Stunning kimer lee and mandy flores share one boyfriend

Stunning kimer lee and mandy flores share one boyfriend
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2pm on Saturday afternoon and I just ended another god damn 70 hour work week and only had the next 34 hours off before I had to do it all over again. I hate that damn place, I hardly make shit and I work like slave. The fucking old lady spends my check before it is even in the bank, her n them no good kids are bleeding me dry.

I knew I should have never gotten married and had them three kids. Two boys back to back, only a year apart and then my little girl, lora squirts during a foursome squirting group sex as can be, but dumb as a box of rocks, just like her ma. Best I can hope for is that she don't get knocked up before she moves outta the house.

Every Saturday was the same 'ol routine. Work then down to the corner tavern to meet up with the same guys I'd known all my life.

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We were practically brothers, all four of us were rowdy as hell and really don't give a damn about much these days. Drinking is the only there is to do, besides it keeps me away from that fucking mad house I call home. Teenagers in and out, always wanting something but never lifting a damn finger to earn their keep.

I shook my head just thinking about it. I needed to teach them a lesson or two about the hard knocks in life I learned as a young boy. I spit on the ground every time I even think about my pop and how I grew up. Love mama but my daddy was a true son-of-a-bitch and I celebrated the day we buried him 6 ft.

deep. Bootylicious babe gurgles a massive load cumshot and blonde blame him for the way I think. Everything he put me through, as much as I hated i t at the time, lately I catch these thoughts creepin' into my head about me doing the same things that my daddy did to me and I can't seem to the thoughts outta my head. That's one reason why I drink so much these days.

Gotta try to fight the urge I've been havin. I put out my cigarette as I open the door to the bar and heard by buddies, already liquored up,laughing bitching and giving the bar keep a hard time as she poured another round of shots for the gang. Tonight was going to be a wild one, I could promise you that. It was my best buddy Jack's birthday and we kicked it up a notch when we actually had something to celebrate.

After a couple hours of hard core drinking, my wife called me to let me know that her sister was sick and that she was driving out to take care of her for a couple of days. I hung up the phone and told the guys "Crap. The wife has to go outta town and is leaving me with those damn kids, fuck me." Jokingly Jack said "Damn, there went my birthday present. I was hoping you were gonna let me fuck your wife tonight." The guys found it funny and we all shared a laugh. I chuckled at the thought and replied, "Well the wife's outta the question for the evening, but I do have a daughter and two boys back at the house that you could have your way with." My craziest friend Charlie jumped in right away telling the guys that he saw my daughter just the other day and her tits were so tight under her tank top he couldn't help but staring.

He nodded as he told them that she was looking real nice. Even I couldn't deny that fact. She had turned out to be one sexy little piece of ass & knew all the teenage boys in town couldn't wait to get an opportunity to get her alone and get their dicks wet.

I am her own damn father and I find that I find myself having impure thoughts as she prances around the house in just her bra and panties. I swear she does it on purpose. The other day I swear I caught a devilish grin on her face as she kissed me one the check before leaving the house wearing a low cut top with her tits practically shoved in my face. It's like she enjoys catching me sometimes looking at her that way so she does it even more. Fucking little tease. I could tell what my friend Ray, who was a little on the bi-side, was thinking when I had mentioned my two boys.

It didn't bother none of us, cause when we were growing up, Ray would suck us all off every chance he got. Even now, every once and awhile after one alexis deen and isabel threesome session on the couch our nights of drinking he will crash at my place and before passing out give me one of those old fashioned jobs where I blow it all over his face.

I knew if he had the chance to play with my boys, he would jump at it in an instant. Knowing what Ray was thinking was exactly the kind of thoughts that I was trying to drink away. My own dad had taught me what he thought it meant to earn my keep when I was much younger then my own kids and every night growing up he had his way with me.

My mama knew of his dirty little secret, and sometimes if daddy was real mad at her he would force her to watch and sometimes even join in as he abused my ass and cock as if it was his for the taking. If mamma cried or refused, her punishment would only turn out for the worst. One time daddy called up all of his buddies, who took turns beating and fucking her over and over while holding me down and making me watch. Just when I thought it was over, daddy told me it was about time I found out what a pussy felt like since I had already had my share of dick and ass.

I resisted but I knew that there was nothing I could do to get out of what daddy was going to make me do. My first taste of what a woman felt like was my own super small teen anal xxx switching things up. Daddy made damn sure that I exploded inside of her pussy and then allowed his friends to do with me as they wanted for the rest of the night. Hours later, my friends now, completely obliterated from drinking all afternoon, were still fantasizing about how hot it would be to force or rape someone.

They came up with multiple fucked up scenarios of what they would do with the opportunity if it ever presented itself to them. Admittedly, I was just as wasted as my friends when I blurted out "Fuck it, let's do it!" "Do what?" Charlie asked when I surprised them all with my sudden outburst. "My kids, let's do it." I told them in a serious tone. "Let's all go back to my house and teach those fucked up kids a lesson. They ain't worth a shit, and I don't give a fuck." The whole table went silent for a moment while all of my buddies pondered the idea of actually raping my three teens.

It was Ray that piped up first and excitedly agreed that he was in. It took a few minutes for the rest of the guys to admit that they really wanted to go through with it too.

"Now you can't just all take turns raping my daughter. If we are going back to my place to teach them kids who is boss, all of you have to make sure that all three get their punishment, agreed?" "Oh, and one more thing.

No one fucks that cunt before I do." Everyone nodded their heads in agreement to show that they understood my two conditions. Charlie, visibly nervous over the idea, yelled for the bartender that we needed a double round of shots, which she delivered to us a few minutes later. Jack raised his shot to initiate a toast "Our liquid courage" he proclaimed "so that we can take my birthday celebration back to Judds' place & have the most fucked up night of our lives".

We clanked our shot glasses together and downed the shots one after the other and then all of us got up and headed straight for the front door. We pulled up to the house and got out of the truck ready to execute the plan that we had decided on during the ride home.

All three of the kids were downstairs in the living room watching TV together so it would be easy for us to gain control of them quickly before they even had time to suspect that anything out of the ordinary was going to happen to them.

I told the guys to be cool as we walked through the front door. We decided not to waste any time so as soon as we entered the living room, it was up to me and Ray to wrestle down the two boys and Charlie was going take care of the girl. Jack locked the doors, poured the shots and went to go and line up a few for us to keep the fun going all night long. The kids were startled and shocked when all of the sudden we seized control of the otherwise normal evening activities and they were being forced down to the ground, and grown men they trusted ripping their clothes off of them.

All three were screaming and begging for us to let them go. Once we had the children secured, I told the guys to take them down the hall into the bedroom that I share with my wife. Just knowing how little sexual activity I have had in my bed for so long now, I felt a jolt of excitement knowing I was going to rape my kids in the very spot that cold bitch of a wife laid down every night refusing to satisfy her own husbands sexual needs & desires.

Wishing she was there to have to watch oral pleasure and hard sex homemade hardcore was about to occur to her own babies, in her sheets.

It would have served her right to have watch as I forced myself onto our own little girl. If she would have only fulfilled her wifely duties, I might have been able to silence my inner demons long enough for the kids to grow up and move out of house. Without a way to release some of my sexual tension I couldn't fight my need to act on my fantasies & desires and go back to what I know: Incest. She knew what her abstinence could eventually drive me to do.

Japanese mom son full sex drama this point, after planning this very moment in my mind for for so long now, I knew that I was about to unleash a monster that would never go back into hiding. I was about to feel the most intense pleasure from raping my children that I could ever imagine.

The time had come and I was thrilled. Charlie and Ray had control of the boys while I stood behind my little girl, excitement building in anticipation, kissing her neck, whispering to her that she shouldn't have tempted me with her seductive ways. I spatted at her that by acting like a whore at such a young age, she enticed me into letting this happen to her and her brothers.

Mad at her for the way she pranced around the house. It was like she was begging him to take what she had been throwing in everyone's face.

I kissed her hard on the mouth and said "Thank you" I grabbed her from behind holding her by the neck so she wouldn't miss what her brothers would have to endure for her sins. Forcing her to watch them fear for what was about to come, I ordered Charlie and Ray to rip the boys naughty america full movies ruby rayes clothes off and begin acting out all of the sick things they wanted to do to them.

I encouraged them to rape the boys tight assholes and yelled out to them to beat them harder amature drunk mom forced blacks teach them what they were now expected to do: they are to pleasure us sexually from here on out. I told them that anytime any one of us wanted they were to do as they were told.

I couldn't help but get extremely aroused by the sight of Ray and Charlie taking turns forcing their swollen dicks in my boys mouths waiting for the moment to come when I watched the pain on their faces as their holes were ripped open with force for the first time.

Both Charlie and Ray moaned loudly as they bent them over the side of the bed and entered from behind. I couldn't wait for my turn to once again feel an asshole wrapped around my cock and I found the knowledge that the ass I would be entering was that of my own son's.

It only made the sensation in my cock deeper then I had ever felt before. Knowing tonight would now make them available to service me anytime I got the ache that only another man could satisfy. There would no longer be any more yearning until the next time I could find a guy to be with after tonight I can just cross the hall and get it anytime I want.

And I have a feeling that I am going to crave it A LOT. The boys cried the whole time they were being fucked for the first time.

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Ray couldn't get enough and yelled out that we was going to explode and ordered me to force the boy's mouth open to receive his load. It was dirty hot watching him gag as he received the largest cum shot I had ever seen. Ray forced him to swallow his load. Seeing Ray cum in the other boys mouth made Charlie fuck faster and harder until he unloaded inside the tight new zealand porn diary in jakarta he was fucking and exclaiming that he had never felt anything so amazing as a virgin ass.

He couldn't wait to switch and feel it all over again when he had his way with my youngest boy. Charlie genesis and leyla making a dick very happy Ray finished and I knew it was my turn to teach them a lesson. My friends held the boys down so they could not fight back so that they could let me enjoy my moment of glory without much struggle or interference.

Behind me, Jack was fondling my daughter's sweet little titties and touching her in between her legs for the first time ever.

I wondered if she was feeling any excitement as his fingers entered into her private spot and she felt a man touch her for the first time. Jack was growing impatient; he wanted to unwrap his "present" and demanded that if I wanted to take my daughters virginity I better get over there and take it soon before he couldn't control himself any longer and took her for himself.

Just the thought of feeling my dick go deep inside my daughter made me quiver with excitement. I wanted her to cry out when I entered her tight pussy and broke through the virgin skin that still remained even though it was masked by a bald hairless pussy.

One might have been fooled at the sight and get the impression that she was no longer pure underneath. The tightness and resistence I got at the initial penetration proved to me that I was the first and only man that had ever entered her sacred tunnel. I wanted badly to control myself and make it last as long as I could, but once I felt her holly heart and aubrey gold amazing way in the bedroom tight pink pussy get wetter with every thrust I was made into her, only drove me to force my dick down deeper and deeper inside of her.

With every motion it became more apparent that the demon inside me that had lusted over every inch of my young girls body for all of this time had now taken all of my control away and I soon had only a second to brace myself before I felt the most explosive orgasm that I have ever had in my life.

My cum filled every nook and craves of her under aged pussy with my white creamy juices, although I never really intended on placing my seed inside of her I was so turned on at the thought of me impregnating her and having her bare my child, I could not pass up the temptation. I whispered in her ear after kissing her hard on the mouth. "Now your daddies special little whore.

You're mine now. I just placed our child inside of you." Hearing that made her sobs grow even louder and she kept asking over and over "Why daddy, why are you hurting us. We are your flesh and blood." leading dwith me through her sad eyes begging for us to stop. It was too late and the damaged had already been done. I would never be able to go back to only fantasizing and wishing I could feed the hunger inside of me that has been eating away at my core. The hunger inside of me seemed only to increase instead of diminish.

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It was time for these kids to learn the life I experienced as I child even younger then they are now. I watched as my friends all took turns gang banging her body, now emotionless from the hours of terror she and her brothers were put through. All three kids were beaten, bloody and filthy with our sweat and semen by the time Sunday afternoon rolled around and it was time for the boys and I to end our sexual party.

After everyone was gone, I couldn't help but allow myself one more round with each one of them alone. I started with huge tits milf and hot teen threesome on massage table blondes and bigcock oldest son and made him sit on my hard cock while sucking hard on my nipples and I told him what I wanted him to say to me, he was to begme to drive my cock deeper in his ass.

After two days of pain, he resigned to just obeying my every command. I once again found my cum shooting inside his ass. I was marking my territory one might say.

Next I felt the warmth of my daughters vagina wrap tight around me for the last time of my conquest, and it dawned on me that I had never felt a cunt as perfect as the one I just entered not on any another bitch that I ever fucked. My youngest boy asked me to spare him any more pain, and I looked down at his bloody ass and it only made me to want to force my way inside even more.

I laughed and rammed my dick inside of him harder then I probably should have…but he needed to learn his duty was to please my every need. If that meant a bloody ass and beaten body then he should never complain.

Lost in the moment, I didn't even hear the front door open and aubree jade cam girl pussy2 that my wife had come home a few hours early. I guess I will never know how long she stood in the doorway before I noticed she was there. How I wish I could have seen her face as she opened the door to our bedroom and walked into the nightmare of seeing her children all naked, beaten and terrified in our bed by the actions brought down upon them by their own father.

We locked eyes for a moment and the color drained quickly from my wife's face when she saw my eyes and realized that our family was never going to be the same again. The hate and fury that caused my eyes to completely change scared her to the core and she was terrified I might hurt her, a punishment that was sure to be 10 times more brutal then the children received.

My wife didn't say a word, she just turned quickly around and closed the door behind her, as if she never saw anything at all. We would never mentioned what she saw that day and pretended that she didn't know the continued acts of sexual gratification with their own spawn was taking place nightly within the walls of her own home.

I was dead to her now, and her glare told me that in her eyes all that remained of me was a monster that could not get enough to satisfy the beast.To remain safe my wife was forced to look the other way, praying that I would not come after her to unleash my rage. I continued to have my way with the kids as I wanted, when I wanted.

She prayed each night would be the last. The last time has yet to come.