Hot teen hotcuteglrb masturbates her both holes n squirts fountain alivegirlcom

Hot teen hotcuteglrb masturbates her both holes n squirts fountain alivegirlcom
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Jennifer and her family were going 1hour xxx hot sex stories story go visit Andre's family (her sisters ericas boyfriend). When they got to Andre's grandmas house the house was huge. Domineke (Andre's Cuzin) was waiting for them to get there.

He was 16 but looked like he was 20 or so. He was Black so his whole family came from an African back ground. He had that sexi dark brown skinlooked like a baby's soft skin. He has that Usher hair cut, the Usher smile, his eyes light brown that looked sexi. Domineke had a muscular body not to much not to little. He dressed sexi fresh like a gangsta but not to saggie. All the girls at his school wanted him but he knew that all of them were hoe's and were with almost every guy at school.

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When Jennifer Walk in the house she was amazed. Domineke was so amazed by her looks and attitude that by the end of the day he had developed a crush on her. Jennifer was chubby. Beautiful brown eyes. Her natural tan skin was so sexi lookin. She had her hair cut how Rihanna had it at first with the ends pointy.

Jennifer had a very sexi smile with sexi big lips. She had a chubby body but with great features, a nice big booty, nice cup size of boobs. Overal she was a very sexi lady. This was Jennifer's family first tme that one of her family members gets with a black guy.

Her family was mexican religon. Jennifer was 16, she was not like many girls at her school, she was very different. She knew that Domineke had something for her. He would not leave her alone all day he been wanting to be around her.

After Dinner everybody sat down to watch some T.V. Domineke had to give his bedroom up so Jennifer could sleep there, so he had to sleep in the living room were everybody was at. It was just Domineke and Jennifer Watching T.V. Domineke crab Jennifer right before she was leaving to go to bed. "Hey you pretty brazilian mamita enjoys sex hardcore blowjob iv been feelin you all day girl" He paused, crabed her closer.

"So can u give me a chance" Jennifer Looked him straight in his eyes, she knew he was being serious. She tried to get away but his muscular arms wouldnt let her. "Ill give you a chance but." "But what" ".But were leavng in two weeks" he crabed Jennifer's face pulled her in and gave her a big kiss. "Ill make these 2 weeks the best of your life baby girl" And kissed her again. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2 days before they were to leave Domineke and Jennifer impossible to breakaway.

Nobody knew or evan thought there was something going on between them. Domineke and Jennifer knew that they had two more nights that they were going to be together. That night when everybody was asleep they cuddled up on the couch. Around 10:30 pm Jennifer got up and was going to bed but Domineke crabed her and pulled her down again. "Babe tonight is da last night were going to be together" "And." ".And i was wondering if i could spend the night with you.cuz you know its the last time were going to be together" "haha (big sexi smile that made Domineke melt).come in a lil 30 mimutes.alright babe" "I wouldnt miss it for the world boo" 30 minutes later Jennifer had gotten out of the shower and gotten in bed.

Right when Jennier got in bed under the covers Domineke open the door and craweled in right behind her. He could smell the strawberry shampoo on her hair and the baby lotion on her skin. Superstar by Usher came on the radio.

Jennifer turned around and hugged Domineke and put one of her legs ontop of Dominekes hips. she notice he was wearing only boxers, his skin lookied so smooth in the moon light. Domineke grabed her and pulled her closer to hime.

"I love you girl" "I love you too boo" He crabed her face and kissed her. She could feel something rising in his midsegment while still kissing him.She was about to move out but he wouldnt let her. Kissing her neck moving down "Babe." . "Boo" She pulled him up by the face. "Babe iv never had sex before" "Boo if you dont want to do this its up to you" "Baby you love me." "No babe i dont love you.Im in love with you girl" He kissed her.

he crabed her. got ontop of her, her legs around his hips. Domineke started kissing Jennifer on the neck and lower.lower. He lifted his head when he got to her chest. He got close to her ear and whispered "I love you" Her legs still around his hips he took off her penties slowly. "Baby im scared" "I got you boo.I wont let nothing bad happen to you boo" He kissed her soflty and laid her back down.

He lowered down to kiss her pussy lips. He notice that it smelled like fresh strawberrys.He got up to take off his boxers. "Babe do you want condom off or on" "Babe its my first time.I wanna feel you but i dont want to get pregnent.What if something goes wrong" "Babe i got isnt my first time.I know how to make love without one" "Alright babe do your thang" he teased her by rubbing his dick on her pussy lips.He lowered his head and started rubbing his tougue on her clint.

"Ooooohhhhhhh.Bbbaaaabbbbeee" He moved his tougue down. He could berly get his tougue in her. "Dam babe you tight" "Bbaabbee.Ooohhh my gosh that feels sooooo good" He kissed the inside of her thigh. She let out a big breath. He got up looked at her n the eyes. "Babe im sorry but this is going to hurt a lil bit boo" She just stayed quiet while he went down again.

He crabed his 9 1/2 in. dick and started to rub her clint with it. she started moaning. She could see the veins on his dick. Her pussy was so wet, his dick would slid off and hit the bed sheets. "Babe your going to feel some pressure but its alright ok boo" He started to grinding on her for a lil bit.

"Babe dont worry ill be gentle" With the candle shinning n her face she looked so beautiful. "Dam girl you look soo good" He put the tip of his dick on her hole bent down to kiss her but right before he kissed her he pushed in slowly.

She started moaning loud but kissing her he felt her screaming her guts out every time he pushed in and out softly. She felt him push more lil by lil.

It hurt so much for her she was sure she was bleeding. He stoped inside her for a little bit. "Dam babe you feel soo gooood." Kissing her neck. When he was halfway in he got up grabed her thigh's and just out of nowere pushed half of that in.

She was shaking for a little bit, she covered her mouth with her hands. He layed ontop of her again. "Babe im sorry" He pushed the other half inside her and kissed her so she wouldnt scream. He started stroking his dick in and out of her slowly while kissing her so they wouldnt heat her scream. He could see that her pussy was so wet it was getting the sheets wet. He stroked harder in and out, she was shaking.

He knew a few more strokes he was gong to cum. "Babe.babe wait a sec let me get something" She got up on her knee's turned around and reach for something ontop of the headboard.

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He saw the chance to do it doggy style. He had one more stroke he SLAMED it hard in her. "DOMINEKE" "Babe.Ffuucckk.Shiiiit.Immmmm cuummmiing" He came all over her butt cheecks. She fell on her side feeling num in stellar looker is flashing her opened slim muff in closeup viginia. He crabed her softly and pulled her closer to him. "Babe im sorry.Im so sorry baby" He crabed her by the waist and kissed her softly on the lips.

She was just stareing at him. When he kissed her she felt weak like she just wanted Domineke to take her and never bring her back. "Babe ill be back i have to go to the rest room" She looked at him walking away "knock.knock" "Yeah.Who is it" "Its me man Andre.Ay man is Jennfer in there with you" "No.why would you say that" "Cuz fool we heard her scream your name man" "O yeah it's cuz.she walk in here and saw me taking a shit.She screamed and closed the door" "O forreal alright make sure you lock the door ok bro" "Alright bro" "Ok.go to bed now dude its like 2:30 in the morning" "Yeah i knowim just getting done here then heading back to bed" "Alright good night" "Alright bye" "Bye" Domineke open the door ro make sure he was not there nomore and ran to his room were Jennifer was.

He saw her laying there in bed half way asleep "Hey babe im back" He layed behind her, hugged her by the waist, pulled her closer to him. He notice that her bottom half was still naked. He pulled her in closer, and whispered in her ear. "Babe I love you" And kissed her on the neck. She felt so good inside when he said that he loved her. She backed up against his body so he could feel her. she felt his dick through his boxers touch her butt.

Right before they feel asleep Marques Houston - Sex with you came on the radio. "Domineke I love you more then anything" "Me to Babe" And kissed her on the neck, and then they both fell alsleep. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Domineke woke up at 5:57 in the morning and knew that his grandma always woke up at 6:00 am.

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He kissed Jennifer on the cheek and jumped out of the bed and ran downstairs to the living room. When he pulled the cover over him his grandma turned on the kichen lights and started to make coffe. Domineke fell alsleep minustes later.