Yuu shinoda strapon anal dildo and handjob domination strap on

Yuu shinoda strapon anal dildo and handjob domination strap on
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Just imagine as a bored wife: You get on your knees doggy style so I can lick your pussy from behind and tickle your ass hole with my tongue then feel my hard dick push deep and hard inside you! After some good hard pussy pounding you just lay back while I lick your pussy for the rest of the night til we both fall asleep. After falling asleep we wake the next day but you can't move, I've tied you down on the bed spread eagle.

I grab a jar of of peanut butter and start rubbing it under your armpits all over your breasts all between your legs and petite latin cutie mia hurley banged with nasty dude in public your pussy. Then I start to lick the peanut butter off your breasts while sucking on your nipples then move up to your underarms and lick the peanut butter off of there then kiss my way down to your pussy lick the peanut butter from the inside of you thighs and all around your pussy.

All the while my cock has become rock hard so I put peanut butter all over it and offer it to you to lick it off. While your doing this I start using ice cubes on all the places I've licked the peanut butter off. Once you finished cleaning off my cock I'll untie your legs put them over my shoulders and ram my hard cock into your pussy and pump it deep inside you til you cum all over it. Then. Next I'll start making a hot bubble bath, once ready I'll call you into bathroom where I'll be waiting to give your pussy a douching and your butt an enima so both holes are nice and clean later for me to push my cock into, more on that later.

Then I'll sit back in the tub then have you step in the tub but stay standing so I can slowly wash your legs from the ankles up your calfs to the outside of you legs and wash your butt, then wash the insides of your thighs and move up to wash around your pussy. Now that most everthing below the waist is clean I'll let you get in the tub facing me and have you give me each foot one at a time to wash slowly all over and between the toes.

Once done and rinsed I'll suck on each toe to make sure nice and clean until both feet are done.

Now I'll have you turn around and sit between my legs, of course you feel my hard cock on your backside, then I'll slowly wash your front side from behind. Soup up and squeeze your breasts and tweek your nipples before washing them.

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Next wash you neck and face. Then I'll start at your ass and wash your back up to your neck, now I'll give you a good shoulder massage as you begin to really relax I'll put shampoo in your hair and slowly massage your scalp and nibble on your ears and neck as I work the shampoo into your hair to totally clean you hair.

Once rinsed I'll grab your chin and turn your head so I can slowly french kiss you. Now that you are totally clean we'll get out of the tub and towel dry each other off. I'll sit on your bed with you between my legs again, still naked of course! I'll towel dry then brush your hair till it's shiny, smooth and dry. Now time to pick out your clothes for the day. Okay now we go to your closet and take a look at the clothes you have and I say wait a minute what's up with that box over there in the corner, I pick it up and it has your name on it I give it to you and you open it.

Inside is a black leather skirt that comes a few inches above your knees, a garter belt and some black stockings also there is a silk shirt.

Underneath is a pair of red open-toed shoes (see attached picture). There is no panties nor a bra in the box and I tell you if you want to wear this stuff you need to go without, at first you don't agree but then I convinced you that it's for the greater good.

Now I start helping you on with the clothes. I put on the garter belt and slowly help your legs into the stockings while I run my hands up your legs and attach them to the garter belt. I slowly run my hands down your legs to grab one foot and put your foot into the shoe then strap the straps, pick up the other foot then do the same to put on the other shoe.

At this point my cock is starting to get hard so I tell you to walk around and model like that with just the garter belt, stockings and heels. That just makes my cock twitch so I stand up grab you by the shoulders turn you around then lean you forward to slide my cock into your wet excited pussy. I start pumping my cock slowly in and out of you, after a while as I'm ready to blow my load into you I start pumping faster and harder then all of a sudden my cocks squirts it's sperm deep into your cleanly douched pussy.

At this point I tell you to get on your knees suck the rest of the sperm out of my cock and you start to get me hard again. I tell you to spit all over to get it nice and slippery now I walk around behind you get on my knees and push my cock into your waiting asshole, I grab your hips and start pulling you onto my cock as my cock pumps in and out your busty chick sunny and holly on pov. As with your pussy I start pumping your ass slowly building up speed so I am ramming hard into your hole.

You are starting to moan "harder harder" and that's what I do till I squirt my sperm into your freshly cleaned ass this time. This is why I don't want you to wear panties all day because my sperm will be leaking out 2 holes all day long as you can't wait to see me again.

Now you are wearing the silk blouse and leather skirt and just look at me as I day how beautiful you look standing there like that gets my dick hard again and this time I tell you to blow me until I cum in your mouth. Now I have no idea what size your breasts are bp young big ass in jeans free clip if your nipples will show through the silk skirt but I can imagine with your holes filled with my cum your nipples are probably hard all day while my juices run down your thighs to get soaked up by the tops of your stockings while standing or walking otherwise if you're sitting it will leak down on to the leather skirt.

Just remember if the skirt rides to high someone may see the tops of your stockings. If someone was to look up your skirt they might even see my cum leaking out your pussy. I pick you up, we go to Starbucks. It's a warm day and they have cushioned seats outside out of immediate view of people inside. We sit down next to each other and you put you stockinged legs across my lap. We discuss what drinks we want as I use my hand to stroke your calfs and slowly move up higher to the inside of your thigh, oops my finger went to far and it diddles your clit for a moment and I can feel you getting wet as a moan escapes your lips.

I tell you to get up and get us a couple of Frappuccinos and watch you walk unsteadily to go order our coffees. Your ass just looks delicious as you walk away by the way.

As you come back with our Frappuccinos you look at me and see a devilish smile on my face and wonder why. Little do you know your leather skirt has an opening in the back and before you sit down I unzip my pants pull my hard cock out so you can sink your wet pussy onto it.

Now since we in public place all you can do is relax and feel my cock throb inside you. As we talk about small stuff, I wisper in your ears what I'm gonna do with you after you get home for the day you can't handle it and slowly start to grind your pussy on my throbbing cock. Coffees are done now and you pull yourself off my cock as I put my cock back in my pants and zip up.

We walk back to the car and I open the passenger side door for you to get in, you get in ass 1st with your legs still outside the car. I say to myself "too sexy to pass up", so I grab your calves, left your legs up and out as you unzip my pants and pull my throbbing cock out I push myself into your wet pussy and pump you for a few strokes.

Then I pull out and tell you I have a present for you If you want it. This peaks you curiosity and ask "what present?".

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I grab you arms and pull you out of the car and tell you it's in the trunk. After I lead you back to the trunk and open it you tell me you can't see it, I tell you it's way in the back of the trunk and you have to reach in to get it. As you bend over to reach in I lift the back of your skirt and ask "which hole do sexy blonde whore aleska diamond takes on threesome creampie want it in?" so now I push my cock into the hole you choose and pump it hard, deep and fast to cum inside you before we get caught.

As I put your skirt down you arise from trunk with box in hand and I tell you to wait to open it. I drive you back to where I picked you up and drop you off with package in hand as you walk in with my cum leaking out of you again.

You sit down with package and your curiosity gets the better of you and people around you ask you what's in the package. You open the package and see flowers on top with something wrapped under it.

Everyone says open it you see lingerie and everyone is envious, wait there's a note that tells you put it on underneath your clothes ASAP. More to come if interested!!!