Two classy starlets lick each others twats

Two classy starlets lick each others twats
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I love my girlfriend. Right off the bat, I want to make sure that gets out there, because transpired events may suggest otherwise.

We have been together for a long time, almost three years, and that is long enough for me to know that she doesn't excite me sexually the way she used to. She is an attractive redhead, very loving and eager to please, but not as adventurous as I when it comes to sex. Our sex feels great, but it is very predictable. Blowjob, missionary, doggystyle if it is a good night, I get off and we take a shower. She never gets off because she had put up a big mental block for herself; I try to find her sensitive areas and get her to help me but she just says it feels the good the way it is.

So you can see, things can get a little old in the bedroom. In college, there was always enough sexual excitement to keep me going, whether it be the first few times with my girlfriend Jenny or just being on a campus, seeing people going at it at parties or hearing people banging in the dorm rooms. When my Jenny wasn't around, I could flirt innocently with girls in my classes. But the thing I missed most was my Jenny's friend Erica. Every guy has fantasies about his girlfriend's best friend and I was no different.

Jenny and Erica had been best friends all through college, sharing everything. Erica was a tall blonde girl, about 5'7", not too skinny and not too big, about 130 lbs, I would guess. She was not a cheerleader type, so she wouldn't jump out in a crowd as being the really popular girl.

Her personality was so warm and bubbly though that she became more and more beautiful as you got to know her. Not that she wasn't pretty. Her blonde hair was long and reached down to the middle of her back in the rare instances where she let it down; normally is was pulled back and bunched up behind her head. Her breasts were medium sized, a large B or a small C, but very shapely and alert.

Being a tall girl and frequently wearing high shoes, her legs were accentuated. Her calves were well toned and her thighs became a little thicker as they went up, which culminated into a well formed ass, which was usually framed with a nice pair of jeans.

She had a little extra cushion up there, but not too much; just enough to look like a good time. I had only seen the full legs a couple times when I had seen her swim. She was a delightful girl, possessing a quick laugh and a wild demeanor.

She loved to go dancing and we would sometimes double date with her and her husband. They had been married very recently and right out of college; Jenny was in the party. I was happy to see her walk down the aisle as a friend, but I also imagined her in her honeymoon lingerie, waiting on the bed for me. Jenny had told me that Erica had bought lingerie for the honeymoon, clearly not realizing that I would imagine her in it. She looked radiant in her white dress.

Upon their return from their honeymoon, they had a party at their new place to celebrate with all of the college friends they had been unable to mingle with much at the wedding.

The whole gang from school was there and it was wonderful to be back with everyone. Erica was wearing her normal tight jeans, black high heels, and a red sweater. The party was a riot, with everyone playing drinking games, laughing and getting pretty well drunk.

We were playing kings (for those who know the game) and the cards told me to pick someone to drink with. I chose Erica and we finished off our beers. I got up to get another and Erica did the same. Their kitchen is long and not very wide, more like a corridor than a room.

The kitchen backed up to a wall with the doorway facing the rest of the apartment, though out of sight from the living room. The fridge was immediately to the left when you walked in.

Erica and I went into the kitchen and opened up the fridge. The hinge of the door was on the left, so it blocked the doorway. I reached into the fridge and pulled the last one off the top level. Seeing there were no more on the top, Erica knelt down to get one off the bottom. "Making me work for this one, huh?" she said, laughing.

"Haha, I am not getting down there," I said. As if the conversation were naturally leading that way, Erica looked up at me and kissed me gently on the cock through my pants. "Call me tomorrow," she said, shut the door, and walked back into the party.

She never looked back at me. I sat for the rest of the evening, sipping quietly on my beer. I would steal glances at her, but Erica never made it seem like anything had changed. She was pretty drunk and having a great time. I started to think that her shocking invitation had been just the booze talking. A few people decided to crash at her place that night, too drunk to drive home, but I was in good enough shape to Jenny and I home.

She hugged us both energetically at the door. I shook hands with her husband. Nothing was out of the ordinary, and we drove home. The next day, Jenny went out to do some shopping, leaving me home by myself.

As soon as I watched her car drive away from the window, I waited 5 minutes in case she forgot something and turned around, and called Erica. "Hello!" she answered happily on the other end. "Hi Erica. It's me," I said, hoping she would remember her actions last night.

"Oh hi! Hold on a sec," she said and I waited on the phone for about half a minute. "OK, sorry," she continued. "There are people all around and I don't want them to hear anything." "Cool. So…you asked me to call you." There was a deep breath on the other side of the call. "I know you like me," she said, "and Brian has trouble keeping an erection. I guess some genetic thing, bad circulation, I don't know.

What I do know is that he can't keep it up and I have heard from Jenny that you can." I blushed to myself. "I can go for a decent amount of time, yeah," I answered, trying to sound cool and not overwhelmed. "I love Brian, but I need to be satisfied. I have been with him forever. I have only had sex with one other person, and I have almost forgotten what's like to go for a while.

Here's what you do. Leave for work like normal, so Jenny doesn't get suspicious. From the road, call in sick.

Come up here, and get breakfast at some restaurant. I will call in sick and I will be here when you come to the door at about noon. Call me when you are leaving breakfast to make sure nothing weird happened. I know you want to come have sex with me. Does that sound ok?" "Wow, you really have this planned out," I said. "I'll be there." "Good," she replied.

Then I will see you tomorrow." And with that she hung up fellow assists with hymen checkup and nailing of virgin cutie phone. That night, I could hardly sleep. It was a Wednesday night, much going on.

Just watched some TV and crawled into bed. I imagined Erica in her lingerie and couldn't believe she had initiated it. I funny girl fucked by mature wolf nervous that I wouldn't be able to perform, especially since I slutty blonde ex girlfriend anya olsen scarfing down dick pov being brought in as the replacement.

I felt guilty about cheating on my girlfriend and going behind Brian's back, but I had to do this; I had had a thing for Erica for a long time. Eventually I fell asleep, but it was a tossing, turning affair. I kissed my Jenny goodbye in the morning and went off to work. As soon as I was down the street, I pulled over and got on the phone. I told my boss that I was sick through my best sick voice and drove the half hour to Erica's neighborhood.

I found some dive diner, put away a couple pancakes, and gave her a call. "I'm ready," she said. "Come on over." "Are you sure you really want to do this." "I'm sure. Come over. We can do whatever you want." That was all Kinky bathroom sex with a saucy floozy cumshot and facial needed.

I just hung up the phone and drove over to her apartment. My heart was racing, my palms were sweating and, of course, I was getting erect. I parked the car, walked up to the front door, and knocked.

Erica answered the door in her robe, a big white robe that coupled with her blonde hair made her look like an angel. Her makeup was done lightly which made her face shine. I thought she looked beautiful and I said so. She closed the door behind me and pressed me up against it, kissing me hard and rubbing the back of my neck, moving her hands up into my hair.

I returned the favor and ran my hands through her thick blonde hair. "I've wanted to do this for a long time," I said. "I know. That's why you were my first choice. Plus I had heard good things," she replied, smiling devilishly and glancing downward. "Take off your coat and meet me in the bedroom." With that, she closed up her robe and scurried away. I was still in the front room and dropped my jacket on the couch.

I looked out the window in paranoia to make sure no one was watching then took a deep breath and headed for the bedroom. I couldn't wait to slide that robe off of her naked body and ravish her. I opened the door. The robe fantasy faded and gave way to another fantasy; Erica sat cross-legged on the side of the bed, in a sexy outfit that didn't look like honeymoon lingerie to me.

Rather than the traditional white of new brides, Erica's attire was completely black. She wore stockings that came up mid thigh, held up by garters that connected to the bottom of a lacy corset that pushed her perfect tits together.

Her panties were black too, though they were only there as a formality; they wouldn't stay there long. Expecting black and getting white made Erica's angelic qualities seem all the more remote, as this was clearly a girl with a dirty side.

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"What do you think?" she asked, as she put a finger into her mouth, gently sucking on it. This drove me crazy and I told her that I thought she looked so fucking hot. "Is that from your honeymoon?" I asked. I felt weird saying that; I was clearly having sex with a married woman. "No, it was separate," she said, somewhat forlorn. "I bought this to try to change it up, give Brian something to get hard over. It didn't work." "Well, it's working on me," I said. I pulled my shirt off and pushed her back onto the bed before climbing on top of her.

She squealed and laughed and started kissing me. It was great that she was so relaxed about the whole thing, made me more at ease.

I kissed her neck which made her purr and she ran her hands down my chest and stomach to my belt buckle. She undid them quickly and slid my pants onto the floor. My erection was pushing against the front of my boxers.

"Let's get those off," she said, and yanked them down onto the floor. "Oooh, very nice." My cock pointed at her like an arrow. I am about 7" long, which Erica said was a little longer than Brian's. I pushed Erica down onto the bed again, propping herself on her elbows. I took her legs and stretched them out towards me and slid her panties down and them to the side. Her pussy was completely shaven. "Wow," I said. "Do you always stay completely shaven?" "Not always," she answered.

"This just seemed like a good time for a trim. You do like it shaved don't you?" I told her that I certainly did and knelt down to eat her out. Jenny was always almost shaven but still had that short rough hair; Erica was totally smooth. I licked all around her cunt but not touching the lips. I could see her pussy getting more and more wet as I licked.

"Just lick it already!" she yelled, laughing. Obliging I slid my tongue onto her cunt. She tasted clean and I ran my tongue around the edges of her tight little box. Her lips were soft and I moved my tongue from left to right, stretching them as she whimpered softly. I slid sexual orgy with hot sweethearts hardcore and reality tongue to the top of her box, my tongue completely inside her so that my nose was tickling the outside and put my tongue deep along the top of her walls.

I took my hands and rubbed her legs up and down, to the outside and then inside of her thighs. I started humming, sending broke blondes screw well hung businessman pornstars and hardcore through her, and got louder and louder as I flicked my tongue faster and faster.

She screamed and bucked her hips. "Oh my god! Fuck me now!" she yelled. "Don't you want to suck me?" I asked. "No, I want your dick inside me," she said. Erica was really feeling it now, and this was an animalistic side that I had never seen in her or Jenny. "Where are your condoms?" I asked.

"MINE?! Where are yours?!" she yelled. "I didn't bring any, I thought we would use yours!" "We're out! Fuck it, I am on the pill. Just DO IT!" She yelled so forcefully at the end than I decided not to argue. Pushing her down flat on the bed, I climbed on top of her and sunk my cock deep into her hole. It had been a few years since I had been inside a woman with no condom and I couldn't believe how warm it was. Her pussy was also extremely tight, hinting that she and Brian hadn't had much sex, if any, during their honeymoon.

Erica bit her bottom lip and looked up at me the way I used to think of her, very angelically. Her long wavy blond hair flowed down over the top of her corset and behind her head, framing her face in a light glow. She let out a deep breath, as if cleansed.

I moved in her slowly, swirling inside her to hit all sides of her walls. Making sure all areas of her pussy were stimulated, I leaned down and kissed her passionately. She wrapped her legs around me, her long legs cloaked in stockings. A determined look crept across her face as she started forcing me into her pussy with her surprisingly strong legs.

I closed my eyes and let the feeling of her dripping, steaming cunt overtake me. For a moment, I stayed still inside, pushed as deep as my cock would go. Neither one of us moved, we just enjoyed the idle feeling of penetration deep inside her. The warmth and tightness of her pussy was cathartic for me and the feel of a fully erect cock for any extended period of time was satisfying to her.

With her legs still wrapped around me, she began to slowly but firmly apply pressure then ease up, apply and ease.

Taking the hint, I began to move in and out and gently. Her vagina gripped my cock as I slid. She relaxed her legs to give me more freedom of motion. I began to pump a little harder, about half of full throttle. The top of her breasts were jiggling slightly now, constricted by the corset. Though I loved the dirty lingerie, I didn't want to waste my opportunity to see her naked.

"Let's take your corset off," I said, starting to breathe a little heavier. The corset unfastened on the side and Erica began to undo the ties. She worked her way to the bottom and pulled it off to the side. Her beautiful tits fell slightly to the sides and with my cock still inside her, took them in my hands and kneaded firmly. They filled up my hands, which surprised me since they seemed a little smaller than Jenny's.

I wanted to see them bounce. "I'm going to fuck you hard now," I said, leaning down and spitting on her anal creampie mother son xxx. "Yeah, baby, do it," she said through clenched teeth. I pulled out and pulled her down to the edge of the bed, the unexpected nature of which made her yelp and laugh. She was such a playful thing. Pulling her just far enough that her inviting cunt lay open at the foot of the bed, I stroked my cock to keep it hard.

She reached out, grabbed my shaft and guided back into her rejuvenated little snatch. I leaned over her, feet on the ground and hands on her tits, and thrust as hard as I could. She screamed and through her head back. "AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!" she yelled.

"Yeah, take it!" I yelled, getting more and more into the dirty talk. I slammed and slammed until I needed a breather and shoved my face into Erica's tits.

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I moved my hands off them and down onto her sides where I ran my fingers from her hips to her shoulders. My face was buried in her supple breasts and I licked them all over and sucked on her tiny pink nipples. She wrapped her hands around my head and pressed me into her. I was thankful for the break, because otherwise I would have cum all over. When I was ready to resume, I pulled off and took one of her ankles in each hand. I lifted them up into the air, spread apart and started to push my way back to the end of her pussy.

This new angle gave me a deeper thrust inside of Erica's box and I could feel my dick scraping the bottom of her walls. She let out another scream of pleasure, her hair and breasts bouncing in synch with our pounding. The bed squeaked loudly as we hottest asian ricko tachibana hammered by cock, pounding into her over and over, our privates sliding more and more easily as our sweat mixed with the juices of her excitement.

I pushed her feet together in front of my face, making her legs come together. I looked down from above and got a sense of that juicy round ass I had yet to explore and felt the sides of my cock rubbing against her supple thighs with each thrust.

"Take off your stockings," I said, though I had enjoyed the look of the lingerie. "I want to see you completely naked." "Watch me take them off slowly," she cooed. She pulled my cock slowly out of her pussy and it glistened with her juices.

She slid around me, off the side of the bed and pushed me down. I sat on the edge of the bed where she had just been laying. I sat upright in more ways than one, my feet touching the ground. Erica stood in front of me, naked save for two long black stockings clasped to her garter belt. Her hands drifted to her left hip and she undid the stocking and slowly rolled it down her leg, off her little foot and kicked it at me.

I caught it and placed it down next to me. Turning slowly around, she gave me a full view of her from behind. Her ass was as I pictured it, full and round with a little bit of jiggle to it. She rolled her stocking down from her thigh, off her foot and flipped it away into the corner of the bedroom. She walked over to me and pushed me down flat on the bed. Instead of climbing on top of my cock as I expected, she scooted backwards until we were in the 69 position, my feet still touching the ground off the end of her low bed.

Once again, I could feel that smooth pussy and smell her and I flicked my tongue all over her pussy lips. I wrapped me hands around her waist and thrust her down onto me. Unlike the last time I ate her out, this time I could see that ass. I grabbed it and jiggled her ass in my face, digging my fingers into it and lapping at her pussy.

I could hear her moaning and felt the vibrations on my cock which, though I couldn't see it, had her mouth wrapped around it. I could feel her hot spit washing against the sides. I reached over and grabbed the stocking she had thrown at me during her little striptease. Removing my hands from her waist, I took an end of the stocking in each hand and put it behind Erica's head, rhythmically bobbing up and down.

Applying some pressure, I forced her head down with the stocking. She made struggling gagging noises for a second before pulled up for air. "So it's deepthroat you want, huh?" she asked.

"I don't get a lot of practice with this, but let's see what we can do." I couldn't see anything except her luscious ass in my face (which I continued to kiss and lick), but I could feel her trying to take me all the way down.

She wasn't getting all the way there but she was doing a pretty good job; I would say six of the seven inches though I can't say for sure. I could hear the noises of protest from her throat and I could feel her light blonde hair falling all around my cock. She ran her hands through it to keep it out of the way.

She tiny teen snatched up and fucked in van cupping my balls with her hand and rolling my balls lovingly between her fingers. She would occasionally put her head down and lap at them, her tongue dancing around my sac, swirling around it and taking my balls in her wet mouth one by one. She pulled up for a second and looked straight ahead; I couldn't see what she was doing.

It turned out she was putting a huge glob of spit together and let it drool slowly onto the tip of my cock, which fell warmly down the sides. She crawled off of me and stood at the foot of the bed facing away from me. She bent over and showed me her full ass. I wiped her cunt juices off of my mouth.

"Come fuck me standing up," she ordered as she grabbed the back of her calves. She was very flexible. Before she could change her mind, I jumped up and positioned myself behind her, my cock dripping her spit onto the floor. She put her hands on the wall and spread her legs slightly, granting me access to her exposed snatch.

I guided my dick back inside her and began pumping. It glided in and out smoother than it had all day with the massive glob slut babe april gets pussy fingered hard by lana rhoades spit that Erica had deposited in addition to her growing arousal. She reached down and fondled my balls as I nailed her which felt incredible. Wanting to keep things escalating, I grasped on firmly to her ass, which had been bouncing forward and back with my force.

I spread her cheeks and started to run my finger around her crack. "What are…you&hellip.uhh…doing?" she managed to get out between short breaths, her hair flying wildly as she moved her head. "Just seeing what you have down here," I replied. "It looks nice." "Well, you can't put your dick in there," she said. "But you can put your finger anywhere you want." I was a little disappointed I didn't get to try her ass out, but she later told me that even her husband hadn't been in there, so I didn't feel as bad.

I took my index finger and ran it around the rim of her little pink asshole. It was very the bride double team by two big cocks pounding her and puckered so delicately that I felt the urge to just plunge in there anyways.

I resisted and just stuck my finger inside. She moaned upon entry and it grew louder and louder as I swirled my finger around, making a "come here" motion against the inside of her anus. With my left hand, I reached around and found her clit and started rubbing it furiously.

I wondered if the neighbors could hear. "Oh god, don't STOP!" she yelled. I didn't. I kept fucking harder and harder, trying desperately not to cum, and vibrating my hands violently in her ass and on her clit.

In a few minutes, she screamed she was going to cum. "Do it Erica, all over my cock," I invited her. With a shiver and the climax of her scream, Erica's cum juices gushed out of her pussy, all over my cock and onto the floor.

The clear, sticky, warm fluid coated my cock which stayed comfortably inside her. I slowed down to give her a little time to collect herself.

"Oh god…oh god…oh god…," she repeated, rubbing her own clit gingerly. I started going a little faster and she got the message. "Where lesb sexy #31 strapless strap-on from lesb sexy tube porn you want to cum?" she asked. "How about on your face?" I asked.

"Jenny never lets me do that." Like a trooper, Erica got down on the floor and opened her mouth, tongue extended. I didn't have far to go; in just a few seconds I was ready to explode. "UUUUUUUGGGGGGGHHHHH!" I yelled as I shot my jizz all over Erica's face.

It was a big load, perhaps coaxed out by the thrill of forbidden sex with a new woman. I had sprayed it all over from her forehead down to her chin, where it had started to drip down onto her chest. As I looked at her cum-soaked face, I was once again struck by how angelic she looked.

Her blonde hair, though slightly sweaty, still shone brightly over bright blue eyes and high girlish cheekbones. She smiled delightedly with my deposit and ran her fingers over her cheeks, chin and lips, gathering up all the cum. I ran my dick over her tits, also gathering cum, and fed it to Erica who took it in her mouth and swallowed it down.

"You taste better than Brian," she said matter-of-factly and gobbled up the rest quickly. We got into bed and lay there for a while, running our hands lightly over each others' worn out genitals. We were both exhausted but I couldn't afford to fall asleep. The risk was too great. We kissed each other goodbye, thrilled with our experiment. I drove home quietly and excitedly, and waited for the phone to ring again.