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See interracial xxx scene hardcore and big dick
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MAKING THE PERFECT HUSBAND Mark agrees to participate in a research project a few weeks before his wedding.

At the same time, his relationship with his fiancé takes a strange twist. Is it all just coincidence? Not Written by me.

It's a work of Joe Burante. CHAPTER 1: THE RESEARCH PROJECT Mark Jones was savoring the rich taste of his coffee early in the morning when his phone rang. He glanced at the caller-id and did not recognize the number. 'Probably a sales call,' he thought.

He decided to answer it anyway. A cheerful woman's voice filled his ears. "Good morning Mr. Jones. My name is Isabella and I work for the Northstar Research Group. We are conducting a research project and your name was referred to us as a possible candidate to participate." Mark did not want to be roped into a research project, but he was intrigued. Isabella was very pleasant and so he figured he give her a few minutes to explain and then he'd find an excuse to not participate.

"A research project? What type of research?" "We are studying the effects of hypnosis on people and the choices they make. The study will be conducted over a three luscious nina james and shyla jennings lesbian sex outdoor period and you will be paid $250 a week." Now she had his attention.

Mark glanced at his calendar. He was getting married in two weeks. He'd probably be busy in the last week but for $250 a week he'd make it work. He had recently bought a house with his fiancée and with the wedding expenses, he sure could use the extra money.

Before he could answer Isabella said, "Mr. Jones I'd like to explain the project in more detail with you. Why don't you come down to my office tonight?" He was already hooked and so he easily agreed. "Sure I'd love to." Mark arrived at Isabella's office promptly at 6:00. It was located in a corporate complex not far from where Mark worked.

The parking lot was empty as most business people had left for the day. Mark found his way to Suite 250 and opened the large frosted glass door. The foyer was very modern looking. The walls were painted a bold purple color and the ceiling was a deep black color. The foyer was dotted with small cone shaped lights which hung on long chords that stretched up to the ceiling. A receptionist sat below large silver letters that read Northstar Research Group.

The receptionist wore a phone headset and sat behind a simple glass top desk. The only thing visible on the desk was a flat screen monitor and keyboard. There were no papers, pens, files, or writing pads. It was clear that her only job was to greet guests, take calls, and look sexy. She was more than qualified for the sexy part. Mark could clearly see her slender stocking clad legs beneath the desk.

The skirt she wore was so short, that as visitors approached it left them wondering if she was wearing anything from the waist down. Mark could smell her perfume as he approached the desk. He thought it smelled pretty and inviting. The blond girl smiled and cheerfully welcomed him. "Good evening. You must be Mr.

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Jones. Miss Kiersten is expecting you." Mark wanted to say something clever to the cute girl, but instead he stuttered slightly and said, "Ah, yes that's me." From the side of the room, Mark heard a soft soothing voice that he recognized from the phone call earlier.

"Thank you for welcoming Mark Chrissie." Mark turned to see a slender woman walking toward him. He was surprised at how young she was.

He imagined a hypnotist to be an older somewhat strange person. She approached Mark and extended her hand. "I'm Isabella. So nice of you to come down on such short notice Mark." Mark shook her hand, "No problem at all. This sounds like an interesting project." "It's is an interesting project and I know you are going to love it too. It will be a fun experience for you." Isabella led Mark down a small hallway and into her oversized office. On one side of the room a small desk sat in front public bondage xxx best pals aidra fox and kharlie stone are vacationing in sunny south a large book shelf that was filled with various journals.

The remaining part of the office reminded Mark of a suite in a hotel. There was a couch and two plush arm chairs. A comforting blue oriental rug covered the middle of the sitting area. Isabella motioned for Mark to sit in on the couch. Mark sunk into the couch while Isabella took a seat across from him. The cozy couch and dim lighting was comforting to Mark. While Mark relaxed, Isabella was all business. She sat upright in the chair and crossed her legs. Her blond hair was pulled above her head in a bun.

Her writing tablet and the round thin-rimmed glasses she wore gave her a studious look. Mark seemed to sink deeper into the couch, giving the perception that Isabella was towering above him. It was a bit awkward for Mark, but the nice view of Teen mature garal xxx sex legs made up for the awkwardness.

Isabella started, "Thank you for agreeing to participate in the study Mark. The study will last for two weeks and you will be required to come to my office two or three times a week during that time. Does that work for you?" "That should not be a problem." Their discussion was interrupted by the entrance of Chrissie.

She walked in carrying two mugs in her hand. As she walked across the room, Mark could see that she was indeed wearing a skirt. It was an extremely short leather skirt.

The lacy tops of her stockings were visible and Mark could clearly see the straps of her garter belt. He thought she looked incredibly sexy, but he wondered how Isabella could allow her to dress in such a provocative way at work. Chrissie announced, "your tea is lezdom taylor vixens hairy pussy strapon fun Miss Kiersten." She placed the mugs on a small round end table next to Isabella's chair.

Isabella offered one cup to Mark. "Try this tea Mark. It's so good and very relaxing." Mark did not usually drink tea but he politely took the mug amazing blonde babe and four hung guys sipped the warm liquid.

It was just the right temperature and was smooth and full of flavor. Mark commented, "I love the flavor. I'm not a big tea drinker, but this tea tastes delicious." Isabella smiled at his compliment. Then she dismissed Chrissie. "Thank you for making such wonderful tea.

Mark is my last appointment so you may go home now." Chrissie leaned over to give Isabella a kiss. "Good night Miss Kiersten." Mark was delightfully surprised to get a nice view of her ass.

The only fabric visible was a small black thong. The quick flash of her ass left an erotic impression on Mark. He was even more surprised when Chrissie leaned over to him and gave him a peck on the cheek. Her warm lips sent erotic chills through Mark. He also got a quick view down her shirt as she leaned forward. She was not wearing a bra and so Mark was lucky enough to catch a glimpse of her nipples. Chrissie sweetly said, "So nice to meet sampling a tough magic schlong gloryhole hardcore Mark.

Enjoy the rest of your evening." Slightly stunned at her openness, Mark replied, "yes, ah.nice to meet you. Have a good night." When Chrissie walked away, Isabella went right back to business. "Mark, as I said on the phone, this study involves hypnosis. You will be given recordings to listen to each night and I will also hypnotize you a few times. Throughout the project I will be asking you questions about some products and you will also be asked to try a few products.

Have you ever been hypnotized before?" "No." "That's not a problem. It's really quite simple." Mark had several questions about hypnosis and Isabella did a fantastic job at answering them. Finally she said, "It's all about relaxing and opening your mind.

Would you like to try a simple relaxation exercise?" "Sure," agreed Mark. He was already feeling relaxed from the tea. "Close your eyes and take a deep breath." Mark followed her instructions and took a deep breath. Isabella guided him into breathing deeply and relaxing. As he breathed and relaxed he started thinking the whole thing was silly.

He was skeptical about the real effect of hypnosis. Isabella's voice was very soothing as she guided him into a trance. "Relax and think about something that makes you happy," Mark thought of his fiancé Amy and how exciting it would be to marry her.

Soon Isabella's voice faded away and his mind drifted into nothingness. Eventually the nothingness faded away and Mark could hear Isabella's voice faintly in his mind. At first it seemed like a dream but soon Mark realized her voice was real and he had drifted off to sleep. 'I better pay attention' he thought. The next thing Mark remembered was hearing Isabella counting backwards from 10 to 1. There was a loud snap and he woke up.

It took him a few seconds to come to his senses. "How do you feel," asked Isabella. "Definitely relaxed. I think I drifted off a bit while you were trying to hypnotize me." Mark was apologetic for not paying attention. "I'm sorry. It's been a long day and I guess I was tired." Isabella smiled pleasantly.

Mark thought she looked very sexy when she smiled. "Don't be sorry Mark. It means you truly relaxed. Although you didn't hear me, your subconscious mind did. Prof ava addams and student ripped off by one cock how hypnosis works." "Oh, I see," said Mark, not really believing that it worked. Although he was doubting hypnosis he was feeling a strong desire to participate in the study anyway. He was intrigued by the whole idea of hypnosis, but there was also a selfish motive.

The more he talked with Isabella the more he was attracted to her. He was finding it exciting to be in her presence and look at her sexy body. In fact, he noticed that a button on her shirt had come un-done revealing a bit of her cleavage. His cock stirred as he enjoyed the view. Isabella rested her hand on her chest briefly and Mark's attention shifted to her bright red finger nails. She moved her hand up and touched her lips briefly. Mark's eyes followed, taking in the fresh coat of red lipstick that Mark didn't even see her put on.

Her hand moved up and brushed away blond hair that was falling over the side off her face. As Mark's eyes followed her pretty nails, Isabella's deep blue eyes caught his and held their attention.

By now, Mark's cock was fully erect. He did not know why he was so aroused. There was something extremely sensual about Isabella that was driving Mark crazy. He was transfixed by her eyes and could not look away as she talked. "Mark, what did you think about to make you happy," asked Isabella. "I was thinking about my fiancé, Amy. We are getting married in a few weeks." Isabella's face lit up.

That's wonderful Mark. Congratulations!" "Thank you. Miss Kiersten. I'm very excited for the wedding." Mark did not even notice that he addressed Isabella formally and with her last name. It just seemed natural for him to do this. "It's so nice that she makes you happy. You must really love her. You must love to please her." "Yes I do," agreed Mark. You're a smart man. A good man knows that the most important thing to do is please his wife.

Pleasing Amy is what you want to do isn't it?" Again Mark agreed, "Yes Miss Kiersten." "Good boy," complimented Isabella in the same manner and tone a mother would compliment her child for doing something good. Mark was not fazed by the motherly tone. The phrase actually made him feel good and proud that he impressed Isabella.

Isabella continued, "Mark, you will make a wonderful subject blonde and brunette in black lingerie have a threesome my research project.

It would please me very much if you would participate." There was no question in Mark's mind about the project.

After meeting Chrissie and Isabella, he had a strong desire to participate. He was still gazing into her eyes. He really wanted to please her and so he responded, "Of course Miss Kiersten. I will be glad to participate." "Fantastic!" Isabella handed him a silver MP3 player and explained, "This is loaded with a hypnosis file. When you go to bed tonight, I want you to put on the headphones, relax, and play this file. It will play for about two hours and then shut off. You do not have to be awake as you listen.

If you focus on relaxing, you will probably fall asleep pretty quickly. Any questions?" "No. I can handle that." "Good. You will do the same thing each night for the rest of the week. On Friday night I need you to come back into the office.

Can you be here at 6:00?" "Sure. That's not a problem Miss Kiersten." "Good-boy," complimented Miss Kiersten. Once again, her compliment made Mark feel happy and proud that he had impressed Isabella. Mark left Isabella's office looking forward to listening to the mp3 player. That night he went to bed early.

As soon as Isabella's voice filled his ears, his cock grew hard. Mark could not resist stroking his cock and day dreaming about her and Chrissie as he listened. He was very curious about what she would say and so he was determined to stay awake for the duration of the session. She talked in a slow and soothing voice. "Close your eyes and rest Mark. Take a deep breath. In and out……in and out…" Mark could hear Isabella taking deep slow breaths.

He mimicked her breaths and began to relax. Her voice continued, "Listen to my voice pet. Open your mind to me. That's right pet, focus on my words. Allow them into your mind. Allow my words to control your thoughts as you relax and fall into a deep sleep." Mark thought it was odd that she referred to him as pet.

In his horny state of mind, he liked the idea of being her pet. He stroked his cock and imagined kneeling before her. Her voice continued to relax him and take him into a trance. His stroking became slower as he grew tired. Soon he drifted off to sleep. He was awoken in the morning by his alarm clock. He got out of bed with a raging hard-on. Mark tried to remember the recording from Isabella, but his mind went blank. He guessed that he fell asleep pretty quickly after turning on the mp3.

CHAPTER 2: FALLING UNDER ISABELLA'S TRANCE Mark remained horny all day at work and he could not keep his mind off Isabella and Chrissie. Throughout the day he discreetly stroked his cock through his pants and imagined orally pleasing both Chrissie and Isabella.

Later in the day his fiancé, Amy, called and inquired about the recording. "How was your first night of hypnosis?

Are you a walking zombie now," she joked. "I feel asleep pretty quickly, so I don't recall much of what was said. I don't feel any different. It's really kind of silly, but the money is good." "It's not that silly Mark. It really pleases me that you are doing this. You can use the money to buy me a nice wedding gift, don't you think?" Mark's mind shifted to his session with Isabella the night before.

Her word's echoed in his mind, 'pleasing Amy is what you want to do isn't it&hellip.' He suddenly had a strong desire to please Amy. He agreed with her suggestion, "Yes, that is a great idea." "Excellent," said Amy.

Her devious smile could be felt in her words. Mark wanted to please her even more and he was very horny and so he suggested, "Why don't I come over tonight and give you a nice massage." "Oohhh. That's a fabulous idea Mark, but unfortunately I have to pass. I have a ton of errands to do for the wedding.

This is going to be a busy week. I'll take you up on the offer later." "O.k.," Mark said disappointed that he could not see her sooner." For the rest of the week, Mark listened to the recording every night as instructed.

Isabella's voice was very sexy and whenever Mark heard her voice images of Isabella and Chrissie floated in his mind. His cock would get erect and he would start stroking it as he listened. Each night Mark intended to listen to the entire recording. Isabella's voice was just to soothing and hypnotic. He always fell asleep a few minutes into the recording and he always woke up horny and not remembering what was on the recording.

When Friday came, the only thing Mark could think about was his meeting after work with Miss Kiersten. After work he rushed to her office. He wanted to get there as early as possible so that he could flirt with Chrissie for a little while before his appointment.

When Mark entered the office, Chrissie immediately jumped up from behind her glass desk and walked out to greet him. With a cheery smile she said, "Welcome back Mark. It's so nice to see you again." She hugged him tightly and Mark enjoyed the feel of her pert breasts against his chest. "Hi," mumbled Mark, thrilled at the wonderful greeting from such a sexy girl.

She was dressed just a provocatively as the last time he met her. She wore a skimpy black dress that clung to her shapely body. The top was low-cut revealing tantalizing mounds of cleavage. Mark was certain she was bra-less again. A plain white silk scarf was draped loosely around her neck.

It was simple and eye catching. "Please sit down," said Chrissie, gesturing to a foam-like sectional couch in the corner of the waiting room.

"Miss Kiersten told me how much you loved her special tea. I will get you a cup." "Thanks," replied Mark as he sat on the firm couch. Chrissie disappeared behind a wall and then reappeared rather quickly with a warm mug of tea in her hand. She handed Mark the mug and sat diagonal to Mike on the sectional couch. Mark took a small sip of the tea and enjoyed the rich soothing flavor.

His eyes settled on the white scarf when Chrissie asked, "So have you been listening to the recording from Miss Kiersten each night?" "Oh yes," said Mark unable to take his eyes off her scarf. The shiny and smooth fabric mesmerized Mark. He imagined how soft it would feel against his skin. The thought caused erotic emotions to stir within him. "And how is it going," inquired Chrissie. "Good. To be honest, Miss Kiersten's voice is so soft and soothing that bad daddy pov part 2 I listen to her recording I always fall asleep rather quickly." A flirtatious smile filled Chrissie's face.

"I know what you mean Mark." touched his knee with her hand as she spoke. Her touch sent chills through his body. "The same thing happens to me." "You listen to her recordings," asked Mark, slightly surprised.

"Of course. It's one of the perks of working here. I get to listen to all of Miss Kiersten's recordings. I love her voice. Sometimes, just for fun, she calls me into her office and hypnotizes me." Chrissie touched his knee again and leaned toward him.

Her voice lowered. "I actually find her voice to be quite sensual. I'm often very aroused after listening to her talk." This bit of information caused Mark's cock to swell in his pants.

He felt like a teenager, unable to control his arousal. Chrissie seemed to be staring at his crotch when she asked, "Do you get aroused from her recordings also?" "Well, I have been very horny lately," admitted Mark.

"I thought it was more because…well…you know, I hadn't had much sex during the week." Chrissie giggled playfully. "It's got to be the recordings Mark.

Miss Kiersten's voice has that effect on everyone." Chrissie noticed Mark staring at her scarf. "Is there something wrong with my scarf," she asked. Mark suddenly realized he was caught staring. "Oh no. I'm sorry. It's really nice. I was just admiring it." "Thank you." Chrissie ran her fingers along the silky scarf. "It's so soft and silky. I nikki fox culmination of love affair love it," she purred.

"It feels so good against my skin." Her voice lowered again. "I have to admit, I love the way it feels rubbing over my nipples." Mark could not believe the information she was sharing with him.

His cock was fully erect as he imagined her playing with her nipples with the scarf. He seemed to be in a daze. He imagined what it would feel like rubbing over his cock. "Would you like to feel it," asked Chrissie. "Sure," replied Mark. He reached out and touched the smooth fabric. It sent chills through his body. He looked into Chrissie's eyes and became infatuated with her beauty. Her red lips parted slightly and it seemed inevitable that they were going to kiss.

Mark leaned towards the soft lips. His body was heating up in anticipation of feeling her sexy warm lips. Then suddenly Chrissie pulled away and perked up. Excitedly she said, "Mark, I just remembered! Your collar came in." She jumped up and went over to drawer behind her desk. "My collar," asked Mark confused. Chrissie pulled a black studded collar from the drawer and held it up.

"Yes your collar. Miss Kiersten requires all her pets to wear collars during her sessions." "Oh," replied Mark. Her explanation seemed to make sense to him. Chrissie walked over to him and wrapped the leather collar around his neck and fastened the collar. Its snugness was comforting to Mark. "Stand up so I can see how it looks on you," ordered Chrissie.

Mark stood unable to hide his erection. Chrissie smiled. "Wow. It looks so sexy on you. It's a perfect fit. Miss. Kiersten will be very pleased. Sit down Mark." Mark was happy to hear that Miss Kiersten would be pleased. When Chrissie ordered him to sit, he got down on his knees. This was the way pets were supposed to sit. Mark didn't know why, but he knew kneeling was the right thing to do.

In his kneeling position he got a clear view of Chrissie's panties. They were sheer white lace panties and Mark could clearly see the outline of her pussy lips through the front of the panties. They were damp with her excitement and so he could also see the pink color of her pussy lips pressing against the thin fabric.

Mark's mouth seemed to salivate at the wonderful sight. He desperately wanted to taste her pussy. "Good boy," Chrissie said as she patted him on the head. "Miss Kiersten is ready to see you now." She attached a steel leash to the front of his collar and tugged on it. Mark followed behind her, walking on his hands and knees.

Her panties were a thong style and so he got a wonderful view of her ass as she walked in front of him. Isabella was sitting in her usual arm chair, awaiting their arrival. Chrissie led Mark over to Isabella and announced, "Your next appointment is ready." Mark kneeled in front of Isabella and watched as Chrissie leaned in to give Isabella a welcome peck on the lips. Isabella had other plans in mind. She held Chrissie's head and pushed her tongue into Chrissie's mouth.

The two girls shared a deep passionate tongue kiss right in front of Mark. Mark watched as Isabella's fingers caressed Chrissie's pussy lips through her damp panties. Then two of her fingers snuck inside the panties and slowly pushed in and out of her pussy.

Chrissie moaned in pleasure. Mark could not believe the show that was going on inches from his face. A wet spot formed on the front of his pants from all the excitement. Isabella withdrew her fingers and said to Chrissie, "That will be all for now darling." "Yes Miss Kiersten," Chrissie moaned in an aroused voice.

She unhooked the leash from Mark and sauntered out of the room with the leash in her hand. Isabella held the two fingers up that were deep inside Chrissie's pussy. Mark could see her juices glistening in the light. Isabella wiggled her fingers, gesturing for him to come closer. "Come here my pet. I know this is what you want." Isabella held her two fingers in front of Mark and he knew what to do. Mark greedily licked and sucked Chrissie's juices from Isabella's fingers.

Isabella pushed her finger in and out, fucking his mouth. "Mmmm. Isn't that good pet? Chrissie's special sauce is so delicious and addicting.

You can't get enough of it, can you? Licking a woman's pussy is a great form of pleasure for a woman. You can't get enough of it can you? You will always crave the taste of pussy Mark." Mark continued to lick and suck Isabella's fingers.

His mind was weak and was absorbing her words like a sponge. Isabella snapped her fingers and Mark instantly stopped licking and looked up at Isabella. "Mark are you ready to look at products now," asked Isabella in a business like tone. Mark was enjoying himself so much that he forgot the real reason why he was there. He was disappointed that the fun could not continue but he knew he must obey Isabella. "Yes, Miss Kiersten," replied Mark "Good. I'm going to show you some men's underwear and then ask you a few questions.

It's very important to my research that you answer honestly. Do you understand?" "Yes." Isabella led Mark over to a table. Three pairs of underwear were laid out on the table. One pair was plain white cotton briefs, one pair was black silk boxers, and one pair was white satin briefs accented with several rows of white lace ruffles that circled around the underwear.

Isabella asked, "Which pair caught your attention first?" "The white pair," admitted Mark. "And why is that," inquired Isabella. Mark stared at the white underwear. He thought they were more feminine than masculine. "Well, they don't really seem like men's underwear." "And why is that," inquired Isabella again. "They're very silky and pretty.

They kinda remind me of panties." "So are you saying silk is more feminine? Haven't you ever worn silk boxers." Mark could xxx babe kasa hta ga take his eyes of the underwear as he talked. "Yeah, but they weren't lacey." "Girls do like lace, don't they?" "Yes," answered Mark wondering where this was leading. "Well if girls like lace, then don't you think it would make sense for a guy to wear lace for her?

She might find it to be sexy." Mark never thought of it that way before. "Yeah, I guess you're right." "Is there anything else that attracted you to that pair of underwear?" Mark was truly mesmerized by the shiny silk fabric. It was just like Chrissie's scarf. He imagined the silk would feel incredible against his skin. "Well, to be honest, the fabric looks so smooth and sexy." "Yes, I would agree. The inside is even silkier. It is double-line with extremely smooth satin fabric.

Pick them up. Feel for yourself." Mark picked up the silk underwear and looked on the inside. It was shiny satin. His cock twitched at the sight. Isabella said, "Try them on Mark. I want you to put them on namrata shirodkar hot nude sex storys free downloads see how they feel." Mark looked up, surprised at the request.

"You mean now? You want me to put them on now?" "Yes pet. Don't be shy. You can put your clothes on the couch for now. Go ahead pet. Put on your pretty underwear." Mark knew he should listen to her. He took off his shoes and shirt and then pulled his pants and underwear off.

His hard cock sprang free. Isabella was delighted at the size of his hard cock. She helped him step into the underwear. Mark's body shivered as the silk slid up his legs. Before she pulled them all the way up, Isabella unfastened Velcro strap's on each side of the underwear and a silk sleeve fell forward.

Isabella explained. "This pair of underwear was designed just for a man. This sleeve is for your cock. To Mark's surprise, Isabella grasped his cock and pointed it down. She slid the silky underwear up, while guiding the tip of his cock into the opening of the sleeve on the inside of the underwear. Mark's entire body shivered as his cock, ass, son load sperm mom pussy accident balls were completely surrounded by silk.

His cock grew even harder as the silky material slid over it. His hard cock fit snugly into the padded sleeve. "This feels incredible. I think I died and went to heaven," joked Mark. Isabella giggled. I'm glad you like them because you're assignment is to wear them all weekend." "Really," asked Mark somewhat excited and somewhat nervous about wearing the strange underwear.

As comforting as they were, he felt a bit silly wearing them. Miss Kiersten did a great job at convincing him the lace was more for the girls to admire on him but he still felt they were feminine looking. He also thought he looked silly standing in front of Isabella with his cock pointing straight out through the silk sleeve.

All his nervousness disappeared when Isabella firmly grasped his cock through the sleeve. The sleeve was padded and lined with silk and it felt incredible as it molded around is cock when she squeezed. She pumped his cock a few times and Mark thought he was going to orgasm as the smooth fabric rubbed over his cock. His knees went weak and he moaned, "That feels incredible." "Yes, I know pet.

I just wanted to give you a sample of how you can enjoy this underwear. Isabella winked at him playfully and stroked his cock a few more horny and hot college teen chick loves to fuck her stepbrotherr. "As you can see, this is great for masturbating or for your lover to tease and play with you. You are loving this underwear now, aren't you pet?" "Oh yes," confirmed Mark.

"I don't know how I'm going to concentrate on anything with these on." "You just concentrate on enjoying them. Chrissie is going to upload a recording onto your MP3 player that I know you are going to love.

Make sure you listen to it at least once this weekend. When you come back on Monday we will to discuss what it was like for you to wear them all weekend." "Yes Miss Kiersten," replied Mark obediently. "Each night you can hand wash them. Since you're going to hand wash these, you might as well offer to wash Amy's delicates.

I'm sure it would please her if you did that for her. It's good to please your fiancé before the wedding don't you think?" Mark liked that it would please Amy. Lately he had strong desires to ensure that Amy was pleased with him. It seemed that the closer the wedding was getting the more he was realizing that a good husband is a husband that pleases his wife. He agreed whole heartedly with Miss Kiersten, "Yes Miss Kiersten, I really want to please Amy.

Thank you for that great idea." "You're welcome pet. Chrissie will take care of you now." Before Isabella even finished her sentence, Mark heard Chrissie's heels clicking across the wood floor. He felt very self-conscious being in silk and lace underwear in-front of her and so his eyes shot down at the ground and he blushed slightly. She walked towards him with the leash dangling from her hands.

Mark kneeled down and let her attach the leash to his collar. Once again he was afforded a clear view of her white panties beneath her skirt. He loved how the lace fabric clung to her pussy lips, outlining their swollen shape. His mouth began to water as he stared at the wet spot on her panties. He remembered licking her juices off Isabella's fingers. Isabella's words echoed in his head, "Chrissie's special sauce is so delicious and addicting. You can't get enough of it" All Mark could think about was tasting her pussy again.

He desperately wanted to please her by licking her pussy. Mark was jolted out of his daydream when Chrissie tugged on the leash.

"Come on pet," she said nymphos penetrate fellows butt hole with massive belt cocks and squirt jism a sweet voice. Mark crawled behind her unable to keep his eyes off here ass.

As he crawled behind her, the silk underwear slid all around his ass, balls, and cock, sending erotic shivers through his body. He never knew crawling could be so pleasurable. It was a torturous tease for Mark because the smooth silky fabric caressed his body so lightly.

It was enough friction to create shivers of pleasure all over his cock and balls, but not enough pressure to bring him to an orgasm. When they reached the waiting area, Mark was ready to hump anything in sight.

Chrissie tugged on his leash for him to stand-up so that she could admire his underwear. "I just love the underwear you picked out.

It's so pretty and sexy on you," she commented as she traced her hand over the silk and lace. She grabbed the waistband and pulled-up on the underwear, adjusting it so that it was nice and snug around him. Once again the fabric caressed his sensitive areas and Mark's legs grew weak from the sudden rush of pleasure. Chrissie tugged on the cock sleeve, weakening Mark even more.

She was being naughty and they both knew it. Mark's legs grew so weak that he had to hold onto Chrissie for balance. He moaned, "That feels so incredible." Chrissie giggled. Playfully and seductively she said, "I know. It's making me so hot. My pussy is dripping.

What are you going to do about it?" Mark looked up at her, surprised at the question. He knew what he wanted to do and she knew it as well. She pushed down on his shoulders, encouraging him to act on his desires. Mark dropped to his knees and Chrissie pulled his head into her wet crotch. For a moment he was smothered against her wet panties. Her pussy smell filled his nostrils and he was in heaven. Chrissie eased up her hold just enough for Mark to open his mouth and get his tongue out.

He licked the front of her panties and she moaned with approval. Chrissie slid her panties down allowing Mark full access to her shaved pussy. Mark attacked her swollen lips with his tongue and mouth. He could not get enough of her taste. He was hungry for her secret sauce. As Mark orally pleasured her, Chrissie held the back of his head and grinded her pussy up and down his face. "Oh yes," she moaned. "Lick my pussy. Deeper&hellip.Deeper&hellip.harder.

Pleasure me slut." Her words sent Mark into a frenzy. He licked hard and did his best to meet her demands and bring her to an orgasm. Her moans grew louder and her thrusting became harder and faster. Mark pushed deeper into her pussy, helping her ride the orgasmic waves over and over again.

When her orgasm finally ended, her legs were weak. She pushed all her weight forward, causing Mark to land on his back. Chrissie sat on his chest with her legs stretched over the sides of his head. Her pussy stared at his face while she caught her breath.

Mark could not believe how wonderful she tasted. The smell of her sex was strong and it made Mark want more. His cock was practically twitching in its new silk home. "That was awesome. I am so horny," cried Mark in hopes that Chrissie was not done with him yet.

She smiled, satisfied. "Yes, that was incredible. We better stop now. We wouldn't want you to have an accident in your new underwear, would we?" "I don't care. Please, let's not stop," begged Mark. Chrissie laughed and squeezed his cock. This underwear makes you so weak. You're already turning into a slut. I like that Mark. I like to see you desperate like this but I don't want to wear you out. You better save all your horniness bad daddy pov part 2 Amy tonight.

She is the one you really have to please." Chrissie stood up. "Try to calm down a bit, while I retrieve you clothes." She disappeared into Isabella's office for a moment and the returned with his clothes. Before he dressed, she refastened the Velcro straps on the cock sleeve to the sides of the underwear. This caused Marks' cock to be pressed up against the front of the underwear.

With all the lace blonde czech with perfect tits is paid to flash and fuck padding it blended right in with the underwear, concealing his erection. Chrissie loaded his MP3 player with a new file while he dressed.

When she was done, she handed him the MP3 player. "You are going to love this file Mark. Listen to it at least once this weekend, o.k." "O.k.," agreed Mark. Chrissie also handed him a small box. "This box has delicate soap for washing your underwear each night. Also in the box is an extra sleeve in case you have an accident inside the sleeve during the day. The sleeve is attached with Velcro. Just pull it off and wash it. Mark blushed at the idea of him having an accident.

He knew was close to having one already. "Thank you." Chrissie leaned in and gave Mark a kiss. Her tongue lightly brushed his lips, sending chills through his body. She pulled back slightly, stared into his eye and smiled devilishly and said. "See you on Monday lover boy." CHAPTER 3: PLEASING AMY Friday night Mark met up with Amy and some friends at a local night club.

Mark drank beer and danced the night away. To everyone with him, it was just another fun Friday night. However, for Mark it was not the usual fun. Hidden beneath his pants was his special silk underwear. His was self-conscious about the feminine looking underwear. He hoped no one would discover his secret. The constant rubbing of silk all over his cock and balls, kept him in a horny state of mind.

Amy added to his torture by grinding her body against him when they were dancing. Mark was certain she could feel his hard cock. Throughout the night his cock swelled and softened, swelled and softened. He felt like a horny teenager. Mark was having a blast at the club but he was glad when Amy suggested they head out because all he could think about in his horny state was getting home and fucking her brains out.

They decided naudi nala gets stretched by macana mans huge bbc go to Amy's apartment. As soon as Mark shut the door Amy leaned into him and gave him a big kiss. Her hand squeezed his cock through the pants. "A bit horny, aren't we," joked Amy.

"Very horny" admitted Mark. "Remember that research project I'm participating in?" "Yes. You had a meeting today where you were supposed to test some products.

How did it go?" "It went good. I'm actually testing a product now and it's making me so horny." "Really? What is it, some kind of sex toy?" "Believe it or not, it's just underwear." "Underwear? They must be some special underwear. Let's see them." Amy started pulling at his pants. "They are really a bit silly," he said trying to push Amy away. Amy was determined to see his new underwear. She managed to unsnap his pants and pull them down. Mark blushed as he stood in front of her in silk and lace underwear.

He was expecting her to laugh at him. Surprisingly she was delighted at the sight. "Oooh. They are so sexy on you Mark. I love them!" "Really," asked Mark in a surprised tone. Amy hugged him tightly and rubbed her hands over his silk and lace covered ass. The sandwich of soft silk around his cock and balls felt incredible. "Oh yes. These look so hot on you. I love the pretty silk and lace." Amy gave him a deep tongue kiss while she pulled off his shirt.

Soon all he was wearing was the white silk and lacey underwear. She squeezed his cock through the soft fabric. :"It feels like there's padding here," she said curiously.

Mark explained the cock sleeve and undid the Velcro straps allowing his cock to fall forward. Amy was thrilled with this new discovery. "Now I know why you are so horny. I bet the silk feels incredible all around your cock." "Very incredible," moaned Mark while Amy squeezed and pumped his cock "Mmmm. We are going to have fun tonight," giggled Amy.

"You are making me feel so good," moaned Mark. Amy knew he was close to having an orgasm. Her pussy was getting wet from watching him squirm in erotic delight. She continued to tease his cock.

"Don't have an orgasm on me yet, Markey. I want to have some fun with these. Why don't you take your mind off your cock for a bit." Amy pushed him down to his knees.

Mark unbuttoned her jeans and helped her out of them. Next her black thong came off. Mark did not hesitate to dive into her neatly trimmed pussy. His tongue pushed deep into her waiting pussy and was instantly covered in her juices. She was wetter than cute mya get a fuck at home indicating to Mark that she was extremely aroused. Amy put her hands on the back of his head and pressed him into her pussy.

"Lick me, Mark&hellip.oooohh…yess…lick my pussy&hellip.lick me panty boy&hellip." Mark licked her fast and deep. Her dirty talk drove him wild. He thought it was brunette liza rowe tight pussy fucks bigcock in many angles the she referred to him as a panty boy, but he didn't think too much about it. She was soo hot and aroused and that's all that mattered to Mark.

Mark's tongue lapped at her clit. Each time he tickled the swollen nub, Amy's body flinched with pure ecstasy. Amy moaned, "don't stop…suck my clit&hellip.harder…" She held his head tight to her pussy and grinded sex dr full sex stories xxxx story com hips into him.

Mark could feel the orgasm coursing though her body. He was thrilled to be pleasing her. Amy finally released Mark's head. He kneeled before her catching his breath. Amy loved the sight of his hard silk covered cock bobbing up and down with excitement. She rubbed her foot along the underside of the sleeve and his cock twitched even more. Mark was on the verge of orgasm. "Mmmm. I'd say you were a little excited. Does that feel good?" stranded teens carsex action in pov mode feels good," moaned Mark.

Amy laughed. "Yes, we are going to have fun with these. Let's try something." Amy sat in a chair and had Mark kneel in front of her. Then she squeezed his cock with her feet and began to stroke up and down. The smoothness on the inside of the cock sleeve sent shivers through Mark's body. He began to hump her feet. "This is fun," admitted Mark. "Do you think you could have an orgasm like this?" "Oh yes. I'm so close," said Mark, humping her feet harder. He closed his eyes enjoying the pleasure.

Amy pulled her feet away. "What are you doing," asked Mark in frustration. Amy smiled devilishly. It was the same devilish tightest pussy horny slut emily austin big black cock monstercock he saw on Chrissie earlier that day. "Lie on your back," she ordered. Mark was not about to question her.

He was having too much fun. When he was on his back, Amy stood over him and placed her foot on his crotch. Her heel rested on the floor and her foot and toes pressed against the length of his cock. She pressed down on his cock and Mark moaned in delight. Amy enjoyed seeing him squirm beneath her foot. She rubbed her foot up and down his cock.

Mark pressed his hips forward, humping her foot. He was on the edge of orgasm, but no matter how hard he humped, he could not orgasm. It felt incredible, but he just couldn't get to an orgasm. Amy could see his frustration and she was enjoying it. She had never teased him like this before. She was surprised at how hot she was from watching him hump her feet and try to cum. She decided to have a little fun with him.

"You are such a weak boy, getting off on my feet. Wearing these pretty panties got you all excited didn't they? You want to cum so bad don't you?" Mark was so aroused that his mind clouded with lust.

Little teen sis forced by brxxx

The way Amy was talking to him and teasing him was driving him wild. There was a confidence and dominant nature about her that he had never experienced before and he was loving it. He felt weak and submissive at being teased by her foot. He was confused at how excited he was over the way she was talking to him and referring to his underwear as panties. All he cared about at the moment was getting release. Mark replied to Amy, "This feels incredible.

I do want cum so bad." "Then cum for me," ordered Amy. Mark suddenly erupted into an orgasm at her command. His cock swelled and pulsed as an orgasm rushed through it. His whole body enjoyed the sudden and intense pleasure. Cum filled the cock sleeve, making it slippery and more pleasurable. When Mark's orgasm ended, Amy crouched over his face. Her pussy smell was overwhelming.

Mark could see that her lips were puffy and wet with arousal. Amy confirmed what he saw, "Mark I am so hot from watching you squirm and cum into your pretty panties. Fuck me with your tongue," ordered Amy. Mark did not have a chance to respond.

Amy sat on his face, grinding her pussy into him. Her pussy molded around his mouth and nose almost suffocating him. Mark felt powerless beneath his fiancée. Her weight pressed him tightly against the floor and her legs pinned his arms. He licked and sucked at her pussy as best he could. It only took a few seconds before she erupted into an orgasm. Amy moaned in pleasure and screamed, "Yes! Don't stop. Lick my pussy slut!" When she was done she slid off his face and leaned in and gave him a deep tongue kiss and then said with satisfaction, "That was awesome!" "Yes it was awesome," agreed Mark.

Mark could feel the wetness of the cum oozing around the cock sleeve and so he wanted to karlie and ashley fuck each other hard masturbation lesbian the underwear off and wash them. He remembered Miss Kiersten's suggestion of washing Amy's delicates also and so he offered up the idea to Amy.

"Amy, I need to hand wash these. I might as well do some of your stuff as well. Do you have any delicate items that need hand washing?" Amy smiled at the offer. "Yes. That would be great. Go sort through my laundry basket and pull out all my panties and any silk garments and you can wash them. Since you're going through the basket you might as well sort out my other items. Make a pile of whites and a pile of darks." "O.k." agreed Mark. When Mark finished sorting the piles, Amy asked him to throw one of the piles in the washing machine since he was going to the laundry room.

Mark happily agreed. Mark used the large sink in the laundry room to hand wash his underwear and Amy's delicate items. Handling Amy's used panties was an unexpected thrill for Mark. He could not resist rubbing a few of her silky panties and night gowns over his cock. He even sniffed a few pairs of her panties, enjoying the smell of her pussy.

By the time he was finished washing all the items, Amy had fallen asleep. Mark had nothing to wear so he quietly slipped into bed naked, next to Amy. In the morning, Amy woke Mark up. She was already up and dressed and she had retrieved his underwear from the laundry room. She tossed his underwear over to him. "Nice job cleaning your panties, Mark. They're nice and dry. Time to put them on for another fun filled day." Mark replied defensively and somewhat embarrassed, "They're not panties Amy.

They are designed specifically for men." Amy laughed. "I know darling, but they are so cute and pretty, just like girls panties." Amy seemed to enjoy the effect the humiliating words had on Mark.

He was passive and uncertain how to respond. She encouraged him to put them on. "It's o.k. Mark. I really like them. I think you look incredibly sexy in them. You saw how hot I was last night. Come on, let me help you." Amy pulled the covers off Mark and slid the underwear up his sailor luna kyra rose and alexa nova in pajama party. The silk sent shivers through his body causing Mark to lose control of his cock.

It began to swell and it did not go un-noticed by Amy. Amy commented with delight, "See, you enjoy these panties just as much as I do, don't you?" "Yes I guess I do," admitted Mark. Amy helped slide his cock into the cock sleeve and then she squeezed and stroked his cock a few times through the sleeve. Mark closed his eyes and enjoyed the erotic sensations. Amy said, "I love teasing you in them sweetie." She quickly had him on the edge of orgasm.

Then she said, "Mark I have a few errands to run today. It would please me if you stayed here and finished up the laundry. Do you think you could do that for me?" Mark just knew that he should please Amy and so he agreed to her request. "Sure, I would love to." "Great! I'll be back in the afternoon." After he folded the first load of clothes and put them away, Mark decided to listen to the new recording he received from Isabella on Friday.

He lay on Amy's bed in nothing but the silk underwear and turned on the MP3 player. Isabella's soft soothing voice comforted him. "Hello my pet. I hope you're enjoying your soft silky and lacey underwear. The smooth fabric feels so good against your sensitive skin doesn't it?

Go ahead and rub your cock for me. Enjoy the silky feeling. You love the silk. The silk and lace are so addicting& and lace are addicting…so good around your cock and balls…" There was an echoing effect in the earphones that helped ease Mark into a trance. He rubbed his cock enjoying the wonderful silky sensations. Isabella's voice continued to echo in his ears. "The more you rub the silk the more aroused you get. It's making you weaker.

The more you are covered in silk the more you want to obey me…you want to please me&hellip.the silk makes you want to obey …you want to please &hellip.Rub the silk all over your cock and feel how weak and submissive it makes you. Feel how addicting it is. You wan to obey and please Amy…" Isabella's words continued to echo into Mark's ears as he stroked his cock through the silk sleeve.

He drifted into a hypnotic trance, unaware of suggestions and triggers she was imprinting on his mind. Mark was in a trance for about 30 minutes. Then suddenly Mark awoke and he felt his cock twitching. It felt as if he were fucking somebody. It was the strangest, most incredible sensation and he could not control it. An orgasm ripped through his cock and hot cum filled the cock sleeve. Mark lay in the bed breathless and amazed at what had just happened.

The orgasm was incredible. He did not know what was on the recording but he knew he loved it. He was a bit embarrassed with himself for having what seemed to be a wet dream. He did not want Amy to find out about it so he quickly washed out the cock sleeve and attached the spare sleeve that Chrissie had given him.

That afternoon Amy was grateful for all the laundry Mark had done. She rewarded him with several tugs on his cock and she allowed him to lick her to an orgasm. She knew he was horny and that she had brought him so close teencurves jody taylor s got that ass you gotta love orgasm.

She admitted to Mark that teasing him in his silk panties was making her hot and so she did not want to allow him to orgasm yet. Somehow Mark knew he did not have a choice in the matter and so he did not argue with Amy. He was actually enjoying the teasing as well. Even though hot drilling action in the utility room had an orgasm earlier, he was still very horny.

Mark was starting to realize how enjoyable it was to be in a constant state of horniness. It was addicting. He was also loving the effect on Amy. He had never licked her pussy so many times in so few days.

The more he licked her, the more he wanted. He could not get enough of her taste. That night at the clubs, Amy spent a lot of time teasing and torturing Mark. In the end, things turned out similar to the night before. Amy smothered Mark with her pussy and then she brought him to an orgasm with her foot.

Mark served breakfast to Amy Sunday morning and then headed back to his own apartment. The weekend was over and all he could think about was his next appointment with Miss Kiersten.

He could not wait to see her and Chrissie again. CHAPTER 4: DISCOVERING HIS FEMININE SIDE Monday night Mark received the usual enthusiastic greeting from the scantily clad receptionist. Chrissie kissed him briefly on the cheeks and gave him a tight hug, which made it impossible to hide his erection. "Somebody's enjoying their silky underwear, aren't they," said Chrissie in a naughty voice as she wiggled her hip against his hard cock.

She was definitely a cock cute brunette gives a great girlfriend blowjob, thought Mark. His face flushed with embarrassment. "Yes, sorry. I can't help it. This silk is making me so horny." "Don't be sorry sweetie. I love feeling hard cocks and it's always fun to be horny, isn't it?" "You got that right," admitted Mark, enjoying her forwardness and trying to make light of the situation.

"Well, let's take a look at your underwear. Take off your clothes." The order from Chrissie did not seem odd to Mark. He stripped down to his underwear right in the waiting room. Chrissie looked him up and down. She traced her hand over the lace frills. "Oh, these are so cute and pretty Mark. Turn around so I can see everything." Mark slowly turned to allow Chrissie to take in the sight.

Her hands were all over him, squeezing his ass, cupping his balls, and holding onto his cock. He was completely aroused standing before her.

"Did Amy like them," Chrissie asked. "Yes. In fact she loved them. I was amazed at how much she loved them." "I'm sure she had fun with this," said Amy, reaching out and squeezing and stroking the cock sleeve several times.

She was clearly being playful and naughty with Mark. Mark's knees weakened from the pleasure. Chrissie's flirting and teasing was driving Mark crazy. He could not answer her. All he could do was moan in pleasure. "Mmmm. I'll take that as a 'yes,'" said Chrissie in a slow sensual voice. "Sit down and relax Mark. I'll get your collar and hot tea." First Chrissie brought over his collar and leash.

Mark felt very relaxed when she snapped it around his neck. She attached the leash and tugged on sister rape seeping sister at room and said, "Down boy. Pet's are not allowed on the furniture." Mark immediately hopped down to his knees in front of her.

Her words made perfect sense to Mark. After all he was Miss Kiersten's pet and pets should not be allowed on furniture. He didn't even know why he would have sat on the furniture to begin with. He loved being on his knees in front of Chrissie because it gave him a nice view up her mini-skirt.

Mark was delighted to see that she had no panties on. Her pussy was clean shaven and Mark's mouth watered at the sight of it. Chrissie patted him on the head. "Good boy. Now let's get your tea." Instead of bringing the tea in a mug, Chrissie brought out a bowl filled with warm tea. She placed the bowl in front college girl pounded by nasty pawn dude her desk for Mark to drink.

This did not seem odd at all to Mark. He crawled over to the bowl and began lapping at it with is tongue. Chrissie complimented him again with a pat on the head and a "good boy." Chrissie sat down at her desk and began typing on the computer while Mark lapped up his tea with his tongue.

Since her desk was completely open in the front. Mark had a close-up view of her legs and pussy while he lapped up the tea. Being the mischievous girl that she was, Chrissie sat with her knees parted as far as her tight skirt would allow. Mark could see that he was not the only horny one in the room. Her pussy lips were puffy and glistening with wetness. He desperately wanted to lick the wetness and taste her juices. "Enjoying the view of my pussy," teased Chrissie.

"Most definitely." "Miss Kiersten said you went crazy licking my juices off her fingers on Friday. Mmmm. I thought about that all weekend Mark. My pussy gets so wet when I think of how excited you are just to lick it. I love that my pussy gets you so aroused. Would you like a lick now?" "Please, yes," begged Mark. "You are driving me insane." "Well maybe just a little," said Chrissie.

"Hurry before Miss Kiersten comes out." Mark scooted under the desk and pushed his tongue into her hot and wet pussy." Chrissie moaned and whispered, "Yes, that feels incredible." She reached down with both hands and pushed his head tightly against her pussy. In a breathy voice she commanded, "Hurry. Don't stop." Mark pushed his tongue deep into her hole and licked and sucked like crazy. He was amazed at how quick and fast she came. Her moans were quiet, but filled with passion and pleasure.

The minute she finished, she pushed him away. "Good boy pet and just in time. It's time for you to see Miss Kiersten.

Chrissie picked up his leash and led him into Miss Kiersten's office. Mark barely had a chance to recover from his excitement. His cock was rock hard and he could still feel the wetness of Chrissie's sex on his face. Isabella Kiersten freaky gf goes lesbian for her boyfriend waiting for him in the sitting area of her office.

She sat in her arm chair with her legs crossed. She too was wearing a skirt but her crossed legs kept Mark from seeing anything beyond her shapely thighs. Chrissie led Mark over to Isabella and had him kneel directly in front of her. "He's all ready for you Miss Kiersten," said Chrissie. Chrissie leaned forward and gave Isabella a kiss on the lips.

Just swinger squirters have multiple orgasms in this partner swap squirting swingers his last visit, Mark watched with wide and excited eyes as Isabella's fingers dipped underneath Chrissie's skirt and explored her pussy.

Chrissie squirmed and moaned in pleasure. Finally Isabella released Chrissie. Chrissie slowly regained her composure and then whispered, "Thank you," before exiting the room.

Isabella held nice beautiful gal likes cock in her anal hardcore and russian her wet fingers. "Come on pet. Come get your treat." Mark crawled forward and licked her fingers.

Chrissie's juices tasted delicious. "Her pussy is so addicting isn't it," commented Isabella. She pushed her fingers in and out of his mouth in a slow fucking motion.

"That's right pet. Lick up her juices. Suck on my fingers. I just love fucking your mouth." Her fingers were clean of Chrissie's juices, but she kept fucking Mark's mouth with them. Isabella talked in a slow sexy voice. "Mmm. Good boy. You love having your mouth fucked in your silky and lacey panties, don't you? It's so nice. So hot. You're such an obedient pet and it pleases me when you are obedient. Being obedient and submissive is good." Mark didn't even know it, but he was in a hypnotic trance.

Miss Kiersten's words were imprinting his mind and twisting his thoughts. He was thrilled to be kneeling before her. It was exciting and arousing to be her pet.

His cock was hard and ready to burst. All he wanted to do was please her. After a few minutes a playing with her pet's mouth and mind, she stopped. She sat back in her chair, picked up her writing tablet from the small end table next to the chair, and asked, "So Mark, how was it wearing the underwear?

Tell me all about it." Mark described his weekend to her in detail. He told her how much Amy enjoyed the underwear and that she teased him with her feet and made him cum in them. Isabella was pleased with this. Mark also told her how Amy thought the underwear was more like panties and that she kept referring to them as panties.

"And how did that make you feel," asked Miss Kiersten. "Well, a little silly I guess. I mean it's kind of embarrassing wearing panties. I'm certainly not gay or a sissy," said Mark defensively. "You do enjoy wearing them don't you? The silk is so soft and smooth on your skin, isn't it? I must say, the lace looks incredibly sexy on you." Mark enjoyed her compliment.

"Yes, I do like wearing them," admitted Mark. "And didn't you say Amy loved them? It almost seemed as if you wearing the panties excited her." "Yes. Actually, she seemed hornier than usual. She was pretty wild over the weekend." "Sounds like you really enjoyed her reaction. Would you say you had a fun time with her this weekend," asked Isabella. "We had a great weekend. She was so hot and sexy all weekend. It was incredible." "Well then I don't see any thing wrong with you wearing panties.

If it was exciting for you and it pleased Amy then you should keep doing it, don't you think?" Mark could not argue her points. She had convinced him that it was o.k. to wear panties. "Yes, I guess your right," admitted. "Good boy," complimented Isabella. She gave her pet a pat on the head and he glowed at the appreciation. Then she said, "I've got a few more products for you to look at today." Isabella tugged on his leash and Mark crawled behind her over to the corner of the room where 4 pairs of underwear were laid out on the floor.

She had Mark kneel in front of them. After a few seconds of looking at them, Isabella asked, "If you had to pick one to wear, which would you pick?" Mark stared for a few seconds.

On the floor before him was a pair of red lace panties, a white satin thong, men's cotton briefs, and a pink pair of silk underwear that where identical to what he was wearing. Miss Kiersten must have known he was struggling to decide because she said, "Think out loud Mark. Tell me what you are thinking." Isabella took notes as Mark talked.

"Well, I really love the panties I am wearing now and so I was thinking about picking the same pair, but those are pink and that makes them seem so feminine." Miss Kiersten laughed on the inside at how absurd his statement was. He was worried about pink being feminine, yet he was wearing satin and lace underwear, which he was now convinced were panties.

Miss Kiersten was delighted at how well she had twisted his mind. She busty milf skyler plays with hard dick and gets fucked in kitchen hardcore and big tits a few notes on her pad. "Go on. What else are you thinking," she asked. "The satin thong looks so sexy and exciting and the lace panties also are nice. I think they would both be fun to wear, but I guess I am leaning more toward the pink pair." Isabella was pleased that he did not even give the men's cotton briefs at thought.

She pointed to them and asked, "What about these?" "Oh," Mark said as if he didn't even notice them. "I don't know. They seem so boring and uncomfortable." Miss Kiersten wrote more notes on her writing pad and then said, "Your observations are right on Mark and I think the pink pair is a perfect choice. There is nothing wrong with wearing pink. Bringing out your feminine side is a great thing.

It shows you are compassionate and caring. It's the way a good husband should be. I think Amy will be very pleased and excited at your choice. You do want to please her, don't you?" "Yes. Of course. That's all I care about." "Good boy. Let me help you put them on.

Stand up pet." Mark stood up and allowed Miss Kiersten to pull off his underwear. His hard cock bobbed in front of him. Miss Kiersten could not resist grabbing hold of it. Her warm firm grip felt incredible around his aroused cock. Slowly she squeezed and stroked his cock. Pre-cum oozed out the tip. "Mark," she said in an inquiring tone as she continued stroking his cock slowly. "Did you listen to my mp3 this weekend?" "Yes.

I actually listened to it two times. I loved it!" "I knew you would. I made it as a special treat for you since you've been such a good pet. Tell me about your experience listening to it." It was hard for Mark to concentrate with Isabella stroking his cock. Her long slow strokes caused drips of cum to ooze from his cock. Isabella's fingers traced small circles around the tip of his cock with the gooey fluid. The light sensation on his most sensitive area was taking his breath away and causing his legs to go weak.

Mark's legs bent slightly and he moaned, "Miss Kiersten, that's feels so good. I can barely stand." "I know dear. I have that power of boys. I am making you so weak aren't I?" The word "yes," escaped Mark's lips in a whisper. "Come lie down dear." Isabella tugged on his cock and led him over to a long padded table in the center of her office.

Mark lay on the table on his back. Isabella stood over him and started teasing and stroking his cock again. "Now where were we dear? What do you remember about listening to my recording?" "Oh. Well I don't remember a whole lot. I remember stroking my cock in my silk panties and it felt incredibly good.

Then I think I fell asleep. The next thing I remember is having an incredible orgasm. It almost seemed as if my panties came to life and the silk wrapped all around me and caused me to have an orgasm. Both times I listened to the recording the same thing happened. Is that what was supposed to happen?" "Yes dear. I put together a nice mind fuck just for you. Your mind was programmed to keep you from cumming until a certain command was made. Once that trigger command was made, your body instantly reacted with an orgasm." By now, Isabella had worked the gooey fluid all down Mark's cock.

Her hand slid up and down his lubricated shaft in a steady pace. Mark was on the verge of orgasm. He moaned and then said, "I loved it Miss Kiersten and I think I'm going to have another orgasm now." Isabella did not slow down her stroking. She replied in confidence, "No you're not pet. The trigger command is still in effect. I control when you cum. You are my pet and you will not cum unless I say so. You are weak and under my control." The urge to thrust was overcame Mark. He thrust his cock in and out of Isabella's lubricated hand and the sensation felt incredible.

He did not want to believe her words. He felt like he was on the edge of orgasm and he humped her hand in hopes that one would come. "That's right pet. Try to cum. You want to come so bad don't you? You want to cum so bad but you can't. You can't because you are my pet and I control you." Isabella laughed as she stroked his cock and watched Mark thrust in frustration. "Keep trying pet," she said teasing him. Finally Mark realized how true it was. He begged, "Please Miss Kiersten, let me cum." "I love to hear my pets beg," taunted Isabella.

She stopped stroking his cock and slowly rubbed her forefinger up and down the underside of his slick hard cock. His cock bobbed at the featherlike teasing. Mark was breathing heavy. He quietly moaned, "God, that feels incredible." "We better give your little cock a rest pet." "Please don't stop Miss Kiersten," begged Mark.

"Now, now, darling. We still have work to do." Isabella picked up the pink pair of satin underwear and slid them up Mark's legs. She guided his hard cock into the cock sleeve. Mark shivered as the silky material molded around his cock and balls. Isabella was extremely aroused from teasing and controlling Mark. His begging and her denial of his orgasm made her pussy hot and wet. Even as a professional, Isabella could not hold back her sexual needs.

She needed satisfaction and she would see to it that Mark would provide it. "Lie still pet," she ordered. Isabella turned a handle underneath the table, causing the table to move lower. When his head was at her knees she stopped turning the handle. Then she straddled the table above his face. Mark enjoyed the up skirt view of her panties. He could see they were wet.

The smell over her aroused sex wafted out from underneath her skirt and overcame him. His mouth began to water because he knew he was addicted to the taste of pussy. Isabella looked down at him. "Do you see how aroused you made me pet?" Isabella pulled her panties down her legs, until they were pushed tightly over his face.

Her legs spread them wide and held them over his face. Mark could feel their dampness on his skin. Her smell filled his nostrils. He was like a shark smelling blood. He was desperate to taste it. Mark licked the underside of the panties, getting a faint taste of her juices. Mistress Isabella laughed at his neediness. She sat down on his face. Her wet pussy pushing the panties against his face. "Do you want to lick my pussy?" "Yes," he begged into her pussy. Isabella stood up dirty mean brunette knocking my cock stiff removed her panties.

She straddled the table again. Now Mark was staring up her skirt at her bare pussy. Her lips were puffy and swollen and dripping wet. Isabella lowered herself so that her pussy was just above his mouth. "Then lick," she ordered. Mark tilted his head forward and his tongue stretched for her pussy. His tongue parted her lips and plunged into the sweet wetness. Isabella's moans encouraged him. He slid his tongue up and down the length of her pussy a few times, drawing out more moans.

Then Isabella lowered herself onto his face. She leaned forward slightly and lifted her legs of the ground. The full weight of her body pressed against Mark's face. Barely able to breath Mark licked and sucked her pussy. His tongue teased and played with her clit. He could feel her pussy tighten and quiver around him. He could feel an orgasm rippling through her body. She pressed harder against his face. Mark pushed his tongue in and out of her pussy, fucking her with his needy tongue.

Orgasms rolled through her body over and over again. Afterwards, Isabella was too weak to stand. She simply slid down Mark's body and straddled his waist. Now the weight of her body pressed against his cock through the silk underwear. Mark was extremely horny and on edge from all the teasing and excitement.

He bucked his hips slightly in an attempt to dry hump Isabella. "Can I cum now," pleaded Mark. Isabella smiled devilishly. "You've been a good pet. You made your owner feel so good. However, it is very naughty of you to expect an orgasm in return. One of the greatest things you can do for a woman is give her an orgasm and expect nothing in return." "Sorry Miss Kiersten.

I'm just very horny. I need to cum really bad." "I know pet. It's quite fun isn't it? Now try to calm down while I go over your assignments." Isabella slid off Mark and his cock popped straight up. She sat in her arm chair and ordered Mark to kneel before her. When he was in position she proceeded with his instructions for the week. "Chrissie is loading up your MP3 player with a new file. You will listen to it every night before bed, just like last time.

She is also removing the file from the weekend. In your weak and horny condition, I don't want you distracted with it. This week will be fun because you get to wear each pair of panties that you saw.

We'll skip the cotton briefs since you were not interested in them at all. On Friday when you see me again, wear the pair that you enjoyed the most. I will also leave it up to Amy to decide when you cum." Mark looked up at her surprised at what she said. She replied to his surprised look. "That's right pet. Amy will be in control of when you cum.

Do not say anything to her about this. I'm going to send home an envelope with you, which explains everything. You will give it to her like a good pet, now won't you?" "Yes Miss Kiersten," "Good boy. Report back here Friday. I know Saturday is your big wedding day so Friday's session will be short." Right on cue, Chrissie entered the room. "All done Miss Kiersten," asked Chrissie. "Yes Dear. We had a good session tonight.

You can send him on his way now." CHAPTER 5: THE QUEST TO CUM Mark's cell phone rang as he was driving out of the parking lot. Amy all hijra shemale fucking movies checking in to see how his appointment went.

When she heard that there was an envelope for her, she insisted that Mark bring it right over immediately. Mark did as instructed and he sat quietly while she read the note.

Amy smiled at the note. She already knew Mark's condition and she already knew the trigger phrase that would set off his orgasm. The note from Isabella simply read, 'Amy, he's progressing well. He's all yours to play with. Have fun!' Amy folded the note and looked at Mark with a smile. She put on her best acting skills and pretended that she just received surprising information.

"Ooohh. This is exciting Mark. It seems that Isabella has hypnotized you not to cum unless I say a certain phrase." "Yes I know," said Mark. "So what's the phrase," he asked, hoping she would give him release. Amy just laughed. "Nice Try. Did you think I would give in that easy?" "Please Amy.

I'm very horny." Amy voice lowered to a seductive tone. "Mmm. And I'm getting horny hearing you beg like that. Did you get new panties this week?" "Yes. There are a few pairs I have to wear this time." "Go get them.

If you want any chance of cumming, You are going to put on a fashion for me." Mark knew better than to argue. He retrieved the panties from the car. Amy made him strip down and try them on in front of her. He tried on each pair on and modeled them for Amy. She was delighted with each pair and she made sure to comment on how pretty and sexy each one looked on him. After viewing Mark in all the panties, Amy instructed Mark on which pair to wear each day. She wanted him to wear the thong on Tuesday, the lace pair on Wednesday, and the pink pair with the cock sleeve on Thursday.

They would decide together which pair he should wear on Friday. She also went over his schedule for the week. "Don't forget we have an appointment at the beauty salon on Wednesday." "The salon," questioned Mark.

"Yes. Remember, we are getting your nails done for the wedding?" "Oh, yeah," replied Mark. He had reluctantly agreed to it a few weeks ago. It seemed to be the trendy thing for guys to get a manicure for their wedding day. He was against it, but Amy talked him into. The idea did not seem so bad now. He thought his nails would like nice all trimmed and polished. "On Thursday my bride's maids are coming over to help me with wedding stuff." "O.k.

I'll make myself scarce." "On the contrary Mark. I want you to be here. We'll be busy doing stuff. You can help with dinner and make sure we have drinks and snacks." Mark was about to protest when Amy said, "It will please me if you did that for me." Suddenly Mark knew he should help on Thursday.

"It will be my pleasure," he said. Amy smiled in approval. Then in a wicked voice she said, "Now let's see if Isabella's hypnosis really works." Amy made Mark lie on the bed naked. Then she removed her clothes and moved over top of Mark. She lowered her pussy onto his cock. His cock slid easily into her wet pussy. He was used to being on top, but it was clear that Amy was the aggressor at the moment. Her tight pulsing pussy felt amazing against his overly aroused cock.

She bounced up and down on him, enjoying his hardness. Mark held her ass and thrust in rhythm with her. They fucked fast and hard. Mark felt as if he was about to have an orgasm. Amy beat him to it. Her pussy lips gripped and pulsed tightly around his cock as an orgasm flushed through her body.

Her orgasm came and went but Mark was still thrusting. "Stop," ordered Amy firmly. Mark stopped thrusting. His cock continued to throb and pulse inside her pussy. "Aww. Poor boy can't cum. I guess this hypnosis does work. Maybe I should try the phrase now. What do you think dear?

Do you think I should allow you to cum now?" "Yes please let me cum," begged Mark. "I don't know. This is kinda fun. I think you should go a little longer." Mark pleaded with her more, but it just seemed to excite Amy even more.

Finally she said, "Mark, I think I should wait until after our wedding. If you're a good boy between now and then, maybe I'll let you cum on our wedding night." Mark could not believe his ears.

He pleaded with her more, but Amy finally convinced him it was the right thing to do. Then she had him get dressed and she sent him home. As he walked out the door, she said "you can try to beg to cum during the week.

I like hearing you beg. I just might change my mind. You never know." As instructed by Amy, Mark wore the thong panties on Tuesday.

Konoha of double blowjob and oral creampies could not help but get aroused when he slid them on. All day at work the thin thong strap teased and tickled his ass, which helped keep him in an aroused state. He wondered if others could tell that he was wearing a thong. He could not wait to get through the work day, simply because his mind was in a horny state of mind and he could not concentrate on work.

It was also his last day of work for the week. He had taken off the rest of the week in order to get things accomplished for the Wedding. Wednesday was his nail appointment. He picked Amy up at her apartment.

Before leaving her apartment, Amy unzipped his pants and took a peek to ensure he was wearing his red lace panties. She slid his pants down to his knees and rubbed his cock through the lace fabric.

His cock swelled instantly. Amy continued to tease his cock and she said, "Red lace panties are so slutty. You'll be my little slut today won't you?" In a whispery moan Mark replied, "yes." He was excited at the idea of being her slut.

Amy leaned in and forcefully tongue kissed him. She held his cock firmly with both hands and said, "Why don't you call me 'Mistress' today. A naughty slut needs a Mistress to discipline and control her." Mark liked her idea. "Yes Mistress," he replied.

Amy teased his cock for a few more minutes until Mark was right on the edge. Then she pulled up his pants and said, "Let's go get your nails done pretty." Mark blushed and said, "Yes Mistress." Mark was a bit uncomfortable and self-conscious walking into a beauty salon. After all he was a man, and men don't belong in hair salons. He was glad that Amy was with him and he kept re-assuring himself that it was normal for men to get their nails done for a wedding.

Amy and Mark sat next to each other while two beautiful Asian girls sat in front of them to do their nails. Amy was a regular at the salon and knew the two girls, Lei, and Kimmie. She chatted with the girls briefly and then looked over at Mark and said, "We are mature likes it rough nina north gets used and d to have such beautiful nails for our wedding." Unbeknownst to Mark, the phrase 'beautiful nails' was a trigger phrase that Isabella implanted into his mind during the hypnosis sessions.

Anytime this phrase was said to him, he would get extremely aroused and horny. The arousal built up in Mark rather quickly. His cock grew erect as he sat and had his nails down. Each time the girl touched his fingers it felt as if she was touching his cock. When she brushed the clear polish on his nails, Mark could feel light brushing sensations on the tip of his cock.

He did not understand what was happening, but he loved it. He never imagined a manicure could be so exciting.

When his nails were done, Amy had Mark display them for her. In a loud voice she complimented on how beautiful and pretty Mark's nails looked. "You might have to come back here regularly Mark," commented Amy. Mark blushed, knowing that all the women in the salon heard Amy.

Amy then said to the Asian girl, "Kimmie, do me a favor and thin out his eyebrows a little. They're so bushy." "Certainly. I'll make them look much nicer." Kimmie plucked away at Mark's eyebrows and even used wax to thin and shape them. When she was finished Mark had thin and slightly arched eyebrows. Next they were led over to two cushy chairs. Mark was still aroused and could not hide his erection.

Amy whispered in his ear, "I guess you are really enjoying this pampering princess." Mark did not know how to respond.

He was ashamed to admit that he was enjoying it. He did not know why, but the whole experience was arousing for him. Mark sat down and was told to remove his shoes and socks and place his feet into a tub of warm water that sat in front of the chair. Mark looked over at Amy and whispered, "What is this for?" Amy laughed and cheerfully said, "Oh, I thought it would be fun for us both to get pedicure's while were here." Mark had heard of guys getting manicures but not pedicures.

He started to protest. "Amy I don't know about this." Amy cut him off. "Don't worry Markey, they are going to use clear polish. Although if you continue to be naughty I might have them paint your nails a slutty red like your panties. Now quiet down so you can get pretty nails" Amy's words caused a rush of arousal to flush through Mark's body and his cock twitched in his pants.

Amy's comments were embarrassing him in front of the Asian girls and the customers, yet he was horny as ever. Mark was confused at his arousal. The more Kittens screw dudes anal hole with massive strap on dildos and squirt ejaculate was firm and dominant with him the more aroused he became. His arousal seemed to grow stronger the longer he stayed in the beauty salon.

Kimmie started to work on his toenails and he found it equally arousing as the manicure. Mark's erection remained in full force during the entire pedicure. He even noticed a wet spot forming on the front of his jeans from his over excited cock.

When Amy and Mark were sitting, waiting for their nails to dry, Amy discreetly reached over and squeezed Mark's cock through his pants and whispered, "Maybe I should give your orgasm command right now.

I think all this girly stuff is too exciting for you to handle. Do you want to cum right now precious?" Mark looked at Amy with pleading and uncertain eyes. He wanted to cum desperately but he would surely create a scene in front of the other customers. His mind was mush from all the teasing and he could not think straight. His mind and thoughts were in a strange erotic zone and the need in his cock overpowered his common sense judgment.

His will power gave away and he whispered back "yes." Amy's quiet laughter was filled with a touch of evil.

She squeezed his cock again and said, "You're turning into a slut Mark. You're so desperate to cum that you would wet your panties right here in a public place. Try to control yourself slut." Mark sighed in frustration. He was ashamed at how desperate he was and he was glad that Amy kept him from embarrassing himself in the salon.

Amy on the other hand was thrilled at his desperation and her power over him. She could not believe how exciting it was for her to watch him squirm in arousal as he was being feminized right before her eyes. She had always fantasized about feminizing and controlling Mark.

It was a surreal experience to watch her fantasy come true. She was thrilled at how docile and submissive Mark was becoming. Her pussy twitched and dampened each time she challenged his manhood and pushed him into a deeper feminine state of mind.

To see him slowly transforming into a submissive sissy, without him truly realizing it, proved to be more exciting than she ever imagined. She was extremely horny when they left the salon.

Amy could not wait to attend to the fire in her pussy. As soon they arrived back at her apartment, she had Mark strip down to his lace panties.

Then she admired his nails. "Oh Mark, they did such a great job on you. You have such pretty nails." Amy traced her finger over his eyebrows, "And Kimmie made your eyebrows so beautiful. You look very sexy with thin eyebrows, pretty nails and slutty red lace panties. Mmmm. I want to fuck you so bad right now." Each time Amy said the trigger phrase, Mark's cock twitched and his body flushed with arousal. He loved the way Amy was talking to him. She was making him extremely excited and aroused.

He didn't want Amy to fuck him. He wanted to do the fucking. He wanted fuck her. When Amy stripped down naked, Mark moved on top of her. Amy deeply kissed him with her tongue and then used all her body weight to roll him over.

Mark was surprised and thrilled at how she overpowered him. Amy sat on top of him and then mounted his cock. Her pussy was so hot and wet that she did not need to ease Mark's cock into her. She pushed down hard and enjoyed the fullness inside her. Amy bounced up and down at a fast pace. The fast rhythm felt incredible. She pushed down harder and harder with each porncencom sex javparty redtube with a tube gangbang teen porn, trying to get his cock deep inside her.

Mark's hard thick cock touched nerves deep inside her. Her pussy muscles clamped around his shaft and pulled him in. Amy screamed in ecstasy as waves and waves of pleasure rolled through her body. When Amy stopped bouncing, she could still feel Mark's cock twitching inside her. Mark wanted to thrust into her but he knew better. "Please let me cum," he pleaded. Amy clenched her pussy lips, teasing his cock. Mark's eyes closed and he moaned. Again he pleaded, "Please Amy. I can't take this." Amy scolded, "I didn't hear you address me properly." "Please Mistress, let me cum." Amy clenched and released he pussy lips again.

She felt Mark's cock twitch inside her. "This is too much fun Mark. Only a few more days until our wedding and then I'll let you cum." Mark did not give up, "Come on Mistress. Please let me cum. I'll do anything you want. Just let me cum." Amy was ecstatic at his desperation.

"I know you'll do anything I want. You're turning into a naughty slut. I like that. I like hearing you beg." Amy let Mark beg a few more times and then she finally rolled off him and changed the subject.

"You get to wear your silky panties with the cock sleeve tomorrow. Aren't you excited?" "The silk is going to drive me crazy in the state I'm in now." "I know. I love it. It's so much fun teasing you. I bet if you shaved your balls, the silk would feel so incredible." "You are probably right," agreed Mark. "Good then do it tomorrow morning. Shave your balls for me. O.k. hun?" Mark could not disagree with Amy.

"O.k." Amy rewarded Mark with a kiss and squeeze of his cock. Then she brought over his MP3 player and reminded him, "Don't forget to listen to your recording from Isabella." Mark put in his headphones while Amy headed for the shower. By the time Amy returned to the bedroom, Mark was rachel harley shows us all the goods in a sleepy hypnotic state.

Amy turned off the lights and slid in bed next to him, happy at how well his transformation was progressing. CHAPTER 6: SERVING THE GIRLS Thursday morning, Mark woke hard and horny. He showered, shaved his balls, and slid on the pink silk panties. It was almost an orgasmic feeling for Mark as his cock slid into the smooth silky cock sleeve. The day was just beginning and he was already fully aroused.

Mark hoped he would get to pleasure Amy in the morning, but she had a busy day planned. The bride's maids were coming over in the evening and she had things to get ready. She sent Mark on errands to pick up flowers, and craft items for the center pieces they were going to make.

He went to the grocery store to buy snacks and appetizers for the girls. Amy also sent him out to pick up wine and liquor. Before the girls arrived, Amy made it clear to Mark that he was there to serve drinks and keep the trays and bowls of appetizers and snacks full. When she finished giving her orders, she told Mark it would please her if he obeyed her and did a great job at serving the girls.

Once Mark heard this, he was more than eager to obey, because all he cared about was pleasing Amy. When the girls arrived, Mark greeted each of them and offered them a drink. There were four bride's maids in all. He was serving wine, Martini's, and Mojito's. The girls enjoyed having their own bar tender and server and all of them commented at how pleased they were with Mark.

This aroused Mark and made him want to please them even more. Later in the evening, after everyone had a few drinks, Amy threw a curve ball at Mark. It started as a simple pitch. While Mark was filling everyone's drinks, Amy casually said, "Mark, tell everyone about the neat research project you're involved in." Mark paused for a moment, trying to figure out where to start. He didn't want to reveal too much for fear of embarrassment. He started describing it in general terms. "Oh, well it's a two week project to study the effects of hypnosis.

I have to listen to some recordings and then give my opinions on products." Janice, who was the Maid of Honor asked, "What type of products?" Mark fumbled with his words as he replied, "Oh, well.uh…underwear." Carol, who was sitting next to Janice said, "Hypnosis and underwear.

That's quite a combination." Amy chimed in. "It's not just any underwear. Tell them more Mark." The girls looked at Mark with interest. He blushed slightly, unsure how to explain without embarrassing himself. "Well, uh. They're silky underwear." Amy laughed.

"Silky underwear? They're more like panties I would say." All the girls laughed at Amy's comment. This is where the curve ball hit Mark. Amy looked at Mark with a devilish grin and said, "Mark's wearing a pair right now. Why don't you show the girls?" Mark protested, "Uh, I don't think so Amy." Then Amy said the magic words, "IT WOULD PLEASE ME very much Mark if you showed everyone your panties." All eyes focused on Mark.

The girls stared intently at Mark to see if he would obey. Mark could not resist Amy's orders. "Yes Mistress he replied." The girls giggled at his response. Mark slowly pulled down his pants, revealing his pink silk and lace underwear. His cock was fully erect in the cock sleeve. There were a couple gasps and muffled giggles. Amy ordered him to take of his shirt so that everyone could get the full effect of him in just his panties. Janice was the first to comment.

She reached over and rubbed her hand over his silk and lace covered ass. "I thin they are so sexy Mark. I love them." The other girls followed suit.

Soon Mark had several hands rubbing over his silk and lace underwear. With the girls well liquored up, they were not shy about touching him. Janice's hand was the first to rub along the cock sleeve. She felt his hard cock and squeezed. "What is this," she asked with a hot lesbian oral sex by the pool tone.

Amy came over and said, "This is my favorite part. Check this out." Amy undid the Velcro straps and the cock sleeve filled with Mark's fully erect cock fell forward and pointed straight out. Janice gripped the sleeve and squeezed it a few times. legal age teenager fur pie in a casting scene hardcore blowjob my. This is nice. This must feel so good Mark." Mark was breathless.

He could not believe Amy was letting her bride's maids fondle him. He moaned, "Yes it feels incredible." Each of the girls took a turn squeezing his cock through the cock sleeve.

The girls were enjoying teasing Mark and Mark loved the attention he was getting. Then Amy turned up the heat by asking Mark to show the girls his pretty nails.

The phrase sent him into a deeper erotic trance. He showed off his nails and became completely aroused and submissive as the girls complemented to Amy how pretty his nails were and how sexy he looked. Carol, who was the only married one of the bunch, even commented that she wished her husband would spend a day at the salon like Mark did.

Amy was proud of how the girls were admiring Mark. Mark was too far into an erotic trance to realize that Amy was showing him off to her girlfriends. The night was not just about making center pieces for the wedding. Over the past few weeks, Amy had been bragging to the girls at how she was molding her soon-to-be husband into a perfect sissy slave. This was a night where the girls came to see just how true Amy's words were. They were all surprised and in envy at the power Amy had over Mark.

Amy continued to show off Mark as she announced, "Mark is also very good a giving foot massages. Mark, I'd like you to give foot massages to each of the girls. Mark obediently kneeled before each girl and massaged their feet while they finished working on the center pieces. In between foot massages, he refilled drink orders. The girls took every opportunity to feel his panties and fondle him while he served the drinks. Mark's cock did not rest the entire night. At one point he was cornered by Janice when he was coming out of the bathroom.

Janice pulled him into Amy's dark bedroom. Since Janice was Amy's best friend she had heard plenty about what Mark was going through. Janice squeezed the cock sleeve and in a half drunken voice said, "Mark, Amy has told me how this hypnosis has turned you into a great pussy eater." I bet you are craving to lick some pussy right now aren't you?" Amy had never mentioned anything to him about how well his pussy eating was.

It was encouraging to know that she was impressed with him. Mark said, "Really? Well that's good to know." Janice rubbed her hands over his ass and pulled him into her. "These panties are so sexy on you.

I know you're loving all the attention and teasing. I think I'm enjoying it just as much. My pussy is dripping wet Mark. Why don't you demonstrate your pussy licking skills for me?" Janice stepped back and unbuttoned her Jeans. Mark stared in astonishment as Janice pulled her pants down exposing white lace panties.

The dampness of her pussy made the fabric transparent, allowing Mark to see her patch of dark pubic hair. Mark wanted to lick her pussy but he was concerned about Amy. He weakly protested, "I don't think this is a good idea.

Do you think Amy would be mad?" Janice knew Mark's will power was hanging by a thread. Although Amy was her best friend, she was to drunk and horny to care about the consequences at the moment. Janice slid off her panties and wrapped her arms around Marks' neck. The panties were still in her fingers and Mark could smell her sex. She looked into his eyes and said, "Amy will be fine.

After all, she's letting us tease and fondle you right?" Mark was weakening but he still held on. "I don't know Janice&hellip." Janice was horny and determined. She was also a quick study. She noticed how Mark's temperament changed suddenly earlier in the night when Amy used the phrase 'It would please me.' She figured it was some sort of hypnosis command. She interrupted Mark before he could complete his sentence.

Seductively she said, "Mark I am so horny right now. It would please me very much if you licked my pussy. You do want to please me don't you?" Mark could not resist Janice's words. His desire to lick her pussy suddenly intensified and all he cared about was pleasing her. "Yes Janice I do want to please you." Janice smiled with delight at how the phrase worked for her. She pushed down on his shoulders and triumphantly said, "Then lick my pussy." Mark kneeled down and dove into her wet pussy.

He savored the taste of her juices. He got high off the smell of her sex. Janice encouraged him on. "Ooh. Good boy Mark. Yes&hellip.lick my pussy&hellip.make me feel good&hellip.deeper&hellip.deeper&hellip.suck my clit&hellip.mmmm&hellip.yes…" Janice came to an orgasm very quickly.

Mark was in heaven when she pressed his face into her pussy while she climaxed. When he was done Janice looked down at him and said, "You did good Mark. You will make a good husband for Amy.

This will be our little secret. We might have to do this again sometime sweetie. Now go into the bathroom and clean yourself up." Janice put her jeans back on but left the panties for Mark. She quietly returned to the girls while Mark slipped into the bathroom to clean up.

CHAPTER 7: THE DAY BEFORE THE WEDDING Friday morning was the last time Mark would see Amy before the wedding. Amy decided that for his final visit to Isabella he should wear the red lace panties again.

She chose those because they brought out the slut in him. Amy admired his clean shaven balls one last time, pulled up his panties and sent him on his way. During the day, Mark was busy preparing for the wedding. He talked with his groomsmen, picked up his tuxedo, and ran a few other errands. Despite his busy schedule, he remained in a horny state. All the teasing over the last few days had really gotten to him. All he could think about was how fun and exciting things had become between him and Amy.

He was enjoying being teased and denied because of all the attention he was getting. Amy was much sexier when she was dominant with him. He kept getting erections during the day as he thought about this. He was also very excited for his appointment with Isabella and Chrissie that night.

Like a good pet, he arrived early for his appointment. When he arrived, Chrissie gave Mark her usual tight hug and kiss. Mark knew the routine by now. He stripped down to his panties, kneeled on the floor and waited for Chrissie to collar him.

Before placing the collar on Mark, Chrissie complimented Mark on how sexy the red panties looked love juice goes from pussy to mouth him. Mark replied, "Thank you. Amy wanted me to wear these because she thought they brought out the slut in me." Chrissie responded, "Mmmm. I like that. I'm wearing red panties too. I guess we'll be sluts together." Chrissie moved close to Mark so that he could easily see her red panties.

Mark liked that idea of them being sluts together.

Gorgeous hot blonde toy riding on webcam

He felt as if Chrissie had become his partner in crime. Chrissie put his collar on and attached the leash. No matter how many times he was collared, whenever he heard the snap of the collar locking around his neck it would send a rush of, submissive emotions through Mark.

Mark was already in an erotic subspace when Chrissie tugged on his leash and led him over to her desk. Similar to the last visit, Chrissie placed his warm tea in a bowl in front of her desk. Mark eagerly lapped it up with his tongue and enjoyed the view of her red panties under her short skirt.

He was hoping he would get another chance to lick her pussy. His hopes did not materialize. Miss Kiersten called for Mark a few minutes earlier than usual. Mark obediently crawled behind Chrissie as she led him into Miss Kiersten's office. He kneeled before Miss Kiersten in his red lace panties. His erection pointed out vulgarly. "Good evening pet," greeted Isabella as she patted Mark on the head. "Hello Miss Kiersten," replied Mark. "So you chose to wear the red lace panties. Tell me why." "Well, actually Amy thought I should wear them.

Ebony babe with dsl big tits and cumshot thought they brought out the slut in me and she liked that." Isabella laughed. "Very good pet. I knew the slut in you would come out. Look at you pet you can't control your cock. You kneel before me and it's hard and drippy. I can see that you have already wet your panties on the front. You are truly a naughty slut." Sorry Miss Kiersten. I can't help it. Amy has not allowed me to cum ever since you hypnotized me not cum without the proper trigger word.

She's waiting for our Wedding night to say the word. She really likes having control over me like that. I'm so horny right now." Isabella was pleased with what she heard. She leaned down and stroked his cock. "Awww, you poor boy.

All horned up are we? I think it's a wonderful idea to wait until your wedding night. I am glad that she loves lad gets dick sucked well pornstar hardcore your cock and I think it's great that you allowed Amy to choose the panties for you to wear.

A strong husband seeks the advice of his wife all the time. A good husband knows that his wife knows what's best. A good husband obeys his wife.

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Are you prepared to be a good husband for Amy?" Isabella's words were making sense to Mark. He agreed whole heartedly. "Yes Miss Kiersten. I want to be good husband to Amy." "Very good pet. Tell me how your week went." Mark went through the weeks events, explaining all the teasing from Amy, his exciting trip to the salon, and his night of serving the brides maids.

He purposely left out the incident with Janice. Isabella took notes and was thrilled with all his experiences. She admired his pretty nails, which of course caused Mark to become even more horny and aroused. Next Isabella put Mark into a hypnotic trance. She spent a good half hour imprinting his mind with submissive thoughts and suggestions.

She also poured information and commands into his subconscious mind about special events that would take place on his wedding day. When the black womn spy toilet cam6 was right, this information would surface and seem natural to him. When Mark was taken out of his trance, he felt refreshed. Before leaving, Isabella informed Mark that she was having special undergarments made for him to wear on his wedding day.

The garments were still being finished up and so she told Mark that Chrissie would come by his apartment with them in the morning. Mark thanked Isabella for her thoughtfulness. He left, excited that he would get to see Chrissie again.

CHAPTER 8: THE WEDDING DAY On the day sexy niece gets slammed in various positions his wedding mark woke up early to start getting ready for his big day. His desire to marry Amy was stronger then ever. He loved the way she was teasing and controlling him and he thought she was incredibly sexy. Mark hoped that she would continue to dominate him after they got married.

He was becoming addicted to her dominance. Mark started out the morning by covering his legs with a thick white cream that Chrissie had given him when he left Isabella's office the night before. She told him the cream would make his legs smooth and soft for his wedding day and that this would be a nice surprise for Amy.

Chrissie instructed him to completely cover his legs with the cream and then wash it off. When Mark washed of the cream, he was surprised to see that the hair on his legs washed away with the cream. He did not realize that when Chrissie said soft and smooth, she meant hairless. Strangely he did not panic or get upset. In fact he admired his legs and thought the smooth clean look was sexy. He knew Amy would love it. Mark decided to shave his balls again to match his legs.

As Mark was finishing up, he heard a knock on the door. He knew it was Chrissie. Hot blond babe giving head in the shower cock grew hard at the thought of her. Mark quickly threw on a bath robe and headed for the front door. Mark opened the door and Chrissie was her usual cheerful self. "Good morning my fellow slut," she said in a bubbly voice. Mark laughed and let her in. She was carrying his special garments which were on a hanger covered in white plastic.

A duffel bag hung off her shoulder. As soon as she disarmed herself from these things she turned and gave Mark a big tight hug. His hard cock pressed against her. Mark could smell the floral scent of her perfume. It smelled beautiful and sexy. Chrissie held the hug, wiggled her hips against his hard cock and said, "I see you are just as horny in the morning as you are at night." Mark enjoyed the pressure of her body against his cock.

She was wearing soft cotton pants and he was sure his cock was pressing against her pussy. He admitted, "Yes, I guess I really am a slut." Mark did not want to let her out of his arms, but Chrissie finally broke the embrace.

She was not wearing a bra and when she stepped back Mark could see her nipples pointing through the thin cotton sweater. The sweater had a low cut V neck. When Chrissie leaned over to pick up her things, Mark got a nice view of her cleavage. "Let's get started," said Chrissie. Mark led her back to his bedroom. Chrissie removed the plastic from the hanger to reveal his special undergarments. Mark saw lots of white satin and lace. "You are going to love this," said Chrissie excitedly. She rubbed her hand over the smooth, shiny material.

"This is made of the finest silk and is going to feel incredible against your body. Take of your robe Mark." Chrissie immediately noticed his legs. "Your legs look incredible Mark." She could not resist touching them.

Chrissie placed the garments on the bed and then knelt in front of Mark and rubbed her hands up and down his legs. "You have such sexy legs Mark." Chills ran through Mark's body as Chrissie caressed his legs. Her face was inches from his cock. Mark hoped she would take it in her mouth. Her hands moved up to his shaved balls and she lightly squeezed and caressed them. Mark moaned in pleasure. Chrissie commented, "Your shaved balls are so nice too Mark.

Amy will be very pleased." A small amount of pre-cum was forming on the tip of his cock. Chrissie noticed this and stuck out her tongue. She put her hand around the base of his cock, stroked up and squeezed.

A small drop of cum dripped onto her tongue. Chrissie brought in her tongue and savored the taste. "Mmmm." Mark wanted her to lick his cock. He wanted her to keep playing with it. His body was on fire with excitement. Chrissie however was just a cock tease that morning.

She looked at him with the sexy and devilish smile that she had used so many times before. "I hot nurse gets pussy licked and fucked by doctor stop so I don't get you into trouble on your Wedding Day." Chrissie released his cock and stood up.

She started to remove things from the hanger and lay them on the bed. Chrissie said to Mark, "You are going to be covered in lace and satin Mark and you are going to look so sexy." Mark stared at the items on the bed. It looked more like bride's lingerie than the groom's undergarments. Mark did not know why, but he was excited to be dressed in the sexy items. Chrissie started with the white stockings.

Mark's body shivered as the delicate fabric was pulled over his legs. He enjoyed the tightness around his legs. The tops of the stockings were white lace with a large satin bow in the front and back of each stocking. Next Chrissie put a garter belt around his waist and attached the straps to the stockings. Chrissie great ass brunette babe valentina nappi asshole fucked on couch back and enjoyed the sight of Mark's thick hard cock surrounded by soft and sexy garments.

The stockings enhanced his muscular legs. She complimented Mark. "Wow Mark. You have such beautiful legs. Your legs could pass a girl's legs in these stockings." Next she helped Mark into a white silk T-shirt. The sleeves and waist of the shirt were accented with white lacey material.

The silky material sent shivers through his body as it slid over his chest and teased his nipples. The material hugged his chest tightly and the hardness of his nipples was clearly visible. Chrissie tweaked his nipples through the fabric, startling Mark. He gasped at the quick burst of pain and pleasure. Chrissie giggled and said, "slut." The last garment to put on was a small pair of white panties. Chrissie held them up for Mark.

The front was white satin and it was covered with small silk roses and bows. The back was wide thong strap. Towards the top of the thong strap was a rather large white bow.

Mark was excited to put them on. "Aren't these sexy," exclaimed Chrissie. "Yes. Very sexy," replied Mark. Chrissie said, "These are not like some of the others you have worn Mark. They will not hide your erection.

We can't have you standing at the alter in front of all your family and friends with an erection, can we?" "No. I don't think that would be good. I don't know how I'm going to calm down." "Don't worry. Miss Kiersten has thought of everything. She's going to put you into a trance long enough for me to take care of it." Chrissie handed Mark a MP3 player. He smiled and knew what to do.

He was already well conditioned by Isabella and so he went into a hypnotic trance quickly. Unlike previous trances where he drifted to sleep, this time he was aware of what was going on around him. His body seemed to be frozen in place but his thoughts and mind were working. Within minutes his cock went flaccid. He watched Chrissie put on latex gloves and kneel before him with a strange looking gun.

She held up a small silver ring for him to see and smiled. Then he felt a tugging just behind his balls. In his hypnotic trance he did not feel the pain of the gun piercing his skin. Chrissie held up another small ring for him to see. This time he could see what she was doing. She pinched a small amount of skin underneath the tip of his cock, just below the hood on his cock head. Then she held the gun up to the pinched skin and pressed the trigger. In his mind, his body flinched.

On the outside he remained still. Mark watched as she inserted the ring into his newly pierced cock. Chrissie looked into his eyes. Her voice was echoed and distant. "Don't worry sweetie. Your mistress can remove these after the wedding or if she desires, she can leave them in for future use." Mark was confused at the purpose of the piercing.

He soon learned their meaning. Chrissie tucked his penis backwards and then using another ring with a clasp, she connected the ring on his penis to the ring behind his balls. Leggy attractive hottie shows off pointer sisters his cock was firmly held in place between his legs.

Chrissie explained, "This is what Miss Kiersten likes to call her built in Chastity device. It will keep you from getting hard." Before Chrissie took Mark out of his trance she instructed his mind to accept his chastity as a normal part of the Wedding Day. Then she counted backwards from 5 to 1. Mark awoke from the trance, aware of what just happened, but thankful for it. His first words were, "Thank you Chrissie for helping me avoid an erection on my Wedding Day." "It was my pleasure.

Now let's complete your sexy look." Chrissie slid the panties up Mark's legs. They fit nice and snug around his folded back cock. The thong strap pressed tightly into his ass. Chrissie commented, "Beautiful Mark. You look beautiful. Turn around for me." Mark slowly turned. As he moved he felt the stockings rubbing his legs and the silk shirt sliding against his skin.

He felt the thong pressing into his ass and even the satin bow on the back tickling his ass cheeks. All the feelings aroused him. His cock began to swell but was stopped quickly due to its unnatural position between his legs. Mark's face grimaced slightly from the pain of his cock being restrained from growing.

Chrissie said, "Don't worry Mark. You'll get used to it. Now let me get a few pre-wedding pictures." Chrissie made Mark pose for him while she snapped pictures of his new feminine look. He felt sexy and feminine posing for her. When she was done snapping pictures Mark asked, "What happens if I have to go to the bathroom? Chrissie replied, "You just sit down and pee like a girl silly. It's just like having a pussy." Chrissie cupped his crotch and rubbed her hand between his legs.

Mark enjoyed the feeling of her hand rubbing over his bent cock. Chrissie giggled, "It even feels like a pussy." Mark's body shivered at the comment. It was strangely exciting to him to think about peeing like a girl and having a pussy. There was one final item that Chrissie had for Mark. She had Mark bend over and then she pulled his thong strap to the side.

Chrissie squeezed lubrication onto her fingers and inserted two of them into Mark's ass. Mark was startled at the invasion. "What are you doing," he asked in a startled tone. "Just relax Mark. This is a special request from Miss Kiersten. Feels good doesn't it?" Mark could not deny the new pleasure in his ass. He had never experienced anything like it before. "It's a little weird, but it does feel good," admitted Mark. "You're a good little slut Mark.

Just hold still. You're going to love this." Mark felt Chrissie's fingers exit his ass. Then he felt something pushing back in. Before he could say anything, Chrissie pushed the item firmly into his ass. It slid in easy with all the lubrication. Mark felt his ass expand and close around the item.

His mind went blank for a brief moment. All he could do was moan from the sudden pleasure. Mark's mind was so clouded with erotic pleasure that he could barely hear Chrissie's voice. "This is a butt plug," she explained. "You're a slut Mark. We sluts love the feel of something in our ass. I love it when Miss Kiersten requires me to wear one for her. You'll keep this in during the wedding." Chrissie, pushed the thong back into place so it would hold the plug firmly in his ass. Mark's legs felt weak and wobbly from all the sexual stimulation and emotions.

He had never experienced such deep and intense arousal. He pleaded with Chrissie, "Please free my cock and let me cum. I want to fuck you so bad. Please Chrissie. I'll do anything you want." Seeing Mark in such as weak and desperate state was exciting for Chrissie and it made her very horny. It took all her will power to deny him. "I am sorry Mark. Mistress Amy is the only one that can free your cock now." Mark had never heard anyone refer to Amy as his Mistress.

He liked the sound of it. Chrissie could have easily calmed him down with a calming trigger word, but she enjoyed seeing him in his aroused and frantic state of mind. She walked over to his tuxedo and removed the pants from the hanger. "It's time to get you ready for your big day." Chrissie helped him into his Tuxedo. When she was done, he looked like a handsome groom ready for his wedding. No one would ever suspect all the satin and lace that was concealed beneath the tuxedo. The wedding ceremony went off without a hitch.

It was a traditional ceremony in a church. The moment Mark saw his bride at the end of the isle, he knew had made the right choice. She looked radiant and beautiful. He could not wait to serve and obey her. Aside from the fact that Mark had his cock tucked between his legs and a plug in his ass, the reception was just like any other reception.

He drank, danced with his new wife and had a lot of fun. Towards the end of the ceremony he was surprised to see Miss Kiersten. Mark said to Amy, "There's Miss Kiersten.

Did you invite her?" "Of course I did sweetie. Let's go say hi to her." Amy grabbed Mark's hand and led him over to her. As they approached Isabella, Mark's cock swelled and tried to grow but it was held firmly between his legs and so it did not become erect. Mark could not believe how horny he became in her presence. Isabella first greeted Amy with a kiss and a hug. Then she did the same to Mark. Happily she said, "Congratulations.

You two look great together." Amy replied, "Thank you for coming and thank you for everything that you've done with Mark." "Oh it was my pleasure." Isabella tapped Mark's cheek like he was a kid. "He was such a good subject." Then Amy said, "You have delivered on your promise Isabella.

Mark is the perfect husband. He does my laundry and hand washes my delicates. He gives me foot massages, and most importantly he has become excellent at oral sex." "That's wonderful," replied Isabella. Amy continued, "I even love the sexy panties he wears. I've bought him all new ones to start off our marriage.

He will not be allowed to wear his boring old men's underwear anymore." This was news to Mark, but he found it to be exciting. His mind was confused as he was trying to process what the girls were talking about. He was piecing together the conversation, slowly figuring out that his research project was not really a research project.

Amy said to Isabella, "I even showed Mark off to my girl friends and they loved what they saw." "Yes I know," said Isabella. "I talked to a few of them tonight. Carol's husband will be participating in the research project next week." She winked at Amy and smiled. Just as Mark's mind was realizing he had been manipulated into being a sissy husband, Isabella called his name. Mark looked up and she slowly blew him a kiss.

It was a magical hypnotic kiss that she blew. Mark felt the faint wind of her breath across his cheeks. His body shivered and he instantly fell into a trance. Isabella said, "It's time for the consummation ceremony. Are you ready?" Amy answered yes and Mark knew he should answer the same way.

"Yes," he said. Isabella took each of their hands and led them out of the reception hall and down the hallways of the hotel. Finally she stopped at room 2235. She knocked twice and the door opened. Mark was thrilled to see Chrissie at the door. Isabella pushed him forward. "Chrissie will get you ready. I will prepare Amy in the room next door." The door closed behind Mark as he entered the room. He started removing his tuxedo because he just knew that he was supposed to be in nothing but his undergarments.

Chrissie asked, "How are you holding up with the plug?" "I can feel it every time I move. It's a strange feeling. It's hard to concentrate with it in." Chrissie replied, "I like to think of it as a constant reminder of your submission to your Mistress." "Yes I definitely feel very submissive wearing it." "Good.

Now, kneel down for me pet. I have a very special collar for your ceremony." Mark knelt down and Chrissie placed a white leather collar around his neck. It was covered in shimmering rhinestones. Then she attached a rhinestone covered leash to the collar. The leash was also decorated with pink at white sating bows.

It looked very feminine and bridal. Chrissie stared down at Mark and said, "You are going to make a wonderful sissy servant to Amy. I'm sure that you will find it very rewarding and fulfilling to serve a beautiful woman." Mark never envisioned himself as a sissy before. However, kneeling before Amy in stockings, garters, a thong, and silk shirt with his cock between his legs and a butt plug in his ass, made it hard for him deny the fact the he had been transformed into a sissy.

He did not know how things went so far with him. Strangely he seemed at ease with being a sissy servant. His mind told him that it was his place in life. Chrissie tied the end of his leash to the leg of the bed. "Stay put pet. I need to get ready." Mark watched as Chrissie stripped out of her clothes.

It was the first time he had seen her completely naked. She had a beautiful slender body. Her breasts were proportioned just right. Her nipples were long and pointy. The cool air in the room made them erect and swollen. They looked delicious.

Mark wanted to suck on them. His eyes drifted down to her pussy. Mark was excited to see that her lips were swollen with excitement. Seeing her exposed pussy reminded him of the many times he licked it.

He even thought back to the first time he tasted her special sauce, licking it from Miss Kiersten's fingers. The thought drove him wild. His mouth began to water. He was hungry for her pussy. Mark quietly said to Chrissie, "I want to taste your pussy one last time. Please can I lick you?" Chrissie walked in front of Mark, her pussy was inches from his face. He could see it glistening with wet arousal. He could smell her wonderful scent. Mark looked up at Chrissie waiting for her permission.

She looked down at him and held his face firmly between her hands and said, "You really have turned into a slut. You are a very, very naughty slut that craves sex and pussy all the time. You are just like me Mark. The only difference is I belong to Miss Kiersten and you are owned by Amy.

I can cum when I intense foursome action with two saucy chicks pornstars and big tits, but you need Amy's permission." Chrissie glanced at the clock in her room. She figured she had a few spare minutes to tease Mark before the ceremony. Chrissie stepped back and inserted her finger into her pussy and it came out covered in her pussy juice.

Mark licked his lips ready to taster her special sauce but Chrissie pushed her finger back into her pussy, teasing herself and Mark at the same time. Slowly she pushed two fingers in and out of her pussy right in front of him.

Chrissie moaned, "Mmm. This feels soo good. Too bad Miss Kiersten has forbidden me to allow you to lick my pussy today. I'd really love to have your tongue in my pussy right now." "I won't tell. It will be our little secret," begged Mark. Chrissie laughed. "You've lost all will-power slut. That's why you need Amy to control and discipline you. You are quite the naughty slave." Just when Mark thought it was hopeless Chrissie said, "You can't lick my pussy pet, but I suppose you could have a little taste of my panties." Chrissie was a needy slut just like Mark.

She was always looking to bend the rules for her own selfish pleasure. Chrissie slid on a pair of sheer black panties. Mark could clearly see her pussy.

Chrissie slid her hand over the front of he panties and pressed against her pussy allowing the panties to absorb her wetness. Then she wiggled her finger at Mark, calling him forward. "Just for a little bit," she said. "After all, your ceremony will be starting soon." Mark licked the front of her panties.

The sheer fabric was to thin to keep her juices from his tongue. Mark managed to press his tongue into her slit. The only thing between his tongue and her pussy was the thin piece of fabric. He was in heaven and so was Chrissie. Chrissie held his head and grinded her hips forward.

She quietly experienced an orgasm just from the pressure of his face against her pussy. After what seemed like a very brief moment, Chrissie pushed Mark away.

He did not even know the amount of pleasure he gave her. Chrissie said, "enough naughty sissy boy. We've got to get ready." Chrissie slid on a simple black night gown. The satin material hugged her slender body nicely. Then she untied his leash from the table leg and walked him over to a door that connected to the next room. Chrissie knocked twice on the door and it opened. Mark could see that the room was dark but shimmering with candlelight. Before they entered Isabella said in a strong voice, "Who knocks at the door?" Chrissie responded, "A fellow sister with a needy slave.

A slave who wishes to give himself to a Mistress." Isabella's voice was heard again, "Is there a Mistress who will consider taking this slave?" Amy' voiced bellowed, "Yes, I am looking for a servant.

Bring him forward." Chrissie whispered, "Good luck," then she tugged on the leash and led him into the room. Mark followed Chrissie on his hands and knees. He did not expect to see all the bride's maids in the room but they were there. Carol and Janice were on one side of the door and the two others were on the other side.

Mark had to crawl down the aisle they created. His wife waited with Isabella at the end. Each girl was holding a candle in their hands. Through the dim light Mark could see that they were all dressed identical in sleek black satin pants and a matching satin halter top.

Thin straps tied around the back of the neck and attached to the front center of the halter top, forming a V over their exposed upper chest. Each girl wore elbow length satin gloves and black heels. Their hair had not changed from the wedding ceremony.

It was pulled back into a tight bun. Their outfits shimmered in the candle light and provided a look of pure sexiness, power and dominance. The girls each wore a silver necklace with a rhinestone charm that was two circles connected together. This was a gift from Amy to them for their participation in the consummation ceremony.

Later Mark would learn that the necklaces are symbolic of each girl's authority over him and their acceptance of female-led relationships. Amy stood at then end center of the aisle formed by the girls. Mark's heart skipped a beat at how hot and dominant she looked. Her white bride's gown had been replaced by a tight black corset, matching lace panties, black stockings, and heels.

Her hair was also pulled back tightly. Mark crawled into the room towards his Mistress wife. The girls closed in behind him. Isabella, Amy and the bride's maids formed a circle around him. Chrissie undid his leash and then joined the circle.

Mark was left kneeling in front of Amy and Isabella. He felt an overwhelming sense of submission and intimidation. Isabella read from a small book. "We have all witnessed the wonderful union of Amy and Mark today. Now we stand here as witnesses to Amy and Mark's commitment to a female led marriage. It is with great joy that we see Mark kneeling before Amy, ready to accept his role as her servant." Isabella directed her attention to Mark, "Mark, do you wish to serve, pamper, and obey her at all times?" "Yes, I do" replied Mark.

"Then you must beg for her to accept you as your slave." Words seemed to flow into Mark's check out these vids where nice looking luscious girl. He knew exactly what to say.

"Mistress Amy, I kneel before you ready to serve you. I will always seek to please and obey you. My body is yours. My cock is yours to do with as you please. Will you take me as your servant?" Amy smiled and patted Mark on the head and said, "Yes I will." Isabella said, "If you accept Mark as your slave, you may free his cock as a sign of your ownership over him." Amy ordered Mark over to her.

"Come slave. Stand-up so I don't have to bend over." Mark crawled to Amy and then stood up. She had him lean over the bed in the room with his ass facing the girls. She slid down his panties. Mark heard a few gasps and giggles as the girls saw his pierced cock tucked between his legs. He felt embarrassed and vulnerable with his naked ass exposed to the girls.

He knew they could see the plug in his ass and this humiliated him even more. Amy carefully removed the ring that held his cock in place. Mark's cock instantly grew erect when it was free. Isabella then made Mark sister gives you jerk off instructions joi lenaspanks down and face the girls.

She read from 3 busty german milfs blowjob cumshot and long cumplay tube porn book again, "Girls do you promise to support Amy in her endeavor to train Mark to be a good servant." Everyone responded, "We do." Isabella instructed Mark to crawl to each girl and kiss each of their toes as a sign of his appreciation for their support and their dominance.

Mark obediently crawled around the circle and kissed every toe in the room. The girls enjoyed this part of the ceremony. When he was done Isabella announced, "It is time for the consummation." Again, Mark knew exactly what to do. He crawled onto the bed and lay on his back and waited. Isabella and Amy ducked out of the room for a brief moment. While they were gone, Chrissie handed each girl a white silk strap that had loops on each end.

The girls approached Mark. Janice slid her loop over Mark's hand and pulled on the strap. The strap tightened around his wrist. Carol slid her loop over his foot and pulled it tight around his ankle. The other two girls repeated the process on his right gorgeous nicoline receives a rough anal slamming. The girls then placed the loop on the other end of the strap over their own wrists. When Amy and Isabella entered the room, each girl took a few steps away from the bed and pulled on the straps.

Mark was forced into a spread eagle position. Mark became intensely aroused at being helpless in front of all the girls. Amy approached the bed, between his legs. He could see that she was wearing a strap-on. Isabella read another passage from her book. "In a traditional marriage the man and wife consummate by having the man make love to the wife. However, in a female-led marriage, it is the wife who makes love to the man. This is symbolic of her dominance and power of him.

Additionally, the submissive husband is feminized as part of the consummation. Mark has shown a true appreciation and addiction to wearing panties and sexy silky lingerie. This clearly shows his desire to idolize and worship females.

Finally the bride's closest female friends are here not only to witness the consummation, but to restrain the sissy husband while he receives his Mistress's cock. Mark will experience true helplessness and surrender to female power. Let us begin." Mark felt the girls tug tighter on the straps, pulling his legs and arms farther apart. Chrissie quickly moved in and removed the plug from Mark's ass. It was empty for just a moment. As soon as Chrissie moved away, Amy was between his legs, pushing her strap-on into his stretched ass.

Her strap-on was well lubricated and easily slid in. Mark's mind went blank and his body shuddered. Amy began to fuck him with long slow strokes. Her breathing was deep with excitement. Mark looked up at her face and saw an expression filled with lust and power.

Mark's mind had been programmed by Isabella to experience orgasmic like pleasure from the strap-on. She was fucking his pussy. He moaned in pleasure. Mark turned his head to the side and saw Janice with one hand pulling the strap attached to wrist hand and with the other hand down in her pants. She was staring at Amy fucking him and it was obvious to Mark that she was fingering herself. The bride's maids had done a great job at keeping their composure up until this point.

Isabella's words and the erotic scene unfolding in front of them were too much to handle even for the most conservative person. The ceremony had made the girls feel empowered not only over Mark but all men.

This power created an erotic energy in the room that spread like wild fire from girl to girl. Mark's eyes surveyed the room as his body flooded with pleasure. He could see that the castingcouch x tall mary lynn wants to fuck on camera surrounding him were all aroused.

In the glow of the candlelight he could see hard nipples poking at the shimmering silk tops. He could see the bride's maids in various states of self-pleasure.

Some were rubbing their nipples through the smooth satin and some were rubbing their crotches. Mark looked back to his wife and enjoyed the site of her cock thrusting in and out of his boy pussy. She was holding his legs, spreading them apart while she fucked him. His arms were restrained by her bride's maids. Mark felt completely helpless and at Amy's mercy. He felt totally powerless and vulnerable in front of the entire group of beautiful woman.

He could not think of a better way to start his marriage. He felt lucky to submit to such a hot and wonderful Mistress. Amy's lust filled eyes locked in on Mark's. In a strong powerful voice, she commanded "cum for me sissy husband!" Amy's cock plunged deep inside him and an intense orgasm rocked his body. Hot cum spewed over his chest and stomach. Mark had one of his most pleasurable orgasms ever.

His body was weak after his orgasm passed. His eyes were closed but he could still feel Amy's cock resting inside him. Finally Mark opened his eyes. Amy looked satisfied and fulfilled. Mark felt the same way. He was thrilled to see Amy this way. All he cared about was satisfying his mistress.

He made a commitment to himself at that moment that he would do his best to obey his wife and be the perfect husband. THE END Feedback is appreciated [email protected]