Girlfriend in costume fucks me for my birthday tube porn

Girlfriend in costume fucks me for my birthday tube porn
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Nathan and Nicolas were brothers; they are much closer than most brothers because they are identical twins. They do everything together. They have all the same friends, do all the same things and they look exactly the same. Not only are they brothers but they are best friends. They've been together for twelve years now and their relationship is about to become much different than it is now.

Nathan and Nicolas are twelve years old and about 4ft. 11in. tall. They have beautiful bluish-green eyes and lips that always look moist. They have a cute button nose and their ears are small like a 9 year old's rather than a 12 year old. Their hair is about 3/4inches long and light brown on top well towards the bottom it turns blond.

Their eyebrows are brown and their skin is absolutely perfect. They're slightly pale and have an outtie belly button. They are not very muscular and they have very small pink nipples that are always stiff. Their penises are decent size for 12 year old's, 2 inches flaccid and 4 inches hard. And they have a smile that would make you weak in the knees.

The story starts with Nathan and Nicolas at their swim practice, which they have three nights a week. They're both excellent at almost everything they do, including school. Swimming is only one of the four sports that the twins do. Swimming in the summer, Football in the fall, wrestling in the winter, and gymnastics in the spring; and with every sport they had won a state championship. They both really enjoyed the sports that they played, except football. Nathan loved football but Nicolas didn't.

There was a reason, although Nicolas liked the other sports he did and was good at them, he did not like them for the same reason that most boys did. Nicolas loved the sports he did because of the uniforms that he got to wear. With wrestling you would just wear the spandex uniform, gymnastics you would wear a leotard, and swimming you would wear a high cut Speedo; but with football you had to wear the spandex pants, high socks, cleats, a cup, a shirt, shoulder pads, a helmet, a jersey, a chin strap and a mouth piece.

Nicolas hated having to wear all that stuff he liked the feeling of less on. He really liked that with the other sports uniforms he felt almost naked because of the tightness of them. He loved the feeling of being watched well he was naked, in his head at least.

With football he never got that feeling. Nathan on the other hand liked hairy woman arina tames her morning craving the sports he did but like his brother it wasn't for the same reason that most boys would.

Nathan liked the bulge that showed in the uniforms that they wore. He loved how people could see it and even though he didn't have that big of a penis just the feeling of having people see the bulge was amazing to him. In fact, with football when his parents took him and his brother to get their equipment, Nathan picked out an extra large cup because he wanted people to notice that area in his pants.

Both boys were so turned on by the feeling of people watching them but they never told each other. One day when the boys were at their swim practice the coach told them to do 10 laps across the swimming pool, which was decently big. However, earlier that practice Nathan had slipped and fell on the concrete and the coach told him to hit the showers early. Nathan went to the locker room and looked around there were normally a few people in the locker room considering it was a public pool but this time there was only one.

He was an older guy that was always there after their swim practices. He had black hair about 5ft. 11in. and was in pretty good shape. He looked like someone's dad that you could trust and talk to. Normally the man was already showering by the time the team got done with their practice. Nathan immediately recognized the man from a bunch of times before.

It was the man that would stare at him and his brother well they showered after practice. Nathan didn't really think much of it considering him and his brother would shower under the same shower head, which made a lot of people look at them well they were showering but they had showered together since they were born so it was no big deal.

Today he was still getting undressed when Nathan walked in, he was a little startled because it was unexpected that he was gonna be there alone. They both exchanged looks for a moment and Nathan started towards his locker. "So are you done earlier or something?" The man asked Nathan. "Well sort of I slipped and fell so I had to stop earlier. Cause I was bleeding and my coach didn't want blood in the sexy blonde milf natasha nice anal teacher Nathan told him.

"Oh that's not good. Are you alright?" He old cougar college teacher having sex with young student as he stripped himself down and grabbed his towel. "Uh, Ya I'm alright thanks. It just stings a little." Nathan told the man as he stripped down as well. "That's good don't need people getting hurt. You know I've seen you in here before but you're normally with your brother." He said as they both headed toward the showers.

"It's weird seeing you without him." "Ya we're really close we're not just twins but we're best friends ya know?" He told the man as he found a shower head that he wanted to use and turn the water on as the man did the same.

"Yup that's good you and your brother should be close." He said and after that the conversation died for a little bit. Nathan grabbed the soap and began to wash himself with it. At one point he had turned around and saw the man was staring at him well he rubbed the soap on himself. When the man saw Nathan had notice him he quickly turned away.

Nathan just shrugged his shoulders and forgot about it. After he was done with the soap he tried to put it back up on the soap dish but accidentally dropped it. He bent over and got it and well halo cortana sex fuck big dick hentai hmv was reaching for it he looked between his legs and saw the man was staring again.

He acted as if he hadn't seen it and went on grabbing the soap. He set it on the dish and then he quickly turned around to try to catch the man of guard. But it didn't work, to Nathans surprise the man didn't look away but kept staring and looking him over.

He kept looking at the boys little dick between his legs. The man turned his entire body around to expose his fully erect 7in. dick. Nathans eyes dropped straight down to it. The man waited a little bit before he did anything else.

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He walked over to Nathan's shower head and began to shower with the young boy. Nathan's eyes were still fixated on the older man's huge cock. "Do you like that?" The older man asked the boy. He didn't answer he was too busy staring. "Well yours is pretty cute too." He said as he reached down and grabbed his boner. "It's big for someone your age." And he squeezed it lightly and let go. Nathan was still to shocked to say anything.

All he knew was he liked what was going on. "So do you shave down there or is it still bald?" The man asked. "Wha-What do you mean?" Nathan asked the man. "Haha well you see my penis has hair around it and yours doesn't." The man explained. "So did you shave it or have you not grown a bush yet." "Well I thought you could only shave your face. I didn't know you could shave your penis." Nathan told him. "You can shave your face. You can shave anywhere you have hair.

Like your head." He said as he ruffled the boy's hair. "Your face" And he rubbed the back of his hand down his left cheek.

"Your chest" And he pointed towards the boys chest. "You're armpits." He said as he grabbed the boy's arm and lifted it in the air and then took his free hand and began to tickle the boy's armpit. Nathan giggled as the man went sunny leone hot sexy poke porn xxx story. "And you can shave your penis.

Well around it more than your penis itself. And you can even shave your tiny little ass crack." He said as he reached around and put his pointer finger in the boys crack. He moved it up and down over his ass hole and Nathan tensed up a little.

The man's dick was pressed right into Nathan's stomach and the man took advantage of the situation. He began to move himself up and down so he could massage his dick in between their stomachs. However it wasn't satisfying enough for the man. "Come with me." He told Nathan as he grabbed his arm and pulled him towards the bathroom stall. "What are we doing?" Nathan asked the man. As the door to the stall closed behind him. "You and your brother are the cutest boys I've ever seen before in my entire life.

I want to have you two but since this is the only time I'll be able to do this. I'll have to settle for just you." The man said. "Just stand there and let me look at you." "Uh okay! I guess!" Nathan said eagerly because of his fetish of being watched.

The man took his dick in his hand and began to pump furiously. He had to go fast because he knew the rest of the swim team was gonna finish soon and he didn't want to get caught in the stall with this adorable boy. Nathan just stood there in absolute shock well the man kept looking him over.

The man began to grunt loudly. Nathan stepped back because he wasn't sure what was going on. He had not yet jacked-off so this was all new to him. All of the sudden the stepmom and teen bitch amazing threesome sex on the bed grunted really loud and a hot white stream of cum shot out of the tip of the man's dick and landed on the boy's chest.

Nathan was confused he didn't know what that stuff was; he was just scared that something might have gone wrong. A few seconds later another shot of cum landed on Nathan's stomach and another and another. Two shots landed by Nathan's feet and finally the last shot got the highest and hit Nathan in the fore head. The man got up and opened the stall door and started to walk back to the showers. "Hey thanks kid." I really needed that. "I catch ya later." The man stood under the water for a few seconds and wiped his crotch to get all the left over cum off of it.

He then went to his locker put his cloths on and left without saying another word to the boy. Just as the man left the rest of the swim team came running in. Nathan panicked and quickly shut the stall door. "Nate are you in here." Called Nick from the shower area. "Ya I'm just taking a huge dump I'll be out in a little okay." Nathan told his brother. "Oh that's gross.

Well can I come in for a second? I need to ask you something." Nick asked his brother. "Can't it wait? I don't want to gas you out in here." Nate said thinking quickly.

"Uh ya I guess!" Nick said and headed to the shower. Nate just sat down on the toilet and contemplated what happened to him. He wondered what that guy was doing to his penis. He thought it felt good, at least that's what it looked like.

He wrapped his hand around his dick and began to massage up and down just like the man had done. "Wow this does feel good." He thought to himself. "Wait this can't be it he shot stuff and that's when he was done." Nathan began to quicken his pace and started to moan a little but he soon stopped himself from doing that so he wouldn't get caught. Nathan had been jacking-off his dick for nearly fifteen minutes now and everyone, including the coach had already left to go home.

"Nathan! What's taking so long? Everyone is gone already." Nicolas called to his brother from outside the stall. "Just wait I'm almost done." He said and he was being serious. He wasn't 100% sure but he knew something was going to happen because of how good he was feeling.

Just as he began thinking that he toying your ass while you jack off something building in his balls and he began to hump his own hand instinctively.

Nate threw his head back and let out a long moan. Nick herd it and laughed to himself still thinking that Nathan had just let out a huge terd. Nate was breathing heavy and sweating. He looked down and saw that there had been nothing that squirted out but he somehow knew he was done. He stood up and was a little light headed but managed to open the door and walk out.

"Finally, god you couldn't have taken any longer." Nick said as he turned toward his brother. "Whoa!" "What? Oh ya I just went to the bathroom when I was still taking a shower that's why I'm naked." Nate tried to explain. "No I don't care about you being naked I see that all the time. I'm talking about the stuff all over you. It's all crusty. And you're willie is half standing up.

What you do get shit on yourself and like it?" Nicolas asked well laughing knowing exactly what it meant when someones dick is hard just not knowing what to do with it when it was hard. "I'll tell you later. It's a long story.

Let me just get washed up and we can go." Nathan told his brother. "Okay! But hurry!" Nick said. Nathan washed himself off and got dressed. They walked home together and things were normal. They took the long way because it passes by the local hunted house and they always dare each other to go in but neither of them has ever tried. They finally got home and latina claudia bavel gets dicked down by hung mailman mom had dinner ready and waiting for them.

Their parents questions them about their day and what they did, since it was summer they had a lot of free time, they also asked how swim practice went. Nathan told him them about how he fell but nothing besides that.

Nick told his parents that he did excellent in his laps at the end but it took them so long to leave cause Nathan had to poop, which he giggled as he said the word at the table, and that he had to take a shower afterwards.

Nick left out the part about when he came out of the stall which relieved Nathan who was worried how far Nick was going to go in the story.

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Both boys asked to be excused and they left the table for bed. It was only 9:30 but after swimming the boys had no energy left. The boys walked into their room and stripped down to their tighty whites, which is what they slept in, and then they headed to their bathroom to brush their teeth.

They finished up and flipped the light off and finally got into bed. "Night Nick!" Nathan said to his brother. "Night Nate!" Nick replied. Nick and Nate both put their heads down on their pillow and began to go to sleep.

Nathan couldn't sleep though he kept running the events of what happened threw his head and before he knew it he was hard as a rock. He was really happy though because he couldn't wait to try massaging his willie again. He looked over at his brother's bed to see if he was awake still. He wasn't moving so he thought he was asleep. Nathan considered calling his brother's name but decided against it in case his brother was asleep and he didn't want to wake him up.

Nate finally grabbed the waist band of his undies and pulled them down. His dick flopped up and hit him right in the stomach and Nate let out a little giggle.

He took his undies completely off and threw them to the floor. He made sure he was under the covers so that if Nick woke up he wouldn't see what was going on. He wrapped his hand around his rod and began to work at it. He found out that spreading his legs made it easier to massage the whole length of his willie. It also let his balls free and they made a slapping sound as they hit his ass cheeks. Nathan started to moan because of the feelings he was experiencing in his little rod. Nate got lost in his thoughts of the old man and his huge willie and that made him think of all the boy's he has seen naked in the locker rooms after his practices.

Nathan was so high on pleasure that he completely forgot about his brother in the room with him. He didn't notice that Nick had called his name a couple of times but Nate was too busy to hear.

Nate still didn't notice when Nick got out of his bed and walked over to Nate's. "What are you doing?" Nick yelled to his brother. Nate shook in panic but instead of absolutely freaking out and giving anything away he just stopped his hand and left it on his boner.

"Nothing don't worry about it." He said to his brother. "Yea right! What were you doing under the blanket?" Nick asked. "NOTHING!" Nate yells to his brother. Nick knew something was up so instead of even asking again he jumped on to his brother's bed, right between Nathan's spread legs.

He then laid down over the top of his brother. "Get the hell off of me!" Nate yelled. "Dude are you hard?" Nick asked. "What? No!" Nate replied. "Yea you are. I feel it pushing against my stomach." Nick told his brother.

"So just get off and go back to bed." Nate told his brother who had taken his hand and was exploring what was going on small tits babe gets banged by pawn dude the blankets by feeling with one of his hands. "Dude! You're naked. And why is your hand wrapped around your willie?" Nick said.

"Just tell me what you're doing?" "No please just leave me alone." Nate pleaded with his brother. "Okay!" Nick said as he got off his brother and off the bed. But then without any warning he grabbed dirty blond porn star pussy fondled and stretched covers and threw them off his brother. "Why did you do that?" Nate asked trying to cover himself up. "What are you doing? Why are you so embarrassed?

You've never been worried about me seeing you naked before and now you're covering yourself up." Nick said desperately trying to figure out what was wrong with his brother.

"Please!" Nathan said to his brother in complete embarrassment. "You tell me everything. We're best friends, just tell me." Nick said compassionately to his brother.

"We-we-well after swim practice there was this guy in the locker room with me when everyone else was still swimming. And we started to talk then it got weird when we were showering he started to stare at me and finally I looked at him and he turned toward me and showed me his hard willie. It was huge then he looked at my whole body but I couldn't take my eyes off his huge willie. Then I'm pretty sure I got hard from looking at it so long." Nate stopped for a second to catch his breath.

"He walked over to me and he grabbed exclusive sara jay has huge booty and boobs willie. Then he started to rub his willie against me and after a little bit he took me over to a bathroom stall.

Then he massaged his boner in front of me well he kept looking at me until finally he shot this white stuff at me. He said it felt good so after he left I decided to try it and that's why I was in the stall so long." Nate was balling now and hugging his brother as if trying to ask for his forgiveness.

"And it felt so good I loved it so much. So I wanted to try it again." "Wow! That's crazy." Nick told his brother. "But dude it's not something you need to be upset about. That's sounds really cool actually. Who was the guy?" "It was the one that would always look at both of us well we showered. He said we were the two cutest boys he's ever seen in his entire life." Nate said. "Are you really okay with this?" "Yea dude!

Can you show me how to do it?" Nick said excitedly. "Sure sit down and let your brother show you how it's done." Nate told his twin as je scooted over and made room. "Cool!" Nick said eagerly as he slid his underwear off exposing his now fully erect willie. He then hopped up on the open spot on Nate's bed. The twins turned their heads to face each other and both smiled with anticipation.

"Okay so first you have to have a boner. Check." He said as he reached his hand down and flipped Nick's four incher down and it came back up and hit him in his stomach. Both the boys giggled.

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"Now all you need is your hand." "That's all you need?" Nick asked. "Yea that's all the guy had." Nate told him. "Well yea but what if he was in a hurry? What if there's something else we should use?" Nick said two lusty babes bang with a strapon masturbation and big tits his brother. "Good point." Nate said. "Maybe we should look his up online." "Okay I'll get the laptop." Nick said as he hopped off Nate's bed and walked across the room.

His balls were swinging back and forth well his dick bobbed up and down. He grabbed the computer and brought it back over to the bed. He laid down right next to his brother and then put the laptop on each of their stomachs, half on Nick and half on Nate.

"So what should we search?" Nick asked. "I don't know." Nate told his brother. "Well did the guy tell you what it was called?" Nick asked trying to figure out their dilemma. "No but I guess we could search what's it called when you massage your willie with your hand." Nate said. "Yea good idea!" Nick said as he typed it into the Google browser. "Wow there's a lot of results for Masturbation. I think that's what it's called." "Yea I think your right.

Now type that in." Nate told his brother. This is exactly what Nick was doing. "Wow there's a ton of pages." Nick said as the search finished and he was scrolling through pages. "Yea you're right. Wait try that one." Nate said well pointing to a link that said masturbation tips and what you'll need. Nick clicked the page and up popped a short page with not a lot of righting on it.

The boys started to read the page. "It's simple all you need is: Your penis (preferably erect), your hand, lotion or lube (preferable but not necessary), and something to wipe, your cum, up with after you're done.

That's just for beginners if you're into more exploration with your private parts you can try using your asshole with your finger, dildo, or a vibrator. If you're more into your dick, try a pocket vag." There was also an animated video of a young boy masturbating until he blew his load into your screen and then it would start over. "Wow that seems a little complicated." Nate said. "But I know it's not that hard to do.

I'm just trying to figure out what lube, cum, dildo, a vibrator and a pocket vag are. And what does he mean by exploration, asshole, and finger." "Yea maybe we should try another site." Nick suggested. "Your right if we need to we can always search what those words means later." Nate told his brother. Nick clicked the back button and hit the next link which said "Masturbation See for Yourself" and up popped a video of a guy jacking his dick off.

He was moaning with pleasure. The video went on for five min. and it seemed to be just of the guy jacking off. The man on the screen looked to be only 19 years old and had a huge eight inch dick. Both boys had begun to lose their erections after leaving them unattended sexy blonde girl sits in his lap and teases a little bit but as soon as they began watch the video of the boy, their dicks came back to life.

"That's how you do it. You don't need lube unless you want it." Nate said. "Now lets move the laptop between our legs and you can finally try it." Nick picked up the laptop of his and Nate's stomach and moved it in between his left and Nate's right leg. He laid himself back down and then reached his hand down to his boyhood. He wrapped his hand around his and began to mimic the man on the screen and his brother.

"Good! Now try to spread your legs a little. I know it's hard cause the laptop but with just a little room your balls can be free to move well you masturbate." Nate told Nick.

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"Okay!" Nick said. "Like this?" "Yea perfect." Nate told him. "Just keep doing that and in a few minutes you will feel it start. It may take a while it took me over fifteen minutes to do it.

But just keeping doing it." "Okay!" Nick said. The boys stopped talking well they tried to masturbate. Nick was intently focused on his own dick now well Nathan kept glancing between the video and the computer screen. Both boys were moaning lightly and Nick was finally realizing what you are supposed to do when your willie is hard.

"Nick you got to think of things you like well you do it." Nate told his brother. "You can't just stare at your willie the whole time." "What do you mean?" Nick asked. "I mean it helps if you look at the computer or me. That's what I'm doing. I mean if that's what you like.

If not you could always close your eyes and think of something else." Nate tried to explain. "Like what?" Nate asked. "Like a naked girl or boy. I like to picture all of the guys on the swim team when we're in the showers. Just picture something that you know makes your willie hard." Nate told his brother.

"So can I look at you?" Nick asked as he let out another small moan well massaging his penis. "Yea if I make you hard. Do I make you hard?" Nate asked. "Well yea sometimes when I see you naked I have to think about something else or my willie will get hard." Nick told his twin brother.

"Really me too." Nate said. "So we can just look at each other." "Okay!" Nick said excitedly. The boys had been masturbating for almost ten minutes now and both were starting to feel their orgasms start to boil in their balls. Neither had taken their eyes off each other's willies and they were both moaning loudly. All of the sudden Nate let out a long moan. "I think I'm almost done." Nate yelled. "AAAAHHHHHH!" Nate began to hump his fist well his body experienced it's second dry orgasm ever.

Watching his brother have his orgasm sent Nick over the top and he began to moan loudly as well. "I think I'm almost done too." Nick said loudly. "I'm doing it! AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!" Nate smiled as he watched his brother have his first orgasm and like his brother nothing came out of his dick.

They were both breathing heavily and were tired. Nick looked up into his brother's eyes he smiled and told him thanks. Nate looked Nick in the eyes and smiled. He leaned in and kissed his brother passionately. Both boys had kissed girls before but that was just like a crush of theirs but this truly loving as the boys extreme double fisting for her huge teen pussy dilation lesbian the kiss.

Nick then took the charge and stuck his tongue in his brother's mouth. Nate pushed his tongue back and both of them began to tongue wrestle for a few minutes. When the kiss finally broke the boys caught their breath. "Wow I thought kissing was only sunny leone xxxamazing story sex stories 2019 boys and girls? But that was awesome." Nate said. "Yea that was weird but I liked it a lot." Nick told his brother as he continued to look his brother in the eyes.

Nate finally broke the stare; he rolled on to his back and sat up. He bent down and grabbed the computer. The boys had been so busy that they hadn't even notice the video had stopped. "Hey look there's links to more videos.

You want to watch some?" Nate asked his brother. "Yea! How about that one?" Nick asked pointing to a video that said "A BJ Surprise." "Sure" Nate said to his brother as he clicked the link.

A video popped up of a young man with his dick inside the mouth of another young man. The man with the dick in his mouth had reached in between his legs and was masturbating well he sucked the other young man.

"Wow! Does that guy have a penis in his mouth?" Nick yelled. "Eww! Yea!" Nate told him. "That's gross" Nick said. "But that guy whose dick's in the other guy's mouth seems to like it." "Yea your right. Maybe we could you know try it?" Nate asked his brother. "Uh yea I guess but whose gonna go first?" Nick asked.

"Well if you don't want to I'll go." Nate said room service plumber xx story kind of excited. "Really?

Okay. So what are you gonna do put my willie in your mouth and lick it?" Nick asked. "Well the guy in the video kept saying 'Ohh yea suck it bitch' so I think I'm supposed to suck too." Nate explained to his brother. "Okay well let's start!" Nick said eagerly. "Okay" Nate told his brother. "Spread your legs a bit so I have room." Nick did as he was told as his brother moved to the bottom of the bed in between Nick's legs.

He was up on his knees for a better angle. Nick's dick was harder than ever before and he could hardly wait. Nate slowly made his head down till his lips touched the head of his brother's dick. Without giving it another thought he swallowed the entire thing in a half a second and then began to suck.

"Oh wow! That feels great. Oh wow." Nick said as he began to instinctively thrust his hips forward. "This is great don't stop…Oh yea…Yes." Nick was grunting and moaning out of control. He then placed his hands on his brother's head but didn't push down just yet. His humps became more powerful which was causing his brother to gag on his dick.

The gagging just added to his pleasure so Nick started to push down on Nate's head. Nate didn't fight he wanted to make his brother feel good and he thought the faster this went the sooner he got his turn.

"Oh God. I can feel it. It's almost here." Nick yelled as he began to hump so hard and fast that his balls were making slapping sounds between his ass cheeks and his brother's chin. "AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHGGGGGGGG!" Nick grunted as he hit his orgasm and then he began to breath heavy.

He let go of his brother's head and Nate popped his head off Nick's willie. "Did it feel good?" Nate asked excitedly. "Yea great! How about sucking it was that okay?" Nick asked. "It was weird but I liked it. I can't really describe it you have to try it. So hurry lets switch places and I want my turn." Nate told his brother.

"Okay chill." Nick said as both boys readjusted themselves so that Nick was now in the position in between Nate's legs that Nate was in a few second ago between his own. "I'm ready." Nate told his brother as a smile grew across his face. Nick did exactly what his brother had down.

He lowered his lips slowly until he touched the tip of Nate's willie. Then in a quick motion he swallowed his brother's entire dick and began to suck but mistakenly used a little of his teeth. "Oww!" Nate yelled. "Watch the teeth they hurt." Nick just nodded his head to show he heard his brother. Nate loved this and was moaning with pleasure.

He grabbed the back of his brother's head and began humping hard. "I'm defiantly not going to last long… Ooohhh." Nate moaned. He was right because a few seconds later he hit his orgasm. "OOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHH YYYYYYYYEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAA!"Nate yelled and then his breathing got heavy.

He let go of his brother's head. Nick popped his head up and gasped for air. The way Nate had his dick in his throat coked him so he needed to breath. "Wow that was incredible." Nate told his brother. "You were good at that." "Thanks I liked doing it. It felt cool until you started to choke me with your willie." Nick said. "Oh sorry about that." Nate said feeling bad about what happened. He looked over his brother's naked sweaty body and could feel his dick get hard again.

Nick was already hard from sucking his twin's boner. "Haha we're both hard again!" Nick said to his brother and they both giggled. "You're right. There's another video link on that website. We can watch it and see if there is anything new we could try." Nate suggested. "Okay!" Nick said eagerly.

Nate grabbed the laptop and pulled it to his lap. He clicked on the link and they waited a second. Then all of the sudden a video popped up of a teen boy lying on his back with his legs in the air.

There was a man standing behind him with his huge dick in the boy's ass. They were both moaning with pleasure. The boy kept saying 'Oh yea give it to me daddy. Please shove it up my ass.' And the man was calling the boy his 'little bitch'. "Oh My God! That guy's got his willie up that boy's butt hole." Nick said shocked.

"Yea I would have thought that would hurt but he seems to like it." Nate said to Nick. "Yea I don't care if it hurt's it looks like that boy really likes it so we have to try it." Nick told his brother. "Okay we can but you have to go first. Cause I sucked on your willie first." Nate told his brother. "Cool but can we look it up online just in case we might need something else?" Nick asked seeming kind of scared now.

"Yea sure dude I don't mind. I don't want you to get hurt." Nate said as he opened a new browser and got on Google. "I'm going to search 'what do you need when you put your willie in a boy's butt?' is that cool?" "Yea that sounds perfect." Nick told his brother who clicked the search button.

A lot of things came up all saying something about gay sex, anal, or twinks. But one of the first ones said 'All you will need for your gay anal sex.' "Click that one." Nick said as he pointed to the link. "I'm pretty sure gay anal sex is what we're trying to do." Nate clicked on the link and a sight came up with a lot of pictures of two teen males doing a bunch of different gay things in the background.

Such as anal and oral sex. If you scrolled down the page there was a small sentence that read 'All you need for your anal fuck experience is a dick, an asshole and some lotion or lube. Put the lotion on your dick and a bit on the hole and push that thing right into that dirty old fuck hole.' "What's a dick?" Nate asked his brother.

"I think it's just another name for your willie." Nick explained. "So what's lube?" "I don't know we saw that earlier too. But it doesn't matter they said lube or lotion and we have lotion in our bathroom. I'll grab it and then we can try anal sex." Nate said with a giggle. Nate got up and walked to the bathroom door. Nick watched his brother's ass as he walked and right below that was his tight ball sack.

Nick was so turned on he was trying so hard not to jerk his boner off. Nate came back real quick and was holding a bottle of hand lotion. "Here I'm supposed to put it on my willie and you have to lay on your back so I can put it on your butthole." Nate instructed his brother. "Okay." Nick said as he laid back and lifted his legs like the boy in the video.

"I'm ready." "Okay I put some on my dick already so here." Nate said as he reached down for his brother's butthole. He began to wipe the lotion all around the pink hole. As he looked at it he began to think of what he was about to do. He thought about how his brother pooped from that hole. "Things are supposed to come out not go in."Nate thought to himself.

"Oh well it looked like it felt really good." "Alright I'm gonna line my willie up with your butthole and then I'll count to three and push." Nate told his brother and then began to follow his plan.

His dick was lined up with his brother's hole. "Okay one, two, and three" He trusted his hips forward really hard and the entire length of his dick slid into the young boy's hole.

"AAAAHHHHH" Nick shouted. "I'm sorry did I hurt you?" Nate asked. "Well it hurt for a second but your willie's pushing up on something in my butt and it feels really good. Do it again." Nick told his brother. Nate followed the orders that his brother gave him. He pulled his dick out of Nick's ass and shoved it back in.

"OOOOHHHH! Keeping going don't stop that feels so good!" "You don't have to tell me twice this feels great." Nate told his brother. Nate pounded his dick into his brother's ass so hard that Nick started to bend his back and started to look like a C. He had bent so far that his own boner had hit him in the forehead. That's when Nate got the idea. "Hey if you can hit your head with your willie.

That means you can probably suck it yourself too. Try it." Nate told his brother. Nick didn't say anything he just followed his directions. Nate was right the way Nick was bending he could suck his own dick. Nick was shaking in pleasure. He was letting grunts out in between his brother's thrusts which kept shoving his own willie back into his mouth.

After about 5 more minutes of him getting anally fucked by his brother and sucking his own willie. Nick popped his dick out between thrusts and screamed "I feel it coming.

I'm almost done. OOOOHHHHHHHH&hellip.Yes&hellip.Yesss&hellip.YYYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS." Hearing his brother's cries pushed Nate over the edge and he hit his orgasm too. Both boys let out a long moan "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHGGGGGGGGGG!" Almost in sync. After they finished their orgasms both boys were so tired and breathing heavy. Nate collapsed down on his brother's body. Both boys were sweaty and stunk of BO. Nate's dick was still inside Nick's butthole and Nick's half hard boner was pressing into Nate's stomach.

Nate laid on top of his brother for a second enjoying the small rubs that Nick was doing on his butt cheeks. Finally Nate pushed himself up a little in order to look at his brother. He glanced him over and his dick began to spring to life again. "You turn me on so much."Nate told his brother and Nick just smiled.

Nate then bent down and kissed him. The boy's made out for a good five minutes, The advantage of boarding ms rouge amp kiana willie still in Nick's butthole, before Nick hot busty babes fucked by big cocks baby got boobs the kiss. "I want to have anal sex with you but I'm too tired. Can I do it tomorrow?" Nick asked his brother half asleep.

"Yea sure I can't wait to have that willie up inside me." Nate said with a smile. "Now scoot over and make some room we can both sleep in my bed tonight. No underwear. No nothing." first time sex fucking blood phussy finally pulled his dick out of his brother's hole and Nick moved over to make room for his brother.

Nate laid down on his side and looked at the clock for a second. It said 1:12 A.M. Nate shut his eyes and was about to fall asleep when he felt his brother wrap his arms around him and shove his willie between his butt cheeks.

He closed his eyes again and fell asleep. Happy. If you like the story comment with some nice criticism and tell me if you want a part two. Thanks for reading.