Sexy blonde teacher fucks herself in 3 holes with lots of toys tube porn

Sexy blonde teacher fucks herself in 3 holes with lots of toys tube porn
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Now be warned, if you are not legally of age to read literature homemade creampie n cumshot compilation tube porn involves sex, then you must not read this. If you are offended by sex between adults and under-aged children or by incest, then I would suggest that you read something else.

Such conduct is not legal, [well in most places] and I certainly do not condone it or recommend it, in fact this is a complete work of fiction. I do not know anyone who has had an experience like this one, it is nothing but the writings of an author who's nini leone sexy new bur far just comes up with this stuff.

If you do read it, I hope you enjoy it. The author of this little story, [AJBaker] is not dead even though rumors have been spread that he is. If you read part one then you would know that we left our happy little group just after Albert was given the virginity of a young girl he had known for barely a week in a rather odd manner by her own mother.

Having no previous experience with girls that were hyper-sexual, he had been torn between having nothing to do with their peculiar situation and becoming the twelve year old's first male lover. The mother had been teaching her daughter the things she needed to know, not just so she could lose her cherry but so the pair of them could please a man in a way that would hopefully trap him into an ongoing relationship with the ultra-horny couple.

Wendy and Diane succeeded in the first part of their goal, now let's join them again and find out what happens next. One other thing, for those that do not like my switching back and forth between first person and second person, I am only trying to recreate the way that some submissives talk with their Doms.

It is not my idea that they do, it is their way. The other thing is that they are not practicing a 24/7 D/s relationship, it is vanilla and D/s. Hopefully that explains the way I write. The Girls With The Blue Eyes Erotica written by A.J.Baker Part Two Chapter One Diane had just finished cumming for the third time that morning. She had not really got her rocks off the evening before at Albert's, but she really had not planned on it anyway.

This morning though, she used her daughter relentlessly to get orgasm after orgasm while she relived the previous evening in her fertile mind.

She collapsed on her bed as Wendy withdrew the plastic cock attached to the harness around her waist from her well used cunt. Wendy was kind of dismayed at her mother's needs that morning, it was like the woman had been taken over by desire and lust.

Of course she knew her mother suffered from the same hyper-sexuality condition that she did, but she had never seen her mom so vicious in her need. She had been woken up from a very erotic dream where Albert was making love to her on a bed covered with rose petals to find her mother smothering her face and demanding that Wendy suck her already soaking pussy. She loved making out with her mom, she had no problem with bringing her to orgasm with her mouth and tongue, but this was almost like rape.

It actually scared her. Diane was grinding herself on her mouth while urging her on to suck harder, to lick and suck on her clit while she had her fingers in her own asshole. She followed Diane's instructions in the hope that it would happen quickly so the weight of her mother would soon be off of her head. After she screamed her way through a body shaking orgasm, Diane climbed off of her daughter, kissed her hard while forcing her tongue into Wendy's mouth and then took the girl's hand and applied it to her juiced up cunt.

"Fuck me with your fingers! Mommy needs to cum again!" She did as she was told until Diane once again had a body shaking orgasm. No sooner was that over when out of nowhere Diane was lovable sweetie gapes tight crack and gets deflorated virginity and screwing her daughter up with a strap-on device.

She got herself on all fours and then begged her daughter to fuck her horny cunt silly. Wendy had done this several times before, but always it had been slow and tender lovemaking, not this forced fucking thing that her mother was making her do.

It was hard not donkey with teen fuck story be disgusted, but she loved her mom and was willing to do anything for her.

Her thoughts went back to the pleasure of the previous evening. Her mom had been so kind and gentle as she guided her and Albert through her first experience with a man.

It had been so beautiful, other girls her age might spend their time thinking and dreaming about princes and fairy-tales, or movie and rock stars, but her dream had been to lose her virginity and finally be able to do something about the horny itch that was her constant companion. Her dreams were wet, horny things that tormented her awake or asleep, but not anymore.

Her dream last night was of romance and long hours of shaved teen pussy with piercing reality college, of hard cock filling her tight pussy. Strangely her mother had not been in that dream at all. Finally sated, at least for awhile, Diane decided that coffee was what she needed now. She patted her little fuck slut and rose from bed donning her favorite terry cloth robe and made her way to the kitchen.

She wondered what had come over her that morning, she had slept well enough but when she awoke to hear her daughter moaning pleasurably in her sleep, something just clicked and she was burning up with the need for sexual release. "Maybe we should have stayed at Albert's last night, I could have used a real live piece of meat this morning instead of that cold plastic." This was something she did often, talked aloud to herself when she was alone.

"I wonder if he would mind if I slipped over there for a quickie." She was tempted. She had not been analized for ages and her asshole seemed to be twitching with a new found ache for a hot cock.

There had been times when she slipped away from Wendy on the pretense of work and gone out to find a man or woman that would take care of her needs, but those times were all to rare. Lately it consisted strictly with lesbian sex, it was easier for her to find and seduce a willing woman for some reason than it had been to find a man she wanted to be with.

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Albert was different though. Her thoughts were now more about him than anything else. He was so sensual and giving. Last night he had proved that he could play along with her games while keeping his head. Instead of ravishing her daughter, he sunny leone sex storiesxxxstory new 2019 big cock been kind and gentle with her thinking only of making her first time something special, not just special but almost spectacular.

She realized she needed some of that for herself. Now that she had finally made sure her daughter's needs were satisfied, or at least the first step, she could maybe revisit her own needs to the degree they deserved. Suddenly she realized what a bitch she had been using her daughter like that. It had been so unlike her, so callous and uncaring. She turned around immediately and made tracks for her bedroom. She found her daughter bunched up in the down-filled comforter quietly crying.

"Oh darling, mommy was terrible this morning. I hope you can forgive me. I know I was not myself. I don't know why but it was like I was taken over by something that had been deep inside of me.

I was so wrong, please tell me you forgive me." "Mom, I do forgive you. I understand you know. I'm not a kid anymore. You have not thought of yourself for so long, and now we need to think of you instead of me." "My god child, how can you be so understanding?" "I have a great mother that has taught me a few things about sacrifice. So now what do we do?" "Funny you should ask. I hope you really like Albert a lot because I have an idea that we might be able to make him ours forever.

Do you want to hear it?" "Sure, yes I do like him, very much." "Maybe we can make him your daddy in a sense. It would be the best way to make sure that he never wants to leave us." "You mean you want to marry him?" Wendy was not sure how she felt about that idea. "Just in the sense that others will look at us as a family, actually I want us to marry him, even if it is just a common law arrangement." "Is that like where we live with him but there is no actual marriage?" "Yes sweetie, and if we are really good, and really smart, we can make him think that it is his idea.

That way he won't think that we trapped him into being our man." "So we would share him, just like we share everything? Cool. We should go over there and get him to fuck you mom. It is your turn." "I was thinking the same thing. But first we have a lot of work to do. Have you decided what to get him for his birthday present?" "Music. He loves music and so do I, so I was thinking that we should buy some CD's that we really love so he can share the experience with us.

I started making a list in my head, maybe ten disks, would that be a good gift?" "It is brilliant. And if he already happens to have any of the ones we buy, then we can just take them back and get something else. You my dear are just so smart." "Thanks mom. About last night, thanks for making that happen. I wanted to wait until tomorrow, but it really was getting hard to.

Besides, I think tomorrow will be even better because that is out of the way. Now we can relax and have a great time from the very first minute without anyone wondering what is going to happen and when." "Once again you amaze me with your insight. So get dressed, we have some shopping to do. I'll get breakfast and coffee ready and then get myself ready while you are eating. We are going to have so much fun!" "I used to think it would be nice to have a sister, but mom you are like a sister only better.

Love you." "Love you too sweetness." Chapter Two Shopping was always layla price wants lexingtons monstrous cock inside her ass for the girls even though they always had to watch every dollar they spent.

They found a music store that was having a sale and quickly went to work finding the CDs that they hoped to find. Wendy loved music she could dance to so she picked out some hip exclusive reagan foxx loves fuck in my bedroom and some slower more sensual jazz. Diane loved music that was moody and sensual much like what they had played the night before so her job was more difficult as she wanted to pick really good music that was more unknown.

They spent two hours in the store and only found seven disks to buy, but that was enough for them to get a good deal by buying in quantity. After the store they decided to go for lunch and to Diane's amazement they found themselves right across the street from The Lotus Petal, the Thai restaurant that Daniel and Shali owned.

"Hey, do you feel like a nice bowl of soup for lunch? That is Daniel's place right over there." "Cool, I really liked him, hey and we can meet his wife. How cool would that be." They made their way over to the small establishment and then stopped to look at the pictures in the windows of all of the dishes that were offered inside. "Mom, everything is so pretty. I have never seen food look like this before." "I can't say that I have either.

No wonder Albert eats here so much." They pushed through the door to a tinkling of welcoming bells. There was colorful plants that they had never seen before, most of them silk although some were made of painted wood.

"Wendy! Diane! What a surprise to see you so soon. Welcome to our humble establishment. Please have a seat." "Daniel this is so wonderful, like stepping into another world." "Hi Danny, we were shopping and when we saw your restaurant we had to come in." "Let me get you some tea, and may I present you to my wife?

Her and I were discussing you this morning." "Really? Good things I hope." "Maybe, excuse me I will be right back." When he returned he had a petite oriental woman on his arm. She was kind of pretty but more exotic than beautiful, and the kitchen whites of little cute teenager fucks her older neighbor chef really did nothing more than enhance her complexion.

Her most remarkable feature was her brilliant smile and her very dark eyes that seemed to shine. "Wendy, Diane, this is my wife Shali, would you mind if we joined you?

We think it is fate that you came in today." "Nice to meet you Shali, we had your food last night and it was incredible. Wendy and I just thought we would try some soup for lunch, we are shopping for a present for Albert's birthday." "So you and Albert? He is a good friend and has been alone too long. Anyway, as fortune has it, we are both agreed that the wine he gave us is very good.

He told me that you are the purveyor and so we would like to buy some for the restaurant. We do not have a large selection yet but we hope to build it up." "Have you any idea how much you want to buy?" "Five cases to start.

If the price works we will use it as our house wine as well as old stud seduces a young beautiful hottie it by the bottle. Most of our customers buy by the glass or carafe so we sell more house wine." "I can have it drop shipped in less than a week, and our holiday will not effect it because it is Canadian.

Did you want to try a white wine as well?" "You can supply us with one that is good?" "I have two different ones at home. I have tried one and it is very nice, light, dry and fruity. I think it would go very well with your dishes. If you like, we could also design a special label for you.

That makes for a nice touch especially when customers want a whole bottle." "We had not thought of that, does it cost much extra?" "Not if amazing gal rides pounder hard at the casting allow me to design the label, I can draft a few ideas on my computer. Wendy is really good at that as well." "Okay, can you drop off the white wine for us to sample?" "This afternoon if that is okay, and thank you for your order.

I will bring the paper work for you to sign so that I can order it today as well." "Excellent! We have decided to stay instead of going back to Thailand. The opportunities for us are just better here. We must get back to work, the lunch crowd is not that big but we get a lot of afternoon traffic from shoppers on the weekends. Lunch is on us, enjoy." Diane could not believe how suddenly she was doing so well with wine sales.

Of course it was because of Albert. She smiled at Wendy who was beaming at her and then picked up her cell and dialed Albert's number. "Albert it is Diane. You are the most marvelous man I have ever met.

I just got an order from your friend Daniel and it could work out to as much as ten cases a month! I could just kiss you!" "Maybe you should, we can consider it my commission." "You are going to get more than kisses for your commission you sexy wonderful man! I know you are busy, so I won't keep you. Wendy and I will see you later." "Congratulations on your first commercial wine sale, I hope there will be many more." "Me too. It has given me the incentive to start talking to restaurants and follow your suggestion about the wine clubs.

Maybe we can talk about it over dinner. Will you still be making it to our place by seven?" "Maybe sooner if I get off the phone now." "Okay, see you when you get there." "Gee mom, isn't this great? It is like everything is suddenly better." "I know! That is why we must be the best we can so that he will never want to be with anyone but us." Later when they were getting into the car Diane realized that her recent success was a powerful aphrodisiac, she was so fucking horny that she was considering making a stop at Albert's for a good hard fuck.

She knew it was big tit blonde bombshell cums on her new toy an option though, he was busy and she had to go home and make up the paperwork for Daniel's order and then get back to the restaurant to drop off the wine.

"Albert better be up for some serious sex when he comes over tonight. I wonder if I can find some Viagra or something just to make sure." "Gee mom, you are really different today. Is something wrong?" "I'm not sure, I just think it is the result of finally knowing that your needs are being taken care of, it is sort of like mine were all bottled up inside.

Now we can both get laid, hopefully without any problems." "So what do we do if Albert thinks we are too much for him?" "Worry about that if and when the time comes I guess. I think we sort of have to continue to try to make him feel like he is in control." "Is that why we did what we did last night? Calling him Sir and telling him my pussy was actually his?" "Mostly.

Men like to think they are in control, it is the job of women to let them think that and even encourage it. Often women are more themselves when with other women, but it does not take away our need for a warm body with a nice cock." "His cock is lovely." "Yes it is. Just the right size for a girl, and for fucking a nice horny asshole." "Eww!

Really? That sounds gross mom. Does it really feel good?" "It hurts worse than losing your cherry, but afterwards it is sometimes even more intensely pleasurable than getting fucked in your pussy.

For me it is." "Then why did you never have me fuck you with our strap-on in your ass?" "Dildoes are different unless you have one that is very realistic." "Too bad we don't have one like his cock." "You are a genius sweety.

We can, and I know just how to do it." "Mom? How?" "Not to worry Wendy, now I know just what to do. We have some more shopping to do before this evening." "What for mom?" "You will see sweetie, and you will love it, I promise!" Diane smiled to herself as they entered the parkade for their condo. She was grinning evilly to herself as they entered the elevator and as she unlocked the apartment door, she was actually humming.

Her wheels were turning now like never before. She and Wendy were going to make this evening even more unforgettable than last night. Poor Albert was not going to have a chance. Quickly they went to work, Diane working out some pricing and making up some order sheets.

Wendy quickly booted up her Photoshop software and began working on a design for the wine label. At first she thought of using the Royal Thailand insignia as the main part of the label, but settled on a lotus flower instead.

She wanted to somehow represent the restaurant's cuisine, but it just did not fit until she had the idea for a back label that she could put pictures on. Maybe one for white and another for the red wine. Her mother was ready to go so she saved her work on a flash drive in case Shila had a moment to look at it when they went to the restaurant. In less than an hour the girls were in the car making the short trip back to see their new customers. Just to keep their mind off of the evening, they chatted about clothes and shoes as well as Wendy's ideas for the labels.

"I really like that idea Wendy. It is unique for sure, and with a little tweaking it will be an idea I can sell to them. Just think, if the front label stayed the same, but each month a different dish that was milf allows scarlett sage suck her massive tits naturaltits tribbing to the wine kinky lesbos fill up their big arses with cream and squirt it out the bottle was pictured, do you think that you would be able to do that?" "Of course!

That would even turn them into collectibles for some customers." "Gads, I had no idea that we were such a good team for these kind of things. Now let's show them what the Barker women are made of!" "Yeah!" An hour later they were going shopping. Diane had an order for ten cases of wine, the label idea was a hit and she even had a substantial check in her purse towards the order.

Her cunt was vibrating and now she was sure that there was some kind of direct link between her pussy and her business. "Mom, that was awesome! Do you know what niche marketing is? I googled it to find out." "I have an idea, yes." "Well, it is sort of creating your own market for your product or ideas catering to a smaller group of clientel, but if you do it right, you can find the best customers and make sure they stay loyal because you can always be hands on yourself." "Yes, I see, just like Albert said." "Kind of like what we are going to do to him, right?

Make sure he stays loyal because we will always hands on?" Diane roared at her daughter's humor, but then she realized that it was very true. She and Wendy were a package deal, a product in a sense. Their intention was to sell that product to Albert in a way to make sure he was their best milf hotel storys palmdale ca only customer.

"You might really be a genius after all Wendy. It blows me away how you come up with these things." "Thanks mom, I have another idea about packaging us, but it can wait awhile until we have more money. I think the way we dressed the same last night was a big hit with Albert, maybe we should look into doing more of that." "I believe you are right. Maybe have a theme night once in a while where we have costumes to go along with a particularly sexy idea." "Yes, like cos-play." "Like what?" "Costume play, the Japanese are nuts about it, they have cos-play conventions, parties, the whole gambit.

It is pretty neat." "Okay, we will look into it together. And sweetie, don't worry about money. I think that our little company is just about to become a nice reliable source of income." Chapter Three The rush was on. The Barker home was bustling with activity, if not with a touch of panic, then with a sense of controlled chaos. Shopping at the adult store had taken far too long and now the girls were hurried to get dinner ready.

It came down to cooking pork chops in the oven taking some short cuts because of the time limit.

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To make up for the lack of marinating she sexual orgy with hot sweethearts hardcore and reality the meat with a mango to tenderize it, then squeezed several fresh lemons over them while Wendy grated some old cheddar. Roasted potatoes and a salad with an orange vinaigrette dressing were prepared while the chops were cooking and just as the oven timer went off so did the buzzer announcing that Albert was downstairs.

Diane cursed under her breath, they had not had time to shower and change. Part of their game plan was to be looking sexy and hot every-time Albert was with them. "Oh well, I suppose we can take a shower after dinner while he is relaxing with a drink." "Mom you worry too much.

I'll buzz him in while you get the chops out of the oven." "I suppose you are right, go ahead dear and maybe meet him at the elevator." "Kay mom, is that smoke I smell?" "Oh my god, the chops!" "Just kidding, calm down mom." It was hard for her to relax, her pussy was in an uproar while her ass was even hornier.

The chops smelled and looked perfect, she breathed old santa clause and china couple then dukke took over and gave her a really good smash sigh of relief as she transferred them to the waiting platter that was garnished with green onions and red lettuce.

Quickly she surrounded the meat with the roast potatoes and then placed the platter in the middle of the dining table. That done she rushed to the bathroom to fix her hair and make-up. At least she could try and look a little less harassed. She could hear Wendy and Albert as they entered the apartment, Wendy giggling, Albert laughing.

She took a deep breath, knowing that Wendy would handle Albert while she freshened up. "So mom has some exciting news, actually both of us do. Here, you can sit here between us nice and cozy. Just be warned that you will be teased relentlessly all night long. Maybe you should make it easier on yourself and just give it up right away." "Without having dinner first?

It smells so good. Looks pretty good too. I promise I will be easy after dinner. Where's your mom?" "Bathroom. So what is in the bag?" "Things, don't be so nosy." "Hmm, I think you have something for me in the bag, can I look?" "No you cannot. Please just sit down, ah here is Diane." He stood up to pull out her chair.

"Here you go pretty lady, it is good to see you again." "Mmm, good looks and manners too." "Am I opening the wine for you?" "Please sir, I will serve while you do that." "This wine is different, another one from your supplier?" "Yes, it is a white Zinfadel. Napa Valley has some great Zinfadels, I am hoping that this one guy gets a taste of elen s famed blow jobs and wishes it never ends good with what we are eating, I have not tried it yet." "Wendy?

Do you want wine tonight?" "Of course, I am a woman now." "Yes you are, but drinking is as much about body weight as age." "You take all the fun out of things. Hey, I am almost the same weight as mom!" "Good point, blonde russian student teen fucks her bf you go." He filled her glass, then Diane's and then his own." Diane had all three plates filled with food so he held up his glass. "To good food and beautiful company to enjoy it with." Albert did find it hard to eat his dinner, there seemed to be an abundance of hands and feet rubbing him in inappropriate places under the table.

At one point someone was trying to undo his zipper while he was slicing one of his chops. "So mom, can we tell him the good news now?" "Oh yes, I almost forgot. We sold ten cases of wine today, and Wendy is designing the labels for them. Your friends are wonderful people." "Great news! I have some news as well. I closed a couple of deals today, one for a client and one for myself." "You didn't sell your house did you?" Wendy sounded dismayed.

"I love that house!" "No, I bought the offices that I am in, including a space on the ground floor that would be perfect for storage, that is if you think you need space." "Really? You did that for us? How much is the rent?" "Not much, it might even be payable by the odd case of wine once in a while." "Wow you are too much, I could fall for a guy like you but I don't want you to think that we are gold digging." "That thought never crossed my mind.

I am nuts about both of you. I was more worried that you might think I was trying to buy your love or something like that. I want, no hope that you will be in my life for a long while." Diane could not believe her ears. All of her planning was not even needed. There was a noticeable jerk in her pussy. She had to breathe deeply to calm herself down. Wendy was watching her intently to see what she would do next.

"I hope you are enjoying your dinner. Could we all hurry up and finish? I have this urge to do something really wild right now." "Yes, ma'am. Your wish is my command." Albert began to make short work of the rest of the food on his plate." "What about our plan to play a game after dinner mom?" "Don't worry dear, that is still the plan, it might just get crazier than we planned." "Game? What sort of game?" "It is sort of like Truth or Consequence, only a very naughty version." "Now that sounds like fun.

By the way, this wine is as good or better than the wine I already bought." "Oh shit! I forgot to fax the order! Well, maybe that is for the better, that way I can add a case of this for us to enjoy." "Good girl.

I like the way you think." "By the time I am done with you tonight you better like more than the way I think. Just to be clear, I intend to fuck you on a whole new level. How does that sound?" "Sounds ominous, should I be worried?" "Maybe. Now give us a moment to clear the table and put the dishes in the washer." "I'll give you a hand." The three of them busied themselves cleaning up, each one with their own naughty thoughts going through their minds." "Now Al, neither of us had a chance to shower thanks to our good fortune today.

Give us a few minutes? We can shower together, just make yourself comfortable. The fireplace works, our sound system is nothing compared to yours but feel free to put on some music while we are getting ready for you." "You know? I have never felt more comfortable with anyone before.

I could not have envisioned this a week ago. I am so glad we met." Not knowing what to say, Diane just smiled and then led her daughter out of the room.

In the shower they soaped each other using body shower gel, slowly making the suds bigger as their hands roamed gently over each other. It was not their intention to make each other more excited than they were already but it was of course inevitable that their nipples hardened when touched.

It was inevitable that pussies became swollen as they began to excrete their musky fluids. It was inevitable that their hearts beat faster making blood flow quicker through veins that reached every erogenous zone on their bodies. Lips met, tongues entwined.

Hands found their way into wet slippery hair as they pulled each other closer. When the kiss ended they found themselves almost completely rinsed off.

"I think we better save some for Albert." "I know, I wish he were with us right now." "Well then let's go to him. We are so lucky to have him you know. Have you any idea?" "Well mom, I know that last night could not have felt more right. I am curious as to how he will handle us both." "With our help of course.

We need him. Not just because he was so good with you last night, but because he is thoughtful and kind. There are not many men like him, and even fewer with the courage to join us sexually. Very few men with his morals could have taken a step like that. He did it because he cared, not because he is ruled by lust.

Do you understand the difference?" "I think so. I understand he was scared and that when I was upset about him not liking me, he thought everything over and then said yes." "Okay, he is waiting, let's not disappoint." "Oh, mom I have a really good idea for a game. It is a guessing game. Want to try it?" "Sure, I trust your imagination, let's put some clothes on and get out there." "I have an idea about that as well, come to my room." Albert was listening to Jean Michelle Jarre when they returned.

He remembered listening to him a couple of decades ago but did not really get his style of music at the time. The music was so mystical the way it seemed to flow effortlessly and somehow effecting his emotions. He heard the girls behind him and turned to find them both dressed the same way Wendy was at the park. "Wow. This I was not expecting." "You like?" "Fuck yes." "Good, now if you will sit on the floor, or a cushion if you like, by the coffee table.

We have games to play. Are you good at guessing?" "I think so." "Then sit, get comfortable, Wendy will get the things we need to play while I get some toys we will need." They all settled around the coffee table and Wendy began to explain her rules. "This real mom son secret story a made up game, so if you want to add something or get rid of it, then feel free to say something.

First of all, mom and I are a team so that means we take turns, but we also if we lose a turn then both of us have to remove an article of clothing and it does not have to be the same one." "Okay, so then this is a strip game." "Partly, the winner of the hand can demand the loser to do something instead of lose an article of clothing, but only five times.

Or they could put something back on, as the loser of the game is the first one naked." "This sounds complicated." "Well, mom it is a bit, but it will make the game fun and it will last longer. Now this di is for time limits if someone has demanded something. For example, if we win and want to watch Albert masturbate, then one of us rolls the di, if it came up a three, then he only has to do it for three minutes." "Okay, that makes sense." "No one is allowed to have an orgasm during the game, if you do you lose." "What is the prize if you win?" "The loser is the sex slave for the evening." "Wendy!

Where do you come up with such things?" "Well duh, fertile imagination? Internet? You?" "Uh, okay, I see now." "Well girls this sounds like fun, but why do you get to be a team and I have to play against you both?" "Because even the loser is a winner in a game like this.

If you win, you win a double prize because you are working alone." "Good point. Well then I am game. Are we allowed to drink?" "Sure, just try to stay sober enough that you will be of use to us if we win." "Okay, I can do that. What are the toys for?" "Just there in case you need some inspiration for your demands." "Ah, now I can see how this will really be interesting. What is that tube that says Willy-maker on it?" "Sorry, that is for me to know, it is the one toy that is for us to use if we win a turn." "Fair enough, then I want one exclusive to me." "Which one?" "That flogger." "Mmm, interesting.

So you are a bit kinky then." "I have done a thing or two." "Okay then, roll the di, high goes first." "I think you forgot something important." "Did I? Oh, oh I did. The guessing part. When it is your turn, you ask the opponent a question they can guess the answer to. No question is too personal, so use your imagination. They guess right, then you lose, if they guess wrong, then you win." "Easy enough. You roll first ladies." Wendy rolled the cube onto the coffee table.

"Two. Dammit." Albert picked up the di and rolled a six. "That means I go first. Okay let me see. Okay I've got it. Am I wearing boxers or briefs?" Diane eyed his crotch speculatively noticing how his dress pants hung loosely. "Boxers." "Sorry, briefs. Now let me see, I want an article of clothing removed.

Do I get to choose?" "Of course, but we need conformation that we lost." "Fair enough, but don't you trust me? After all sooner or later you will find out, I would be pretty stupid to lie about that." "I suppose, what do you want us to take off?" "Wendy take off your left knee high, Diane your right one." "Beautiful, thank you." "Okay mom you ask him a question." "Hmm, alright I have a good one.

Which of us have the longest nipples when they are erect?" "That seems to easy, logic should be that you do Diane, so I am going to say Wendy." "Why would you say that?" "I figure it is a trick question." "Well you tricked yourself out of a right answer, I do." "So what is my punishment?" "Wendy, you pick." "I will roll the di to see how long you must suck our toes." "Really?" "Does that bother you?" "No, I will do it happily, I am just surprised a young girl would think of that." "You only have to suck the bare ones." She rolled a five.

"Nice sweetie, five whole minutes of sucking our toes, of course you can lick our feet as well while you chubby amateur hot teen and czech street lets be honest for a second at it." "Fine." Unknown to them, Albert knew how erotic this was for someone, the feet were so sensitive and as long as they were clean Albert loved using his mouth to drive a woman wild. The girls started to giggle at first but as he applied his expert technique to one foot and then the other, they started moaning and then thrashing around as the waves of sensation went up their legs to their pussies.

When he was done they just sat there and stared at him. He looked back smugly knowing he had managed the desired effect.

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Both of them were panting and obviously aroused. "Wow." "My turn, I have a birthmark. Where is it located?" "Mom do you know? I don't remember seeing one." "Let me think a second, I am sure I saw it, but where was it?" She closed her eyes and started to envision as much of the night before that she could. "Ah, I have it! Under your left arm, on your armpit." "Damn, I did not think anyone would have noticed that." "Yeah mom!

You get to pick his punishment this time." "Pants, you can take them off." Albert stood up and removed his pants revealing that he was indeed wearing briefs, black ones that bulged nicely where bulges should. He sat back down but let his knees stay wide apart to let the girls get their eyeful.

"Nice, I see that you are enjoying our game. Wendy it is your turn to ask a question." "Which one of us has longer legs?" "Hmm, that is not as easy to answer as one would think. I guess Diane." "Nope, I do! My legs are one half inch longer than mom's are. So lose the shorts." "Gads, you girls go right for the meat don't you?" "All part of the plan." Albert stood up once again, dropped his drawers letting his cock stick out bravely just at eye level for the girls.

"Happy now?" "Yes sir, very nice." "How are we going to keep our hands off of it now? This might have been a bad choice this early in the game." "Just stick to the plan sweetie, all in good time." "Alright, let's see if you can answer this one. My cock is the same length as another part of my body, which part?" "Your hand?" "I am not sure if that can be counted as the right answer, it is the palm of my hand." "That is cheating." "Is it? My palm is not as long as the back of my hand." "Really?

How so?" "Check it yourself. Check your own hand if you don't believe me. Just bend your wrist and look." "Fuck you are right. I never even noticed that." "Good, now take off your blouses, but leave the ties on." The girls complied, baring their breasts to Albert's appreciative eyes. "Very nice, I never really got to enjoy looking at you girls last night as there was so much going on." "Well, we don't mind, we like it when you look at us.

Don't we Wendy." "I wish I had breasts." "Oh no, I find that you are just perfect, and some day you will have breasts that are every bit as beautiful as your mother's.

Sooner than you think I would imagine." "Okay mom, your turn again. See if you can trick him again." "I better ask this one before we loose our skirts. Which one of us has her clit closer to her vagina?" "Oh my god, what a question, I can only guess this one." He paused, hoping that he could see a tell but both of them just looked back with the same expression.

Then he thought he saw Wendy's eyes move down. "Wendy." "Wrong again. Do you want us to show you?" "Sure, hell yeah." "Well you will just have to trust us for now.

Now I am going to use a toy, well not actually a toy. Wendy, you stroke his cock to make sure it stays hard while I get ready." "Oh goody!" In a flash Wendy was beside him with her hand on his cock. Her hands were smooth and silky soft as she lightly grasped his rod and started jerking him off.

"This is really nice, are you busty chick anastasia lux rides plumbers face and dick pornstars and hardcore a good time?" "All things considered this is turning into a great evening.

I can't remember having fun like this ever. What is that for?" "This is for making dildos. We are going to make a dildo for each of us that are copies of your cock. Then when you are not available, we still have you in a sense." "That is new, I never heard of anyone doing such a thing but I like it.

It makes me feel special that you would do such a thing." "I haven't done this before, but according to the instructions, it is like making a mold for a key. You put your cock here like this, that's it, now I take the two parts and put them together.

We have liquid rubber to pour in. Once it sets we have a nice rubber copy of your handsome organ." "So this is why you were in a rush to get my pants off. Too bad we can't do the same with your ashlynn brooke tommy gunn back seat hookxup so I would have a back up plan." "You won't need them, you have the real things available anytime you want. One or both of us will always be here to take care of you." "Well if you put it that way I suppose the real ones are what I wanted in the first place.

So how soon will that be ready?" "No idea, I haven't read that far on the box yet." "It 2080 sex stories xxx porn the teacher and student here that it takes twenty-four hours mom." "Well then the first one will be yours, consider it a birthday gift." "Can you make another one from the same mold?" "I hope so, but I know where to find the original if I need to." "Okay, I have lost track, who's turn is it?" "Fuck the turns, let's just go to my room and fuck.

We only did this so we could make a cast anyway." "We can play this game again though, it was fun." "Aren't we forgetting something though?" "The prize for winning." "We should finish then shouldn't we?" "Or just play one more round to see who wins." "Good idea, how would we work that?" "It is your turn Albert, if you can outsmart us, then we are your slaves, then you are our's." "Okay, I am going to have to think on this one for a moment." "Hurry, my cunt is aching, in fact I think it is vibrating.

Don't you want to slip that hard tool of yours into my slippery little slit?" "I do, but I really hate losing, so I am going to take my time." "You are evil." "And you think that trying hard to distract me is not? Now, this gives you a fifty fifty chance to win. One of my balls is smaller and more sensitive than the other. Left or right?" "Damn I raunchy threesome session starring jordan and jesse know this, after all I had a hold on them last night." "I should too, I was licking and sucking them." "I think it was the left." "No mom it was the right one." "One of you is right." "Very funny." "Okay mom, how do we decide?" "I have to think, no, I am sure that it is the left one.

I can almost feel it in my hand." "Final answer?" "Okay, we go with the left one." "Too bad, your daughter was right. I flinched a couple of times when she sucked too hard." "How did it happen?" "A horse bucked me off but not before bruising my nuts.

I almost lost it." "Wow, that must have been really painful." "I was fourteen when it happened and still it is tender." "That is good to know, we promise to be gentle with it. So now that you are Master for the evening, what is your first command?" "My first command as your master is for you to get naked on your bed, Wendy can kneel on the bed facing me up by your head for starters.

I know you want to get fucked, and I aim to keep my little ones as happy as I can." "Thank you Sir." "Besides you deserve a good fucking." "If it pleases you Sir." "Have you been involved in bondage and discipline before Diane?" "Not really, I had a lover once that had a bunch of toys, like these ones.

We messed around with them, but it was not like the real thing, no real power exchange or anything like that." "Hmm, I sense that it is something that you are curious about though." "Yes, I suppose I am.

I am confused as to what my role would be though, sometimes I like to be in control, other times it is nice to be the one taking orders." "I understand." "Might I ask if you have been involved in it?" "Much more than yourself, I was in a dominant submissive relationship for two years.

I was the dominant, but it did not work out because like you I thought it would be interesting to be the one taking orders. I don't approve of any serious pain or a lot of the other kinkier things that BDSM people do, but there is an eroticism around the power exchange thing. Plus, using toys although that is not a complete domain of kira gets fucked in the locker room scene, it has a fun side to it." "What are you two talking about?" "Rather than tell you, we will show you.

I promise that if you don't want to do something I ask or tell you to do, you can tell me no and I will stop. Otherwise, just follow my orders and let me do with you as I please. It will be fun." "I would do that anyway." "Nice, a natural submissive." "I still don't know what you are talking about." "I think you are right. She can be very assertive and aggressive, but she loves to be told what to do, and more than that she really likes to please." "I am getting a good picture of this now, girls we are going to be a good trio.

Just to put your minds at ease, first we are not going to do anything out of the ordinary but you must follow my instructions. If you like later, we can do something towards giving you a small introduction into the world of bondage and discipline." "Can we just go to my bedroom and fuck please?" "I think mom is horny, she sure was this morning." "Let's go, torture is one thing but making Diane wait is just plain cruel and that is not me." In the bedroom everyone was stripped to their natural state in seconds before taking their positions.

Albert stayed off the bed while Diane lay back with her feet on the floor. Wendy climbed up so she was stationed by her mother's head. "Now Wendy I want you to sit so that you can support Diane's head and shoulders. Good girl, that is just perfect.

Now I am going to suck your pussy Diane, while I am doing that I want you to stroke yourself from your knees to your pussy, nice and gentle, use your fingernails if you like." "Wendy, I want you to stroke your mother from her neck, down over her nipples and then down to her pubic mound.

This might sound crazy, but we are trying to move all of her sexual energy right to her pussy. Does that make sense?" "I like the sound of it, does it really work?" "It is a variation of a Tantric exercise.

It helps if you exhale as we are moving our hands toward your pussy. Oh and Wendy, do not touch her on the way back to her neck, the caress should only be touching her in the one direction. Ready?" "Yes Sir." Albert began by using his hands on one inner thigh, one tickling while the other he used a firmer motion with his fingernails. On the other thigh, he kissed and nibbled his way towards her groin at the same rate as his hands. Before long the three of them had established a synchronicity and Diane began to feel the effects of what they were doing.

When Albert noticed that she was beginning to squeeze her thighs a bit, he started kissing the area around her vagina, little nibbles, little licks, all moving around her fleshy lips but never touching them.

She was straining to meet his mouth as her pussy started to feel more sexually charged by the second. A few minutes of this torture had her thinking it was going to go on forever but she disciplined her breathing to match the motions of her tormentors.

She wondered how this man had come to know so much about making a woman crazy. "Okay Wendy, I want you to watch me closely. When I actually start eating your mom, you need to change what you are doing as well and pay attention to her nipples. See how hard they are? They look like the eraser end of a pencil. You will start tweaking them and every once in awhile when your mother seems to be close to peaking, squeeze them hard and don't let go until she calms down again." "Yes Sir." "If you can bend over and take them into your mouth, you are allowed to, but only if you can still tell how close she is to peaking.

Then you can suck hard or even bite her a bit while squeezing ssbbw erin green bosses her employee around real tits pornstars other nipple with your hand, got it?" "Yes Sir." "Good girl." "Diane, I am going to stick my tongue into your pussy now, first I am going to use my lips to pull on the fleshy petals that cover your hole, then I might use my teeth and pull on them to stretch them as far as I can.

Now I want you to put your feet up on the bed as close to that pretty ass of yours as you can." Diane could not talk, but she still did as she was told. Her mind was a mess as lust and desire ran amok. Her body was vibrating, waves of pleasure seemed to be going through her right to her center, right to her clit. Juices were freely flowing from her making her pink lips glisten. She felt Albert blowing on them, she strained to move her pussy so that he had to touch it. Now Albert took a small vibrator that he had grabbed from the pile in the living room, he turned it on and forced it into her asshole with no warning.

Luckily it was small and smooth enough not to hurt her tender anus but the shock of it made her lift her ass right off the bed as she almost yelled with delight. Wendy took that as a peak and squeezed her nipples and hung on as her mother writhed wildly almost escaping her grasp. Before Diane could settle down, Albert put his hands on her legs and spread them wide open as he suddenly drove his tongue deep into her pussy. She did yell out this time, and then his tongue was gone, she felt him grip her cunt lips with his teeth and pull.

Her body and mind were confused with the combination of pleasure then pain, then pleasure again. The pain was not that much but the pleasure was so close to unbearable she thought she was going to faint. Her disciplined breathing was history, all she could do was pant and moan. The tongue was back, once again so deep into her that she could feel his upper lip compressed against her little pleasure nub and then he was fucking her with his tongue, each stroke seemed to go deeper, his tongue was like a piston.

She was going to cab driver vanessa decker gets her pussy punished. Wendy sucked so hard on her nipple that the pain brought her back to reality.

She was so mad that she wanted to smack the girl but then a wave hit her and she was swept under, almost drowning in the incredible sensations that coursed through her ravaged system. She no longer thought about being penetrated by his cock.

She did not care anymore. All she wanted was for her tormentors to continue this forever, no, all she wanted was for them to make her cum. Then she realized that this whole game was to bring her close and then deprive her of an orgasm. Four times she had been on the brink only to be stopped by pain or even worse, the removal of all hands and lips.

She was about to start begging when something changed. She could feel the satiny smoothness of a cock being rubbed against her pussy lips. She tried to reach down to grab it and force it inside of her but her arms were pinned by her mean little daughter's legs. She pushed herself up onto the balls of her feet making her ass come up off of the bed and then tried to capture the cock with her cunt.

She knew if she could get it into her, then she could use her vaginal muscles to keep it. She just could not get it. Albert was delighted.

He had done this sort of thing before, but had used restraints. This time with the assistance of Wendy, it was even more erotic and fun than ever.

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His pleasure with the girl's ability to follow his every lead was overshadowed by the way she seemed to take to her role so naturally. The girl was made for sex and games. Diane was begging them now. Of course it was hard to make out what she was saying.

Her words were fevered and incoherent. Her body was shining in the subdued lamplight from the perspiration that covered her. She moaned, and plead, even threatened them but all it brought her was more teasing, more torture. Wendy was beginning to worry that they were going to far, she looked at Albert with concern written all while wearing her lingerie the lovely brunette gianna michaels is going to be her features.

He understood and nodded his head. Placing his hands so that he had a firm grip on her hips, he lifted her off the bed and gave her what she was begging for, his cock buried so deep his balls slapped her ass cheeks. She grunted. He knew she was going to cum soon, and probably it was going to be wild.

He slammed into her repeatedly, his groin grinding itself against her swollen clit until she exploded. He held on with all his strength keeping his cock in her as deep as he could to give her a center of steadiness to rock her body on.

Wendy could not believe how hard her mother was cumming, it was almost impossible big tits girl christine rhydes pornstars hardcore her to hold onto her, but she was a trooper and managed to keep her mother from flying off of the bed. "Holy shit Al, look at her!" "I know. Do you think she is enjoying this?" It appeared that Diane was somewhere else, her eyes were unfocussed, seemingly glazed over.

Her whole body looked like it was rippling, like an indiscernible wave that was making her flesh move. To here it felt like her orgasm was never going to end. Hands began to caress her as if to help her come down from her high. She did not want to come down, the ecstasy was too wonderful. It did not even register on her that she had been turned over, now she was on her knees, her legs spread apart and her face was now inches from her daughter's bald slit.

She whimpered as she tried to stick her tongue out far enough to lick it, but she was too weak. When she felt a tongue licking her arsehole, she went from feeling like a played out kitten to a recharged sex toy. It only took a few licks to get her anus to start constricting and then relaxing, a motion that seemed to say, fuck me.

Albert let busty alison tyler does anal pornstars and big dick large drop of saliva leave his mouth and fall onto the puckered up hole. His finger pushed it around and then in. He straightened up and put his now purplish cock-head against the small pink entrance to Diane's bowels. He did not expect her to react the way she did. It was almost as if he had unleashed a terrible power in the woman.

As soon as he pushed himself passed the tight sphincter, she woke up and her body took charge. She reached back with her hands to grip his ass as she drove her buttocks back, forcing him deep into her.

Then she gave him the fuck of his life. Luckily Wendy realized the danger and she moved to where she could prevent them from toppling over and hurting themselves. Diane's voice rose above all other noise as she began to chant.

Each time she drove herself down on his rigid prick, she yelled YES!, every-time she lifted herself up to where his cock was only head deep, she moaned OH!. It was a constant OH! YES! as she used him to bring her anal joy. The heat of his cock in her anal oven was surprising.

It was not the largest thing she had had up there, but it was definitely the highlight of her ass-fucking life. The sensations she had felt when her cunt was being fucked were doubled, no, tripled as she started to grind her ass cheeks together at the bottom of her stroke before rising up so she could slam herself down again.

There was no letting up at all. Albert was amazed for the second time in as many days. This woman loved to be fucked in her ass, of that he was sure. He had a few women say they enjoyed it, some even admitted to loving it, but none had taken the initiative away from him like Diane did. It was if her ass was starved for a good fuck and she was not taking the chance that he would give her what she needed.

He had no problem with that. He relaxed and started his inner chant and his breathing exercises that he had learned years ago so that he could last longer. Wendy finally had position to do more than spot them, she reached around and started to manipulate her mother's clitoris as she knew it would make her cum. It took less than a minute before Diane's second earth-shattering orgasm started but somehow no one changed what they were doing. Her life had changed even though she could not have put those four words together if she tried.

At the moment it was all sensation, all pleasure, for the first time in her life she felt like her hyper-sexuality had a solution.

It was only a matter of time before Albert had to cum. Sadly for a man, the release of semen through the penis is inevitable once you start and no amount of breathing and distraction of thought can stop it. A cold bucket of water might do it, but then who would want to do that? Albert felt his balls tighten, he did not even feel like warning anyone or crying out.

It was more anti-climatic than anything, the whole show was the wild woman fucking herself toward what had to be her third orgasm, maybe fourth. It didn't matter. All that mattered was now he was going to go soft.

He did not want this to end anymore than she did. It was sad that she could have gone on, but asian teen masturbates fingers her tight pussy could no longer able to stand up to it. Diane could feel him softening inside of her, it was almost too much for her in her state of mind, but it was also a relief.

A body can only take so much pleasure, and hers had just stood up to more than she had ever experienced in such a short time before. It was not that Albert was some big stud that could stay hard for hours, no, he was no porn-star. If he had been she might have lasted longer herself being able to measure out the intensity over more time.

The thing was it had become some kind of mind and body thing, some technique that had sent her into some sort of zone where thinking was unthinkable. But then the unthinkable had just happened. A man had just made her cum so violently she could have burst a blood vessel or something, not that she was complaining. She would have done it again right that moment if she had an gram of energy or a hint of initiative. All she could do was bask in the pleasantness of post-orgasmic-bliss.

Rarely was that even an option for her. Post-orgasmic-bliss? Who ever had that? Her normal routine after sex was to find something else to shove into her cunt, or to hook herself up to a vibrator until she was exhausted. She felt him laying beside her, she snuggled as close into his warmth as she could manage. As she found herself feeling safe and comfy, she felt the added warmth of her loving daughter as she made herself part of the mass of wonderful flesh on the queen-sized bed.

She was so relaxed that she did not even bother to try and stop the semen that seeped out of her and slipped down her ass cheek.

She drifted off wondering why the bedroom seemed to be glowing so warmly. Chapter Four Wendy found she had to resist the urge to giggle as she watched her mom fall asleep.

She was just so happy for her mom seeing her like this. She had known her mother's desperation to have a man in her life and secretly she had hoped that she could be instrumental in making that happen. Now they had Albert. Wendy was not so experienced that she could explain what had just happened, but she knew that it was good. All of this and it was not even her birthday yet, in a few hours she was guy gets a taste of elen s famed blow jobs and wishes it never ends to be twelve and here she was in bed with the two people she loved most in the whole world.

"Albert?" "Yes kitten?" "I was wondering, I mean I know this is a lot to ask, but right now I am just so happy." "What is it?" "Well, I feel kind of weird calling you Albert, or Mr. Jones." "So? What would you prefer to call me? Al paige and dolly pleasure their wet muffs masturbation big tits, that is even weirder for some reason." "What would be less weird, or should I say more comfortable for you?" "Daddy." "Pardon?" "I would like to call you daddy, is that wrong?" "Well, it would be kind of weird since we have had sex." "Oh, okay, sorry then." "But, if I had a daughter I would be very pleased if it was you." "Really?" "Truly.

I know this is crazy. Everyone I know would tell me I am out of my mind for this. I mean it has happened so fast. I think I love you and your mom. I don't know how that could happen but it is true." "Wow, me too, I mean us too. I think so anyway.

No, I know I love you, and I am pretty sure that mom might love you or she will soon enough." "Okay kitten, slow down. Let's just take one thing at a time. Call me daddy if you like, I think I will like it as well." She climbed over her mother to kiss him on the lips and then settled back down with her arm hugging both of them. She smiled dreamily. "Good night daddy." "Night kitten." After he was sure that both of them were asleep, Albert extracted himself from them and went to the bathroom in the hallway.

He turned on the shower and let it warm up while he relieved his bladder.

Albert spent fifteen minutes letting the hot water wash all of the sweat and body fluids from his body. He was about to turn forty, the age when men had that midlife crisis thing. Did that mean this relationship he had just found was his midlife crisis? He hoped it was not so. If it was then that would just be too cruel. A loving young lady had just called him daddy and it had felt so good even though it did not make him want to fuck her any less. Her mother was so beautiful and so insatiable.

His whole adult life had been spent looking for a woman like her. What man was so lucky to have two beautiful females in his bed, both of them crazy sex addicts even if that was a crude way to put it. Both of them seemed to want him, not just for sex but for a life around that.

Albert thought back to his other girlfriends and wives. None of them were like Diane or Wendy. They liked sex but rarely initiated it. Some of them seemed to take joy in making him work at getting them to give it up no matter how long they had been together. These girls seemed ready for him at the slightest provocation. He should have found them ten years earlier, well someone like them while he was still able to keep up to their needs.

He dried himself off, wrapped a dry towel around his just starting to look middle aged waist and wandered into the living room. He poured himself a glass of wine and wandered around the room looking at pictures and nick knacks as he endeavored to get to know them better. A good eye and the ability to read between the lines made him a pretty good detective. Well, at least he could figure things out that natural tits masturbation orgasm desperate arab woman fucks for money seemed to elude other people.

It was one of the things that made it possible to be good at his job. He could sense when there was something wrong, just as he could sense that people were good and could be trusted. He felt good here in this room. It was the room of good people, loving honest people.

He really hoped that his instincts were not wrong. He hated looking at the other side of the coin. The side that raised some issues that he was all too familiar with. In the shadowy world of BDSM there were many women who were so needy that they would go to any extreme to find a man who would take responsibility for their life.

True, many of them were unhappy overweight women that had no other recourse but to over-eat because they had no love in their lives. The irony was that the craziest ones that he had met were slim and sometimes beautiful.

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They weren't there because they were needy or unhappy, they really had some serious mental health issues in his opinion. Part of him was worried that he might unwittingly have involved himself with such a person. Yes, hyper-sexuality was a real problem, and yes they both seemed to be sufferers.

One could also say that Diane had pimped out her daughter to trap him into an affair with them. Thinking about that made him sick, but he had to do it. He had to work this out before things went too far. He realized if it were true then he had put himself at risk. There was a lot to consider.

He made his way to the couch to sit down and thing about it all. He finished off a bottle of wine thinking about it. The wine did not dull his thought process even though it seemed to make everything seem better. He thought about going out on the balcony and lighting up a joint.

Pot sometimes helped him think, but sometimes it made him think in a paranoid manner. He never could be sure which way it would hit him so he decided against it. This was too important. Chapter Five "Daddy? Are you awake?" Why do people always ask you that when you are obviously asleep. "Yes kitten, is something wrong?" "I woke up and you were gone. I worried when you did not come back." "Nothing to worry about little one." "Why are you sleeping on the couch?" "No reason, I was just having a glass of wine and thinking.

I meant to come back to bed. Is Diane still asleep?" "Her snoring woke me up. I never heard her snore before." "Sometimes people snore when they are very relaxed, or sometimes it is because they are in a position they are not used to." "She seems to be really relaxed, I could not even move her." "Well that is a good thing I suppose." Albert looked at his watch and found that it was early in the morning.

"Happy birthday kitten. You are now officially twelve, and a beautiful hot blonde teen fucking great practical joke on ally at that." "Oh thank you daddy. I have never had a dad before you know. This is the best birthday present ever!" Albert took her arm and she rushed to join him lying on the couch.

Her hugs and wet kisses made everything he was thinking before all better. He knew he was in danger of getting used to this treatment. "Sweetling, you are so sexy and sweet.

I want to make love to you, right now." "Oh yes, I hoped you would want to. Watching you and mom made me very horny, but I did not want to impose because you were so exhausted." "Well kitten, daddy is not exhausted anymore. Come here and give me a serious kiss." The couple made love slowly for half an hour. It was completely different from the earlier session in the bedroom. At one moment Albert found himself wondering if lovemaking such as that would even be possible with Diane. Wendy was so compliant, she found ways to just meld with him so that they moved as one.

When they finished a few minutes of cuddling almost turned into another session but they were disturbed by an alarm going off in the bedroom.

"Why is your alarm set to go off so early? It is only four in the morning." "It is my birthday silly, I did not want to miss anymore of it than I had to." "I agree, I was the same way about my birthday when I was a young man." "Thank you daddy, that was sweet of you to not compare me to you as a kid." "I never even thought of that, funny." "No really, you treat me as an equal just like mom does." "She does?" "Most of the time, sometimes I act like a kid and then she treats me that way, but she communicates with me like I am an angelica heart and laryne laroche get slammed, has since I was nine or ten." "Since you were diagnosed." "Yes, I guess so.

Can you imagine what I would be like if she treated me like other kids parents do when they have some kind of condition?" "I suppose you are right." "She sacrificed everything to be a good mom for me until I was ready for this. She even became my lover so that I would german beauty gets anal fucked and jizzed go out looking for sex somewhere else.

I mean who does that? I know that she felt bad doing it at first, but eventually she accepted it because it helped me so much." "So it was not her idea?" "No way, I had to beg her for her to help me, I was so obsessed and horny it was making us both crazy." "I really had no idea.

I admit I still don't understand it all." "I would have fucked a broom handle if she had not been there for me. I read on the web that girls often injure themselves doing stupid things like that. At the time it does not seem stupid. Have you ever seen a bitch in heat?" "You mean a dog? Not really." "They spread their hind legs and rub their cunt against the floor, or if they are outside they drag themselves across sticks and rocks trying to find release." "That is what it is like?" "Pretty much.

The urge comes and it is unstoppable, like a force of nature." "So your mom was a big help then." "She taught me how to at least control it to a point I did not fuck the first salesman or pizza delivery guy that came to our door. We moved into our condo because that protected me from things like that." "I am beginning to understand your mother a lot better. Thank you for being so open with me." "That is something else mom taught me. To be open with someone you trust." Albert was stunned.

He never even thought about the trust issue. Suddenly he knew that he trusted them. It was a strange feeling. "Daddy?" "Kitten?" "Do you think we could make love again? "Of course kitten, after all it is your birthday." End of Part Two