Voluptuous honey is very slutty pornstar hardcore

Voluptuous honey is very slutty pornstar hardcore
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Previously: last night i had my first gay sex, well actually a lot of it. I kissed my first guy (Kevin) and gave my first blow job to him in the locker room shower. Before this he texted some friends who came by after this (Tyler, Sam, Tony, James, and Paul) and then we went to my place and i got gang banged. The next morning we got up and James, Tony and Paul realized they had basketball practice so they got dressed and left.

That left just Tyler, Sam, Kevin and me. We had nothing to do so we decided since we were allready naked we might as well hot tattooed bitch spreading legs on the sand in the pool.

My backyard was totally fenced in and the houses were built fairly far apart so it was all clear. We walked walked across the cold wet morning grass and over to the side. It was real hot out and I stuck my foot in and realized that the water was sort of cold. As i was standing there Tyler came behind me and pushed me in. "Bastard!" I said to him playfully after i surfaced.

I splashed water at them and they jumped in. The water was real cold against out naked bodies so we swam around and jumped off the side. With all of our cocks flopping around we all started to get horny.

Sam was the first to point out the fact of his growing erection. I told him to sit on the edge of the pool and i put his legs up over my shoulders.

He leaned down and we shared a deep kiss. Our lips left and licked down to his nipples. I gave a slight bite and sucked a little on each of them. I continued licking down untill i got to the head of his cock. I licked it and gave it a little kiss and Sam let out a moan to tell me that he was enjoying it. I then licked the shaft down to his balls.

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I put each one in my mouth and played with them then reached under his ass with my hand and stick a couple fingers in his hole. The pulled my hair and said, "Damn your good at this!

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Beg for it you cock sucking bitch." "Please Sam can i have your big long man meat in my mouth. I want to fill my stomach with you cum." He guided my head back to his crotch and i began to start deep throating him. I was becoming more and more used to the feeling of a cock back there so i could take more in faster.

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"Oh hell yeah!" he called out and his cock began to swell. I pulled back and sucked the head so i could taste his cum. He came like an explosion and filled my mouth.

I swalled the first load and was soon fallowed by another shot. I kept it in my mouth and sucked his cock dry. "Holy shit, thats the best blow I've ever had." he commented. I fetish teen gags on cock pornstars anal around and Keven and Tyler were behind me making out and jerking each other off.

I swam over to them and squeezed in between them and we had a triple make out. I pulled them apart and sat Tyler the same way I had Sam before. I began jerking Tyler and i leaned back and made out with Kevin and spit some cum into his mouth for him to enjoy. Kevin lined up his cock with my ass which was awkward in the water. My ass had tightened overnight and it hurt a little.

Apparently I must have gripped Tyler's cock too hard and let out a little yell. "Oh I'm sorry, here let me make it up to you." I said. I lowered my mouth and deepthroated him. As i did this Kevin kept pounding my ass and said "You like that dont you? Your ass is so hot, even in this water." I went to answer but was muffled by Tyler's cock.

I went to look up at him and saw that Sam hopped out of the water and was now feeding his dick to Tyler, Sam really liked having his cock sucked. Anyway I could tell Tyler and Keving were both close so I thrust my ass back and rolled my toungh around and they both came at once. We went back inside and dried off.

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When we went inside Tyler sugested we paired off and went into different rooms to have sex. Sam had a crush on Kevin and really wanted to get in his pants (which were scattered around my house somewhere) so I was paired with Tyler. We held hands as I walked him to my bedroom. We sat on my bed and wasted no time as we started making out.

We fell back onto my bed as we got into a 69 position. It felt weird getting my cock sucked as I was sucking a cock, especially as we fingered each other's asses. Tyler got off of me as asked if i wanted to be fucked or fuck him. "I want your big cock in my ass now," I said and turned around showing him my hole.

He put his wet head up against it and pushed all the way in. I cringed a little but it felt good. I got up onto my knees and leaned back to kiss him as him pummeled my ass. He told me to teep my as clenched as tight as possible when I fucked him because he had plans for it.

I bent him over and proceded to fuck him. I hadn't gotten off this whole time so I came even quicker than he college babe bella scaris sucks cock for cash. He told me to put his ass over his face as he lay back on my bed and just let it loose.

I did as he told and the cum dribbled out of me into him. I layed back and he did the same to me. We made out afterwords and swaping cum and licking all over. We walked out into the living room to find Kevin and Sam just finishing a 69. We hopped in the shower to get the cum off of all of us and finished the weekend with them all cuming on my face.

Kevin got the privilege of licking it all off me. We dressed and went in the living room to watch TV. A little while later Sam, Tyler, and Kevin decided to leave.

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As they walked out the door each one of them kissed me and grabbed my ass. "The guys are gunna hate what they missed!" Tyler called as they got into Sam's car. My heart sank as I saw them drive away, but I knew that this would not be the last time I would see any of them naked at least.