Dick rubbing pussy cumshot and pays rent once the lollipop came out it didnt take much

Dick rubbing pussy cumshot and pays rent once the lollipop came out it didnt take much
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Chapter 4 -- "First attempt, bound and hanging" She owns an older house in the suburbs with an attached 2 car garage. She decided to sell my car, as she said I could walk the half mile to the town commuter lot and take the bus to work. She said it would keep me in better shape for her weekend enjoyment.

I'm 5' 11" and weigh 170#, but she thinks I'm getting a bit pudgy. She also thought the extra space would make a great place for an idea she had, as the ceiling is much higher then in the cellar. She had seen one of my computer porn pictures of a girl bound and hanging from a hook, and she instructed me to do a similar thing to myself that weekend.

I decided to use the garage door opener (it was disconnected from the door) to raise me up after I bound myself. First I moved the down limit switch to give only about 2 feet of travel. Next I attached a 1/2" pulley under the control unit and ran a 3/16" wire rope from the movable carriage and thru the pulley so it hung down.

On that end I secured a medium sized hook. With the carriage next to the control (where it would be if the door were fully raised) the hook was about 4 feet from the garage floor.

Kneeling under the hook, I attempted to tie myself like I remembered the girl in the picture. First I placed a short rope over the hook and down and across the long axis of my left calf. Next I wrapped another rope several times around both the upper and lower parts of my folded left leg and over the hook rope, before securing it's ends in a mina leigh and jenner get busy behind jail cell amateur and young. I repeated this on my right leg.

I now pulled on the two free ends of the hook rope to make it as tight as possible, and knotted them on top of my calves. That should lift my legs up about 2 feet off the floor when the door opener button is pressed. I next threw another short rope over my right shoulder and down my back with the end by my right foot where I could reach it.

Now I wrapped a long rope several times around my chest, tight nice kitten gives a head in pov and gets spread snatch plowed my arm pits and over the rope down my back, before knotting it in front of me. The last rope for me to tie was the one over my shoulder.

Taking the end by my right foot, I reached up and looped it over the hook and pulled it as tight as I could before tying a bowline in it as close to the hook as possible.

I put the other end thru the loop of the bowline, and again made it as tight as possible before knotting it. She came when I called and used a similar double knot I left her to bind my crossed wrists behind me. Pushing the remote button, my knees are indeed raised about 2 feet off the floor. I am slightly tipped back and will need to correct that next time. Taking a strip of towel she had brought with her, she wraps it around my head and over my eyes, before knotting it behind my head.

"There is nothing here you need to be looking at," she says, "and I have another surprise for you!" It's NOT going to be my lucky day. She must have been looking at more porn pictures, where she discovered that regular wooden clothes pins placed on nipples can cause a whole lot of discomfort, which is just what she seems to like for me. I feel a sharp pain from my nipples as she places one on each of them, as she says, "This will give you something new to think about during your evening swing." Pushing me by my ass, I slowly swing back and forth as she walks back inside the house.

It seemed like about an hour later that she returned, saying, "I brought your favorite paddle with me, do you remember it from the cellar?" I grunted and she reminds me the proper response is "Yes, Mistress," as she gives me a sharp crack to my ass.

This causes me to jerk just enough to shake the clothes pins, causing more pain and her more pleasure. She giggles, and says, "I think you have earned a few of these." After a dozen or more on each cheek, she retreats back to the house. Just before her bedtime, she returns to removed my nipple pins, which causes pain again as the blood returns to them. Uniting my wrists, she lowers me back to the floor.

After releasing myself, I spend an almost comfortable night in the guest bed room again.

+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Chapter 5 -- "Don't leave hairs on the sink" Just my luck a few weeks later, she finds a hair on the bathroom sink.

I was never even sure it was even mine, but that didn't make any difference to her.

There was too much hair on my body, especially around my crotch she informs me. Did she expect me to shave it all off, I don't think so and I told her so. For some reason she seemed to agree with me, did I win that one?

I failed to see the smirk on her face. That Friday night when I returned from work, the conversation got around to our separate sleeping arrangements. From there she turned it into the fact that she thought I was sometimes walking in my sleep. By this time she was getting very good a tying ropes herself, so she told me she was going to tie me to my bed to prevent any night walking.

I had better take care of any sanitary problems before hand, or I could just clean up the mess in the morning. After the early evening news, she claimed she wanted to get to bed.

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This meant that I was going to get tied to the guest bed early also. Little did I know that her plan had nothing to do with walking in my sleep. I will admit that when she finished, it was the best spread eagle tie I could imagine anyone had ever done. I was well impressed with her new ability and told her so. She had added another set of ropes around my waist and over the band of my boxer shorts, and to each side of the bed.

It took all of my concentration to keep my cock for standing tall while she did that. No more ice packs for me, I win another one. "At least there will be no sleep walking for you tonight," she remarked, as she turns the lights off and I settle in for what should be a quiet night. Just as I'm about to doze off to dream land, I realize she is standing over me with something in her hand.

I open my mouth to speak and she jams a wash cloth into it. Using a tongue depressor, she manages to push the whole cloth into my mouth, and then she proceeds to tie another strip of material around my head and across latina teen zaya cassidy oiled up riding cock mouth so there is no way I'm spitting the cloth out. Lifting my head, she shoves a large thick pillow under it, "Now you will be able to also watch what I'm about to do to you." Only being able to mumble, I will have to wait and wonder what diabolical activity she is now planning.

I was soon to find out. Next she arrives with my portable work light from the cellar that she positions over my crotch area. Taking a pair of scissors from her pocket, (is she going to give me a hair cut there?) she cuts the shorts down the middle and then down each leg, and also off from the front of the waist band. By doing this she has exposed my entire crotch and I am unable to keep my cock from rising.

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Seeing this, she spits at me, "Tonight a stiff pecker is a freebie, but I don't think it's going to stay hard for very long!" It sounds like I'm not going to enjoy the reason why. "As you were so adamant early this week about not doing the shaving of this area, I will have to do the removing of the hair myself. I do know how to shave as I do it on my own body, but because of your earlier attitude, I have decided not to shave you.

That should make you happy as I might be tempted to miss, and lop your cock right off." With that remark, my manhood wilted almost to nothing. "Now for the reason I stuffed the wash cloth so tightly in your mouth.

And also why I added the extra rope around your waist tonight," she continued in as sinister a tone as she could. "I would hate to have the neighbors hear you screaming all night and call the cops." "You see, I have my tweezers, and I'm going to remove all your crotch hair, one strand at a time with them. Never fear as you will smell good the whole time as I have your after shave to use as I proceed." Memories of hot pepper on a spanked ass flash thru my mind, and if I could have seen it, my cock was now shriveled back to almost nothing.

"And this may take me all night, but that's OK, as I had a good long nap this afternoon while you were still working." My body winces as the first hair is yanked out by it's roots. Beads of sweat pop out all over my body and now my cock WAS nothing.

A second hair and then a third, follow the way of the first one. My whole body reacts each time, for me it's going to be real couple gets dirty in front of camera very, very long night. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++