Ebony hottie jenna j foxx gets fondled by lover

Ebony hottie jenna j foxx gets fondled by lover
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My hand landed violently on the pretty cheek of my new recruit and she fell in a heap onto the linoleum floor of my kitchen.

Smiling, I turned and extended my hand to her father for a firm handshake. He nodded at me and said nothing, turned, and left. I turned back and gazed down at her, her wrists bound behind her back, as she sobbed. Her name was Michelle and she had earned this punishment.

She was eighteen and had just finished her freshman year at a nearby university, one of the very expensive and elitist East Coast establishments. Her parents had paid a lot of money for her to go there, just like they paid a lot of money for her brand new car, her cell phone, her swanky apartment, her overpriced clothes, her designer shoes, and her spring break trip to Europe. In return Michelle brought home pathetic grades, letters warning her of potential expulsion from said East Coast university, and a snotty attitude.

She had spent one year guzzling booze and cum on her parents' dime and didn't feel a scrap of regret for treating them like that. At their wits end about how to get through to her that this was unacceptable behavior, they turned to me. I was glad to do the work I did. Well-to-do parents paid me handsomely for what I casually call obedience training. Honestly, I'd do what I do for free, but I am taking on a huge risk considering the criminal nature of the business, so I do require payment in advance.

I lived in the second floor apartment of a small two story apartment building. Through a business arrangement with the landlord, the first floor remained permanently vacant, leaving myself and my slaves completely alone in the building. Even still, I had modified the apartment slightly, sound proofing the walls and tinting the windows, to ensure privacy. This was my second year doing this kind of "work".

I spent last summer with a plump little bitch who had gone to school on an athletic scholarship and then put on more than the 'freshman fifteen.' Her scholarship had been revoked and she didn't seem to think it was a big deal that her parents took out a second mortgage to cover her sophomore year. That was last summer, and I recently heard she had really turned it around this past school year.

This summer I was growing my business, so to speak. As Michelle laid sobbing to herself, I turned and stared at Amanda, my other summer slave. Two would be a lot of work, long hours, but I'm a very hard worker. Amanda was in basically the same boat as Michelle, she had miserable grades and her rough pov deepthroat and interracial fucking with big fake titted ebony bitch were appalled when pictures of Amanda topless and fondling cock in Cancun showed up on the internet this spring.

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Amanda sat in the corner of the living room, with her knees pulled up to her chin, and stared a hole into the carpet. Amanda had been here since yesterday, so both these girls were pretty much still in shock. Amanda was a tall girl with short red hair that reached just to her chin line. She was the same kind of fat as last year's girl she, which is probably best called chubby, with a noticeable muffin-top roll around her stomach, a superbly fat ass, and enormous tits.

I don't know the technical size, don't really care, but a fair measurement is to say that each one of Amanda's tits were much larger than her head. She had a beautiful face, too, and she was basically a dumb girl who had gotten by on her striking looks and mind boggling rack. She sat in the underwear she had been wearing beneath her slutty party dress when she showed up: a lacy black bra and a black thong that covered basically nothing at all. Michelle was still fully clothed, so I didn't have all the details yet, but she was also tall with dark hair that was long and straight.

She was thin and more athletically built and I could already see she firmer ass than Amanda and much smaller tits.

Her parents had abducted her from her bed in the middle of the night, bound her hands and covered her head in a pillowcase, and brought her to me, so she showed up in flannel pajama pants and a loose t-shirt. Amanda had been easy for her parents to nap, being that she was passed out drunk in their driveway.

She had shown up at my door unconscious and was awfully surprised to wake up here, let me tell you. Since she didn't astounding amateurs amateursex tube porn up until early this afternoon, I decided not to start my training with Amanda until Michelle showed up tonight. Amanda was hysterical when she awoke, screaming and crying. I administered her first beating until she quieted down.

I was violent but careful with my girls, I didn't find blood or broken noses or missing teeth attractive, so I only used opened handed strikes to get my point across. Amanda bruised some but nothing unsightly. Since this place was both my training compound and my living space I had cute gf mimi rayne tries out anal sex and cum facialed prepare the place accordingly.

The kitchen, which contained anything dangerous like knives or scissors, was behind a door that always locked. The rest of the rooms were essentially devoid of dangerous objects. Further, the girls wore a tight collar around their necks, with small metal hoops in front and back, which allowed me to keep them literally on a very short leash.

I also had eye hooks installed on different strategic areas of wall and floor so as to maintain complete control over their movement. Ingeniously, each end of the leashes had a small locking mechanism that read and required my thumbprint in order to open, so once locked each girl was truly trapped.

Amanda wore her collar and was leashed to a wall hook in the corner. I pulled her new collar out of my pocket and approached Michelle.

As I bent down to apply it she kicked at my shins hard. I grabbed her throat hard and she gasped for air. She continued to kick until I tightened my grip, her mouth was open and her tongue hanging but no air could get in, and I whispered to her that struggling was no use.

I loosened my grip and she coughed and choked, gasping, and I casually snapped the collar around her neck. Tears poured down her soft cheeks but I showed no sympathy. "You put yourself here," I said to her smugly, "blame no one but yourself." "Fuck you," she cried and she spat up at me. I didn't fret, I simply pulled out her leash and clipped it to the hoop on the front of her throat. I stood up straight, holding the leash in my left hand, and raised my right hand high.

I pulled sharply with my left, lifting the light weight Michelle up to a sitting position, and dropped my open hand harshly on her face. The slap was thunderous, Michelle shouted and fell to the floor again, and Amanda began crying behind me.

I repeated, pulling Michelle up and then slamming her back down, until she only whimpered with each hit. When her will seemed broken I stopped and dragged her into the living room.

I clipped her leash to Amanda's collar and took a seat on the nearby couch. "Okay, Amanda meet Michelle, Michelle, Amanda. Good. Now, let's go over a couple of things. You are my property. That's pretty much it, you have as much right to decide what I do with or to you as this couch does to decide if I sit on it or not.

Understand?" Neither of them moved a muscle. "So," I continued, "you will both probably harbor some resentment against me, naturally, but let me assure you, so much as considering inflicting some kind of harm on me would be a grave misstep on your part, understand?

You both know why you're here, it's very serious, and I promise I take it very seriously.

Any questions?" No one spoke up. "Seriously, this may be the last time I ask your opinion on anything, so ask them if you got them." I waited. Amanda seemed distant, trying to block this all out.

Finally Michelle raised her head and spoke. "Fuck you, asshole," she sneered. I stood up and walked over to her. "Fuck your asshole?

You know, that's not a bad idea." I began loosening my pants. "No, fuck you, get the fuck away from me!" Michelle shouted. I calmly dropped my pants, my substantial cock sprung forth, and unclipped Michelle from Amanda.

I heard Michelle gasp when she saw my cock's girth.

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I pulled Michelle to her knees and dragged her over to the couch. I bent her over onto the couch, stifling her screams by hot blond teen sucks and fucks hd her face into a pillow. I held her head down and roughly pulled her pajama pants down to her knees.

She had on adorable panties, white with little yellow smiling suns, and I smiled at them before pulling them down as well. Michelle had a beautiful ass, firm and athletic, and I spanked it hard. I glanced down to investigate her pussy for the first time but all I saw was a thick tangle of dark hair. She had a dense pubic bush, something you don't see a lot these days, and resting just above it was her tiny dark asshole.

The little skin was wrinkled and tight and looked perfect. I lowered myself until my cock was pushed up against her asshole. I took my hand off her head to use both to spread her cheeks and she screamed for me to stop. "Shut the fuck up bitch, I'm sure you crammed more cocks in your shitter than you could count this year, didn't you?" I truly thought she did, until I pushed down and her asshole didn't give.

She howled a blood curdling scream of pain as my cock strained at her back door.

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This little slut was still an anal virgin. "Ahhhhhhhh! Fuck!!" she hollered. The head of my cock finally broke through and Michelle started whipping her whole body in protest.

Her ass was on fire, painfully dry and tight. I felt her muscles clench and try to expel me but I bore on, making slow progress, each millimeter deeper sending waves of pain through Michelle. I howled as my fat log of a cock plowed Michelle's ass open. She howled too, though not for the same reasons.

I had never fucked a virgin ass before, and the staggering resistance and heat was earth shattering. My cock had never felt better, and it made me a little sad to know Michelle little butt hole would never be quite this tight again. My cock was finally buried in her ass, my balls slapped up against her, and she was full on crying now.

I looked over at Amanda. "Hey, slut, anyone ever fucked your ass before?" Amanda looked away from me and said nothing.

"I'm talking to you bitch!" I howled. Amanda met my angry stare and nodded slightly. "I thought so, you fat slut. Hey, hey, watch me fuck her ass." Amanda started to look away. "Watch you fat bitch or I'll have to do something about it." Amanda raised her eyes and stared blankly at my thick shift as it stroked in and out of Michelle's ass. Michelle cried in pain with any movement of my cock and after a few deep thrusts I had pushed her over the edge.

She laid panting and looked as though she was nearly blacked out. I continued my assault on Michelle's asshole with animalistic lust. The first fuck of a long summer of abusive girl from chilliwack fucked at work homemade was one to really savor. But it couldn't last forever, Michelle's tight ass was unintentionally working the cum out of me, and soon I began to pant and twitch. I pushed in hard, penetrating new depths, and Michelle screamed as I began draining my balls into her.

I unloaded a cum load that had been burning inside me since Amanda showed up at my door last night. It was enormous, as they always were, and it flooded Michelle's tiny ass. I pulled out roughly and Michelle rocked as I did.

My cum sprang up from her asshole and leaked out, her tiny little rectum unable to contain it all, and it seeped down and smeared into her thick bush. I noticed Amanda watching with rapture, wide eyed, and I also noticed the wet circle that appeared on the front of her panties, though I said nothing.

Finally finished and satisfied, I unclipped Amanda and told her to stay on her knees. I dragged Michelle off the couch and led both of them, Amanda hobbling on her knees and Michelle barely managing to crawl, to the bathroom.

I clipped them both to wall hoops and told them this was their chance to use the toilet and clean up, etc., before bed. Once they had I led them to my bedroom where, beside my large bed, there were two hooks drilled into the hardwood floor. I clipped each one there, Amanda in her black lacy underwear and Michelle still in her bed tee but naked from the waist down, and told them to shut the fuck up and go to sleep. Eventually, if they were good, they might get some pillows, but for now they were forced to curl up side by side on the cold floor.