Extremely elegant toy and tight asshole erotica movies

Extremely elegant toy and tight asshole erotica movies
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I was going through a lesbian phase early on in highschool, of course I was mostly in the closet during school hours, my honest flirting with a girlfriend often went un-noticed and was made out to be joking. I had begun to grow curious about sex, being a virgin myself, my girlfriend at the time, Jill, was much more experienced in that field and was willing to help me learn a thing or two. I was still developing as I was a late bloomer, I didn't get my period until I was 14, thus I was pretty small, youthfulish features, small breasts.

Which I know now that many people didn't mind the naturally innocent appeal I held. Jill and myself had recently begun to 'explore eachother.' We had setup for her to spend the weekend at my house for more playtime, my parents were going to a concert on Friday evening, had a holiday party on Saturday, and church on Sunday, thus we knew they wouldn't really be around to bother us while we were together.

Friday arrived, Jill came by as my parents were getting ready to head out, hellos and goodbyes, then they took off leaving the two of us alone. I wanted to grab a shower, quickly heading upstairs to the master bathroom, stripping down and hanging my towel on a rack, tossing clothes aside as I turned on the water.

I looked myself over in the mirror, I hated that I was so small, I really hated how small my breasts were, B-cups at most.

But I loved how my pussy hair was really soft and sparse, helped the whole 'young and innocent' look, which my girlfriend adored. I stepped into the warm water, closing the shower curtains and began to let the water run against me, after I had finished washing myself off, and was about to begin shampooing my hair, the door to the bathroom opened and in walked Jill.

She tugged open the curtain and admired me washing, "That is sexy babe." I laughed and offered her to join me if she wanted, which no sooner had I offered than was she disrobing and climbing in with me. Her body was more mature, she was a junior so age was a given headstart.

Full C-cup breasts topped with puffy pinky nipples, slender body, not sickingly so, she still retained georgeous curves, her pussy was trimmed into a triangle patch on her pussy mound, everywhere else was smooth, just mouthwatering.

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She grabbed a sponge and added a little vanilla scented soap, quickly moving the sponge against my body, her fingers cleaning the more delicate parts to my body, pussy, tits, and ass.

She loved teasing me and driving me crazy. As the water washed away the soap from my skin, she began to kiss against my neck, biting and suckling on the flesh, I moaned as I could feel the familiar ache in my pussy from being aroused. Her hands moved to grab against my breasts, mouth covering each nipple in turn, suckling and biting at each of my sensitive nipples, my own hands moving to place one against her breast, the other rubbing between her thighs, tugging and massaging at her clit.

'Mhmm, rub faster. and get down on your knees and lick my cunt!' She demanded and brought a hand up to press my head down until I was kneeling.

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My tongue snaked out and began to flicker against the top of her clit, mouth sucking as much as I could into my mouth as hands gripped against her hips. I liked to think I was a quick learner, as she had taught me to eat pussy and finger-fuck her until she screamed in orgasm. I had begun to learn about her body and ways to drive other females wild.

I slid both hands from her hips to spread her cunny wide open, my tongue pressing into her warm hole, head moving back and forth as I tongue fucked her, two fingers soon replacing my mouth as I started hard, pounding my hand and fingers to her.

I was soon rewarded as a rush of warm and slippery female fluids sprayed against my fingers, moving my mouth quickly to lick up some of the mess with a few content sighs.

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'Mmm delicious.' I licked off a few fingers and pressed my tongue back into her, swirling it around to collect the sticky fem cum. I loved hearing her moan and knowing I was making her happy, it was so erotic in its own sense to know I made her hot and bothered.

She pulled away, motioning for me to stand up as she was going to pleasure me now.

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Quickly standing as she lowered and lifted my foot onto the edge of the tub. Her face quickly buried between my thighs and her tongue fiercely went to work licking and suckling on my clit, her tongue pressing gently into my virgin hole, she looked up to me and softly asked, "If you love me, you'll let me take your virginity." I didn't know exactly what to say, I loved her but was a little hesitant to loosing it like this, however offered a nod and a caress against her jawline, "Alright." She had me sit on the edge of the tub, thighs widely parted as she began to press the tips of two fingers against my sacred hole, 'Take a breath baby, this might hurt a little." She moved to push her fingers into me in a long, fluid movement, the main thing I remeber is the popping sensation and the blood, lord was there blood.

I moaned loudly as she began to open me up, however had to huge ass ebony bangs in bikini shop my mouth to prevent from screaming, she offered bites and kisses to my knees in attempt to draw my attention from the pain, which worked.

She began a slow and steady pace pumping her fingers into me, it hurt, but the main sensation I remember is the feeling of tearing flesh inside my pussy, strangely enough it wasn't a horrible feeling. Soon enough I was moaning and moving my hips to meet her finger pumps into me, god it felt good, I could feel my body and pussy start to tingle, a loud cry of pleasure mixed with pain as my cunt clenched down against the invading fingers into me, a small rush of femcum and blood poured from my hole.

She waited until my orgasm calmed and soon died, she stood, lifting a leg onto my shoulder as I was happy to rub my face against her slick cunny, tongue driving into her wildly licking and sucking, moaning softly, "Damn babe, you always taste so good." She answered with moans and pushing her hips towards me, pressing her cunt against my mouth and tongue.

I licked harder, fingers rubbing against her clit-nub, tugging and lightly pinching which quickly pushed her over the edge, a spray of femcum splashing onto my face as her entire body shuddered and twitched about.

Resting on the bottom of the tub for a little, just holding eachother tight, kissing and cooing, we finished rinsing off and climbed out, drying off and moving to my bedroom down the hall. I had been brought into womanhood and I knew there would be a long, passionate night ahead of me.

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