Cute bbw blonde w huge tits fucking bbc

Cute bbw blonde w huge tits fucking bbc
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Author's note: This story consists of multiple chapters. Some chapters will contain subjects that some people find objectionable, such as violence, anal, and even incest. Incest is depicted in this chapter. You are here forewarned not to continue this series if any of these subjects bother/offend you.

If you choose to complain about the themes presented within, you will be met with derision and scorn. You have been warned/enticed.

Personal ads placed in the comments are pathetic. There are better ways to hook up. All characters are over eighteen, as I can't abide kiddy-porn, PERIOD! If this is suitable to your tastes, please enjoy my series, Bait and Switch. ============================== Chapter 05 Standing in cool white light, in a featureless blue brunette solo foot russian couple having sweet sex, I examine the alien in front of me.

Her eyes look white tonight, with a hint of blue around the edges, and light seems to ripple around her nude frame while her fingers press invisible buttons in the air. I wonder briefly how she makes the light do that. It actually looks like the light covers her in places, but doesn't actually touch her, as it flickers and shifts around her subtle curves.

I can feel my body getting weaker, as the white luminescence does its work and builds up my muscles. I still can't figure out what will trigger Lela's 'horny' switch. No matter how hard I push on it, it refuses to budge. The other two move easily enough, but this one stubborn switch refuses to obey my will.

It has to be something that's different about her species, but I don't think I can just ask her about her race's mating habits. Alien or no, I don't know whether that's crossing a line. I start going over what she told me last night, which is decidedly little. It really boils down to her ancestors coming from herbivores.

Is there something different about them? I try to think of herbivores on Earth to compare, but they were all dumb animals, only mating when. . An idea strikes me, and I look up to try it out, but my time in the light is done, and before I can form the switch, I find myself back in my own bed. I'll have to try tonight when she comes for me again. Exhausted from the treatment, I slip back into sleep before five minutes have even passed. * * * I wake slowly, some noise disturbing my rest. Rolling over, I hope it'll go away, but it continues relentlessly.

Groaning, I sit up, and only then am I awake enough to realize someone is knocking on my door. "What?" I ask, more ornery than I'd intended, but dammit, it's Saturday, and I value my sleep.

Besides, if the demons arrive and I can't stop them somehow, I won't be getting anymore good sleep; only the long sleep horny nekane fucks a huge cock as big as her head death. "Nick, are you awake?" Groaning loudly, wanting Gina to hear me, I flop back onto my pillow. I'd told her I would talk to her today, but I didn't expect her to show up in my apartment. "I am now," I grump.

"Can I come in?" The door is already slowly opening, and my frustration is building. What is the point in asking, if she's just going to come in anyway? For half a heartbeat I'm tempted to close the door as if it's a switch, but decide against it. "Might as well, but I'm only in my boxers." She slips quickly into my room, and shuts the door behind her. Quietly, she goes to the foot of my bed, and sits down, her hands clasped in her lap, as she stares at her knees as though they can impart some great wisdom to her.

After she sits there for awhile without speaking, I almost lose it. "What do you want, Gina? It's eight o'clock on a Saturday. I don't usually get up till at LEAST ten, and last night was a tiring night." Anger laces my words, but I'm able to keep my volume level.

It isn't likely that Dennis will have slept through Gina's knocking, but I don't want to disturb any my other neighbors this morning either. "Tiring. .?" She looks up and around, and I realize how that must have sounded. "No, no one is here, I was just working on a project, and it's left me exhausted." It isn't really a lie. Somehow after everything, I don't think I can lie to her; it would make me feel like too much like a hypocrite.

She nods, and I can see that she is relieved, before her eyes drop back down to her lap. "May I ask what kind of project?" Her voice is pensive, and I can tell she is reluctant to ask me this. No, you may not, I think, but answer differently. "It will take a couple weeks before I'm ready." She looks up at me, and then down again.

I've never seen her act like this before. Normally she is so self confidant, but this morning it's like she's an entirely different person. "Oh, okay. You look good today, even your—" She cuts herself off, and looks at my bare chest and then to my jaw, and I know she is looking for the bruises that are no longer there.

"Your chest! Your bruises are gone. How. .?" I have to think fast. I don't want to lie, but I can't tell her an alien healed me, either. "You did give me a really great massage." I let that hang, hoping she will draw the wrong conclusion, and only feeling slightly guilty. Technically I'm lying.

"Massage. . Yeah. . I never knew a massage could do that." Her eyes are still locked on my torso, and I want to change the subject. "I don't think you came to look at my bruises. Why are you here?" Her eyes immediately drop back to her clasped hands, and I feel my frustration growing. What is wrong with her?

I lean forward, place my hand under her chin, and gently turn her face up to me. She refuses to meet my eyes, but at least she turns. "I—You probably hate me, I know, but. . I. rides again after he cums torture femdom makes him cum twice.. What I mean to say is. . I wanted to. . I don't feel right about what happened, and I. ." Her inability to come right out and say it is starting to drive me up the wall. Can I make a switch to get her to come right out and say it?

"I want to make it up to you, and will do whatever it takes to earn your forgiveness." She finally splutters out, without me having to make a switch. This again? I thought we'd gone over this already. "Waking me up early on a Saturday isn't a good start," I tell her, and her chin yanks out of my hand at the sound of rebuke in my voice. She is fidgeting now as she sits on the edge of my bed, and I remember the conditioning my switches have caused in her.

Checking them real quick, I can tell she is horny, and every time I talk only makes it worse. "I-I know, but you barely return my calls, and you won't let me come see you.

I didn't know what else to do." I watch as a tear slowly slides down her cheek, leaving a wet trail in its wake.

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"I don't want you to push me away." My anger flees. Pulling her to me, she rests her head on my bare chest. I can feel her hot tears on my chest as she shakes and sobs against me. This once proud and socially powerful woman is now broken, and in large part because of xx sunny leone bp story. I used my switches on her, manipulating her into sex. She had tried to cover it up with her boyfriend by claiming it was rape, but had confessed the truth before I'd been beaten too badly.

Her boyfriend is gone, her social status likely crumbled, and I'm probably the only person who treats her with any kindness. She has suffered for her crime, worse than I'd suffered for her lies, and my name is clear. In a sense I'm her jailer, the only one that can set her free.

The sense of power over her that that gives me is a heady feeling that I immediately feel guilty for. I've enough power over her as it is. Sucking in a deep breath, I ready myself to tell her she is forgiven, but before the words leave my mouth, she turns her face up to mine and plants her soft lips against me. The kiss is gentle, not fierce or passionate like others have been, but ever better for its tenderness. Her arms snake around my naked torso, and hug me tighter to her slender frame.

I hold in the breath of air as long as I can, letting it out slowly through my nose. There is no tongue involved in this kiss, just our lips and bodies pressed against each other, and yet I can feel myself growing hard as it continues on. Unexpectedly Gina pulls away, and I can see fear in her red rimmed hazel eyes. "I'm sorry; I shouldn't have done that.

. I just—" I silence her with a quick peck, "You're forgiven." The words come easier than I think they should, but I know they are true. She really has suffered enough. "Not because of the kiss, or the sex, or anything else, but because I can see you've suffered enough. You don't need to worry about me anymore; I can take care of myself. You don't have to do anything else that you don't want to." Fear turns to relief, and then confusion. "That I don't want to?" Her eyes search my own.

"I haven't done anything I didn't want to, Nick. Even when I let you in my ass, it was something I wanted to do, at the time. Whenever Robbie tried hot blonde takes a hard cock ride always hurt, but when I'm with you, everything is different.

I feel good when you talk to me, and your touch sends thrills through my body. I don't know what this effect is that you have on me, but I like it, and I like being with you." Now I'm the one to feel low. She only feels that way, because I'd made her feel like that. It's my fault. The catchphrase from Spiderman comes back to me, "With great power, comes great responsibility." How true that is, I think as I look down at the beautiful blonde still in my arms. I'm now responsible for her.

"Gina, I—" her finger presses against my lips and cuts me off. I was about to apologize myself, and maybe ask her to leave before I caused any more damage. "Don't say it. I won't say it either, but just don't send me away. You know how I feel now. Just-just hold me." And so I hold her, feeling like a heel, but not knowing what else to do. I can't remove the switches in her, and even if I change the one she is conditioned with, it won't change her conditioning. I toy with the idea of reconditioning her, but decide not to for two reasons: I've no right to manipulate her further, and can actually cause more damage, and though I feel worse for it, I like holding her and being with her.

In silence we hold each other, me not daring to speak, and manipulate her more, and I've no idea what is going through her head. After some time has passed, Gina looks up to me, and asks, "Nick?" "Yeah?" "I want you." Three such simple words, and yet they hold so much weight. "Dennis is home," I try to back out, talking as little as possible. "What if he walks in?" "Then he can watch like he did the other night," she says, as I feel her lips start sucking on my nipple, while her hands dig into my boxers.

Somehow I'm not too surprised that she knew Dennis had watched us. I'm a little disappointed my ploy had failed. It isn't that I'm not in the mood. Her fingers firmly squeezing my rock hard shaft can attest to that.

My only problem is I still feel bad about what I've done to her. As her digits slide up and down my pole, I can feel my resolve weakening. "We really shouldn't," I try to say, as her lips trail down my torso. She really knows how to use her hands I think, as a moan inexplicably leaves my throat. I need to put a stop to this, before it goes too far.

But my hands stay where they are, and I make no move to stop her. Would it really be so bad? Just this one last time, then never again. . No, this is wrong. I need to stop this now. I need to. . I need. . The thought is lost as her lips touch the head of my penis, and this time there is no chance of stopping the moan. My hands finally move as they go to the back of her head, digging into her hair.

I feel, more than hear, her moan through my cock, and she picks up the pace of her sucking. I lift my head off my pillow, and look down at her. Her face and my crotch are hidden behind her blonde hair, but a movement from bosss finally fuck and mom rough xxx sore loser arm catches my attention. By the looks of it, she is playing with herself, while giving me a great blowjob.

I know I shouldn't say it, it is wrong to do so, but I'm lost to lust by this point. "Take off your clothes, I want to taste you." Quicker than I think possible, and with more energy than I'd seen her have all morning, Gina practically rips off her clothes, plants her already soaked crotch against my lips, and swallows me back between her own.

I want to make her feel as good as she's making me feel, so I moan loudly while I lick her labia, and mia melone in red stockings gets fucked rewarded with a fresh flood of her fluids. She tastes different from Shanna, but not in a bad way. Both women taste great. I shove my tongue in as far as it will go down her hole, grab an ass cheek in each hand, and try to shove my whole face inside her. I then suck her clit between my teeth, and have to hold on tight as she comes once again.

Gina breathlessly flops over onto her side, as she comes down from her climax, and then starts to kiss her way up my body. When she gets to my face, she over my lips, and instead licks all her juices from my chin, cheeks, and nose, before finally shoving her tongue as far down my throat as she can.

Lost in what she is doing, I don't even realize when she moves her pelvis into position, until I feel her velvety folds start to squeeze tightly down my member. I drop my hands to her rear again, and we soon reach a matched rhythm. Her hands are on my face, as she kisses me hungrily, her torso pressed against mine, and my cock going ever deeper and deeper into her slippery crevice.

She is the one to break the kiss, as she gasps for air, and sits upright, allowing me to go a little further into her. I'm still a little outside her, but I reach down with one hand, and rubbed her clit, while I use my other hand to fondle one of her large breasts.

She shudders as another climax takes her, and I twist my hips to roll us over. I have to pull out, but I keep her on her side, straddle her right leg, and slip back into her, with her left leg going around my torso. I use my left hand to continue rubbing her clit, as I slide in and out of her hot hole. She twists her upper body so her shoulders are flat on my bed, and use her left hand to encourage me to up my pace. Grabbing one of her delectable tits again, I lean forward to take one of her nipples between my teeth.

Even with my length, I can't go as deep like this, but by her moans, she doesn't care. I know I'm getting close, and pick up my attack on her cunny, feeling sweat start to bead on my brow. "Fuck me, with that cock, Nick. Fuck me hard! Oh, God, I'm going to cum again. Don't stop. Don't stooOOPPppp!" As I feel her inner muscles clamp down hard on my shaft, I let fly with my own ejaculate.

Her eyes fly open, as I spew inside her, and it seems as if her orgasm doubles in intensity. Spent, worn out, and tired, I collapse behind her, and soon fall back to sleep. I wake a few hours later to the feel of soft lips against my own. Smiling, I open my eyes to see Gina's Hazel eyes looking back at me.

The memory of my crumbling resolve, naked hot legal age teenager team fucked all the wrongs I've done her comes flooding back, and I scoot away from her, falling out of the bed. Gina laughs at my misfortune, before saying, "Not the reaction I was expecting." She laughs some more as I try to get up, and I notice I'm still naked. I try to cover myself, and can't remember where my boxers went.

Had I ever even taken the time to take them off during the sex? Grabbing a clean pair, I turn back to face the beautiful blonde, but don't dare speak. "Dennis poked his head in awhile ago, and asked if you are still going to the party tonight." Her face has gone solemn, and I feel a sinking sensation in my gut.

She is talking about Derek's party, and he had specifically asked me not to take her. "Is he talking about Derek's party?" I can't lie, teen cums with dad in room chat with her on cumcamcom I don't dare talk either.

I don't need her getting horny again at the sound of my voice. I just nod my head. "I know I'm not invited. Do you still plan on going? We can stay here all day. . When Dennis leaves, we'd have the whole place to ourselves.

I'll even let you put that beast in my ass again." It's tempting. Oh, so tempting, but I know I have to refuse. I can't do that to her. Not again. "I'm going," I say, and watch as her face falls. She gets out of my bed, and starts dressing. I can see the tears forming in her eyes, but don't know what I can say to stop them.

"Fine. I know when I'm not wanted." She gathers all of her things, and is headed for the door. Despite myself, I block her. "I see you really haven't forgiven me." I grab both her arms in my hands, and hold her at arm's length. "Gina, it's not that you're not wanted. This is the first time I've ever been invited to a party. Ever," I emphasize. Against my will, the words are coming out, many more than I want to say.

"You ARE forgiven. I promise." I see hope return to her eyes a split second before her arms pull out of my hands and wrap around me, hugging me tight. "Thank you, Nick. I promise not to be too angry, but don't forget me while you're there.

I know how Derek's parties usually turn out." I nod, and then she kisses me and leaves. I sag against the door, and curse myself for my weak will. Why can't I have just let her go? Maybe it will be best if I avoid her for a while.

I spend the rest of the day trying to get my mind off my problems, by playing games and lightly practicing my switches, but only partially succeed. As the sun starts to set, I take a quick shower, followed by Dennis.

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I put on my Kingdom Hearts shirt, which Dennis raises an eyebrow at, but thankfully doesn't comment, and a pair of blue jeans. The drive to Shanna's house is a cool one, but blessedly quick. Standing at her front door, I wait somewhat impatiently for her to answer. When the door finally opens, it feels like my heart skips a beat. She looks lovely, with her makeup lightly done, a pair of skin tight jeans, and a light winter coat on. "Shall we?" Her voice is soft and sweet as she passes by me, and I catch the slight fragrance of lilac and vanilla.

I'm slightly surprised she didn't kiss me right away, but blow it off as I rush after her. Holding my car door open for her, she gets in. "Oh, a gentleman," she coos, and I can't hide my smile.

I don't know what my mother would think of how I'm using my abilities, but she HAS taught me how to treat a woman. The drive to the party seems to start and end before I'm even aware of it, my head filled with her sweet scent. The moon hangs heavily in the sky, and the snow is falling lightly, like a million little diamonds from the sparse clouds. When I tell the analogy to Shanna, she laughs her lovely little laugh, and I think, tonight is going to be a good night.

I'm going to forget about the demons, forget about Gina, and just have fun with Shanna. The music is blaring as I pull up to the house, and someone is already puking off a second-story balcony masked babe banged through pantyhose european and reality the bushes below. Brent Ratner spots us as soon as we walk in, and smiles, waving us over. He has to yell to be heard over the music. "You brought Shanna, or is this Shannon?

Either way, good choice," the slap on the back he gives me pushes me forward a bit. He shoves a beer in each of our hands, and then leans in close so that only I can hear him. "Make yourself at home. Have fun, get crazy, but please don't put anyone to sleep. There are plenty of beds upstairs if you need one." He winks as he pulls back. I can feel my cheeks burning, but he's spotted someone else, and goes off to greet them with another loud bellow.

Ever the gracious host. "What did he say?" Shanna asks. I debate on telling her, but after what we've already done, and as forward as she's been, I see no reason to hide it. "He says we are free to use one of the bedrooms if we want." Well I'm not going to tell her I can put people to sleep, now am I? I see her cheeks color slightly, which surprises me. Wasn't it her that has been the forward tat euro slut bukkake european and facial I take a sip of my beer, as I look around.

The place is crowded with a lot of faces I don't recognize. Those I do know are mostly jocks and their girlfriends; not my usual geek crowd.

I spot Dennis over by a beer pong table, and go to chat with him. My roommate is chatting with an attractive platinum blonde, while cheers goes up at the table as the ping pong ball lands in a beer filled cup.

"Nick, this is Lindsey, Brent's sister. Lindsey this is—" Dennis starts to introduce us, but Lindsey cuts him off. "I know who Nick is. He is all the talk of the school right now, and I share a class with Shannon twice a week." "This is Shanna," I say, wondering what is being said about me on campus. "Is it? I'm sorry, I can't keep you two straight," Lindsey smiles at us, and I can't help but notice that her teeth are incredibly white.

"Who let the trash in?" The snide voice sounds right behind me, and I give a small groan. Derek is the last person I want to deal with right now. My first instinct is to put the bully to sleep with one of his switches, but I remember what Brent had said, and realize that this is a bit too public for such a display. "I dunno, but I'm willing to take it out, if I have to," I tell the bully as I turn around. For just a moment I see fear in the bigger man's eyes. I'm well rested from using my switches, though still a little tired from Lela's white light, and don't fear this person.

"Ha, I'm just messing with ya, dweeb. Derek told me to play nice, so I'll play nice." His words says one thing, his tone another. "Tell ya what. Why don't we play a friendly game of beer pong?" I almost have to laugh. Sure, I'm a light weight when it comes to alcohol (I'd barely even sipped my beer), but my switches will be able to help me out somehow.

I also reason that he wants to stay away from me physically, which only serves to bolster my ego. "Why not?" I say, shrugging, and trying to hide the smile I feel inside.

Lindsey leans over and quickly whispers in my ear, "Don't do this. He plays all the time, and never loses." I nod my head, but I'd already made another switch in Derek. The bully starts yelling for everyone to gather around, and watch while he beats the dweeb at beer pong. My smile grows bigger. This time I want an audience to witness his humiliation.

"Have you ever played beer pong?" Derek asks, and I shake my head to the negative. His grin grows predatory, and I don't have to read minds to know he now sees me as easy meat. Derek explains the rules, then asks, "Six or ten?" and I see Lindsey mouth 'six', while Shanna snuggles closer to me. "Are you sure about this? You don't have to impress me." I'm touched that Shanna is concerned about me, but hold up both hands, showing Derek all ten fingers.

Derek gives a nasty laugh, and the cups are set up in a triangle. "Here," he says as he tosses me the small white ball, "beginners go first. I don't want it said that I didn't give you every chance to win, but a fire alarm isn't going to save you this time." The first shot is always the easiest, and it lands in the middle of the third row.

Derek grimaces, but downs the beer quickly. He takes his aim, and I don't interfere on this shot. It lands in my first cup. I give the man a big smile, and down my switch-made non-alcoholic beer, some of it dribbling around my mouth. My second shot hits a couple rims, and then bounces away. The crowd ooh's. I try to make a switch to move the ball in the right direction, but the switch refuses form. Maybe I'm forming them wrong.

. I start to get a little worried. I flip Derek's newest switch right before his shot, his ball goes wide, and he has to catch his balance on the edge of the table, his equilibrium suddenly lost.

The crowd around the table gasps in shock, and I return his balance. "How much have you had to drink?" I ask, making the beer in his cups doubly potent. Derek shakes himself and glares at me as I make my next shot. It lands in the second row, and Derek downs his second cup.

As the game wears on, I ensure that few of Derek's shots make it anywhere near my cups, though it does take me awhile to hit his last one. No matter how I imagine it, I can't seem to come up with a switch that will move the ball the way I wanted it to, without it being too obvious.

Those gathered around the table cheer as I make the final shot, and Shanna lays one on me in front of everybody. I turn to talk to Dennis when she lets me up for air, but he's already gone. "I think they went upstairs," Shanna says, having to yell to be heard over the din.

"He'd better not have gone up there with my sister!" Brent says right behind me, and I cringe. A cute little redhead is trying to hold him back as he starts up the stairs, but she doesn't stand a chance against his size. I follow after, quickly forming switches in those around me and hope I won't pay too much for it tomorrow. I start to turn down Brent's anger and concern, and turn up his acceptance. It takes a fair amount of effort to get the switches to move, but slowly they comply with my will.

I think the amount of alcohol he's imbibed helps. They aren't behind the first door, or the second. The second room is occupied by a couple going at it, and though I kind of want to watch, I'm more concerned about my roommate's possible lifespan. They end up being in the back most room when Brent walks in, trailed by the redhead, Shanna, and me. Both are still fully clothed, but they're kissing pretty fiercely on a couch (Lindsey in Dennis's lap), and their hands are busy exploring each other's bodies.

"Ah-ha! I found you." The anger has gone mostly out of his voice, but it still startles the two kissers. "Brent! What are you doing? Leave us alone!" I can feel her brother's switches start to fight me, and know I imediately add sexxxxson and mom sex stories story switches to Lindsey. A small voice in the back of my head warns me that this can lead to trouble, as it had with Gina, but I'm maturea ts yuma farias wanking her german acting to stave off a fight.

I stamp down hard on Lindsey's anger, and turn up her acceptance. I remember Dennis's 'intimidation' switch that I'd made what seems so long ago, but was less than a week, and turn that one down as well. I can already tell I'm going to suffer tomorrow for this, but I don't want a fight to break out in the first party I've been invited to, and my roommate has actually been decent to me recently.

"Leave them alone, Brent," the redhead says, placing her hand on his arm. Lindsey has already gone back to kissing Dennis, and Dennis is too preoccupied to be bothered by it. "She's my sister, Robin." Somehow there is still a bit of resistance in him, so I crush down on his new switches, and see his eyes go slightly glassy. Oops. . Maybe that was too much, I fear. Did I break him? "Then show her how to kiss properly, and kiss me." Robin suits actions to words, and pulls him down into a kiss.

I'm thankful for her distraction. "What just happened?" Shanna asks me in a whisper, and I shrug my shoulders pretending I don't have a clue.

Robin leads Brent over to the couch, without breaking the kiss, and sits him next to the other snogging couple. The redhead straddles his lap, turns to Lindsey, and says, "This is how you really kiss a man," and then attacks the big jock.

Lindsey looks up for a moment, watches the redhead make out with her brother, and then attacks Dennis with renewed ferocity. I feel a hand grip my hardening cock through my pants, and then Shanna asks, "You like watching this, don't you?" I tear my eyes away from the scene before me, to look down into her blue eyes and long lashes. Buzzard sixcy hot story full sex stories her hand on my crotch, there is no way I can deny it.

She snakes her other hand around my neck, and pulls me down for a soft kiss, before saying, "I do too." Shanna leads me over to a recliner, and for the first time I realize we are in a den, and not a bedroom.

I sit down first, and Shanna plants herself in my lap, facing the two kissing couples. Robin's shirt is off now, and Brent is fussing with the bra strap in back. Shanna turns to look at me, smiles, and then grabs my hands and pulls them around her.

She digs one of my hands under her shirt, and puts the other in her lap. I need no enchanting cutie is peeing and rubbing smooth kitty hints, and slip my left hand up her flat stomach to fondle her ample chest. Dennis isn't about to be outdone, and removes Lindsey's shirt, and has her bra off with a snap of his fingers, while Brent is still struggling with Robin's over-the-shoulder-boulder-holder.

In the end, Robin has to remove her own bra, pressing her ample breasts together. The bra unhooks in the front. There is no mistaking that Robin's breasts are fake, and the tune of Your Favorite Martian's song 'Tig 'Ol Bitties plays through my mind. Lindsey's breasts, on the other hand, are very much real, and Dennis has his face buried in them. Shanna is grinding her ass against my covered crotch, and I slip a hand inside her pants after she unbuttons them.

She is shaved smooth again tonight, and already moist by the time my fingers reach her nether lips. I use a new switch, and her bra unsnaps; seemingly on its own. Shanna german teen hd hardcore petite teenager zoe has been through a lot since she gave in to her shirt and bra in one swift motion. Lindsey has finally taken the lead, and has Dennis's long cock out, and is busily sucking away, making slurping noises that are impossible to mistake.

"Oh," Robin exclaims, "I didn't think you'd go that far with your brother here." In the spirit of their competition, Robin pretty dykes decide to have threesome during lunch break suit, pulling Brent's pants down to his ankles, to reveal a cock thicker than Dennis's, but not as long.

Dennis has his eyes closed as he enjoys Lindsey's ministrations, but oddly, Brent's eyes are locked on his sister's bobbing platinum head. Shanna is twitching in my lap, and I realize I'm rubbing my fingers against her clit pretty firmly.

A couple seconds later, she comes, gripping my legs with her hands, and my hand with her legs, moaning for the entire room to hear. Robin is the only one to pay us any attention though, and she just gives us a wicked smile, before turning her attention back to Brent's thick post.

Shanna stands and spins around, kissing me as she leans over. Her tongue feels hot and wet against my lips, and I gladly meet it with my own. Her hands are fumbling at my waist, and she easily hardcore husband wife couple both brutal bound rape gangbang rough gape disgrace my pants undone. I lift my hips to let her remove them, and then sit back down. Shanna stands back upright, drops her pants to the floor, and then stares at my rigid cock for a moment, curiously, before going down on me.

I'm not sure if it is the situation, or not, but her blowjob somehow feels different; perhaps hungrier this time. She must really be turned on by the events going on, on the couch opposite us. I watch as in almost unison, the other two men stand, and help their women get completely naked as well. Lindsey sits back on the couch, and Dennis drops to his knees, repaying the favor she'd just given him.

Robin, however, crawls onto the couch next to Lindsey, on all fours. Brent gets behind her, about the same time the two women start to kiss. "Ung, fuck! Your brother's cock is thick," Robin moans, and Lindsey's eyes fly open at the words.

"My. . Brother. .?" Enjoying everything as much as I am, I instinctively push on her 'acceptance' switch and a dreamy smiles washes across her face.

"Mmm, I'm glad." A soft moan slips from her lips, and then turns throaty, as Dennis must have started doing something right. Robin begins sucking on Lindsey's left breast, and I realize Shanna is missing the show.

As much as I'm enjoying her attentions, I decide to pull her up, and turn her around. I have her sit in my lap, watching as her eyes go wide at the show on the couch. "I can't believe they're doing that in front of each other," she says, as my prick-head slips past her first folds. She feels tighter tonight too.

Probably from watching what the other four are doing, I conclude. Shanna sinks slowly down my shaft, eliciting a moan from me. "Fuck, that thing IS big," she moans, and wiggles her hips a little in an effort to fit more of me in her. Both Robin and Lindsey look over at Shanna's words, and I enjoy how their eyes grow large at the site of my cock slipping into Shanna's slim twat.

Lindsey grabs Dennis by the ears, and pulls him up to her face. "Fuck me. Fuck me now!" Dennis doesn't need to be told twice, though he does give Brent a quick look, and he easily slides his length into the platinum blonde's shaved twat.

Robin reaches down between them, and from the way Lindsey's moans grow in volume, I assume the fake-tittied redhead is playing with Lindsey's clit. Robin starts kissing Dennis, and I monitor Brent's switches to see if he objects, but they don't budge. In fact, he seems to be watching Dennis and Lindsey slowly fuck, matching their pace behind Robin. Shanna uses her hands on the armrests of the recliner to lift herself up, and then fall back down, repeatedly impaling herself on my manhood, but taking it slow.

I bring my hands around to her check out those amazingly hot legal age teenager breasts, and gently tease her nipples. From the way her pussy milks my cock, I know she's enjoying it. Brent starts grunting with effort as he picks up his pace and tips Robin over the edge of bliss.

Lindsey soon follows, the two women moaning in almost unison. Robin collapses forward, her face landing where Dennis and Lindsey are still joined. The redhead pushes my roommate out, and I can hear Lindsey's pussy making a sucking sound as he leaves Lindsey's warm confines.

Robin starts licking the other women's juices off his cock. She continues to push him back, till he is lying on the floor, with her head between his legs, taking an impressive amount of his long schlong down her throat. Dennis can't seem to believe his luck, and gives me an exuberant thumbs up when he sees me watching. I check on Brent's switches again, but he only has eyes for his sister, who has two fingers in her own crotch, frigging herself furiously, eyes closed and approaching another orgasm, one of her nipples rolling between her fingers.

Before anyone else knows what is happening, Brent leans forward, and kisses his sister full on the mouth. Lindsey shakes as the kiss takes her, and she wraps both one arm around her brother, the other still buried in her crotch. Shanna suddenly comes hard on my cock. She shakes and shudders, her hand furiously rubbing her clit, while I continue teasing her nipples. "I can't believe he did that," she tells me, after a few seconds have passed.

"His own sister. . What do you think about it?" What do I think about it? Incest has never been a thing for me in the past, but watching the way the two siblings lovingly kiss, and how Lindsey seems to be getting off on her brother's fingers, I have to admit I'm getting turn on. I let my cock twitch inside her a couple times, to give her an answer, and smile as her eyes roll up into her head, and her juices seep out around my cock.

"Damn, that's deep." The voice tears my attention from Shanna, and I see that Robin has mounted Dennis, and has his rod fully sheathed in her cunny. I can see that her carpet matches the drapes, though she only has a small strip of hair. Her fake tits are bouncing under Dennis's hands, as they both grunt and moan.

Robin's head is thrown back, her hips rocking furiously atop my roommate, while she rubs her own clit. With all this sex around me, I know my own climax coming on. I curse my inability to not be able to use switches on myself. I want to keep going, but it isn't possible, and I lose the battle.

Shanna must have been able to sense my closeness redhead pawg marcy diamond fucks young stud big booty and fat ass I drop my hands to her slightly wider hips, and start rocking her back and forth a moment before I blow. It feels like a fire hose is emptying out of my rod with enough force to almost hurt, as I shoot deep into Shanna's womb. Shanna starts cumming again, too, and as we finally come down from our blissful peak, we look up to see Dennis and Robin grinning at us foolishly.

Brent is too busy trying to get his fat cock into his sister. For Lindsey's part, she is moaning furiously, trying to help him. Dennis comes as Shanna and I are getting dressed, and we all agree to leave the screwing siblings to themselves. Walking out of the room, I use one more switch to make sure the door is locked, and feel the headache I know I'll pay for tomorrow make itself known. There is no sense in letting them get caught. I don't think Brent would appreciate that juicy secret getting out.

Robin leans over, and whispers in my ear, "Let me know if you're ever bored. That cock of yours looks fantastic." I blink in surprise at her forwardness. Shanna and I decide to leave the party, and as soon as we are in the car, my date starts talking. "That was so hot!

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I've never done anything like that! Have you?" "No, Shannon, I haven't." I reply blandly. "I hope you don't think less of me, but when I saw Brent kissing his sister, it felt like lightning.

. Wait. . You called me Shannon." She turns to look at me, eyes wide, and confused. "That's your name, isn't virgin lovely teen enjoys cock in vagina A small smile raises the corner of my mouth. "How did you know?" Her excitement has turned to trepidation.

"I wasn't sure until you just confirmed it, but there are a few differences between you two. You may look and sound the same, but you both feel a bit different." A part of me is angry for having been played for a fool, but another part of me knows I can't be too angry with a woman I'd just fucked.

"Don't be angry," Shannon pleads. "Shanna was too sore after yesterday, and I can understand why.She knew you would want to do it again." She pauses to look at me shrewdly, before continuing, "No one has ever figured it out before." "You've done this before?" I ask, shock outweighing al other emotions.

"Not very much," she concedes sheepishly. "Only when one of us needs a break, though I have to say, this is the best night I've had in years, and I understand why my sister needs to recover. I'm not going to be walking straight tomorrow." A mischievous smile spreads across her face. "Let me know if you ever need a break from Shanna." The compliment isn't lost on me, and I have to laugh. I've just fulfilled many a man's fantasy of screwing sisters, though not at the same time.

. That gives me an idea, but one that will have to wait for another night. My head is really starting to pound, and I'm exhausted after last night's treatment and having two great screwing sessions. "Don't be mad at her, she really likes you," Shannon pleads with me again, as I drive her home. Thinking of how Gina had acted after the first time we'd screwed, I wonder if all women lie. "Liking someone requires trust," I tell her, but there is no bite in my words.

"I would have understood if she couldn't fool around tonight." "You're the real deal," she asks? "We're so used to dealing with asshats, it's really refreshing to be with a gentleman." I say nothing as Shannon pulls out her phone, and I assume she is texting Shanna, because the twin meets us as I pull up.

I jump out, and run around to let Shannon out, still trying to be the gentleman. "Go easy on her," Shannon whispers as she steps out of my car, and gives me a quick peck on the cheek. "Shannon tells me you figured it out. How did you do it?" Shanna's arms are tucked under her breasts, breath misting in the cold air. She isn't wearing a coat, or a bra by the look of it, so I invite her into my warm car, before answering her question.

I decide that my earlier comment about 'like requiring trust' still holds and I DO like Shanna. "You and she may look the same, but you both act and feel different during sex." My words don't seem to hurt her, but I can see fear and worry in her eyes, backed by a steely determination.

"Do you hate me?" The fear and trepidation in her voice is impossible to miss. "I'm not happy about being lied to. If you didn't feel up to doing anything, I would have understood. I'm not an asshole, though sometimes that works to my detriment." "No," she says, placing her hand on my thigh, "It's one of the things I like most about you." I can't help but add the next part.

"And then there is the part where you sent your sister to have sex with me. What kind of a man would complain about that?" Shanna laughs her wonderful musical laugh, and I know that she knows I've forgiven her. Apparently, I'm an easily forgiving person, at least when sex is involved. I don't want to think of what that says about me. I walk Shanna to her door, lending her my coat for the short walk, and we kiss shortly before she goes in. I drive slow and careful, letting my mind play over the day's, and most particularly the night's events.

All in all, I'm in a pretty good mood, though I still don't know what I'm going to do about Gina. My conscience and pride want one thing, but my mind and prick fight for something else. For now, I think avoiding her is still the best action to take.

I crawl into bed, wondering how much sleep I'm going to get tonight. The flash of light before I enter Lela's featureless blue room, reminds me of my other problems, but I have an idea to deal with Lela tonight. Somehow my conscience doesn't fight me on this one. Maybe it is because she is an alien?

The pain is excruciating. I'm only dimly aware of the light going from white to yellow before I lose total consciousness. ========================== Chapter 06 When I wake up, my muddled brain doesn't seem to want to fifi xxx megan barton hanson. I vaguely remember being with Lela, making the switch that I think will work on her (or trying to), and then waking up in my bed.

Did I over used my ability at the party? A quick test on the lights confirms it, as pain shoots like lightning between my eyes. I roll over and go back to sleep. I'm tempted to sleep all day, until something reminds me that this next week is finals week, before the Christmas sexy schoolgirl named diana is so nasty squirting toys. I'm really looking forward to seeing my mom. I could do without seeing my dad, and my sister almost never shows up anymore after a blowup between her and dad.

I'd meant to do some studying today, but I don't really feel like staying in my room. Especially when I see I have two missed calls from Gina, and one from Shanna. I don't feel up to seeing either one right now, so I get dressed, and drive to the campus library, leaving my phone behind. Studying never is my strong suit, however, and I begin thinking about the demons. Lela teen cutie was not ready for such a hardcore me that there are other humans that have had their dormant genes activated, and I remember Dennis mentioning seeing YouTube videos of people doing extraordinary things.

Using the library's Wi-Fi, I load the site, and start browsing. It looks like there are a lot of different videos to choose from, so I start choosing some at random. I watch one where a guy can supposedly talk to dogs and another where a girl can turn her skin blue.

Neither of those seem particularly helpful, so I keep looking. I find the one of the guy in Japan that can spontaneously combust, and then watch as the flames go out, and he is unharmed, even his clothes.

I wonder if it's some type of illusion, but I'm able to find a version with subtitles, and the cameraman claims to be able to feel the heat from the flames. Now THAT would come in handy, if he can start other things on fire.

Unfortunately, he goes on to say that he can only do it to himself. Well, there goes THAT idea. .

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I search for a few more hours, with no better results. Some are super strong, or just as useless as blue skin, but I can't see how any of them can stop an alien race from destroying the human race. For that matter, I can't see how I'm going to do it. And if Lela, with her advanced technology, can't do it, what chance do I have?

Maybe I just need to come up with more creative ways to use my switches. Bored and full of frustration, I decide to give my ability a small test, and mentally flip off my laptop. It goes off, and the subsequent pain is minimal. In a slightly better mood, I head back to the apartment.

Dennis is there, and I realize he hadn't been home when I'd arrived last night, nor there when I'd gotten up this afternoon. "Where've you been?" I ask him. "Out with Robin. Man, can she give a mean blowjob!"I laugh as I drop my stuff in my room, and then return to talk to Dennis. "Isn't she seeing Brent?" "Not anymore. Can you believe what he was doing with his sister?" Dennis shakes his head in wonder.

"Part of me can't blame him; she's one helluva fine piece. I shake my head, but I can believe, and know that I'd even caused it with my switches. I feel guilty all over again. It's just like with Gina; I'm manipulating people into doing things they would otherwise never do. Do I have the right to do that? I have a feeling that the answer is 'no'. "Oh, by the way, Gina stopped by again. How many girls are you going to string along?

First Gina, now Shanna?" Hearing that name reminds me, "That was actually her twin, Shannon, last night," I say, trying to hide a smile. Dennis gives a long whistle, and punches me in the arm. The punch doesn't hurt as much as it usually did, and I wonder if Lela's white light is finally showing its effects.

"Three women now? Yeah, I don't think you can call yourself a geek anymore. I'm hereby revoking your Geek Card. Turn in your cartoon posters, and replace them with some proper nudes." I only shake my head, as I get up and go back to my room. How many women I'm with doesn't make a difference whether I'm a geek or not. Talk of Gina has given me an idea, though. Maybe avoiding her is the wrong way to deal with her. Opening my phone, I notice I've missed another call from her (Maybe I should take my phone off vibrate.

. Naw), and call her back. She answers on the second ring. "I'm so glad you called me back. I was afraid you were avoiding me again." Her voice is slightly shaky on the other end. I hate to ruin her mood, but I have to do this, or it'll never happen.

"Gina, we need to talk." I have a plan, and I'm fairly certain I can deal with the pain my switches are going to cause me. I'm just glad that I'm recovering quicker than I had that first day. "Oh, okay. Is everything alright?" The quaver in her voice speaks plainly of her fears. "I'll be by to pick you up in an hour, is that alright? Dress warm." I avoid fully answering her. "An hour? Yeah. Hey, is anything wrong?" "Great, I'll see you then," and hang up. I don't want to lie to her, but I don't know what else to say.

If I give her too much of a chance, I know my willpower will crumble again. I shower, and get dressed. I try not to dress too nice, but also don't want to look like a complete slob. I end up wearing Jeans, and a 'Geeks Are Sexy' t-shirt from one of my favorite websites. Gina's mom answers the door, and she invites me in. "Dinner will be ready in a few minutes; I'll let Gina know you're ass pics of nadia ali really can't stay for dinner," I protest, but Gina walks in.

"But we cooked enough for three. Eat with us, and then you can tell me what you want to say." Gina has such hopeful eyes, that I can't say no, but I grind my teeth in frustration. I had wanted to talk to her in a public place, but as I think about bigass bigboob girl tease pussy live webcam, it may be better for her emotional balance if she is home petite blonde dakota skye takes some deep anal pornstars and hardcore I'm done.

Just don't break down this time, I think. Besides, have you ever heard of a single college student turning down a free meal? Dinner is delicious, a Sunday pot roast, with carrots, onions, and potatoes.

The table is mostly quiet. I don't want to talk too much around Gina, but Nancy occasionally asks me questions about school and my plans for the future. For half a heartbeat, I think about telling them that I have no plans if I can't defeat the demons, but know how crazy that will sound. Despite keeping my talking to a minimum, I feel Gina's foot start to crawl up my leg; her toes caressing my shin for a few minutes, before going up to my crotch.

I nearly choke on my food when she does that. A quick glance at her mom shows she hasn't notice anything, and Gina has a wicked gleam in her eyes. Latina doggystyle pov anal fuck w fat cock babe soon as I'm done with my plate, I ask if I can be excused, and go to their front room. Gina joins me shortly after. "So, what did you want to talk about?" She asks as she sits and takes my hands in hers.

I prepare a 'memory' switch, feeling only a little pain. It might mean that I will have to do this twice, but if she completely flips out, I don't want her remembering. "Gina, everything you have been feeling lately is my fault, and I don't think we should be around each other anymore. It's not good for you." I try to sound as sincere as I can.

"What do you mean, 'it's not good for me'? Why not?" The quaver is back in her voice, but she grips my hands tighter. Time for the truth.

Sucking in a deep breath, I say, "I have a special ability. I can make switches with my mind, and do almost anything I want with them." I watch as my words sink in, and then as her face goes to incredulity, so I rush on, "That night I came over to help you with your math, I made a switch that makes you wet every time I speak, and a switch that makes your nipples hard too." Even as I speak, I feel the first switch move, and know that my voice is affecting her.

This is part of the reason I'd wanted to do this in a public place, but her mother should be protection enough, as long as I don't mess with her sexual switches too. She looks at me for a second, her cheeks going red, probably wondering if I'm crazy. "Well, that might explain a few things," she doesn't seem angry, which is a good thing, "but I don't believe you." I'm ready for this. I make a switch to make her back itch, then before she can scratch it, I say, "I just made your back itch.

I can move that switch anywhere I want to: your foot, or your arm, even the palm of your hand." As I name each place, I move the switch, feeling my headache grow with each change. When it reaches her hands, she yanks them out of mine, and stares at me. This is the part I'm most worried about. She stares at me in wonder, idly scratching her hand, making the switch deep anal gape for marleys tight ass. "This is a mind game, right?

Some trick of psychology? You mention a place, and my mind makes it itch. ." She trails off as I shake my head. "So you can control minds?" "Not really. I can't control what you think, and only a small bit of what you feel. Mostly it's a physical reaction I get from my switches." "So you didn't make me screw you that night.

You didn't force me to do it, but you DID manipulate my body so that I would want it?" I can see she is trying hard to wrap her mind around what I can do. Her tone says that she isn't quite ready to believe this cougar loves black cock in her. I drop my head in shame, and nod.

"And you've kept on doing it afterwards?" She is really scratching her hand now, and I realize I haven't flipped off that switch. She looks grateful as I do, with a mumbled, "Sorry." "No. I haven't done it again, but after that first night, it's as though your body is conditioned to it. Every time I talk, I feel that switch move. That is why I have been avoiding you, so that I don't manipulate you anymore." "That's why you didn't want to stay for dinner." She pauses, thinking, before grabbing my hands again, surprising me.

"Is that what you've been worried about? That I'd hate you after you told me?" I shake my head. "No, I don't want to make you do anything you don't want to do. I don't WANT to manipulate you." She gives a small tremulous laugh, and I look back up into her hazel eyes. "'Want' is the key word." She takes a deep breath. "Honesty deserves honesty. No I didn't plan on screwing you when you came over to tutor me.

I planned on trying to seduce you into doing my work for me, but not going all the way. Instead I got so turned on by you, I decided to go much further than I'd planned.

If you can't control what I think, then you didn't make me screw you. I CHOSE to do it." I try to protest, but she cuts me off. "Yes, yes, you manipulated my body, but I think your switches can only affect or enhance what is already there. I mean, I've always thought you were kind of cute, if a little scrawny. . Though it looks like that might be changing too. Are you using your switches to grow stronger?" I almost.

. ALMOST, tell her about Lela, but I'm afraid that the conversation will turn to the demons, and I don't want to frighten her.

"No, I can't affect myself, only other people and objects." I go on to explain how the switches work, and how they fail. "That explains Robbie, and the night they kidnapped you.

I think it's like hypnosis in a way," she tells me at one point, and I shake my head. This is nothing like hypnosis. "Hear me out. You can affect me, by making my feet hot, creating an itch, and various other things, but you can't make me do anything I don't really want to do, like—" She leans forward, and before I can stop her, kisses me. I can feel myself getting hard, but this is NOT the reason I'd come here. I push her away, and look up to see her mom watching us.

"Sorry, I don't mean to interrupt. I just wanted to know if you will be staying the night?" I almost choke as she asks that, in a very bland manner. "I wasn't planning to." Gina's mom nods, and goes up the stairs. "How did you get this ability?" She asks, and I flip her 'memory' switch.

"Funny," she states, confused, "I know I was step dad fucks patron friends daughter and gets caught by mom bad and breakfast about to ask you something. ." Her brows furrow over her hazel eyes, before widening. "You know, it's the weirdest thing. Ever since that night, my mom has been oblivious to so many things that used to bother her." Oblivious? Or accepting and no longer concerned? I remember the switches I'd made in Gina's mom, and can feel them upstairs.

They are both stuck in the position I'd moved them to that first night. I remember how I had mashed down on them, and wonder if I'd broken her somehow. I look back to Gina, and she has a shrewd look on her face. "You did that, didn't you? When she walked in on us, you made sure she didn't care. . Oh my. . You did it to me too!" If it wasn't for the fact that she is smiling from ear to ear, I'd be worried.

"Oh, don't give me that look. Listen, you didn't make me do anything against my will, and I certainly don't regret it." She purses her lips, as she thinks about something.

"You can tell me no, but I have a favor to ask. You're right about your voice still making me wet. You wanna go upstairs and fuck? As long as you know that I want it, and not because you made me want it?" "But that's just it," I plead, "Can you honestly say that, sitting here listening to me talk, hasn't made you horny?" She smirks, giving me a half smile, before answering.

"I can honestly say that I've wanted to fuck your brains out every day this week, whether I saw or heard you, or not." She pauses for just a moment before looking me in the eyes, very seriously. "Perhaps you've made me addicted to your cock, I don't know, but truth be told, Robbie never could satisfy me, and you blow my mind with your skill." She reaches over to my crotch before I can stop her, and squeezes my undeniably stiff cock.

"And with this monster." I'm about to argue that making her addicted isn't a good thing, but her lips against mine cut off that argument. Truth be told, she's handled everything better than I'd thought. In fact, now that I think on it more, I'd made the same switch in Professor Frankens, and she hasn't jumped my bones. Maybe Sex mom story xxxx 89 com is right, and it's something like hypnosis.

I can't MAKE someone do something they don't want to. How then, do I explain Brent and his sister, Lindsey?

I'm halfway up the stairs by the time I realize I'm no longer sexy amazing girlfriend receives seduced and fucked hardcore and blowjob the couch. Gina has me by the hand, and is pulling me along, and despite my earlier reservations, I decide to go with it. She knows what I'm capable of, and still wants to do it. Who am I to argue? She stops before we reach her bedroom, however, and I see her purse her lips again.

"I want to test out this ability of yours." "My headaches—" I try to stop her, but she just opens the door, and pulls me in after her. It only takes me a second to see we are in her mother's room. Nancy is sitting on her bed, watching TV, and she looks up at us as we enter. "Oh, hi guys. Did you need something?" Her tone is level, but slightly curious. At least I haven't destroyed her ability to feel emotions, I think. "No, we—" Gina covers my mouth, and talks over me, a smile splitting her face.

"We thought we'd come spend some time with you." I glare at Gina. What is she up to, I wonder, but am also afraid of the answer. "That's sweet of you kids," she pats the bed next to her, and scoots over to give us room. I groan, as Gina pulls me over to the bed, and shoves me down on it.

She doesn't waste any time, before jumping on top of me, and kissing me with a furious passion. Her hunger is really starting to affect me, and despite the oddity of having her mom right next to us, I start to moan, and wrap my arms around this wild, addicted, woman. "Do you want me to leave you kids alone?" The soft voice brakes through the fog in my head, and I break the kiss, but once again, Gina beats me to it. "No, stay mom. This is your room. We'll try not to bother you." As she talks, Gina sits up, pulls off her shirt and bra, and then looks to her mom.

The older woman glances at her wanton daughter, and then looks back to the TV, unconcerned. It's about this point I figure, what the hell, and go with it. I pull Gina back down, liking the way she squeals as I do so, and return the kiss she'd given me a bit ago. As our tongues swirl in each other's mouths, I allow my hands to roam her bare back, and dip them inside her pants, gripping her small, tight ass. She lifts her middle, and I feel her hands at my waist, undoing my pants.

Kicking off my shoes, I slip my hands around her waist, doing the same for her pants. As soon as our pants are off, Gina helps remove my shirt, and then we are both naked, lying next to her unconcerned mom. Gina sits up, looking at her mom, and asks, "Mom, do you mind if I give Nick a great blowjob?" "That's fine, dear," Nancy responds, obviously admiring my package.

"Are you sure you don't want to be left alone?" Gina shakes her head emphatically. "Stay, Mom. I promise we'll not interrupt your show." She kisses her fervid czech girls spread their fannys with butt plug and fat vibrators down my chest.

Gina's mom is now watching us exclusively, but doesn't interfere, or say anything else. I wonder what is going through her mind, when Gina's tongue reaches my cock.

I moan again loudly, as she slips her lips around the bulbous head, and I can feel her tongue going to work. I remember the orgy last night, and can't believe my luck lately. It's almost enough to make me believe in Ta'veren. Gina goes crazy, sucking, slurping, and licking, and my hands shoot out to grip the sheets at the pleasure she is giving me.

At least my left hand did. My right hand grips Nancy's thigh and I swear I hear her moan in response. Looking up, I see that her eyes are locked on my crotch and her daughter's mouth.

She licks her lips, and mouths something, but I can't hear it over the TV and Gina's noises. Gina's head is really bobbing up and down, and I'm trying to concentrate on holding back my own orgasm. I'm not close, but I'm enjoying this too much and want it to last.

I know one way to distract myself. I get Gina's attention, and indicate what I want to do. She happily flips her body around, so that I can taste her. I keep my right hand on Nancy's leg, but use my other hand to play with one of Gina's large breasts, while I start to lick around her pussy lips. Her juices taste divine, and it only takes a few moments before they are dripping down my chin.

Gina cums almost as soon as my lips touch her, and I feel the leg under my hand pull away. I figure Nancy has probably had enough of watching us, and left. With my hand now free, I bring them both around to Gina's ass, and hold her tight as I hungrily attack her clit. I throw all of my concentration into what I'm doing, until Gina orgasms a second time. She sits up as she does so, moaning in ecstasy at what I'm doing.

It takes me a second to realize that I still feel lips around my cock. "That's it perfect czech kitten gets tempted in the supermarket and reamed in pov. Show your daughter how to suck a cock this fat," I hear Gina say, and almost blow my load right then.

I throw Gina off me, and look down to see that the older woman does indeed have my thick rod between her thin lips, and she is completely naked.

Her breasts are smaller than her daughter's tits, and are topped by darker red areolas, the nipples pointing out and stiff. "Nancy!" I exclaim in shock. She pulls away, and smiles up at me, "I hope you don't mind.

Gina looked like she was having so much fun, I wanted to try some of this," she tells me matter-of-factly, giving my member a few quick yanks. "Ah, to be young again. . And you taste so good." Gina leans down and whispers in my ear. "I was surprised when she asked if she could suck on you, too." She kisses my cheek. "But she's your mother," I protest, ruining it slightly as a moan escapes my lips. Nancy is REALLY talented at giving head!

"Go with it. She has been so lonely since dad left; I think she could use this." Her hazel eyes are pleading, and I can feel myself giving in. The tongue licking up my shaft doesn't help much either. "But she's your mom!" trying to protest again, as Nancy starts to suck on my balls, eliciting another traitorous moan. "And you're hard as a rock, and enjoying what she's doing." Gina gives me a quick peck on the lips, and then says, "Consider this retribution for your evil ways in manipulating us." I know she isn't being serious with her tone, and the kiss that follows combined with Nancy's talented mouth makes my toes curl.

"Mom, if you think that's fun; you should let him eat you out." I'm about to protest, but the look of hope I see in Nancy's eyes finally changes my mind. The same hazel eyes Gina has.

"Come here," I tell her instead, resigned. Nancy squeals, just like her daughter does, as she climbs up my body, and plants her crotch on my face. She is practically dripping before I even shove my tongue in her, and she explodes into a loud orgasm the second I lick on her clit.

"Oh, I haven't had anyone do that to me in years!" The older woman exclaims. I reach my hands up to her smaller breasts, and start running her long nipples through my fingers, as I continue tasting her. I feel Gina straddle my hips, and a moment later I enter her small crevice. She feels like she is on fire, and sinks onto my length in record time. "That's it, Nick. Lick my mom's pussy while you fuck me. You made me a horny slut for you, and now you've got my mom, too.

Fuck me, Nick. And after that, you're gonna fuck her!" At this point, I'm so horny; I don't care how odd the situation is. It doesn't even bother me when I feel Gina's hands replace mine on her mother's tits, or horny jeleana marie getting wet and wild for satisfaction I look up Nancy's body to see the two women kissing, tongue and all.

The sight of their tongues wrapping around each other sets me off, and I unload my seed into Nancy's daughter. The second I'm done, Nancy pushes her daughter off me, and to my surprise, and I think Gina's too, the older women starts to suck my cum from her daughter's sloppy hole. Nancy's ass is in the air, and I have only softened a little bit, so I decide to go for it. I get on my knees behind her, grip her ass in both hands, and slide my cum-soaked cock into her tiny cunny.

She is even tighter than her daughter is, and if my tool weren't already so slick, and slightly softened, it would have taken a lot more effort to shove it in. I try to be careful, however, as I slip more and more of my pecker into her. Tight though she is, I don't hit her bottom until I'm fully inside her hot velvety hot folds. Nancy is moaning deeply into her daughter's cunny, as I start moving my hips, already feeling myself grow harder with every stroke.

"Oh my God, mom. I can't believe you're sucking his cum from my pussy. Anikka albrite enjoys anal fucking at cuckold sessions, that feels so good.

Keep going, mom. Suck my clit. Make me cum again!" I decide to moan loudly right then to help her out, and smile as I watch Gina's whole body tense from a powerful orgasm. The look Gina gives me, says she knows what I'd done for her, and she likes it. I look back down to where I'm driving in and out of Nancy's tight pussy, and still can't believe I'm fully buried in her, and without that tight grasping feeling at the head, like I'd felt from Shanna. I pick up my pace, and soon Nancy is grunting with each stroke as I pound into her soft flesh.

Nancy cums a few seconds later, and pulls off my cock, moaning and twitching, "No more, I need a break." She licks her way up her daughter's body, and they start kissing when their faces meet. Gina's legs are still spread, and I'm still hard, so I waddle my way up to her on my knees and sink pleasantly back into her. "Oh, fuck," Gina nearly screams. "Not again! I don't. . Know if I. . Can.

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. Oh fuck. . Fuck me, Nick. FUCK ME HARD!" I start pounding as hard as I can, leaning slightly forward over Nancy's body, and kiss the back of the woman's neck.

It only takes a couple minutes at this pace, before I drop my second load into Gina's tight twat. * * passionate swallows it xxx fake soldier gets used as a fuck toy * "Are you sure you don't want to stay the night?" Nancy asks me with a smile, as I stand at their front door.

"We can't promise you'll get much sleep, but I promise you won't regret it," Gina says right after, with her arm snuggly around her mother's waist. I laugh, and give them both a quick kiss, before walking out, followed by Gina. "No more avoiding me?" She asks, and I nod. She has assuaged my guilt well enough. Maybe I have manipulated her, but I haven't forced her to do something she doesn't want to. I truly hope she will quit moping and being so clingy though.

I wonder if I can make a switch for that. . ? I shake my head, knowing what a slippery slope that thought will lead to. The second I walk into my bedroom, I find myself transported to Lela's featureless room. "I trust you have recovered?" She asks me, her head cocked to the side as she does when she talks to me. "Yes, thank you," I reply, vaguely remembering the white light going yellow when I'd collapsed last night.

The memory of what had caused me to collapse returns as well, and I almost make the switch that I think will get her to have sex with me, but back off. After Gina and Nancy, I'm exhausted. I did make the switch, thinking it's harder to make a switch than move one and at least it will be there when I'm ready. "Good. I am glad to see you exercising your ability. Have you tried it on a large group yet?" I curse myself for a fool. The party last night would have been the perfect place to see how many switches I can make at once.

Even when I'd been kidnapped, I made all the switches one by one. Luckily I can work at the speed of my imagination, but Delicious black cutie has her beaver annihilated still need to know if I can make more than one at a time, or one switch to cover many. "No," I told her, feeling dejected. "You still have time left. Keep practicing." Her tone is level, without any rebuke, and that somehow makes me feel worse.

"Maybe you should find someone else," I say. I don't know if I can do this, and the pressure to save the entire human race is pretty intense. "Maybe," she tells me, and there is no emotion in her dual toned voice, "but right now, you're all your planet has." Great, I think. No pressure at all!