My mom in the bathoom unaware of spy camera

My mom in the bathoom unaware of spy camera
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In shock and disbelief I stood there, half topless and somewhat shivering but none of the mattered as the girl of my dreams, and who I wanted to see dead before my eyes was right in front of me. "Hey Caleb…" She greeted me with a lovely but distraught tone. asian babe rika loves getting fucked hardcore What are you doing here?" Trying to sound mean and tough but it probably didn't sound like that.

"I heard you were in the neighborhood and I decided to stop by." Well she was dressed casually and it was a pretty hot night. So she showed off a little more than you would in the fall or even spring time. She was dressed in a pink tank top, with her bra strap being just visible if you looked at a certain angle.

It was covered by one of those big ass button - down shirts. And she was dressed in some jorts (jean shorts, yea that's a fashion) that may have rode a little too high up her leg.

That's OK though it really accented her legs, even though she was still the size of a Hobbit… maybe a little taller. Either way she was showing a lot of skin which is fine by me. She still had that cute face from middle and high school. (I will thank pictures posted to Facebook for that.) But now it looked more womanly and mature. She had some dark mascara applied and some pink lip gloss which was shimmering under the bright lamplight.

She still had her blond hair curly and falling down the sides of her face and some big blue eyes which made her even cuter. She still had some of her cute freckles in tact and some nice dimples. She had a very nice build too: she was developed in the places that mom sleeping son fuking xxx story and not in places that didn't.

I would say she held some DD's and an ass to die for. Not overly huge but not as flat as a cutting board either. Just the perfect size where you can cup that into your manly, black hands and hold it there… forever. She had a flat stomach and pretty decent arms if that matters. "You haven't talked to me in 9 years, why the change of heart all of a sudden?" "I I… uh…" Rachel stammered "Uhhh, uhhh" I mocked.

"Just spit it out already!!!" "Ok, ok… but can I come inside first?" "Sure, where are my manners?" She may have been a discriminatory blonde bitch, but that is still no excuse for inhospitality. "Come in" I politely gestured. She walked into my house and started observing the place.

"Pretty nice house you have there." She started to look around in a 360 degree motion with facial expressions of approval. "Thanks" I said with a mutual tone. "So, care to answer my question?" "Uhhh, sure" As she finished the last word her face turned completely red… I felt compelled to snicker at this phenomenon.

"I came to you because I need you to help me." She said rather quickly. "And why do you need my help?" She then told me her story.

After middle school when we went our separate ways, she was still seeing Lee. The piece of shit that I told you about and apparently she broke up with him because they we going to different high schools. And in high school, life got worse for her or so she says: she tried to get into relationships, but they always ended badly.

Either the guy got too clingy or he was abusive. And since… like I said she acted like a bitch she did not really have any friends no one would really back her up. And the ones that were still her "friends" couldn't do nothing about it and eventually left her because that was affecting them and they didn't want to be a part of that And to be honest as I was hearing all of this I was really pleased because the bitch got what she deserved.

I was smiling most of the time until things got really tragic. She met her last boyfriend and it started off good at first, but then of course, he was hiding something. And it was the one thing she was praying the he wasn't: you guessed it… abusive. And I mean VERY abusive. Everyday it would be the same thing: he comes home, yells at her, she tries to reason with him, and he beats her.

Kaci and riley make a dick happy would usually go to be crying or at least whimpering with bruises on her body. Thankfully it never escalated to anything sexual, because she knew the he was fucking some other bitch behind her back. So he was usually done by the time he came home. After hearing all of this shit, why does she not leave you ask?

Well of course she is trapped: mind you that this is taking place in college and she is in debt after asking for money from the government… rough young teen melissa moore begs for rough sex problem most adolescents are facing.

After her school debts, and the shitty job she is in where will she live? And that's where he comes in. So if you can put two and two together then you can see the rock and the hard place she is in. This is currently her situation she is in and has been for 3 years now unfortunately. After taking this all in, I really couldn't help feeling sad for her. As she was reciting the story, she started to brake down in tears and to be honest, there is nothing more depressing than seeing someone, especially a pretty girl cry.

"Oh, well that sucks… but how did you find me?" I interjected. She was still sobbing at her tragic story. So I waited until she calmed down from her tears of despair to then ask her again. I did console her while she was crying. And while I did, I was telling her things like "don't worry" and "it's gonna be ok…" although I really did mean it. Nobody deserves that kind of treatment. I then noticed her healing bruises on her arms and her legs and I really did feel sorry for her.

And I did cop a feel of her ass while this was going on. It was by accident though: my arms were around her back and I bent down because my legs were actually falling asleep. So I did and my arms went down with me. I kind of held my breath after realizing what they were. I wasn't really sure if she noticed, but I had a feeling she did and I wasn't about to dwell on that.

They were pretty nice and round though so it was probably worth it accident or not. After she calmed down she started stuttering with her words and it became inaudible after the first five seconds. "… and a-and t-the w-worst p-p-p-p part i-i-is" she stammered intensely.

"Hold on girl, calm down just take a breather for a second." I pleaded. "S-s-sorry" She wiped her tears away and now I can ask my question. "So, how did you find me after all these years?" I asked again. "Actually was walking away from the fucker wondering contemplating suicide" she chuckled, but it didn't seem funny.

"… and I actually thought I saw you driving from the fitness facility. I didn't see you at first, but I followed you. I wasn't sure how to talk to you." "Ok…" Now that I was informed of her dilemma, there was only one more question to ask.

"So now what do you want from me?" I knew this was coming so I decided to take the first step. "I…was…wondering if you can give me $500 for rent." She said or at try to say in the kindest voice available but I could smell the desperation behind that.

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I gave her a puzzled look that lasted quite a while which was returned with a smile that still had desperation written all over it. And the smeared mascara and somewhat fading lipstick on parts of her lips was really not helping her cause. But I did have a couple of funds here and there and I thought I'd be generous. "Hold on" I ordered and I went to my room and took a while to find 5 $100 bills.

Meanwhile I completely forgot to close the porn tab I had before I greeted her at the door. So with her curiosity she looked at what I was on and it kinda shocked her that I was about to watch porn and the new tab I popped up and the minimization of the program did not help at all. I had it tuned to interracial porn. Let's face it: who doesn't love to see a tight, young, white girl or MILF get her tight pussy pounded by a monster black cock?

I know I was about to stroke my 8.5 inches to pure heaven. When I came downstairs I saw her eyes glued to the screen when she saw that big black dick pounding that white pussy and I could hear the moaning from the walk downstairs.

I wasn't really sure what she was thinking, but the way her legs were moving I knew she was turned on by what was happening. Maybe she was wondering how big mine was&hellip.

I don't know. "Enjoying yourself?" I asked. She spun around quickly trying to minimize the tab bald tight wet crack is hammered hardcore and blowjob the porn site on it.

And her frantic clicking at the mouse wasn't really helping. "Shit" she muttered under her breath.

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I started chuckling at her state of surprise and embarrassment. "Don't worry your secret is safe with me." "Ha ha very funny, I should say the same thing about yourself." "Oh please, everybody knows that guys watch porn… at least more than females." I interjected.

"Uh uh," She retorted. "I know ALOT of girls who watch that shit. Some even showed me their dildo collection." She said with such confidence… "Interesting… so do you watch porn?" "Oh me?

Well…well…pssshhh…" The redness that just left her face from prior embarrassment returned with a whole new shade&hellip. and then some. "C'mon, you can tell me, I won't judge." "Yes" She said almost quietly as if she didn't want me to hear her answer. But that didn't work. "Well, I am pretty sure the amount of dick you get from your 'boyfriend' must not nicole aniston with old man creampie a lot." "Actually I am still a virgin." "No that is bullshit, you are not a virgin.

I can imagine you having fucked like 10 different guys… or at least one serious boyfriend." "Do I look like a slut to you?" She asked in such disbelief. I then made my facial expression as if to say 'DUH'. "You know what? Don't answer that." "What about you?

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I am pretty sure you have fucked some girls." "Nope, not even one. I have actually become kind of antisocial ever since grade 8." "Not in high school?" "Nope." "College?" I shook my head.

"Wow, you must have been a fucking loser! And I thought I had it bad." She then started to laugh a little. I actually frowned and prepared to let her know where she stands before making such rude statements about me. "Oh really?" "This is coming from the girl who is up to her nipples in debt and living in an abusive motherfucker's apartment." "Need I remind you of who's giving you some monitorial compensation for your rent?" Now that abruptly shut her up. And she then started looking down at the floor in shame and sadness.

"I'm sorry.

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I guess I really shouldn't have said that." "Ya think? Besides even if I did have a partner, do you really think I would be jacking off and what was to be 10:00 in the night?" "I guess not…" "Anyway, we've both had a long night, so we should probably get going." I said.

And I was pretty tired. But it was mostly just for her to exit my house so I can jack off in privacy. "I guess you're right. Can I have your number first?" "Why? Missy woods enjoys big wood pornstar knockers you can call me when you need some rent money?" I asked mockingly. "No, no just to get in contact with you." She said deceptively, but I knew that was all fucking bullshit.

"Sure" I said with sarcasm. I gave her my number anyway. And I put hers into my iPhone 5. "Thanks…" She said and exited my house before walking down the street to her little buggy. "Hey Rachel!!" I called out. She turned around. "Forgetting something?" I bellowed as I was shaking the $500 of rent money that she needed. She ran back and took the wad of cash I held out in front of her.

"I knew I was forgetting something." She then turned around and started jogging towards her car. I shook my head and retreated back into my house and then finally realized that I was alone. The thought of this just put a smile on my face from ear to ear. I then walked to my computer and brought back the porn tab and went to WORK!!: I squirted some jack off helper juice into my hand.

I restarted the video from the beginning and skipped the first few parts until the blonde bimbo was sucking the black man's 8 inch member. They were both on the floor and the bitch was on her knees taking that python into her mouth. I started stroking my dick slowly until it reached the fucking scene.

They were now on the bed and the black monster was lying down while tonguing the chick's red and swollen clitty and he was going to work. I could hear the lustful moans coming from the girl and the guy was sucking that slick pussy all the way to an orgasm. He abruptly stopped his oral assault on her love hole and ascended to kneel on the bed and placed the head of his cock at the entrance of her now soaking pussy which was smeared with saliva.

He was talking real dirty to the blonde bitch to get her worked up. And was it working.

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She then started talking filthy back to him saying things like how she wanted it bad and fill her pussy with black meat. He then entered her tight cunt and was slowly going in and out for handsome japanese babe got finger fucked by a horny photographer first strokes. After five or six he started to pound that pussy like a fucking jackhammer. They switched to different positions: doggy style, 69, some ass rimming, he even lifted her up and was cupping her ass while shoving his cock in her pussy and inserting his index finger into her asshole every so often.

It was getting close to the ending of the porn scene and I was getting close to sputtering jizz all over my computer screen. I then stroked furiously for the last minute and then shot my first few spurts of cum on my computer area as it then proceeded to shower my whole 8.5 inches of black meat in jizz as the dude was squirting his man juice all over the blonde slut's face.

Felling relieved and happy I cleaned up all the scattered sperm as thoroughly as I could as I did shoot a lot of it. I turned off the computer and proceeded to walk upstairs to bed. Now I'm lying in bed at 12:00 am thinking how nice it would be if I did have a girlfriend or a companion. I didn't dwell on it too much and I decided to sleep. Tomorrow would be my day off from work and I didn't know what I would do during that time.

I hadn't thought much about Rachel after her surprise visit that night but little did I know I was about to see her a lot more tomorrow and in the future. *END OF PART 2* (Hope you guys liked it so far!!

I will be sure to incorporate longer erotic events into the next installment.)