Blonde girl with wet body have fun in private chat masturbate homemade

Blonde girl with wet body have fun in private chat masturbate homemade
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THE PROFESSOR'S DAUGHTER--Part II Stephanie is a 17-year-old Asian-Caucasian mix knockout with the cutest face and the hottest body you have ever seen. One rule in life is, if you want to avoid temptation the do not invite a temptress to the sweet teen amateur couple very home made porn in your guesthouse.

Continued&hellip. After our kiss at the end of the party I tried to keep my space over the next few days to let my raging hormones, if not hers, calm down. Stephanie's smile with her gleaming white teeth, her honey colored Asian-mix skin and her lustrous long hair, her pert and perky breasts, her slim tapered waist and that rounded and feminine ass had all become the focus of my dreams and my masturbation sessions every night.

Her body is flawless. Stephanie's breasts are perhaps on the small side, but are very high, firm and pert and were perfect for her slim and petite Asian frame and larger breasts would look unnatural. Stephanie's long, lustrous, dark hair with hints of highlights, her long, slim athletic legs. It all added up to a body that was the very definition of sexual "temptation".

Two days went by and while I tried to restrain myself Stephanie seemed to be raising the sexual tension even further. She came home from work early and would lie by the pool, first in a red bikini and the next day in a black one.

I would sit in my study trying to concentrate and work on my engineering consulting work while looking out the window. Concentrating was difficult with my cock in a perpetual rock hard state. Her clothes seemed to get tighter and more revealing around the house in the evening and she would wear tight tank tops instead of the loose tops she previously wore. Finally on Thursday I had to discuss with her the plans she had for her 18th birthday that was coming up on next Monday.

Stephanie said she had no plans and would just like to do something with me since she had few friends in the area. We chatted and decided we would have dinner and perhaps see a movie on Saturday night since Monday (her real tons of attractive bitches are pleased to see one eyed monster was a workday.

I made reservations at a nice restaurant in Palo Alto close by and she was excited to buy another outfit for an evening out as her parents had given her some money for her birthday. When Stephanie walked out by the pool deck on Saturday evening she was beautiful. She had on a black pleated mini-skirt with a silver chain belt.

The miniskirt had a sheer black petticoat ruffle underneath with just a hint showing beyond the hemline of the skirt. Her legs seemed endless in shimmering black stockings with tiny diamond patterns and shockingly garters showing just slightly beneath the pleats of the skirt. She had on the same black heels giving her body even more length. Her top was a body hugging sheer see-through black lace material with a bustier black lace strapless push-up top. The scoop neckline revealed the tops of her firm breasts almost to the nipple line while black velvet cups pushed upwards to support her pert breasts.

Her top was very sheer and see-through in the back, almost translucent. I hoped she didn't notice my jaw drop as I gazed at her flawless beauty. The dinner went well and we chatted easily about her summer job, her plans and we talked about her up-coming year at university. I would often find myself staring at her knockout body and when she got up to go to the bathroom I couldn't take my eyes off her swaying hips these juicy blond lesbians lez it out together with dildos ass.

Needless to say for most of the evening I had a raging hard on. Since it was her birthday dinner I had ordered two glasses of champagne and also had a bottle at home with a small chocolate cake and her present. Several times during the dinner Stephanie would giggle at my jokes and reach across the table to take my hand in hers and I never tried to stop her or pull my hand away.

The touch of her hand would send little tingles down my arm. At the end of dinner I said it was time to go to the theater to see Knight & Day, but Stephanie asked if we could just watch a movie at home as the champagne had made her a little light-headed and tired so we headed back to the house. At the house we cut the cake and poured another glass of champagne.

I let her rummage through the DVD's while I opened the sliding glass doors on the deck to let the evening breeze in and turned on the gas fireplace. She picked out the movie and then I had almost forgotten and got out her present.

She stood in front of me and said I didn't need to give her a present, but I insisted. I handed her the small box wrapped in red paper and a thin gold ribbon with a bow. She opened the small box and squealed with delight, "Oh my god, my first diamond stud earrings. Are they real? Oh my god, are they real?" I assured her they were a little small (just right for a young lady), but they were certainly real diamonds.

She reached up and grabbed my neck, "Oh Rob, you're so incredible. You're the best." And before I knew what was happening she had her lips against mine and we were kissing. It seemed to go on and on and I really made no effort to stop it. When her tongue probed a little, I gently received it and let my tongue flick gently against hers and I, in return, probed her lips tenderly. After what seemed like an eternity she pulled away and we slipped into a hug.

She looked up at me in a coy and shy sort of way, "I hope you like the movie I picked." She said. "It's all about seduction." And then she giggled.

Stephanie had picked "Cruel Intentions" and we moved ourselves over to the sofa and put the movie on. Notwithstanding all the teasing over the past weeks and the two kisses, I still doubted my chances with Stephanie. She was a flawless 17-year-old, about to turn 18 and by all rights I should be fucking her mother, not her. My urges had definitely been building up with all of her teasing and tempting, but I thought she was just being a tease and matters really wouldn't develop beyond flirting.

As the movie progressed Stephanie moved closer and closer to me on the sofa until she was curled up against my side with her legs tucked up on the sofa.

She shivered a bit from the breeze and snuggled up closer and I eased my arm around her to keep her warm. My arm went along her arm, down along her waist and my hand rested against the exposed skin of her right thigh as her pleated mini-skirt had been pulled up and her black stockings ended high on her thigh. My hand rested there, frozen and unmoving, touching her stocking and garter belt.

The touch of her bare skin, its heat and just being that close to her panties sent my cock into a full rock hard erection. Stephanie in a seemingly innocent manner placed her right hand lightly on my inner thigh, only inches from my throbbing hard on.

I shifted my hips a little to try to hide my swollen state, but I'm sure she must have noticed. Stephanie kept her eyes forward watching the movie and acted as if she didn't notice anything, but her hand on my thigh started to move gently back and forth in short strokes. My heart rate was rising as she rested her beautiful head of hair right against my chest and sighed contentedly.

In the movie the seduction of Cecile progressed and raised our sexual tension while on the sofa Stephanie's touching of my leg seemed to grow bolder and bolder as it moved closer and closer to my pulsing organ. For my part, my hand, as if acting on its own, started to gently stroke Stephanie's thigh how to pick up girls hardcore and russian stroke along the raised hemline of her skirt and touch the garters.

I slowly let my hand move farther down her thigh and around her backside to where her leg became her ass. I moved up just centimeters at a time wanting to stroke her firm butt cheek, mom and son sexy pag hesitating, wanting desperately to touch it, but fearing she would push my hand away and end this incredible moment.

Finally Stephanie's hand moved high enough on my thigh that it confronted a large, hard bulge and could not move any higher without touching my cock. I felt her hand freeze and her body become a bit rigid.

My hand also moved further onto the initial curve of her ass just under the hem of the pleated mini-skirt and the chiffon slip.

My heart was pounding and waiting for her reaction. I thought Stephanie would slap me, or push my hand away and back off, but neither of these happened.

Instead Stephanie's hand moved gently over the rise of my cock and felt timidly along its length, squeezing only very slightly to feel its length and girth.

I heard the slight intake of her breath as she calculated the 7-inch length and thick width of my rigid pole. This was the breaking point for me. My left hand reached over to cuddly cutie is gaping soft cunt in close up and cumming fingering and sweeties waist and rested on her flat stomach touching the sheer cassie young wants a cock in her mouth so bad that fabric of her top.

In the movie Kathryn was initiating Cecile to the wonders of female sexual arousal and Stephanie's eyes seemed transfixed by the scene. I began to think of excuses I could use if Stephanie stopped me and rejected me and then I just started to move my left hand up towards her young swelling breasts while my right hand moved even higher on her thigh and cupped her rounded right butt cheek. Stephanie's beautiful hazel eyes moved from the TV and looked up at me half-scared, but half excited.

I knew I needed to give her one final chance to back out of this and said, "Stephanie, are you sure this is ok?" Her brown eyes went even wider and she looked back with a steady a big dildo deep in my asshole, "Rob, you think I'm Cecile.

Well, I sort of am, but I want to be Kathryn." Her mouth broke into a shy but devilish grin. "My Mom told me men were a bit clueless. Rob, I have been doing my best to seduce you for the past six-weeks. I want you. Kiss me!" Well that was the green light and my resistance melted. My left hand moved to her neck and I pulled her waiting lips to mine. Our kiss was the most intense yet and I let my tongue freely probe into her waiting mouth that received it hungrily.

My left hand moved down to the top of her right breast, to the edge of her top and pushed the bustier downwards exposing the tiny swollen nipple, a light brown and pinkish little button, to my nervous fingers. I wet my thumb and forefinger in our active kiss and then gently grasped her nipple and rolled it between my finger and thumb and lightly pressed on it.

Stephanie squirmed and let out small moans of pleasure in reply and she climbed eagerly onto my lap straddling my body with her legs. Her hands were now behind my head pulling me passionately into her hungry kisses. I put both hands on her slim tight waist, grasped the bottom of her top and pulled our mouths apart long enough to simultaneously pull her black top over her head.

Our kisses were rampant now, our needs and lust unstoppable. Stephanie was sitting on my lap with her pert breasts beautifully framed by a strapless demi-cup push-up bra of very delicate sheer black fabric. My mouth moved kissing quickly down the small of her neck, across her smooth shoulder to suck on these plump rounded beauties.

My lips sucked first onto the hard little right nipple. Finally those small, firm and rounded 34 B breasts I had glimpsed at the pool, the breasts I had been dreaming of every night were between my lips and responding to the touch of my tongue. I twirled my tongue around her ever hardening nipple and her fingernails dug painfully into my scalp as she felt her passion swell.

Stephanie's small hand reached down and massaged my cock outside of my pants giving the touch, the stroke that I had been desperately dreaming of for the past weeks. My lips moved across from her left to her right breast and that nipple, already firm and upright grew even harder inside my mouth, responding to my flicking tongue motion and the gentle tugging of my teeth.

Stephanie's ass fuck till fill her up with sperm was squirming against my lap and she was letting out frequent little sounds of pleasure. Stephanie pushed back and got up off my lap and I stood in front of her. I reached around her back and undid her bra and it fall to the floor. Her pale and firm young breasts stood upright and pert in the flickering light of the fireplace and her slim waist was so feminine.

My hands lingered, moving slowly down her back as we fell into a new kiss of passion. My fingers found the zipper on the back of her mini-skirt and with a quick pull the pleated skirt also fell to the carpet. I looked down to see a sexy, tiny, black lace panty and black garter belt framing her wondrous hips. I undid the small string ties of her panties on the sides of her hips and pulled the panties away revealing a small triangle of well-trimmed dark hair covering the rise of her pubic mound.

Stephanie's body was now before me. She whispered in my ear, "Do you like the lingerie? I bought it for you." I pulled back to absorb every inch of her incredible body and the sexy lingerie. She slowly turned around to let me see the full effect of her tight body. I looked eagerly at her small young breasts, her round but firm ass and her wide feminine hips. The black stockings with a delicate diamond pattern and the garter belt gave her a sophisticated and sexy look beyond her 17 years.

"You look stunning. I have been dreaming about you ever since you arrived." She smiled a knowing female smile. I lifted her slim Asian body and carried her into my master bedroom and lay her softly on the quilt. I still knew I should stop, but I had gone too far now to stop. I bent forward and began by slowly and gently sucking on her perky breasts, licking and sucking her young, hard upright nipples.

She responded with deep sighs and small moans that in her nervous shyness she was trying her best to suppress. I straddled her with my legs and she reached up and undid my shirt and pulled it over my head. She started moving her small delicate hands over my bare chest and tweaking my nipples, causing a shot to pulse through my cock.

She eagerly pulled at my belt buckle and I stood to let my pants fall. As the pants fell her eyes stared at the large bulge pushing out from my underwear. Stephanie smiled and pulled on the waistband of my boxers and eased the band over my rigid cock, dropping the underwear to the floor.

She began to stroke my 7-inch cock with her left hand and it responded by bouncing up and down in anticipation of her touch. She giggled. I pushed her back onto the bed. Her breasts were so firm they pointed upright even when she was prone lying on the bed. I moved my lips down to her breasts again while my left hand moved to her hips and began to play gently, touching around her waist, touching her hips and gently gliding my fingers over her inner thighs readying her for what was to come.

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Stephanie's perfect breasts responded to my kisses and touches bringing her to a heightened state of arousal while my left hand played with her hips and stomach. Her breathing was becoming quite rapid now. My lips moved down to her stomach and I could feel her muscles tense. I moved ever so slowly wanting her to feel the pleasures of womanhood build up ever so gradually until she could reach her first climax with me. I wet my fingers on both hands and moved my hands up to her breasts.

I cupped and massaged their firm roundness while lightly gripping each hard nipple. I rolled both nipples at the same time between a thumb and forefinger. The effect was electric as Stephanie arched her back, thrust her hips forward and moaned deeply. Her moans and sighs were less restrained now and she was less shy than only minutes ago, her feminine needs responding to my touch becoming impossible to restrain. Stephanie was obviously a very responsive young woman and every new touch and exploration by my hands, my lips and my tongue would bring quick sighs and moans and more flowing juices.

My lips pushed down her stomach, past her belly button, over the edge of her sheer black garter belt, over the rise of her pubic mound until my head fell between her thighs. Now my lips were touching her soft pubic hair. Finally, I was near my destination, the object of my desire.

Her thighs were clenched tightly holding and resisting my head. Her leg muscles were stiffening in nervous tension. She was resisting me and refusing me further forward movement for my lips.

I had to push my head firmly against her thighs to gain access for my mouth that was now desperate for that first taste of her pussy juices. I first used my mouth and tongue to gently slide up and down against the outside of her vagina lips.

My tongue could trace the outside of her soft, engorged vagina lips and feel the juices, the result of her arousal, seeping out in a glistening creamy coating. The moist, warm smell of an aroused, young, virgin pussy rose to my nose.

My tongue probed for the first taste of the creamy liquid from those now well lubricated vagina lips, the delicious taste of womanhood in first bloom. My tongue probed past the outer engorged vagina lips and tasted the honey liquid of her arousal in the tight inner tunnel. Her taste was light and sweet. I probed further with my tongue searching for her pleasure button and soon located her clitoris, perfectly placed high at the top of the entrance to her vagina.

Having german milf first time i will catch any perp with a yamsized black dick and deepthroat Stephanie's clitoris I let my tongue gently explore it, moving slowly so as to build her up patiently and gently. Her legs responded by relaxing and spreading slightly to allow my head and mouth freer access.

In turns I flicked my tongue across it and then sucked gently on this hard little button of flesh, causing Stephanie to cry out in pleasure. Her legs widened further and trembled in response and her hands reached down and grabbed my head, pulling my lips harder against her pussy. Instinctively her hips started to thrust up and down against my mouth and tongue. I brought my left hand down from her breast and placed it close to her pussy.

I pushed her legs further apart and then took my index finger and started to gently penetrate the extremely tight walls of her pussy. With all the saliva and her juices flowing my finger was soon slick and easily moved around to flick and tweak her clitoris and massage her outer vaginal lips.

Using my finger to penetrate further I put both lips around her clitoris and sucked gently while flicking my finger from side to side while pushing it further up her tight vagina.

The muscle walls resisted, but my slick finger eased in first one-inch and then two-inches. At the same time I increased the pressure on her right nipple and breast with my right hand.

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Stephanie started to moan loudly and her hips moved up and down without control. I increased the pace of my finger movements babe veronica radke pounded after oral tube porn rubbed upward with my finger, behind her clit and added very light tongue flicks with my tongue across the top of her clitoris.

She pulled my head forward desperate for more pressure from my tongue, desperate to drive herself to orgasm, but I resisted and kept the flicks of the tongue very, very light, driving her crazy with anticipation, delaying the inevitable explosion of her orgasm as long as I could.

Stephanie was building and building towards an orgasm and I could no longer control her thrusting hips so I moved my hands down from her breasts to the side of her hips and gripped her hips strongly in an attempt to immobilize them while I now employed only my mouth and tongue to drive her orgasm forward.

I could feel her stomach muscles tensing and her back arching and I knew the moment was coming soon. Holding her hips as tightly as I could I slowed the rate of my tongue movements down to almost nothing and lightened tongue pressure even further to a feather touch. The level of her sexual tension was intense.

She was like a coiled spring and any increase of my movements would set her off like the trigger of a gun. She pulled frantically at my head with her hands, her nails digging into my scalp and her fingers grabbing at my hair, her body and her pussy insisting on more pressure, insisting on an orgasm.

Finally, when I felt the moment was right, when I felt she could wait no longer, I quickly increased the pace of my tongue movements to the highest rate and just slightly increased the pressure of the tongue. Her back arched, her ass muscles tensed along with her stomach muscles and Stephanie let out a deep cry of intense pleasure. I quickly moved my left hand from her hip and inserted one finger into her tight, pulsing pussy pushing forward against the tight walls, moving my finger back and forth in a sideways motion as fast as I could while still tonguing her clit.

She cried out even louder as her nails dug into my head, her hands pushing my head into her hips, my lips and tongue into her aching pussy, as strongly as she could. She cried out, "Oh my god Rob, that's so good.

Oh fuck that feels so good! Don't stop! Please…aaahhhh&hellip.don't stop! Oh fuck that feels GOOD!! AAAhhhh&hellip.oh fuck, OH GOD!!!! Please don't STOP!!" One of my well-lubed fingers was pushed next to her sphincter muscles of her ass and I could feel it contracting in rhythm with her pussy. Stephanie's back arched, her hips thrust forward and her head thrashed from side to side as she bit onto her lower lip in delirious, passionate release.

Sweat was beaded on her tensed stomach muscles. Her hips moved rapidly and she moaned a long deep moan as her back arched again and again, her body convulsing and rising off the bed in spasms of the most intense pleasure and then her hips and back collapsed onto the bed. She lay there in collapse, legs spread, arms flung to the side, panting in exhausted and sated release, her body glistening with a thin layer of sweat.

I had given her an orgasm and hoped it would be one she would remember for a long time. I lifted my head from her throbbing pussy and I'm sure I had an incredible smile on my face.

She seemed dazed, but her left hand reached down and grabbed my steel hard cock. She gently gripped it and pulled me upwards. I moved forward and lay across her body kissing first her breasts and then her lips.

Our kiss seemed even more intimate now in the afterglow of her orgasm and our tongues lazily probed each other's mouths. Gradually her energy level returned and she turned her focus to my urgent needs. She shifted her legs so that I fell between her legs and she continued to pull on my cock. I shifted higher up and raised myself up onto my elbows to get a better look at the goddess body below me. I didn't realize it, but my cock was now only an inch or so from Stephanie's pulsing and waiting pussy.

She took my hard cock in her small hand and started to rub its huge engorged head, swollen purple and real brother and sister frist secx with blood, up and down on her outer pussy lips getting it lubricated and using it to rub against her clitoris. Each time she rubbed it across her clitoris she would sigh. She had recovered from the orgasm and was starting to get excited again.

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This was too much for me and my cock was tingling. I wanted desperately to push forward, but I didn't have a condom so I would need to ejaculate on the outside. Stephanie pushed my cock down slightly and positioned the head directly between her vagina lips.

Her right hand reached around and she grabbed my ass pushing down and encouraging me to enter her pussy. I went rigid at the hips and pushed back.

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She let out a faint moan and whispered in my ear, "Please Rob, please. Don't stop." And she pushed harder on my ass still holding my cock firmly at her pussy entrance. I whispered in her ear, "I can't Steph. I don't have a condom and, well, I shouldn't, you're still only 17." Stephanie giggled very lightly and moved her soft lips right against my ear and whispered ever so softly, "Rob, you're silly.

I'm on the pill. I've planned this moment for weeks and weeks. My mom is supper strict, but she's not stupid. I went on the pill the month before I arrived. If you don't hurry I'll be 18 before you finish and then you can't have any excuses…please&hellip.I want you now!" As her last whispered words registered in my dizzy brain her hand increased the pressure naughty czech nympho spreads her pink slit to the special my ass.

Giving no further resistance I let my hips move slightly forward. My cock head pushed into her incredibly wet pussy. She was so tight. The walls resisted, but she held my cock lightly and kept it positioned while I increased the pressure.

I whispered in her ear and told her to relax. After a moment I felt the pussy walls relax just slightly and give way, my cock head slipped past the first entrance. Stephanie had a quick intake of breath. I steadied my hips and held my position letting her get used to the size of my cock with only about one inch of penetration. After a moment Stephanie caught her breath, I felt her relax a bit and her hand once again applied pressure on my ass encouraging me to go deeper. Her other arm was now wrapped around my back pulling my chest against her sweating body, her fingernails scratching at my back.

My cock was literally throbbing; the feel of this incredibly tight, wet young pussy, the walls pulsing and grabbing at my cock was beyond anything I had ever felt. I pushed forward ever so gently not wanting to hurt her. Each time I could feel the pussy walls relax ever so slightly I would push just a little further, perhaps half and inch at a time. At about two and a half inches I felt a stiff resistance.

Stephanie tensed. This must be her hymen. I waited patiently until her body relaxed again and the pussy walls gave way just slightly and then I pushed quickly forward about one inch. She gave a start and her nails dug into my back, her body tensing rigid.

Stephanie let out a small cry of pain.

I kissed her and said, "I'm sorry." She sighed and whispered back, her soft breath hot against my ear, her lips moist, "I'm not. I'm a woman now. Please, I need you to go deeper. It feels so good to have you filling me up." I moved deeper and deeper a half inch at a time. Stephanie's body would tense and I would wait for her to relax.

She would tense again and I would wait again. It seemed like forever and it was the most erotic sensation feeling her young body slowly receiving my cock, her first cock, my body and hers becoming one. Finally my cock was completely inside, its full 7-inch length enveloped by the tight grip of her virgin walls grabbing at it tightly.

We lay completely still for a moment, both of us enjoying the sensation of our tingling bodies entwined and our mom sleep night son fuck her sexual excitement. Slowly I started to move my hips gently back and forth, moving my cock only about one-inch up and down. Her hips responded in kind with gentle pressure against my pelvis pushing her pubic bone against my thrust.

She wrapped her strong athletic legs behind me and squirts self sex girl boobs as if encouraging me to go deeper with each stroke, her need to be satisfied as a woman evident. The feel of her stockings rubbing against the skin of my body was so erotic. Each time I had my full length inside her I would push upwards to get pressure against her clit. Her response showed that the contact was working and she let out a moan on each stroke.

I moved slowly, knowing she was not used to a cock inside her. Her hips felt my stroke and she responded with equal short thrusts. Her pussy was so tight and so wet that my level of arousal increased rapidly, the tingling and friction hard to control. Also, I had not been inside a woman for almost two years and now I was fucking one of the most beautiful young girls I had ever seen. I wouldn't be able take this for long. I slowed my thrusts and fell on top of her body.

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I wanted her first orgasm from my cock to be one she could control and bring to the most intense point. I held her tightly in my arms and rolled our bodies over so she was on top, her legs spread wide straddling my body. Her hair fell forward covering my face and she grinned at me. I have always had more control with the woman on hot mom is fucking her young son, so this would allow me to last longer.

Stephanie pushed her body upright with her arms and now she was riding me. I could look up and see her long slim body, her high pert breasts and her long luscious hair tumbling around her face. I reached my hand up and grasped her waist just above the hips and then moved my hands higher towards her breasts.

Stephanie started to rock her hips and to shift them in short thrusts, getting used to her new sense of control.

She leaned forward with her hands on my chest, nails digging in and she increased the pace of her hip movements. My hands found her nipples and grasped them giving them rapid tweaks and rolls. Stephanie's moans returned and increased and her hips rocked and shifted in rapid strokes up and down on my steel rod. I started to moan and make sounds that seemed to make her even more aroused. I could tell Stephanie's passion was starting to build. She collapsed onto my chest and now her hips were flailing up lovely babes amp men in group joy down almost uncontrollably.

I had both hands on her tight rounded ass and would help push downwards on her down stroke giving even more depth for my cock penetration. Her pussy was so tight, but so wet and slippery that she was able to move up and down easily. I wet the fingers of my left hand and just lightly rubbed it around her tightly puckered asshole. This seemed to scare her and excite her at the same time. She half-heartedly pushed my hand away from her ass, but she was beyond controlling her own growing needs and her hips kept pumping up and down.

My cock was getting beyond control as well. Her pussy walls were starting to go into contractions and grab onto my cock, causing even more friction. I whispered in her ear that I would come soon and that she needed to slow down her hips so I could regain control. Unfortunately, rather than slow her down this whispered message sent her over nymphette with huge tits rubs her pussy wildlife edge and she exploded in cries of the most intense pleasure, as an orgasm possessed her body, her hips moving in a blur.

Stephanie arched her back and pushed her hips forward to get my cock as far inside as she could, rubbing her clit hard against the junction of my cock and pelvis. I couldn't control my own come and within seconds I thrust my hips upwards as high as I could to help her get deeper penetration and my come was shooting out into her virgin pussy in pulse after pulse.

I cried out in the most incredible pleasure and pulled her petite body hard into mine with my arms, as my release seemed to go on and on. We held onto each other as the spasms of orgasm washed over us in wave after wave, getting smaller each time.

We waited and I tried to pull out but she wanted me to stay inside her longer. She wanted to feel my cock shrink and slip out by itself, so we held each other. When my cock had finally slipped out I leaned up on my elbow and started touching her again gently around her pussy with my fingers. She told me she was too sensitive, but I told her I would be super soft and that I knew what I was doing. This would be a softer orgasm, a different and calmer sort of release.

I inserted one finger and just left it inside her unmoving until, on her own, she started to move a little. The little movements of her hips continued and I gently kissed her breasts and nipples using almost no pressure. Everything was gentle and soft, no hard thrusts or fast movements. This would not be an orgasm of hunger and need like the first two, not an abandoned release, but rather a soft appreciation of her feminine ability to come again and again.

I wanted her to quiver and tremble and fall asleep in my arms. Her passion built slowly, not like before, but in a slow and controlled way. My ability to control her response was almost complete with her now more dulled body. My excitement also grew and my cock was once again hard and upright.

This time I would also have some control. Her pussy was still very wet and I placed my cock at the warm slippery entrance that was waiting to receive me. She lazily wrapped her arms around my back and pulled me into her. My cock slipped in and her pubic mound met my pelvis. I held her ass tight keeping her body against mine and just allowing very short small movements of her hips. Slowly, over a long period of time, we both enjoyed the calm tingling of rubbing against each other, of cock rubbing on clit, of pussy walls constricting in growing need.

I could feel her slowly building up and her pussy grabbing tightly at my cock, but her hips still moved up and down without urgency. My own cock was starting to build and tingle. Our lips met and we kissed in an erotic kiss, our tongues entangled, as finally a short yelp came out of her throat and her arms gripped me tightly as her hips thrust hard against me. The orgasm had come upon her quickly. This time there was no digging of nails, no pushing of my hips, no scratching of my back, just a slow easy release.

Her body trembled and shivered in a subdued orgasm, as her ass and stomach muscles tightened and then relaxed, tightened and then relaxed.

I moaned deep from my throat in reply, losing control and my come shot a nice single load deep into her pussy. I was done. Both of us exhausted from our release drifted off into sleep. To be continued.