Horny kyuoko maki getting her wet pussy banged

Horny kyuoko maki getting her wet pussy banged
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When I met Amy for the first time it was years ago at the American Legion. My friend Albert brought me to meet her and introduced us.

She was wearing a plain school girl skirt and long black fuck me boots. She had on a tight sweater that really showed off her very generous tits. I wanted to fuck her right then, but as we were flirting on and off Albert would interrupt in some way.

I finally started to catch on that he was already involved with her. He was clearly fucking her while still married to his wife Terri (and she isn't bad on the eyes either). When we left I asked Albert if I was right and he confirmed it and laughed that I was the only one that figured it out. When I got home I jacked off to her image a few times (from time to time I still do). Its been about 5 years but she still has her looks, firm nice tits, and still a hardcore fuck slut sexy cougars love pussy eating in the morning.

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When we all went to Burner one year she got really drunk and told me that if Albert and Susan died she would give me the blowjob that would change my mind about them forever (I'm not partial to blow jobs), and that she was very good at them. I was floored and wanted to say why wait she would have done it I have no doubt, but I didn't. She did tell me that she has gotten Albert to be a bit more adventurous with sex and not so hung up. That makes the mind wander by what she means. Can you imagine if she got him to swing?

Although now with that gut going on it would be all her getting the dates. Oh and on a side note I also know she has been with and still likes women as well. So one weekend I came into a large amount of Rainbow, so large I was able to finally try experimenting japanese mom takes care of husbands dick it. Cut up some and mix it with a shot, do it and time the effects.

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Then do a larger dose and so on until it maxed out on dissolving and no taste. The stuff blended so well in liquor it could handle a large amount (enough for me to get super horny and a bit dazed).

Once the tests were done I was ready to make a plan to dose Amy and move the plan along. The risk, if she got pissed and told Albert I would be over in every way.

So I found a night that everyone was going out to the bar and that Albert would be out of town the next couple days after that; it took a while but the stars aligned. Amy generally didn't stay long anyway and on those nights didn't usually go back to Alberts or him to her place. I got my doses right and premixed at home, I had two little 1 shot flasks that went in my cigar case. One I gave a warming start up and the other the heavy weight one.

The small one would take about an hour to start feeling ok and 30 minutes more to really start getting it. If I timed it right she would get the starter than the heavy 40 minutes later. The real test was going to be if I had the stones to actually do it.

So we were all gathered in the regular spot drinking and I headed to the bar to get shots. I got one for everyone and before I left the bar I grabbed mine told them to watch my tray and headed to the bathroom. No one pays any attention in there and I waited for the secluded toilet.

Got over it and poured the shot out and poured state one into it. Flushed and walked out. No one was seriously watching the tray because they were busy so no one noticed that I put a full shot back on the tray.

I got them to the group and obligated everyone to have one with me; I made up some celebrations. Amy did hers just like everyone else; I checked the clock and it was 10:00 on the nose, perfect. I hemmed and hawed about maybe leaving early I wasn't feeling all that great. Everyone would believe that, and this way I have already established I'm leaving before she does.

Amy was looking like she was bored as she usually is here. Albert has a tendency to ignore her unless he's getting drunk and she's lap dancing him. I was a little ways back from everyone as I normally am, and I waved Amy over. When she got there I just started charming hot brunette enjoying playing her pussy amateur babe like no big deal, again pretty common.

I wasn't doing overt flirting of course but talking more about some good times at Burner last year (they came with about 4 years ago) so I didn't directly draw a mental link for her. After a few minutes it was about 10:30 and it takes time to even get to the bar so I asked her to watch my beer (that I had been nursing) and I started for the bar. Erike as before ordered a round but this time I brought my empty so off to the bathroom I went, wait, pour, back to the bar, pick up tray.

It's never the easiest getting back to the spot but I made it. As I passed Amy first I gave her a shot and moved on down the line. Once everyone had one we toasted my celebratory BS again and pop down the hatch. It was 10:48 so I was cutting it really god damn close. I went back to our conversation of small talk but traced back to open drugs, music, sex, and freedom, counting the minutes in my head. It was about 11 now and I could see she was visibly loosened up a bit and had a more relaxed look on her face.

I leaned in a bit and asked her if she was okay she looks a bit tired. She just smiled a bit and said she was fine, just the shots. This is a woman who has done this drug before so in a while she's going to figure it out and her figuring it out on her own was a bad idea. 11:10 I leaned in again, it was very noisy and no one was paying us any attention. I asked her if I could tell her something a bit wicked and bad I did.

She grinned like a sex dhivehi xxx sex com going to Disneyland. Of course you can, tell me everything. Ok, but if you get pissed please don't say or do anything ok? In her current state she would be totally cool with it. No way I'm cool, now tell me. I mixed Rainbow into yours and my shots.

I know you've done it and liked it and I came into a ton of it. I also know that there is no way would do it now because of Albert. But I know you wanted to and you miss the fun. So if you're pissed please for the loves of god don't say anything, I was only trying to help you have some fun. Pissed? I'm totally cool with it thanks.

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I'm just feeling a bit happy and comfy. Well that the next part, you are going to be way more than that very very soon. The second shot had a way bigger dose. If you stay here it's going to become obvious so you better bail. I'm sure you have time to make it home before it hits you and you can chill there and enjoy. What the fuck? You're going to abandon me two gals are anal fucked in orgy roll alone?

No way that's fucked up no way you're doing that. I was planning for this part, or at lest hoping beyond all rerason. Ok, then do you're usual departure, no one will suspect a thing, and Ill meet you by your car. Fuck ya that's better. Just knowing this had already started to change her mindset and I liked where it was going. She did her good byes and got the waves and out she went. I figured 4-5 minutes.

I started to head bob and nod a bit in a way a couple of the guys could see me. Dude, you should head home man. Ya I think you're right. Ok everyone I'm out. Albert see you in a couple days bro. I made my way to the stairs and out to the parking garage. I made sure I parked jut a few cars down from her. Erik Im starting to really feel it now I need to get this car moved. Ok you have to get it to your place and in the garage.

Hey im going to take the motorcycle and park it in front of hot fairhair with long hair having sex car in the garage ok? I don't want Albert to drive by and see my bike here, talk about questions right.

Ya that's a great idea, and he would flip a bit I think. Lets get going Im starting to get too into it. SO I got on the motorcycle and lead the way, the garage opened and I parked in the front. Got off the bike and headed inside to wait. She came through the door in a bit of a silky slide. The second one was starting to hit her now so I told her lets hit the couch (I sat on the other chair not with her).

As she walked ahead of me there was a wet spot clear as day on the back of her skirt where she must have sat on it to drive. I bet it's been a long ass time since you got to do this right? Sure has and I missed it. I can tell, your skirt is a bit on the wet side LOL. Thanks for this Erik, she said while giggling about the skirt reaching back to feel for herself.

Shit youre right. Well don't thank me too much; this is self-serving as well.

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I hate to roll alone and you're the only person I thought even might. So thank you. Speaking of which you seem fine, haven't you taken any yet? No not yet, I wanted to stay clear headed in case thing went sideways, which I am profoundly happy they did not. She started running her hands up and down her arms and breathing deeply. Her eyes were closed and her head was leaning back against the back of the couch. She was starting to go into her own little world, so I just sat and watched good xxc in first time a bit.

It was great watching her trail her hands up and down her arms, eyes closed in her own little world. Then her hands began to run across her stomach and trail up the outside of her arm, I could tell she wanted to rub her tits.

Now she was rubbing her legs and starting to let her head sort of loll back and forth. Any minute now and she is going to forget that I'm even here and just dive in.

However I do want to be an active participant in this so I called her name, She slowed her hands down a bit and half opened her eyes to look at me. Huh? Amy what are you thinking about right now. She got this smile and wicked look on her face and best rape and xxx with sunny leone about to open up and paused…Don't worry dude anything you tell me stays between us, you know you can trust me.

Ya ya I can. Her hands started back again and her head back as she told me. Im thinking about someone running their hands on me teasing me. Is that a fantasy of yours? Kinda ya but its more than 1 guy, it's a bunch and women too just touching me everywhere (her hands were speeding up and roaming more freely).

Youre feeling pretty good aren't you a little more than a whisper return, Oh mhm ya, im gooooood.Time to move into the kitchen. This time I didn't have to be as refined. Where he head was right now she wouldn't notice any taste. I made a shot for her with a dose 5 times more that the heavy one she got already.

I know from experience that doing that much will send you into another type of reality all together. Absolutely zero inhibitions and a driving desire to talk about deep dark secrets…and sex of course.

I grabbed a beer from the fridge. Hey heads up chick and I put the shot right in nasty foursome orgy with three slutty brunettes and one cock tube porn of her and held the beer near for her to grab.

Fuck ya she took the shot and slammed it, grabbed the beer and got half that down. She rested her head back on the couch "oh that's good". Her hands started their work once again. I thought her nipples were going to rip right through her sweater. "Is it cold over there" I chuckled. "Huh?". Oh my nipples (her teeth were starting to clinch up and speaking was being clearly effected), ya they actually are huge, I have to wear heavy padded bras.

"Wait, youre wearing a heavy padded bra right now"? "Ya but when I get turned on I cant hide them unless I strap them down" as she was talking about this she was looking down at her nipples and pinching and tweaking at them a bit, as if its just a prop for the conversation.

"That's amazing. I don't think I have ever seen nipples that could do that. You know you don't have to keep that bra on if you don't want to be squeezed, just be comfortable. Not like Im going to care if your going no bra." "Thanks ya I hate this thing" she was a bit uncoordinated while working hard to try and get the bra off under her sweater.

After a couple minutes of this I asked her if she needed a hand? "I think your molly is fucking up your coordination". She started to wiggle and squirm her way out of the sweater, but actually just got tangled up inside it.

"Can you help me", I tried not to smile too much.

I got over to her and stood right behind her. I reached past her and took hold of the bottom of her sweater.

I had positioned myself so I could drag my hand along her and over her tits. Now I decided it was time for me to take some. I grabbed a Viagra and a nice large bit of Rainbow. Slammed that down and kept watching Amy she finally let her hands touch her tits and a low moan passed through her lips and I could see her nipples poking threw her sweater.

Those popped up amazingly fast and very long. Well, she broke that barrier so she continued to play, rub, pinch etc her tits, and occasionally they would wander to her legs or arms. It was as if I wasn't even in the room. Any time now that second large dose should hit. I grabbed my laptop and sat beside her, not right up on her but just next to.

She didn't even budge she was so enthralled. I opened it up and loaded on some porn. I nudged her with my elbow to look and I was very happy by the reaction. Amy tilted the screen toward her more and just upside down anal fucking and breastmilk squirt for lactation fans at it while her hand went directly to hike her skirt up and reach her hand up inside.

Can you help me out I got toys and shit…She spaced a moment while still rubbing her nipples and then partially came back…in my bedroom bottom drawer and get a box of pictures too. Oh fuck ya this was going better than I dreamed of.

I got to her bedroom and figured Id take my time and search it all. I got her toy drawer open and wow was she loaded. ` end part 1