Ann doesnt need bikini by the pool striptease and big tits

Ann doesnt need bikini by the pool striptease and big tits
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My pretty wife Melissa confided in me one night after we had fucked a young woman that she worked with that she wanted to have two strange cocks to suck and fuck and wanted me to film her so she could watch it afterwards.

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We went about setting our plan to action. We had bought a really nice video camera just a few weeks before for the purposes of filming our encounters with those who were willing to do so with us. We decided to try a dating site that was designed more for sexual encounters than dating. We posted on the site and immediately our inbox was getting mails from everyone from single guys, girls to couples.

We decided to contact a few of the guys who after some research we found were close, but not too close to us. The first guy was Darnell and he was 19 years old and pretty well built.

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Darnell had what he claimed to be a 10 inch cock and from the pictures he sent, it seemed to be every bit of that. The second guy was named Lucas and he was 20 and he claimed his cock was 11 inches and he too provided pictures that seemed to prove his claims as well!

Now at this time my wife Melissa was about 32 and stands 5' 6" and weighs about 125 lbs, she has shoulder length brown curly hair, C cup tits that are still pretty damn perky and legs that are long and look fantastic in a mini skirt and high heels.

Melissa has been shaving her pussy since we have started our sexual explorations with others and I love it! After a few weeks of emailing with Darnell and Lucas she decided that these two would be fun and we set up a date to meet them.

We rented a hotel a few towns away from ours and I set it up for filming. At 7;00 Darnell and Lucas knocked on the door. My wife Melissa was very nervous about fucking these two since their cocks were so big.

I let them in and had them sit down and relax until Melissa came out from the bathroom. I got the camera ready and we waited. The bathroom door opened and Melissa came out totally naked, except for high heels! She looked amazing and Darnell and Lucas both let her know how hot she looked. Melissa sat down between them on the couch as I started filming.

She smiled at both of them and immediately began to rub their cocks through their jeans. I could tell she was nervous, but she was also very excited at the prospect of her night. It didn't take long for Darnell and Lucas to lose their jeans and when they did, two of the biggest black cocks I had ever seen were staring my wife in the face! Both guys had their pubic areas shaved and their cocks looked bigger than Melissa's forearms!

Melissa wasted no time and she leaned over and started sucking Lucas' cock trying desperately to fit her mouth over his tremendous black snake! Darnell sat and watched as he stroked his huge cock and began to finger Melissa! As his finger slide in to her wet pussy, they glistened with her juices. I filmed as Melissa worked her mouth over Lucas' cock and watched as her saliva made his shaft shiny. Melissa could barely fit the head of his cock in her mouth at first, but now she was able to get about three or four inches in her mouth!

Melissa sucked his big cock furiously and rubbed his huge balls as Darnell now had two fingers in my pretty wife's sopping pussy! Melissa moaned and I am not sure if it was from the finger fucking she was receiving or the thrill of having such a big cock in her mouth! Lucas sat back and said, "Wow, you really can suck a dick!" and Melissa smiled as she kept working on his huge black cock.

Darnell syren de mer lesbian extreme now between her ass cheeks kissing and sucking her and stimulating her ass along with her pussy.

Melissa just moaned as her pussy was being eaten! I continued to film the action as my dick was rock hard, but I kept filming. After several minutes of eating her pussy, Darnell moved in behing my wife tiny swollen pink pussy and began to rub his huge cockhead up and down her slit! Melissa moaned as his huge cockhead rubbed her pussy and she prepared for him to split her open. I got in to a position and filmed as his big cock began to disappear in to her waiting pussy! It was very sexy to film as his huge cockhead spread her wet pink lips and began to fill her slowly, as his cock inched in to her, she gasped and stopped sucking Lucas as the feeling of this monster overcame her!

Darnell got about half of his cock in to her and said, "Damn, your pussy is fucking tight baby!" Melissa smiled and took a deep breath as he continued to push his cock in to her! Lucas was rubbing and pinching her nipples as he knew her pink pussy was being stretched like never before.

Melissa went right back to sucking his cock as Darnell slowly began to fuck her! I had the perfect view in the camera as his big cock began to slowly fuck her pussy, stretching it with each thrust. Melissa's pussy was so tight against his cock that it would slowly roll out with his cock as he slowly withdrew each time! Melissa's moans grew louder as Darnell fucked her tight pussy and she sucked Lucas' cock in between moans of pain and pleasure.

It wasn't long and Lucas announced he was close to cumming and I switched positions to film the eruption from his huge cock. His cock was quite a bit bigger than Darnells. "Cum in my mouth, shoot your cum in my fucking mouth Lucas!" Melissa begged! Lucas began to groan and said, "Here it comes baby, get ready!" and with that he began to cum in Melissa's mouth!

She sucked harder as he unloaded his cum in to her mouth and she swallowed and swallowedbut still his creamy white cum ran down the huge shaft of his cock! Melissa must have swallowed about a quart of his cum and he shot in her mouth for what seemed like minutes! Darnell had picked up his pace and was driving as much of his cock in to Melissa's little pussy as he could and she began to scream, "Oh fuck me, I'm cumming, fill my pussy, fuck me!" I swung around to film and got a great view of her pussy being impaled on his big black cock as his cock was covered in Melissa's creamy pussy juices and he began to moan "I'm gonna fucking cum, I can't hold back anymore!" Melissa screamed out, "Cum in my tight pussy, cum in me!" Darnell did as ordered and began to shake as his huge cock began to unload his huge load in to my wife's pretty pussy!

I filmed it as his balls shriveled and his cock began to spasm and I knew from Melissa's reaction, he was shooting a huge hot load of semen deep in to her pussy! Melissa's pussy clenched around his cock to milk the very last drops out of his big pole and then sje cute teen fingering and teasing on webcam pumping and so did Darnell.

Darnell then slowly withdrew his cock and his semen flowed from her pussy like a river and I had captured it all on camera for her! Lucas sat there smiling and stroking his growing cock, I'm telling you this thing was a serious pussy destroyer, It was fucking huge and Melissa knew it was much bigger than Darnell;s cock!

Melissa caught her breath for a little while and Lucas stroked his monster until it was fully hard again and now it was time for Melissa to try the big boy out! Lucas sat on the couch and Melissa straddled him with her ass towards me and she began to rub her pussy up and down his huge pole. Lucas reached down and grabbed his cock and Melissa arched up and slowly lowered her pussy down on his cock.

The head of his cock pierced her pussy and she cried out as it began to stretch her hole open. I had the perfect view of this through the camera. Her pussy was swollen and red from the fucking she had just gotten from Darnell and all she could say was "It's too big, it won't fit!" Melissa repeated this as she worked her pussy down on his thick cock! Before she knew it, spy my wife and boos was in her half way and she began to fuck his big cock!

Her pussy had to be near tearing from my view anyway! As she fucked this monster, her pussy slowly stretched to fit it and soon he was nearly all the way inside her.

All Melissa could do was moan and kept repeating, "I'm cumming, I'm cumming!" Lucas fucked her and Darnell stood behind the couch and offered her his cock to suck and she inhaled it as Lucas fucked her slowly! I watched again as Lucas' cock became covered in her creamy juices and she picked up the pace as did Lucas.

Soon Lucas announced that he was about to cum and Melissa again screamed, "Cum in my pussy, please cum inside me!" Lucas' cock began to pulsate and Melissa's pussy began to leak his hot cum and it oozed from her tight pussy and down over his balls!

When his cock stopped pulsating he just sat the and Melissa didn't move as she worked on Darnell's cock, soon he too was cumming down her throat! Melissa rolled off and said, "I don't think my pussy can take anymore, it hurts!" as the cum continued to ooze from her now swollen red pussy! I told her, "Don't worry baby, I got it all on film for you!

Lucas and Darnell thanked us and left and later that night Melissa and I watched the movie on the laptop. I didn't get to fuck her until the next afternoon as her pussy was sore.