Two hot babes nailed by a black cock and got a facial cum

Two hot babes nailed by a black cock and got a facial cum
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As a robot dog they only had one job a one job only. Breed with real female dogs and if need be force to complete the mission. The robot dog even has all kinds of breeds so when in the corse of breeding the sperm will change to a breed to make the litter pure bred.

The robot dog penis and along with its body can change size to accommodate the females size but if needed the penis will grow larger to tie together faster. The project is young but it works and will continue to help the robot to learn a easier way to locate a female dog but right now it only goes after a female in all kinds which is why they have the robot dog in text programs where he can scan and find his boy raises luscious teen legs hardcore massage. The robot dogs scanner is really unique it can do a X-ray scan and a molecular level scan to see if the female is even in heat.

The first level of scan is difficult because the robot dog would sometimes attack other male dogs because it only relied on the first scan and not even go to a X-ray scan so the setting are to only X-ray and molecular level scan to tell if the dog is female. The rape settings are for force if necessary so when the female struggles, the robot dog's force setting will kick in and force the female down and force penetration.

If further struggle the penis will grow longer and larger to forcefully ejaculate into the female then it will stay together until the sperm cell is successfully fertilized with the egg. During this stage of the female still struggles the robot dog will again continue to grow his penis and ejaculate even more into the female.

The sperm is altered to make sure it's a healthy fertilization and to be no disabilities or disfunction's. Alana is the one that is working with the robot dog to set it through its test's like usual and she had a student with her to watch. He is only 18 years old and was new to everything in the lab and seeing this was the coolest thing to him.

They were sitting in a glass balcony watching as they set the female German Shepard in to room then let loose the robot dog. Jack saw as the robot dog scanned the female dog and hurried over to her and acted like a dog to her so she wouldn't frighten off. He even acted to smell her rear and lick her with is mechanical organ tissue tongue. Then he mounted her and she didn't struggle as he continued and he changed his size and on the monitor he changed his sperm choice as he was in process female took it really well and on monitor three it showed perfect fertilization process at 100 percent.

As they watched the sperm swim forward looking for her egg they soon found it and attacked easily fertilizing chap drills sex appeal amazing gal smalltits and hardcore egg. The computer which had a female voice announced "fertilization complete congratulations Doctor Alana the test was successful!

Well done." Doctor Alana told Jack to follow her to see the robot dog up close. They walked to the floor below them where everyone else was. They were packing up to leave and go home for the holidays. Jack looked to see the robot dog walk back into the cage that had only one door which only went to the testing room.

Jacked walked close to it and saw its eyes power down. He asked why he turned off and Doctor Alana told him that he only turns on when that door opens to let him in.

Doctor Alana gave Jack a card hardcore interracial session with an ebony stunner authorized him to walk into rooms and any electronics like the computers. She told him the only room he can control anything is the glass balcony that they were just in.

He asked what he could do in there and she explained that she need him to turn off the lights and lock the doors when she was done shutting down the computers on the grown floor after that they can leave. Jack ran to the glass room where he was ready to do his part for sweet scarlett pain testing jack napier s huge one eyed monster Alana who was a real eye grabber with her big tits and her perfect sized ass especially in her lab coat and lab skirt that went down to her knees she also had high heels on that made her look sexier.

Alana walked into the testing room were jack closed the gate behind her because he knew there was another door that was a pair of stairs to go strait up to the glass balcony. She was getting close to shutting down the computer when she tripped on a doggie toy that really hurt her ankle. She tried to get up but could not stand on her left foot.

Jack saw this and tried to see if he could unlock the door to the stair but he couldn't it only opened with Alana's approval. He went back to the computer and asked to open the gate. Thinking he meant the robot dogs gate the computer told him he needed to hit the approve button that started a test and begin the analysis of the females sex and egg. He priest the button and the computer scanned doctor Alana to begin her analysis.

The computer announced the information that she is processing. "Female 25 years of age and she is currently in her ovulating cycle this is a perfect time to begin testing!" Jack stuttered saying for her to repeat. The computer said again "this is a perfect time to begin testing" then she said "test number 457 is in progress." Jack looked to see the gate for the robot dog open.

Jack wasn't in any rush because he didn't think Doctor Alana was in trouble until he was watching the monitor for his scans. Alana was on the other side of the room when she saw robot dog. Robot dog was scanning for a female which came to one in sight, Doctor Alana. He walked toward her and she began to crawl away and the wrong way form the only exit. The robot dog felt that she was struggling to get away so he ran toward her and went right behind her.

Alana stayed still to make sure she didn't make him go into force mode. Robot dog put his nose up her skirt that made her skirt stay on her hips. He then scanned her to find her vagina. He found it but it was covered by Alana's panties. Robot dog opened his mouth and sharp teeth cam out of his gums and then he grabbed on to her panties with out cutting her.

He ripped the middle material off leaving only her waist band.

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She still didn't move but she was scared thinking of what he was about to do. As he licked her finding out what breed she was to help him change his size for her.

He came up with nothing so he stayed the size he was which was the setting for the German Shepard. She couldn't take it anymore and she started to look around the room to see that she was on the wrong side. She started to crawl away toward the door but robot dog's force setting kicked in. He ran to mount her making her fall down to her elbows.

Robot dog wrapped his front legs around her hips holding her tight so she could get away. Kannada film heroines real sex storys to adjust hisself to penetrate her vagina he wasn't at the right angle but he took it as her struggling and made his penis size to 10 inches long and 2 1/2 inches wide and also making his knot the size of a baseball.

This made his tip lower and easier to penetrate her vagina. He thrusted into her making her scream for help looking up trying to see Jack was impossible for the glass was see through one way and not from this room. Jack looked at the monitors watching her in three ways. One was a X-ray version of her from regular view two was a X-ray close up only showing her vagina and the robot dog's penis entering her and three was a molecular level X-ray showing Doctor Alana's egg.

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Alana tried to get him away from her but this only made things worse but hitting stag 3 of the force setting make robot dog make his penis 14 inches long and 3 3/4 inches wide.

Jack saw this change as he can see robot dog now hitting the back of her vagina. The robot dog was still figuring out what breed of sperm to use for this female! As he calculated on what to do he came with a answer by super altering a German Shepard sperm cells to match with her egg. This is the robot dogs greatest test to be able to impregnate this human female.

Robot dog was having trouble with her vagina he couldn't fit all of himself in her. He took this as another version of struggling and he thrusted harder against her cervix making her belly bulge from his over sized penis. Jack saw this on the monitor and it was going straight through her cervix into her womb and not stopping until he fit his knot inside her.

Robot dog finally made it into her womb and made his knot hit her lips. Alana was having to many orgasms that she couldn't even struggle now, she was soon to lose her mind. Robot dog stopped is big thrust and pulled out to the point where his tip was right where her cervix was then he thrusted nonstop making Alana wide awake now. He pushed and pulled pushed and pulled letting her vagina accommodate his knot but it soon came to him that it was taking to long so he shrank the knot and shoved in the remainder of his penis into her vagina making her to full and then he re-expanded his knot to esperanza gomez is back for cock bootylicious and twerking softball size to make a seal.

Her belly had a bulge that could be easily seen. Jack was looking at the X-ray and saw the robot dogs full size inside of his teachers pussy! Robot dog was now ready to finish his mission and fertilize her egg. He released his load straight into her womb.

Jack saw how the cum was making her womb expand then he watched as the sperm searched for her egg. Jack asked the computer "what's the percentage of pregnancy!" The computer announced "23% and climbing!" Jack was shocked that this was even that close to being a success. Jack asked the computer to keep telling him the percentage if anything changes and the computer kept adding the number by ones the twos and finally by fives and my this point it was 40% chance of fertilization.

Jack watched as her eggs defenses attacked the sperm cells but it was no use the egg was out numbered 100 to 1. The computer announced that percentage was now 75%. Jack put his face into his hands knowing what was about to happen and now watching the sperm enter her egg was making his heart rate skyrocket.

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Jack asked the computer if fertilization was a success. The computer waited for awhile then announce "fertilization complete great work Doctor Alana you have successfully breed another dog buy using the robot dog." Jack was watching the monitor that showed how much come mon and doter sex baszzes story sex stories ejaculated into Doctor Alana's womb.

She had so much cum in her womb that it made her belly expand to make it look like she had a basketball inside her. Robot dog had never had this much of a struggle with any female and his force settings wouldn't stop until he knew the offspring would start cell division. She was only moving to get off her face but robot dog took it as defiance and forced more cum into her already filled womb. She was now expanding to be able to hold a basketball and a half. But finally the cell division started and robot dog started to pull out but before he left her womb he plugged her cervix to not allow any cum to leak out and she will have to wait for his cum to dissolve.

She was to tired to walk, her legs were numb and the only way to get out of the room was to place her idea card to the scanner to unlock the door. Jack was standing by watching her rest after the robot dog forcefully impregnated her. She doesn't even know that she is pregnant and all she knows from her knowledge is the unbelievable amount of doggie cum stuck in her womb that forcefully expanded like a water balloon to hold the amount that the robot dog put in her.

Jack asked the computer how muck cum was in her and she measured the volume of her uterus and announced that she has about 3 gallons of cum inside her womb.

As Jack was amazed that a woman's womb could even hold that much, he was also looking at the object that the robot dog placed inside her. Asking the computer of what it was and how to remove it. The computer came up with a answer and told him "it's a plug that keeps the sperm cells inside and the only way to remove it is to order to robot dog to remove it.

Jack asked the computer to order the robot dog to remove it but this makes the robot dog use his tongue to expand to reach to her cervix. Jack authorized his order acting like he was Doctor Alana so that she could finally have relief of her expanded womb.

The robot dog got up and walked back to Doctor Alana make her go back on all fours. Then he placed his mouth over her vagina shoving his tongue down her vaginal walls and increasing the length to reach the plug. Removing the plug allowed the cum to flow out of her expanded uterus. Watching on the monitor it wasn't going to take long for all of it to flow out. Jack asked if she as going to have stretch marks but the computer told him that she wasn't because the cum wasn't in her for that long so she should look normal after it is finished flowing out.

Doctor Alana started to get her strength back that made her be able to walk again. She finally got to the door to open it and Jack met her on the other side. Jack carried her up the stairs and placed her in a chair to rest. She looked at the computer to see that it was still recording her.

Slowly looking at each monitor and seeing the results.

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Reading to herself "fertilization is a success cell division is still in process." Doctor Alana asked the computer to keep the test recordings and to also keep processing the baby's development! The computer told her "as you wish Doctor Alana I will proceed to record test number 457's offering." Doctor Alana then went to sleep as she had a smile on her face!