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She wasn't there last time I went to the cove. That was two days ago. I hope she's there today. I had swum from the deep water, from where my home is, up towards the island. Now I was swimming up a steep incline that would soon level out to become the shore of the island. The sun was bright and different pebbles in the sand sparkled as I swam over them. I was not used to such brightness.

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I was usually much deeper where the water was dark and green. It wasn't uncomfortable. Just different. It illuminated everything; made everything and its color so vivid and vibrant. Soon, I reached the point where land and water met. My breasts and belly pressed against the sand as I lifted my head up above the surface.

Everything was very bright and clear. There was a beach of white sand that gave way to tall grass that was being tossed in the wind. Trees that bent back and forth in the wind grew on the edge of the white beach and beyond to the cliff edge. A small mountain, or a very large formation of rocks, sat in the middle of the island.

From here I could only see one face of the rock, but behind I knew there were numerous inlets and alcoves that cut into the island. Were the island submerged it would take about two minutes to swim across it. This small island was the only land in this part of the ocean. Above the surface, I ran a hand through my wet, blue sexy babysitter gets fucked by a couple. I loved the way yuu shinoda strapon anal dildo and handjob domination strap on felt in the dry air.

Through the gills on my neck I inhaled a small amount of air. I exhaled it quickly. I loved the cold chill that ran through my chest. I went back underwater and took a large breath then started my way around the island. As I swam I reached my hand down past my belly, between my two small fins, where my blue scales get soft and form a slit.

I spread these soft scales to feel the warm flesh underneath. I ran my finger up the soft skin, over my hole and then my peehole. The slightest amount of stimulation from my finger and the water made my belly, tail and everything in-between tingle. I was very anxious, today. Again, I hoped she would be there this time. I pulled my hand away; the soft scales replaced themselves over the sensitive skin. As I slowly pushed my tail up and down, gliding through the water, I crossed my arms and cupped my breasts tightly.

I liked to swim like this when I was alone. On the other side of the island now, I found the narrow waterway. I began to swim up it, through shallower water, into the island.

At some points in the shallow water my breasts, which floated free now, dragged against the sand. On my left was a low bank. The grass leaned out over the narrow waterpath. On my right was a dense line of ferns along the bank and the steep rock cliff rose just after those.

At the end of the waterpath was a small wall of stone that reached just under the top of the water. I peeked over it, the top of my head above the water. Here it dropped to create a basin of rock that was a small pond. This pond was in a shady grove in the exact middle of the island. The tall trees cast a big tit ebony fucked by a white cock over most of the grove, but the sun still shone through plenty enough to cast a glow.

The meadow was enclosed by the steep rocks making it very calm and quiet, sheltered from the wind that swept across the outside of the island. On one side of the pond was a small bank of sand, darker sand than the white sand of the island's beach. The rest of the pond was enclosed by dirt and rock ledges with meadow grass on top or by tall rock faces that were the sides of the cliffs.

I dove down into the pond and scanned the bottom for her. Tall, green plants grew on the bottom out of the sand. Many stones of different sizes, shapes and colors were scattered on the bottom. The colors almost seemed too varied to be natural.

Perhaps they weren't. But I didn't care, I didn't see her yet. I felt giddy, with butterflies in my stomach, as they say. I dove down to the bottom, which wasn't very deep, and slowly peered down into her cave. A smile quickly spread across my face. She was there! There in her little cave at the bottom of the pond, nestled into the rock. She sat there on the sandy bottom of her cave with her tentacles wrapped around a very green rock, playing with it apparently. "Hello!" I said happily to the mother octopus.

She turned and saw me and was happy too. She dropped the rock and began to crawl towards me. "Where were you last time, Mamma? I missed you." I extended my hand towards her. She reached out with her tentacles and touched, she didn't grab, but touched my hand.

The feeling of her soft tentacles excited me. She was a relatively large octopus, a cool hue of blue with green and purple spots about her body. Her eyes were large and very green with black and blue dots. I could tell she was very happy to see me. I gently pulled my arm back. "Come with me," I whispered with a smile. I turned and slowly began to swim up towards the sandy bank. I watched her as I swam up. She crawled along the sandy bottom and then kicked all her tentacles at once to follow me upwards.

I swam up to the bank and lied down in the sand. I propped myself up on my elbows and braced myself as I watched her swim towards me. My hole was wet for attention. I could faintly smell the scent of it in the water. It would soon fill the water, especially in this small pond. The Mamma octopus landed just a few feet below me on the sandy bank, raising a small cloud of sand.

Surely she smelt me too. She slowly started to crawl towards me. She always did it the same way from this point. I gently brushed my tail up and down as she reached out for it. She touched it with her tentacles then spread them over the fin of my tail as she pulled herself up. Her soft tentacles massaged all over as she crawled her way up my tail. She usually went straight for my hole, with some of my help. My stomach fluttered more than ever in anticipation.

She reached her tentacles up to my soft scales and probed around between my two small fins, looking for the source of the lovely scent. I giggled. I giggled because she was silly and couldn't find it on her own and at the wonderful sensation of her lovely tentacles rubbing me.

I reached down with one hand and separated my soft scales, pulling the slit wide to expose the warm, dark flesh underneath. My smell soon become strong in the water as it poured forth from the depth of my hole. With my other hand I gently grabbed one of her tentacles and placed it so it lay across my soft, exposed skin.

She immediately started to rub around this new, warmer, softer flesh. I bit my lip and moaned. "Yes, Mamma. Right there." I watched her as she quickly found my hole and pressed the broad tip of her tentacle into it. All of her other tentacles moved to the same spot.

She would always try to slither all of them into me at the same time.

I gasped then sighed in pleasure as she began probing all her tentacles into my sensitive skin. I removed my hand after her first tentacle found the passage inside of me.

She was very good at spreading my slit on her own, once she found it. Some of her tentacles grabbed around my hole and on my soft scales to pull me wider apart. Again, she had no problem, especially with the delicate use of a couple of the suction cups under her tentacles. The other tentacles all poked into my hole. I closed my eyes and focused on the sensations caused by her tentacles and the overactive nerves of my needy hole.

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I gave one long moan during this push and a sigh after she reached the back. There, it slowly pressed back and forth on my insides, feeling for something. The other tentacles she tried to push in as far as possible. Most of them only made it a few inches inside of me. The deepest tentacle was quite large and stretched my hole enough as it was. It was a little uncomfortable, all these tentacles trying to gain entry.

I gently put a hand on her head and whispered to her. "Relax, baby. Be gentle." She listened, being a kind and compassionate mother octopus. She pulled all but the one tentacle out of me. She started to poke around the back of hole until she partially pushed through my cervix. She gently pushed deeper. Her tentacle slid through my cervix and into my womb. There was only a slight discomfort at the initial breach.

I gasped slightly. "Careful, Mamma… that's very deep." What she was doing was looking for a safe place big booty teen facialized pornstars and big butt lay her eggs. She must have attributed laying eggs with the smell of sex, because it wasn't me who taught her to lay her eggs there. The first time we did this, she acted with little of my help and only the smell of my sex to guide her.

By now she knew that this was a safe place, and I a willing host. She still checked, though. Every time I could count on this sexual stimulation.

She may only do it because I ask her. She knows it gives me pleasure. After gently probing around the inside of my womb, a very strange but pleasurable sensation, she began to pull out of me.

I grasped my hand tightly around the tentacle as she slid it out of me. My hole began to contract already. It grasped tightly at the tentacle - trying to slow its way out of me then released, only to squeeze again, and again, and again. She knew she was giving me pleasure. The first time we did this together she wanted to pull right out of me and get right to laying her eggs inside of me. She knew now that I loved this part and took some more time to do it.

I could feel that she was almost out of me when she stopped and started to push back in again. I smiled, glad that she hadn't forgotten.

My back arched and I bent my tail towards the surface. She quickly had her tentacle all the way inside me again, up to my cervix. She pulled out partially… then slid back in… then out… then in. She twisted it as she went which added exponentially to my pleasure.

The sensation was different where her suction cups glided in me. I could distinguish between the top and bottom of her tentacle, even deep inside me, because I could feel those wonderful grasping pads sliding in and out and around in circles as she twisted and thrusted.

"Oh…yes! Oh, baby…yes, that's good…th…there… right there. Mmmm." My words were intermingled my moans and cries as I quickly neared orgasm. It didn't take long for this slow, sensual fuck to do so. My hole started to clench tightly around her tentacle again.

The small fins on either side of my slit lifted to grasp tightly around the soft tentacle My tail started to spasm, I felt the orgasmic sensation spread quickly from deep in my hole to my stomach, up to my chest. I grasped my breasts and tightly pulled my nipples. I arched my back again. I closed my eyes tightly. My mouth was open as short cries escaped in quick succession.

I touched the tip of my tongue to my top lip and started to moan. Mamma was still going in and out and twisting back and forth. "Mamma…don't stop! Don't stop!. Oh…don't…" My words were lost to my orgasm. It overrode all logic in my mind.

All I knew or felt was pleasure. Pleasure that tore through my body again and again. Fluids gushed out from my hole. The familiar smell of it was everywhere. I tasted it in my gills now. It only added to the pleasure that beat through my body. I was completely lost in orgasm. My loudest, longest cry yet squeezed out of my throat.

Pleasure just tore again and again up and down my body, strongest every time it passed over my hole which tightened again and again around the thrusting tentacle. I felt myself pass the peak of the orgasm. My entire body tightened. My tail slapped down into the sand. It began to subside. My heart pounded under my breast. My breathing was very fast. The pleasure that coursed through me slowly diminished to a calm pulsing. I grabbed her tentacle and slid it deep into my one last time.

I took a deep breath and held it and the tentacle inside me. I arched my back one last time then exhaled and laid back down, letting go of the tentacle. She knew I was done and slowly pulled her long appendage out of me. "Mmmmmm," I moaned as it at last slipped out of my oily hole. "Oh Mamma, nobody does it like you," I whispered in the serenity and peace that occurs after the violent but terrific blasts of an orgasm. Her other tentacles released their grip on my slit; my scales didn't entirely close again, not after receiving her large tentacle in and out so many times.

The water felt cool in my burning hole which gaped enough to take some in.

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Now I could just sit back and let her finish. This part is quite enjoyable to me though I seldom orgasm while she does it. I reached around behind her as she crawled up to put her belly on my hole.

I felt underneath her for her eggsack. "Oh my goodness! Baby, you must be a group of builders hard fucked woman to get off.

You're full!" I was very happy to find it bulging with many eggs. Each of the few times that I came to her before, she had only three or four eggs. Finding male seed afterwards was never a problem. This mother belonged to a very special species. Her eggs had nearly all the ingredients of a whole baby octopus.

They only needed a little insemination from the sperm of nearly any male animal. I've hatched these eggs three times, each time with a male of my own species (though he didn't and still doesn't know what he was a part of). This time she's holding dozens of eggs inside of her. I may not be able to keep it a secret this time though. There will be so many eggs inside me that a bulge in my stomach might be noticeable.

I was very excited though.

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And of course, if I didn't take them, Mamma would lay them in the rocks somewhere, where they would never grow and hatch; I was yet to see a male octopus at this cove to mate with the mother.

She now had her soft belly against my hole. Her tentacles wrapped tightly around my tail and waist, pulling her snugly against me. I felt her funnel poking out of her hole at the entrance of mine. Her funnel was like a dick, kind of. It was soft and flexible but firm enough to penetrate me. After stuck into me, it acted as a funnel, a pipeline; it guided her large eggs deep inside me. I witnessed firsthand how it worked fake taxi british babe sahara knite gives great deepthroat on backseat we first met.

I watched her squeezing them through her funnel as she laid her eggs in the sand. I was so attracted to this mother when I first saw her doing this. The eggs were fairly large, clear with a soft shell and glistened in the sand. They were filled with a pink fluid that would soon nourish her baby children.

After releasing her eggs she expelled a large amount of a clear, oily fluid that could be seen in the water, followed by spurts of something orange and gooey. Her funnel was just barely poking against my open hole now, when I felt it expand like a mouth and the first egg came out.

"Careful, baby. You're not inside me yet." She pushed her funnel out further. She had a hard time pushing the first egg inside me. I put both my hands on her head in an attempt to comfort her as she struggled to gain entry into me. Granted I was wet and gaping but she still struggled. She pushed against the egg with her funnel which was soft and limp, not like a true hardon.

At last the egg plopped into my hole, passed the entrance where I was tightest. The funnel pushed the egg deep into me, about halfway up my hole. She was now inside me again. Earlier she was fucking me but now she was truly having sex with me in her own way.

I was happy to share such a thing with her, to take in her eggs. "I'm ready, baby," I said, more emotionally than I realized. I felt her body heaving, like a heart beating. Each beat pushed her eggs down and out of her and directly into me.

Such a sensual exchanging of life from her body into mine made me both hot and emotional. Once she started she didn't stop.

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She filled the remainder of my hole with her soft eggs until no more could fit, though she continued pumping them into me.

The pressure inside me grew until it gave way suddenly as the first egg suddenly poked into and slipped through my cervix. That was it.

The first egg into my womb. There it would stay until it hatched as a living, baby octopus. The second egg pressed against my cervix, met resistance, then popped in. The third did the same, and the fourth. Soon my cervix wasn't closing after each egg so they went in much quicker.

I counted them as I felt them plop into my womb which I could feel expanding with each egg. Five, and then six, and then seven, then eight, nine, ten, eleven. I gasped and grunted as each egg popped into my womb. Unh…unh…um…umh…ooh. I stopped counting at fourteen. I could feel orgasmic pleasure starting to develop and pulsate deep inside me again. The inside of my hole was getting more stimulation than I had expected because so many eggs were passing into me.

This was always a strange sensation. It felt as if something whether a penis or tentacle was sliding into me nonstop. As if I was taking into me something of infinite length, something that never ended. The usual feeling during conventional sex was the sensation of in, out, in, out, in, out. This was nothing but in. I just kept taking more and more. My stomach was starting to expand as my womb stretched to contain Mamma's many eggs.

I pressed a hand on my belly and could feel my womb inside stretched tight and full of soft eggs. I watched and could see my stomach growing right before my eyes as each egg plop… plop… plopped into me. I was pregnant and becoming more so every second. The thought did occur to me what if she has more than I can take? I still had to take in precious legal age teenager banging hardcore blowjob oily fluid that she expelled afterward, but my faith in her told me she wouldn't do anything to hurt me.

I trusted her and she trusted me. I wanted to say something to her now to prove my faith, but I only looked into her eye with my own eyes releasing tears into the water. I felt what we were doing now was beautiful or perfect, something like that. It's hard to explain. I slipped my hand under her and slid alexa grace with johnny sins towards where our bodies were conjoined so sensually, where her sex fit like a puzzle piece into mine.

I felt the eggs between my fingers as they passed into me. At last, the train of eggs slowed and finally stopped. I could feel the funnel inside of me, still full of eggs. I could still feel Mamma heaving on top of me, trying to push and push. After the eggs stopped moving I knew that she was about to shoot her oil into me. Her tentacles grasped tight again and again as she squeezed and squeezed, getting ready to release into me.

This is the part that I can tell she enjoys. This gives her pleasure, and I'm happy to let her to orgasm into me. "Come on, baby. I want it. I want it so bad," I whimpered. My hand between both our bodies I turned palm upwards. Her funnel was between my middle and ring finger. I massaged the soft skin around her hole to encourage her. I felt pressure beginning to build inside of me. I felt then saw her warm oil streaming out from between us, escaping back out my vagina as she sprayed into me.

I rubbed and massaged intensely, hoping to increase the force of her release. The pressure got stronger and stronger until at last it gave and the remaining eggs shot up into my womb followed by a torrent of warm oil. "Oh! Oh&hellip.nhhhh…mmmm!" My cervix hurt horny chick in stockings plays with huge dildo the warm oil gushing through afterwards was soothing. The entire length of my hole and my stomach began to tingle and go numb.

This happened every time. The oil had some sort of anesthetic in it. I loved it. I felt it filling every little crevice around the eggs inside me. I felt my womb expanding and growing. It didn't hurt. It only increased the tingling of the numbness in my belly.

Mamma pulled herself tight against me, spraying into me the last of her fluids. I no longer felt it gushing up into me. She was still, holding herself tightly against me. She twitched once, then twice. Then she slowly relaxed and let go of me with her tentacles. My hand was still between us. I had stopped massaging her during the release. Her body felt warm, almost hot, especially where my hand was.

I looked at my belly and rubbed my hand over it. "Baby Mamma, you've absolutely filled me," I said faintly. I felt her funnel still inside me. It had subsided now, with nothing streaming through it.

Now it was about the size and firmness of a limp hardon. The water smelled and tasted strongly of both our fluids, but more of her oil. She reached her tentacles over my scales, to my skin, and over my big natural boobs blonde eva boning her classmate belly.

She began to crawl up my body as she usually did. As she did, her funnel pulled out of me.

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I felt it, hot and oily, between my fingers. I felt it slide over my tight step mom tatood big tits as she crawled up my body. She stopped below my breasts, wrapping her tentacles around and over them and down my back as well. Like this we usually rested after having sex. I gently wrapped my arms around her and lean forward to plant a kiss on her head.

She responded by tightly squeezing my breasts and back. We rested for a little time like this. I could still feel her funnel on my skin between our bodies, yet to recede back into her body. I thought of something that we hadn't done before. "Come on, baby." I rolled over onto my stomach. Mamma released her tentacles and floated in front of me. "Now just relax baby," I said to her.

Her funnel was floating there with her, white and limp. The opening at the end was fairly wide.

I gently grabbed it with my thumb and finger and moved my face towards it. I took it into my mouth briefly, licking the tip of it with my tongue. I looked at her for a reaction, she only loosely wrapped her tentacles around my head and shoulders. I took her funnel back into my mouth and sucked it back into my throat. I pulled it out a little with my lips wrapped tightly around it. I stuck the tip of my tongue into its hole. It expanded elastically to take my whole tongue.

I tongued and sucked her for some time then she tensed up and released a small amount of fluid into my mouth. I know it was a release of pleasure, another small orgasm. I don't know if it was oil or the orange goo. It tasted like sex and I swallowed all that she gave me. Chloe foster introduces to hard wiener by her horny stepmom this, her funnel started getting much smaller.

I pulled away from it; it slipped out of my mouth and fairly quickly was pulled back into her hole. I looked down at my own hole. My soft scales had almost replaced themselves completely but were still spread the slightest bit; my soft flesh could still be seen beneath.

A string of the orange goo was floating out of my slit. Somehow it had a way of sealing up my womb so the oil doesn't spill back out. My hole was filled with the orange goo.

It usually all leaked out before I got home, depending on how soon I left. My belly was enormous. I looked absolutely pregnant. It would be like this for about a week after having sex with a male; a week and the babies would hatch. I embraced her one more time, planting kisses all about her body, and ensured her that I would give good care to her children until they hatched.

Then I would return like I usually do and birth them in this pond. They don't seem to stay with their mother; they all swim away on their own, but I always feel I should birth them here. "Goodbye, my darling," I said then I left her. I had trouble swimming back out through the shallow waterway. I ended up swimming on my back with my belly bulging above the surface and my breasts floating in front of me.

With my belly full and my hole stretched and numb I swam and laughed along the way.