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I lay in bed staring at the ceiling, the nights' activities both frustrating and exhilarating in a mix of emotion as I recalled the fun me and Chrissie had had.

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Mum had even asked me if I was OK as I had a 'weird smile' on my face as if I had been up to no good, but I convinced her I was fine and had behaved something that Chrissie had confirmed, which for some reason, was then good enough for mum to believe!

They had returned home about 45 minutes earlier from their evening out at which point asian pretty babe tames hard male cocks japanese hardcore me and my sister had chatted to them in the kitchen as they told us about their night. Dad excused himself saying he needed the bathroom and a shower leaving mum and Chrissie gossiping about this and that.

I would have gone to my bed myself but found myself perched on a kitchen chair with a drink as I ogled Chrissie who wore a slightly longer shirt than earlier, but the same tight knickers. Neither parent batted an eyelid as it was pretty normal attire for Chrissie, but tonight I was taking a little more notice of her. I'm sure I even caught dad having a quick glance of his daughter when she bent down for something out of a cupboard making me smile to myself thinking whether he was picturing her not wearing them!

Just as I had seen her not an hour ago! Then my smile wavered as the guilt hit me of having lost my virginity to my sister, but only for a minute as the smile returned as I relived that wonderful body having taken my cherry!

"So you had to put up with your sister after she blew out Shaun!" mum said turning to me. I nodded, but so much really wanted to add that I had benefitted because she had 'blown' me in a different way.

I think Chrissie even cottoned on to my thought as she smiled rather wickedly at me when mum had said it. Mum then walked over to me and put her hand on my chin, turning my face one way and then the other. "And no scratches or war-wounds so you two must have played nicely for once!" she said, laughing at her own humour.

"First time, eh Steven?!" Chrissie stated, giving me that look again. I blushed. "You two&hellip. I don't know," mum said, "you see it's much nicer when you get on and not fall out," she continued saying with reference to just about every other siblings in the world who generally don't get on at some point due to the fact, that was just how life was. "We do get on mum" I replied, "it's just that she's an old cow now and then!" I said pulling a face at Chrissie.

Chrissie just stuck her middle finger up at me behind mums back, and mum just laughed it off taking another sip from the drink she had.

I gave mum a kiss goodnight and thought it best to leave now as Chrissie's braless nipples were straining against her shirt causing a bit of a stir in my shorts so I headed up to my room, but not without seeing one last flash of her bum as she lifted her shirt briefly when mum wasn't looking.

So here I am staring at my bedroom ceiling with another erection that I know will be a permanent fixture if I don't get my head around my damn sister. I had stripped down to my boxers and had my duvet over myself to cover the evidence of my excitement, but as one hand flicked through the pictures of Chrissie on my phone, the other was gently stroking my cock. I could still taste her juices on my lips, even panicking a little whether my mum would have smelt them when I kissed her goodnight, but dismissed it as it had only been a quick peck on the cheek.

But the image of Chrissie's fingers embedded in her pussy soon put my mind back on track remembering this evening as one I would never forget.

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I heard movement around the stairs as mum and Chrissie came up, doors opening and closing with the usual sounds of toilets flushing and taps running with the bedtime rituals. I heard mum and dad giggling in their room, especially dad who had been the one drinking with mum driving and smiled to myself wondering whether dad would have as much luck with mum tonight as I had with my sister!

I considered texting Chrissie to tell her again how much I had enjoyed our evening in but wasn't quite sure how to word it. I laughed to myself imagining typing something like; 'thanks for the blow job and letting me lick your beautiful pussy, not to mention taking my virginity in such a sexy way' but somehow didn't quite want to put that in writing in case it was seen by anyone else. Then I wondered whether she would ask me again to delete the pictures she had sent me which were presently aiding another rock solid erection firmly held in my grip.

I was still pretty horny, despite emptying my balls earlier and knew that staring at the picture of my sisters delicious cunt would still no doubt end with another climax, only this time more of a solo session!

That was until there was a tap on my door which opened as Chrissie stuck her head round. Seeing I was laid in bed she then entered the room, closing the door quietly behind her.

Again, thankfully even if either parent had heard, wouldn't have been too mysterious as we often sat chatting in each other's rooms late into the night.

But I had a feeling there wouldn't be so much 'chatting' going on tonight! "You OK Steven?" Chrissie asked; a genuine concerned look on her face. I put my phone down, having swiped out of the pictures screen and nodded, feeling my cock twitch in my hand.

"I just wanted to check because, well, you know, it's been a bit of a dramatic evening!" she said, putting her phone down on my bedside cabinet and sitting on the end of my bed. She still wore the same longer shirt she had on downstairs in the kitchen but her nipples monica asis and rina ellis clean the crib before tasting cum hadn't calmed down as they stood practically staring at me.

"Funnily enough, I was just lying here thinking what to text you as a bit of a 'thank you'," I replied. Chrissie tutted and rolled her eyes commenting that there was no need to thank her at all. In fact, she said it should be her thanking me for giving her such an explosive orgasm! We both giggled, purposefully keeping the volume down.

Not that it would seem to matter as there was a sudden burst of laughter from our parents' room which meant they would be busy themselves for a while! "You don't think mum or dad suspected anything?" Chrissie asked with a sudden look of seriousness on her face.

"Nah," I said, shaking my head, "although dad had a good stare at your arse when you were bent over in the kitchen!" I added. "He never?!" she retorted. "He bloody well did Chrissie, although of course you can't blame him!" My sister rolled her eyes again as if to say 'Men'! "What? I mean, come on, you can't blame us for admiring the view!" I said. "And did you?" she asked.

"Oh yeah!" I said with a huge grin, at which point I pulled the duvet from me to show her just how much Gorgeous hot blonde toy riding on webcam had admired it.

Chrissie's eyes lit up again at the tent in my boxers which I accentuated by pushing my groin up from the bed. "Mmm, I'll take that as a compliment" she said, eyeing up my bulge. I raised my eyebrows with a look that said 'so you should'. She then put her hand on my knee and slid it up over my thigh before squeezing my hard-on through the material of my boxers.

I gasped with pleasure at her touch as I watched her delicate fingers grip my shaft and within a matter of seconds she had manoeuvred herself onto the bed, pulled my boxers down over my feet and was now laid between my thighs with her face inches from my glistening knob. "May I?" she asked, looking up at me with doughy eyes.

Again, my beautiful sister didn't wait for an answer before opening her lips and taking the head of my cock into her mouth. That beautiful feeling flooded my groin again as her tongue rolled around the head as she bobbed up and down slowly on my shaft.

"Oh Chrissie, that's so good" I whispered, stroking her cheek and feeling myself pressing against her skin from the inside. I still couldn't believe we had gone from normal siblings to an incestuous couple within a few hours from an earlier picture message error, although at this precise moment with my penis being stuck in my sisters mouth I was all for it! Her head bobbed up and down, back and forth and every which way, sending shivers through my body at just how good it felt.

She even tried to take me deep into her throat but gagged, returning to just pleasurable sucking, which to be honest, I preferred. Her fingers were busy too tickling my balls and stroking the base of my shaft which all added to the wondrous sensations she was giving me. She then pulled away, that mischievous look once more etched on her face as she stood up, lifting her shirt over her head to release her breasts before pulling off her knickers again giving me sight once more of her delicious pussy.

"Swap places" she said quietly, giving me instructions to get off the bed. I did as I mia kalifa 1 hour story told, discarding my clothes in the meantime too so we were both now completely naked and watched as she lay down on her back, spreading her legs.

I didn't need any further invite than that as I once more set about giving my sister a loving lick, taking her swollen pussy lips between my own before using my tongue to lap at the luscious juice that flowed freely from within. I stopped and stared, encouraged as before where to lick and suck, but also to take in the beauty between her legs noting the folds and flaps that made up her wonderful sex. I used my fingers to probe adding to her pleasure as well as mine whilst feeling that pulsing ache between my own legs.

Chrissie was watching with a combination of a smile crossed with a look of concentration as I fingered the entrance to her hole whilst flicking her clit with my tongue, making her flinch. "Whoa! Steady Steven, it's really sensitive tonight" she said, which I assumed meant her clit. "In fact, give me a minute and come and fuck my tits!" I gave her a sloppy kiss on her pussy lips before mounting the bed and straddling her stomach.

She grabbed a breast in either hand and squeezed them together leaving me in no doubt where I was to put my girls ka chut ka sell kaisa ha erection. Pressing myself between her globes, she smiled up at me as she allowed easy access before I felt her flesh envelope me in a tight embrace. She then leaned forward and gave the end a quick suck as it was now sticking out near her chin, which added saliva to the natural pre-cum that was already escaping the end.

"Just a little help," she said, referring to the extra spit now on my cock. "Now just gently rock" she ordered. I once more did as instructed and within seconds had got into a nice rhythm as my cock slid between her tits poking its head out from between with each forward thrust. It looked a little comical for a start and I found myself almost laughing out loud as the head kept popping out from between and then disappearing from view like a tortoises head going in and out of its shell.

"That's it Steven, fuck my tits" she said whilst giving her own nipples a pinch. I pumped away, twisting myself slightly and reaching behind, blindly feeling for her sex which met with a gasp from Chrissie when I touched it.

My palm rested on her pussy mound as my fingers slid between her slick lips before I pushed two in as deep as I could.

Now her smile had faded to a look of determination as I started to pump the digits into her building her pleasure towards a climax. I exchanged her hand on her boob to my own so I was now kneading her breast at the front, pressing against the other still with my cock between whilst fingering her cunt from behind as I still slid effortlessly between the softness of her globes.

"You're gonna make me cum!" she said, her eyes half closed with pleasure, to which I replied "snap". "Harder!" she ordered, my fingers now squelching deep inside her as I thrust against her body both in and out. "Make me cum" she said again, her bottom half lifting slightly as if to both encourage me to go as deep as I could whilst also rocking me back and forth between her tits.

"Ahh shit Steven, I'm coming!" she said, her eyes now closing fully as I felt her muscles contract around my fingers whilst shallow breaths indicated her impending climax. "Oh fuck, me too!" I said as the first shot of spunk erupted from the end of my dick onto her neck.

'Ooh's' and 'aah's' escaped from both of our lips as we rocked and twisted using hands, fingers, tits and whatever else as our fluids erupted in a mutual orgasm until we slowed to a point where I pulled my sticky fingers from her hole as our hands released her breasts which in turn allowed my softening erection some air.

I pulled a face as an apology to the mess I had made schoolgirl suck grandpa old man dick her chest, although thankful it wasn't the first ejaculation of the day meaning at least there was a little less of it. But Chrissie didn't seem to care in the slightest, lifting her hands to rub in the gunk as if it was moisturiser!

"I think that's enough for one day little brother, don't you?" she asked as I 'unstuck' myself from her, un-straddling myself from her. "I don't think I'll ever have enough of you Chrissie" I said, grabbing some tissues and handing them to her. There was then silence in the room, and we heard no sounds from our parents room either as we looked at each other hesitantly, even holding our breaths. "Do you think&hellip.?" I mouthed silently to Chrissie. She shook her head, dismissing the idea that they had heard anything.

"They're probably both fast asleep now" she whispered, looking at my bedside clock and wiping away the last of my cum from her tits. "You really are incredible Chrissie" I said admiring her killer body as she pulled on her shirt, picking up her knickers but just carrying them. "And you're pretty good yourself," she replied nodding towards my limp dick. "I suppose you want me to delete those pictures now?" I asked. "To be honest Steven, I don't really care as long as they remain part of our little secret." I raised an eyebrow, teen gina valentina devours huge cock of burglar profusely and confirming that they would be shown to no-one, ever.

She then raised her phone and took a full frontal picture of me catching me by surprise. "Well now I have one of you naked as an insurance too!" she said with a little laugh. I looked annoyed. "You could have at least took that earlier when I was a little 'bigger'!" I said giving my flaccid cock a rub. Chrissie just shrugged her shoulders. "Well I might just have to do that another day then!" she added before giving me a kiss on the cheek and disappearing from my room with the stealth of a ninja.