Femdom fisting from mistress angelina dominatrix and domination

Femdom fisting from mistress angelina dominatrix and domination
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I woke up cuddled up against my dog, Andy. The rain was pouring down outside, rhythmically hitting the window and pounding on the roof. A clap of thunder resounded through the house making Andy cower under the covers and snuggle closer to me.

I cooed quietly to him while patting him, trying to calm him down.

He never did like thunderstorms. Thank god I didn't have to work today anyway. I didn't think I would get into work with the way the rain was pouring down. Few more hours of this heavy rain and it will start flooding.

The thought excited me. I love thunderstorms. I looked over at the clock on the bedside table and it read 8:24am. I let out a yawn and stretched, letting my t-shirt ride up to just under my bare breasts.

Andy put his head down and licked my belly-button causing me to let out a laugh and start squirming because it tickled. "Andy, Andy boy, stop!" I pushed his face away from my stomach as he tried to keep on licking. I squirmed and kept on pushing Andy away until he finally gave up and tried to lick my face. Before his tongue could make contact with my cheek, I jumped out of bed and ran to the bathroom, knowing Andy was following me.

Hot babes bedroom trio pussy play masturbation masturbate quickly used the toilet then washed my hands and brushed my teeth all the while Andy was sitting at the door watching me with his warm, brown eyes.

I bent down and patted him on his cute, little head. Andy was a cute little border-collie with adorable brown eyes and brown fur. Andy got impatient of all the patting and started to sniff around my crotch, pushing his wet nose into my pyjama shorts. "Oh alright boy, don't get so impatient, hold on" I grouched at him, walking over to my bed. Andy jumped up onto my bed and curled up next to my pillow.

I removed my t-shirt and my pyjama shorts and climbed back into my bed naked. Andy started licking all over my face and then finally he got to my lips and I parted them to let his tongue in.

He licked the roof of my mouth and started massaging my tongue with his.

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As we continued kissing, I kept on petting his soft fur. Eventually Andy got tired of kissing and me and started to lavish my bare breasts with licks.

He swirled his tongue around my nipple, the roughness of his tongue making me shiver in delight. I lied back and continued to let Andy give me attention all the while I continued patting him to make sure he knew I loved him.

Andy continued licking until he was right in front of my pussy. I was wet with anticipation, my wetness dripping onto my thighs. Andy teased me, going down further and licking all around my toes first then pamela sanchez fuck a dude with a blonde licking his way up to my thighs which were taught with anticipation. I pulled my legs up so that my ankles almost touched my bottom and spread my legs as wide as I could.

Yoga definitely comes in handy. "That's a good boy, lick mama's pussy baby" I cooed to Andy. I let my ankle go and reached between my legs to pat Andy's head, then guided him to my clit. I moaned as his tongue reached out and lashed at my clit.

I let my other leg go, still keeping my feet flat on the bed. I lifted my hips up and Andy licked me from my asshole to my clit. I closed my eyes in bliss. I leaned my head against the pillow and lay while Andy continued to lick my pussy. Andy paid attention to my clit, massaging it with his tongue, and then he would take a long lick from my asshole to my clit.

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My wetness was dripping onto the white sheets on the bed. Andy stuck his tongue deep into my hole, lapping up the wetness that was seeping out. He rapidly licked my click, bringing me so close to my orgasm. I grasped the sheets by my head and my thighs tensed, sweat dripping down my forehead. With a few final licks to my clit, I fell over the edge, gripping the sheets and thrusting my hips up.

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My clit and pussy throbbed and I felt wetness seep out onto the bed. I panted heavily, relaxing into the bed. "Good boy" I patted Andy who came up to me and licked my lips. I opened my mouth and let him in. I could taste myself on his tongue as he kissed me. Andy let me rest for a few minutes, until my breathing was back to normal and my clit wasn't throbbing anymore.

When I was ready, I rolled over onto the middle of the bed, lying on my stomach, legs spread wide open. Andy barked excitedly and licked my cheek. "Yes boy, you done well" I assured him. Andy, taking the initiative of me lying on my stomach, walked down to the bottom of the bed and sniffed my asshole.

I lifted up my hips in invitation and spread my ass cheeks and pussy lips. I felt Andy's weight stella hot is a blond luxury pussy my bottom and his front paws on either side of my waist.

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Andy rubbed his doggy cock against me. It felt hot against my ass and nice and thick. I reached behind me and position him at my pussy entrance. I reached forwards again and gripped the sheets, prepared for what was about to happened. Andy put his paws right up against my waist in a tight grip and thrust into me. I moaned while Andy pounded ruthlessly into my tight hole. I topless college girls make out at sex party pinned to the bed by Andy's paws which were now pushing me into the bed.

I managed to reach underneath me to rub my clit in circles which bought me closer to my orgasm. I moaned as Andy's cock started getting thicker and hotter as he neared his release. A few more thrusts and I fell over the edge in a silent scream and I felt Andy release his hot semen into me.

I lay on my stomach, panting. Andy collapsed on me, the warmth of his fur comforting me. Eventually Andy and I snuggled up in bed and I pulled the covers over us for a nap, the sound of the rain hitting the roof lulling me to sleep.

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The End. Thoughts?