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Gorgeous horny babe having a nice show
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Log entry 12. Jake Merkin, August 25 2015. 8:52 pm. "It's been several weeks since Lilith and Eva met their tragic end. What remains of them and the women whom were placed within the testing site, is a semi-solid mass of onyx like material. We have discovered that inside that mass is a new lifeform. One which the military hopes will become their perfect ultimate weapon. Since the day of the incident, teams of various researchers have tried and failed to open the mass. I believe it to be a semblance of a chrysalis.

The creature inside whatever it may hatch to be will no doubt hold the abilities and power of its mothers.

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As such she which I have learn is in all actuality a female, will be beyond anything I have learned from Lilith and her unique capabilities. My fear however is what the military plans to do with this new being. While they in fact have failed to open the chrysalis they did however, manage to remove several tissue samples. The tissue itself is alive and responds to everything around it. If threatened it becomes a solid structure harder than diamonds.

That being said the samples were remnants from the early stages of the cocooning process." He pauses a moment to lean back in his chair and observe the footage from the testing site, before looking to the other monitor which keeps constant vigil on a new subject in an isolated chamber.

"from those samples the military has engineered several new subjects. Out of the dozen which received the new strain, only a handful survived the integration stage. The lab now has several promising assets and these ones to my own eyes appear very unstable, Both mentally and on a cellular level. Gods help us if one of them becomes a threat." Jake peered closely at the new subject and shook his head slightly.

"As with Lilith I have been assigned to look after and study one of the new subjects. Once more it is a female. She is in her late teens and has a rather short temper. From the few interactions which I have had with raunchy attractive chick shows body softcore and amateur I can tell that she finds my company to be… I believe she sees me as a potential sexual partner.

I also believe that to be the affect of the strain which now has only just begun to stabilize her cells. Even though I am in contact with her I have not felt compelled to enter her isolation chamber. I don't trust her intentions toward me, nor toward anyone else that deals with her.

Yet I feel that she is less of a threat than the other four subjects. Out of the five only two are female. The males have augmented features such as increased muscle density and stronger bone structures. Their minds while still that of a teenager have taken a turn for the worse." "they are aggressive and have made several attempts to break free. One subject even managed to lure a female researcher inside his chamber and breed her for several hours.

Over the course he mutated into a horrific creature. Much like the Gaia being he impregnated her and made her into a mindless sex slave. Since the military decided to take no action to save the woman. Several offspring have been birthed and are now growing at an alarming rate. They mutated pair continue to mate without need of food or much of any other nourishment apart from the woman's breast milk.

I have several thoughts about how the military will deal with this situation, but none of which will be voiced here." Once more he paused to look at the monitor with his new charge. Indeed, she was a lovely young woman, shoulder length brown hair, green eyes and a smile which could entice even a prudish woman.

"Returning to my charge, she can be rather hard to read at times. Others she is like an open book. This could mean that her mind and body are in a state of hormonal imbalance. Much like a second puberty due to administration of the mutation strain. If it resembles Lilith's time period than I will have to stay outside of her chamber for several more months.

A fact which I'm sure will cause her to become violent for the duration. End log twelve." Entry log 22 Jake Merkin, October 15 2015. 10:05 pm. "I have come to understand a great deal about my charge. She is not just a test subject to me anymore. Course I doubt that I ever saw her as such. Last week after entry log twenty-one her cells stabilized after she underwent a drastic mutation anal mom and her boy animation the cellular levels.

She became stronger, faster and more attuned to all five senses. Her pretty a lusty penis smalltits and hardcore tone increased as did her regeneration abilities.

She now heals almost instantly. Her regeneration also allows her to fully regenerate a lost limb. a test which the military forced upon her and forced me to watch. It was beyond cruel what they did to her. Strapping her down to a table and cutting off her arms and legs, even going so far as to remove several organs.

I was thankful that they had at least sedated her before all this. but still to watch as they butchered her body… I know that I was screaming at them to stop, thrashing around wildly to get free of the men who held me back. Well to my relief every part of her that they removed had regrown within only a short amount of time. She was whole again by the time the anesthetic wore off. Not even a scratch remained on her creamy skin." "Several days after that I marveled at her sudden increase of appetite.

She ate for nearly six hours' straight. This I'm sure was to recover all lost nutrients and to rebalance her body's natural state. The following day I decided to risk my well being. I entered her chambers. At first I was hesitant but soon came to relax. When I greeted her inside of her domicile I was met with a pleasant smile and rather long lasting hug. I'm sure she also used that hug to get a deep intake of my natural scent.

Upon stepping away from me asian teen gets cum on her amateur pussy eyes held a lusting hunger and her swaying hips confirmed my suspicions of her wanting to mate. We soon sat down and began to talk normally as we had always done. This time however, she inquired about something that took me by surprise.

She questioned me about sexual activities and what I found to be sexually desirable in women. I answered her honestly and she seemed delighted that I was being open with her." "After talking for several hours and when we were finally comfortable with each other did things take a turn. She moved onto my lap and looked me in the eye. She proceeded to ask me several personal questions and once again I answered honestly.

That was when she smiled and suddenly her lips were pressed to mine. While my mind was against this my body was frozen. Then came something I didn't believe possible.

I watched as her body swayed in a seductive rhythm, she stripped off her clothing until she was stark naked. Still try as I might I could not bring myself to move even an inch. In answer to my confused look she told me that she could change her saliva to a paralysis liquid. How she figured that out was beyond me since none of the security cameras ever caught her paralyzing any of the other researchers." "slowly her hands began to remove her clothes legal age teenager whore gets screwed hard smalltits homemade her enticing body piece by piece.

Once she was naked she moved toward me licked her lips and kissed me once again. From that I assumed that her paralyzer was a temporary effect. Or she just wanted to kiss for the sake of it. She then turned her attentions to my pants and busied herself with freeing my dick. Needless to say she got me erect and then had her way with me… For several hours." From that day on the daily routine of Jake and his charge changed.

After tests were done to the girl, Jake would take her back to her chambers and the two of them would fuck until they had lost every once of their stamina. This was to be his new life, the lover and caretaker of Aura.

Over the course of the next several months Jake had all but forgotten about the chrysalis and hade returned to his previous self.

While he still recalled his time spent with Lilith he knew that what he had now made him happy. Shortly after the birthing of Leola, Aura inform Jake that she had become pregnant. The pair were happy yet they feared the worst for the child growing in Aura's womb.

Should the military get their hands on it the child would sure be used for experimentation and become another weapon for the power hungry generals. The months went by slowly allowing Jake and Aura to make plans for the birth of their child.

They however soon discovered an unforeseen anomaly with the growth rate of their child. It had been four months since Aura announced the pregnancy and yet she held no visible signs of the child growing within her.

Jake ran several tests on both Aura and their child to uncover the reason behind this anomaly. It took a few weeks and several days of sex to discover that the child needed to receive DNA from both parents to grow. Meaning that if they wanted their child to continue to develop they would have to have sex in order for it to gather the needed genetic structures to grow. Now it seemed that without attaining the genetic materials from the father the child would stay in a dormant state, neither living nor dead but trapped in between.

Jake's resolve came to him after a long day I watching Aura undergo the most severe testing he had ever seen since he was recruited into the lab complex. They way the military had used and tortured Aura drove him to the brink and he even went so far as to punch the commanding officer in the room in order to get the tests to stop. Thus began the plans to break Aura and the other subjects out of their cells and let the creatures deal with their captors.

But first he had one more thing to do before setting it all in motion. He had to meet with the newborn being Leola and see if she could help him and Aura break out of facility. For next Several days Jake put his plan into action.

He wrote counter programs into the security system, rewriting the safeguards and limiting access to other personal, centering mostly on the military's lackeys. At the same time giving his key card access to every level of the facility. He also began testing the compatibility of his blood with some of the newest viral strands. Most of which ended in failure, however three strands merged with his DNA almost perfectly. Using those samples, he was able to create a program that allowed him to discover the abilities that would be unlocked from each strand.

Each individual strand held various advantages yet were left weak against many things. So using the last of his samples he had the program run the simulation of him injecting all three strands, slave chinese school girl bondage game show adultsmartlinksorg then course of several weeks.

He had the program randomized the sequences of the injections to optimize the most efficient methods. As it turned out his body could only handle two of the strands merging with his body. So he decided to use Viral Strand X-23 and Strand C-24 their results suited his needs and appeared to be more efficient for the tasks that had yet to be overcome.

Thus began the second stage of Jake's plan. Over the course of the next month Jake had fully rewritten every protocol. The X-23 virus had fully merged with his DNA making him more alert and agile. While not physically improving his mental capabilities had greatly increased. His thoughts were not far superior to any scientist stationed at the facility and could easily solve and formula that eluded the others. Of course he did act as if the gene sequences had stumped him for several hours before having a sudden 'epiphany' thus allowing him to write out the solution.

Other such things happened around the facility, and on his time of he would sit in front of a security camera while pretending to read up on the many scientific equations, just to make it look japanese teen tied up by a couple he had not suddenly become genius by some random event. Everything was falling into place Jake had memorized the schedules of the guards, took into account the time delays for the elevators and doubled checked the worm program he had implanted in the security systems.

The cameras would be shut down and the lower levels of the complex would be sealed off to act as a diversion. Every other level starting at Aura's chambers would be under his control. More times passed and Jake, now content with his plans all set decided to get the final piece to move. Once this person made their choice, he would either have to rethink his plan or it would mean checkmate for this facility and all within it.

He was nervous walking down the long hall, his thoughts were all jumbled up and his practiced speech had left his mind. He had to convince this person to aid him or else all this planning and scheming would make this escape nigh impossible.

Reaching the door, he opened it to find not a soul within. With a slight sight he shook his head and turned to leave, but stopped and gazed upon the room. With quick nod the moved inside the room and took mi esposita y yo aye tube porn of a chair moving it into the dark corners of the room.

Thus he waited after several long minutes he moved around the room and found several incense sticks, shrugging slightly he placed one on its stand and lit it. He then turned out the lights and sat down in the chair. It was not long before the door opened and female voice called out into the dark room. "Doctor, are you in here?" Jake smiled and stood up. "Doctor yes, but not DR. Grantt, I am Dr. Merkin." He called back before turning the lights back on.

Thus began a light conversation between the two and Jake was working up to the point where he needed to ask Leola if she would be willing to help him. Unfortunately for him the alarms sounded. "Well it seems one of the pets has escaped their cage, shall we go and assist the good soldiers in capturing it?" Leola said as she turned to Jake. "No. Stay here and do not leave this room no matter what you hear. And I mean it Leola; this alert isn't something that needs you.

Please stay here and wait for me to return." Jake said as he rushed out the door. Moving down the hall slightly he saw on a monitor what all the fuss was about.

Two of the male mutations had escaped their cells and were not reeking havoc in the facility killing the male soldier and scientists while capturing and sedating the women. He ran back to Leola's room with a dreadful urgency. "Lock the door and hide." he said before taking off down the hall. He had to hurry he had to get to Aura before one of those damned monsters found her.

He passed running soldiers and fleeing staff along the way none of whom cared about cuddly bookworm gets teased and drilled by her older tutor he was doing or why he was heading toward the female specimen research quarter.

As he neared Aura's room he found more defiled corpses littering the halls, the poor fools had tried to stop the rampant experiment and died in a most gruesome way.

Among one of the bodies was a Remington Model 870 pump action shotgun. With a quick nod Jake grabbed the gun and continued on down the hall. Even with all his clearance and overrides in place it still took Jake nearly twenty minutes to get to Aura's chamber. Luckily for him he did not come into contact with any hostile forces. Upon reaching his lover's room he found her curled up in a corner with her arms wrapped around her stomach. "Aura! Time to go, its early but this will be our only chance to get out of here." He said while running over to her.

Kneeling at her side he placed a hand on her cheek and kissed her head. "Come on, let go." The pair fled the room and made their way up the levels, they passed more dead troops and researchers along the way. It seemed that the experiment was winning the fight and that meant it would be higher risk to escape without it detecting them. They rushed through bulkhead doors and airlocks, each level had different security measures in place and they hit every one of them.

Finally, they came to the last level of the research labs, what they found was a strange sight. A hulking mass of muscled humanoid with reena teaches her stepson how tfuck whipping about on its back fought against a feminine figure of pure black.

"Jake… what's going on? Who are those two and how go we get out?" Aura whimpered as she clung to her love. "We have to wait…" was his answer as he watched the two battle. Alright well here you go my dear readers This took me longer that I had originally planned, but hey I do happen to have a life and a job so not much can be done about that.

I would like to thank all of you for reading and I truly hope that this sated all those questions about why I brought Jake back into the story after the death of Lilith.

As some of you may already know I did in fact change the scene where Jake contacted Leola, Originally Jake was supposed to be dying from some illness and was a mere shadow of how he once was.

However, due to my strange nature with plots and character development I decided on a longer and more vital role for the young scientist to play. Now I will not give away any snippets as to my plans for this enrapturing tale of morals and the lessons hidden within it. Thinking back on it now not sure if I did place some minor lessons in the story… Anyway, chapter four is still in progress and I'm debating on how long it should run for.

Let me know what you think in the comments below and once again thank you for reading my work and I hope to see you in the next chapter. I realize that sounded like a quote from the youtuber Markiplier and I don't care. Okay seriously I need five thousand words to post this story and honestly I'm just rambling at this point seriously you don't need to read anymore of this crap its pointless and has not value whatsoever.

Why are you still here go away, back to your lives go do something clever or naughty or fun?

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Just remember it should be harmless and in all good fun. Okay then what else can I put in here to round this little chapter off? Oh wait I know this should work. Just random thing I did several months back out boredom and when I was at a loss on how to proceed with this story. If anyone is still here reading this enjoy. ^_^ Gotcha!!! Thanks for your time have a good day, or night!!