Dazzling les masseuse big tits and massage

Dazzling les masseuse big tits and massage
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Please rate and comment Previous: The Girl Scout-1; The Girl Scout-2 Daddy; The Girl Scout -3 The Tool Man; The Girl Scout 4 Tag Teamed ; The Girl Scout -5 Die Bitch Die; Girl Scout 6 -Cum Faced The Girl Scout-7 HOGTied; The Girl Scout -8 Getting to Know You; The Girl Scout -9 Sleeping Beauty; The Girl Scout 10 Work It Good The Girl Scout -11 Lights Out Bitch; The Girl Scout-12 Doctor Rosen The Girl Scout -13 Papa and Grand Daughter The Girl Scout -14 Exam Hell The Girl Scout -15 Training and Breeding The Girl Scout -16 PARTY The Girl Scout-17 The Great Escape The Girl Scout-18 Street Justice The Girl Scout-19 The Meat Wagon The Girl Scout-20 Bitch Beat down The Girl Scout -21 Going Home Help at Last The Girl Scout -22 Soccer Bitch The Girl Scout-23 RUN BITCH RUN The Girl Scout-24 ICE COLD The Girl Scout-25 Russian Revenge The Girl Scout-26 Who Let the Dogs Out The Girl Scout-27 Don't let them Take Me - Doc Rosen Returns (Girl Scout Lisa was kidnapped and subjected to terrible horrors both by street hoods and the police who were supposed to help her.

She was befriended by Maddy who had nursed her back to health and arranging her return geile hausfrau dreht eigenen porno im urlaub in pov. Maddy betrayed her and she has been sold to Russian criminal types who use her for their soccer games entertainment. She is used for soccer ball target and made to run for her life. The Russians had a party and Lisa was the entertainment. The Russians let their Pit Bulls assault her.

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She is taken to Doc Rosens to recover and rehab.) Lisa felt herself tumble to the ground. She was cut free from the limb. There were some new men but she could barely open her eyes. "Doc, do you think she will make it." "50-50 but I think so." "Girl we have gone through a lot of trouble to find you. Lisa squinted to see Doctor Rosen, and her original kidnappers Cyrus and Lamont. "Please, don't let them take me. Kill Me now. Don't, Please No." she begged.

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"Shut the fuck up cunt, you killed my nephew. Now your time will come." The three men pulled Lisa into the car. Dr. Rosen smiled to the Russians." Don't worry we will take good care of her. " ------------------------------------- Still recovering from her injuries Lisa lay in bed in a back room at Dr. Rosen's. It had two months since she had been rescued and her recovery was progressing well considering all her injuries.

"Lisa, how are you doing this morning." "Good morning Doctor. I feel good but I need my pain meds." "I got them here Lisa." . "First we need to check you out." "Doc checked her wounds, all the bandages had been removed and everything was healing well." "I will check your vitals and then we will get to your meds." Doc checked her temp, blood pressure, pulse and listened to her heart.

Her gown open her ran his hands over her breasts. His fingers ran over her nipples back and forth. "Lisa you are recovering nicely." "Sitting on the edge of the bed, Lisa spread her legs." Doc ran his fingers over her pussy lips, then up and down her slit.

He massaged her for several minutes before pushing two fingers slightly inside her. "Oh, Lisa, nice and wet!" Lisa moaned slightly, smiling.

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Lisa kissed Doc Rosen while he continued to finger her. Lisa knew the routine, not that she minded the morning routines.

but she really wanted her pain meds and had to go through this to get them. Doc looked at the teen on the bed ready for her him. Physical therapy Doc called it. Doctor Rosen was very satisfied with his efforts. He had separated Lisa completely from the rest of the world. She was completely dependent on him, especially for her pain meds which Doc had conveniently let her become addicted to.

Lisa, lets do something different today. Lisa smiled.

"Sure Doctor Rosen, whatever you want." "Lisa, lay on the bed with your head hanging over the edge. " Lisa laid across the bed, her head danging over the edge. "Lisa, dear, raise you knees ups and spread your legs." "That's nice. Very nice." "Lisa, tell me what you are." Asked Doc Rosen as he dangled his cock over Lisa's face. "I am Doc's dirty little cock sucking whore." "That's my Girl." Smiled Doc. Doc Rosen, graying and 60 was still very formidable.

His already erect cock rubbed back and forth over over Lisa's lips. Lisa opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue reaching for Doc's cock head. Slowly he rubbed the tip over her juicy teen tongue. Doc kept rubbing the tip against the Tongue. Doc looked over the teens body laying in front of him. She was all his. His cock trembled as drops of fluid fell onto Lisa's tongue.

"Doc, give me the whole thing, please!" "Patience my dear, first suck on my balls." "Always obedient, Lisa raised his dick with her hands and Doc moved closer so Lisa could lick his balls. She licked his hairy balls taking in one at a time, sucking them and licking with her tongue. Doc gave Lisa his cock to suck which she hungrily began, slurping loudly, she knew Doc liked that. Doc reached out to her breasts.

Fondling, stroking, gently squeezing her nipples. He ran his fingers over some of the scars, though healing would never go away. He could see the heading scars from other injuries. He had retained photos of her injuries when she first arrived.

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Sometimes he would get off just looking at the videos of her when she first arrived. He was playing the good doctor now since he needed her to heal but these days were numbered. Doc was red in the face, trembling but holding back while Lisa eager for her pain meds kept sucking and licking, her arms reached up, fingers fondling his balls. They fought against each other, Lisa Wanting him to cum, Doc holding back. Doc groaned loudly, no longer able to wait, he shot his load into Lisa's mouth.

Lisa didn't swallow, she lit the slime roll out of her mouth and down her forehead and into her hair. That iswhat Doc loved to see. Doc grabbed his camera and shot photos of the teens face dripping cum for his album. With the top of her face covered in goo, Doc rubbed the remnants off his dick onto her chin.

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Lisa still lying over the bed and wiped the cum off her face with her fingers slowly sucking in the cum and swallowing while Doc watched.

"You like that Lisa?" "You like my cum." "I am doc's little cum slut." "I love it smile Lisa." "OK, get up and get your meds." Doc gave Lisa a cup of water and a cup with her meds. "Ok Lisa, time for morning workout. Lisa put on her thong underwear, that is all Doc would let her wear and they headed off to a little workout room Doc had set up. (To Be Continued)