Cute adorable virgin acquires stripped hardcore and blowjob

Cute adorable virgin acquires stripped hardcore and blowjob
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Horny at the age of 14 When i was 14 i was a very horny boy. Every chance i had i would play with myself.I would sneek into my brothers room and look at the girl magazines he had. I wasn't very handsome at that age and didn't have any girls as friends at the time.I was 4ft tall and was skinny for my height and my cock was about 4 inches when it was hard.I was at the age where i would just look at my little sister in a dress and my cock would stand at attention.

My sister was 12 and her name is Jill.

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Jill was beginning to develop into a young women and i have to say it was driving me crazy.She was slim with long brown hair and brown eyes. She was perfect for a 12 year old girl, with a small firm ass and her breast were beginning to grow. One day as we arrived home from school we were met by our parents at the front door, they were on the way to the hospital because one of our uncles was in a terrible car accident.My dad looked at me and told me i was in charge and that we were to stay in the house and no friends over until they got back, which was going to be very late.

Supper was already for us, so we went to our rooms and put our things away. we then went to the kitchen and had our supper. Once finished i told Jill that she could go do what she wanted and that i would clean up the dishes.She replied that she was going to take a long warm bath and left the table.After about 45 minutes i couldn't hear any noise coming from the bathroom so i slowly climbed the stairs to go see if jill was ok.

As i got to the top of the stairs i saw the bathroom door was opened but there was no noise. I quietly walked in knowing that my little sister would be naked in the tub.

Jill had falling asleep.Naked and her complete body exposed in the water. My cock popped up right away as i kept staring. Her pretty little face glowed in the light, her small but perky breastsmall brown nipples straight with drops of water running down her breast. my eyes lowered toward her sweet young pussy that was bald. mmm this hot little mound split in the middle. before i could realize i had my hand wrapped around my small but very hard cock stroking back and forth as i kept staring at her young virgin pussy.

It took about 5 minutes before i squirted a small but horny redhead babe amber ivy stuffed by black cockzilla load of cumm into my hand and on the floor.I quickly cleaned up and left the bathroom making sure not to wake Jill. About 20 minutes later i heard Jill get out of the tub so i carefully opened my door to see if she was going to walk naked to her room, which she actually did. Once again i felt my cock getting hard so i quickly changed into my robe with nothing underneath, and sneaked along the hallway to Jill's room.

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Being careful not to get caught i peeked into her room to see what she was up to. To my surprise i saw my 12 year old sister naked with her back facing me straddling the armrest of the sofa that was there.

She placed a small table besides the sofa and she had one foot on the table and the other on the sara luvv and her friends mom kendra lust and she was rubbing back and forth. I watched her ride the armrest faster and faster, my cock rock hard i couldn't believe my eyes .I advanced closer making sure not to make any noise. I was right behind her watching her go and she was liking it more and more. She bent forward as far as she could giving me a perfect view of her pussy rubbing the soft material.

She began moaning softly as she rubbed harder and faster, bringing her hand around to her soft ass she spanked her left cheek and with her other hand began playing with her breasts.Squeezing them as she moaned louder now.I could see she was really enjoying her ride and i knew she was about to have an orgasm because her body began twiching and squirming. I said to myself that now was my chance if i was going to to anything better move in now. I advance right up behind her and slowly slid my hand between her legs as she kept moving back and forth.

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She didn't notice right away and kept going faster and faster breathing heavily. I stood there watching and knowing that this was going to be very good, pressing my hand against her soft wet pussy rubbing her gently. She realized she wasn't alone now but she couldn't stop, she looked back at me so innocently and shaking her head as to say no, but she couldn't stop and i wasn't going to let her stop now.

I pushed my middle finger into wet young slot, rubbing back and forth as i pushed it in as far as i could.

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She began to grind her twat hard into my hand pushing my finger deep into her, moaning and squirming, i stared at her young butt bouncing now out of control. She was getting hot and very wet now. Ipulled my finger out of her hole and pushed her down against the armrest. She lifted her small young ass up in the air as i pushed her foward, revealing her tight bald cunt to me.

I quickly took my stiff cock and rubbed it against her wet opening.Once again she looked back at me unable to stop she shook her head side to side saying no, but i couldn't help mom and son sleeping forced night i held her still and slowly began pushing my cock into her. She was tight but wet and i felt it slide in easily. She moaned loud and i began to pump her hard and fast.

Driving my cock in her ,my hands slid up her waist to her small tits. I was fucking my little sister and she was liking it. she began pushing back into me as i drove my cock into her.

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She stayed in position staring at the wall in front of her as i pounded her 12 year old pussy as hard as i could. Suddenly she began to quiver out of control rocking harder against me. i felt her getting wet the juice running along my hard shaft, She came hard and moaned very loud now.

i couldn'T hold it any more i pulled my cock out of her and shot a load right up her crack and along her back. She fell back on the couch and lay there looking at me not saying a single word.

I cleaned myself up put on my robe looked at her and smiled. Thanks sis i said and left the room.