, red hair, eliciting a moan as their tongues swirled around inside each other's mouths.

Angie stood, brining her son with her, and backed down the hallway toward her bedroom, their mouths still glued together. Kicking off her shoes in the hallway, backing into her bedroom, her arms wrapped around his neck. After a few moments she broke the kiss, turning her back to John, looking over her shoulder she asks, "Unzip me?" John slowly moved her hair out of the way and began to unzip her dress. Sliding it off her shoulder, he kissed it several times, making his way up to her neck, sending electricity down her spine.

Angie turned around, grabbing John's face, pulling it to hers for more kissing. She unbuttoned his shirt, while her mouth is covering his, sliding it off his shoulders. She ran her hands up and down his chest, ending the kiss, stepping back from him. She removed her red bra, letting it fall to the floor, and then brought John's hands to her breasts.

He squeezed them gently. Angie nodded at him and pulled him backward onto the bed. John laying on top of her in the moon lit room, his face above hers, looking down into her eyes. Angie opens her mouth again, not taking her eyes away from his. John paused, his own mouth opening slightly, as he brought his tongue out to lick her lips, her own tongue meeting his after a few sensual, slow licks.

John moved back to her neck, kissing and licking his way to her chest, flicking his tongue against her nipples, kissing her rib cage, then stomach, his tongue tickling her navel. Pulling her matching red thong off, he took his place in between her legs, kissing and licking her thigh all the way to the center. Angie's eyes rolled in the back of her head when she felt his hot breath on her outer lips.

He kissed and licked all around her mound. It was a little sloppy but she enjoyed it. "Right here," Angie whispered, her index finger pointing to her engorged clit. John nodded in understanding, taking his tongue to it, sucking it tenderly. "Try your fingers, two of them," Angie whispered again, in ragged, irregular breaths.

John does as his mother instructed, inserting his index and middle finger into her, not taking his mouth off her clitoris. Angie grabbed his head and held him in place, her fingers gripping his short hair, placing her feet on his back.

Angie felt herself tighten up and her breathing becoming more irregular within a few minutes. John rested his hand on her stomach, feeling it tighten, "John! Yes!" Her quivering thighs and bucking hips slammed into his face. Her body was tingling, watching him stand up and begin removing his pants. "Wait, let me do it," Angie said, crawling across the mattress to him. Sitting on the edge of her bed, she assisted him with unzipping and pulling his pants down.

"Oh John, it's wonderful," she said, admiring his cock as it twitched before her. Placing her hands on his chest and stomach, she engulfed the tip, weaving her head from side to side, as John held her head in with his free hand. After several minutes, she looked up to him, nodding, backing away from him, he followed, climbing back on top of her. He slid his member in; all the way in, eliciting a moan from her, and held it there.

"You feel so good. Are you sure you want to do this?" He whispered, his face inches above Angie's. "I want it more than anything," Angie replied. John nodded, moving back and forth, his cock sliding near the entrance of her vagina then all the way in again. Angie wrapped her legs around him to hold him in place.

He was hers and he wasn't going anywhere. "I love you," He whispers in her ear, slowly, steadily making love to her. Angie grabbed his face, kissing him passionately, the bed moving back and forth, "I love you too." Gripping him tightly with her legs and now her arms wrapped around him, she gritted her teeth, preparing for another orgasmic wave to wash over her.

John's orgasm was building too, his balls getting tighter, the look on this woman's face sending him further over the edge. Their eyes met and become locked on each other. There was no avoiding it now, the semen welling up, ready to be injected into her. Angie's vaginal walls spasming around his shaft, her moans were getting louder, and her heart racing.

They came in unison; moaning into each other's face while he pumped semen into her. When he was done, he collapsed on top of her, her fingers running over his back. "Wow," Angie managed to whisper. Chapter 12 The morning light crept into Angie's bed room, shining on her and her son, illuminating their love making.

She was on top straddling him; he was sitting up in bed kissing her neck, his hand in her luscious hair once more. Angie guided him to his back on the bed, throwing her head back, her hands on his stomach, she resumed grinding against him.

After riding him for another orgasm, she collapsed onto him, holding his face, kissing him madly, her hips still bucking into him, causing him to cum next. Angie licks at his lips just like he did the previous night. Exhaustion sets in and they return to sleep; holding each other. After a late lunch, they were laying on the couch; Angie was on top, holding his hands for leverage as she slowly slid her body up and down on his shaft.

She wanted to milk him again, whispering in his ear after she laid on top of him, "Cum for me." John's contorted face and moans made Angie smile, licking his neck, pinning him down on the couch. ********** A week later after a long hot shower, making love as the steam rose, they were headed to Sandee's for dinner - spaghetti again. "I haven't been using protection, mom," John said, just as he entered her from behind in the shower.

"Your father made me get my tubes tied after you were born. He said one was enough," Angie grunted as John began pumping in and out of her, his thighs slapping into her butt. "I'm sorry," He said catching himself apologizing again, "I mean, ok, then I'll enjoy filling you up." "Mmmm," she moaned, "Damn stuffing sweethearts wet crack with a wiener hardcore cumshot you will." Angie sucked his cock all the way to Sandee's, occasionally looking up to confirm he was going the right way.

When they arrived, they were greeted at the door by a smiling Sandee. Angie chuckled, watching Sandee harmlessly flirt with the college freshman.

Angie told Sandee all about her and John earlier in the week. She was fine with it, joking that she would love to join them in a threeway one day. Angie shrugged, saying she wasn't so sure, suggesting Sandee may need to find another couple for that. Angie nearly caught herself when she said the word "couple." They were a couple; it's what they wanted and how it would be for as long as possible. ********* It was mid-October and Sandee was sitting across from Angie in her office.

Angie had finally found a job the soon-to-be former stripper could do. They smiled and gave each other a light hug before Sandee departed. They hadn't seen each other that much since late August. "Thank you, so much Angie," Sandee said. "I'm glad I could shy sissy boy on molly, I hope you enjoy your new job," She replied.

"I will. I want you to continue to focus on John. I know we haven't hung out much lately, but that's ok. You are with the love of your life, and I'd prefer you to keep building things with him." Sandee stated. Angie nodded, "I will. You're a great friend." Sandee smiled a mischievous grin, ducking out of Angie's office to see if anyone was near, ducking back in and closing her office door, she grabbed Angie's face, bringing her into an epic, tongue-sucking kiss and ass grab.

Leaving Angie out of breath and laughing, Sandee said her goodbyes. "Just had to get one kiss in before I leave. I'm not sure when I'll see you again, you know?" Sandee asked. "I'm sure we'll run into each other at some point, I could never forget a friend like you," Angie said, giving Sandee another hug. ********** "How do I look, darling?" Angie asked John, standing before him wearing a sexy nurse costume.

It was Halloween and John was invited to a party on campus. He initially declined the offer, but his mother convinced him to go, offering herself as his date. He was dressed in a standard doctor costume. The party was crowded and rowdy - much like Angie recalled of her college days. Everyone thought they were a couple - which they were - never assuming they were mother and child - which they also were. Angie clung onto John's arm as he walked around, talking to various classmates and friends at the frat house.

A couple hours into it, Angie went to go find a bathroom, and on her way back to John something caught her eye in one of the bedrooms. The door was cracked and through it she could see a young lady with long, thick, red hair wildly bouncing up and down on a cock. The girl turned around, continuing her bouncing in the reverse cowgirl position, causing Angie's eyes to widen in shock.

"John!" She saw her son approaching her. She went to him and pulled him into another bedroom. "I think I just saw your cousin Leanna in that other bedroom." "What is she doing here? I thought she's still in high school." "She is, unless she dropped out. I think she turned 18 this month," Angie said, peeping down the empty hallway. "What was she doing?" John asked. Angie got a mischievous grin. She began unbuttoning her nurse outfit, making sure the door to the bedroom was shut all the way, unlike her niece next two pretty lesbians sex on cam watch part on redmeowcom. "Well, John, she was doing something your old mother did quite a bit at that age." "Is that right?

Were you a naughty girl?" "And now I'm a naughtier nurse. Especially for my big doctor," Angie answered, reaching in to John's slacks, pulling out his cock.

Climbing on top of him, bringing about their mutual orgasms, the naughty nurse fucked her doctor at the party while her slutty little niece was next door riding a cock as well. They made their escape after cumming, laughing about it on the way home, Angie getting his cock back to full strength by the time they arrived at the apartment. "Nurse Angie, you are very bad!" John said, spanking her a few times while his cock was embedded into her from behind.

"Then punish me, Doctor John!" Angie called out to him, looking over her shoulder. The naughty nurse had trouble walking the next day. ********* It was Thanksgiving dinner, which Angie and John ate nude; slowly feeding each other fruits covered with whip cream after the standard turkey meal that Angie had prepared. "I don't want you to be angry at your father for keeping us apart for so long. The anger will eat you up if you do," Angie said, laying on top of John on the couch, feeling his semen ooze out of her.

"I won't. I know he'll be upset that I don't visit for Christmas either, but he'll get over it. I'm making up for lost time. Surely he'll understand. Though summer break could be a problem. I should probably go there for a little bit." "Yes, but not too long, you'll need to visit him a little bit so you can stay in his good graces.

He's paying for your tuition, you know. Besides," she propped herself up, looking into his eyes, "you and I will have vacation and travel plans to come up with. Or that's what we could tell him, when we'd actually be spending the whole time in bed." "I like that idea mom," John said, bringing her in for a kiss. The next day they were on the couch again, Angie was on top, sucking his thumb and index fingers clean after eating their leftovers.

John, sitting up and kissing her, told her "I don't want anyone but you." Angie caressed his face, "I don't want anyone but you. Take me to bed." Just like in her bad dream she no longer had, Angie let out a soft moan as John kissed along her neck, pinning her down with her hands entwined in his.

Moaning again, she closed her eyes, wrapping her legs around his toned, muscular butt. John released her hands, staring into her light brown eyes, running his fingers through her long red hair. Resuming his slow and steady thrusts, sending tingles through her body, she began cumming. He sat back on his knees, bringing Angie up with him, her legs locked behind him, be began bouncing her.

Slamming upward into her over and over, she gripped him tightly, her fingernails trailing across his back, the orgasm exploding and coursing through her.

"Yes! Yes!" She cried out, her eyes opening to see an empty bedroom doorway. Don wasn't standing there catching her in the act. No one was there. It was just her and John. Angie grabbed John's face as the orgasm subsided, "No one will ever take you away from me again. We'll never be separated my darling." John slowly laid her on her back, continuing to kiss her neck, causing Angie to shiver.

She smiled, running her fingers through his hair, knowing that she wasn't dreaming.