Chubby babe with huge melons gets nailed

Chubby babe with huge melons gets nailed
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It was a warm Friday evening and I had gone to the park to escape my dysfunctional home and enjoy some quiet solitude in the darkening empty park. It had been a long hard week of junior high school and I just wanted some peace and quiet.

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I was comfortable in a pair of cotton gym shorts, tee shirt, sneakers and socks. The shorts were old and probably too short and I wasn't wearing underpants because I didn't want to.

If I was alone in the park I could play with my dick and wearing loose shorts and no underpants gave me easy access. If I was lucky and no one was around, I could play with my dick enough to shoot my little boy load on the ground, which excited me. I had just recently been able to jerk off and loved the feeling of shooting off my little boy load, especially outdoors in the open.

The park was empty when I arrived and I was playing with my dick while sitting at a picnic table under a tree in the middle of the park when I heard a noise and quickly put by dick back under my shorts and sat quietly. A man I had met before sat down beside me saying 'hello again.' I just mumbled something and looked away.

I felt my face turning red because of what had happened the last time he came along and found me here. He continued to talk to me about the warm evening, the quiet air, how it was getting dark hot asian plays with vibrator teen solo I did not respond, my heart racing, wondering where this was going.

I had met this man here before and he had gotten me to do things for him that both embarrassed me and sort of exhilarated me. I wasn't anxious to do it again but in skinny blonde teen fucks mature landlord for rent in hd way I was feeling a rush of anxiety I couldn't explain. He was sitting on the bench with his back against the table and stretched his arm in front of me (I was sitting facing forward) and began to rub his cock under his pants with his other hand.

My breathing increased when I saw him fondling himself and I couldn't take my eyes away from him massaging himself through his pants. He smiled when he saw me watching him play with himself. Can I do it with you again, he asked quietly.

I just sat there with my head down and didn't make a sound and he said again, can we do it again? Come on, let's do it again, ok? By now it was getting dark and no one was in sight and part of me wanted to obey him but something in me said no, this is wrong, you are a boy and he is a man and you shouldn't do this, but again, he said, come on, no one's here and I won't tell. Didn't we have fun last time? Come on, what's the harm? He leaned forward taking his outstretched arm off of the table and put his hand on my bare thigh, moving it up and down touching my crotch.

I didn't move and let gorgeous teen babe playing her tight pussy feel my leg and reach into my shorts and fondle my little dick making it hard. So slowly I swung my legs around to sit facing out as he was, my dick sticking up hard in my shorts and his arm now around me stroking my shoulder and caressing my slender neck. You're nice, so cute. Let's do it, ok? It'll be fun, like last time. Ok? He smelled nice and he held me close to him and I just sort of nodded my head ever so slightly hating myself.

He said, come on, behind the tree here like before and slowly he arose taking my arm and pulling me reluctantly with him. This was wrong and my heart was racing as my face was turning redder but he kept reminding me that I had done it before and though I didn't really want to do it now and hadn't come here for this, he had me firmly by my arm pulling me up and behind the tree and I was slowly going with him whether I wanted to or not.

Take your clothes off, he said. Do I have to? Yeah, take off your clothes, it's better that way. Please, do I have to? Yeah, take 'em off he said. No one will see you but me.

It's more fun that way. I want to see you without clothes on. You're so cute. Come on, take 'em off. So I pulled off my tee shirt and laid it on the nearby picnic table and slipped out of my shorts and put them on top of my tee shirt and stood there naked before him, both of us behind the large tree, my clothes now out of my reach. He pulled me to him and ran his hands over my nude body touching my blonde in sexy lingerie sucks and rides cock and fingering my asshole gently as he kissed my bare neck and shoulder running one hand up and down my bare back.

My little dick was jumping straight and hard as he tickled my balls and continued to finger my asshole at the same time. If my mind was thinking this was wrong, but my dick was very excited and he knew it. He pulled his finger out of my asshole and ran his hand over my slowly sprouting pubes and said, oh yeah, you're sweet, so sweet. Somehow this excited me even more that being nude before this man and having him run his hands all over my naked body was making him happy, and, I have to admit, it felt good.

He opened his pants and took out his cock and I could see in the dim light that the tip glistened. He took me by my thin shoulders and gently pushed me down to the ground on my knees in front of him facing his hard cock with the glistening drop of precum and said kiss it. And I leaned forward and kissed his cock getting the string of his precum on my lips. I licked it off of my lips and it was sweet and salty at the same time. Suck it baby, suck it good, ok? I didn't move so he put his hand behind my head and pulled me forward come on baby, suck it.

Reluctantly I leaned forward again and took the head of his cock in my mouth and began to suck it making slurping noises as I sucked on the large swollen head of his cock. Then he took my head in both his hands and began to fuck my years old lola milano gets fucked pornstars hardcore mouth making me gag as his cock hit the back of my throat.

Open up baby open up nice and easy relax and he kept moving his hips fucking my mouth with his bush of pubic hair brushing my nose. Oh yeah, that's it. I fought the urge to gag as he kept moving his cock in and out of my mouth.

Look up at me, look at me, baby, and I looked up at him and he told me to lick the shaft of his cock on the underside and lick his balls and I did it just like he told me to. Keep looking up at me, baby. Yeah, sweet. I licked his balls and tasted the salty sweat between his legs just like he wanted me to.

He pulled away and turned around and bent over a little opening his ass cheeks and told me to lick his asshole. Oh, not this again. His hands were spreading his cheeks and I could just make out his big hairy asshole in the fading light and I slowly moved my face between his cheeks and began to lick his asshole pushing my tongue into it as he groaned in pleasure.

His asshole wasn't clean but the taste wasn't all that unpleasant to me and I continued to lick his ass knowing that I was licking it clean of his shit but I couldn't stop for fear of disappointing him. Oh yeah, baby, that's it. I grasped onto his legs for balance and kept licking and probing his asshole with my tongue as he ground his ass into my face until he said ok, and then I stopped as he turned around to face me as I was nude kneeling on the ground in front of him, my mouth wet from licking his asshole.

He rose me up to my feet and put my hand and his throbbing cock making me rub him while he kissed my mouth and he stuck his big tongue into my mouth while I rubbed his cock back and forth.

I wonderd why he would kiss me after I had tongued his dirty ass but then I should have wondered why I had stuck my tongue into his shitty asshole and licked him there in the first place. What was I thinking? We kissed for a bit and I like him holding me and his tongue in my mouth kissing me and then stopped and turned me around and pulled the table close to us under the tree and bent me face-first over the table and began to spit on his hand, wetting his cock and then wetting my asshole with his spit.

I said please don't do this to me again, please don't, I don't want you to do this to me again and he said too late baby, too late and pushed me face down on the table hard as he moved the head of his big cock against my little asshole and taking my bare narrow hips between his hands he pushed his cock against me.

It missed the first time but then in one painful thrust pulling my hips towards him and thrusting forward his cock wemnt up my ass and I gasped in pain as his cock filled my little ass and he said oh, yeah, baby. still nice and tight. He wasted no time in humping me pushing his hard thick cock in and out of my little asshole as it quivered and conformed to his cock. My torso was spread across the table top and my feet were barely touchng the ground as he thrust his cock deep into my quivering ass riding me hard as I was half sprawled on the table.

He pounded me hard and I was being thrust into the table as he slapped my bare cheeks and fucked me harder and faster whispering oh shake it shawtie girl sarie rich and don, baby, oh yeah, until his voice got weaker and weaker and his began to pant and his cock shot his huge load of warm cum into me.

His cock kept throbbing again and again and again as he emptied his huge load of cum into my still quivering asshole as I lay bent over the table. I could feel the warm cum spread up my ass, oddly happy that I had satisfied him while being totally humiliated that I had let this man fuck fantasyhd cutie housekeeper dillion harper gets naughty hardcore brunette in my ass out here in the open park AGAIN.

His cock finally stopped throbbing and began to soften as he regained his breath and then he removed it slowly from my wet ass and it made a little pop as is came out of me.

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He leaned down and kissed me on the back my neck. You can get up now. My ass was sore and quivering and as I shakily pushed myself erect, his large deposit of cum began to ooze out of me and run down between my bare thighs. I turned around to face him and he was smirking at me, his cock back in, zipping his pants kinky lesbos fill up their enormous bootys with milk and squirt it out and he chucked my chin and said that was hot baby, that was really hot and then he looked off this his left and said, you want sloppy seconds?

What? To my shock and embarrassment another older man stepped out from behind the tree and said oh yeah, I got him next. that was hot. Apparently this other man had watched me nude bent and being fucked on this table top and had been waiting for his turn. I stood there in shock and shame as the first man walked away and the other man came forward smiling at me as I stood with my back leaning against the table barely able to stand there, nude to the world with cum still sliding down the inside of my shakey thighs.

He didn't bother to even ask me if he could, he just assumed that I'd let him fuck me, too. The first man didn't even bother to look back at me as the 2nd man unbuckled his pants and exposed his hard cock in front of me. Over his shoulder as he was walking away the first man deliverd the final insult by saying she's all yours. Nice and tight. Enjoy. And he did, twice.