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Sexy big dick ebony selling it all even that ass
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Hey guys! I'm LOVING the comments, PLEASE keep them coming, nothing gets me going like them! ;) DAVE Waking up was the biggest disappointment.

Sleeping with Allison felt so natural, so right. For the entire night I spooned around her, and she snuggled back against me. Waking up without her was one of the emptiest feelings - There should have been something in my arms, pressing against me. And for the first time in weeks I hadn't woken up with a raging erection. A smile played across my lips when I remembered the probable reason for that - the lift and strain of her breasts, the curve of her hips, shallow breathing, her moans.

I suddenly realised that she could be in the house somewhere, and if my parents found her we were fucked. I mean, seriously fucked. Rolling out of bed, I grasped at my trousers, cast aside at the end of the bed - vaguely I remembered pushing them off, climbing on top of Ali - Shit Dave, stop, just move - still slightly damp from our midnight adventures, but I pulled gianna michaels takes a hot todger in her tutu on anyway, tripping over myself,before I caught sight of the scrawled note on the pillow.

It suddenly hit me that I had never seen her handwriting before. She was neat, a little hard to read, but small writing. Not what I'd expected. Thanks for last night. You probably don't know what it meant to me, but thank you. Sorry for leaving - makes moresense like this. Allison xx And at the end, scrawled in small numbers, was a phone number - Christ Dave, you've been having sex with this girl, and you don't evenhave her number?

But she understood. It wasn't as if we'd rushed, strictlyspeaking into having sex,I'd had sex with her, and then realised what a great person she was. I'd be the first to admit it was a fucked up system, but being with Allison made me feel like I needed someone again.

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And having her, andto have her wanting me to be inside her was the most incredible feeling. Turning back towards the bed, I stopped myself from lying back on the sheets when I saw the wet-patch we'd left. A faint smile appeared on my lips as I balled up the sheets and chucked them under the bed, reminding myself to wash them before my mother found them.

Two hours later I was lying on my bed, enjoying a lazy morning, when the call came from downstairs. "David? Get down here!" My heart stopped. I knew it was my mother- Racking my brains to come up with any feasible reason for her to sound so suspicious apart from her knowing about Ali.

I couldn't think of anything. She sounded pissed, I knew I was fucked before I even reached the bottom stair. Standing in the middle of our hallway was my mother, and I traced the accusatory look on her face to the sets of muddy footprints that were tracked across the wooden floor, from the front door to the stair.

Two sets. Oh fuck. I rearranged my face into what I thought looked like one of confusion, but she called me immediately on it. "Don't try that on me David.

Where is she?" I shook my head. Raising an eyebrow, she asked instead "Who is she?" a little softer. She remembered Katie, maybe too well. She remembered us. Maybe she even thought about the weeks where I stopped talking to friends, anyone afterKatie left. "David, if you're bringing girls into my house, I'd like to know who they are." "You're making a deal out of nothing" "You know this isnt acceptable" "I slept on the ground!" She looked a little stunned, but not for the reasons I'd hoped.

".You let her stay the NIGHT?" she looked horrified - surprising considering she knew that I had slept with Katie. Well. I had ASSUMED she knew - she hardly thought we were virgins?

Shit. Desperately, I racked my brains for anything to say. "She had nowhere else to go!" I could see her soften just a little bit. Don't let this happen again" there was a warning in her voice. It was almost two weeks later when Mom dropped me off at training 5 minutes early, and I wandered over to watch anU/14 match that was onone of the upper pitches. Standing on the sidelines was John Byrne, who had trained the team when we were U/14 and U/16 - decent guy, bit narky, but could play football instead of just talking shit like some trainers.

"AlrightReid" he addressed me as I approached, latina isis love takes in a big black dick taking his eyes off the match. Just nodding I turned to watch the game with him. Couple of decent players alright, nowhere near the standard we were at that age. "Hows the league going for you?" he asked, moments before roaring at an opposing goal.

"I hear you've a new goalkeeper. Hope he's better than this shit" he said, snarling in Tommy Bennett, a small 14 year old's direction. "She" I corrected automatically. "Hmmm?" "Allison. Our new goalie. She's a girl" ".Right." he stilllookeda little confused. "Thats not really Mick's style is it?" I shrugged. "He didn't have much choice.

Two weeks before the league started. Final's tomorrow" "Strange choice all the same" He still looked a little disapproving, but Pierce had madrasta pegou enteado a forccedila gostosa and fudendo arrived and called me over before I could reply. "Grab a bag from the boot of the car, and tell the lads to get afucking move on. We've got a lot to get through before this match" Training wastiring.

Pierce pushed us relentlessly, screaming at blunders, pushing and pushing us. I caught Ali's eye more then once and she blushed, evenexhausted, and I almost grinned.We pushed ourselves through it, again and again, drilling until near perfect, and we lay on the pitch wheezing when he called us in to finish the session. "Right lads. Good session, no guarantees, but you lot had better not fuck this final up.

Reid hang around, the rest of you,four laps of the pitch, pick up the cones, then shower and change. We're having a dinner with the Parents' Council in three hours, last minute but fuck it, we need the funding so get your asses back out here, fresh for 8, sharp.

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No-shows willbe running til' they puke. 35 yrs small dicky mature men getting his ass drilled by friend tube porn murmured beautiful juicy ass and gorgeous green eyes. The lads and Ali hauled themselves up to peg it around the field.I walked over to where Pierce was standing, waiting. He nodded. "Alright Reid?" "Good session" I gave as areply. He rolled his eyes, but pressed on.

"You willing to give aspeech at this 'do?" he said, turning away fromme to watch the group running. "No" Isaid, straight off.No fucking way. "Well thats too fucking bad because you'redoing it" "Ah here coach - " "Look Reid, turn on the charm for 2 minutes, and I'll make sure all 11 of you can leave straight after, and aren't stuck there for the booze-up. Right?" Now that was tempting. I could see plans of an evening returning, if only a couple of hours that I might not have to spend dining with 40-something blokes who were long-gone from their glory days, trying to squeeze the last couple of euros from their wallets.

"Alright. But someone else has to speak as well" He shrugged. "Morris!" heroared, and halfwayacross the pitch Ali looked over. He waved her over, and she broke away from the group, a light jog. "Good idea. Parents will like having a girl speak" he said, as though it had been my idea, although I had never mentioned Allison, and wasn't thinking of her in the slightest.

"We'll go to the office" he said decisively andturned to stalk over to the clubhouse. I gave a pitying look to Allison, still running over, and a smile lit up her face, her cheeks slightly flushed, eyes bright, the slightest sheen of sweat. God the last time I'd seen her like that. "Reid! Get a fucking move on!" I turned and stalked after Pierce, every part of me wanting to turnback to look at her again. The three of us stood in Pierce's office, a small cluttered space, covered in framed pictures of past sucesses.

"Right. Just a short speech from each of you, nothing fancy, we're just trying for some kind of insight into the team from you Reid, and your experiances Allison. You two up for it then?" Without giving us time to respond he continued "Good. Can the two of you hang around here for about ten minutes while I talk to Kavanagh about the hall? I want good stuff lads. Not your usual crap, we need the cash like hell" Picking up his phone and jacket, he turned at the door. "Just get comfy for a moment.

Won't be a tic" He smiled. "And happy birthday Reid" He swept out, leaving a gaping hole where his voice had been. The door slammed behind him. Allison righted herself. "It's your birthday?!? No fucking WAY! Why didn't you tell me?!?" she demanded. I shrugged. "It's not important. Another year y'know"Shegrinned. I moved closer. "Did you get me a present?" I said a little more quietly. "You didn't give me a lot of notice there" she stared back, smiling a little. "But I'll think of something for later." The sudden gleam inher eye gave her away.

"Or you could give it to me right now." I finished "Oh no.

I draw the line at fucking in Pierce'soffice" sheteased, I tried to look a little taken aback. "Fucking? Who mentioned fucking? I don't remember mentioning fucking. A nice little massage would do me fine" I said, sounding as innocent asI could.

She wasn't impressed, but came close, and whispered in my ear, "Sit down David" A little surprised, I pulled the chair out from under Pierce's desk and sat, my eyes directly level with Ali's tits, those beautiful, full tits. What a fucking babe. I had no idea how I'd managed to hit the jackpot. She walked around behind me, and as she placed her hands on me, a thought struck me. "I don't remember mentioning my shoulders either" I said, trying to hide a grin, and failing.

She sounded a little shocked, but then again. she was a better actress than me. "Mr. Reid, you'd better not be insinuating what I think you are" "I'm sure I don't know what you mean" I teased She moved out in front of me again, sunny leone fucking with husband sex stories storys down to eye level.

"Well. Seeing as it is your birthday." she said slowly, as she placed herpalm on my shorts. Moving in close, her lips touched my neck and grazed up to my ear "But if Pierce catches us, you're doing the talking" I found myself breathing agreement. Anything.

She pressed down on my crotch and I breathed out heavily. She brought her face back so that I could look in her eyes. "Is this what you want Dave? This?" and she pressed down again, her fingers rubbing little circles on the fabric. I swallowed, and she nudged forward. God she always had me right where she wanted me. Her fingers found the waistband of my shorts and pulled them down to my knees, a cool breeze rushing over my beautiful tatooed girl with a hot ass. "Better make it a quick one" she whispered, as she took me in her cold hand, and squeezed gently.

I felt a sudden rush of blood to the head, and before I could say anything she was kneeling between my legs, and her lips grazed the very tip of my cock, and she ran her tongue along the underside, and back up again.

Planting a firm kiss on the head, the very tip got pushed in between her lips, her fingers reached forward to grasp the base.

"Holy shit Allison" I murmured as her lips enveloped the head. "That feels so fucking good" I lentback and enjoyed the view she was awarding me.From above I could see thebare purse of her lips, her mouth taking me in little by little, and it was the sexiest thing I'd ever seen immy life. Her eyes looked up from underneath her lashes, and I groaned out loud as her tongue flicked up and down my shaft.

"You like found cutie milf on sexymilfdatenet join free mature baby? You like me sucking your cock?" Oh the slut. God I fucking loved her. My hands found themselves in her hair, needing her to take me deeper. She obligedby shifting forward on the carpet and letting my cock slide into the hollow of her throat, and as she heldalmost my entire length, she blew my mind byholding my eyes as she pumped me slowly, sliding in and out as her eyes stared into mine.

Andwhen I thought it couldn't get any better, she stopped, and swallowed roughly, her throat muscles working my cockas her hands worked at my balls. "Holy fucking shit" I gasped, and she moaned, sending vibrations up and down my length. I pushed her forward on my cock, needing to be deeper, needing to fuck her mouth.

She bobbed up and sexy petite asian wants to get a facial on me faster and faster, aided by the pressure I was exerting on her head, my fingers twisting into her soft hair. Her throat was so damn tight, and every fluid motion wound me tighter and tighter until .

"I'm going to cum Ali" I gasped, which I thought was fair warning for her to move away like Katie always had, but she opened herlips wider and I slid in to the back of mouth, and all I could think was "Holy fuck, holy fuck, I'm going to cum in her mouth!" Her eyes travelled up and pierced mine from underneath her eyelashes, her mouth full of my cock, as I came into the back of her mouth and throat, and I came quickly, and more than I could remember.

And then she did something I never would have expected, given her track record with sex. She swallowed. And it was almost enough to get me hard again. She stood and wiped the back of her hand against her mouth, the tiniest amountof a smile playing on her lips. All I could do was swallow, before fixing myself inside myshorts. "Justa taster of your present" she teased, but before I could collapse with happiness, Pierce stode in,with a sheaf of papers in his hands. "Down to business lads!" he beamed, oblivious to the guilty stares we were sharing.

I had five hours of freedom before I had to back atthe clubhouse for the DinnerDance, and I spent the entire time fantasizing about Ali. I wondered if she'd been serious about a "present" and even if my mind was skeptical, my body was begging for it.

When I did arrive, the clubhouse was already packed out.I'd dressed in a shirtbut refused to change the jeans, even at my parents' behest. They were both attending, come to watch me speak, and probably get pissed afterwards. Pushing my way through the crowd I found my way to Pierce's office, an oasis in the maddness. Inside was Ali, flicking through some flashcards.Her speech. "Hey" I said quietly when she didn't look up. She saw it was me and beamed. "Dave! Thank god!

I thought you weren't coming!" Imoved a little closer "How could I not come, after your promise of a present." Shesmiled teasingly. "After. And not here. My mother's upstairs getting drunk, so we can go back to mine." I raised an eyebrow. Wow. She had meant it.I noticed for the first time what she was wearing as she continued flicking through her notes. A cardigan,a long top,maybe a dress, over tights.Of course.

She wasn't the type to go around bare-legged, butat that moment I really wanted to see her legs. I wanted to see all of her, I wanted to kiss her lips, and touch her. I wanted. "Reid! Get ready, the members aregetting settled. And try not to fuck this up, either of you" Pierce madean enterance, and ushered us out, into the crowd,the jostling and raccous laughter.

It was going to be a long night. After we'd spoken, after the laughing, the drinking, twirling crushingnight we spilled out of the packed hall laughing uncontrollably, tugging and pulling under theorange streetlamps.

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The noise of the night died away behind us, closed behind doors, the streets deserted. I pushed Ali up against the wall, and forthe first time in what felt like years I kissed her, properly.

She giggled and pulled away, eyes gleaming, slipping underneath my arm, and pulled me with her, breaking into asprint. I knew where we were going. The tarmac burned beneath my feet - we needed to get to her house, private, or god help me I was going to fuck her on the street. I needed her so fucking much.

Ali locked thefront door behind us, and pulled me up the stairs after her, a rush. Her room came too soon, and we pushed inside. I barrelled us onto the bed and kissed her again, again, again, her neck and shoulders, pushing her cardigan off and brushing kisses down her collarbone, until her lips met mine again. She broke away panting and pushed me away. "Two minutes" her words were a rush, and she disappeared into an ensuite bathroom. I breathed out slowly. "This girl will be the death of you Dave" I whispered, looking around.

Her room was small, but comfortable, and I was lying on her bed, duvet tousled around me, and an imprint of where her body had been. And she came through the doorway, and I realised that my body was right, that my jumble of thoughts was right, that I needed her after all.

Hair loose around her shoulders, she was wearing nothing butunderwear and my jersey, my football shirt, with REID across the back, number ten, stained in places by grass and mud, and currently covering a half naked babe.

I could remember pulling it off after theSterling match,cloth on skin, and tossing it aside, and now,right now, the girl I was obsessed with, was wearing it. And almost nothing else. Her legs stretched down beneath the hem, but through the white fabric I couldcatch a glimpse of lacy underwear - a thong? Holy shit. Shesmiled as my eyes raked over her body.

I had never given much attention to her legs before, but I couldn't avoid it now, long willows of limbs, I wanted to run my hands down them, I wanted to kiss them, to part them. She started to cross the small distance between the door and her bed, a journey she'd madecountless times, but never like this, never while I was waiting for her.

I sat up and rested my head against theheadboard, not believing my luck, and Icouldn'thidemygrin. This had to be one of the best nights of my life, my fantasies come alive. She reached the end of the bed in a couple of steps, and delicately kneeled on the very edge, tossing her hair back behind her shoulders.

She had lined her eyes, andlooked fiercer than I could remember. From the other end of the bed I could smell her perfume, and I couldn't stand it anymore.

I pulled myself up and crawled over to face her on the bed, myface millimetres from hers. Her lips were glossed, and my only thought was " Well that's going tobe gone by the end of the night." The thought brought a smile to my face. Wearing the face off her was definately on my to-do list. Hell, that was my to-do list. My hands reached out to brush hair behind her shoulder, away from her face when I noticed it.

"What the hell." I murmured, fingers circling what looked like a bruise on the spot where her neck and shoulder met. She laughed. "You should know.

You put it there" and seeing the look japanese mother son sex education porn movies5 my face she whispered against my neck.

"It's a lovebite Dave. And it's not the only one" My hands crept up to push her shoulders away gently, so I could look at the mark a little better. She copped what I was doing and tilted her head to the side so that I could see it.I could imagine my lips on that spot, sucking, biting. cute teen fingering and teasing on webcam like it" I murmured. It was true - my mark on her, a claim. She laughed a little "So do I" Suddenly I remembered what she had said "Where's the other one?" Maybe it was my imagination, but I could've sworn that she blushed a little.

Her hand found mine, and she pulled me up to palm her left breast through the flimsy fabric of the shirt. "Right there" Then I kissed her, knee-to-knee, still holding her breast in the palm of my hand.

She tilted her head back and I rolled with her, brushing lips, she slipped her tongue into my mouth and I grazed her lips gently with my teeth, and wound my free hand around her back to hold her. Her hands grasped at my shoulders and pulled me back with her as she fell back on the bed, and even then, when I was flush against her body she wound her hands tighter into my shirt.

My hands cupped her jawas I sucked on her lower lip. One hand trailed down and along her leg, and up again to cup her thigh against me. I was hard, and I knew she could feel it. She broke away for air, and her hands went to the hem of the shirt, to pull it off. "No!" I said, louder than expected. "Keep it on" I knew why I asked her tokeep my shirt on -another claim. Another mark.Before than I'd never thought I was possessive. Her fingers went instead to the hem of my shirt and curled around, tugging gently upwards.

"Alright, alright." I murmured,taking my lips of her skin for a second to peel the shirt off. She ran her fingers over my chest, but I lent back in, hungry for more. She panted into my open mouth, and I knew we were ready. Falling back beside her, my fingers frantically worked my belt buckle and released me from my trousers.I was ready for her, even more ready becasue of what she had done in Pierce's office, knowing she was up for this, that she wanted to give this to me.

Then she said something that stalled my thoughts. One word. "Wait" I cursed myself, cursed her, cursed the world, the universe. I looked over to see what was stalling her - not wanting to be that pushy bastard that I was all-too-aware that I could suddenly become. "Allison?" and she breathed. "Lie down" she murmured.

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"On your chest. Lie down" she insisted. As confused as I was, I obliged. She moved over on the bedso that I could roll, and when I faced her pillow, I heard her light footsteps on thewooden floor. In less than 30 seconds she was back, and Itook a sudden breath when I felt a cold tricklin sensation on my back. "What the." "Relax Reid. It'salmond oil. You're getting another massage" At first I was a little pissed - what guy wants to go from a fuck to a massage? But her movements were slow, and coated, she ran her fingers up the small of my back to my shoulder blades and down again, raking slightly, gentle pressure.

It felt fucking hot. She swung her leg over so that she was straddling the small of my back as she worked.I could feel, through the lace of herunderwear, the raw heat of her crotch, pulsing. And I wanted nothing more than to turn her over and fuck the living daylights out of her. She lent forward to press her lips against the back of my neck, whispering in my ear as she moved "Almost ready baby" Her fingers moved up my neck and through my hair, then down and over my shoulders, kissing my shoulder blades, licking in small strokes.

"Fuck" was my muffled reply. Ali'shands slid down my naked back, slick with whatever-the-fuck was coating her hands, her slender fingers, small circles, and I could imagine exactlyher face, the tilt of her lips, the curve of her waist, and I couldn't hack it anymore, I needed to see her,I needed to touch her.

I pushed up and rolled, taking her by surprise, so she went from hovering above me, to straddling my waist, the lightest giggle escaping her mouth. Holy fuck, she was wet. "You've ruined all my hard work" she said, with the slightest smirk, but I just managed to disrupt her words by pulling her down, and kissing her. And it was probably at that moment that she noticed how hard I was, and how close her entrance was to my cock. With a smile, she stood up, legs either side of me so i could watch the stretch of her long legs, and she pulled her lace panties down as far as her hips, and then let them slide off, until they hit my lower stomach.

I'm pretty sure it was one of the most goddamned sexy things I'd ever seen. She stepped lightly out of them, and then spun around so that she was facing away from me, her underwear just lying there -I couldn't stop myself- I reached forward and picked them up. Holy fuck - it was a thong! A deep purple, lace, sheer thong - and it was still warm. Holy shit. If it were possible, I got even harder. She looked back over her shoulder, amateur virgin teen defloration story par swaying against her back "Ready?" and without waiting for an answer Ali slowly lowered herselfso that she was hovering above my erect cock, justbarely pressing against the tip, where pre-cum was already pooled.

And Christ, she was wet. With onestroke she pushed half of my cockinto her tight wetness. I closed my eyes and probably blacked out, busty latin milf kiara mia awesome fuck coming incredible young babe daisy lee blowing cock until facial my senses long enough for her to rock back and forward, cowgirl, and slide down even further.

"Fuck!" I managed to say, before she was sliding up my shaft again. My hands found the round curve of her ass, and pushedher downwards, onto me again. I groaned loudly, and she sighed, almost a moan. Almost wasn't good enough for me. Pulling her further down on my cock, I thrusted up to meet her. She was burning hot around me, and so goddamned tight. It was only when she moaned did I realise I'd said it out loud. We built up a rhythm, faster than normal, knowing each others limits.Ali threw her head back, her hair sweeping behind her shoulders, lips parted.

"Dave" escaped her mouth, and she swallowed, before moaning loudly, and shifting. Before I could stop her, she crawled forward a little, enough for me to pop out of her, slick already.

"Come on Reid" she called as she crawled forward on the bed on all fours, giving me the best possible view of her pussy, already stretched slightly, a round oh. I scrambled after her, and marvelled at her body, the legs I could see, my football shirt rouched around her waist. She paused on all fours in front of me, and turned her head to face me. "Well?" she teased, and I realised I'd been staring. She wanted doggy-style? I would've done anything. Kneeling behind her, my head was pretty much lined with her entrance, and the slightest push was enough to encase me again.

I groaned, low, but shit, it was fucking incredible, velvet smooth.

Before I'd even begun, she was thrusting back against me. and it turned me on that she was so into it. "Oh sex wap in xxw storys com Ali. All of it. Everything baby. Give me everything" I groaned, unable to stop myself, and not wanting to stop myself. A moan escaped her lips as I tilted further forward.

Her hair fell forward, over her shoulders, revealing my name, REID across her back. At which point I lost it - every fantasy, every whisper, every moan was wiped from my mind.

She was MINE, and I intended to prove it. The sound of her ass slapping against my lap joined the cacophony of sounds. She was panting and moaning, twisting her hands into the fabric of the duvet, feral and wet as all hell as I thrusted faster and faster, harder and harder.

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My eyes rolled back in pleasure as another electric impulse lanced through me at the knowledge of her body, warm and wet, slick beneath my fingers. Ali pulsed underneath me, fingers groping for the jersey and pulling it off completely, clothed only in her bra.

ded to prove it. I brushed my hand up to cup her ass, firm, and as I drove into her again and again, I couldn't help myself - my index finger found her ass and pushed in slightly.

Ali gasped at the sudden intrusion, but I couldn't help it- and she was tight, so fucking tight. And then - she THRUSTED back against me. "You gonna fuck my ass Reid? Well you're going to have to wait" and she arched her back, and came, clamping down on my cock.

Knowing I was going to come, and very fucking soon, I slid out, and she rolled so that she was lying slippery and juicy asian pussy toying japanese hardcore up on the bed, probably thinking I'd already cum. But seeing her there, naked, and slick, and splayed, I couldn't help it - I couldn't stop myself.

I came all over her naked body, while she lay back, wide-eyed. End of Part 4 ______________