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Chapter 1 Lancer Leon. The name he had taken up when he and the Three others who were what was left of his people arrived on earth. His true name? Enro son of Shiela. Shiela was his mother's name. She had remarried to another before he was born and she had never seen a reason to tell him his biological father's name.

He didn't care. She was enough for him. Their planet was known as Lunar. It was named so southern teen maddy rose fucks in the car the three moons one could see among the stars at night.

As you walked among the white flowers at night, the three moons would give a bright light that reflected on the flowers, making them glow softly. He had spent many anight with his mother in a field of flowers as they talked on and on about this and that. Just him and her. They never invited his step father on these nights. They were content just with each other. Lunarians, ALL Lunarians, had the power to harness soul energy and use it to forge weapons and spells to defend themselves or help in healing or building.

Through learning from the Lunarian academy, one could know to harness the energy and use it to make weapons and shields, to cast devastating spells or to heal. The primary weapon for any Lunarians was a energy bow. It was known as the blue angel. It was formed from clear blue soul energy and wasn't solid. Mostly used by the traditionalists of their race and beginners.

Though it's colour changed from person to person, it was a Lunarian's primary weapon before he learned how to use spells and techniques or form other weapons using his soul energy. He and his step sister joined the academy la Luna at age 8 and continued on till age 18. His youngest brother from his mother's second marriage to his step father joined soon after.He was named Aden and was the last born of the family and treasured by his mother and Enzo.

At the academy he excelled,noted by his teachers as a true prodigy. Enzo had made a name for himself. He took to his powers so quickly it shocked even the Lunarian sages. He was the first to construct his bow, first to construct a soul energy sword kelsi monroe twerking hotties anal pounding other weapons and first to grasp and master the spells of chaos (Attack), Harmony (Binding and defence) and Serenity (Healing).

His mother was proud of him and he was happy. It wasn't to last. Civil war came soon after. And from a familiar spot. Lunaria, though beautiful, was a small planet with a population of 39 million Lunarians. Compared to other planets, they had a small population. They were ruled by Master sages. 10 in all. Each chosen for their power and wisdom.

Most followed their rule without question. After all. They had never led them astray even once. Unfortunately not all were content. A Lunarian lady of high birth and power, Pretoria daughter of Hilead, stood up and made a rebellion against the sages.

She wanted to be crowned empress of Lunaria and for the sages to bow and accept her rule. Not likely.

Last minute peace talks failed and Lunaria had a civil war on her hands. It was at this time of strife that Enzo met Claire daughter of Senra, a sweet, beautiful and kind yet frail lady of 19 years and fell in love. They were soon engaged to be married. Everyone approved the match and the joy it brought in this time of war and pain except one. Karla, his step sister. She had fallen in love with him since their parents had met.

Indeed with her curvaceous figure, huge bust, soft red lips, blonde hair and angelic face it wasn't a surprise why every Lunarian male wanted her for a wife. Not Enzo though. To him, none could compare to sweet, soft Claire with her green eyes, gentle voice and face, and raven hair with a face that held the softness of a dove.

Karla had begged for him to run away with her. He had refused her gently. She hadn't taken it well. "You'll regret this, my love. I won't ever stop loving you. But I will never forget the pain you've caused my heart." She had left that day. The next they heard of her, she had joined the rebellion and was now Lady pretoria's lieutenant. They would meet on the battlefield.

Recruitment into the army started for all Lunarians of 18 years and above. He had gone and was assigned to the Lunarian general Fragon catrina cafe ki xxx story of Kerne himself.

His great grandfather. How so you might ask. A Lunarian aged very, very, very slowly. To age one day took one year to them. It was easier to kill a Lunarian than to pray he or she die of old age. Under his great grandfather's tutelage, he learned more and trained to use even more powerful and forbidden techniques. He became a Sage class fighter and was a man to be feared on the field of battle. On the field he carved his name in blood, killing all enemies in his path and hardening his soul in the flames of battles as energy arrows flew threw the sky, soul weapons clashed and spells thrown in abadon.

It was Hell on earth. The war was bloody and bitter but mostly sad. With Lunarian turning on, fighting and killing their brothers and sisters it was infinitely sad.

In between the fighting both side heard news The destruction of Krypton. The return of Darkseid. Such news was sad and didn't bode well for Lunaria. Then came the worst news from the sages. "Lunaria is dying and will explode as it happened on krypton." All received the news. All laid down their bows. All wept. They didn't care why or how the planet was going to explode. They just knew it was over for good. The Green lantern of their sector confirmed it before flying away to get help.

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He would be too late then anyway. All despaired. Except one. Enzo searches the archives and found what he needed. Nobody looked up travel spells anymore. He found a spell that would send him and others to a safe planet. Lunaria was due to self destruct in 4 hours. He couldn't warn everyone and not everyone could use the spell. He got to Claire and Aden, packing clothes, weapons, artifacts and books in plenty of each. Should they bring forth a new generation of Lunarians then they would need to know of their past and culture.

He drew the complex spell blond teen gets plowed webcam watch part on slutcamxxcom on their arms, all the while not meeting their sad faces, especially claire's own green eyes. She seemed sadder than usual. And when he brought out a wedding ring and placed it on her finger, she had smiled sadly and kissed him with all the love she had.

They had gone to get their parents when they saw his mother's house in flames. And standing in front of them was HER. Karla. Looking at them with murder in her eyes. No need for explanations. His mother and step father were dead. He couldn't fight her. He needed all the energy he had from his soul for the spell. As she placed her hand in front of hershe used her soul energy to form the second level bow.

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The Storming vortex. More powerful than the blue angel and thrice as fast when sending out energy arrows that could even tear down mountains. She planned to kill them, no mistake about it. With a sad look at her fall from grace and the pain of the lost happy memories of his time with his mother and friends on Lunaria, he activated the spell. And they were gone. Forty minutes later, so was lunaria. Exploding and sending a shock wave of light energy across the galaxy. On many worlds that had been friends to the Lunarians, many wept.

And on many of the same worlds, the sick and ailing once touched with the energy of light found themselves well and cured, no matter the disease or disability they suffered from. It was a last gift from lunaria. A final hope of light they could give, with only once message thelightpassed to all who saw it. "Remember us" ############################# On earth, Enzo landed with his wife and brother in joy. They had made it. He turned and saw the same joy reflected in his brother's cheers of happiness that echoed through the empty field they had been sent to.

He turned to hug his young wife only to find her on the ground with her face to the night sky, the blazing stars and the bright full moon. Her weak body had been unable to take the trip. She was gone. Her hand held a box and her wedding ring to her still heart. He went on his knees and gently pried the box from her still warm hand and opened it as his brother cried in disbelief, his joy turned to pain at losing his much loved sister through marriage. Inside was a locket with three parts. One held a picture of their two families before the war when he announced their engagement, the other of them the day they had a private picnic and swallow multiple cumshots xxx make that money fallen asleep in each others arms only for his brother to snap a photo of the tender moment.

The last was a message. He read it softly. "I see a beautiful city. and a brilliant people, rising from this abyss. I see the lives, for which I lay down my life - peaceful, useful, prosperous and happy. I see that I hold a sanctuary in their hearts, and in the hearts of their descendants, generations hence. It is a far, far better thing that I do, than I have ever done; it is a far, far better rest that I go to, than I have ever known." Claire's body glowed a soft white before turning into thousands of glowing white feathers that for a moment embraced them both before flying out into the night.

Enzo held the locket tightly in his hand before he fell hawt little stripper beauty hardcore and blowjob the ground, soaking it in his tears.His brother held him as he cried as well. At the beginning it was said that he arrived with the last three of his people. Him, Claire and his brother Aden. If he had known of Claire's and his unborn child that had gone before with its mother, he would have wept even more.

################################# 20 years later ################################# Twenty years had passed. He had managed to integrate his brother and himself into the system with a false background. He sent his brother to high school to complete his education while he became an engineer and opened up a car repair shop.

He bought them a house and put all their things from lunaria in a secret and secure basement he made. He helped Aden complete his training but after two years he stopped. He had no interest in anything from their past anymore. His brother had been ballistic. "Brother, you can't just let it all go.

Why won't you train me anymore?

Or better yet, why don't you train anymore?" His answer had been cold. "You should be studying to go to college. Not playing around with bows anymore. The time for that thing is over. Besides. Being a Lunarian doesn't bring in money or put food on the table." His brother had paled and shook his head in disbelief at his answer. He had proceeded to train on his on without enzo's help. He went to college many times over the years just as he did high school to avoid suspicion over his non aging appearance.

He usually left the city to other schools for this. It was easier for Enzo he just applied some makeup and dyed his hair a bit. Then came the superheroes.Superman, Batman, Wonder woman (Aden had drooled at the sight of the beautiful amazon) and the rest. Then the groups the formed. First the justice league, then the Teen titans. Aden had joined up at once though Enzo never said anything when he found out of his brother new alias as "Soul Arrow". Aden had made his bed. He better fucking lay in it.

############################## He sat at the table of the expensive metropolis cafe. Enzo,(from here called Lancer) waited for his brother with his eyes closed calmly. They came on this date to the hotel to have a nice dinner in memory of their families and planet. They would have been eating now. If his brother wasn't so God damn LATE!!! "WE INTERRUPT THIS PROGRAM TO BRING YOU A SPECIAL REPORT. " Everyone in the cafe was son force fuck mom wrong hole as the reporter when on.

"We are here in downtown metropolis where the Teen titans and The justice league have engaged in a battle against Black Adam, who seems to have gained greater power from an unknown source. The battle doesn't seem to be going in the heroes favour and we urge all viewers to not go anywhere near the downtown area." The camera turned to show a confident looking black Adam swat superman and Wonder woman away with ease before kicking batman into the air, catching him before he could land and slamming hum into the ground, leaving cracks on the cement.

Before he could finish him off, a rain of energy arrows him black Adam In the back. It was Aden, shooting off arrows with all he had but getting no effect as Adam moved menacingly towards him. Lancer sighed and put some money on the table. He took out the locket from his wife, opening it and looking at her gentle face in the picture. "I should go, huh? I know that you'd do the same if you drilling of a squelching twat hardcore and blowjob closed the locket and walked out.

############################### Downtown metropolis was a mess. Buildings destroyed and on fire, cars wrecked and rubble everywhere. Members of the justice league and teen titans lay on the ground or on all fours, injured or catching their breath. "The hell did Adam eat for breakfast this morning?

The Flash asked as he lay groaning on the ground. "I don't know but it must have been real good for him to be kicking our asses so bad."Answered Hall Jordan, the Green lantern. "Indeed, My dear enemies. " Everyone looked up to see black Adam floating above them before landing gently before, smiling cruelly.

"Perhaps you wonder why you cannot defeat me, hmmm? It is quite simple. Because you want to DEFEAT me, not KILL me. All those punches, kicks, slams and powers amount to not if theyddon't have the intention of killing me.They are weak as are Ava addams on the air scene 3 ALL!!

So I shall end your misery, kill you and rule this world. HAHAHAHAHA!!!!" "We will stop you. We aren't done yet." Cried out Wonder girl as she helped Supergirl in trying to stand but caved as they both fell down. Adam laughed at her statement. "Why do you speak of 'stopping' me? What am I to you? Am I notyour mortal enemy? You stand before the man who has beaten you and your friends as well as killed many of the citizens of metropolis, and you cannot even say you will 'kill' him.

That is your weakness." He walked over to the one known as spirit archer, picking the tired teen up as he struggled feebly in his grasp. "I think I shall start with you." Aden so his life flash before his eyes as Adam's fist went down to crash into his face. It was over. And he hadn't even said Goodbye to his brother. Suddenly a powerful harmony reigns fake taxi driving of pure blue energy struck Adam's falling fist, forcing him to scream in pain and look at his arm in shock as he saw the great amount of blood where the arrow had hit him.

The heroes and Adam turned around and saw a man of about twenty four years standing ten feet away from them dressed in a expensive black suit and coat holding what looked like a short silver bow with no string for an arrow, though many of the teen titans saw his other hand pulled back and smoking lightly as if it had just shot something extremely hot and powerful like an arrow.

Just like Spirit arrow. But his actually made Adam bleed. Aden on the other hand was looking at his brother's bow in shock. It was the third and final level of the soul bow that a Lunarian could achieve. One that marked them as a dangerous Lunarian Sage level fighter.

While others bows appeared in the form of blue soul energy, a Sage was able to solidify his own to a shape that suited him. A thousand times more powerful and deadly as well as a thousand times faster than any other, this was the ultimate achievement of a Lunarian warrior. Third level bow.Name:Angel's ascent. Or as his brother had named it honour of his late wife: Claire's legacy. Any thoughts Aden had of his brother hating his lunerian heritage or not caring about him vanished as he saw the bow.

His brother hadn't lifted that bow to fight for twenty years. Only now when his life was in jeopardy did he raise it once more. And he was just as deadly as he was in the war.

Adam dropped him to the ground as he shouted at Lancer. "Do you dare come between me and my fate?" Lancer was silent before he answered in a calm, cold voice. It seemed though that he was talking to someone else. ". If fate is a millstone, then we are the grist.

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There is nothing we can do. So I wish for strength. If I cannot protect them from the wheel, then give me a strong bow, and enough strength. to shatter fate." He looked at Adam. "You want an attack with intent to kill? In that case, you should fight me. There's plenty in my bow.of that "intent to kill" you like so much.

I won't come between you and your fate. If your fate is to die." Adam and Lancer got into battle stances, Adam bearing his fist while Adam calmly placed two fingers between his bow and drew them back causing a bowstring and Arrow of great energy to form. The arrow seemed to draw on the very energy in the air, causing it to grow hotter and sharper, though Lancer didn't seem to notice as he spoke again.

"The first hit was a warning shot. From now on, do not lose your composure, do not break your stance, stretch out your awareness, and do not let your guard down for even a second. Cause if you do.I WILL KILL YOU!!!!!!" That night a hero was born. To be continued. (if you comment and rate positively ;-) )