Black horse for my fans! tube porn

Black horse for my fans! tube porn
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I was from a poor a family. I was forced to go to work at the age of 15. I used to work in dairy farms in villages close by. One of our richest relative lived far by had a minor dairy farm in their house.

Mrs Karen owned the farm. Karen has always been a generous person and helped our family in our hard times. I dint have much clothes i had a patched shirt and 2 pairs of shorts.

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I wrapped my pair of shorts in a newspaper & reached Karen's house after traveling for 2 days. I opened the gate. It was a fairly big house with goats & chickens roaming about in the garden.

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I knocked the door. Door was opened. Karen was standing at the door. She must be in her late twenties. With long blonde hair big blue eyes. She was shorter than me. Her bosoms were pointing me. They were so huge and pushing against her tight fitting t shirt.

I immediately go my eyes off her tits and looked at her pretty face. her smile was inviting. She was the prettiest woman i ve ever seen. I was fallen in love with her at the first sight. Hey Gabby come in we have loads of work for the day. She dint let me to talk but she was talking to me as if she knew me for a long time. Are you hungry she asked. But i was still starring at her huge 40EE tits and heavy round ass.

I saw her pushing her tits up with her hands. They were slightly sagging unable to withstand the weight. I wanted to know whether she is underware awesome hottie desires to fuck sex toy a bra or not.

Her tits were still firm but bounced as she walked. She told that she often gets a very bad back pain and that's why she wanted to have another one to help her out in the dairy farm.

I'm sure the back pain is due to her massive melons.

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She saw me looking at her tits. She turned back she must be embarrassed. What a co incidence now i can see her huge globular ass covered in denim material. She bent down and took some milk from a huge along which was from her dairy farm. Gabby this is for u. I went near her as she got up. Her face brushed my semi erect cock as she got up.

She told me to come to the farm after breakfast. It was a small farm. She was mixing some cow food in a bucket.

I sat near her giving her a hand to mix the solution. As she was mixing she tilted the bucket and some of the solution got poured onto my shorts and shirt. I had only one shirt so i removed my shirt. Oh i'm sorry said Karen. She started to wipe off the solution from my shorts. I felt her hands reaching little cinderella anastasia max hardcore cock.

I was shivering in pleasure. Her fingers touched my cock for the first time. She caressed my cock. I let out a moan. She told me to lay back & she told the solution is corrosive for skin so she will help me to clean it up.

she caressed my cock with my shorts on. My cock was growing big in size. I covered my cock with my hands since it was protruding out from the thin material. She took my hands off my cock. Let me check don't touch it will burn your skin she said. I was helpless. Let this bitch do whatever she wants with my cock. Man she is a sex goddess.

She unbuttoned my shorts removed it. My rock hard rod was out now. He is very big and hard. You have a very big cock for your age. That's why i like u skinny guy. she said. She bent down and sucked the end of my cock. i was moaning in pleasure.

she teased me a bit. then she took my cock inside her mouth. Delicious she said. She almost took all of my 8" inside her mouth. I pushed her head against my cock forcing her to take in more. she squeezed my ass cheeks and separated them and then she squeezed my balls while sucking so hard. Since it was my first time i cummed quick into her mouth. She swallowed everything and licked my dick.

I couldn't eat and sleep that night. The feel of her touch and her lips on my young cock was growing evil thoughts inside me.

Whenever i closed my eyes i remember those large melons going up and down when she sucked my cock. Her heavy ass cheeks which triggers me to anal sex her. I badly wanted to feel her pussy and i knew she was seduced for my rock hard cock. The next day she gave me some bread and milk for breakfast. she sat in the nearby chair and watched me eating. when i was about to finish she came near me and started to massage my cock. I was feeling uneasy with her unexpected move.

Then she pulled me up and pressed me against the wall. And started to french kiss me. For her surprise i hugged her heavy ass. She was turned on. she closed her eyes and let out moans.Then i kissed her on her neck and moved my hands up to her back.

I found her bra hooks. I uncliped them she pressed her large melons against my bony chest. i lifted her t shirt and removed her bra. Her tits were so bloody huge. Her nipples were dark brown and big as cherry. I squeezed her tits and pulled her nipples. Then i moved down and took one of her nipples into my mouth. It was hard but nice to suck. She was murmuring gabby.your killing me.fuck me gabby.fuck me.please.i sucked hard on her nipple .ahhh she let out a sigh.i removed her denim skirt and reached her pussy.

It was damn wet. I fingered her pussy. She fell down on the floor like she fainted. But she was fainted in pleasure.

I spread her fat thighs and licked her cinqo de mayo party sombrero poncho college amateur masturbator every time i sucked her pussy she let out more and more cum.

Finally i inserted my cock into her tight pussy. My cock struggled through her tight pussy and reached the destination. I was bit scared and i was too gentle for her. Ahhh Gabby fuck me hard till i die. I increased my speed i inserted my whole 8" into her hot pussy. I fucked her so hard and fast. I gave her the best fuck a 40EE busted bitch would have dreamed of. I dint cum immediately this time. I would have fucked her for about 30 minutes.I cummed inside her pussy.

My cum almost filled her pussy and the white cream was over flowing out of her tiny hole. She was quite for a few minutes her lips departed ,eyes closed. She was still enjoying the session she had with me before few mins.She pulled me onto the floor and whispered into my ears.

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