Redhead scarlett eats this femdoms pussy hardcore lesbian

Redhead scarlett eats this femdoms pussy hardcore lesbian
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Marcus is a mechanic who has been working on cars for about three years since he got out of the military. He was working on these cars for a couple of hours and felt like he needed a drink so he headed to a local bar that was nearby.

When he went to the club he went straight up to the bartender and ordered a tequila. He sits down as he starts playing with his phone and stuff. So many people were in the bar and for some strange reason, he felt like somebody was watching him.

He tried to keep his mind off of it as about an hour pass so quickly. At that moment through the corner of his eye, he saw someone staring at him. When he turned over he saw a beautiful Caucasian woman staring at him smiling. She has big tits and a nice body type and she was smiling like she was definitely interested in him he could see the look on her face that she likes black guys.

When he sees her looking he smiles back at her give her the same look of interest. Marcus never cared about black girls he always had a thing for white girls or should I say white beauty. He gets up from his seat as he walks over to her to go talk to her and when he gets close he sits right next to her. "hey there sexy I see you've been looking at me for a bit" the next thing he was shocked when she started speaking with her very sexy white girl voice.

"yeah I know I'm sorry you're just so sexy". "hehe so are you. I'm Marcus". "Samantha it's a pleasure to meet you, Marcus!" They were chit-chatting for a minute. Marcus was getting a little excited and cute teen babe avalon heart pussy rimmed by huge cock smalltits pornstars was Samantha.

It was as if they were sexually in sync with each other. Marcus started thinking about sex with a white girl as I'm pretty sure Samantha was thinking the same thing.

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She's never going black before and if she does she's not coming back. He was talking to Samantha for a bit while staring at her chest. She was so busy talking to him she didn't realize he was looking but if she did she wouldn't care.

He was trying to relax but he knew he wanted to fuck her and mostly because she was white. A lot of black men wants to fuck white girls because they are kinky and very fuckable. Samantha smiles and drinks her drink while looking at Marcus. "so Marcus do you have a girlfriend?" "No, I don't have a girlfriend. When you've been in the military for so long you never have time for relationships. Thankfully I'm not in the military anymore." Goddamn, this white girl is so sexy!

She's smoking hot and she has big tits plus a nice ass she's got the body of a goddess. I think I want to mate with her one day. I'm sure she wants black babies. Marcus imagines her riding his dick and him climaxing in her white pussy. You know what it was but thinking about her was making him horny. Eventually, Marcus gave her his number and the place was closing as he walked out. One thing's for sure he definitely wants to fuck her.

Before he left Samantha walks up to tough hunk is working out fascinating darlings taut beaver and says. "come to my house tomorrow sexy" she said walking away with her very sexy voice. He knew that mostly sam was going to try and have sex with him. Not like he doesn't want the same thing. Just thinking of her was making him hard.

It's probably a good thing she left first otherwise arousal would have been in the air. They both are horny for each other. "hehe yes yes I wanna stretch that white pussy out!" Marcus went home and got in the shower. Thinking about sex in the shower was pretty arousing for him. He lightly begins stroking his cock thinking of her. He got so turned on thinking of her. Why were white women so sexually appealing? He makes his dick so hard. Eventually, he starts stroking faster while imagining Samantha and him getting it on.

After 20 or 10 mines he came. When he got done with his business he cleaned up his mess. The Mess was gone and Marcus came out the bathroom. Samantha was also in her beds from masturbating to Marcus. She gave him her number brother sister night sex 69 she knew that black men are sexually attracted to white women. The following day he was going over to her house to basically play with her. He knew he was going to end up plunging her sooner or later.

When he went up to her front door he knocked on it and waited for her to open it. When she comes to the door they started hugging each other locking lips together. It was pretty clear they both wanted each other. Marcus couldn't help it he got a white fever! She continues kissing him passionately while sitting down with him on the couch making out.

She looks at Marcus and Smiles slightly blushing. "Marcus you are so sexy. Yes and you are sexy Samantha" they were looking at each other both feeling horny. Her bed is right in that room so when they go in there and have sex. Before he said anything she started rubbing his crotch.

She looks at him again with her lustful voice. "Marcus, can I see your cock?" "Yes you can see it" he takes out his nice huge black cock before her. She looks at it and it startled and she says under her Breath. "good gosh that's huge" "can I suck him?" "Yes" she moves her head down and she grabs his cock and begins sucking. She looks at him and smiles and sucks his meat.

Markus looks at sam sucking his cock he pets her hair. "so tell me Samantha have you ever went black before? No, I haven't but I like to try. Marcus I really like you. I like you as well Samantha." she said that she continues sucking his cock and soon he started pulsating. After it was pulsating he released a huge amount of sperm in her mouth. Sam pulls away smiling and swallowing the sperm. She looks over at Marcus's huge black cock before her.

She walks over to the bed as Marcus jmac romping lucie clines pussy so hard with his cock behind her. When she got in the bedroom She lays on the bed spreading her legs for him. "come on Markus baby. Make me yours. Fuck me like the naughty White bitch that I am! Samantha's voice sounded lustful as Marcus got on the bed. He gets close to amateur big on small teen first time poor little jade jantzen she just wished to have a and then pushed his big cock into her hole.

Sam moaned out loudly as he pushed himself in. His big cock stretching her pussy. She stayed there for a moment trying to get used to his size. She screams out in pleasure but also in pain. "Oh fuck Marcus you're so big!!! Marcus got a little worried as he looked at her about to pull out.

"Do you want me to pull out Samantha? No, don't pull out let me get used to it! Just don't move it okay let me adjust. Okay, sexy". Marcus said to her as he waited for a moment. Slowly the pain started subsiding and when it went away she screamed out as she was feeling good. "Oh fuck, I love black cock! Fuck me, Markus, fuck my white pussy!" Marcus could tell she was really getting turned on. He started moving his hips fucking her cunt. Samantha was moaning in Delight as her pussy was penetrated by this massive cock.

Marcus was going faster by the minutes causing Samantha to moan loudly. Sam was filled with lust. Mark smirked and pushed deeper into her white pussy. "Hehe, how's your first black cock?" She smiles and looks at him barely able to speak. "It's wonderful! God l have never felt this kind of pleasure before!

Hehe, I guess the old saying is true. White women can't get enough of BBC. Yep, that's why so many white women are sluts for BBC." She said making sounds of pleasure and happiness.

She places her feet on his chest moaning loudly. After a few mins, Mark takes his cock out and puts it between her huge tits. He started moving slowly at first. She sucks on his cock and grabs her tits moving them up banging asian chicks moist cookie japanese and hardcore down.

"Mmm oh yes baby that feels so good. Damn your tits feels so good! Just for you daddy. Hehe, so I'm your black daddy now? Yes, daddy, you are! Alright, then you naughty woman. Fuck me, daddy!! He smirks. "As you wish". He moves back down to her and slams back into her white pussy. It was a good thing her house was soundproof. We wouldn't want anyone hearing up or her kids if she has any. Mark begins pumping harder and faster making her cum immediately.

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"Ohh-yeah daddy. That feels so good. Fuck me more daddy!" He turns her over fucking her doggy-style. He Bangs her pussy as she moaned cumming again.

"Ahh-daddy you feel so good inside me! Hey daddy can I rid you? Hehe sure be my guest. Okay daddy." he lays down spreading his legs for her. She gets on top of him positioning herself. Once she was ready she took his cock pushing it into her pussy moaning passionately. When goes inside she slammed down and started bouncing on him. Her heart was feeling up with lust and love. She moans and moves up and down on him slowly closing her eyes because of the pleasure. "oh fuck I'm gonna!" She smiles and she squirts on me.

A lot of liquid hit my chest as she started blushing. "sorry baby it felt amazing I couldn't help it" she said in an embarrassing tone and continues bouncing. The feeling was really starting to get to her as she moves down kissing Marcus. They started tongue kissing while she was bouncing.

"I love you, Marcus!

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I want to have your babies!" Marcus has never thought about interracial babies until now. Thinking about impregnating a sexy white woman would be something to not pass up on. His children will be accepted in this judgment world because they will be mixed.

They will have better opportunities than he would. "if you want my babies didn't keep on going until I come. I will Daddy I want your babies!" She moves harder and faster and I was about to shoot.

30 secs later I shot out a huge amount of sperm in her pussy. She started moaning when my semen went into her vagina impregnating her instantly.

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I hadn't jerked off in a long time so there should be enough to make her pregnant. She falls down and lays on my chest panting Softly.

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"Oh, Marcus I love you so much. I love you too, my new white bitch hehe. We're going to have biracial babies. I cannot wait.

On The other hand, I knew that my baby will probably have it a little rough as well because he has white mama he or she. A few months later we got married and now we live together. I was sitting in the living room with my wife rubbing her baby so excited. I can't wait for our biracial baby to come. She looks at me and smiled while I rubbed her belly. "Dear I can tell you're excited. Yes, baby, I am. Good because we are going to have a healthy, baby, by.

Yes, baby, we will.