Kali and whitney sneaks on someones house and fuck

Kali and whitney sneaks on someones house and fuck
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MY SEXUAL AUTOBIOGRAPHY PART - 14 ENJOYING MARRIED LIFE I am among one of the luckiest female who is enjoying a very very happy, very satisfying and a beautiful sex life. I was enjoying it before my marriage and I am enjoying it more after the marriage. The reason may be the license of sex which a married couple has, particularly in India.

You all will agree with me that it is not easy to write about sexual activities all the time for such a long long writings of SEXUAL AUTOBIOGRAPHY. The professional writer can make every part of writing very interesting because the things written are on different subjects and the writers creates interesting skilled babe rides a dick on the floor every time by his imaginations suitable for the plot on which the episode is based.

But it is very difficult to write on only one subject " SEX " every time and the things became more difficult when someone like me wants to write everything true happened in life related to only sex. You all know that the broad meaning of SEX is intercourse and physical relationship between couple(s). Ending and final destination of every love story, every lover couple, every husband - wife and every such relationship is the physical contact between them.

A very very common word we use for this is *FUCKING*. Whether it is a straight sex and fucking between males and females >>>>>>>>>> A lesbian act between females >>>>>>>>> or a gay relationship between males. The ultimate goal of each relationship is to have sensational teen vera bliss suprises her bf with her candy pussy as she gets licked, have fuck for satisfying demands of the body and nature.

But, according to mesex and fuck is an art and you can make it new every time to have a new. a different. feeling and satisfaction. Many know this art and are keeping their sexual activities interesting.

thrilling. memorable. A person like me enjoys sex every time and plays every game like a fresh game. Otherwise, you know, there is nothing new in the sex. This is the oldest game on the earth played by lovers. But, I make all my sexual activities interesting, looking like new with small effort. Hope you all like my attitude towards sex.

Till now, you know about my honey moon trip to Europe where I had first and a wonderful experience of ass fucking by husband. I never thought that ass fucking can be so exciting. so enjoyable. and so good. My husband was also unaware about the pleasure of ass fucking because he also did not have it before.

Now ass fucking is a regular part of our sexual life. We do not do it daily. but we do it on regular basis. Regular fucking of my ass by my husband made my ass hole and inner passage of my ass so smooth and little broader that now I can enjoy this without any pain and with full pleasure. I do not know sunny leone hot sexy story download other females who too are enjoying ass fucking by their partners, but I can say about me that I can reach up to a very strong orgasm by ass fucking.

Certainly, this is an additional way of satisfaction. We returned from our honey moon after a long three weeks time and my husband went to Delhi after a week on our return.

For your information, he works there in a MNC as marketing head. I spent most of my time with my in-laws and never felt any time that I am new in this home. You all know that I am a very sexy girl (now married woman) and I can not myself gorgeous asian nurse riding hard dick in close up from sex for a long time. My days were busy with my in-laws but nights were very long without my husband. I was away from my husband for about two weeks and we used to speak over phone daily in the night for hours.

We used to talk very sexy and sex story japanes wife and my friend used to make each other hot and horny over phone that some time we both have satisfied ourselves at different ends by using our hands. As per my habit since very long, I go to the bad for sleeping in nights without cloths.

I love to be in bed naked whether I am alone or I am with my partner. Generally, the time was fixed for 11.00 PM for our love talk. He used to ask me about my day's activity and our talks used to turn on love and sex very soon. He did not forget ever to ask about my body's sexy parts and I used to ask him daily about my love tool which he is having.

You can imagine condition of a sexy girl like me in the situation away from the sex partner. But, the days of distance have passed and as per the program, I flied to Delhi where my new home. my love nest was waiting for me. We both were so crazy that we could not stop ourselves in the car on the way from airport to home. He pumped my boobs in the car and this was enough to turn my sex button on.

I took hold of his erected, hard and hot cock above his cloth while he was driving. It was late night and hardly any traffic was there in our way to home. We did everything which was possible in a running car and were feeling heat in cold weather. We reached home. Our apartment is on the third floor of a tall building.

We kept my luggage in the drawing room and I could not stop myself from inspecting my new home in Delhi. It is a big apartment, with two bed rooms with attached bath, one guest room with attached bath, a store room, a spacious kitchen, Drawing room and one set of bathroom. Two big and specious balconies are also there. It is a big and specious apartment in the middle of the city.

We both were hungry for each other. We went to our bedroom where a king size bed was waiting for our love game. We removed each other's cloths in a hurry and we were immediately hugged each other's naked body. He kissed on my waiting lips which turned me on again. My pussy was already wet while playing with his hot rod in the car. His cock was also become more hot and hard by feeling my naked hot body. As usual, lights were on and we were able to see each other's body and body parts very clearly.

We were meeting after a gap of 15 days and we both understood our need of an urgent sex game between us. He took me on the bed where I was lying on my back. He pumped my boobs once again and I spread my legs. He sat between my legs and put my legs over his shoulder.

Now my wet pussy was clearly visible to him inviting him with open lips. He did not waste any time and put his hot cock on the target. His cock went 50% inside of my pussy without any problem and I was feeling very good for having his hot instrument inside me after a long time of 15 days. He pulled back his cock a little and pushed it harder back in to my pussy. Now his hot instrument was completely inside of my love tunnel.

His hands were holding my back and ass. We were ready to begin our love and sex journey. My both legs were still on his shoulders which provide a complete entry of his hot cock in to my juicy pussy. He started to move his back doing movement of in and out.

in and out. His every stroke took me in to different world of pleasure and my eyes were gone closed in enjoyment of a lovely fuck with my husband. The speedy strokes were creating a lovely and sexy sound in the room which I like very much to here during every game of fuck.

The strokes of his hard cock were powerful and strong right from starting which was the indication that how much he missed me during last few days. I was receiving and welcoming his strokes deep in to my wet wet pussy. Our position was such that every time he stroked in, his cock reached deep in me.

As always, I have started to develop my orgasm soon which was noticed by my husband and resulting in faster and harder strokes. Sexy words from my mouth started to come out as usual. oh dear. Oh yes. yes. I love you . oh. aah. oohs. Oh. Ohhhhhhh. Blood flows in my vain heading to my pussy have increased and my body was going stiffer and stiffer just before orgasm. Soon, I have tightened grip of my legs around his neck in pleasure of a very strong orgasm.

After all, I had it after 15 days by a wonderful fucking by my husband. He stopped stroking knowing that I have already reached and had a good big butt teen biatch harley jade gets screwed by stepdad strong orgasm.

His hard cock was still deep in to me giving me a wonderful and unexplainable pleasure feeling. I was tightening and loosing grip of my pussy walls around his hot rod. I knew that he was still in middle of his cum fire. I have decided to have another orgasm by his hard fucking. I have moved down my legs from his solder. His cock was still waiting inside me to start the game again. I have widened my legs on the bed he came on me. He was holding my face in his palms; my hard nipples were touching to his wide hairy chest.

He locked my lips with his lips and has started second part of the sex game by stroking my pussy with his manhood tool. We were in deep kiss, His back was moving up and down, My boobs were rubbing on his chest with in and out movement of his hard hot cock in to my wet wet juicy pussy. I was playing my second inning towards another pleasure of having his cum shot in to my pussy.

Sexy sound of touching our bodies and movement of his cock in and out of my pussy was again started to come in to our ears, which is like a sexiest music in the world. I felt his cock going more hot and more hard in my pussy tunnel. We both were near finishing. I have started to support him by movement of my ass up and down matching his strokes. This made him more excited and his speed of stroking increased and we were going towards our final destination of sex pleasure.

My second orgasm has started to build and this time we wanted to finish together. Oh darling. I am reachingggggggggggggg.Oh. Oh. >>>>>>>>>>>>> I sounded in pleasure.

Hold it dear. just hold it. I am also coming with you >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> he replied to me. He was making very very hard strokes with a great speed. And >>>>>>>>> and >>>>>> and>>>>>>>>we both finished together with his hard stroke.

I have experienced another orgasm pleasure. He fired his warm cum shot in too deep inside me and was continue to fire with his dick dance. We both were in the seventh haven of sex pleasure. He was lying on me and I have tightened grip of my legs around his back. We were lying on the bed for quite some time in that position. After some time, I felt that his hard cock has started to become soft and softer.

His cum mixed with my pussy juices have started to come out of my pussy. He moved down from me and I have kissed him on his chicks and also kissed his softer cock. I have tested his cum mixed with my own pussy juices.

The taste was fantastic as always. D porn game honoka fucked sound play now went to bathroom to clean myself. When I was coming out of the bathroom with a soft hand towel in my hand. drying water from my washed pussy >>>>>>>>>>> I saw him coming towards me. He hugged me tight and went to bathroom. The door was open and I could see him peeing in standing position. We were sleeping naked on the bed hugging each other and were talking in love that what we did in our days of distance.

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We went to sleep after some time. I got up before him in the morning and went to kitchen to prepare morning tea. Everything was new for me here. But I have found all the things required for tea and went to bedroom to wake him up with morning tea.

He was sleeping on his back and I could not stop my smile by seeing his erect cock. I kissed him on his lips and hold his cock in my hand. He woke up immediately. We have taken our morning tea in the naked position in our bed room which made us horny again. He pulled me on him and I understood that there will be a morning sex game again between us.

I keep myself always ready for sex and we were playing morning game once again. It was a quickie. Wwe diva t sex story6. He took me up to my orgasm and we went to bathroom where I have given a good blow job to his hot rod under the shower and made him cum for his satisfaction.

We took shower together and he helped me in the kitchen for preparation of breakfast as I was unknown to this new kitchen. After breakfast, He went to the bed room for getting ready for his office. The weather outside was very good with little cold air flowing. I was in my sleeve less top without bra and in short without panty inside. Door of our apartment and all the windows were closed. I have unpacked my luggage and shifted my cloths in ward rob at bed room.

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I took a pen and paper sheet to prepare list of the things required in my new love nest. The list was ready by afternoon. I knew that coming days will keep me very busy in setting up my home and I was prepared for it. Now >>>>>>>> I wish to inform you about my daily routine. It was almost all sure to have morning sex with my hubby. Either in bed room or in bathroom. Generally. we take bath together. I prepare breakfast for both of us and he leaves for his office at 9.00 AM.

In the starting, we did not have any house maid (now we have) so. I used to clean our house and I had to do all the work in the house. I cook lunch for us and wait for my hubby for lunch. His office is not far away from home so he can utilize his lunch time for sunny leone porn star fuckvom warm lunch with me.

His lunch hour is from 1.30 to 2.30 PM. He, generally show up at 1.40 PM at home. We take the lunch and some time, we just have a quick and super fast fuck before or after the lunch.

After his going back to office, I sit before computer to keep contact with my friends, readers and fans. I try to reply each and every mail received by me. But now I keep myself away from replying the mails with unreasonable and dirty demands from some of the readers.

Communications and e-mails keep me occupying till evening. My hubby generally returns home at about 6.00 or 6.30 PM.

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Some time we sit together and discuss about many things or we mixed with each other's without cloths to play some naughty game of sex, and some time we go out for shopping for our home. If there is delay in returning, we take our dinner outside.

Again in the night, there is a storm of sex and fuck in our bed room. Till now, we are having minimum 2 to 3 games of sex daily. Now >>>>>>>>>>>> apart from my regular sex games with my husband, I mention about some very special moments for you to enjoy. We required some furniture for our home and it had to be custom made according to the space and requirements.

One of my husband's friends has arranged carpenters for this. They were four/five men used to work from 9.30 in the morning till 6.00 Or 6.30 in the evening. Generally, they used to bring their lunch boxes along them and sometimes they would go out for their lunch. I used to give them tea for two/three times daily. My movement was restricted during those days because of the work.

Because they all are young and middle aged men, I used to wear very decent cloths. You will say that this is the normal thing. what is special in this? Here, I would like to mention that I have a very good net friend and we share everything with each others.

(I will not disclose or mention her name but only she will understand that I am mentioning about her. ) One hot brunette lesbian gets horny getting her pussy licked and fingered she told me to observe the workers closely. She told me that I am so sexy that even I wear full cloths before workers; the workers must be feeling heat of mine. Their instruments in their cloths must be becoming hard by feeling my presence.

Actually, to be very honest. I did not think before in this way.

This credit goes to my lovely friend for her excellent idea. Now, I have started observing them closely. Oh my god! Oh my good god!! My friend was right >>>>>>>>>>>> I have seen their cocks becoming hard in their pajamas by seeing me walking or working. This was a fantastic and never had before experience for me.

When I used to sit on computer, I used to watch their activities by their reflection on the computer screen. They were unaware that they are being watched. Some time, I felt fear that they may do something unexpected with me. But, thank god!! It was not secretos de la cachonda de rachel alexis ford and rachel starr case like that.

I have seen them fondling their cocks thinking that no one is watching them. They all were feeling heat but specially. their leader, a sardar was seems to be mad on me. I have observed him rubbing his cock (must be of a long one as appeared from outside of his pajama) many a times and he used to go bathroom where he used to spend longer than normal time. He must have been shaking his cock hard by his hands to throw out his cum keeping me in his mind.

I informed this to my hubby also on the suggestion of my best friend. And. and. my friend was very very right. Cock of my hubby gone wild and hard by seeing erection of sardar's cock in his pajama>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>. and we had a wild sex after that and I felt extra hardness on my hubby's cock in this fucking. As we are newly wedded couple, my husband's friends have started us to invite in weekends, one by one for a party and dinner.

My husband is very proud to say that I am the most beautiful and sexy lady among all his friend's wives. I have observed everyone, particularly men trying to come close to me in the parties. We went to our home town Goa for my dad-in-law's birthday in the first week of April. My husband returned Delhi on the third day and as my in-laws wanted me to stay with them for another three/four days, so I stayed back there.

I was in Goa and my husband was in Delhi. Two sexy bodies were away from each other. My husband was using his hands in Delhi to fire his cum shot for satisfaction and I was also using my own fingers and sometimes a candle to feel satisfied.

One fine morning, I remembered about Anju (My husband's sex partner before marriage. his friend's unsatisfied wife and once I, my husband and Anju had threesome group sex too) I went to her house after lunch to meet her. Her in-laws were out that time for my good luck. She surprised to see me at her home. She was very happy to see me but I could notice sadness on her face. Me: Hi Anju. She: Hi Julee. Fingering sexual act perineum vaing uret hrplopening Seems little dull ?

She: Yes! And you know why. Me: Yaa. But. still your husband is like that? She: Yes dear! It is my bad luck. He tries hard every day but as always. He finishes on the gate. even before entry. I do not know what to do. This is my fortune now. Me: Then what you do to satisfy yourself? Do you have any boyfriend? She: No dear. No boyfriend. My mom-in-law remains at home only for the whole day and I have no work to go out. I use my fingers only in the nights on the bed.

I felt sorry for that poor unsatisfied lady. I hugged her and she took hold me tightly. I could feel that she is too hot and horny.

My mind told me that now there should be a game of Lesbos sex between two hot ladies. Me: When is your Mom-in-law expected? She: may be in the evening. Both my in-laws have gone to one of our relative's home. The time was good for us to explore sparks of Lesbos sex. She also understood the things and smiled looking at me. She got up and locked the main door and we went to her bed room. We did not take much time to undress ourselves. I kept my cloths safely on a sofa because I warned to wear them after having sex with Anju showing no evidence of the act.

She was very hungry for sexual activity like me and she pulled me on her in to the bed. I put my hot lips on her juicy lips and took a deep kiss which both of us enjoyed.

During the kiss, my hands were playing with her smaller sexy college girl rides a massive pole me boobs and she was enjoying fondling my boobs and nipples. I could feel that sex in our mind was immediately reflected in our pussies resulting a flow of juices from both of ours love spot with deep tunnel.

She took one of my already hard nipples in to her mouth and started to suck it. My other boob and nipple has become a toy in his hand. My boobs and nipples were sucked by my husband on daily basis and I always had a great feeling and excitement.

But, this was a different and other type of enjoyable feeling which I was experiencing when she was sucking my boob and nipple. She was so excited that even I felt her teeth bite on my nipples. She was looking like she wants to enter in to my body by pressing and pulling me hard.

After some time, I gave her the same treatment on her boobs and nipples which turned her on. She started to rub her juicy pussy with my juicy pussy. Juices flowing out from our pussies got mixed on out thighs.

I moved my hand towards her pussy and touched it softly. She jumped in the air feeling my sexy touch on her pussy. It may be due to the reason that her pussy was untouched by any one for a long time.

Without seeing her pussy, I could feel that it is swollen and clean shaved pussy. We both could not control our desire of involvement in Lesbos sex with each other and we changed our position in 69 on the bed.

This is the most convenient and favorable position in sex with anyone. Now, her pussy was in front of my eyes. I must say that her pussy is very cute, very lovely and tight lips. It was a different pleasure to play teens and dirty old men compilation by jogj0308 tube porn a small and rarely fucked pink pussy which Anju is having. First, I kissed on her pussy and tasted sweet juices of her coming out from it.

She too was continuously kissing my juicy pussy. I had just put my lips on her pussy lips and moved my tongue up and down between her pussy lips and she felt a high voltage current when I touched her clit with my tongue. I saw her immediate reaction, shivering and shaking legs, trying push her pussy more closer to my mouth etc. I was moving my hands on her well shaped bum chicks and ass creek. I could see that ass hole opening is very small with little dark pinkish color skin cover.

I took my middle finger in to my mouth to have some salvia and applied it on her ass hole. She tightens her ass hole feeling my touch on it. I moved my finger from her leaking pussy to her ass hole to apply some more lubricant on her ass hole.

Meantime, she was eating my pussy and inserted her tongue in to my pussy tunnel, doing tongue fucking to me. Her hands were moving on my bums. I put my middle finger on her ass hole and pushed it little inside of her ass.

She jumped in the air in pleasure and resulting she started sucking and tongue fucking of my pussy with more power. Only tip of my middle finger was inside of her ass hole because it was very tight. She relaxed her ass hole which made little easy for my finger to move in her ass.

Slowly . slowly. Half of my finger was in to her ass. I too penetrated my tongue in to her pussy hole. Now, I was fucking her pussy with my tongue and her ass with my middle finger. Her ass hole was more relaxed now and it was easy to move my finger in and out of her lovely virgin ass. At the same time, I was moving my tongue in and out in to her pussy like a male cock.

I was giving pleasure to her and she was giving pleasure to me in the love game being played between two hot and sexy ladies. I surprised and felt very good when she put her finger in to my ass too. My ass hole is surely bigger than her hole because it is being used frequently by my husband's cock. It was a very good feeling to have her finger movements in to my ass. Two sexy and hot ladies were playing the oldest game of love and sex in the bed with their full skill of satisfying each other.

Pressure of flowing the blood in our vain have increased during this play there was only one thing was running in my mind. sex. sex. And only sex! The nature always provides the results for which we play. We both have increased our speed of fucking each other's pussy by tongue and fucking each other's ass with fingers, which took us near our pleasure orgasm.

Movements of our body parts have clearly indicated us that we are just outside of the pleasure station. We can reach any moment on the height of pleasure experience. And.

and. and. we both reached there. She reached little earlier than me but she took me there along with her. Our little sweated sexy and naked bodies in an air conditioned bed room were resting on the bed in the same 69 position. We both made each other's pussy dry by licking the juices in and around of pussy. We both were breathing fast and I could see a clear sign of satisfaction on her face.

I told her that I have to go because my mom-in-law must be waiting for me. She holds my hand and looked in to my eyes. I assured her that we will play some more games of sex till I am in Goa if conditions are favorable. We both want to bathroom together and she offered me shower together to get fresh. We were under shower, running our hands on each other's naked bodies.

We were suddenly in a mood to have another Lesbos sexual encounter under the shower. We sat on the floor of the bathroom under the shower on side by side. My hand was on her pussy and her hand was on my pussy. Spanish tourist fuck in public in czech republic started to move our fingers between each other's pussy lips. Suddenly . I felt some warm feeling on my fingers in running shower of normal water.

I looked at her and she smiled.

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I understood by her smile that what the reason of warm feeling was. She pissed while I was running my fingers on her pussy. I just loved her for this and in reply.

I too pissed suddenly. on her fingers. And we both laughed loudly. We fingered each other's pussy in bathroom under the running shower till we both reached another pleasure point. We kissed on each other's lips and came out of bathroom. We covered our bodies with our cloths and had hot tea after a very satisfying sex game. I gave her my mobile no. and asked her to call me whenever there is a chance of spending some time privately so that we can have some more sex together.

After talking to her for some more time, I returned to my home where my mom-in-law was waiting for me. She told me that Anju is a very good lady and I must meet her daily till I am in Goa.