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Sex xxx sunny leone photo
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The Summer Job I'll Never Forget Part 3 As dawn broke across the rolling hills, I awoke with Lori lying on top of me. I don't know how many times we fucked.

Lori seemed to be insatiable after being without sex for so long. I remembered that when we finished that last time, she laid her head on my chest and told me how good it felt to have a man again. We both soon succumbed to sleep a short time thereafter. I knew that she desperately wanted sex and I was more than happy to spend the night satisfying her every need. For 42 she was a very beautiful woman and I had not tired of looking at her naked body while she gave herself to me time after time.

I ran my hands along the sides of her tits and down her sides to her ass. My touch began to awaken Lori. When she opened her eyes, she smiled at me and said, "Good morning my sweet, thank you for a wonderful night." She kissed me deeply, then rolled over onto her side. I continued to look at her body and savor every curve. I just couldn't look at her body enough& was perfect. "Want to shower with me Robert?" she asked. I couldn't think of a better way to start the day and replied, "Why not?" We had "good morning" sex then went to the kitchen for breakfast.

Alisha was already there cooking. As we walked in she said, "It looks like you two got well acquainted last night. You guys look well satisfied, did you sleep at all?" "Not much," Lori said as she poured a cup of coffee, grinning. Alisha was enjoying teasing us. She asked teasingly, "Are we going to have a threesome tonight?

I didn't get any cock last night and I really feel left out." All of us began to laugh and got a big smile on our faces, each knowing that the evening would be very fulfilling.

Lori told us that when breakfast was over, we'd all go out and she would show me what I would be doing on Monday when I started. She said that it had rained recently and the weeds were beginning to grow in the summer fallow ground. She would need me to run a piece of equipment to clean up the weeds. When we left Lori's house, we drove a couple of miles out onto the farm where Lori showed me the fields she wanted me to run the sweep rig on.

Then we went to the area she kept all her farm equipment where she showed me the implements I needed to use. I got a tractor out of the barn and hooked it up to a 45 ft. sweep rig. The tractor was a monster, a 9620R John Deere…&hellip.620 horsepower.

The inside of the cab looked like an airplane cockpit. It even has a fully functional GPS operating system, air conditioner and a Sirius radio. I thought to myself 'I'd like to fuck Lori in this thing, it does have enough room inside.' I drove the rig to the field and parked it.

It would be ready to go on Monday when I got over there. Next, Lori took me back to the barn where she showed me the truck I was going to use. It is a 2015 F-250 diesel crew cab. "Very cool," I told her. I started it and drove it over to my house and left it there. Now I was set for Monday morning. Lori gave me a two-way handheld radio and charger so that we could communicate when necessary. She told me that she was going to be working over at the horse pale slut on her knees for black gang members next week collecting semen.

As we drove over there, she was telling me how she collected semen. When we got to the horse complex we got out and went inside to feed the studs that were in the stalls. After we fed them, she put a lead rope on one and led him to the area where she would collect his semen. I couldn't help but admire the stud. He was a big sorrel standing about 17 hands high.

His coat was shining and was a high spirited animal. Lori tied him in the working area. She went into a storeroom and brought out a sterile glass container and a large bottle of lubricant.

"I'm going to show you two how I collect his cum manually. She took a water hose and some soap to the stud and proceeded to wash his cock area. She then dried it off some and began to caress the stud's cock. In a short time he had a partial erection, about 14 inches long. Lori poured a generous amount of lubricant into her hands and applied them to the horses growing dick. She told me to get the glass container and hold it close to the end of this huge cock and catch the semen when he unloaded.

Lori was stroking the stud's cock and I could tell that he was thoroughly enjoying it and had been to this dance before. As Alisha watched, I could tell that she was getting turned on. Lori saw it too and asked her if she wanted to stroke the stud's massive cock. She quickly agreed. I could tell that Alisha was enjoying it. She had that look in her eyes that I had seen many times, the look of wanting to fuck.

She continued to jack his huge cock. Lori said, "Get ready Robert, he's getting close to shooting his load. Alisha picked up the pace and I could see some cum dripping out the end of his dick. I held the container closer just as he shot his first big squirt of cum followed by several small shots. I caught most of his cum in the container.

When he had finished, Alisha didn't want to stop and kept on jacking him off. Lori grinned at Alisha and said, "Kinda makes you want to get fucked doesn't it?" "Uh huh," Alisha stammered, her voice breaking slightly. Lori took the hose and soap and cleaned the stud's cock thoroughly, then took the container of cum and went to the lab. I could see that Alisha was needing some sex. Her breathing was fast and she had a look of need in her eyes. Lori laughed, "Robert, why don't you take her over in the sleeping quarters and give her a good fuck, I think she's wanting that right about now." Alisha grabbed me by the hand and rapidly dragged me to the sleeping area.

She began pulling her clothes off and told me to get ready to give her a good fucking, which I did. Alisha was naked and on the bed in a matter of seconds. Damn she is beautiful when she's hot. I was hard and ready. I went to the bed and mounted her. My cock went all the way in on the first thrust, she was so wet. I began to fuck her hard. Her legs wrapped around my ass and her arms were holding me so tight to her I could hardly breathe. It didn't take very long till we were both cumming hard.

Alisha was writhing around under me moaning and saying, "Oh, yes, oh yes, yes, yes, yes, yes……&hellip.fuck this is good&hellip.oh shit Robert, fuck me harder…&hellip.ooooooh fucking yessssssss." I was unloading one of the biggest loads I had ever had.

I could hear our cum squishing around as I continued to pound her wet cunt. Her strong legs held me inside her while her orgasm subsided. When we were finished, I just lay there on top of her, totally exhausted, both of us breathing very hard.' I couldn't believe how excited we had gotten collecting the studs cum. I knew that the fuck was fast and furious and damn good.

"That was one wild fuck, you two," a voice behind us said. Lori had been watching us from the doorway. "You two were making so much noise I just had to come and watch…& you think you can do me too, Robert……or are you completely shot." I pulled out of Alisha and got off the bed. I looked at Lori and my cock began to stand again. "Why don't we find out Lori," I told her as I watched her removing all her clothing.

She came to me and kissed me and led me over to the bed. She got onto the bed on all fours and spread her legs wide. I could see the wetness around her pussy. When I saw those puffy lips with her dripping inner lips protruding, I mounted her and started screwing her like there was no tomorrow. Lori was moaning loudly as I pumped my cock in and karlie and ashley fuck each other hard masturbation lesbian of her over and over again.

I felt Lori begin to cum after only about 10 strokes. Her body was stiff and her muscles were tight. Her pussy had clamped down on my cock making it very difficult to push into her. I don't know how I did it so soon, but I began cum again, filling Lori's belly with my hot sperm.

The orgasm lasted only a short while, then my cock fell out of her followed by a gush of cum. Lori fell forward onto her stomach and lay there panting heavily. As I stood at the foot of the bed, I observed two very beautiful, satisfied women. I could see two small trickles of my cum oozing out of their pussies. I crawled up in between them and lay down. They both snuggled up to me and we all fell asleep. After a short time we all woke up and got dressed.

Lori took me to the lab and showed me what happened to the semen after it was collected. She froze the semen then we all went back to the tour of the farm. Lori's farm was extensive, to say the least. She explained to me that she hired seasonal labor to help her with the work.

In a little over a month the harvest would be upon us and we'd be very busy. For now, I wasn't sure how I was going to keep up with the farm pervcity danica dilan and lou charmelle face fucking and analoverdose and taking care of Lori's insatiable appetite for sex.

The weekend passed and on Sunday afternoon Alisha packed and went back to North Platte. Her job was to start on Monday and she had to get ready. I wasn't sure when I'd see her again, she just said she would call. The work on the farm seemed to be never ending. When I finished one job another was ready to start. Lori and I worked long hours trying to keep up. Our sex life had slowed considerably. It seemed that both of us were always tired and just wanted to sleep.

Alisha came out from time to time when she had time off. The three of us would spend our free time together visiting and swimming and having uninhibited sex. The sex we shared was fantastic and the three of us were becoming very close.

I thought many times how my feelings for Lori were getting stronger as time went on. We always enjoyed our time together, no matter what we were doing. One evening late, I was working running a disc on one of the fallow fields. I saw lights drive up to the end of the field.

When I got to the end, I saw that it was Lori's pickup and she was standing by the tail gate with a bag in her hand. When I got to the end I stopped and Lori got up in the cab and pulled down the jump seat. "You're working late tonight, so I thought I'd bring you a sandwich and a beer. Are you trying to finish this field tonight?" "Yes I am," I told her, "I'll finish sometime around midnight if I keep going." I turned the tractor around and engaged the GPS guidance system and let the tractor drive itself while I ate dinner and talked to Lori.

When I finished eating, Lori told me that something she had always wanted to do was do it in the tractor cab……so I decided to oblige her. The field I was working was a mile across, so I had quite a bit of time between ends. Lori had slipped off the seat onto her knees and had began to open my jeans.

My cock was hard as she slipped her lips down over the head and swallowed it down to my balls. She continued to deep throat me and I was getting frisky sweetie cannot wait to poke ample cock monstercock and interracial close to filling her mouth with cum.

I told her what was about to happen so she backed off and removed her clothes. I removed mine and she got up in the jump seat on her knees. I got up behind her and slipped my dick into her wet cunt. Lori was moaning while I fucked her and squeezed her tits.

I was getting lost in her when I noticed that the tractor was approaching the end of the field so I had to pull out and turn the tractor around and head it back toward the other end.

Once the rig was going again and the GPS was initialized, I went back to fucking my boss. Her pussy was so tight and wet. Within minutes I could feel her beginning to cum and the tightness that happened in her pussy when she came pushed me over the edge and I blew my load deep inside her.

When I sat back down in the driver's seat, Lori came to me and began to suck my cock. She looked up at me and said, "I'm not done with you yet lover, let's get this rod of yours hard again." When my cock hardened again, she sat down on my cock facing me and began to grind on it.

I knew that I wouldn't last long if she kept this up. She kissed me deeply with a lot of tongue, then stopped and looked directly at me while she slid up and down on my pole. "I think that I love you Robert," she said as she slowly fucked me. I could see that her eyes were rolling back in her head as she continued to raise and lower her wonderful pussy on my cock. The statement she just made almost made me lose my hard on.

This isn't what I expected from her. It's not that I don't like Lori, it's just that I am in love with Alisha. Oh well I can address this later, right now I need to turn this tractor around before I plow through a fence. Once I got the tractor turned around and headed back, I continued to enjoy Lori's body. In this position I was able to suck on her wonderful tits while I plowed her.

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In a short while I began to paint her insides with my cum. The feeling of me ejaculating inside her made her move on to her climax, which lasted for some time. When she finished she had her arms wrapped around me and her head on my shoulder. I was approaching the end of the field again so this time I stopped so that we could get dressed and she could get off of the tractor.

Before she left, she kissed me again and told me she would see me at breakfast. I continued to work, remembering the great sex I had just experienced and examining those three words she told me while we were fucking.

Perhaps it was just a spontaneous passionate remark because of the situation, I thought to myself. I knew that my feelings for Lori were quite extensive, but I had never really felt that I was falling in love with her&hellip.or was I? This is something I will have to think about. I worked till just after midnight and finished the field I was in.

I drove to my house and went to the shower then to bed. I was really tired. I could see lightening flashing off toward the West. The weatherman was forecasting a chance of rain tomorrow, I sure hope it doesn't, I have a lot of field work to get finished before we start harvest.

When I awoke the next morning is was raining. It wasn't a real hard rain, just a slow light drizzle. It must have started sometime just after I went to adorable teen spreads her legs for jock, there were several puddles in the yard.

I fixed myself some breakfast and turned on the TV. The forecast was for 2 days of rain&hellip.damn, I didn't need this right now. I watched TV all morning, catching up on the morning talk shows and getting some cooking tips from Rachel Ray. The rain hasn't let up any, if anything, it's coming down a little harder.

Such a gray dreary day and I'm bored to tears. As I'm looking out the window, I see Lori walking across the yard with her umbrella. I go to the door and open it as she comes onto the porch. "Is it wet enough for you today boss?" I asked as she closed her umbrella.

"I guess, we really didn't need the moisture right now, but I guess we've got it. What are you doing today?" "Not much, just watching some TV. I talked to Alisha this morning and It's raining in North Platte also. The way she tells it, there's more rain there than here." Lori walked up to me and kissed me lightly on the lips and said, "Want to kill some time with me this afternoon?" I smiled at her and asked, "What did you have in mind beautiful?

"Oh, I don't know, Broke blondes screw well hung businessman pornstars and hardcore think we can figure something out though." I pulled her close and gave her a deep, passionate kiss. "Are you in for something different today?" "I'm up for anything with you darling, just name it." She anxiously replied. "I was thinking the other day that it might be fun if I tied you up and took full advantage of the situation.

I think that you'll enjoy it a lot if you'll let me." I told her. "I'm up for anything, even a little kinky is ok with me." I took Lori back to my bedroom. I had some soft cotton rope so I tied her hands up above her head to a pipe that ran across the ceiling. She was beginning to giggle as I kissed her on the back of her neck. I ran my hands up her sides from her hips and began to squeeze her breasts as I continued to kiss her neck.

Lori was beginning to breathe a little heavier as I started to unbutton her blouse. I pulled her blouse up her arms and wrapped it around them. I kissed her deeply, our tongues danced and Lori began to moan quietly. I started kissing her breasts as I removed her bra and pushed it up with her blouse. With her arms stretched above her head like this it accentuated her tits. Lori was beginning to moan a little louder as I squeezed her tits while I lightly chewed on them.

As I worked on her tits, I opened her jeans and pushed them down to her knees. I began to kiss and lick her breasts as I moved down shyla stylez sophie dee and sienna west her toned belly to her navel. Lori began to squirm and giggle as my tongue invaded her navel and my hand began to stroke her pussy outside her soaked panties.

I finished removing her jeans and pulled her wet panties off. I stood up and removed my shirt and jeans. The sight I beheld was absolutely beautiful. Lori completely naked, her arms stretched out above her head. I went back to her and began by kissing her and running my hands all over her body. Lori had began to moan loudly when I pushed two fingers into her dripping wet pussy. I could tell that she was getting really turned on as I continued to tease her.

I stood in front of her with my cock touching her belly and asked her, "Have you ever done anal my sweet?" "No, I haven't. Does it hurt, my ass is so tight." She said to me. "I'll be gentle, I think you'll like it…&hellip.let's see." I went to my dresser and retrieved a bottle of lube and set it aside.

I went down on my knees in front of Lori and began to eat her sweet pussy. She tasted so good. I pushed her legs further apart so I could lick her clean of all the cum that was dripping out of her pussy. I began to suck on her engorged clit and felt her begin to orgasm.

Her juices were flowing freely and dripping on the floor. I lubed my index finger with her cum and began to play with her ass hole.

Lori moaned with pleasure as I played with it. I got some more of her juice and pushed my finger in to the first joint. Lori was groaning loudly. I picked up the bottle of lube and put some on my finger and pushed it in to the second joint then slowly finger fucked her ass, going a little deeper each stroke.

I continued to put lube on my finger until I had her ass well lubed. I was continuing to eat her pussy while I finger fucked her ass. This was driving Lori crazy.

She couldn't move her hands and that was making her crazy too. She began to cum again and I pushed my finger all the way up her ass and sucked on her clit till she calmed down. I stood up and lifted one of her legs up and pushed my cock into her wet cunt. She was looking so deeply into my eyes, totally sated. I continued to fuck her till I felt her cum again. When she began to cum, I pushed my finger into her ass again. She became so excited that she almost was convulsing as the orgasm shot through her body.

When she started coming down, I pulled out of her and heavily lubed my cock. I walked around behind her and pushed two fingers into her. I could tell that she felt some pain by the way she winced when Foxy cuties poke the biggest strapon dildos and spray ejaculate all over pushed them all the way in.

I continued to stretch her sphincter so it wouldn't be so tight when I pushed my cock inside her. Finally, her ass relaxed and I pushed the head of my well lubed cock into her.

"That hurts, Robert, slow down for me." She said. I left the head inside her and began to squeeze her tits and caress her body to get her to relax more. After a little while I pushed my cock a little deeper and began to slowly fuck my cock into her a little at a time. Lori was relaxing and it wasn't hurting her as much now. I pulled my cock out and lubed it more then pushed back inside her, this time all the way to my balls.

Lori groaned, "Ohhhhhh Robert, it feels so good in my ass, I never realized that it would feel this good." I began to fuck her slowly and steadily. I slid my fingers along her slit from the front and played with her pussy hole and clit. I felt Lori begin to cum again, this time her orgasm was more violent. She bucked and yelled as I continued to pound into her ass. I wrapped my other arm around her tight so my cock didn't come out.

I felt Lori release a gush of cum onto my hand as I finger fucked her pussy. Then I felt it, that wonderful feeling starting down deep inside me and the feeling of cum pushing up my shaft and exploding inside Lori's ass. I knew I was blowing a huge amount of cum inside her. It was dripping out around my cock as I continued to pump her full. Lori felt it too and that drove her to cumming again. It seemed that we climaxed forever. When our orgasms subsided, my cock fell out of her ass with a loud "plop" and our cum ran freely down the insides of her legs.

Lori looked totally exhausted. I kissed her, untied her and supported her as I helped her to my bed. She lay down on her back with her legs spread apart. I could see cum still running out of her ass and her pussy was soaking wet.

I laid down beside her and ran my hand across her abdomen as I kissed her again. She grinned at me and said, "Damn, I like getting fucked up the ass, that was wonderful and being tied up like that was really a trip too. We are going to have to do that again lover, I liked it!" Lori ended up spending the night at my place. We talked a lot and made love large bbw takes on massive black cock times.

I was beginning to see that I was feeling more than friendship for her, it was becoming much, much more than that and I could see that foxy mature bint has her asshole drilled was feeling the same way. I knew that I needed to talk to Alisha about this situation. I was still in love with her and thought that she could give me some insight as to what I should do.

Lori was still in bed and I was fixing breakfast for us. Since it was still raining, perhaps I should go to North Platte and see her today. "Whatever you're cooking smells really good," I heard Lori say as she came into the kitchen. "It's something my aunt used to make for me, I thought you might like it." Lori sat down at the table as I dished up a plate of the Breakfast Bundt Cake.

I filled my plate and sat down. Lori looked at me very seriously and said, "Robert, last night was fabulous. I really enjoy being with you. I need you to answer a question for me." "Sure," I told her. "In the weeks that have passed I have found myself becoming very fond of you.

What are your intentions with Alisha?" "Well Lori," I answered, "Alisha and I plan on getting married whenever we get out of school." "Well, Robert, I have a proposition for you two. I have grown very close to you and I have always been close with Alisha. I have no heirs and no chance of having any. I would like for you and Alisha to come here and be my partners in this enterprise…&hellip.becoming the sole owners when I'm gone. You two could finish school here at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln, North Platte campus while working here on the farm.

What do you think?" I was caught completely off guard. "That's a very generous offer Lori, I don't know what to say……I'd have to talk to Alisha, of course." "Of course. Perhaps we should drive into North Platte today and talk with her. I don't think that we are going to be doing any work today." "I think that would be a great idea," I told her, "I need to get a shower and I'll be ready to go." "Why don't we take a shower together, I think I need one too," she said smiling at me.

She took my hand and led me to the shower. All I can say is the shower sex was great&hellip.I don't think I can get enough of Lori. Lori and I drove to North Platte and got there in time to have lunch with Alisha. We all had a good talk about what Lori was proposing. Alisha looked at me and asked, "Do you still want to marry me stud?" I replied to her, "More than anything." "Well, I guess that we need to look into finishing school here at University of Nebraska………I think they offer what we need to finish.

Lori, thank you, you don't know what this means to us." Lori replied, "Thanks to you two, I have found myself again. I still don't beatiful woman fuck and breast to go out with the guys around here, I am very satisfied with the arrangement we have. Robert has fulfilled me totally and I hope that he will continue. I want you two to move into the big house so things will be handier for all of us.

I think that I will have a contractor come out and remodel a bedroom and bath for you guys&hellip.I want it to be comfortable for you." Alisha told Lori that she thought this was going to work out well. She said she really wasn't looking forward to going back to KU.

"Do you mind if I tell Mom and Dad about what we're doing? That is, everything but the sex part, I don't think that they would understand." "I think that would be a good idea. What we do behind closed doors is our business and no one elses." Lori told us. As I watched Alisha, I could see how happy she was.

The thought of marriage coming sooner than we had planned suited her. Actually, that's exactly what she wanted. Oh well, I could do much worse.

This whole thing has turned out to be one of the best things that could have happened to us&hellip.and having Lori for a bonus just makes it better. I only hope that I can keep two beautiful women happy. Alisha had to go back to work so Lori and I went over to Barb and Mark's house. I was as happy as I had ever been. Lori told me that she was so glad that Alisha and I decided to take her up on her offer. She said that she knew that we would all be happy together. When we got to Alisha's parents house, Barb was surprised to see us and invited us in.

"Are amia miley anal and dp guys in town for the day or can you stay overnight?" Barb asked. I think we are going to stay over, Robert, Alisha and I have some good news to tell you guys. We'll do it at dinner, that way Mark will be home. Barb looked at us very puzzled, "come on sis, you can go ahead and tell me." "Sorry Barb, you'll just have to wait." Lori giggled.

The day passed and Mark and Alisha got home. Barb had dinner ready so we all sat down to eat. Before we began the meal, Lori stood up and announced that she had something to tell everyone. "I have had some conversations with Alisha and Robert over the past couple of days. I have found that marriage is in their plans when they finish school. I offered them a deal.

They can stay here and finish school at the University of Nebraska and I will pay for their final year. They will both live out at the farm with me and work on the farm. For all this I am going to make them a full partner in the farm and when I'm gone the farm will belong entirely to them. I have no heirs and the chances of having any children of my own are zero. Alisha has always been like my own throughout the years and I love her dearly.

So, I wanted to give her a secure future and after being around Robert, I know that the two of them will be successful……now we can eat." Barb and Mark were totally shocked. They had no idea that Lori would ever consider anything like this&hellip.but they were happy for Alisha and I.

Barb looked at us and said, "Well when do I start planning a wedding?" "It won't be for a while mom," Alisha replied, "Robert and I have to finish college first, we've both decided that. I'll let you know when." Barb just smiled. We finished dinner and went into the living room and talked. Alisha sat next to me and asked, "So, do we consider ourselves engaged?" I looked at her and said to her, "I love you Alisha, will you marry me?" She smiled and kissed me then said, "Yes, this is the best day of my life Robert, yes I will marry you." Everyone in the room stood up and began to clap& was a happy occasion.

The next morning Lori and Fat cunt lips asian lovely teen sucks cock got up and went back to the farm. Even though it was still really wet, we had to begin to get ready for harvest. As soon as the fields dried out, we felt that we could begin harvesting the wheat.

If all went well, we could finish in about three weeks, then we would have to till all the land. Lori and I had to ship twenty containers of semen in the next week so we knew we would be busy with that.

It seemed that the work would not end for some time. Lori and I worked long hours for several weeks during harvest.

We had hired two guys to help us out and as soon as the wheat was in the elevator, we let them go. Alisha had came out to the farm for the weekend after harvest was finished to celebrate with Lori and I. While we were sitting around the pool on that Saturday afternoon, my phone rang. It was Norm and he was going to be up in this area the following weekend and wondered if we could get together for a few beers.

I was so glad to hear from him I told him I'd love to. Alisha was also happy to hear from Norm. He and I had been close friends for so long, we were almost like brothers. After all, we had shared a lot throughout the time we had known each other, including Alisha. Alisha gave me a mischievous look and grinned. I knew what she was thinking and nodded to her. "Aunt Lori," she said, "I guess I should tell you about Norm since he is coming here. On a couple of occasions I fucked Robert and Norm at star wars the phantom of the oak steak same time.

It could happen again while he is here, do you think you'd like to join us?" Lori didn't say anything for a few seconds, then she began to smile.

I could do something like that. It's not like he lives around chick britney amber uses her body for a job position, I'm in." The three of us horny blonde needs more and more cock each other a "high five" then sat down and continued our end of harvest celebration.

Lori had made a pitcher of margaritas and they were really going down well. The afternoon passed quickly and shortly after sundown, Alisha began acting very romantic. She had moved very close to me and her hands were fondling my cock as she kissed me. "Hey stud, I feel like I am really in need of your cock, I've got this itch that needs to be scratched, what do you think?" "I think that I should scratch that itch and fuck you good, that's what I think." I told her.

We stood up and kissed as I got two big handfuls of her ass and pulled her close to me. My cock was hard and was in need of being buried in a hot pussy. Alisha's bikini didn't leave much to the imagination nor did my speedo. My hard cock had pushed up out of the waistband in search of pleasure. Alisha found it and was stroking my cock as we continued to kiss. I untied her top, releasing her luscious tits which I immediately began squeeze.

My lips found her nipples and I gently chewed on them as she moaned with pleasure. My hand went to her hip and untied the bottom, letting it fall to the ground beside her top.

Her tits were delicious and I devoured them making her moan loudly. I let my finger slip along her wet slit and teased her throbbing clit.

I could tell that Alisha was ready&hellip.I pushed her forward across the table exposing her wet labia. I pulled my skinny czech babe picked up and rammed for a few bucks off and stepped up behind her.

It felt so good when my cock slipped along her wet slit. Alisha was grinding her ass and pushing it to me. I placed the head against the opening to her vagina and pushed in. She was so wet my cock slid all the way in, impaling her. She was mine&hellip.I began thrusting in and out of her, listening to the squishy sounds my cock made each time I pushed into her.

I was lost in the pleasure my cock was feeling and had not noticed that Lori had returned to the patio. She was watching us as she pleasured herself. I had my hands on Alisha's hips as I fucked her. I looked down at her, she was laying face down on the table with her arms spread out over her head. Her ass looked so sexy as my cock plowed her. Alisha was moaning loudly, moving her ass back and forth as I thrust my cock deep inside her.

I watched Lori as I fucked Alisha. She was pushing two of her fingers deep inside her wet cunt, her legs were splayed widely giving me a clear view of her wet pussy. The feeling of my engorged cock in Alisha's tight pussy and the sight of Lori finger fucking herself pushed me to the edge and I began to fill Alisha's cunt with my hot cum.

Jet after jet of my hot fertile seed splashed off of her insides, exciting her to the point she began a monster climax. All the muscles in Alisha's body had tensed and she was shaking as wave after wave of her orgasm rocked her from her head to her toes. The vibrations of her body stimulated me and my balls continued to pump my sperm into her. My thick cum was slithering out around my cock and long strings of my semen were dribbling down the insides of her legs.

Each time I thrust into her it displaced more cum. I collapsed on top of Alisha, trying to regain control of my body. My softening cock soon plopped out of her and hung lifelessly between my legs. I could see that Lori was having an orgasm&hellip.her eyes rolled back in her head and her fingers were pushed all the way inside her as she convulsed with pleasure. I got up off of Alisha and sat in a chair. I thought to myself, 'not many men have it this good.' Alisha stood up and turned to me.

Her nipples were still standing erect and my cum still dribbling from between her puffy outer lips. Lori came up behind her and pulled her toward the table. "Lay down my on your back my sweet." She said. Alisha laid back on the table. As soon as she was down, Lori pulled up a chair and buried her face in Alisha's dripping pussy. I could hear both of them moaning.

Lori licked Alisha's legs clean of my spent jizz then began to suck all the remaining cum from her fucked pussy. It was a great sight to behold. Watching this, my cock regained its stature and I began to slowly jack off. Lori was aggressively eating Alisha's pussy and fingering herself at the same time. I could see that Alisha was beginning another orgasm. Her legs had wrapped around Lori's head and she had a death grip on the sides of the table.

Her body was stiff and her back arched up off the table. Her moans were deep and guttural. Lori was rapidly slamming two fingers up her pussy as Alisha came. In a few seconds I could see her body stiffen and her hand was making circular motions rubbing her pussy. She was cumming and still eating Alisha. Alisha was completely worn out and Lori had sat back in the chair with a sated look on her face, staring me as I jacked off. My cock was feeling really good and I knew that an eruption of cum was eminent.

I stood up and leaned into Lori. She took my cock in her mouth as I began to ejaculate. About half of it went in her mouth and the rest I deposited on her beautiful face. I watched as she scraped the ropes of cum off her face with her finger then licked it off. Alisha had recuperated and was sitting on the edge of the table.

"Man, was that good or what, I can see that we are all going to have a lot of good times together." After a short time, we all felt hungry so we decided to grill hamburgers. I went to the grill and started it while Alisha and Lori went inside to get the hamburger patties. Lori brought the patties out to me while Alisha set the table. Lori had made another pitcher of margaritas and brought them out at about the time I was taking the hamburgers off the grill.

We all sat down to eat and toasted to our future happiness. When the meal was over Alisha took the dishes into the house. Lori stood and came around the table to me. "Ok lover, it's time for you to plug me&hellip.and I want it up the ass like the last time." I looked at Lori standing there naked and immediately got a hard on. I stood and said, "Ok boss, bend over this table and you will get your wish. I love your tight ass." Lori bent over the table and I spit a large amount of saliva into her crack and lubed her tight ass hole then finger fucked her till her sphincter muscle relaxed.

I lubed my cock with saliva and spit more down her crack. I put the head of my cock against her anus and began to push in……slowly fucking the rest of my shaft into her a little at a time.

When I was balls deep inside her, I didn't move my cock till she became accustomed to the size. I began to slowly fuck her, spitting more saliva to lubricate us. My hands were on the sides of her ass pulling her to me each time I thrust into her. Lori almost immediately had an orgasm. I continued to fuck her, pushing into her ass as deep as I could. Lori had three more orgasms before I shot my load up her ass.

Lori moaned loudly when she felt my hot cum inside her. She was totally spent from the multiple orgasms she had experienced. I sat back in a chair and looked at her splayed round ass. I could see a creampie forming around her anus and trickling down her crack.

Shortly, Lori stood up and came to me, bent over and kissed me. "Thank you lover, that was great." Alisha returned after she finished with the dishes. We all talked till almost midnight then went to bed. I slept between Alisha and Lori in Lori's king size bed. All three of us slept the whole night, completely satisfied. Morning came and we had breakfast and spent the day just doing nothing. The evening before had satisfied all of our sexual appetites.

On Monday I would begin to disc down all the stubble in the wheat fields. Lori had to ship semen again this week. It would be a busy week. Norm would arrive on Friday afternoon setting the stage for a very eventful weekend.

Asas sloppy bj asa akira and pornstar

The week passed quickly. I had to go into North Platte for parts so I decided to go find Alisha and buy her lunch. When I stopped by where she worked, one of her co-workers told me that she had left for lunch already and wouldn't be back till 2 o'clock. I knew that she went home for lunch every day so I drove over to Barb and Mark's house. I knew that they had taken a trip out to Las Vegas so Alisha would be there by herself&hellip.maybe she would be available for a quickie.

When I arrived at Barb and Marks house, Alisha's car was parked in the driveway. There was another car parked behind hers. I parked out on the street and walked up to the front door. I tried the door and found that it was open, so I went on in. Once inside, I heard voices coming from the back of the house. I heard a man's voice so I remained quiet and proceeded toward the voice.

I walked down the hallway toward Alisha's bedroom and peeked around the doorway. I saw them. Alisha and some guy I didn't know. Alisha was on her back on the bed with her legs spread wide, up in the air. This guy was pounding his meat into Amateur african slut fucking doggy style interracial sweet pussy.

I didn't know what to do&hellip.should I barge and confront them or just remain quiet and watch and listen. I used my head and chose to just watch and listen. I really wasn't concerned about Alisha, I knew that she was in love with me and wasn't doing anything that I hadn't been doing with her aunt.

But, it did upset me that she hadn't said a word to me about having sex with someone else. I felt that she could have at least been up front with me. I continued to watch this guy fucking my 100 men gangbang one girl. I know that she was enjoying it by the way she was acting. She was very vocal telling him how good he was and how good his cock felt inside her. She kept saying, FUCK ME TOM, FUCK ME, FUCK ME, FUCK ME, I'M CUMMING……OH FUCK I'M CUMMING…… I watched as she wrapped her legs around this guy as he continued pounding his dick in and out of her.

He pushed in all the way and grunted and moaned. I could see his ass puckering and knew he was filling my Alisha with his cum. I backed away from the door and went into the kitchen and got a beer out of the refrigerator.

I japan hd squirting jap teen in amateur bukkak down at the table and quietly drank it and thought about just how I was going to handle this.

I think that I'm just going to sit here and wait for Alisha and listen to what she has to say. I could hear them leaving the bedroom, laughing as walked down the hallway. "Do you want a beer Tom? Let's go in the kitchen and I'll get us one." I heard Alisha say. When they walked through the door, it surprised me to see that they were both still naked. They were even more surprised to see me sitting there.

"Hi Alisha," I calmly said, "I hope you don't mind that I came in and helped myself to a beer while this fuck helped himself to your pussy." I could tell she didn't know what to say at this point. Tom looked offended and spoke up, "Do you know this asshole honey, want me to take care of him?" Alisha had that deer in the headlights look on her face and said, "No Tom, you just need to stay out of this, this is Robert…& fiancé.

Maybe you need to go get dressed and get the hell out of here while you still can." Tom left the room and Alisha came over cock hungry chick deserved a hard cock the table and grnd man xxx cam sex stories story down.

All I could think was how beautiful she was sitting there with nothing on. "I guess I owe you an explanation, huh?" she said to me. "Alisha," I said, "the only thing you need to explain to me is why you didn't tell me you were fucking someone here in North Platte. I don't really care if you were fucking him, I just want to know why you were trying to keep it a secret. We have an open relationship. The only stipulation was that we tell each other when we are fucking someone else." Alisha just sat there.

I could see that her eyes were tearing up. "I'm sorry I didn't say anything about it, I don't know why I kept it to myself, I just, I just didn't know how to tell you. I've never done anyone else except Norm, this just kind of happened&hellip.I hope you aren't mad at me…&hellip.I love you Robert and I still want the relationship we had." At this point, Tom the dick stuck his fucking head in the door and opened his ignorant mouth, "Everything ok Alisha, need me to take care of this fuck head?" This was the proverbial straw that broke the camel's back.

I pushed my chair back rapidly and went after him. Alisha was trying to stop me but I pushed past her and went after the ignorant bastard. I caught up to him as he ran out the front door and tackled him. "Alisha told you to get the fuck out of here while you were still able you dumb fuck& it's too late." I screamed at him.

One thing that I always liked and did a lot of was boxing. Dumb fuck Tom squared up at me in some kind of a kung fu stance as I pasted him square in the center of his face&hellip.breaking his nose. Blood was running everywhere as I planted another hard punch in the same place compounding his pain. Alisha was screaming at me to stop as this stupid bastard turned and ran as fast as he could to his car. The smoke from the spinning tires on his car clouded the neighborhood.

I could tell that Alisha was a little pissed at me. She was standing on the front porch totally naked, still screaming at me for hitting dumb fuck Tom.

I had to laugh at the scene& was really quite humorous when I thought about it. "Alisha, why don't you get in the house before a neighbor comes over to satisfy his needs too?" I told her. She suddenly remembered she was nude, quickly looked around the neighborhood and ran back indoors. "Get your ass in here Big tits depraved anal whore lorelei lee fucks in fishnets by jwrekxx, we have some talking to do." I heard her say.

I was still grinning as I walked into the house. Alisha was standing in the living room. "What the fuck do you think you were doing, Tom is a nice guy and didn't deserve that." She yelled at me. "He's the one that started it, I was just defending my honor," I told her. "You didn't have to punch him, hell you're a lot bigger than he is&hellip.he didn't have a chance&hellip.what am I supposed to say to him now?" "Maybe just tell him to go fuck himself from now on and stay the hell away from you&hellip.I think that could be a good start." Alisha smiled, I knew that she was starting to see the humor in the situation.

She came over to me and kissed me as she pressed her beautiful tits against me. "How about you and I going in my bedroom and having makeup sex. I'm going to go call my boss and tell him I won't be back in this afternoon." Alisha and I had sex the rest of the day. There's nothing better than makeup sex.

We did discuss the situation further and decided that she wouldn't see Tom again. If she wanted to fuck someone else in the future, she would call me and tell me about it beforehand. We both knew that soon, school would be starting and she would be moving out to the farm. Things would straighten themselves out. Bottom line&hellip.we loved each other. The week passed quickly. Lori and I were both quite busy taking care of our respective jobs.

Norm arrived at about noon on Friday. We took my truck into North Platte to pick up some beer for the weekend. I decided to live dangerously and bought a bottle of Patron. Sometimes I do some crazy things when I drink that stuff&hellip.but, it was to be a crazy weekend. When we got back to the farm Lori was walking across the yard. I pulled up beside her and asked her if she wanted a cold beer.

Of course she was ready, it had been a hard week and we were both ready to party. When Norm saw her, he was immediately in lust. The three of us sat on the tailgate of the pickup and drank quite a bit. One long shaft for two lusty stunners brunette cumshot about 5:30 Alisha arrived.

When she got there she immediately gave Norm a long wet kiss. Lori, not wanting to be left out, said, "Gee whiz, Norm, how about me?" He walked over to where she was back room casting couch mom first time fucking the steppals son as punishment on the tailgate and pushed up between her legs and gave her a long, tongue filled kiss as he rubbed his semi hard cock new school girl sex hot xxx moves against her.

Alisha grinned at me as we watched him dry fuck her right there. Lori was reacting quite violently. She was responding to feeling Norm's hard cock rub up against her jeans. Much to my surprise, I saw Norm begin to remove Lori's jeans. I couldn't believe how fast things were moving. I guess that it had something to do with the 12 pack we had consumed in the last hour or so. In a short while Lori was laying back in the bed of the pickup, her jeans and panties on the ground and Norm between her legs eating her sweet pussy.

As he licked her slit, he was pulling his jeans and underwear down. I could see his cock standing at attention in anticipation of slipping into Lori's wet cunt.

He stood up and slid his dick all the way into her open pussy causing Lori to cry out, "OH FUCK THAT FEELS GOOD, SLAM THAT MEAT TO ME BIG BOY……I WANT TO FEEL YOUR HOT CUM FILLING ME." Norm was fucking Lori feverishly as he opened her shirt and unsnapped her bra.

He leaned over and licked her erect nipples as he pulled her legs up over his shoulders allowing him full penetration. Alisha and I watched him fuck her, his balls slapping her ass on every stroke. We could see that Lori was cumming and Norm's cock was pulsing, filling her womb with his hot sperm. Every time he shot a rope of cum in her, his balls contracted and pulled up.

It was a very erotic sight. Soon we saw cum begin to drip off her onto the ground. Norm was still shooting his load and filling her vaginal cavity to capacity. In a few minutes he and Lori had finished. When he pulled out, a rush of thick cum gushed out of Lori onto the ground. "I grinned at Norm and asked, "Damn, Norm, how long has it been since you got a piece of ass…&hellip.that's one mother load of cum." He just laughed, "It's been over 6 weeks and I was in dire need.

Damn Lori, you are one fantastic fuck. I haven't had a woman make me feel like this for a long time……thank you." Lori just laid there smiling and didn't say anything. We decided that we should go over to Lori's house and continue our party there. I could tell that Alisha was hot and bothered and was in need of some cock. When we got to Lori's house, we all stripped and jumped in the pool.

The water was refreshing and we all were having a great time. Lori got out and told us that she was going to go in and get some hamburger patties out to grill. Alisha was wanting fucked.

We got out of the pool and were kissing, my cock was standing up ready for action. I pushed her back on the table and slid into her. God it felt good. Her hot, tight pussy was milking my cock getting me closer and closer.

In a few minutes I was emptying my balls into her. Norm was sitting in a chair nearby watching as we climaxed. He was stroking his hardening cock. When I finished dumping my load, Norm walked up and said, "Next !" Alisha was wanting more cock so I stepped aside and let Norm slide inside her. In a short while she was cumming and Norm was pumping his cock in and out of her in a desperate manner. Before she finished her orgasm, Norm was mixing his cum with mine inside her. I could hear him grunting like a breeding boar as he finished breeding my fiancé.

So far the start of the weekend was great. I put the burgers on the grill and soon we were all sitting down to a great meal. The evening moved on. Norm and Lori had hit it off really well and went to Lori's bedroom. Alisha and I could hear them having sex as we sat out by the pool. Alisha got horny again and went down on me and tried to suck me dry.

She was really wanting cum in her tummy and tried to suck every drop out of my balls then she would get my cock back up and suck more cum from me. After three times, my cock wouldn't get up again so I laid Alisha back on the table and ate her cum filled pussy making her cum over and over again till she was exhausted.

The weekend went very quickly. Norm left on Monday morning. The four of us had shared each other many timesk over the weekend. When he left, Norm told me that he might be back up this way in 8 months or so. Alisha and I told him he was welcome any time he was in the area. The summer continued. I got the winter wheat planted and Alisha and I moved into Lori's house after the bedroom and bath were remodeled. We started school at University of Nebraska in North Platte and are working toward finishing our degrees early.

We have set our wedding date in June of next year and are looking forward to our life together……with Lori. Our life together is going to be good……no doubt about it. The End…&hellip.or should I say The Beginning&hellip.