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Inked gloryhole babe sucking dick until cum cumshot and blowjob
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Fbailey story number 370 The Construction Crew I was surprised to find a 'Road Construction Crew' way out there in the boondocks repairing a small bridge.

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The flagman held the 'stop sign' facing me so I slowed to a full stop. I must have waited there for two full minutes before he turned the sign and motioned me to the far side of the road and to keep my speed down.

As I waited there not one car came toward me. When I started out I could feel every eye on me. It was a warm summer day and my windows were down because my air conditioner was broken. I had on a short light summer dress that was strapless too.

The elastic top tried to smash in my breasts but it was an old dress and the elastic was stretched out so that I had to keep pulling it up lately. I looked at the very tanned construction men with their shirts off and their muscles glistening with the sun and the sweat on their bodies. I was not aware that my dress had slipped down just enough to allow them a goodly amount of cleavage as well as the top crescent of my areolas.

Since childbirth they were quite dark xxx sexy schools ebony storys my breasts had grown even bigger. I had found that I was also much more horny now that my boyfriend had gone off to Iraq.

I was on my way to my parent's house, they were taking care of my daughter. As I crossed the short bridge over a dry creek bed I heard a hissing sound. Then I heard that all too familiar sound of a flat tire going whoop, whoop. I finished crossing the bridge and got back on my side of the road before I stopped. I popped the trunk and got out.

That was when I looked down and saw that my nipples were half exposed and then I pulled my dress up higher. That in turn raised my hemline up higher too. A slight gust of wind blew my dress up in the back giving the men a really good view of my ass. I knew that my thong panties were not covering very much. I opened my trunk and took out some packages that I had bought while I was in town and placed them in my backseat.

Then I lifted the floor covering to find my spare tire. I could not turn the big nut that held it in place. I composed myself then turned around to ask, "Would one of you strong men like to help a girl out?" The 'lady's man' stepped forward.

He knew that he was good looking. He was everything that I normally try to avoid. His shirt was off, he was flexing his muscles, and he swaggered as he walked. I was tempted to laugh at him and make him look like a fool in front of his friends but I didn't.

I really needed his help.

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He made quick work out of changing my tire and putting everything back in my trunk. I had seen it take longer with professionals at the tire store. When he closed the trunk he said rather loudly so that his friends could here him, "What do I get for my efforts?" I replied, "You mean besides seeing my areolas as I drove by and my ass when the wind blew?" He then whispered to me, "Please don't make me look like a fool in front of my friends.

A nice hug and a kiss on the cheek would be great." I smiled at him, looked around, grabbed a blanket from my backseat, and then I walked him up the road a short distance. There was a big pine tree up there on the right that hung all the way to the ground.

As I approached that big tree I saw several smaller trees on the other side together in a group. I thought that it would block the rest of the guy's view nicely so I led him back in around the trees until I found myself completely hidden from the road, the construction crew, and even my car.

I then hugged him tightly to me and kissed him. He hugged me and grabbed my ass thrusting his pelvis into me. I said, "Slow down…take it easy…you'll get everything that you want.

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First you take care of me. Remember that the better you take care of me the better I'll take care of you." I laid the blanket down on the ground and lowered my dress down over my swollen breasts, down over my slightly rounded belly, and down to the blanket.

I stepped out of my shoes and out of my dress. Then I lowered my thong panties and stood before that handsome stranger totally nude and totally at his disposal. Then I lay down on the blanket, lifted my knees, and opened my legs for him.

He hesitated for a moment. I thought that he would try to get out of eating my pussy but then he leaned into it. A lot of men won't eat a pussy but they still expect a girl to suck their cock and swallow their cum no matter how gross it is. I closed my eyes and teacher seduces shy female student lay there as he started to lick my pussy.

He was still fully clothed and I was completely naked, it hardly seemed fair. Then the pleasure started to grow in my loins, all of my senses intensified, and then my knuckles turned white as I grabbed handfuls of blanket with patches of grass underneath.

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The feeling was so good that I lifted my ass up off the blanket. That was just what I had needed for over a month. My orgasm hit me and it hit me hard. I thought about stifling my reaction like I have done in the past but then I remember his plea, 'Please don't make me look like a fool in front of my friends' and so at that very moment I let it all out.

I screamed, "Oh God, you're good, stick that monster in me." He quickly took his work shoes off, his tight blue jeans, and his boxer shorts. His cock was only average in size, maybe even less than average, but at that moment it didn't matter at all. As he thrust into me I called out, "Oh baby, fuck me, fuck me harder." He did thrust into me harder. I raised my legs up around him and fucking a soaked bushy japanese cunt hardcore blowjob them behind his waist.

I pulled him into me and thrust harder yet.

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Every time he came down I felt my ass mushroom out against the ground, his pelvic bone crushing into me, and his cock reaching new depths inside me. I felt him speeding up and knew that the end was getting close.

I also knew that I had to get going before he finished and pulled out. I tilted my pelvis and humped up into him stimulating my clitoris. Then just as he started squirting into me my orgasm hit again.

Once again I screamed out, "Oh my ever living God, you're good." I was certainly surprised when he just rolled over and cuddled me into him for a few minutes. Then he kissed me and said, "Thank you. That was great." I replied, "Thank you. I really needed that too." He dressed, waited for me to get dressed, and then he shook out my blanket, folded it, and then walked me back to my car. I knew that everyone was watching us when I stood on my tiptoes and kissed him, for a long time, tongue and all.

I turned to the guys and waved at them, got in my car, and lovely teen in thraldom gets pussy wet schoolgirl japanese off. As I drove down that country road I realized that I did not even know his name.

The End The Construction Crew 370