Petite latin cutie mia hurley banged with nasty dude in public

Petite latin cutie mia hurley banged with nasty dude in public
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this story is complete fiction and never really happened. I'm a 20 y.o guy who's still in college studying, ive been living with my room mate for two years now as two straight guys and nothing more.

I never even thought of being gay or anything like that until that evening when we had a friend visiting and we invited him to sleep over.

I was too tired when I got back from college that day, and I decided to take a nap. So after having a quick snack I went to bed and fall asleep really fast, about 30 minutes later I was being waken up by a nice taste on my lips, when I opened my eyes it was our friend trying to put his cock into my mouth, he took me by surprise and as any other normal straight guy I panicked at first, I mean it was really weird for me, I looked at him and said man what the hell is this all about!!

And so he was like man please ive wanted to do this for a long time now, but I just never got the right chance! I don't know what came over me that moment; maybe it was his soft voice or the fact that I liked the taste of his cocks tip and the smell of his scent, I got so horny and suddenly putting that cock in my mouth was all I could think of, it was like a really good dream.

So I asked him do you really mean what you're saying? He said yea absolutely, and that really turned me on at the moment, so I asked him to sit on the bed, and he did, I took his lovely wet penis and started stroking him with my right hand moving my head closer to his penis I started licking the tip slowly for a couple of seconds and then I took all it in my mouth, I had the most wonderful feeling ever!

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It was incredible, I never thought that dick really tasted great, I watch porn a lot and I see girls sucking playmate head and italian orgy poke man go guys but I always thought that they would never do it unless for money coz it's all about money and getting paid. Anyway, I continued sucking and licking that great cock for a couple of minutes enjoying every second of it, then he said that he was cumming soon, so I told him don't u fuckin dare and cum in my mouth and he said ok.

And I still was sucking hard and I really didn't want to stop until he started shivering but I told him to hold it for as long as he could, but he replied that he couldn't hold anymore and he tried to remove my head off his dick, but instead I took all his penis in my mouth deep throating that fat member and he exploded in my throat, sending waves of cum into me giving me this great sensation and need for more of that fascinating juice.

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When I raised my head up I licked his dick clean and swallowed every drop of his semen, that was when I noticed that my room mate was standing there with a hard on stroking his member. He looked into my eyes and I just knew what he wanted, so I told him to step closer to the bed, and as soon as he was close enough I took his cock into my mouth really fast that he was amazed and moaned really loud, I don't know what happened to me, but I just wanted dick, I had become a cum slut that would suck anything in the way.

So I sucked off really fast and hard, that he didn't last two minutes and he told me that he cant hold anymore, so Sunny leone xxxxx story red girls sex storiescexy took the dick out of my mouth and held it close to my face and stroking it really fast till he came all over my face, and literally his load was really huge that it covered all of my face.

So I started wiping it out with my fingers and licking them, eating and enjoying every last drop of that delicious cum. When this was done, my friend was hard again and told me that he needed an another one, so gladly I got back down on his dick and started sucking again, that was when I had another idea, so I told him to undress and I did too, I laid on that bed on my chest exposing my tight ass to them both, and I asked him to lay on top of me with his dick into my ass, at first he tried to two euro sluts pleasure a throbbing rod brunette big tits his dick in but it just wont, so he used the cream I had in the drawer for lubrication, and started fucking me slowly, it really hurt when he first put it in, then it felt really good that I didn't want him to remove it, I asked him to lay on my back with his chest touching my back, it was really hot, by the time I was enjoying the fucking he was giving me, my roommate was hard again and ready for some more action.

So I took his dick by my hand and put it where it belongs "my mouth :) " I sucked my room mate and got fucked by my friend at the same time, thinking about that made me really horny and wanting some more cum, so I told them both to hold coz I wanted them to cum together, and when they were ready I jumped on the flour stood down on my knees and asked them to cum at the same time on my face, and they did, it was so great that it made me cum my self, and my juices landed on both of their feet it was the happiest feeling in my life as I was licking their dicks clean from their cum, and then I went down to their feet licking my own cum, which by the way didn't taste as good as their amazing juices, but it didn't stop me to lick my mess clean anyway :) After that night, whenever I have the chance I suck one of them off and have him cum in me, I'm a happy man now.

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