Brooke gets fucked while she sun tans

Brooke gets fucked while she sun tans
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This is My first story, so I hope you all enjoy. "Fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk" I yelled as I orgasmed on my bed squirting everywhere. I teased my clit some more while the shaking and shivering from my orgasm died down.

This was my third orgasm today and I couldn't be more worn out. I limped to the bathroom and got some tissues. I came back into my room and cleaned everything up. I took a shower making sure to wash the stench off my pussy and everywhere else.

When I got out I threw on a night gown with a black thong and went into the kitchen to make supper. It was my job to cook, clean and make sure my brother and sister were in place.

My mom had died from a car crash 2 years ago so I was next in line to play mommy. My father did nothing but drink his life away.

He would wake up drink, got to work and drink there and then come home and drink some more. I didn't understand why he would drink his life away he is a very attractive man. He is 5'9 a solid 200 pound but it was all muscle. He had nice hazel eyes and curly brown hair that I've always dreamt about pulling on. I sat the kids at the table and we all dug in.

I heard my father come in just in time for dinner.

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He was all over the place drink, but found a way to sit at the dinner table. He sat next to me and remove the tin foil that was around his plate. "You guys finish eating?" He asked my siblings.

They nodded there head after awhile and he sent them up to bed. I tired to get up and he pulled me down. "Hold up I gotta talk to ya about something" I sat back down and waited for him to speak. He was talking his time so leant back in the chair and waited for what seemed like forever. He made take all the plates and put them in the sink and told me to meet him in his room.

---------------- "Yes daddy" I said standing in the doorway of his room. He was sitting at the computer desk. That's when he clicked chubby babe with huge melons gets nailed of something and turned around in the spinning computer chair.

"Come herrre" he said slurring his words obliviously drunken out of his mind. I came in the room and he patted his lap for me to sit on. I was hesitant but sat down facing the door.

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He rolled the chair over to the door and locked it scaring me. He then picked me up and turned me around so my front was to his front. We were face to face and I was in a straddling positions. Like cowgirl style. I could feel his erection pushing up on my pussy. It honestly felt amazing but I knew this was wrong.

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His dick was so hard the only thing stopping it from sinking inside of me and hitting my uterus was the very thin thong I had on and his boxers. "You know you've become a very pretty girl Amy. And sometimes daddy needs pretty girls to do things he did with mommy with" I nodded my head scared and slightly horny from his penis in between my legs. He kissed my neck and up and down my face. I pushed him off and tried to get up but he holded my thighs down.

"Daddy please stop.

He ripped my gown off and now I was left with just a thong on. "You wore this for daddy huh" He said taking my nipple in his mouth sucking on it like a lollipop. His caressed the other one in his hand with kneeding and softly biting the one in his mouth. It felt almost to good but this was wrong on so many levels. I tried to push him off and tell him no but he was too strong and those no's were turning into moans. "Fuck babygirl come on let's get you and me outta these clothes" He picked me up and layed me and the bed while stripping out of his clothes.

I took this time to make a run for it but he grabbed me and threw me back on the bed. He was fully naked and I only had my thong still on. He got on his knees and pried my legs apart. "Daddy please don't do thi- uhhhhhhhhhh" I moaned when his tongues came in contact with my clit. I've never felt anything this powerful like this. The little energy I had left I used it to try and push his off of me but I couldn't.

He started sucking on my clit and I went crazy. Next thing I knew I was pulling his face into my pussy begging for more. "Yesssssssssss daddy, Uh uh eat me please" "Oh My God Daddy don't stop please." "You want Daddy's dick" He said catching me off guard.

I tried to say no but it all happen to fast. He slammed his 8inch cock into me. Driving it inside and out. I felt so full of dick I couldn't do nothing but lay there while he fucked me into tomorrow. "Uh uh uh Ohhhhh baby your so fucking tight on daddy's dick" "Fuck girl we gone do this every night" "fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk" I felt pressure building up in my turning and the next thing I knew I was moaning out of the century.

"Oh daddy yesssssssssss, fuck me" "Harder you bastard fuck me Harder." I was now pushing up meeting his strokes. I felt something coming and his dick started to swell up in me.

"OH MY GOD DADDY IM FINNA CUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM" " IM CUMMMMING DADDY UHHHHHHHHHHH" My body shook uncontrollably. White liquid squirted out of me and my eyes close for a second. They opened once I felt my daddy hot teen sexy astonishing teenager plays e high def me hard.

"Damn baby I'm finna CUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM" "fuck I'm about to get you pregnant " I tried to push him off but he shot a glass full of semen into me causing me to have another orgasm. He shook and squirted all of his cum in me and fell on top of me. We both fell asleep with his dick in me. if I get alot of view and comment I might make a part two.

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