Sexual milf lesbians lick and dildo pussies at shower

Sexual milf lesbians lick and dildo pussies at shower
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The virgin is a shy college student working in the college library at night. She's a bookworm. She's also extremely horny almost all of the time. She fantacizes about men and women and all manner of sexual situations and scenarios. The stripper is a popular slut around town.

She'll fuck anyone on the drop of a dime. Man or woman or both at the same time. Or even gangbangs. She a regular in a gangbang club. The pornstar is tired of sex and men. She enjoys the company of women. She considers herself bi-sexual with lesbian tendancies. If she sees another cock she might scream.

If another cock enters any one of her holes she feels she'll go crazy. Then one day a man decides he needs three women as his sex slaves. So he goes out and tracks down his prey.

The first woman was in his gangbang club. The stripper who he has enjoyed on many occations in the past. She was always in the back of his mind for a sex slave. He fucked her already many times over a period of a year or so. He wants her to be his possession. He is almost done with building his sex dungeon in his house.

In a sub-basement he secretly dug out waiting for his sex slaves. All the while me rubs his cock every chance he gets. Even in public watching women come and go. He will hide behind whatever he finds between his desire and himself. Sometimes only a shopping bag to cover his raging hard-on. His penis is huge. So he has to be creative with his stealthy jerk-off sessions. His cum flies far and wide. Large loads every time.

Several times he has been caught. Mostly he gets stares and glares from the women. A few times he was approached and ends up getting a blowjob or a fuck or a handjob or some combination. Right at this very moment he sees the stripper (future sex slave #1) on stage dancing and stripping to some stripper music.

Her breasts are perfect natural things of beauty. Erect nipples entice him. Realitykings we live together shae summers and eva lovia in best slips his hand down into his sweatpants and starts messaging his massive hard-on. She sees him and comes over to give him a lap-dance. First she has her bikini bottoms on and she rubs up against his contained beast. He has to have her.

He needs her. He waits patiently as she begins her magical mystery tour of his manhood. Long slow gliding trips along his cock and leg. Fast periods where she seems to be riding a bull. She moves her bottoms hither and thither.

Up and down. back and forth. Side to side. He can't she likes being the center of attention sin city the beast no long. he pulls it out over his slack waistband and she continues her exotic dance. Unaware he has his dick bare against her pussy. She feels it but can't stop herself. She's in it for the ride. She grabs his cock and massages it against her mound.

The lights are low in their little corner. They go at it like wild animals in heat. And so they are. She eventually guides his cock into her pussy slowly. Then it is off to the races to see who finishes first. He hold her breasts like reins on a horse or bull. Her hair flies like a sock in a storm. Their sweat mixes like a love potion.

The heat between them is palpable. She bucks and he fucks. He bucks and she fucks. They kiss. Their mouths as one. They slow down to catch their breathes. Mouth on open mouth. Rock hard cock inside her wet slippery juicy pussy.

Hands searching and exploring each other all over. Finally her bikini bottoms are torn off in the heat of their passion. His sweatpant come down to his ankles.

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They continue to fuck. They are joined by a drunk who sees their activity and coaxes them on. He pulls out his phone and proceeds to record. She moans. He moans. They moan. He splashes down. His man juice squirts her in the eyes and tits and pussy. and everywhere in between. She is covered from head to toe in his love-juice.

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They move to the woman's rest room for another session of fucking. On a toilet. On a sink. In the stall doorway. On the floor. Out the door to the parking lot. On a car hood. On a truck bed. On the asphalt. Back on a car. Up agaist a light pole. A crowd has gathered all around them. Aplause and hooting and coaxing. Clapping and cheering.

Whistling and stomping. Cars honk from the street. Busy street as headlights slowly pass the scene of what as become an orgy as other men and woman fuck all over and around the parkin lot. It moves and spreads out into the street as more and more fucking is going on. Skin everywhere. Moans and groans fill the night. Cops! Everyone scatters to cars and alleys and anywhere. The man has the stripper totally naked now. He's carrying her to his van. He puts her in a cage in back. She is bewildered.

Shocked. Scared. Fear is settling in. She protests. Later in his house he is carrying her down to his dungeon. He gets her settled into her new home. Locks the door behind him.

His hand on his cock rubbing slowly. Sore. The pornstar is his favorite pornstar. He has desired her since she first showed up on his computer as a first timer. She started out doing fetish. Lesbian and one on one stuff. She quickly moved to gangbangs. Bangbus. Faketaxi. Rape. Public. Voyeur. Exhibition. Combos. His favorite is in constant loop on his television. She is hard to track down. He spots the virgin masturbating in public.

On a park bench reading. She might not even realize she is playing with herself. She is wearing a long white t-shirt and that is all. A big man's shirt (her father's or her brother's maybe). Her hand is up under the hem rubbing slowly and coyly. Her book in her face hiding her features from him. But he likes what he sees so far.

He is hard. His cock is sticking out of his shorts. He leaves it alone and lets it rub against his leg and his bag. Moving the bag ever so slowly up and down and back and forth. He Has to have her as his sex slave. He plans his next moves in his head. Wait for her to finish playing with herself and watch what she does next. She finishes her book and looks around to see if anyone is around. Not seeing the man hidden across from her behind and between trees and bushes on a bench some distance away from her.

She decides to pull up her t-shirt and lays down on her favorite park bench which is secluded. Sani leoni porn story sex stories a pillow of her t-shirt and a sex toy of her book she goes at her pussy hard with her book. It gets wet quickly with her juices and her sweat.

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The man joins her by taking off his shorts and stands behind the trees and bushs as he begins to jack-off his massive manhood. Slow and fast. Fast and slow.

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Rubs his cock against the tree and into his uk teen squirt and horny big dick pounding xxx ive looked up to president oaks my whole tree glory-hole.

She playfully pinches her nipples and her clit. Rubs her whole body all over. She moans her pleasure. He moans his pleasure. They moan in sync. He moves to her bench and stands over her naked writhing body. He splatters her with his cum. Her surprise at seeing a big naked man standing over her nudity with his dick almost in her mouth from where he stands as his white juice flows onto her naked body.

Her open shocked mouth takes a good load. He grabs her up and fucks her then and there. He rapes her as she sqirms in his strong arms.

She squeals with pleasure and or pain as his massive cock enters her virgin pussy. Is she dreaming her fantasy? No. She knows its not a dream. But its not a nightmare either.

She goes with it none the less. She enjoys herself. Moaning and groaning. They fuck until long after the sun disappears. Nobody else anywhere all day. They fuck all over the park as the moon shines over their glistening intermingled bodies. They find themselves fucking on the bank of a little park lake. They skinny-dip to cool off before fucking in the lake.

They find themselves later, on a sidewalk screwing like cats and dogs in heat. Up against a building. On the sidewalk. On the curb. In the street. No cars come their way. Then car headlights appear coming towards them.

They turn off somewhere not far from them. People come by where they are fucking and watch for a little while before moving along. The fucking goes into a new wave of frenzied feast of animal lust. Outside his van, fucking against the doors where his cage awaits his next sex slave. He grabs her in mid-fuck and opens the van door and gets her quickly inside the cage. Closing the door before she can scream and fight. He drives away.

He puts her in the same room as the stripper. The stripper and the virgin stare at each other stark naked in virginie pute blonde tres chaude amateur french dungeon lit by a light in the ceiling. He closes the door and turns off the light switch outside the room.

His hard-on still evident and raw. He sticks it in a jar of ointment and spreads the soothing white medicine all over his sex-aching member. He needs to have the pornstar. He wants her. He has to have her. He will find her and fuck her. He has to. No choice in the matter. Its as important as breathing to him now. Meanwhile, the pornstar is in the bathtub relaxing with a candle and a bottle of fine wine. She hears a crash as a man enters her bathroom naked with his big massive penis sticking straight down between his legs.

Its like a deformed middle third leg without a foot. It waves back and forth as he rushes to her. She Squeals. He grabs her out of the tub and rapes her every which way from the bathroom in her bedroom. In her bedroom.

On her bed. On the carpet in her bedroom. Onto the livingroom carpet and sofa. Coffee table doggy style rape. Onto the floor in the kitchen to kitchen table where he eats her out and she takes his cock with lust and desire into her mouth.

Into her cunt.

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And back into her pie-hole. She holds his cock in both hands as he comes.cums. She swallows what she can. The rest covers her breasts and stomach and mound. He carries her passed out in ecstasy to his van and into the cage completely naked (her and himself). He drives her to his dungeon naked again. All three of his sex slaves in his possession now he is finally and gratefully relieved. He will fuck them now whenever he wants and however he wants.

Maybe even taking them out in public once and awhile from time to time. Now and again.