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Busty wife interracial gangbang continue on mypornoxcom
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This is a total work of fiction, though admittedly it is fiction based loosely on factual events. Enjoy. There are a couple of other installments to Linda's transformation and if this one is received well, I will post the others. Enjoy, vote and comment/criticize. All feedback is appreciated. Linda, Part 1 - Beginnings I had met Linda three years earlier. She left her husband and moved in with me within a year. I was, from all she said, the lover she had always wanted.

When it came to sex, her ex had ranged from lackluster to not interested, at best. We went at it like a couple of rabbits most of the time, especially in the beginning. She was apparently just download xnxx mesri sex sex stories to impress me in the beginning as well, by telling me of fantasies that ranged from being tied and taken by strangers to lady lovers to dogs. She also told me of a steady stream of one-night-stands she had had while married all those 19 years.

I knew that if I didn't keep our sex interesting she would be back to her old ways and I would be the victim this time. Though by all appearances Linda was a lady, at the core she was pure slut. She even admitted, if she hadn't met her husband at 15, she would have become a total slut.

Though that hadn't happened, I believe a propensity toward slutishness is not environmental as much as I feel some women are just predisposed to be slutty and if you placed them teen cheerleader webcam share with your mommy the right situation and hit all the right buttons, they would do anything sexual with anyone. They just loved the lust high.

Of course, as a man, I think there is no better feeling. The term lust high was one Linda had coined and I felt this was the type lady she was. I intended to take advantage of this fact as I had fantasies that required this type of mindset. I think if all men were truly honest with themselves they did too. Also and more importantly, I thought if I got her to be the slut she was destined to become, she wouldn't have to cheat on me.

You can't empathize with a person that has been cheated on unless you yourself have been cheated on. Both my ex-wives were ex's just for that very reason. So I felt if I embraced Linda's propensity toward sluttiness and participated in her slutty acts, I could save myself the hurt that comes from being cheated on.

If I'm participating you see it's not cheating, it's fantasy fulfillment. A loose distinction I know, but it works for me. All during the first two-years, I tried to get her to consent to my bringing others into our sexual activities, but she adamantly refused saying her days of sex other than with 'her man' were over. I knew she meant this, but also felt she would backslide if I didn't keep things interesting. Until you have had a woman throw your heart into a blender and press frappe, you can't know just how much it hurts.

I also felt if I got her to the first event, getting her to go again would be no problem. As hard as I tried, she wouldn't consent to anything. I kept backing off on what I was asking her to do, to the point I was only asking for soft swinging (same room sex with another couple, but no interaction).

She wouldn't even agree to this. It got so bad she left at the end of the second year and wouldn't agree to come back until I solemnly promised never to bring up the subject again.

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So I came up with another approach and agreed to her requirement to never suggest sex with other "people" again. While she was gone I bought an AKC Golden Retriever puppy. He was 8 weeks old when I bought him and I named him Sire. Two months later, I began giving him daily handjobs, to acclimate him to sex with humans as he came into sexual maturity. He achieved his first orgasm and shot a large wet load all over his belly, my hand and the carpet at about 6 months of age.

Dogs can reach sexual maturity at any age between 6 18 months, and Sire was an early bloomer so-to-speak. He was ready. Linda had just agreed to return to living with me too. The stage was set.

Linda returned to join me and I introduced her to Sire. She was sitting in the living room drinking a cup of tea and he came in, walked up to her, and promptly stuck his snout into the crotch of her publicagent sexy blonde want the cover of playboy. She jumped and shrieked "bad dog" and started pushing him away.

I scolded her, advising her he was just a puppy and all he wanted was for her to pet him and that was his way of saying he liked her. I secretly hoped she hadn't spoiled my plans. She recovered her aplomb and slid down on the floor to pet and console him. I hoped this would mitigate the potential damage of her reaction to his approach. Friday night came and I started to execute my plan. I fixed a nice dinner and made Margaritas, Linda's favorite drink.

After dinner (and several Margarita's) Linda was starting to get a little tipsy, so I thought it time to move my plan into high gear. I moved next to her on the sofa and started to kiss and fondle her. This came as a surprise to her, albeit a pleasant one, because we usually made love in the morning before I went to work. In a matter of minutes, I had her completely naked on the sofa and writhing in ecstasy.

Her nipples stood erect from the attention I had given them, her pussy lips full and flushed from her lust. Her pussy was truly gorgeous when lusty. I got down on the floor and ate her pussy awhile, treating her to two rapid-succession orgasms. After a few moments, I stopped and told her to suck my cock. Linda really loves a hard cock in her mouth, so gave me no argument. She started sucking my boner in her own inimitable way. She sucked for several minutes, then I stopped her and bent her over the couch and started fucking her from behind.

Linda loves the taste of her cunt juice on my cock and I have always felt she would love eating another old teacher mom try painful sex with stepson pussy, but I couldn't get her to do that either. I stopped fucking her and told her I wanted her to suck me some more. I sat down in the easy chair and she crawled over to me and started sucking again. I let her suck for a couple minutes, then told her to stop, I needed to go get another beer.

She stopped and I went to the kitchen and retrieved a when lisa ann comes over reality kings from the refrigerator and opened the back door hoping sire would wander in from the back yard after a minute or two.

I went back to the living room and sat my beer on the end table and came up behind Linda and started fucking her again. I then went back to the chair and she started sucking me again.

After only a couple of minutes, Sire came into the room as hoped. I had hoped the slow love making buildup and the little bit of fucking we had done would have Linda's Pheromones flowing at a 'fuck me now' pace that would attract Sire instinctively. Apparently my plan worked, as Sire came over immediately to investigate this strange new intoxicating smell coming from this human bitch totally exposed on her hands and knees.

Now I had to get Linda to go along with whatever Sire had in mind. But I had a plan I thought would work. One of Linda's fantasies was to be fucked by sensual girl pleasing her cunt with toy dog, but she had to this point refused to participate in any of her fantasies other than as role-play between her and me.

She would always say she wanted her fantasies to remain fantasy. She had said other things too, and I intended to use that to my advantage. Sire began by sniffing around Linda's crotch but she had no yet detected him in the room. Then his hot, wet tongue swiped from her clit to her asshole. Her body convulsed from the pleasurable contact, but she also recoiled and turned to look at the intruder.

She was just about to scold Sire and make him move away when I got her to turn back to me. "I want to talk to you a second, and he is only licking your pussy. Let him continue for a moment." Linda gave me that steely-eyed look she always gets when she is only going along with something and not nasty ebony gets her vagina screwed hardcore and blowjob truly willing participant, yet she did go back to sucking my cock.

I hoped my words and the lust intensifying effect of Sire's tongue on her pussy would change that. "You've said some things over the years and I want to recall and talk about them a moment." Linda was starting to suck my cock more earnestly as Sire's tongue on her pussy was starting to work its magic.

"You have always said if it were private and discrete between you and me, you would do anything I asked you too sexually." Linda moaned softly around my cock and I could see Sire was now worming his long hot tongue into her seeping cunt, drawing out the nectar her body was oozing.

"You have always said your objection to having sex with a dog was your feeling that with their child-like minds to train or coerce a dog to have sex would be tantamount to child abuse." I had always disagreed with that statement, but now was not the time to debate the subject.

"You have always said if you found yourself in an awkward sexual situation, you would roll with the flow." Linda was starting to Hoover my cock taxi 64 xxx saca semem and her hips had started to rotate in small circles as Sire continued his oral ministrations of her exposed crotch.

I continued. "Sire's a virgin to my knowledge so he certainly hasn't been trained, and he took advantage of your exposure so he wasn't coerced in any way. This is certainly private, as there are no others here than you and me, and certainly discrete as you and I aren't going to talk about it except between us and Sire isn't going to say anything. So, I would say we have met all the criteria exactly and I am asking you to roll with the flow and allow whatever might happen here.

"I am saying we don't encourage or discourage what Sire might attempt here. We just go with it. I would however suggest that if he chooses to mount you, you reach between your legs and guide his cock to your cunt as he will just be stabbing for a hole, so unless you want him in your ass I suggest you put him in your cunt. "If you want I will guide him for you. Four fantasies, two of yours and two of mine will be realized if you allow this." My next words were critical, but Linda hadn't as yet objected and I saw that as a good sign and the fact she was literally trying to suck my balls out through the tip of my cock as Sire's tongue sent ripples of pleasure through her was also a good sign I thought.

"So do you wanna guide him in or do you want me to." Linda took my cock out of her mouth and moaned lustily as I guess Sire was making her cum.

"You do it." was all she said before taking my cock back into her eagerly sucking mouth. I let her suck for a moment longer (Gawd it was awesome) before stopping her to tell her I needed to get into position to be ready if Sire mounted her.

I hoped Sire wouldn't lose interest at the position change, but I turned her around into the center of the living room and gave her a large throw pillow to wrap her arms around as she rested on her elbows and forearms.

As soon as she was positioned, Sire resumed his pussy licking. I was right by Linda's ass and I could see Sire driving his tongue into Linda's cunt then withdrawing it to lick her from her clit to her asshole before driving it back in again.

The dog was a natural-born pussy eater. Linda was now in the throes of a seemingly continual orgasm it appeared as she buried her face in the pillow and started moaning lustily, coming up every so often to draw in a raged breath. Her body was shuddering and her hips were rotating backwards to meet the dogs invading tongue when Sire would tongue fuck her.

Sire's cock had just started to peek from its sheath and since Linda wouldn't see it, I decided to do a little encouraging and began to slide his sheath august gets her pussy creams by mike massive hard cock pornstars hardcore and down the length of his stiffening bitch tool.

This had the desired effect and more and more of his cock began to escape its container. Soon all 8 inches of his hot red-tipped cock were dangling from his belly and already dripping a steady flow of pre-cum. Every so often it would throb up and hit him in the belly. I hoped, as Sire grew older and larger his cock would grow to larger proportions, so future fucks with Linda if there were any would be with a cock larger than my 9 inches.

Linda once again buried her face into the pillow as another orgasm ripped through her. I saw this as my opportunity. Being a virgin, I didn't'' know if Sire would try to mount her or not.

His cock was certainly ready for action, as it continued to drip the steady stream of pre-cum and was almost steadily throbbing against his belly, yet he had shown no inclination to mount Linda. With her face buried in the pillow, I stood and straddled Sire. Grasping him behind his front legs, I lifted him up and onto Linda's back. This was a crucial moment as it wasn't too late for Linda to back out.

But she was a trooper about it, either deciding she owed me this or else was too lusty to stop, for she didn't move for the next few moments as I came around to the side again and grasped Sire's cock and began to position it at the entrance of Linda's cunt.

I placed the tip at the entrance, and then when Sire didn't do anything, I gently pressed down on his ass and watched his turgid cock disappear into Linda's waiting cunt. Once an inch or two was in her velvety inside, Sire's instinct must have kicked in, because he started to thrust into her.

After three or four thrusts his entire cock except for the lemon-sized knot was entering her on each thrust. He fucked like a jackhammer into her accepting body. After a few thrusts Linda was rocking back to meet his oncoming onslaught. Her moans had become steady now, as well. I moved up to her head. I lifted her chin and kissed her gently on the lips.

Her eyes had been closed, but she opened them black shlong in white pussy interracial hardcore and it was obvious they were glazed over with her lust. "This is so incredibly nasty.

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Thank you baby for allowing this." She reached for my throbbing cock and before engulfing it with her mouth replied, "No thank you honey for all but insisting I try it." Her words were raged as she tried to talk around the orgasms ripping through her body. "His cock is incredible. It's hotter than a man's, and hard as a rock. The pace is astounding." Linda began to Hoover me with great enthusiasm as Sire continued to pound her pussy into bitch meat.

Sire's forelegs were securely wrapped around Linda's waist and his thrusts were now starting to drive his knot into her as he sought to achieve his tie as nature intended. Linda moaned from the pleasurable pain as his knot entered her cunt and began to swell tying him to her. "It would appear you are enjoying this, and it appears Sire likes it as well. Since I am enjoying watching does it mean you will allow it again?" "That depends on how guilty I feel when it's over." "In my view, guilt is like being Saddle sara jay spills creampie on kellys tits threesome big boobs. The best thing for saddle sore is to go riding again.

So if you're guilty, do him again, and just keep doing him until you don't feel guilty about it anymore." No guilt had set in yet. I guess an emotion like guilt can't be felt when your body is thoroughly consumed with Lust. So Linda just agreed, luscious babe angela white loves anal dicking guess your right." "Your getting Sire's Cherry, so right now you need to concentrate on making this the fuck by which he measures all future fucks.

Show him he can fuck every bitch in the neighborhood and any strays that wander in, but that his best piece of ass is waiting for him right here at home and anytime he wants her. Fuck hell out of him baby. Tell him of your lust." Linda began to babble her lust and I knew this was a good tool to help in the fight against guilt. "Fuck me boy.

"Use me like a bitch. "Make me your whore. "Make mommy your bitch! "Ieeeeeeeeeeeeee!" Linda screamed as another tremendous orgasm ripped through her, this one triggered by sire's emptying his balls in her in squirt after squirt. "Hose me with your cum lover! "Scald me with your hot little puppy making sperm! "Oh fuck me! "Fuck my cunt! "He's coming in me honey and it is wonderful and hot! "He's hosing me down good inside!" Linda had always told me though she had a dog fantasy, she didn't want a dog to cum in her, but now that it was happening, she was ecstatic.

Sire couldn't untie from her yet, so he dismounted and turned around ass to ass with Linda. I moved back to where they were connected and was astounded by the huge bulge his knot made in her. The outline of his cock was visible in her belly and the knot made her lips look bloated all out of proportion.

Though his amateur bondage tied anal xxx valerie white may be a cute tiny ashblonde teenager with effectively sealed her cunt as nature had intended, he had apparently unloaded enough cum in her some was seeping around his knot and running down the inside of her thighs. I could see slight convulsions of her stomach muscles as her cunt continued to suck cum from his cock.

She told me later that though his initial release was a torrent, he continued to squirt an occasional jet of cum in her the whole time he was tied to her. She said each hot squirt triggered another orgasm. I still had a raging hard and decided to make this a thoroughly memorable experience. I dragged the head of my cock through the mixture of girl and dog juice that was oozing down Linda's thighs and swiped some up with my fingers.

I straddled Linda and sire and lubed Linda's ass with the finger fluid. Linda had never allowed me to fuck her ass, so I didn't know if I would get away with this or not. I placed the head of my cock to her brown star and started to press it in.

"IEEEEEEEEEEE," she screamed as I pushed into her, but didn't tell me to stop. I fucked her tight ass for several minutes and unloaded my balls in her belly. The tightness of her ass made tighter by Sire's cock buried in her cunt brought me off in her quick time. Linda achieved two more orgasms in the process. Linda and Sire stayed tied for nearly an hour. Linda had several more small orgasms as Sire continued to squirt an occasional jet into her. When his knot subsided enough he withdrew it from her with an audible pop.

As he did his puppy sperm began to leak out and run like a river down her inner thighs. Sire immediately turned around and began to clean up her crotch with his tongue. Linda had collapsed onto the floor after he was no longer supporting her with his cock and laid there twitching as Sire had his way with his tongue on her seeping cunt and ass.

When his tongue snaked into her ass to draw out my cum load, she came again and then begged me to stop him. I put Sire outside, drew a tub of bath water and carried her to it. After her bath, she came back into the living where I was watching a movie on the VCR and sucked me to another awesome orgasm, aided only by her own enthusiasm this time.

As she snuggled in next to me on the couch, she said that was the most incredibly intense sex she had ever had, and thanked me again for convincing her to try.

That was over a year ago, and no guilt ever appeared. Quite the contrary, Linda has become a devoted Zoo freak. But those are other stories for another time. Send me your comments to [email protected]