Harlots engulfing in strip club striptease and hardcore

Harlots engulfing in strip club striptease and hardcore
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Maybe the right course of action would have been to cut Randy out of my life completely. Argue? Have a fight? Demand things go back to the way they were?

But that's delusional really. There is no going back. I did stay for him to get hard again. And again, he came down my throat. My life changed dramatically following that fateful party with Randy. Over the next two weeks Randy would invite me over after work to hang out and drink beer. But of course he finds a way to get his boner in front of me. Teen blow job and facial compilation bad and breakfast never failed to get me sucking him.

He would greet me at the door with a big smile, welcome me in gesture me to sit on the couch and get comfortable. Definitely nicer than he was before. But then at some point he would leave the room and walk back into the living room buck naked with his boner swinging. "Sorry Kyle I just can't wait any longer" Other times he would chill on the couch with me. Watch something interesting. But if a commercial came on and his attention span wandered, I studied him as he would flex his cock, or reposition himself almost as if he was mentally reminding himself he could be getting a blowjob right now.

If it was time, he would find ways to draw my attention to his hard on. He would stand up and drop his sweat pants. Or stay seated and pull his boner out.

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That was my que. One time he dropped his sweat pants behind me while I was in the kitchen. I think he just wanted to see me drop to my knees for him. He wanted to prove something to both of us. I usually had his boner in my mouth or down my throat within seconds of seeing it.

He loved that, I could tell. I loved how often it would happen without a word spoken between the two of us. We handled silence well together. Randy would do most of the talking. We experimented with several positions or heights. He told me to hand my head over the arm of his couch.

I did and he lowered his boner to my lips. I opened them and took him in. All I could see were his massive balls swinging and bouncing off my face and nose. I didn't particularly care for the position as it was hard to breathe but I did my best to please him.

He finished the load off porn star alexis grace gets a pounded pornstar knockers we usually do with me on my knees on a pillow him standing over me with his cock down my throat. To us that was a near daily occurrence. He likes getting sucked in his lazy boy chair but he usually stands up when he is about to cum. More than anything though Randy loved that I swallowed his cum. He became very particular about how I take his cum.

He always wanted to cum as deep down my throat as possible.

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He told me he could cum a maximum 7 times in a day. I said that sounds good but I was scared I would get sore and wear out my jaw. The most loads he has given me in a day is 4. One in the morning, one at lunch, another at dinner another late at night.

He would tell me he liked feeding me and always implied he wanted more. And the truth was I did. My inhibitions had almost fully eroded. Especially when it came to taking his cum. I thoroughly enjoyed that and he knew it as well. Every day he came down my throat for nearly a week. I was coming over at night, visiting him at work even stopping by in the morning before work to suck his cock and swallow his cum. If we were away from each other for school or a job he would send me a text message.

"need you" "hungry?" "my balls are full" "morning wood" "again" "come over" "Suck" "swallow?" "8===D ~" That last one was only an hour after I had previously sucked him, he was sitting next to me when he sent it. He got what he wanted. This continued into that second week but I had a lot of work to do and needed time away to get things done.

Randy made a pretend sad face at me as I left which turned into a grin. I didn't see him for 3 days. He blew up my phone on the 3rd day. This was not normal for us to be texting so frequently, so often, so dirty.

But it was a unique venue of communication that became very important for the two of us. Day one Randy [2:43AM] where are you? (I chose not to respond to this one. Zzz) Randy [10:39AM] Dude I need you Kyle [10:39AM] Busy Randy [12:59PM] you know you want it Kyle [1:01PM] yeh but want to pass this class too.

And pay rent Randy [1:02PM] Tomo then? Please Kyle [1:05PM] cant promise anything Randy [9:02PM] OMG man im boned all the time now because of you!

Day two Randy [11:02AM] please Kyle [11:05AM] I have a project due tomo I haven't even started. And a power point presentation for the day after. Randy [11:05AM] I wont take all ur time Randy [11:06AM] but admit you want it.

Don't deny it. Kyle [11:07AM] =) Randy [11:07AM] see Randy [11:08AM] fuk now I am rock hard. Dam u Randy [8:02PM] gnite Day three Randy [6:02AM] =) Randy [11:02AM] I have had a boner since early this morning Kyle [11:02AM] you should see a doctor =P Randy [11:03AM] haha funny suk it Kyle [11:20AM] I should be free this weekend Randy [11:20AM] good I need you here Randy [11:21AM] im gonna fuk ur face good. U know that right? Randy [11:22AM] I have to cum so badly Kyle [11:23AM] Cute chick lady blond seduces her horny doctor did you last cum?

Randy [11:23AM] Down ur throat on Sunday Kyle [11:24AM] so 3 days ago? Randy [11:24AM] yeh Kyle [11:24AM] That along time for you? Randy [11:25AM] yes especially when I was getting my balls drained couple times a day.

Its forever Kyle [11:25AM] When did you last jack off? Randy [11:25AM] I don't know seems like forever. A week maybe Randy [11:26AM] thanks for that =P Kyle [11:38AM] ur welcome. I like it =) Randy [11:38AM] I know =) Randy [4:02PM] OK for real I cant take it anymore Randy [4:04PM] Just give me like 5 minutes of your time.

Kyle [4:05PM] Not done yet Randy [4:05PM] fuk Randy [9:52PM] You know I'm going to cum down ur throat like all day tomo right? Kyle [9:52PM] oh yeah? Randy [9:52PM] yeah hope ur ready I dude got his ass fucked by girls on the 4th day still exhausted.

It had been a tough week. I laid in bed and tried to go back to sleep but it wasn't going to happen. My cellphone buzzed on the nightstand.

I reached over and grabbed it. Randy [8:32AM] This is for you. Cum over. Now Attached was a top down picture of his fully erect cock. It looked so perfect to me. I stared at his cock picture for 10 minutes in bed before it occurred to me I hadn't responded. What should I say to that? Kyle [8:32AM] Wow Randy [8:33AM] yeah all for you! CUM OVER Kyle [8:33AM] I'll be over soon I gathered myself, washed up and drove over to Randy's apartment. Fifteen minutes after texting him I was knocking on his front door.

He answered within 1 second. He looked me briefly in the eye then grabbed my hand and pulled me in. He shut the door behind me. "Hey," I said. "Hey," he replied. He seemed flustered, anxious. He walked in front of me and dropped his sweatpants to the floor. He looked at me with wide eyes as I looked down and saw his cock fully erect. It was then I noticed the pillow on the floor. He stepped to the side. His cock swung side to side. "C'mon man I need this. I can't wait any longer," He pleaded.

He sounded sincere. I got on my knees in front of him. He braced the back of my head and pulled me towards his cock. I caught the tip with my tongue and let it slide down. My lips met the head of his cock and slid over the head of his cock and onto the throbbing shaft. He was pulling me onto his cock hard so I knew to take it all the way down. He sighed when I did and released the pressure on the back of my head. It felt good to take him deep. Silence settled in.

I needed to breath. I pulled back and kissed the tip took a quick breath and took it deep again. "Oh my gosh I missed this," Randy gasped as he fucked my throat. I started a nice slow deep rhythm. He had control of the pace as he pushed and pulled my head with the slightest nudge. I loved this. I can't believe how much I had missed this. I could feel the sexual energy. Randy started increasing the pace. I was bobbing up and down on his shaft once every 2 seconds. He was bottoming out in my throat every time by giving a slight lunge.

My eyes teared up. "I.I'm not going to last long this first time," He said nikki sexx teaches her new man how to make her squirt a husky voice. I continued my efforts. His comment only focused me more on the true reward, his cum. I ran my hand up his left leg and gently cupped is balls. I was thinking of all the cum in them as Randy pulled me down deep on his cock. His balls pressed on my chin for a moment.

Their warmth drove me wild. Randy was watching me. He seemed to be reading my mind. "Big load this time Kyle. Hope you're ready. " "mmm " was my response as I took him deep and stayed there. I tried to count the seconds.

I was imagining him cumming. I mentally revisited all those other glorious times he gave me cum. He flexed his cock which expanded my throat. He let out a long sigh. He braced my head with his second hand.

We quickly got into a fast pace. His breathing became more erratic. His knees bent, legs slightly trembling. I started moving my tongue more along the base of his cock and is passed over my tongue. He lunged forward at my throat hard. I bounced off but kept the head in my mouth his hands still held my head firmly.

I ran my tongue all over it. I kissed it. I closed my lips over the whole head and sucked hard. He groaned and pulled me down on it. Up and down. Up and down. Again I used my tongue. "Oh.unghh…here it is…heres my cum…" He frantically pulled me on his cock. He bottomed out but held me tightly on it. His balls pressed on my chin. His knees seemed to cave momentarily but I remained pressed tightly. He lunged forward. The shaft of his cock expanded on my tongue, in my throat.

I knew what was happening and I loved every bit of it. "Uhh!

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Yeah…take it all!. fuk!" Randy gasped as he lunged slightly several times. Each lunge came with a simultaneous blast of cum down my throat. I loved feeling his cock throb and cum.

I could feel the warm jizz. He just kept cumming. I could tell there was a lot. I needed to breathe. I knew I could only offer the comfort of my throat for another second or two. Despite initial resistance he let my head up and I gasped for air with half his cock still in my mouth. I didn't dare pull out all the way. He was still cumming. He shot a huge wad all over my mouth. I relished the taste.

It felt heavy and stringy.

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I swallowed it of course. Randy shuddered. Knowing dick gets sensitive after cumming I stayed still with his cock still resting in my mouth. Randy was breathing heavily, watching me intensely. I wrapped my lips tight around the shaft which caused him to wince.

I looked up at him. He had the stupidest grin on his face. My grin was still blocked by his cock. My eyes smiled at him though. "Let me sit down." he said. His cock finally left my mouth and swung around as he took a seat on the couch. Through megan fox full sex tape eyes he watched me. Still on my knees before him. "Oh man I needed that so bad haha!" He blurted out. "Thanks Kyle…" "No problem" I muttered. Randy patted his cock.

I watched him. He noticed me watching. "You want more of my cum?" He asked. "Yes" He smiled. "Good just give me a few minutes." He grabbed the TV remote and turned it on. My knees started to hurt so I moved on all fours to lean against the couch.

I wanted to keep his cock in my line of sight. My blood was pumping. I was horny and wanted to feel his boner in my throat again. I waited patiently. "I can't believe you took a cock german sex mom with son and sent it to me haha" I joked.

He turned to me and smiled. "Dude I was so fucking horny. You sucked me off like every day for a week then just left. My balls filled up and starting hurting." "You couldn't just jack off?" I prodded. "Dude I'm never jacking off again. I even tried. Cumming down your throat is just… uhh. Its amazing." I gave him a perplexed look. It's a weird thing to hear and I didn't know how to respond. Like I mentioned we usually sat in silence but the mood seemed so good so I kept the conversation going, "I'm glad you like it.

I missed it too" I admitted proudly. Randy beamed. He cupped his cock. He watched me watch him. "you can start sucking now" he said. I hesitated not sure if that meant he would get up and stand before me or if he wanted me to come to him.

He sat still. That was my answer. I crawled up before him. He widened his legs and scooched to the edge of the couch. He was pointing his semi erect cock at my lips.

I kissed the tip before taking the head in my mouth again.

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Randy let out a huge sigh… "What an awesome day…" PART 4??