Hot strapon who is the girl in blue

Hot strapon who is the girl in blue
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Vegas Jackoff Party Hi my name is Rob and the story that you are about to read is completely true. It happened two years ago and I have to say that it was probably one of the strangest nights that I have ever had. Alittle about myself, I am 50 years old, 5ft 10 inches, 185lbs, with about a 7 inch cut cock. My wife doesn't like a hairy man so I do manscape and keep myself trimmed close or completely shaved. I live in Las Vegas, I am happily married with 2 grown kids and why I did what I did is still a mystery to me.

I am not gay, I am not bi, but like all men (and I know there are some who will deny it) we have wondered what it would be like to suck or stroke another mans cock. The last few years I have been having the same fantasy over and over, and that is playing with another mans cock.

I don't want to kiss a man; I want nothing to do with anything anal with a man. I just want to play with someone's cock, get it hard and make it cum. My wife is 48 and looks great, we have a healthy sex life and we talk about fantasies during our lovemaking. I never bring up that I want to play with a cock. I just don't know how she would react.

She has told me that she would love to taste another woman's pussy but as all guys know there is a lot of difference with a woman playing with another woman and a man playing with another man. Girl on girl is sexy. Guy on guy, well you're a fag.

That's all there is to stretch anal pump forced brutal slaves gape. So on to my story. My wife was away visiting her sister in Florida for two weeks; I could not get the time off from work so I was being a bachelor. The first couple of nights I caught a dinner at each of my daughter's houses.

On the third night (Wednesday) I decided to just say home and watch TV. Of course there was nothing on TV so I fired up my laptop and like all men I ended up on the naked ladies sites. I was reading some stories on this one site and one caught my attention about a man meeting up with another man to jack each other off.

In the story they met through the personals on craigslist. I thought what the hell and googled craigslist, clicked on Las Vegas and there were the personals. I started looking old man sex vedithe young girl the W for M but could tell that they were all posts from professionals and I didn't want to cheat on my wife anyway.

I then click on the M for M and I was amazed at how many posting there were for men looking for men. As I scrolled through the posts on the second page I found a post for a group get together at a hotel that this individual was trying to setup. It was for Friday night. The heading read Jack off Party, and in the text it stated that there would be no anal allowed and oral only if consensual. I had no interest in the oral but the jacking off part got a rise out of me. I hit the reply button and sent an email saying that I would be interested in attending.

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The next day when I got home from work I checked my email and there was a reply to the email I had sent. The gentleman stated that it was set up for Friday night at 7; he named the Hotel (which was close to where I lived), and stated that all he asked for was a $5 donation from everyone who attended to cover the cost of the room. I was to confirm by email that I would attend and he would send me the room number about an hour before the start time.

I kept going back to the email that night and every time I read it I got hard. I thought what the heck, it's now or never. I hit the reply button and said that I would attend. I was nervous all day Friday at work thinking about what I might be doing tonight, when I got home alittle after five I had a quick bit to eat and opened my email and waited for the room number.

It was about twenty after six and I had received no email, I was just starting to think that this guy must be just some flake when the email arrived. It stated that the get-together was still on and the room number was 528. It went on to say that when I got to the room I should knock and once in the room to strip naked, nobody would be clothed until they left, and then just have fun. It was ten minutes till seven and I still had not left the house, I just knew I was going to chicken out.

But there I was with an erection and it was either beat off by myself or go and xxxsexvedifull sex stories fucking yousex fairy tales off with others. What the hell, I got in my car and drove to the hotel. The nerves were really kicking in as I got into the elevator. I pushed the fifth floor button and when the door open I thought what am I doing, but I pressed forward and soon found myself standing in front of room 528.

I knocked and this individual opened the door a crack and said come on in. Once inside I could see that it was a fairly large room with two queen size beds, it had 2 chairs and a table by the widow, a desk with a chair, and someone had brought about 6 folding chairs for people to sit on. There were 7 other guys in the room, all naked stroking their cocks watching some porn on the TV.

Most were sitting in the chairs but there was one Oriental guy about 25 years old lying on the bed closest to the window. I undressed and when I was naked it dawned on me that I was the only one in the room who was completely shaved. I felt alittle uncomfortable about that but there was no turning back now. I took one of the chairs by the table and sat down.

There was hardly any talking going on just everyone watching the porn and stroking. I grab some lube that was on the table and started stroking but I have to admit that I was experiencing some stage fright and was having trouble getting hard. On the Bigtits enema les rimming pornstars big tits there was some gay porn, two guys sucking each other off. That did not interest me at all so I kept on sneaking peeks at the guys stroking their cocks.

I had been there maybe 15 minutes when this black guy who was sitting next to the TV asked me if I would scoot down in my chair alittle and spread my legs, he wanted to see And these were his words "my tight little smooth balls better". I complied with his request and suddenly had an erection. Watching this black guy look hot babe moans as she finger fucks twat my balls was a big turn on and he was really working on his cock just staring at me.

I noticed everyone was watching us to see what was going to happen. Suddenly he got up and walked over to me and said that he just had to feel them. He didn't even wait for a reply, suddenly for the first time in my life (well except for my doctor during a physical) another man was feeling my balls.

Now we had everyone's attention, he was stroking with one hand and feeling me up with the other when I thought what the heck.

I reached out and grabbed his cock. He moaned and told me to get some lube, I poured some in my hand and returned to stroking him. I know the myth about black men having huge cocks but this one was about 7 inches and skinny. I was stroking him pretty hard (it was my first time) and he told me to ease up, that I was gripping to hard.

I did as he requested and continued to play with him. I heard the guy in the chair next to me say I have to get some of this action and soon he was standing next to the black guy. He reached out and grabbed my free hand and placed it on his cock. He was only about 5 inches but was thicker than the black cock in my other hand.

Somehow I had become the center of attention.

A third man came up behind the two I guess just to watch and beat off. Asas sloppy bj asa akira and pornstar whole time the black guy never took his hand from my balls. I could feel his cock swelling up and getting supper hard, he started moaning and grabbed my hand away from his cock. He let go of my balls and started stroking himself really fast and then he erupted.

Cum started hitting me everywhere, it landed on my leg, my belly, my chest, I didn't think it would ever stop. Just as he finished the other guy grabbed his cock from me and I was getting my second load of cum.

He didn't shoot as much as the black guy but he moved up between my legs to makes sure he didn't miss his target. This was something I did not expect, I thought I would watch, be watched, maybe play with a cock, and then bring myself off and leave. Here I was getting drenched with cum. The third guy stepped in front of me when I guess the man who had set this whole thing up told everyone to hold on. I think we found our pivot man; lets get him on the bed so that everyone can have a better view.

Not really thinking I got up and did as he asked. I now found myself lying next to the Oriental guy on the bed. Immediately two guys jumped on the bed and grabbed my hands and had me start stroking them. As this was going on I heard knocks on the door about 3 or 4 times as new men stripped and joined the fun.

I also noticed that the first 2 guys that came all over me had left. Soon the guy I was stroking on my left started breathing hard and told me he was about to cum. I took my hand from his cock but he said no, finish me off. I grabbed his cock and soon got to feel what a cock feels like when it climaxes. And of course he added his cum to what was already on me. He got off the bed and soon the guy on my right was ready to cum, he took his cock from my hand moved down my body, what the hell was he doing I thought.

I soon found out when he sprayed my cock and balls with his cum. This whole time I had not been able to stroke my own cock and no one was playing with me. When he got off the bed I noticed that there were now about 10 guys in the room but some had paired up and were stroking each other.

There were 2 guys on the other bed who were in a 69 position sucking each other. The oriental guy was sitting next to me with his back against the headboard.

He had been watching the whole thing and as I looked over at him he reached down and started touching the cum that was on my chest. The bedspread all around me was soaked and the smell of cum was strong. I could only imagine what I looked like. With no one else jumping on the bed I reached over and started stroking his cock.

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He was not very big but had such a smooth body, like a female. The black hair around his cock and balls was very fine and soft. If women had cocks I thought this is what they would feel like. All of a sudden he moved over and straddled my chest.

There it was, a cock staring me straight in the face. I don't know why I did it but I opened my mouth and sucked him in. I can honestly say that I was enjoying his cock in my mouth and I could also tell that he was in no hurry to cum. After about 5 minutes he pulled his cock from my mouth, laid back on his back, pulled me over to him, I lay between his legs and started sucking him again.

I felt the bed shift next to me and someone climbed up next to me and started spraying my back with cum. A couple minutes later another man did the same. The Oriental man put his hands on both sides of my head and started guiding me up and down his cock. He would pull me up so that just the head of his cock was in my mouth and then push me back down again. About that time I felt someone come up behind me and start playing with my ass.

I started to panic but before I could say anything the host stepped in and said no anal allowed. Who ever it was back there said "I'm not sex and massage receive jointly hardcore handjob to fuck him" I just want to see his smooth ass and balls.

The host said ok, but no fucking. I felt hands grab my legs and pull me to a kneeling position. My legs were together at first but they were quickly pulled apart and there were hands all over my ass, spreading my cheeks, rubbing my balls. I heard someone remark that I was a fucking mess. Another answered yeah isn't that great.

Someone grabbed my cock; finally I thought someone's going to play with me. That was short lived, I quickly heard the host say "let go, if you make him cum he'll want to quit and we have about 8 more who want to shoot their loads on him".

The Oriental with his cock in my mouth pulled my head up so that just the head was in my mouth, looked me in the eyes and asked me did I want it in my mouth when he came.

I shook my head no and he said when he was ready he would pull out and pushed my head back down. I figured it would be soon but it wasn't. The hands continued to play with my ass and balls; two more guys shoot their loads on my back, and one guy shot his load down the crack of my ass and on my balls.

The Oriental was finally ready to cum and true to his word he pulled out quickly, pushed my head down and rubbed his cock on the back of my head shooting cum in my hair and down my neck. He kept rubbing his cock in my hair even after he went soft, I could feel his ball resting against the top of my head and I moved up and down alittle and heard a sigh from him. When he was finally satisfied he pulled my head up and said "outstanding"!

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Got off the bed and left. I was soon turned over onto my back again, I could see that there were still 5 guys left in the room, 3 jumped on the bed with me, there was a really fat guy sitting in a chair, and the host who was leaning against the table stroking his cock. Both of my hands were placed on cocks and the third guy tried to put his cock in my mouth. I didn't want any more of that and told him to stop. He just sat back and watched as I brought the 2 off with my hands. They of course added to the mess that was already all over me.

When they got off the bed the one who was waiting grabbed my hand and sprayed some lotion on it. He placed it on his cock and started sliding it in and out. He did not want me to move my hand; he was moving his hips and fucking my hand. All of the sudden he was on top of me, I started to remove my hand but he said just hold it there I'll do all the work. He started moving his hips again and was acting like he was fucking me. He didn't want to lay on top old stud seduces a young beautiful hottie me because of the mess, so he kept his arms lock and just fucked my hand like it was a cunt.

He would tell me to grip him tighter then loosen it up. He was moaning and kept repeating "oh yeah, fuck, oh yeah fuck", over and over. After about 5 minutes he started to speed up, "grip me hard, oh yeah, fuck yeah, oh I'm going to cum, grip me harder". He fell out of my hand acouple times but would reach down quickly and wrap my fingers back around his cock. He finally let out a moan and came all over my hand, cock and belly.

After he came he stopped moving his hips so I removed my hand. He said no just hold it lightly for alittle while. He then stared rotating his hips again slowly, moving his softening cock in my hand. When he had had enough he got off me, got dressed and left. I notice that one more guy had shown up and he was just starting to undress. He seemed to know the host and they were chatting. After he was naked he reached over and started stroking the host's cock.

I heard him say, "wow I should have come earlier, I think I missed quite a show".

I reached for my cock but the fat guy in the chair said "no you don't, not yet". I looked at him but kept my hand on my cock. The host came over and playfully swatted my hand and said, "you were told not to do that so don't". I removed my hand and saw that the new guy was stroking his cock, and that's when I noticed that it was the biggest cock that I had seen so far tonight.

I'm not going to try and say that it was 12 inches long cause wasn't, it was probably more like 9 inches and thick. The fat guy came over and crawled onto the bed. His big meaty hands started to fondle my balls and he told me to play with his cock.

I reached out and grabbed it and started stroking. He was not big at all, his breathing was short and I thought he was going to die. When he was about to cum he took my hand from his cock, rolled on his side and came in my hand.

He then took my hand and rubbed it all over my belly. It took him a couple tries to get off the bed but he finally made it and I watched him get dressed and leave. The host finally came over to me and said boy you were a hit. I told him I didn't understand why I became the center of attention. He gave me a smile and said you came in here all smooth and shaved clean who did you think everyone was sex step mom sex full storys big ass fuking sex stories storys to want a piece of.

You probably saved the Oriental guy; everyone was looking at him before you showed up. All of the sudden I felt humiliated. I looked at the both of them and asked what now. Well if no one else shows up you have just two of us left to satisfy. The big cock man reached out and said, "I've got to feel those smooth balls of yours". He told me to sit on the edge of the bed then he reached down and started fondling me. I stroked his large cock that was right in front of me. It only took a minute and a large drop of pre cum came out the tip of his cock.

He laughed and said "go-ahead lick it, you know you want to". I leaned forward and with the tip of my hollie mack in family cums first sis licked it off. "God" he said, "Where did you get this guy"! I was hornier than hell and again reached for my cock, but for the umpteen time was told, "don't you do that". Why I finally asked. Get us both off first and then you can cum, trust me it will be a girl with her black guy playing satisfying that way.

The big cock guy told me to get on my back; he then lifted my legs straight up and placed his cock between them. He pushed them together tightly and started moving his cock back and forth. He asked the host to get some lube, poured it on his cock and started up again. The host came over to me and straddled my chest presenting his cock to me. This was going to be the grand finally so I didn't protest and opened my mouth and sucked him in. Just as the Oriental man had done, he grabbed the sides of my head and started working his cock in and out of my mouth.

So there I was, naked, lying on a bed with about 20 loads of cum all over my body, one guy with a big cock fucking my legs, another guy fucking my mouth, and me with a hard on needing to cum.

The big cock guy told the host to let him know when he was ready to cum, the host said ok, lifted himself up alittle grabbed my hand and had me reach under his ass and start fondling his balls. The host said he was about there so the big cock guy moved his cock down so that it was sliding over my cock and balls.

He told me to hold on as long as I could and to see if all three of us could cum together. The host said, "here I go", the sunny leone mia khalifa xxxx cock guy started moving real fast against my cock. I couldn't hold on any longer, the big cock guy grunted and both of our cocks were shooting onto my body. The host quickly pulled his cock from my mouth, grabbed the headboard, and yelled at me not to stop massaging his balls.

He leaned over aiming his cock at my little sister brather sex sex stories and came. It took acouple of minutes for us all to settle down, they both disengaged themselves from my body, and we all had a satisfying chuckle. As we laid there the host asked if I was gay, I told him no that I was married and that this was my first experience with a man, or should I say men! He laughed and said that I'd have a hard time topping this night and I had to agree.

He asked if I was submissive, I big ass sex vidiin office no why, he said you seemed to listen every time we told you not to play with yourself.

I thought to myself maybe I was. I got up and walked into the bathroom to clean up, I looked in the mirror and could not recognize myself.

There was cum everywhere. All the towels had been used already so I found a small wash cloth and wiped my hair and face. When I left the bathroom the host and the big cock man were sitting at the table drinking a beer.

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They tossed me one and said have a seat. I told them that all the towels were gone. They smiled and said that they had hid 2 for themselves before anyone arrived. He looked at me and said just put your clothes on over the mess, by the time you get home I guarantee that you will be hard again and you can add one more load to it. Out of everything that happened that night the strangest feeling was sitting the naked with two guys drinking a beer.

Wow. As I got up to get dressed the host asked if I abella danger teen anal young old smalltits a good time.

I had to admit I did. He asked for my email address and said that they had these get-togethers every month or so. He went on to say that I was invited when ever I wanted to come but that if I didn't want to be the center of attention I pasaten mdea sh h ka sakxsa not show up all shaved and smooth.

I smiled, got dressed, thanked them and left. As I was walking through the hotel with my clothes sticking to my body I swear all eyes were on me, but of course they weren't. I got home and just as the host had said I was hard again.

I stripped and sat against the wall facing our full-length mirror and looking at my used body I beat off and added the one last load. On Sunday I got an email from the host, it said thanks for attending, he would let me know when the next event was scheduled and that they had a Yahoo group called "Las Vegas Strokers" that I might want to join.

I went to the group page, joined and was surprised to read all the post about the good time everyone had at the Jack Off Party. Each one mentioned the shaven man with the smooth balls being the center of attention and that they hoped he would show up to future events.

He sent me another email telling me that the Oriental guy want to get in touch with me, he gave me his email address. It has been about a year now and I have not been to another. I have exchange emails with Mark (the Oriental guy) but we haven't hooked up. If I am ever to have a one on one with a guy he will be the one.

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I do fantasize about that night all the time and probably will attend another one; the time just has to be right. My wife will be going out of town again in 2 months so if they just happen to have one scheduled that's when it will happen again.

I will have to decide though, should I shave myself or not.