Daddy punishes pal cronys daughter molly earns her keep

Daddy punishes pal cronys daughter molly earns her keep
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Jackson never really enjoyed family vacations. After the novelty of childhood wore off, the trips to the cabin by the lake were more like torture to the teenage boy. All during the four hour car ride to the secluded spot in the mountains, he let his parents and little sister know that, too. The complaining kept up right until his mother announced they would be arriving in five minutes. "And if we turn around we can make it home before lunch. I'll bet Gino's is having a special today, too.

You know you like their meat lover's, Mom," he said, pointing at his mother with a wink. "Oh, can it, Jackie. We never miss this week. You know that," his father said, cutting a glare through the reflection of the rearview mirror.

"Yeah, Jackie, you used to love these trips. Remember when you and Meredith used to go up to the springs? You could do that when we unpack," his mom added.

"Ten years ago, maybe, but I'll be eighteen this year.

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I think I'm a little old for boat rides with my parents." "Coulda fooled me, Jackie Boy," his sister commented, flipping the page of her magazine. "That's funny coming from the girl who still has her doll collection from when she was five," Jackson replied. "They're collectors, asshole." "Ohhh, my bad. I didn't know a label made such a difference-" "Kids, pipe down. Look-" their father pointed through the windshield.

"There it is." Jackson rolled his eyes and propped his chin in his hand. busty bombshell grinds on guy s body and gets slippery pussy penetrate few hours later the bags were unpacked, lunch was eaten, and the siblings were laid across opposite couches when their future mother and teen toying at the kitchen came out sporting their swimming suits and jingling a pair of keys in the air.

"Who's ready for tubing?" Their father asked. "Pass," Jackson said. "Me too," chimed Meredith. Both were too focused on their phones to notice much else. The parents shared an annoyed look before their father sighed and dropped his hand. "Either you both get up and get ready for the lake, or I'm taking your keys as soon as we get home.

The choice is yours." At once the teens jumped up and scrambled to their rooms. Jackson mumbled about the unfairness of his life as Meredith simply smiled at her parents as they passed.

Before the siblings separated to go into their rooms, Jackson narrowed his eyes on his sister. "You're suck a little suck up, you know that? Got tattooed babe anna deville in a heated morning anal sex perfectly fooled, don't you?" "Don't be mad that they love me more than you," Meredith replied before slamming the door in his face.

Jackson reciprocated the act by slamming his own door. With a half growl he jerked the bag holding his swim gear in it open and pulled his trunks out. As he stripped his lean body down, he shook his head and wondered how long his 'baby sister' would be able to pull the Daddy's Little Girl Routine off on their parents. Truth was, their darling little girl was gaining a monstrous reputation at their high school for enjoying sex more than the girls her age.

Since the siblings were only eighteen months apart in age, there was only a year between them at school. That meant he heard all the gossip.

But his parents would never believe the word on the year old stella stone first porn shoot. After he'd pulled on his suit and grabbed a towel, he exited his room the same time his sister did.

The string bikini she had on was hanging on her curvy little body as if it were made for it. Meredith didn't even bother to use the towel in her hand to cover it up, but simply pulled her mouth back in a sly smile as she passed.

God, how he wanted to teach her a lesson, Jackson thought. :: Loading the boat was always one of thee order parts of vacations. Counting life jackets and carrying coolers, all under the beating summer sun, was not Jackson's idea of a great time.

By the time he got to sit in the boat, he was panting for a water that he pulled from the cooler. Meredith plopped down beside him, her firm breasts jiggling a few times under the skimpy top she wore, and he found himself fidgeting on the warm vinyl hoping his bulge didn't become noticeable.

His father cranked the boat and idled out into the open water. As soon as he was away from the trees, he gained speed, and pretty soon they were all squinting in the wind that was hitting their faces. Thanks to the high winds, the water was slightly choppy, causing the boat to jump as it skimmed the top of the water.

Both his mother and his sister put a hand over their breasts, trying to stop them from bouncing on the waves, but it didn't help much. Jackson was thankful they were busy or else they would have son load sperm mom pussy accident him fidgeting again.

The longer they rode, the farther away from the cabin they got, the darker the sky became. Their mother turned a look of fear on her husband, but he shook his head and nodded ahead. They were headed for the bait shop where they could fuel up the boat. It was only about a fifteen minute ride from the cabin, but five minutes in looked like they were riding into a storm.

Even Jackson was caught looking fearfully ahead. When the first bolt of lightening hit, Meredith screamed, and their father was forced to see reason. Turning around he pointed to where the life jackets were hidden.

"Meredith, get up and get out four jackets for us. If we go over board, at least we won't get knocked out," he said, but his daughter's eyes were wide with fear. The boat was bouncing harder than ever. Walking would be impossible. Her father must have seen it because he shook his head. "Don't be scared, baby. Hold Jackie's hand. Don't let her fall, Jackson. Okay? You can make sure she doesn't fall over." Jackson nodded his head but was unsure.

The boat was moving an awful lot. He smiled reassuringly at his sister as she stood and walked across the boat by holding his hand. Twice she almost fell, but Jackson caught her. Finally she reached the little box and opened it with little difficultly. It wasn't until she pulled out the jackets that the trouble came. As soon as she righted herself, a massive wave jarred the boat.

Meredith was slung forward, slamming the cabinet closed before she bounced back into Jackson's lap. Her scream drew the horrified looks of her parents, but when they saw her sitting in Jackson's lap, they relaxed. "Just stay there, Mere. At least until the rain eases up, okay?" Her mom said. Meredith was clutching the life jackets tightly, her face blank as she stared back. "Uh.okay." Jackson frowned. "What's wrong with you? You're fine. You aren't going to fall out." She snapped her head around, glaring down at him.

"I know that. It's just. When I fell." "Spit it out, Meredith. This isn't very fun for me either." "My bottoms came off," she blurted. "Your.?" He turned, spotting her pink bikini bottoms half inside the cabinet. Almost instantly his dick tingled, causing Meredith to turn back to him.

"Gross, Jackson," she whined, trying to stand. "No, stop," he said, wrapping an arm around her. "It's just because you're on top of me. Mom said for you to stay put. Besides. No one can see you now. What do you think will happen if you stand." Meredith looked like she wanted to argue, but didn't. "Fine. Just, make it stop." "Okay, I'll try." But he didn't.

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Not even three seconds later, he was grinding his hips up into her ass, his arm holding her close. "Jackson, I'm not kidding. I'll scream." Meredith said, straining against his arm. He didn't listen he only started grinding harder, burying his face in between her shoulder blades. A few more passes had his dick coming through his slit in his shorts, and as soon as the head touched her velvety lips, she jerked up, but Jackson was quicker.

He rearranged himself so his hard rod was free, sticking straight up when she came back down. Because she wasn't all the way wet, the shaft only went halfway in, but even that made him groan. Meredith half screamed, but her parents merely thought she was scared of the weather.

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His member didn't stay still, though. Between his rocking hips and the boat bouncing on the water, he was buried to the hilt in three more slams. By then Meredith's tight little pussy was wet enough for him to slide in and out with more ease. Each time the boat bounced on top of the waves, Jackson pulled his sister's hips down on his, making her moan each time he bottomed out on her cervix.

The water got choppier as the rutting at the back of the boat became more loud. Their parents were oblivious to Jackson burying his shaft over and over inside his own sister, causing her to call out, but the sounds of the storm drowned her out.

Jackson's hands made their way up to her bouncing tits, and Meredith dropped the jackets so she could brace her arms on his thighs. Now each time their bodies met, a wet smacking noise followed. Jackson felt the rings in her walls starting to contract as his dick pummeled her cervix over and over. "That's right, sis. Cum around my cock. Be my slut," he whispered against her neck, and she moaned in reply as her hips began to convulse.

He picked up his pace, raising his hips off the seat to beat the pace of the boats movements. Then he was cumming, deep in her unprotected womb, but he didn't care. They cfnm teens juggs spunked amateurs and reality back against the seat as his now limp penis fell from her hole. The rain was easing up, so Meredith reached for her bottoms, and pulled them on before Jackson's sperm could leak out.

As soon as they were decent, their parents turned around and smiled at their kids. "I guess the storm is gonna take a while. What do you two say about ice cream." The siblings couldn't even look at each other, but both stood immediately. "Yeah, fine," Jackson said.

"Okay, Daddy," said Meredith.

His eyebrows shot up on his face. "Damn. If I would have known a storm would make you two so compliant, I would have done this sooner," he said, but his kids didn't reply.

They were too busy trying to put distance between themselves. :: (My first story.

Be kind. Maybe a To Be Continued? I dunno. You tell me.)