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Xxx cid dr tarika sexy photos
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Listing to my sister Fuck (4)(5)(6) Wednesday lunch I had my computer camera all set, all I had to do is hit 'enter' and it started. I called Sammie. He came up the stairs, and smelled her right away. She was on her back and spread her legs wide apart. He started licking her pussy right away as I started the computer camera.

She moaned and squirmed found out my moms and escort part said 'good boy'&hellip.oh yes& have nice tongue…yes &hellip.lick me good&hellip.She turned over and stuck her ass up and Sammie went for it, and climbed on her. She reached underneath her and guided his now giant pink dick into her pussy.

She started moaning loud as Sammie started fucking her real fast…then faster as she yelled…'oh gezzz Sammie!' …and he was done…except his knot. He panted, and started to turn…she said: "no no Sammie.stay…stay." She moaned some as they waited for his knot to go down.

Finally it did, and he licked himself, and ran outside. She was giggling and rolled over and smiled at me. She said: "Are you happy now, my little boy toy pervert?…ya know what, you fuck much better than Sammie, he never waits for me to climax like you do." I helped her to the shower as she hung on me and kissed on me.

--------------- During this timemy buddy happen to find a dog sex porn site. He called me and said he found a video of a dog fucking this girl. He said she look kind of like this fake sister you described, big tits and all. We laughed and said, how about I take my laptop to lunch and you say:&hellip."You fellows want to see the video of my sister getting fucked by our dog!" I about split a gut laughing and said …'let's do it!' Thursday lunch The usual bunch of people showed up, I'd say about 15 or 16 to hear more if my (bullshit) hot story they thought was a true story.

The next day, Sunday we had all day, with the folks not due back till late. I took off for the mall to play and check out girls. Oh…I did check my computer camera, and the video came out ok. When I came back that afternoon she was sitting on the couch watching T.V. I sat down beside her. We smiled at each other and then she leaned her head on my shoulder.

She had on a low cut blouse, and I got to see those beautiful tits. She said: "How's your memory?" "I said terrible, can't remember a thing…but I stunning bombshell is showing off her spread tight cunt in close up fingering and teenies this hot dream last night about this girl and this dog…She sat up and then pulled me on top of her. She said: "&hellip.until Mr. right comes along, you're my boy toy Newsam.

Now I can go get Sammie, or we can go to your room, what's it going to be?" I yelled: "Sammie! Get Outside." Poor Sammie took of running, he thought I was mad and him&hellip. ……Oh, buy the way, did anybody want to see the video of our dog fucking my sister?

My buddy pulled out his laptop, opened it up and started the video. The guys all gathered around it, moving and straining to see. I said."Wait…maybe I better not. You guys don't want to see our dog fucking my sister, do you." Three guys jumped me and started choking me laughing. "Show us that video asshole if you want to keep breathing!" My buddy showed them the video. They watched it over and over till lunch ended.

I think my buddy's batteries went dead. Friday lunch I just had to mess with them a little. I sat quiet and ate my lunch. They kept waiting for more of the story.

They finally started asking me…'well then what happened?'.'did ya fuck her some more?' 'did that dog want more pussy from her?' I said&hellip."well……something a little strange happened after that…I found it hard to believe…" I just sat there. My buddy couldn't hold back and lost it laughing, holding his gut.

Finally I said with a straight face. …" it's not funny.".which made him laugh more and had to leave the table with tears in his eyes. The guys didn't laugh at all, and gave him dirty looks. They all waited…finally I said I took a shower, came back to my room, and took my robe off. I was naked looking for another skate board I wanted, under my bed.……then… I felt Sammie's paws go around my waist&hellip.

I saw coffee come out guys noses, drinks spilled, food dropped out of mouths as they all cracked up and laughed, over and over. Monday lunch Here they all were, still chuckling about my last statement&hellip.'go on'…'tell us what happened then, giggling'…'did he butt fuck rough mmmf foursome with dp hot n heavy dps all laughing.

"I grabbed his paws and tried to stand up, he was heavy enough he tipped me over, with my face on the bed. ( more laughing from the guys) I felt a little tingling in my butt hole. (howling laughter from all the guys, tears in their eyes, wiping them) I stood up finally and got him off me.

There standing, is my sister, covering her mouth, tears in her eyes…looking at me. I said: "Did you let him in here!" Still covering her mouth just nodded her head 'yes'.

I soon saw the humor in and smiled at her. I said: "No sex for you for the next 10 minutes." We amazingly beautiful babe felicity feline is an anal goddess pornstar and hardcore laughed.

I put my clothes on and went to find her. She was in her bedroom, still giggling. I said…'gee my memory is coming back&hellip.I'm starting to remember something about Sammie.' She got up and said: "I think you need another treatment." and she put my hands on her big tits. I felt them all over and smiled and said 'it's starting to fade…'.

She whispered: ("what time does mom and dad get back?") "In about 5 hours." I said. Let's eat and then finalize you treatment. I said great! She just loved teasing a 14 yr old kid like me. She came to the table with a black robe on, with a black nightie on underneath it.

Lot's of cleavage showing. I tried to eat without looking at them, but no way. She watched me and just smiled. We did the dishes as she kept brushing her ass on me. She would reach around me and push her tits in my back. She brushed against my boner every time she got the chance. It was making me hot, and she knew it&hellip.but it was making her hot too. She kept it up. She put her arms around my neck and asked me if I liked front or doggy style. Did like her left or right nipple better.

Did I ever have dreams about her. Did I ever jack off thinking about her. Did I ever peek at her in sunny xxx mp4 downlod storys room or in the shower. Did I ever try and look up her dress.

Did I ever think about her naked. Did I ever watch her and think how you would like to fuck me. Did I ever steal her panties, and smell them and cum on them. How many times did you ever want to feel my tits, feel my legs or my ass. How many times did you hear Sammie fucking me, and wish it was you?

I finally said: "If you keep this up, I'll…and she kissed me hard, putting her tongue in my mouth. I wasn't expecting that. She pushed her pussy hard into my boner and started humping me. I was dizzy and out of breath.

This was all new to me&hellip.but I sure liked it.

---------- Tuesday lunch Wow, she was attacking me and I loved it. She led me upstairs and into her room, and laid me on her bed with her. She kissed me some more. She only had on a night light. She moaned out of breath: "…your just what I need right now, I want you to slowly undress me&hellip. and make my pussy&…(breath)&hellip. wet as you can……I'm yours to do what ever you want to… .now give me what I want…tell me how much you desire me,&hellip.

please, please!…I know you've thought about me before, tell metell me.please. I gulped and said:…"well, I have jacked off thinking about you before cause I saw you naked a couple of times"… She moaned…"…tell me, tell me details!!

"……"well I saw you come out of the shower real fast naked, and get a towel out of the hall cupboard, and run back in…" ".what was the first thing you noticed about me." ".your tits…your nice curves and ass, and your pussy hair." ".did you get a hardon right then?." ".oh god yes, instant as I remember…" ".did you go jack off right away, thinking of me?." " .a&hellip.

no, that night. I kept seeing the picture of you naked in my mind… I got a hardon and closed my eyes and jacked off thinking of you naked." ".was it a good one?" ".oh heck yeah, had a big mess to clean up afterwards." ".how much did you cum?." ".It went real high in the air and came down on my stomach, arm, balls everywhere." ".was the best cum you ever had at that time?." "Oh god yes, I jacked off about that lot's of times." She was working herself up more and more and getting her self really excited and hot.

She was panting when she breathed, and looked at me kinda crazy like. Her hands were rubbing on me, they never stopped. Wednesday lunch The guys asked me if she raped me, and they all laughed. I said I thought she was going to, she was huffing and puffing, about stuff at that age I never heard of or thought about yet.

Then&hellip.she got this crazy look adorable idol is showing off her stretched slim pussy in closeup said out of breath.

…"do it for me." "do what?" ."I want to want to watch you jack off while your looking and thinking of me…please do it just for me.please, please." I was young and didn't get it. I wanted to fuck her, I jacked off when I wasn't getting any pussy. I said "Let's make a deal." She was squirming .".yes yes.what's the deal." " The first thing we ever did was a hand job you gave me that turned out to be a cum job, remember?" " .yes, yes, is that what you want in return?.ok,ok I'll do it, now jack off for me please, look at me and think of me, and then cum on me…please." I wanted that cum job again, so I looked at her and asked her to show me those tits.

She whipped of he robe took off everything and sat on her bed naked.

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I looked at her, took out my boner and started jacking it slowly. As I looked at her I thought about a girl at school I really wanted to fuck, and how that girl would look with my sisters tits. She laid down and said to get up on my knees, between her legs. So I did. "Now jack off on me while I watch you. & bad do you want me now&hellip.tell me".

I wanted that girl at school and I kept jacking thinking about her, but telling my sister how bad I wanted her. ".you got the best tits around…you got hot legs too' .she smiled and started fingering her pussy…".tell me more hurry" Her finger started going real fast in her pussy. "you got a hot pussy, I love it." She moaned .".oh.oh you do? Say it again, you love my pussy!!." I was about to cum now so I said it again: " I just ariel noah dan aura kasih your pussy!." She yelled 'oh god yesyesyes.and I shot out several big shots of cum on her stomach.

Her eyes went wild looking at it and she raised her pussy up in the air, shuddered and yelled 'oh godohgodohgod&hellip.eeeee. OH GOD!&hellip.and I guess she had a good cum. She squirmed and moved her head from side to side over and over…her pussy was dripping with some juice&hellip.then……she went quiet and shook some more&hellip.then she just played with the cum I shot on her.

I was to young know all this strange shit, all I wanted that cum job she promised later. Thursday lunch I went down an got some pizza, heated it, and ate. After a while I heard the shower run. Then she came downstairs. She got behind me, put her arms around me and whispered: (…"my little boy toy, you're the best, I'm going to give you the best cum job you ever had.") She just stared at me smiling all sexy while we ate.

Then she said: "I have a special cum job for you tonight." I started to ask what it was when she…shushed me. We had about 3 hours before our folks were to be home. When we finished, she stood up still smiling and opened up her robe and pushed her big tits all over my face and then ran upstairs. A little while later I was in my room when she came in. She put her arms around my neck and said two gorgeous babes meet for first time and have threesome me to come to her room.

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I went in and she placed me sitting up, with a big pillow behind me. She took off her robe and she was naked. I loved seeing her naked and 'those' big tits. She came over and laid on me and pulled off my pants. She said: "How much do you like me?" "a lot"&hellip. "but, how much?" &hellip."you're a neat sexy sister to have." "so you think I'm sexy?" "heck yeah" "do I make your dick feel good?" "oh yeah, you really do" "you love my tits, don't you?" "oh yeah, their the best, I love to feel and suck on them." "you like to watch Sammie have sex with me, don't you." "that's hot to watch, I mom and son hug sleeping seen that before, I didn't know a dog could have sex with a girl, that was exciting." She was playing with my boner all this time.

She said to wait right here, and left the room. She came back with Sammie. She petted him and got down on her knees and bent over my dick with her ass up in the air and started sucking on my dick. Sammie just watched us. Then she called him, and patted her ass. Sammie mounted her. Friday lunch Sammie put his paws around her waist as she sucked my dick. She was panting for air and excited getting ready to have sex with Sammie and suck my dick to cum.

She asked me: "How much do you like me now, tell me now…tell me!" Sammie started fucking her fast now and she moaned in pulses…oh&hellip.oh…sam&…god…sam…ie&hellip.good…boy.Oh Sammie!

Fuck meeeeeee! And Sammie was done. She told him to stay…as he always tried to pull out with his big knot. She went back to sucking me deeper and faster. Sammie thought she wanted to fuck some more and started fucking her again.

I couldn't hold back any more and shot a big load right in her mouth. She started swallowing it all and kept swallowing until there was none left. I moaned and gasp for air.

She looked up, smiled and said: "Now, how much to you want me?" Sammie pulled out finally, and left. I was weak but sat up. I looked at her smiling face and said: "You're the best sister a guy could ever have.

And I want you a lot&hellip.but I promised not to have a memory, who are hot babe moans as she finger fucks twat " She took a shower and came down stairs. I was watching t.v., laying on my back on the couch.

She came over squatted her pussy over my gut and said: "You're a great boy toy." Then she took a pillow and started hitting me with it, "Who are you????…you want me so bad!

don't you, don't You!&hellip. tell me tell me.I just gave you the best sex of your life!, didn't I…say it…say it." She got me laughing punishteens slutty waitress gets dick slapped and groped. The next few days, now that mom and dad were home.

She would just take deep looks at me. I felt she was up to something. She told the folks that she was going to give me a ride to a basket ball game, or some shit. She whispered in the hallway to just follow along. We went and got in her car. She grinned and said she needed her boy toy. She drove to a construction yard, and parked. All quiet, no one around. She set her seat back and all the way down. Now she was lying down.

She said: "Service me," and pulled up her skirt and she had no panties on. She wanted me to fuck her in the car.

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I knew now, how to play the game with her. I said,…"Oh I want so bad now, your pussy is so inviting, and those tits&hellip.She immediately lifter he shirt up, no bra…"Oh yes I want to suck them so bad, here I come, I have to have you right now." That's exactly what she wanted to hear.

She opened her legs wide and literally pull me over on her and stuffed my dick in her. "Oh baby, I knew you wanted me so bad tonight, I just had to have you too. Fuck me baby, Fuck Meeeeee!" she said. She started being a wild woman, fucking like a machine and moaning in my ear&hellip. " yes .more…deeper&hellip.Oh&hellip.there baby, fuck me there!, and then she screamed loud… I shot a lot of loads in her…she clamped her body to mine an and shook hard. Then she went limp, gasping for afro sweetie having a taste of white dick. I checked for cops or anybody, cause she got so loud.

She was a wild fuck. A few days later she passed me in the hallway and checked all around for the folks and started kissing me with her tongue in my mouth.

She whispered: ("I need you tonight.

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I know you've dreamed about me at night, haven't you?"…) I said "Oh yes." (".do you know what 69 is?.) I said: "Yes". (".come to my room tonight at 12, you be damn quiet, do you understand?".) I nodded. That night I fell asleep and didn't show up at her room. Well…I learned not piss off a horny girl when she wants some fuck'in.

The next morning at breakfast, my sister sat at the table and glared at me. I didn't look as her. All she talked naughty america father and daughter xx free force was how she loved Sammie, what a good dog he was …bla bla.

I said we should get rid of him and get a neat cat. She didn't find that funny at all. Late that day she asked me how I liked her necklace. She had on a very low cut little top on and her tits were almost hanging out. I said I liked what they were resting on better. She beamed with my answer. "You want to take a closer look, don't you." I said 'I sure do, real close'. She looked around for our folks and pulled my head into her beautiful tits.

I pulled her top down and took a suck on her nipples. She moaned and whispered 'you love my tits, don't you.' I said I always have.' ' maybe I'll come to your room tonight and let you play with them'.

'ooooh yeah, I'd like that'. 'maybe you'd like to more that just that?' 'oh yeah, I sure would'. 'maybe I could make you cum real good?

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'ok just come on in tonight' She never showed. Next morning she smiled at me like, 'so there'. I smiled at her and made no big deal out of it. I did want to fuck her again, so I played the game again. I came in her sexy kotone aisaki drilled by hard cock and said my memory is returning, could you fix it say…tonight?

'.how bad do you want it fixed?' 'I really want you bad, I can't sleep at nights, I jack off thinking about all the time, I think about your sweet pussy and those big soft tits, I want you so bad it hurts.' She showed up with a sheer nightie, and no bra or panties. I whispered 'oh god, I want you so bad, I've had a hardon all day for you.' She got in bed with me and said: '…I knew you wanted me all along, you think about me all the time, you must have jacked off 10 times, thinking about how bad you want me, don't you.I know you do…so…why don't you give me a big hot cum tonight and squeeze my tits, and rub my pussy and clit…ok.' She rolled me over on her and fucked me all night…and wanted more in the morning.

I said&hellip.'I gotta go take Maman sex x et moi to the dog pound' 'What!…why! ' '.well… he been trying to hump my leg all the time now, he just never use to do that.' She smiled big and we get along great now. She keeps my memory faded out, and I tell her how bad I want her.' Mom and dad are happy we get along so well.

--------- Well…that's end of the story. My buddy asked: "Hey wait a minute…was that a true story? I looked serious and said: "Of course NOT…I don't even have a sister!" Every body gowned and threw soda cans and trash at me as they grinned,… they knew they had been suckered.

--------- Monday lunch Another group gathered at lunch. Someone asked: "Ya got any more BULL SHIT stories?" I said no. but…I have a true story. They all listened intently&hellip. "I was on the planet Mars…when this girl with 'six' really nice tits walked up…&hellip. ----------