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Sex first time xxx story big fucked mp4 com
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SLUT 4 U by Sinistra Part VI 'Mmm, do you like my tits? You wanna, mmm, see my, oooh, my pointy nipples?' Darius' erection became painfully uncomfortable as he bent down to tie his shoelaces whilst watching Isabelle's video message on his phone.

When he'd received the notification, and seen who it was from, he had only expected a naughty message or photo - but Darius was pleasantly surprised, and had immediately rushed to put on his coat and leave.

'You better stop or I'm gonna come…' She's gone. Luscious babe angela white loves anal dicking thought, picking up his phone as he stepped out of his room.

She's completely gone. He knew Scarlett from school (barely) but of course he never knew her to be like this - she'd never had a boyfriend, and as far as anyone knew she was still a virgin. She barely knows me but she's willing to cum on camera for me.

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Fuck that's hot. He chuckled to himself in glee as he texted her. Holy shit. 5 minutes. Don't move. Immediately she responded. Wouldn't dream of it. I made her all horny lol. We're at 43 Evewell Drive if u don't know xx He bounded downstairs, unable to get out fast enough. He put his keys in the backdoor, turned them in the lock, step- 'Darius?

You're not just going to leave without saying goodbye, are you?' He shut his eyes and exhaled slowly.

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'Hi mum. I'm just going to see some friends. I'll be back soon, I promise.' 'Alright, don't get tetchy. I'm just wondering what you're doing, that's all. Where's your helmet?' Darius groaned. 'Look, can't I just-' 'Wait right there.' His mother rushed out of the kitchen, and Darius wheeled his bike out of the shed. 'Here,' she said, planting the helmet on his head. 'now cycle safely.

And don't be too long, I'm cooking your dinner soon, mind you, so don't have too much fun.' 'I will.' He said, as she kissed him on the cheek. 'There. Bye now!' 'Bye mum.' Darius had never cycled harder in his life. The aching stiffness in his trousers strained with each pedal, but with the pain there grew an itching anticipation.

It was only a short distance, and within minutes he was hastily locking up his bike to her fence. He walked up the pathway, out of breath, and knocked on the door. He half-expected to be greeted by one of her parents, and then realise he had hallucinated the whole thing - but the door opened to reveal Scarlett, smiling shyly at him, and - wow! Nude from the waist down, only wearing a burgundy halter top. 'Oh.

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Hi Darius. Isabelle said you'd be here soon.' Goosebumps erupted on her pale skin as the cool breeze tickled her bare flesh. She shivered. 'She said you liked the, um, video.' 'Yeah.' he muttered. Apart from her pink labia her skin was a wonderful porcelain, and when she was out of her usual school uniform her hips were as wide and breasts voluptuous as he'd ever seen them. Oh my God… 'Darius, are you coming in?' She whined.

'I'm getting cold!' He realised he had frozen in the doorway, completely oblivious to anything but her lush figure. 'Oh, yeah. Of course. By the way, you're, uh, not wearing any, uh.' He said, shutting the door behind him and indicating towards her lower half.

She looked down and gasped. 'Oh, um, sorry. My thoughts are just all over the place today.' She blushed, and her hands moved over her sex, inadvertently pressing her breasts together. Darius hung his coat up and pulled her warm waist towards his.

'No, Scarlett. Don't be sorry.' He said softly. 'You look wonderful.' He met no resistance as he pulled her arm away and began to stroke between her thighs. She mewled softly. 'Oh, Darius! You shouldn't! I- I- Oh God, I don't know.I.I'm just so needy today. It feels so good, I can't, oh, I can't control myself. I've been such a slut, but- oh…what's wrong with tattooed hottie craves for a stiff dick He scared into her wide blue eyes.

'Scarlett, there's nothing wrong with you. People might think you're too slutty, or too horny, or whatever - but what really matters is scratching that hot little itch in your pussy, right? That's all that matters. Looking sexy, being sexy - look at you!

You were born to be desired, to fuck. Don't you think?' He squeezed her bare bottom, pulling her warm body against his. Scarlett bit her lip. 'I mean.I guess that sounds nice.

But I'm just so horny today, and it doesn't feel right - I let Isabelle finger me, and now I'm letting you finger me - I barely know you!' 'How does that make you feel, Scarlett? Be honest.' he asked tenderly She hesitated. 'Really.really hot.' she said quietly 'And I can't stop myself.' 'Of course, Scarlett - but why would you want to? Nothing matters when your pussy feels this good, right?

It feels good, doesn't it?' She nodded. ' good…' Her fingers played with the hem of her top. 'And things can't be bad if they feel so good right?' hot chick michelle martinez experiences anal dicking She clenched her thighs on his intruding fingers.

A look of worry crossed her face, but then, looking hopeful, she smiled. 'Yeah. That makes sense. Oh Darius!' She peppered his cheek with a flurry of wet kisses. 'Isabelle told me how smart you are!' 'Hey, let's get you upstairs. Don't want Isabelle getting lonely.' He kept his arm round her waist as they ascended, her tits bouncing under her top with each step. 'Isabelle!' she called, opening her bedroom door. 'Darius is here- oh.' Isabelle was lying seachpetite teens first massive cock upwards on Scarlett's bed, her mini skirt pulled up to her waist and her legs dangling over each side of the bed.

Her face was flushed and so was her bare, shaven pussy. Anxious hands ran the length of her thighs to her knees and back, her legs quivering. Scarlett stepped backwards, mumbling an apology. 'Gosh, I'm sorry, I didn't realise you would be…' her panicked voice trailed off into a sigh as Darius reached round her shoulders and began to massage her breasts through the top.

Darius was struggling to tear his office domination and teen dildo gape switching things up from the wanton display before him. He gulped. 'You've shaved.' Isabelle smiled sweetly at him. 'Mhm. Do you like it?' 'Yeah.' he replied in a strangled gasp. Isabelle relished in his wicked gaze, a naughty thrill running through her.

But there was something else.oh yes. 'I did it, Darius! I did it. That's the first task done, right?' Isabelle's asked him softly as she stood up and sauntered towards him.

She was so adorable that Darius almost felt pity for her. He nuzzled his face into Scarlett's shoulder, eliciting a series of soft moans and fluttering cooes.

'That's funny, because here I am thinking that Scarlett is so horny that she would give herself up to the first person who looked at her. Is that right Scarlett?' Scarlett's eyes fluttered open. 'Mmm, what? Oh.don't stop…' A mischievous glint shone in Darius' eye. He shrugged his shoulders, as if to say told you.

Isabelle, her needy body glowing with a sweaty sheen, gave an exasperated sigh. 'Darius! Stop being difficult. I did it fair and square. Now, uh, please just…if you have any kindness left in you.' she took his hand in hers, and guided it between her legs. He didn't touch, but her sex emanated warmth, yearning for some relief.

'Can't you see I'm desperate?' She looked at him plaintively. Darius nodded, half distracted by Scarlett's shrill, clipped groans that occurred whenever his hands brushed over her nipples, the two soft nubs now pushing against the fabric. 'Ok, ok. I'll see what I can do.' He then whispered something in Scarlett's ear that Isabelle couldn't quite make out, but from the way she shuddered, and from the sultry stare she shot Isabelle, she had a faint idea.

Scarlett lifted up her top and threw it to the floor, her pale breasts jiggling. Suddenly she grabbed Isabelle and pushed her onto the bed, a look of wild glee painting her face as she dove between her legs, licking and nuzzling ravenously like a thirsty puppy.

Isabelle tensed up, a terrified chill gripping her. She instinctively tensed her thighs, forcing Scarlett's assault deeper within. Oh God, oh no, but Darius, the rules, he said no one could 'Ah! D-Darius, look what she's - Oh God - she's licking me!' She stared at him, petrified.

Oh no I'm going to come and Darius is going to hate me for disobeying him but I can't stop her it feels so good why won't he help me I'm not strong enough to resist lovely teen model and toys webcam masturbate homemade no no Darius bit his tongue to stop himself from laughing as he pretended to ignore the cries and squeals coming from the bed.

'Isabelle, relax. This is your reward; enjoy it.' He reassured her as he took off his trousers. She gasped for breath, dangerously close to being utterly submerged by the pleasure. 'B-but…' She managed before her eyelids fluttered shut. Darius crouched and began to massage Scarlett's creamy thighs, his erection straining before him. 'That rule seems a bit outdated. I'm sure we can make a few exceptions…' As Isabelle began to shiver and shriek, pulling Scarlett's head closer, Darius reflected on the sight before him.

A porcelain skinned redhead making love to a caramel-toned brunette was something he had only fantasised about alone, but he could still hardly believe these two nubile beauties were willing to do it before him - for him! Is there anything better than this? He watched Scarlett crawl along Isabelle's body, her fiery red hair splayed wildly down her slender back, as she licked and nuzzled every inch of smooth skin up to Isabelle's lips. Darius was brought out of his reverie when Scarlett began murmuring something to Isabelle in between kisses.

'Your boyfriend is so cool Isabelle. You're so lucky.' Darius felt something stir within him. He realised he'd never actually considered that aspect of their relationship. He had only planned for her to be his sex-toy and never considered anything more.

But after some contemplating he realised it would indeed be quite strange to just keep her around without calling her his 'girlfriend'.

What would everyone else think? He knew he had the power and ability to just enjoy her without getting involved with the whole courting process or normal convention - but saying it would just make things easier to deal with, despite the strange feeling it left on the end of his tongue as he murmured it. 'Isabelle is my girlfriend. Isabelle is my girlfriend. I am her boyfriend.' It wasn't a big deal. After all, any normal person would cut off their right arm to enjoy having Isabelle around their other.

'Mmmh, it's clear you don't know him very well. He can be such an asshole, but it's times like these,' Isabelle squeezed Scarlett's rump, easing her friend's legs apart, 'that I can almost forgive him.' She shot Darius a taunting, yet shockingly sexy glance.

He raised his eyebrows, but said nothing. 'Aw, Isabelle you're just being mean. He's so nice.and he feels so nice, especially when he touches my.titties and…down there…' Isabelle squealed as Scarlett's chest brushed against hers, their nipples kissing. Tingles of pleasure shot through her, accentuated by the feel of Scarlett's smooth, warm body atop hers.

'You're only saying that because of how horny you are. You're not really-' 'Exactly! It feel so good! I can't describe- oh! I didn't even realise I liked girls til this afternoon.

How weird is that? But now, touching you, feeling you, I just want to…' Scarlett locked her in another fierce kiss, their bodies writhing together. Isabelle rolled her eyes, but she knew she couldn't resist, especially given the opportunity to put on such a hot show for Darius, whose painfully erect penis jutted out, seeking their soft, slippery depths. He stood there, watching them roll as one, melting into each others caresses, a wonderful feast of feminine flesh. He watched as their legs intertwined, their sexes a hair's width away from each other.

He could watch no longer. With strong hands he forced both pairs of legs to spread, his hands being coated by sweat and other juices in the process. Both girls lay on top of each other at the end of the bed, presenting themselves to his ravenous gaze. 'My turn.' With both pink prizes before him, he made his choice and held his dick as he guided it into Scarlett's wetness, the velvety walls of her tight pussy simultaneously relieving and spurning his aching desire.

He noticed her hymen was still intact, and so gently teased her with gentle strokes. She sighed, her hands gripping the bed sheets, holding up her body. 'Issy, your boyfriend is - he's.fucking me.' Isabelle looked up at her friend, whose innocent doe-eyes were wide with delight.

'You know how hard it is not to touch myself right now, Darius?' 'You could always ask your friend. Oh, and she's a virgin, it seems.' Confusion flashed across Scarlett's faced. 'Am I?' she mouthed. Surely that's not right.

I'm a.i'm a sizzling hot brunette gives marvelous blowjob and gets pussy slammed d would I be.surely I've had… but her thoughts were interrupted as Darius thrust into her suddenly and Isabelle began massaging her clit. 'Oh!' She bit her lip.

'Issy, I don't want you to feel bad, but your boyfriend is, uh, he's making me feel real good down there…' Isabelle smiled. How precious. Scarlett was adorable, but Isabelle couldn't help but feel a little bit jealous as Scarlett began moaning and bucking blissfully on top of her.

'Hey, I've got a pussy too. I wouldn't mind so much if you would just…' 'Oh no, I'm les fruits de la passion the sex scenes sorry!' Scarlett guiltily moved her fingers in between Isabelle's legs, and began to caress her moist slit. 'Is this good? Am I doing it right?' Isabelle gently guided her hand, showing her what to stroke, where to touch, how to make her scream. Soon Scarlett was out of breath, and her warm sweaty body lay down on Isabelle's for support, their sexes kissing, juices mixing.

'I think.I think I'm gonna…' Scarlett yelped, and as she quivered, her thighs clenching, her passion trickled out of her overflowing pussy. Her nipples traced along Isabelle's skin, sending ripples of pleasure across a cascading ocean of lust. 'Fuck fuck fuck fuck yessss…so good' Isabelle couldn't handle the onslaught on her senses, the smell of Scarlett's musk, the taste of her lips, the burning in her pussy, Scarlett's lust-intoxicated moaning.and as Scarlett began to frig herself, her knuckles would graze Isabelle's clit, sending her into a whirlwind of orgasmic ecstasy.

'Isabelle! I never knew you were so wild!' Scarlett gasped. 'Mmh, yeah well, here's a little's really fucked up.Darius.he did something to me, something to my mind.made me his.slut.' 'Wow, that's sexy. You must be sooo grateful.

Oh God, I wish someone could, like, control my mind and make me a slut too!' 'Mmm, fuck, are you on the pill?' Darius asked Scarlett. She was still bucking, her hair flying, and apparently oblivious. 'Scarlett. Are you on the pill?' He demanded. She giggled.

'Oh my God, are you gonna knock me up, you stud? Oh fuck, that's so hot, I can't.oh my God Japanese couple fucking passionately live h spicygirlcam such a slut, I can't have a child, fuck me but-' This is not the day I ruin my life with an unwanted child just because some slut is begging for it Darius thought, and stepped back, his dick popping free sloppily.

Scarlett mewled in sadness as he began thrusting into Isabelle instead, who was more than happy to accomodate. 'Fuck, and now, oh my God he's fucking you with his wet dick, oh my God, with my juices, damn that's so hot' Scarlett was jabbering uncontrollably as her fingers plunged into her honeypot, desperately thrusting inside. As soon as he felt his dick inside those familiar silky walls, he could feel himself about to boil over. 'It's so tight, I'm gonna…wait, Scarlett, come here.' Scarlett clambered off Isabelle and turned towards him.

'Yes?' Her hand was still thrusting between her thighs. 'Come.come closer.' He gasped. Scarlett awkwardly shuffled towards him on her knees, her back arched, presenting her full, retrousse tits. 'Oh shit.' he muttered as he felt his orgasm erupt, and saw his seed spurt onto Scarlett's wonderful, luscious globes. Creamy white ropes of come painted her smooth skin, her pale breasts shining with his cum. She squeezed her boobs together, looking down in wonder, as Isabelle began massaging the thick jizz onto her chest, rosy nipples hard and protruding from her breasts, thrust out from her back.

A naughty thrill ran through her as she realised how slutty she must look. It's only fitting for such a horny girl… she rationalised. Besides, who what girl wouldn't want a gorgeous girl is rubbing the cum of a hunk into her tits? She put her hand back between her thighs, coating her fingers with juices, and began to rub her own nipples, making a mixture of all their passionate lovemaking.

'Mmmh.soo nice.' She didn't stop to hesitate as Isabelle presented her fingers to Scarlett, who mindlessly sucked the tangy fluids with wanton abandon. She could only mewl and sigh as Isabelle felt a sudden urge, and proceeded to lick her breasts, lapping up the milky liquid; paying special attention to her nipples, delicately caressing her breasts with her voracious tongue. Scarlett's moans died as she began to fade into a hazy unconsciousness, a pleasant, horny drunken stupor overtaking her.

She slumped back on the bed, asleep before her head reached her pillow. 'Hey, now that I guess we're - y' - you should probably invite me round to meet your parents.' Darius murmured to Isabelle as they cuddled on the side of the bed. They watched Scarlett's beautiful chest rise and fall with each peaceful breath.

It glowed with a wet sheen, all remnants of their passion consumed with delight by Isabelle. 'Mmmh, okay. I can do that.' A nagging feeling of doubt tainted what would have been a calming post-coital snuggle with her.boyfriend, as she wondered how to broach the subject of her next task. Sure, hot milf sucking tight teen pussy and wants cock one would undoubtedly by slutty and enjoyable whilst it lasted, but what if he just denied her?

She didn't want to find out whether she'd be capable of resisting if he did, which is why her voice was tinged with trepidation when she asked him 'So - about my next task…' 'Oh - didn't I mention? It's just to invite me round for dinner. Why, were you thinking of something else?' He asked, a wicked glimmer in his eye.

She nuzzled closer to him, their still naked bodies comfortable in each others' warmth. 'No, no that's fine. I promise. Thank you.' Darius couldn't help but feel somewhat remorseful, knowing that Isabelle had no idea what was in store for her. And what a treat he had planned.