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Redhead babe deep throats cops dick outdoors hardcore and amateur
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It was a long day after Halloween. The Moms, the kids, my fiancess, Jessie Lee, and I had a early amateur teen masturbates on couch suspect denied theft multiple times around 9 o'clock in the morning.

The flight was nice except everyone asking where were we going. Well everyone except momma Faye asked. I just told them they would know in a few hours. After that my family sat back and relaxed.

The kids although kept looking out the windows to see the surrounding area below. I had to chuckle knowing their excitement had to be killing them in that search of knowledge. Jessie Lee sat on my right as Jasmine sat on my left. She had this worried, but concerned feeling about her. She really kept asking what our business was in Oklahoma when the pilot announced our upcoming arrival in Lawton.

I simply replied that it was cute milf wears knee pads to suck cock small family vacation in which she stared at me with her beautiful brown eyes with wonder. Once we landed around 2 o'clock that day then gathered our luggage.

I rented three cars for us all. The moms took one with momma Faye driving, then Hannah drove the second with Tiffany and the kids, the last consisted of Jasmine, Diamond, Jessie Lee, and myself. I drove behind Faye who had mom, Jacqueline, and Tessa. I could see Jasmine looking out at the scenery she once knew years ago.

I followed Faye like a hawk as I didn't want to get lost in a town I never visited. It wasn't long until we were on our way out of town towards the countryside. I think seeing the surroundings caught Jasmine's eyes as she turned to look intently at me. " Baby why are we headed to my old home?" Jasmine says catching Jessie and Diamond's attention " lived out here Jazzy baby?" Diamond asks only to get a nod " Well I thought since I had some business to do.

Why not have the moms, kids, and the loves of my life come along. I remembered you and momma Faye telling me about your old home so why not see it." I answered hoping that would be good enough " Aww baby that was so sweet of you." Jasmine tells me while I kept my eyes on Faye's bumper " Dang honey how far did you live from town?" Jessie asks getting a giggle " It's about a 25 minute drive Jessie baby.

My parents loved the country so they moved here when I was a little girl. When.when they died Aunt Faye took me in as hers. She sold her old house which was down that road we just passed to come live with me. She didn't want no one young teen aprils throat gets used and forced to deepthroat have her sister's house." Jasmine explains as I see Faye's right turn signal I put mine on to look behind me to see Hannah put her's on.

We turn onto the dirt road which brings a bigger smile to Jasmine's face. The road is a bit bumpy as I see trees on eitherside. Some branches are hanging over in which will be taken care off. Once we get closer Jasmine starts squirming in her seat. " You ok Jazzy baby you act like group lesbian legal age teenager luscious girls about to cum?" Diamond simply asks with a giggle " I can't help it Diamond baby I haven't been here in years.

And yes my panties are wet if you want to know. Dang when are you not wanting sex?" Jasmine says making us all laugh " When I am asleep, but then I just dream of Heath fucking me while I eat one of you out." Diamond says getting again giggles " Join the club baby." Jessie says leaning over to make out with Diamond " Hey no fair I can't make out with our baby while he drives." Jasmine says getting my two wild fiancees to break their deep kiss " Well give him a quick blowjob we won't mind would we Jessie baby?" Diamond says while I shake my head " Nope because I would be eating your pussy while she did." Jessie states with a devilish smile " Sorry but no time as we are here." Jasmine responds with a smile that shines We pulled up in front of the house.

There was whistles as Diamond spoke up in surprise. " Damn Jazzy what did your parent's do for a living?" Diamond asks getting a giggle for Jessie Lee " Dad was a very good accountant while my mom was a lingerie model. Between the two they made good money, but both got tired of the city life and moved here. The only modeling mom did was for my dad after that." Jazzy says as my ladies giggled We all got out to join the rest of the family that came. The kids ran up to Jasmine with smiles followed by Hannah and Tiffany.

Faye, mom, momma Jacqueline, and Tessa came over to join us. " Momma Jazzy your house is huge." Lil Heath says with wide eyes " Thank you sweetie, but it's also your grammie Faye's also." She states getting four little nods " So what do you think Heath hun.

Is it big enough?" Momma Faye asks as I turn to look at her " Big enough for what?" Jasmine asks as Faye has that look of ' Crap" " Well to just have as a vacation spot. Momma Faye and you told me a lot about the field and all that I thought we could turn it to a family getaway." I say not letting out my plans until Monday Jasmine looks around at the land then at the house before looking back at me. " So you want to make this into a family ranch baby?" She steps to me asking only to get a nod " That would be cool honey." My mother says getting nods " Daddy could I have a pony?" Karen asks with big sparkling eyes that catches Jasmine's attention " Oh honey you want a pony?" Jasmine asks getting a big smile from our daughter " Yes, did you have a pony Mommy Jazzy when you were a kid?" Karen asks with some wonder " Yes at one time, but I haven't ridden a horse in years." Jasmine says getting a heartfelt look from Karen " Well we can get one can't we?" Karen asks before Jasmine picks her up " Yes, but we have to have someone take care of it when the family aren't her baby girl." Jasmine says getting a nod again from Karen " Well I hate to end this happy moment, but can we go in it's cold." Mom says before Faye goes to her " Sorry baby of course lets go in.

I will show you where we will be sleeping my love." Momma Faye tells my mother I take Jasmine and Hannah's hands to follow the moms and Tessa inside. The boys and my other three ladies follow right behind. The house is like a mini sized mansion with a porch.

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two double doors show the way into my love's family home. Once in the house we all look in aww. The living room is big just like the one back home.

There are pictures along the wall plus paintings by different artist. " Wow this is a beautiful home Faye." Tessa says going to her lover " Thank you baby with some cleaning it will look better." Faye says getting nods " So where are we all going to sleep?" Jacqueline asks with some concern " Well darling you, Maggie, Tessa, and I are going to sleep on one end of the house while the grandbabies and our kids sleep on the other." Faye answers to get smiles Faye takes the moms and Tessa with her as Jasmine shows the rest of us to our rooms before evening comes.

We walk the stairs to the rooms to find there are four. Before we get halfway the kids go looking in which I chuckle as they all look as if they are finding treasure. Dakota and Lil Greg try to open a door in which Tiffany helps them. They walk in and gasp before coming out. " DADDY COME QUICK!" Dakota yells to me as I quickly go to my sons " What's wrong boys?" I ask seeing them point to a poster of a half naked woman " Um Jasmine whose room was this?" I ask seeing her come over to only cover the boys eyes " This use to be Reed's room.

He is my brother who left after my parents died. He is like 5 years older then I am." She says answering with some disgust looking at the walls Diamond comes over to look in to only shake her head. " Before our sons sleep in here those poster are coming down for they are to young to see such filth." Diamond says but has a eveil look on her face " I see that look Diamond." Hannah says while Tiffany, Jessie Lee giggle " Hey we can always put them in our room, or give them to the moms." Diamond says with a smirk " Diamond your just a nymph." Jasmine tells her our wild woman " Look who's talking Mrs.

More the Merrier." Diamond says with a giggle " Bare hot beauteous teen team fucked hardcore and massage WANT THIS ROOM!" We hear Karen yell as Hannah shuts the door before the boys can stare at the women on the wall I have to say Jasmine's brother was one girl crazy guy, but I had no room to talk as I had my women around me.

Group of nasty girls have fun with guys and get fucked go to the room Karen yelled from to find it decked out in pink and purple. I took a wild guess knowing this was my beautiful Latina's bedroom as a kid. " Mommy Jazzy can I sleep in here?" Our daughter asks with hopeful eyes I look to see Jasmine walk in towards the bed to only sit on the right side.

She grabs one of the dusty bears that was upon a pillow. She has tears in her eyes all of the sudden as Karen goes over to her. " Mommy Jazzy are you ok?" Karen asks with such caring that Jasmine drops the bear and picks Karen up " Yes and no baby girl.

This use to be my room when I was your age. I have such happy memories in here." Jasmine states getting the boys and my other loves attention " Aww mommy Jazzy I am sorry.

I didn't mean to make you cry. I can pick another room. I just heard a voice tell me that this is the princess room. And all the mommies call me their little princess." Karen says getting a shook head " No honey you can have this room.

I would love for you too." Jasmine says with tears along with a smile " Ok thank you black womn spy toilet cam6 Jazzy. I love you so much." Karen says hugging Jasmine " I love you too my little princess." My Latina flower says letting our daughter go We watch Karen look around before detailing what went where. " Karen honey what are you doing?" Tiffany asks getting our daughters attention " Figuring out what goes where mommy.

I what my bed over there and that desk over there." Karen says pointing in two different directions " Oh ok honey, but we are just looking at the rooms for now baby girl." Tiffany says getting a giggle " I know mommy, but a girl can rearrange her room can't she?' Karen asks to just get laughs " Yes honey she can." Hannah states with a warm smile " I found my room papa Heath." I hear Lil Heath say behind me We turn to see him standing not far pointing to a room across from the one the boys or should I say twins had picked out.

" What room was that Jazzy baby?" Jessie asks to get a sigh " That was to be the nursery. Mom decorated it just in case she ever got pregnant again." Jasmine says getting sad looks " Well honey we will make a new nursery for our kids." Tiffany states in a low voice so the boys can't hear " I know darling, but it just hurts sometimes." Jasmine says getting nods from her four sister loves I stepped to the last room on the left.

I turned the doorknob pushing the door open. Inside I saw a four post bed with a canopy above it. I was followed in by the boys and my loves. " Wow daddy look at the bed. It looks so huge bigger then the one you and the mommies have back home." Dakota says with wide eyes " Yes it does little man." I answer stating as I feel someone take my hand I turned to see it was Jasmine with some tears. She leaned up against me for comfort as our loves came in to look around.

" Well at least the bed is big enough for all of us." Diamond says as everyone agreed " Yep and it's soft to as mom loved soft beds." Jasmine says before I hear footsteps come behind us " Oh my Faye they have the same kind of bed." I hear Tessa say from behind me " Yep my sister loved big beds and medeval styles. The flaps come down so whoever comes in can't um see who is in the bed." Faye states as to not give details " That's good to know momma Faye." Hannah says with a smirk on her face looking around to those she loved After a little more talk we all began cleaning the house.

Each of us split in pairs while the kids teamed up cleaning their rooms with Jessie Lee. I teamed up with Tessa as I need to talk to her about something. We were in the living room cleaning when I came out to ask her.

" Um grandma Tessa can I ask you a question?" I ask seeing her stop what she was doing " Of course honey what is it?" She asks me answering " Well it's about Jessie I um well." I try to say as Tessa looks at me intently " Heath what is it?

Has she done something wrong baby boy?" She asks while I shake my head " No it's just that I want to um." I try to tell her again but can't find my words She seems to look dance girls cock crush trampling me very concerned before having me sit by her on the couch.

Tessa takes my right hand before looking up in my eyes. I guess Tessa is studying my eyes to find out what I am trying to say. I see a smile come across her face before I am hugged. " Heath honey just like Justin and Nick you feel like my own, and if um your beautiful mother does ask me to marry her I will be a mother to you." Tessa tells me as I nod before she continues " As for Jessie I say ask her.

You both show such love that I felt once and feel again with your mother.

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Heath if I could I would ask her in a heart beat." " So your telling me to ask Jessie to marry me? And why don't you ask my mom?" I asked getting wide eyes " Yes and are you serious?" She exclaims looking deep in my eyes " Cool and yes. Look even though mom asked Faye and Jacqueline to marry her. I don't see why you can't ask her. It would be you showing her no matter the situation you accept it as you did Sierra and Mandy.

Yes they are sisters, but their heart was each others." I proclaim getting her to smile " Your right Heath honey. I guess the ring I am carrying will be put to use." She tells me as I smile " You too huh?" I ask with seeing a smile " Yep, so when are you going to ask as I want to very soon." She says with a wonder to my thoughts " Well I have a meeting to attend to Monday so it will probably be after it." I say to only get a nod " Aww that would be nice honey. So you won't mind me asking your mom as she is so loving and I have found myself falling for her.

I feel the same for Faye and Pretty blond babe railed by two dudes at the pawnshop, but your mother just has that ' I love you and make love to me' vibe." Tessa asks stating her feelings " I say go for it as all four of you make a loving couple um dang how the hell does all this work.

Mom has you three as I have five loving ladies." I say confusing myself " Well Heath I think in our cases we are what some would call couples." She tells me as I just agree then shrug We hug each other before getting up to finish cleaning the family room.

It was a long few hours before everyone comes down to relax on the couch, chairs, or floor. Jasmine and Hannah come to sit on my lap to place their arms around my neck. Tiffany, Diamond, and Jessie Lee all cuddle up on the couch with Tiffany in the middle. Same with Mom as Tessa and Faye are snuggled up to her with Jacqueline up against Faye. The kids are in the other chair relaxing holding one another. I look around to see tired faces, but yet happy ones. " To bad Jack wasn't here he could cook." Diamond says getting laughs " Mommy you can cook." Dakota says with a chuckle " Aww baby mommy is too tired, you go cook." Diamond says sarcasticly to our son " No mommy I don't know how." My son says in a cute way " My loves and I will run to get dinner while you all rest.

Tomorrow we will go look around the ranch." Momma Faye says with a smile " Ok grammie can we have pizza." Karen asks getting hopeful little looks " Yeah pizza and soda." Lil Heath says sounding excited The moms look at their grandkids then to all the rest of us. We shrug our shoulders before they giggle. " Guess pizza it is and soda for the kids while us adults have beer and wine." Momma Faye says as I see Tessa looking at my mother intently " Tessa baby why are you looking at me like that?" Mom asks only to have Tessa sit up turned to her " Maggie there is something I want to ask you, but I don't know how to." She says as Faye and Jacqueline look at Tessa " Whatever it is just ask baby." Mom says as I notice Tessa look over at me getting a nod It's at that moment that everyone sees Tessa stand up moving in front of my mother.

She places her hand in the right side of her right jeans pocket to pull something out. She then gets down to one knee taking my mother's hand who has her right hand over her mouth. Tessa looks up into my mother's eyes before speaking. " Maggie Lilly Thompson I know we have only known each other for a month, and in that month have shared some loving moments. You, Faye, and Jacqueline have shown me so much caring, love, and faithfulness to fill a lifetime.

Since my Grey passed away I have felt a lonelyness that I never thought would be filled again. I have had my family, but none of them could fill that spot in my bed. I wish I had two more of what I had in my hand for Faye and Jacqueline, but I don't all I can say is I hope that they feel my love." Tessa says as tears are being made with all the women even Karen before Tessa continues " Maggie my dearest love with those that mean so much to us.

I Tessa Covington asks you with all my heart, soul, and body if you will be my best friend, companion, partner, soulmate, and my wife to share with our two loves.

Will you marry me?" Those words was what everyone was waiting for at that moment. My hot brunette bride fucked by black dudes on the couch was crying so much that her body was shaking.

My loves were crying especially Jessie Lee seeing her grandmother propose to a woman must of been a first for her. Mom looked over at me as looking for some kind of yes or no from me. I smiled with a nod seeing her awesome teenie is riding up one eyed monster to smile again.

Mom looked at both Faye and Jacqueline to see smiles and tears. My mother broke down as Tessa seemed to look like she was regretting asking, because she slowly started to back away in which my mom noticed. My mom quickly reached for Tessa having her lover get up in her lap. Faye grabbed Tessa's legs pulling them to her and Jacqueline. Mom held Tessa with love before which I guessed to answer her question.

" Tessa you don't know how much you mean to Faye, Jacqueline, and I. Yes we only have known each other a mouth, but during that time you as well as Faye and Jacqueline have filled my heart. Three others have as wellbut I can't marry them like I would like." My mother tells Tessa holding her close giving her a kiss on the lips before continuing " Tessa Yes I will marry you.

I will be your best friend, companion, partner, soulmate, and your wife. I will always do all I can to keep you happy. I will always love you as my beautiful biker Tessa." Tessa had tears while placing the ring on my mother's finger.

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" Oh god baby is that?" My mother started to say " Yes my love it's a diamond a real one. Grey got it for me one year. I told him if I ever found a woman that would accept him and me I would marry her.

He thought I was joking so he bought it. Oh Maggie you would of loved him. He was such a loving man." Tessa says with such happiness " He sounds just like my Greg. Tessa I love you so much my sexy biker love." Mom says as everyone started to whistle and cheer them both Faye and Jacqueline both moved to hug their loves. I look over to see my kids and lil Threesome with liana and juliana grandi xxblackbooks looking at their grandmothers with smiles.

It's at that moment the moms and Tessa all stand up to only take the hand of the lover next to them. They look at each of us with smiles or grins. " I hope you all can accept this with Tessa being a part of us as one?" My mother asks with a hint of worry " Mom it shouldn't matter what anyone thinks.

What should matter is what you four feel in your hearts. I have no bad thoughts of you four being together. I think it's a beautiful thing." I tell them seeing tears in their eyes " Agreed momma Maggie, look at us five woman with one man that deep down in our hearts completes each of us. You gave birth to a wonderful, loving man. He gave Jasmine, Tiffany, and Diamond beautiful babies, but now another four are growing inside us except Jessie.

I love you all momma Maggie as my own mothers. So don't let what others say make you feel different." Hannah says getting big smiles from the moms in which I see they didn't catch the baby part " Thank you all for being supportive, but we need to go get us some food and stuff to drink." Momma Faye says getting nods from us all " Please grammy Faye hurry my belly growling." Lil Heath states getting a few awws " Ok my beauties shall we go get dinner as I know of a nice pizza place." Momma Faye states getting three nods It's at that moment the moms go to get dinner for us all.

The kids start talking about what they witnessed before Karen gets up making her way to the couch. I watch her get up on the couch to crawl over to Jessie Lee before getting in her lap. Jessie looks confused looking at Karen before my daughter smiles looking up at her.

" Yes Karen what is it baby girl?" Jessie asks getting a giggle " Will you be our mommy also?" Karen asks getting a few gasps Jessie Lee looks from Karen to all of us that are her loves to see smiles. I give her shrugged shoulders as in letting her know it was up to her. Jessie Lee looks back down at Karen before letting out a sigh with a smile. " Karen honey I would love to be a mommy to you and the boys if that is what you want baby girl." Jessie answers getting nods from the kids " Yes it is mommy Jessie." Karen says before turning to look at me as she continues " Daddy you heard her please make her a mommy too." I give my daughter a raised eyebrow before she giggles giving Jessie a tight little hug.

It's at that moment that seeing Jessie holding Karen brings a loving warmth to my heart. I feel Jasmine and Hannah hold me before Jasmine whispers in my ear. " Baby Karen is right Jessie needs to be one of us that have your ring on." Jasmine tells me before Hannah whispers " Yes baby make her your biker chick fiancee.

Ask her in a beautiful way as you did us." Hannah states while I see the boys join Karen on a mother's lap meaning Tiffany and Diamond's I think of what the loves in my lap has asked.

Jessie has been so loving to this family, but at the same time protective just the same. I think of how to make it special since we are not on a cruise or at Disney. I guess I will have to make due with what I have around the ranch. My five loves and I talked about our lives together while the kids made their way to the floor to talk on their own. This moment felt different in some sort of way. I began to imagine how it would be if it was just us in a house by ourselves.

The kids playing in the backyard during the warm days, or out riding ponies while us adults rode horses upon the field. My thoughts were a tangle of what if's, but then again those that were around me would want our family around us. So I started thinking of how to keep all my family around. Maybe one big house with enough rooms and plenty of space that we all could share.

What I have seen of the town there could be room for Diamond and Hannah to open their own shop. As well as Adam opening nerdy babe takes a big black cock own business either being a psychitrist or a furniture builder.

He was good in either profession. He already had three brothers that said they would help him out. William could start his own P.I. business also having a man like Jamie helping him. I knew my thoughts were jumping the gun, but all german ebony college xstory ana thoughts were what if's. I was brought out of my thoughts by the smell of pizza that filled the room.

Jasmine and Hannah got off my lap to help the moms. I remained in the chair just watching those that are my family go to the kitchen to fix plates for us all. I smiled watching my children get up then running to the kitchen. I just had to chuckle knowing my life was going to be bright with kids running around, but to make sure they and their coming siblings had a place to call their own I had to make it all work.

This business I had Monday was the first piece of the future for my family and I. Saturday night went by with a good nights rest. Everyone was still getting over the excitement of the flight so there wasn't any kind of loving from my loves except cuddling, and Jessie sleeping on top of me since it was her night. Sunday although started with a nice breakfast since the moms also shopped for food for the next few days of us being here.

After we all ate we dressed up warmly so Faye and Jasmine could show us around what would be the family ranch. Each of my ladies took their phones so they could take pictures to show those back home. It was a sunny day with a little coldness in the air. The kids took their grandmothers hands with Lil Heath taking Tessa's right. I noticed her smile to only picture Nick and Justin at his age doing the same.

I think Tessa was like Grandma May in a lot of ways. They both cherished the thought of family. Momma Faye took us over to a old stable. It looked still in good condition just needed some work. Karen asked 'where were the horses?' Momma Faye told her they are gone, because no one was around to take care of them. That made my kids have sad expressions as they wanted to ride a horse. I made a mental note on to get things rolling once my meeting with Glenn was over.

We then go walking around the stables to only see a big pond. I notice the kids going wide eyed as my loves giggle. Diamond makes a comment of our own nude beach which gets all the ladies to laugh while the kids giggle. Lil Greg asks what a nude beach is in which I tell him he was to young to know right now as I give Diamond a look in which she says sorry with a smirk.

The rest of the day was filled with me taking in several ideas as how to make this place very comfy for my family and the future generations. Once the tour was over, and back to the house Faye pulls me to the side asking what I thought.

I told her I had a few ideas, but it all depending on Monday in which she understood. The ladies sent pictures to our godfathers and godmoms so they could get a look at the place.

They got responses back saying our family back home loved what they saw and couldn't wait to see it in person. The rest of day was spent in side helping the kids rearrange the rooms they chose. Karen was the picky one just like her mother. By the time it was done my little princess was all smiles getting up on the bed wanting her mommy and daddy to lay next to her for a little bit.

After that the moms cooked dinner which as always was nice and delicious. Monday finally arrived as I woke up getting what all I needed ready. I was tattooed teen learns to masturbate from mom again what was going on, and as before I told my loves they would know by the end of the day.

I took a shower which I was joined by Tiffany and Jessie Lee. Both made sure I was clean, but Tiffany took extra time on my manhood saying she was to get me first later while Jessie giggled. I knew afro sweetie having a taste of white dick Tiffany wanted as I told her she better be cleaned back there. She looked up at me with a wicked grin saying she would be. Once dried and dressed we made our way down to the kitchen to enjoy a big breakfast.

Jasmine's parents had a big kitchen table with plenty of room. It was bigger then the one at the beach house. I made a mental note to see if Adam could restore it a bit as there were scratches and scuff marks.

I knew how much this place meant to Jasmine and Momma Faye so why not keep this house and all in it up to standards. Once breakfast was done I looked at my cell phone to see it was around 9:30 in the morning. I had to meet Glenn over on his property. So I went to grab the brief case that contained the amount he was asking for.

I was stopped by my kids seeing their hands on their hips. " Daddy where are you going?" Karen asks with a bit of concern " Princess I am going to meet someone for a business deal. I will be back soon so don't worry you little head off." I answered noticing a little hurt before I picked her up in one arm to hug her " Daddy I always worry about you.

I love you so much." She tells me hugging my neck as I feel arms around my legs I look to see my moms and loves look at me with concern. I smile before speaking up again.

" Tell you what if you are good for your mothers and grandmothers I will take you somewhere that you will know how much your daddy loves you all." I state not letting the cat out of the bag " Really?

You promise daddy?" Dakota asks looking up at me " Yes I promise now let me go or I am going to be late." I say feeling the boys let go as I hand Karen to my mother " Son be careful baby we will be waiting." She tells me before I lean down to give her a kiss on the forehead I give each of my family a kiss before I leave. Getting in the car I drove from town in I place the case in the passenger seat.

I think for a minute to soak in what I am about to do. I am making the right choice, and a good one. I start the car making my way off the ranch, and to a place that will soon be my families. I pulled onto the pavement to follow the directions Glenn had given me. I found out I didn't have that far to go. It was just the turn off before Jasmine and Faye's. I pulled onto the dirt road which was on the left this time. I followed the road until I saw a clearing.

To the right was a mobile home with a few trees around it. I noticed a lincoln town car parked in front. I pulled up beside it then parked.

Turning off the engine I looked to see a man come out of the house. He looked to be in stunning latina in stockings giving oral sex in pov style late 40's early 50's stood about 6'1 weighing about 215 lbs, with short blonde hair and what looked like blue eyes.

I got out grabbing the case. I made my way half way to meet him. We shook hands greeting one another. He invited me in in which I followed him.

Once inside I noticed a woman about the same age as Glenn.

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She stood about 5'6, 115 lbs, long auburn hair and blue hazel eyes. He introduced us to me finding out her name was Mildred. She was a nice woman offering me a glass of tea in which I accepted. Glenn had me sit on the couch while he went to get all the paper work. I sat there looking around seeing a few pictures upon the mantle.

Mildred returned with three glasses to only hand me mine. She placed one down for Glenn before taking a seat by me. Glenn came back in the living room to sit on my left opening a folder. That is when he started to discuss everything over with me. " Heath first off I want to say thank you for coming today. You are making a good choice in buying my land. I did a little snooping on you and know that you will make this place for a family." He tells me getting a nod " Thank you sir as I plan to merge my fiancee's land with this one." I state getting a concerned look from Mildred " Oh does she have land here?" She asks getting a nod from me " Yes it connects with yours.

I want to make a home for all my family away from town. I don't want to take the chance of my kids or my future nieces or nephew getting hurt by those that would." I exclaim getting sincere smiles " We can understand that.

So like I said the land makes like a U shape, but if you intend to join the two lands then it will be a solid piece. There are three ponds plus a spring water stream that flows into the lower pond. It's all fenced up to show the boundaries. Now here is what I advice to you. If it's protection you want for your family I suggest a solid wall all the way around, or a 12 foot chain link fence that surrounds the land. That way if anyone tries to sneak in they would have a hard time." He tells me getting a nod " I thought of that.

Was thinking of a stone 12 foot wall with surviellance every 12 foot." I state seeing Glenn grin " Well sounds like your thinking ahead. So how many in your family hun?" Mildred asks with some wonder " Well about 50 or close to that." I answer seeing their eyes grow wide " Dang you have a big family." Mildred says with Glenn nodding " Yes three are my mother, sister, and brother. The others are adoptive mothers, godfathers, godmoms, brothers I took in as such same with sisters.

I have three kids as well as four fiancees and a girlfriend. We accept each other as family." I explain only to get nods " Well as long as you all stay a family that is what counts. So you ready to make this deal?" Glenn jade is a young luxury blowing babe getting a smile We sign the papers with Mildred as a witness. To my surprise Mildred is a notary and puts a seal on the papers.

I read them first of course to find everything legit. I had the case over to Glenn who opens it to see it's all in one hundred dollar bills. " Couldn't diamond pipes gets cum between her cheeks cum on ass and fat ass anything smaller?" He asks with a straight face before laughing Mildred and I join him before he shuts the case to shake my hand. I am handed the folder with the bill of sale that I can show proof that I bought the land.

I then ask something I have been wondering ever since last week. " Excuse me for asking this, but why did you want to sale your land?" I ask as they both sigh " Well like I told you I could never do what I wanted with it. So I figured someone with the ability to make something of all the land could. Plus Mildred and I are getting where the cold winters just are not us so we moved to Florida. Our son and daughter live down there not far from us." Glenn explains to only see me nod with a grin " That is nice Glenn so what are you going to do with this mobile home though?" I ask as both look at me " Well it's paid for, and since you have plans for the land just use it as you see fit.

You could turn it into some kind of game house, or business." Glenn tells me as I take his words in consideration " True to that." I exclaim taking a drink from my glass We talk for a little longer before they tell me they had to leave soon for a party tonight in Oklahoma City then tomorrow the flight home.

I told them have a safe trip as I stood picking up the folder. They walk me out to the rental. Glenn shakes my hand while Mildred gives me a hug. Before I get in to leave I look at the both of them.

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" Tell you what I will keep the mobile home just as it is so when you both want to come up during the summer to spend it here you will always have a place." I tell them to get a look of surprise " You sure hun? We don't want to be a bother." Mildred says as I shook my head " No bother at all.

I think if the shoes were on the hardcore mature orgy xxx when a stranger calls foot you would probably do the same." I state getting grins " You are probably right. Just give us a call when you have everything done, and we will visit. It might be nice to meet new people." Glenn says with a smile I say my goodbyes to make my way back to my family. I feel some kind of relief and warmth run through me.

Once back to the ranch I pull up to only sit there looking up at the house. I see it needs a little work also. I can now make this place look good for my Jasmine and family. Once out of the car grabbing the folder in the process. Making my way to the house the door opened, and coming out of the house was Karen with her jacket on.

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She ran to me fast as I went to one leg. Once in my arms I noticed the boys come out also running. Karen hugged me tight as the boys got to us with hugs.

" Your home daddy so can we go to the place you talked about?" Karen asks with her cute voice " Sure baby girl let's get the others and go for a hike." I say seeing smiles and wide eyes Karen let's go of me grabbing her brother's hands as Lil Heath grabs Dakota's free hand. We make our way in to get the moms and my loves.

Asian hottie gets nailed in hardcore fashion puts their jackets on before we go for a hike. Jasmine asks me 'Where are we going?' I only answer saying it's a secret which I am given concerned eyes. Each of the kids grabbed a hand of their grandmothers before we stepped out of the house. I grabbed Jasmine's and Diamond's while Hannah, Tiffany, and Jessie held hands with Jessie in the middle.

I lead them in the direction of the land I bought. I knew momma Faye knew what was going on, but she didn't say anything as we walked towards the land. Walking through the woods that were behind the house I made sure no one got hurt from down branches or limbs. It took about 7 to 10 minutes until we hit the fence.

I looked over through the trees to see Glenn and Mildred's car gone. I chuckled letting go of my loves hands before taking part of the fence down that shocked everyone except Faye.

The fence laid on the ground while I stepped over it. I helped each one over in which Jasmine spoke up fast. " Baby we are trespassing. You just took down a fence what are the owners going to say?" She asks just to get a chuckle from me " I know the owner he won't mind come on darlin." I answered extending my hand to help her She took it and cautiously made her way past the barb wire.

Once over I led them to the clearing in which each one looked around. " Heath hun I think someone lives here. They won't be happy with trespassers on their property." My mother says getting nods I look at them all before taking the folder out of the back of my jeans as I hid it after getting out of the car.

I handed it to Jasmine as Momma Faye spoke up. " I got to pee be right back." She says making her way over to some trees I just chuckle as I see her squat down out of sight. I notice Jasmine and Diamond looking at the papers intently. It's a few minutes later that Faye comes back over with a smile. " Well it's ours now as I marked it." Momma Faye says before Jasmine and Diamond both look at her as does the others " What's going on Mommy Jazzy?" Dakota asks with curiousity " says here your daddy bought this land.

He bought the land that surrounds grammy Faye's and mine." Jasmine answers getting wide eyes " Heath hun you came here to buy land?" My mother asks getting a smile and nod They all look at me before I see them all take off in different directions. Mom, Jacqueline, and Tessa go where momma Faye went. My loves and Karen go one way, as the boys go another. I kneel down to pick up the folder Jasmine dropped hearing Faye giggle.

" I think they all are making it a done deal." She says while I chuckle " I suppose so, but it already is." I say getting a grin " So when are you going to start getting things started son?" Faye asks me before stepping up to me wrapping her arms around me to give me a hug " Soon just need to get a archetict and a contractor to start building what I have in mind." I state while everyone comes back over " Daddy I made it ours the pizza helped." My youngest says getting laughs " Kota honey I hope it wasn't where we will darryl hanah loves sucking on it pornstar and hardcore in it?" Momma Faye states as he giggles " No grammy I didn't." He says as the moms come over to hug Faye and I followed by my loves " So what now baby we don't have all that much time?

We have to head back home tomorrow afternoon." Hannah asks stating a point " Well we just need a archetict to get things started then a contractor.

Then go from there as to construction crew or crews." I state seeing nods and smiles " Heath I think I know of a construction crew." Tessa tells me catching everyone's attention " Who momma Tessa?" Tiffany asks as Tessa turns to look at her " Caleb and Simon their crews could help.

I am sure they wouldn't mind to build what you have in mind." Tessa says getting me to think " Well we can ask plus other crews around here could also help. It may get done in have honey likes cock in anal and mouth time as well." I say getting smiles with nods " Yep, so can we get back to the house so you can make phone calls it's a bit cold." My mother states before we head back to Jasmine's house Once back everyone either sits or goes to the bathroom.

I just shake my head to what they did earlier. Without asking my ladies start calling around for a architect and a contractor. Momma Tessa calls Caleb to ask about helping with the building. I smile once I see her grin talking to her son in law.

The day went by with me going to meet with the architect and a contractor. Both asked what I wanted. I described the size of my family, and the ideas I explained. They both listened intently while making notes as well drawing a outline of what could be done first to last. Once the architect had my ideas he started drafting the house out.

He suggested a few safe rooms plus a steel reinforces wall to surround the property.

I told them I wanted my family safe in which he stated they will be. I showed them the stable and house. I told them I wanted both restored in which they exclaimed they would be. I gave them my number and a map that Glenn chubby gf rides big cock in the restroom picked up on the street pick up girls for sex me of the land as well one of Jasmine's.

They looked at both intently thinking plump chick with huge ass and titties where to put the mansion as they called it. Once I was told to give them a week to do the blueprints plus find enough crews to build everything that I had thoughts on. I gave them Caleb's number that Tessa gave me. I told them about him and Simon in which both exclaimed they would call them to see what they could do.

We shook hands pretty dykes decide to have threesome during lunch break I left the office. Once to the car I sat in the driver's seat for a few moments to think of something I felt I needed to do.

I started the engine to only back up before making my way to a nice jewelry store. The evening went by with dinner being very nice. It was around 7 o'clock in the evening when I looked at Jessie who was looking back at me. " What baby?" She asks while I grin to her " You care to go with a walk?" I ask seeing her eyes sparkle " Yes baby, but it's dark outside and cold." She tells me getting a shrug " So just bundle up a bit more." I tell her noticing her nod After she went to put on a extra shirt my other loves came over to me after I stood up putting my jacket on.

Each one looked up in my eyes intently. " Your going to ask her aren't you baby?" Jasmine asks with a grin " Yep he is I seen that look before on the cruise." Tiffany states getting giggles from her sister loves " Well it's going to make her so happy.

Jessie has been hoping you would ask her." Hannah tells me only to get a raised eye brow " When did busty chick manga is a bukkake orgy pro say this?" I ask as I watch my Ebony queen smile " Oh while you were gone today.

Tiffany, Jessie, and I spent some time together intimately. She told us in mid orgasm that she wants to be your 5th fiancee." Hannah tells me making me chuckle " Well guess I know what happens behind my back." I stated in a straight tone I think scaring them " Baby it's not what you think. We love you it's just Tiffany and I wanted to be with Jessie alone for a bit." Hannah says defending her and Tiffany I looked at all four of my loves before showing a smile. " It's ok darlin I know the feeling.

I understand and hope you all don't mind if I take a walk with Jessie alone." I say to them seeing nods " It's ok baby, but when you get back you have us to love on as well." Diamond tells me looking to see the kids distracted before grabbing my manhood through my jeans to only whisper " With this beautiful cock in our cunts." I feel myself getting hard before she lets go as we hear footsteps behind us.

Jessie comes up from behind me taking my hand. " Ok handsome I am ready." She states before she is given a few kisses on the lips and a slap on the ass " Enjoy your walk sexy we will be waiting in bed." Jasmine says before I lead Jessie out of the house After walking by the barn then down to the pond I stop to turn towards Jessie Lee. I take both her hands then look into her eyes. Jessie looks up into mine with what looks like curiosity. " Baby is there something wrong?

Your not breaking up with me are you?" Jessie asks with a hint of fear " No Jessie nothing is wrong, and I am not breaking up with you. Look Jessie you are a beautiful young woman. You are full of life, and full of love. You are so protective of both our families, but you need to be protected also. I love you Jessie Lee so much." I exclaim as I see tears under the moons embrace " I love you to baby so very much, but you didn't have to bring me out here to tell me that." Jessie tells me getting a nod " Yes I know, but then I couldn't do this." I say before getting down on one knee I reach in the inside pocket of my jacket to pull out a ring with a topaz stone.

I look up to see her right hand over her mouth as I take her left. I look up again to her eyes to see tears flow. " Jessie Lee you mean so much to me just like your sister loves. You are my biker chick, my beautiful leather wearing biker woman.

I want you all the time in my life. I want you to carry our children just like those that share our bed. Jessie Lee my darlin love will you marry me?" I ask her after stating my heart I watch as Jessie cries before kneeling down in front of me.

She leans forward placing her head on my chest. I hold her close to me letting her get all the tears free. Once she has calmed down a bit Jessie leans back to look in my eyes. " Yes Heath my love I will marry you. Oh god baby I love you so much." She tells me answering as I place the ring on her left ring finger I pull her to me placing my lips on hers. We let the kiss linger into a deep passionate kiss.

Jessie Lee moves closer straddling my right leg to only start grinding herself upon it. I hear her moan into my mouth as I break the kiss. Our eyes lock together before I speak up. " Jessie?" I ask before she cuts me off " I need you baby right here right now." She tells me before I pick her up with my hands on her ass Jessie locks her legs around me with arms arm my neck. " Don't you want the others to join in darlin?" I ask seeing her nod " Yes, but I want you now.

Take me to the stable and fuck me hard. Sorry baby I just need you." She tells me as I make our way to the stables Once there I let her down to watch her find a bail of old hay. She undoes her jeans pushing them down with her panties. Looking over to me with lust Jessie motions me over to her. I watch as Jessie starts to undo my jeans making them go to my knees.

Noticing no boxers Jessie takes my growing manhood into her mouth to get me ready for her. It's not long that I am ready that she begs for me to get behind her. I make my way behind her as Jessie places her hands on the bale of hay with her ass up and legs spread. I step up placing the head at her entrance after feeling around for it. I ease into her feeling she is very wet. I grab her hips to start giving her all that she is craving.

She let out a moan as I pounded into her. Jessie was going wild meeting my thrust each time. I leaned over placing a kiss on the back of her neck making her moan that much louder. " OH BABY CUM.CUM IN MY PUSSY.OH SHITTTTTT!" Jessie yells as I feel her cum on my dick It's at that time I feel my own wave of orgasm come over me. I can't help, but go deeper into her love tunnel. With one more thrust I erupt deep into her core.

" JESSIEEEEE!" I yell letting her feel my essence fill her womb " OH YESSSS!" She yells with a shiver as I feel her milk my cock with her pussy walls I collapse on her back holding her from behind. " love?" Jessie asks with heavy breathing "" I ask getting a nod After my manhood finally left her love spot I stood to only see Jessie turn.

She began cleaning my cock with her warm mouth. She learned very quick on how to clean me up. Once done I pulled my jeans up as well did Jessie. She came up to me to only hug me german mother fuck young boy with big dick hardcore and deutsch. Jessie looks up to me with a big smile. " Thank you baby as you felt so good." She tells me getting a nod and smile " So did you and your welcome. I love you Jessie." I respond telling her " I love you to my handsome fiancee." She replies with some tears as I take her hand leading her back to the house Jessie places both her arms around my right arm.

It's a nice moment walking her to the house. We hear music coming from the house. Jessie giggles once we get to the steps. She stops for a moment which makes me stop in my tracks. I turn to look down in her eyes. " Anything wrong Jessie darlin?" It's my turn to ask now " No baby except you have made me so happy. I hope your dad, Grandma May, and my grandfather are looking down on us with smiles." She says answering my words " I am sure they are honey.

Now lets go join our loves in whatever they are doing." I say getting a giggle from my beautiful peach Jessie ==================================================================== Debra's POV: Around 11 p.m. Monday night William and I have been staking out the address he was given. Seems this time someone was after those we took in as our family. Sisters, brothers, nephews and nieces. The biggest part that pisses me off is they want to hurt my grandbabies.

Parked in a black van with the listening devices in place we have found out that plan to take Karen and her brothers. The head honcho calling the shots in the house hired two thugs and a woman. Seems he had a big plan that my man and I would spoil, but had to wait for the right moment to spring it.

William is going through his gear in the back when we hear something that really makes us very upset. " Once we get in the house inject Heath's whores with the drug it should kill the babies they are carrying. Tyrone doesn't want them pregnant when he comes to take them." The main guy says with authority " Oh god William we can't let them do that." I say with anger in my voice " We won't Debs as I.we will make them wish they never came here." My wonderful man says with confidence plus anger himself We hear when and how they intend to get Karen and the boys.

I smirk as William hands me the cattleprod along with my 9mm handgun. I smile when he gives me a kiss before getting in the driver seat.

" Baby what was the kiss for?" I ask before he smiles back at me " Because your with me and love me so much." He says answering with a smile " Aww baby I will always be here for you and love you." I say before he smiles with loving eyes We go back to listening to the rest of the plan being said. I shake my head before placing my gun in it's holster. I made a vow to protect my new family even if it meant my life. To Be Continued.Evil steps to Heath's door