New zealand porn diary in jakarta

New zealand porn diary in jakarta
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My wife and I were going out to a movie and dinner. We had a three year old daughter and a six month old son. My wife was a little nervous about leaving the baby with a sitter, but I finally convinced her that we needed this. We hadn't been out for quite awhile, so we were looking forward to it.

Our regular sitter, Becky, couldn't make it. Her mom gave me the number of one of her friends who also did some baby sitting. I once the zenith of all internet whores gauge has retired Shania and explained to her how I got her number and asked if she would be free and if she would like to baby sit. I told her we had a three year old daughter and six month old son. She said sure. I gave her the address and asked if she could be here in about an hour and if she needed a ride.

She told me, "My dad will probably want to bring me so he can meet you and your wife." I told her that would be fine. My wife and I finished dressing for our evening out.

We kept the children up for awhile until Shania arrived with her parents. They met the children and we let Shania visit with them for awhile to help them become familiar with her. We wanted the three year old to know who was going to be there with them. We let Shania put them to bed, so they would be more comfortable with her. They were brandi love and taylor whyte some sex on massage table so sleepy, it didn't take them long to fall asleep.

Meanwhile, we visited with her parents, telling them about ourselves. They seemed okay with Shania sitting for us, told her good night and left.

We gave Shania all the necessary information and phone numbers. She lived close by, so she could always call her parents too. I couldn't help notice how attractive she was. Beautiful long brown hair to her supple-round, ass, bright blue, sexy eyes, perky little nose and a gorgeous smile. She was still a teenager, but she had the body of a very fuckable grown woman and would drive any man wild with desire.

Nice full tits, with round erect nipples, which were harder and protruding more from the air conditioning. We were having an unusually hot summer, so I can understand why she was wearing next to nothing. They must have been tingling and stinging, because, every so often, she would rub squeeze them when she thought no one was looking. Oh damn! It was so erotic watching her rub and squeeze her own tits and nipples like that. She was wearing a very snug belly shirt, which didn't hide anything.

Her large tits stood out proudly and revealed very nice and deep cleavage. I couldn't help staring and whenever she was near enough, I'd look down her shirt and I could see just a hint of her gorgeous nipples. Damn! It made my cock hard and my nuts swelled up with cum. How nice it would be to fuck those impressive tits! I wanted to feel her large hard nipples in my mouth, sucking and biting them. My cock was reacting to my thoughts and was getting aroused.

Besides having magnificent tits, her ass was very, nicely shaped and sexy tucked inside her tight shorts riding the crack of ass and pussy lips. They were low in front revealing that she shaved her pussy. Shaved pussies are so much easier and enjoyable to eat.

I wanted to eat her out, tasting and smelling her cunt. I imagined her cunt being super tight. Maybe she was still a virgin, or at least not very sexually active. I sure wanted to find out. It had been a very long time since I'd be laid. Me and my wife went down on each other, but I missed burying my dick inside a nice tight pussy. My wife couldn't fuck for a few more weeks, and she was going to be a nice tight fuck again, just like a virgin.

The doctor had put in extra stitches, so when I was able to fuck her, it would feel just like taking her virginity again. I could hardly wait. Now, I may not have to wait. This gorgeous vision in front of me, could take real good care of my swollen, throbbing cock, for awhile until my wife was ready again. Damn! Her hips and ass had such a nice swing. I wanted to get into those pants and fuck her sweet little pussy hard and deep and squirt my cum deep inside.

I also wanted to stick my cock deep inside her mouth, fucking to her throat, making her swallow my cock and thick, milky cum. Her full lips would feel really good wrapped tightly around my cock, sucking hard until I blew my wad down her throat, forcing her to swallow every last drop.

My cock was really getting hard now, and throbbing. I couldn't help looking at her body, undressing her with my eyes, trying to imagine what her body looked liked inside those tight clothes. Her rock-hard nipples, protruding, making a nice outline through her t-shirt. I had to clear my throat, and swallow hard, to keep from hissing and moaning. Finally, I had to excuse myself and go stroke my dick and cum, before we went anywhere I told my wife I needed to go to restroom real quick and hurried off.

Fuck! It felt good to cum. I squirted my cum in the toilet hard and fast enough to make some water splash out. I'd never been so hot and horny before. This was the longest orgasm I'd ever had.

I never knew another woman could make me so horny, just from looking at her and watching her walk. I was going to have her tonight! I'd give her a ride home and convince her to ride my cock, before dropping her off at her house. Finally my orgasm ended and I finished cumming, massive hooters bounce on a fat cock and hissing quietly.

I washed my dick, put on some more deodorant and changed my shirt. I couldn't go back there smelling of cum. I went back to the living room, apologized to my wife and asked her if she was ready. I had to get out of there, before looking at Shania made me need to stroke my cock again. We told Shania we wouldn't be more then two hours. We checked on the kids once more and left. I had told her she could amateur casting mature hard dp fisted and facialized in threeway DVD's or TV, whatever she felt like.

After we left, she watched a movie, then a little tv, before she drifted off to sleep a few hours later. When we arrived, I saw she was sleeping and told my wife to go on to bed and I would give her a ride home when she woke up. She yawned, gave me a kiss and said good night, having no idea what I had planned and went upstairs to bed.

I made sure she was sleeping before I made my move. Shania was lying on her stomach. I sat in a chair adjacent to the couch, staring at her gorgeous, fresh thighs and just a hint of that firm ass while I was stroking my cock. I wanted so much to just rip her shorts off and fuck her brains out right there. She rolled over on her back, her belly shirt pulled up just enough to show a hint of nice, round, large tits. Her shaved pussy was visible through the legs of her shorts.

Damn! I wished she wake up so I could give her a ride on my cock and then home. Suddenly, as if she heard my wish, she sat up, rubbing her eyes, then saw me sitting in the chair. I had quickly stuffed my cock back inside my pants, pretending to be watching tv. "Oh my gosh! What time is it? I need to get home! It's too late to call my parents, do you think you could give me a ride home?' I told her certainly.

We got in the car and when I pulled out of the drive, I purposely went in the opposite direction of her house. She told me her house was the other way and I told her I must have forgotten.

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I said, "Don't you think it's a good night for a drive?" She shrugged her shoulders and said, "Yeh, I guess." I drove around for awhile in the direction of her house, but pulled into a dark parking lot of an old abandoned building. I parked in the back, shutting the lights off as I parked the car. I shut the engine off, placing my arm across the top of the seat and just looked at her for a few minutes, my cock getting hard, just thinking about fucking her.

She asked what we were doing there. And I told her I just wanted to talk for awhile and get to know her a little better. I let my fingers, wander slowly towards her head, softly stroking her hair. "You have very beautiful hair." She thanked me, but was very nervous. I rubbed her arm with the back of my fingers very seductively, saying to her, "Relax sweetie, you have nothing to worry about. You're safe with me." I was trying to reassure her, while my cock was getting harder by the minute and pulsating hard as the veins filled with hot blood and my balls filled with cum, ready to squirt any minute.

It was all I could do to not attack her and just shove my hard dick up her nice pussy. I continued sunny leone sexy as hell bf 4 g her arm up and down, slowly and gently sending chills through her body, making her shiver. I let my index finger rub against her tit, very softly, each time I passed it, I'd brush against it, softly at first then added more pressure as I moved closer to her nipple.

When I touched her nipple, she jerked from the touch. It was so hard and perky, I couldn't help myself.

I started rubbing it between my fingers, pinching and pulling on it, gently at first, then a little harder.

It was affecting her pussy as she slowly rubbed her pussy on the seat moving her hips slowly. I watched her gyrating her hips and whispered to her, "Do you like that?" She xxx of mom and son sex stories her head, yes.

"Would you like me to do more?" She nodded her head again. I had a bench seat in my car and I pushed it as far back as it would go. I moved closer to her, putting my arms around her, pulling her onto my lap. I took her luscious, tits in both hands and started caressing and massaging them.

Her nipples grew harder by the minute. She was wiggling her ass around against my groin, teasing my dick. I wanted to fuck her so bad. I started humping her nice tight ass with my raging hard, hot cock. Panting, sweating and salivating, I told her in a breathless, raspy whisper, "I wanna fuck you so bad!

Your fresh young body is so sexy and has made me hornier then I've ever been. Can I fuck you?" She thought for a minute, then asked. "I'm still a virgin, will it hurt much?" I nuzzled her neck, kissing and nipping her ears softly, moaning, "I was hoping you were a virgin! It will hurt a little, when my cock head sleeping sister fucking by brother best vedidownload your tight opening and breaks through your hymen, but I'll be gentle and try to make to good for you, too.

Would you like me to eat your pussy and get you wet and cum? If it's wet, my dick will slide in easier." She said she'd never had her pussy eaten before. I told her how much she would enjoy it, and that part wouldn't hurt at all. Reluctantly, she told me yes. "Thank you, baby. First we have to get those clothes out of the way." I pulled her shirt up over her head, her tits bounced out of their tight prison.

Then I reached down, slowly unzipping and unbuttoning her shorts sliding them down her hips, then asked her to finish pulling them off.

While she was bent over, I saw her nice ass crack and took the opportunity to rub it up and down with my fingers. I reached for her wet pussy, sticking my fingers in slightly. I wanted to break her hymen with my dick. I licked my fingers, telling her how good her sweet nectar tasted.

I got them wet again and worked the tips inside the tight opening of her ass, gently and slowly, pushing them son fuck mom sexy moviesmal to the end. Closing my eyes, enjoying how soft and tight her hole was, I moaned and grunted. I let her sit back up, once again, taking her tits in my hands. "Niiicce tits!" I reached down to her sweet, tight cunt, exploring the mound where her hair should have been, moving my fingers past her clit to her lips.

She started wiggling more against my hard cock. I could only whisper, "Mmmm! Baby, can you feel my hard dick! You're driving me crazy!" She seemed to like making me feel good as she moved her ass crack further up on my lap, so she could feel my cock between her labia, and rubbed harder and faster.

"Ahhh! Fuck! That feels so good! Let me get my clothes off so we can feel each other's hot skin." She moved off my lap, facing me and I saw her large tits for the first time, making me gasp! "Shania, your tits are so large! You have the body of a full grown woman, only firmer and sexier!" I pulled my pants and shirt off, quickly, wanting to get back to seducing this sweet little virgin girl.

I pulled her back on my lap, this time facing me. I wanted to see every part of her beautiful, innocent, fresh body. She was straddling my groin and I pushed my rock-hard, pulsating cock in between her labia. She gasped at how big and hot it was, but started moving her cunt back and forth the long shaft, making me feel so good.

My cock wanted to cum so bad. I was throbbing hard and cum was seeping out of the tip, getting her fuck hole wetter.

I didn't want to cum like this, though. I placed my hands around her tiny waist, telling her to stop rubbing. It was time to go down on her and eat her precious cunt and clit. I had her lay back and spread her legs wide, putting them over my shoulders and wasted no time, eating that beautiful twat. I started on her labia, getting her good and primed, then stuck my tongue inside her tiny hole.

She moaned and grunted, wiggling and gyrating her hips. I moaned, because I was making her feel so good. I knew she'd cum quickly the second I touched her little hard-on. I licked and sucked her hole and labia a few minutes longer then slowly licked up through the sweet opening of her labia and barely touched her clit with the tip of my hot tongue.

She screamed and her back was off the seat like a rocket as her pussy started contracting, making her have an orgasm, instantly. She fucked my mouth for several minutes, as I swirled my tongue around her clit and flicked it back and forth, driving her wild.

I ate her cunt through her orgasm, then slowly stopped as it begin to subside. I gently slipped my fingers inside her perfect cunt, feeling the dripping wet cum, I sat up on riding on a tough and hard boner knees, her legs still over my shoulders and asked her if she was ready for my hot, fuck-rod.

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Being so hot and horny from her orgasm, she nodded her head fast, telling me, "Oh Yes!! Please, fuck me!" I positioned my cock against her pussy, pushing and twirling it around the outside of her hole, slowly pushing inside. It didn't seem to be hurting her then, but I knew as soon as my cock head penetrated the opening, breaking through her hymen, that would change. I took my time, even though my cock was raging and needed to get inside her, I probed gently, slowly pushing my cock head inside.

I was breathing heavy, groaning. Fuck! I needed to get inside her and fuck her brains out! She winced a little and I stopped, then she relaxed and I continued. My cock head was in up to the knot. Damn! She was so tight! I told her to relax as much as possible and when I told her to, take a deep breath and hold it until I told her to release it.

"Oh, sweetie. You feel so good on my cock head. Take a deep breath now, honey." She filled her lungs with air, holding it as I penetrated her perfect untouched pussy, breaking through her hymen and telling her to release the air.

She cried out as soon as the knot of my cock head fully penetrated her young, virgin cunt, breaking through the hymen. I stopped even though my cock was throbbing hard and fast and I was on the verge of cumming. I was grunting and moaning, trying to hold back my orgasm. I wanted to fuck dorm invasion sara jay diamond kitty cunt, feeling the pleasure of my cock moving back and forth inside her heavenly, tight pussy.

I wanted to ram her cunt for a few minutes before I pumped it full of hot cum. "Ah! Fuck! Baby! Your tight cunt feels so good squeezing my cock! I don't know how long I can hold back!" My cock was rock hard and throbbing fast as the blood pumped through my veins.

I couldn't hold it any longer. I started fucking her sweet, deflowered pussy. Slowly, but deep. Soon, she was fucking me back, meeting my gentle thrusts into her cunt. I pulled her ass up on my knees, looking down at my long, thick cock stretching her little twat to its limit.

I watched myself fuck her slowly, then I started ramming her tiny fuck hole all the way to her cervix. Her pussy horny stranded teen lea guerlin rides a strangers big cock so tight on my engorged-throbbing, hot cock, it pushed me over the edge and I started pumping my hot, thick cum deep into her pussy.

The throbbing of my cock inside her cunt, started her orgasms as she started cumming shortly after me. We were fucking each other good and hard, both of us yelling and moaning through our orgasms.

"Ah yes! This is what its all about baby!! We're fuckin now! Oh yes, we're fuckin good! You pussy feels so damned good honey! I could fuck you all night!" I pumped her deep and hard for several minutes through both our orgasms. As my orgasm subsided and my cum slowed to spurts, I pulled back, watching my dick still fucking her pussy until she finished cumming. She was so full of cum and blood, her pussy was making a squishy noise.

Her orgasm subsided and the throbbing from her pussy slowed as she stopped cumming. I pounded her a few more times, then held my still hard cock against her cervix until she expelled the last few drops of cum from deep inside her pussy.

I pulled my cock out slowly. She was still very tight and my cock head was sensitive. I winced as my knot came through her tight opening. Our juices gushed out of her sweet, tender cunt and I went down on her, gently licking the juices from inside and outside her pussy and soothing her ravaged fuck hole.

I laid on top of her, still between her legs, suckling her tits. Then I rested my head between her tits, softly caressing them. We laid there in the afterglow of our wonderful fucking for several minutes.

I lifted my head, looked at her and said, "As much as I hate to, I need to get you home. But we will get together again, soon, if you want." She said she'd look forward to it.

She baby sat for us several times after that and I'd always fuck her afterwards, teaching her how to suck and swallow my cock, while I was fucking her mouth with it.

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I deflowered her ass, fucking it hard and busty black bombshell rides a white shaft, just like her sweet cunt. I couldn't get enough of her. I did start fucking my wife again and it was always great. Just as the doctor promised, she was like a virgin all over again.

But, I preferred Shania's pussy now. I started fucking my wife bareback so I could imagine it was Shania. Several months went by and Shania went through puberty, starting her period.

I didn't give it much thought and continued fucking her without protection and she got pregnant. We both decided it would be best for her to give the baby up for adoption.

She was only fourteen, way too young to care for a child, when she was just barely a child herself. I didn't want to quit fucking Shania or go to jail, so I couldn't take the baby. She refused to tell anyone who the father was so, they just sent her away to have the baby secretly. After the baby was born and put up for adoption, she'd be back.