Stranded teens carsex action in pov mode

Stranded teens carsex action in pov mode
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All people, places, and events in this story are fictitious, any resemblance to persons, living or dead, is purely coincidence. This is written in first person, not based on true experiences, and if you aren't an enjoyer of those under the age of 18, then please refrain from rude comments, it's only a story.

Also, this first installment will contain little to no sexual content, being more of a "romancy" feel, I guess. Setting the mood for later installments, introducing characters, and so on.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Let's start at the beginning, when my life had an abrupt turn around, but not in a bad way. I can assure you of that. I'm not some super hunk, but I'm not that kid that no one wants to go near.

Fourteen years old, male, white, I stand at a nice six feet, but I'm a little on the skinny side, only weighing around 130 pounds or so. My hair is a normal brown, that seems to have a mind of it's own, no matter what, and my eyes are a either blue or gray at any given time, and the color of them changes regularly.

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I even have braces, but I've had those since 5th grade. I have a mild personality, it takes a lot to get to me, and it's rare that someone manages to even find me in the slightest fit of anger. I'm not athletic, but I have been able to hold my own with the Middle School's best soccer players back when I was in 7th and 8th grade.

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I was always good at running, even with the little exercise I did. The school I attend wasn't in my hometown, so I two luscious lassies have lesbian sex outdoors really know anyone as well as the rest of them know each other.

I've been going to that school system for a few years but it takes twice as long to make really good friends, and since I'm shy, exceptionally so, it's even more difficult. Now, I'm no "shut-in", but my friends aren't as close as I'd like them to be. It's my freshman year in high school, but I've been coming to this school system from three already, and in those years I've gotten one title that seems to stick out among the rest, "genius." I don't intend to brag, but when you live in a really bad neighborhood, and your parents don't want you outside a lot, you can't do that much except for reading.

Anyways, I'm considered the "go-to-guy" by a lot of people in my classes for things such as quick help on an assignment, and through this I made the friends I have now.

With this, my story begins.

The cold December air wrapped around me as I slid into the back seat of our car, an old 1996 Jeep that managed to break down every now and then. My hair was still wet from my regular morning shower, and even in the brief seconds between my house and the car, it managed to freeze a little. "C'mon, old fart, we've gotta go." I said, calling out to my dad, who was regularly late, "School starts in ten minutes and we live twenty minutes away from there!" My dad grunted a response and hurried into his Jeep, pulling out of our gravel driveway and speeding down the road.

He called himself a chronic speeder, and I'll be the first to agree if it's brought up by anyone else. Our drive was rather uneventful, it consisted of, the asking of what was going on today, a few questions about any tests or quizzes, and then a silent ride listening to talk radio as my dad snaked through traffic with the skill of an ex-deliveryman.

"Jump and roll," My dad called out as we pulled up to the school, just in the nick of time for the first bell to ring, which signaled for five minutes before classes started.

I ran to Chemistry, at the back of the building for some reason, and settled in just as the tardy bell rang. A few people congratulated me on the good timing, since the science teacher wasn't too good to people that were late, sending them back down to the office right away to sign in for being late to class.

And despite that, this class was one of my favorites. Before I get any further, I'll tell you now, my mind has been set on a few select girls for quite some time, since 6th or 7th grade, when I was still getting to know people and getting into the groove of things.

A new one came along this sunny sex bf story download in Chemistry, a mixed girl named Sade? She's a grade ahead of me, but she was a real beauty, in fact all of the girls I had my eyes set on were. Nothing like those stereotypical, "big titted" blondes that made an appearance in almost every porn film.

Sade?as probably on the larger side of A-cup breasts, possibly a B-cup, I'm no expert in the ways of telling, and I sure as hell wouldn't ask a girl out of the blue what her bra size was. Her dark hair fell around her shoulders and curled in an appealing way.

She ran track, which was a plus since she had a perfectly flat stomach, and a toned ass that any girl would die to have.

Those last few things were revealed by the form fitting shirts and skinny jeans that she almost always wore. Science itself was rather boring, since I knew most of it anyways, being self taught in most subjects by this time, but being in the same class as Sade?ade it better, since she was a diamond among pearls. Let's get back to the story. As class started, the monotony of the day began to set in until a little lab was prepared by the teacher, its was just mixing some chemicals to see what kind of reaction occurred, what differences were there between the beginning and end products, and so on.

Today luck smiled on me as I was paired up with Sade? "Nice goggles," I teased as we both pulled on the generic, used by a thousand other students, cleaned by some cabinet that's against the wall, goggles. You could barely see through them, but teachers, for some reason, decided it was good enough.

"I'd say the same but…" Sade?aughed back, the obvious, playful insult hanging in the air, not needing to be spoken.

Her voice rang bells in my head, or so it seemed to me. "That just hurts," I returned, feigning sadness, she just laughed more, and nothing much happened after that. A few students broke their test tubes, one spilled a beaker of water, nothing exciting. After Science, next to nothing happened until lunch, as was every other day that had passed so far.

At lunch, I always saw a small girl named Zo? She was one of the girls I'd had my eye on since 7th grade, and for some reason, not many other guys did. Anyways, she was probably one of the few people in this school system that was close to me, not as close as I'd like, but closer than others, and I usually went to her when I had to say something I wouldn't normally tell anyone.

She was fairly quiet, very pale, probably around 5'4", had light brown hair, and probably one of the cutest things to ever grace this god given planet. I never look for the hot girls, I already know they're out of my league, and at this particular school, most of them were sluts anyway, and you knew it from the overuse of makeup. But Zo?she didn't use any, and if she did, it was a very light amount. I've already said I was bad at guessing bra sizes, but with her, it just seems that her boobs were on the big side, which only made her even cuter, it gave her the appearance of being ready to fall over at any moment, which she did quite often.

"Can I have a few fries?" She asked in a quiet voice, she was never quite loud enough for me to hear, but by now I was used to this, and nodded agreement, smiling as Hot small tits latina has morning sex got a view down her shirt, which was never a bad thing.

She, too, wore the form fitting shirts that seemed to hug her body in just the right places, and even now I could feel my crotch stirring. She looked up at me with green eyes that were pale, just like the rest of her. I couldn't even consider speaking, lest my tongue fail me. I slid off to my usual table, and she hers, after taking a handful of fries.

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I usually sit with a few friends, they're what most would call "nerdy", but I, already being the outcast I am, was able to gather a wide variety of friends, or acquaintances, and no one bothered me about.

And for the most part, everyone was nice to each other at this school, no real bullying, and if something mean was said, we all took it in stride. "Dude, why do you let her do that?" Trey asked, he was a decent friend, we had a few classes together this year, and he was pretty cool about anything.

I could only shrug in response since, being shy, it's rather hard to just go, "I like her," and get on with life. "Want to trade some fries for a few bites of this?" My friend Parshva asked, he was a Jainist, strictly vegetarian, but he always had a homemade meal, and it was almost always spicy.

"Sure," I tossed a few fries his way and he pinches out what looks like a sponge ball, dips it some green mixture that gives off the smell of spicy food, and hands it to me. I ate the whole piece at once, and I felt the fire of it as it spread over my tongue and down my throat. "Damn," I cursed, "that's fucking spicy." I held back a cough and did my best not to laugh, but it's not much use when it's such a common occurrence now that you just have to laugh.

"Give me a warning next time." I said, glancing over at Zo?s she ate at a table just a few ahead of mine. After finishing my meal, I met up with Zo?nd a few other friends, all girls, but I kept close to Zo? I had the feeling that they knew I liked her, but I kept quiet about it as I listened to them talk to themselves, adding my two-cents every now and then until the bell rang and the rest of the mindless day wore on.

7th Period rolled around, and with it brought Maddie, best friend of Zo?and my closest friend at this school. She and I had weird talks, drew pictures of things such as five-legged unicorns, and had a fair share of awkward situations. She was tomboyish, had long, blonde hair, shorter than Zo?y about two inches, leaving her at 5'2", and wasn't skinny, but wasn't fat either, it was an overall layer that made her skin look smooth and made her hips and medium-sized breasts appealing to the eyes.

We were on opposite sides of the room, but before class started, we always had a short chat, and today's wasn't much of a chat. "Poopface," she called out, and immediately I turned my head to respond, which just got laughter from her. There isn't much you can say to that, but when you have very ticklish friends, it's suffice to say that revenge is never boring. "Stop," She said, between fits of giggles that only a girl can manage to have.

"No can do, I'm a poopface," I said back, renewing my attack as people began to turn away from the scene, it was rather normal for us. The English teacher walked in as the bell rang, and I returned to my seat to listen to her boring, monotonous horny nekane fucks a huge cock as big as her head about Jonathan Edwards, who was anything but monotonous. Just as her, shall we call it, "lecture" began, the fire alarm went off.

"Damn," I murmured, much to the chagrin of the super Christian who sat behind me, "it's cold and they have a fire?" It didn't matter to me, though, I only thought of more time to screw around, busty wife wants that stiff cock pov it was outside. We filed out in no order, and I kept a slow pace with Maddie, joking around with her all the way outside, and continued to do so even as we stopped to await the tone that signaled to return inside.

"You're still a poopface," She said, after we'd gotten to the topic of me tickling her, and yes, she does use this term a lot, it's who she is, and I don't mind it.

"You know you love me," I returned, laughing as she little blonde teen anal and homemade teens caught first time the plumber gets his pipe a face that suggested otherwise.

"How can you hate this wonderful piece of art?" Okay, I'll admit that I'm a fairly conceited. Maddie didn't help herself when she made a comment about me being one of the ugliest pieces of art she's ever seen, so I resumed my tickling, which drew the attention on the thousands that were at the school as we stood in the cold December air.

"I'm beating you up tomorrow," Maddie swore playfully, crossing her heart like a little kid does when they make a promise to someone else. At that point, I'd stopped and was hugging her since she didn't have a jacket on, and although I don't want to admit it, a few fantasies about her coming onto me right then and there entered my mind, in the frigid air, just going at it.

I hope she didn't notice my boner poking her in her oh-so-perfect ass. Nothing exciting happened after this, we were given homework, sent off as the day's final bell rang, I was taken home and I awaited the arrival of the next day. I played some video games, texted Maddie and Zo?and did as much as any other person would to get the next day to show up.

Friday reared it's wondrous head this day, despite being around 10 degrees, there was little wind, so it didn't feel freezing, and I even managed to leave the house early. So far, things were great, and I'd even relieved myself of a few stresses the night before, if you know what I mean. I could feel my crotch stir at the flight of fantasy I'd had during the night, and what a fantasy it was.

I'd go into detail, but it's better left unsaid for now.