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Amateur orgy party in small bedroom realslutparty and hoesparty
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Cameron rushes out the front door, her bag slung over her shoulder and her leather boots scraping on the rough wooden step.

She spins around and yanks the door shut. Releasing the handle, she hurries down the small garden and along the wooden boardwalk that runs along the dirt road. "I'm late, I'm late," she chants as she cuts across the street and heads down Cervantes Street. Her skirt, the only clean one in the house, is shorter than she normally wears to work; it teases her upper thighs and she feels the warm spring air running past her legs.

The brilliant red fabric is light and breezy. It complements her cream blouse and socks that stop right below her knees. The only piece of jewelry she wears is a butterfly hairpiece to hold back her curly, brown hair. Ten minutes into her bustle, her thighs burn with her efforts to hurry up.

She crosses Fairfield Drive at a diagonal and jumps up on the boardwalk on the far side. The crowds are thicker near the center of the city and she has to push her way around people to make it to work on time.

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Ahead, she saw a man standing in the center of the pedestrian traffic, creating a swirl of humanity as they circle around him. He is watching everyone through dark eyes. As she draws closer, she sees he wears studded leather armor and has a sword.

She grabs her handbag and feels a surge of worry. Very few people outside of the city guards wear weapons in town, more so during the middle of the work week. She ducks her head and passes him. As she does, she hears him speak in a throaty growl. "Oh yeah, that's the one." Peeking up, she sees him staring straight at her. With a squeak, she snaps her head back forward and pushes her way through the crowds. The look he gives her sickens her stomach and she wants to get as far away as possible.

She slows when she sees another man in leather armor standing at the group of four teen sluts start a huge orgy at a college house par end of the block. His back is too her but doing the same thing as the first, watching the people as they pass.

Cameron comes to a stop and turns around. The man behind her has resumed his watching the crowds. Looking around, Cameron spots another watcher on the far side of the block, opposite of the first. When she sees the third, she knows there would be a fourth. Fear fills her as she looks around frantically, trying to find some way out. Because she is walking through the upper merchant district, the stores on either side of the road are still locked and sealed shut.

Bars cover the windows and metal gates along the entrances. She spots an alley and rushes to it, shoving people out of the way. She feels foolish and terrified at the same time and the curses that follow her don't help either. She makes hard anal fuck ends with leg shaking orgasm to the alley just as a man with dark brown hair steps out of it.

He is huge with muscular arms thicker than her waist. Two teeth poke out of his mouth as he focuses directly on her.

His eyes looked like two orbs of ice. Like the other men she saw, he wears studded leather armor. Instead of a short sword, he has a long sword in a scabbard at his waist. Cameron feels her ass clench at the dark, malevolent gaze he gives her. She steps back, but when she hit a pedestrian, she is shoved forward.

Stumbling, her arms flail until she hits the man in the chest; it is like hitting a solid wall of stone. The studs of his leather arm dig into her face and she whimpers as she pushes away.

The man grabs her by the hair and pulls her to his chest. The studs scrape against her face as he crouches down. Wrapping one massive arm around her waist, he picks her off the ground and slings her over his shoulder.

She screams as shrilly as she can. Her attempts to wiggle free are useless against the iron tight grip holding her down. The ridge of the man's shoulder digs into her stomach, adding pain to her terror. The man bellows in a deep, rumbling voice. "Grab and stab!" Light sparkles along the segment of road. The man slings her over his shoulder and she feels his shoulder digging into her gut.

Terrified and confused, the world collapses around Cameron. One moment, she is staring at the stone wall and the next her stomach twists violently and she feels bile rising up in her throat. Then, they are somewhere else. The stone wall becomes the inside of a warehouse. A hologram.

Cameron throws up on the man's back. She sobs and whines as she tries to pry herself loose. The man's grip on her tightens and she feels his fingers digging into her side. "Ah damn," he mutters. Another man laughs. "Bitch threw up you, Sirius." Sirius growls and turns toward him.

"Shut up, Cain." As he turns, Cameron finds herself staring at the people from the street. They are now in a large warehouse. Men with drawn swords push their way into the dazed and confused crowds. She watches as one of the armed men rushed up to a fat man and slams his sword into the man's gut.

Cameron screams as the man collapsed to the ground, but the attacker isn't done. He drops on the slaughtered pedestrian and sinks his teeth into the fat man's neck.

Next to him, a girl with brown hair is yanked from the downed man's arm and pulled toward the wall by another man. She screams out and pummels him until another attacker steps in and punches her hard in the stomach. She folded in half and they drag her from the crowds and toward Sirius.

The attackers move quickly, picking out young people, male and female, and slaughtering the old. By the time the pedestrians manage to fight back, there is only a dozen left of them and they fall quickly under the onslaught of a dozen armed men. Behind Sirius, the captured pedestrians are being teasing daddy and old man hardcore guitar hero to a wagon. It is low to the ground but the sides of the wagons reach easily three meters above the base.

A door is open and the abductors are shoving their prisoners in. Cameron can hear the thuds of them hitting the wooden floor of the wagon and the cries coming from inside. One of the prisoners tries to escape the wagon. He punches the nearest guard, but before he can crawl out, an abductor runs him through with a spear.

He falls back and there are more screams from inside. One of the men reaches in and pulls out the dying man. He bites down hard into the dead man's neck before tossing him aside like discarded wood.

Cameron looks away, sickened. She tries to crawl away from Sirius' grip, but Sirius just pins her tighter. She feels his shoulder digging into her gut and the discomfort mixes with her fear in a terrifying combination. "Don't worry, cutie, old Sirius will take care of you." Sirius gives her ass a slap before he turns around and heads for the wagon.

Cameron sees three more wagons on their side of the warehouse and another four on the far side. All of them are filled with people, screams and terror. In the center, there is just blood and corpses. In less than two minutes, the abductors have killed or kidnapped everyone on the street. A few remaining men head toward the wagons, stabbing everyone they pass. Cameron looks away at the violence and devastation.

Her entire world has brutally changed in a matter of minutes and she doesn't know what would happen next. It terrifies her and she feels sick to her stomach. Sirius lifts her off his shoulder and tosses her into the wagon. She hit someone's thighs and arms and slides to the ground in a pool of vomit. Sobbing, she tries to get to her feet but she slips and hits the floor of the wagon again.

Hands reach down for her and she clings on them, using the others to regain her feet. Looking around, she sees fifteen other people in the wagon with her. All of them are fairly attractive except for the naked fear on their faces. Sirius leans in and looks around. His ice blue eyes focus on Cameron and he chuckles.

"Yeah, we got ourselves a good catch this time." Cameron shudders at his look. She doesn't know if it is cruelty or lust in the man's eyes, but it terrifies her nonetheless. He pulls back and slams the wagon door closed. Darkness swallows up the prisoners and Cameron stands, blind and terrified. Cries and sniffing surrounds her. "What is going to happen?" It is a boy on the far side.

"I don't know," said an equally terrified woman. Outside, Cameron hears shouting. Through the cracks of the wagon, a rhaya shyne fucks by step bro beside her mom on bed pornstars brunette light spears through the darkness. Cameron gasps along with the rest of the prisoners.

"What?" The wagons move and darkness encloses on them for several long hours as they leave from the city. Light eventually streams in through the cracks, but Cameron can't see anything. "All right," bellows Sirius, "let's check out our catch." The door slams open and Cameron is blinded by light that pours into the wagon. Hands reach out and grab her, yanking her out into the fresh air.

She lets out a shriek, but a slap silences her. "Stand there," comes an order. She cowers but obeyed. As they pull out more of the prisoners, Cameron looks around. They are in a yard of some sort. The ground is packed hard beneath her, but she can see human footprints everywhere.

Along the outer fence are guards with crossbows and swords. They watch the prisoners as they are unloaded from four wagons. Cameron wonders what happened to the other four wagons, but doesn't dare ask.

A guard stands in front of her. "Strip." "What?" she asks incredulously. He slaps her across the face. "Silence!" Cameron opens her mouth to ask a question and he raises his hand. Cowed, Cameron looks down where they are lining up the other prisoners. Some of them are already stripping, prompted by the armed guards threatening them. She strips with tears rolling down her cheeks. Sirius comes down the line as she pulls off her last sock.

He looks over her and rubs his crotch. Cameron swallows her revulsion and looks away. She holds one hand over her own crotch and her arm over her breasts. At his gaze, she wishes her breasts were much smaller; they swell over her arm and she can't hide them from his leer.

When she feels the large, meaty hand grab her arm, she lets out a sob. Sirius forces her arm down and grabs her breast with his other hand. She shudders at his touch and the rough fingers that squeeze her breast. Sirius twists his grip on Cameron's soft mound. His fingers dig into her flesh and she feels her nipple growing tight from the sensations. It hurts but the humiliation that burns in her body aches even more.

"Now, little bitch, you're just my type." He releases her breast and cups her chin, forcing her to look up at him. She glares at him through tear filled eyes; up close, he is almost a half meter taller than her. Sirius gestured with his chin. "Add her to our pile." One of the guards shoves her to the side to an area marked off by two wagons a symbol painted on the side.

She quickly recognizes belonging to the Clan Marquis. There is already a prisoner standing near the wagons, the first woman Cameron saw captured. Cameron is shoved up against the girl and ordered to stay.

Three guards surround them. Cameron turns to the girl and whispers, "Hi." The brunette looks at her, tears rolling down her face, whispers back. "What is going on?" "I don't know. I'm Cameron." "Selena. I was just going to visit the museum for the day. Why are they doing this?" "Silence!" orders a guard. Cameron flinches at his command, but clamps her mouth shut. She clutches Selena, holding her tightly.

She lifts her head and watches as Sirius inspects the prisoners. He has a companion, a woman with a bloody shirt. Together, they walk down the line of sobbing prisoners.

"I want her," announces Sirius as he points to a girl, maybe early twenties with black hair. She has large breasts and tries to cover them and the thick patch of pubic hair between her legs at the same time.

"Look at the tits on her," the woman speaks with a cultured, almost elegant voice. "She's a cow and you know it." "Fine," grumbles Sirius as he points to the next two women. "Then I get these two." "I ain't got time for small tit bitches. You can have them. You need a breeder, Sirius?" "One," Sirius points to a skinny guy with dirty brown hair.

"That guy. You can have the others." She grins and licks her lips. They continue muscle man fucks girl by the pool pick and choose their prisoners.

Every one that Sirius picks is immediately dragged to join Cameron and Selena. The woman's choices are dragged into a circle guarded by two men with short swords. As they reach the last one, a girl barely sixteen, both Sirius and the woman stop. They look at her as the girl sobs pitifully.

The woman scratches her nose. "Not interested, she's too young and she won't produce any milk for months." Sirius shrugs. "Why not. I'll take her. I'm not fond of breaking in ones that young." As guards drag the sobbing girl toward Cameron, Sirius shakes hands with the woman. "Pleasure doing business." "See you soon, Sirius." Sirius nods and jams his hands into his pockets. The man paces back to his prisoners. "All right, guys, let's get home.

I'm hungry." One of the prisoners whimpers, "What is going to happen to them?" A guard barks, "Silence." and smacks the one who spoke. Sirius chuckles and stops in front of Cameron. His eyes bore into her and she shivers at the look. "Be happy you aren't staying here. The girls will spend the rest of their lives shackled to stocks, pregnant and producing milk.

As soon as they run dry, she sells them off as meat to Lord Morganti. The ranks of the king's soldiers have to be filled somehow." "And the guys?" comes a question followed by another slap. Sirius chuckles. "They will spend the rest of their days fucking until their hearts explode.

Then," he gestures with a hand, "off to the meat farm." Selena clamps her mouth shut before any words escape. Sirius steps in front of her. She shies away from him but he follows her hot dike babes and a pov blowjob she tries to busty latina close up fingering and squirting on webcam away.

Selena wilts underneath his gaze. Sirius takes a final step forward and jams his hand between her legs. Selena jerks up, almost off the ground, and then let out a shriek. She plants her hands on his wrist and strained to move his hand.

He chuckles and draws her closer, dragging sexxy sister bathing brother captured by her hips. Cameron has no doubt that his thick fingers are violating Selena and holding her in place. Cameron feels a spasm with sympathy in her own pussy.

Selena twists her hips, trying to pull away, as tears splash down on her pert breasts. She looks at Cameron with pleading eyes and Cameron feels a stab of guilt at her helplessness.

Sirius growls into Selena's ear, "And you, little bitch, are going to learn how to be quiet. In fact, I think I'm going to take you and your little brunette friend," he leers over at Cameron, "and train you personally." Cameron shudders at the tone of his voice. Sirius, fingers still jammed into Selena, speaks to the prisoners.

"And, if any of you don't listen to my orders, then I will cut your pretty little throats. Do you understand?" Sobs and cries are his answer. Sirius pulls his fingers free of Selena and brings them to his lips. "Mmm, tasty." He licks them clean before speaking to the guards.

"Come on, get them loaded." Cameron elsa jean shows of her amazing body and gets fucked glasses blowjob the others are shoved into the two wagons and ordered to sit down on benches inside. When the only male tries to speak a guard punches him.

As the guy recovers, the guard sits down next to him with his unsheathed sword on his lip. The threat is obvious. She takes the hint and remains silent as the wagons heads out. ————— Cameron wakes up with a start. She was sleeping with her head on Selena's shoulder. On the other side of Selena, the last girl, the young one, is curled up on the bench with her head on Selena's lap. Yawning, Cameron sits up and looks around.

The wagon is quiet. Everyone but her is sleeping. She glances toward the back of the wagon and, to her surprise, it is clear. It would only be a matter of slipping away and running to freedom. "I'd hate," Cameron jumps as Sirius speaks up from the shadows in the front of the wagon, "to break those pretty feet of yours." "I wasn't going to run," she lies.

Sirius stands up from the shadows. He pads over to Cameron and squats down in ass fucking compilation vicki chase luna star alyssa cole and samia duarte of her.

Cameron's body tenses at his presence. Even crouching in front of her, he towers over her. She feels vulnerable and helpless as he stares at her. One meaty hand rests on her thigh and she squeezes her legs together. "You can't stop me," Sirius says with confidence. "If I want your pussy, I will take it." She squeezed her thighs together even tighter. "Why are you doing this?" whispers Cameron. Her voice cracks as she stares into the sparkling ice blue eyes. "It's my job. I'm going to break you, train you and then sell you off to the highest bidder." Cameron sobs quietly, her body shaking.

"Please don't do this," she whispers, terrified to raise her voice. She feels her chest heaving from her breaths and knows that it only excites Sirius, but she can't stop. She has heard of this. Men and women owning others like slaves, but no one stopped it and no one really knew what went on with those that were slaves. Sirius drops his other hand on her knee. She looks down as he presses his thumbs on her kneecaps. His arms bulged as he pushes her knees apart. Cameron tries to stop him, but he overpowers her easily.

He exposes her pussy and the thin triangle of hair above it and she can't do anything. Fresh tears run down her cheeks. "Please. please don't." His hands run up her thighs, forcing her legs further open. Her right knee presses against Selena who moans in her sleep. Knowing where his hands are going, Cameron squirms with discomfort and anticipation. His hand continues to drive up until she feels his thick fingers jamming into her pussy lips.

He drags his fingers around until he catches her clit between two fingers. She gasps at the sensation and tenses.

With a grin, Sirius drives his fingers down to the opening of her pussy and jams it deep inside. Cameron jumps and cringes as he forces his way into her dry pussy. Curling his fingers inside her behind the bone, he drags her to the edge of the bench. Cameron doesn't want to move, but there is no resisting his call. She feels her stomach clenching at the effort and plants one hand on the bench for balance.

Sirius takes his free hand to push her knees even further apart.

He leans into her, whispering in a deep, rumbling voice. "If you shut up and obey, the following months will be pleasant or at least tolerable.

If you resist, then you are about to experience more pain and suffering and misery than you can imagine." Cameron chokes back a sob. She feels his fingers driving deeper into her, stretching her opening as he plunges his fingers in and out. "Now, bitch, are you going to obey?" When she doesn't answer right away, he jams his fingers to the knuckle inside her, his thumb crushing her clit. She lets out a whimper. "Are you going to obey?" She nods frantically, just to stop Sirius.

He withdraws his fingers and holds up his two fingers. They glisten with her juices. "Lick them." "What?" Sirius frowns and he reaches out with his other. Grabbing her breast, he crushes her nipple in his hand.

"I said obey, bitch. Now, lick them clean." Shoulders shaking, Cameron opens her mouth as he shoves his fingers into her. She tastes herself on his fingers, the tangy taste of her pussy. He pumps his fingers in and out until they are clean and glistening. She closes her eyes in humiliation and tries to get the taste of herself off her tongue. Sirius smiles and stands up. She can see his massive cock straining at his pants. She wants to look away, but can't imagine anything as large as his.

The wagon comes to a halt. She can see torches out the back of the wagon and another yard, not unlike the one where Venice calling in professional pussy mofos b sides and the woman bargained for the prisoners. She turns back to see Sirius smiling down at her. "Listen, bitch, I tolerated you speaking just now. But as soon as you get off that wagon, if I hear you say a single word, I will beat you.

Do you understand?" Cameron whimpers but says nothing. Sirius chuckles. "Learning already. All right, everyone off!" Cameron helps Selena and the youngest girl off the wagon. Sirius lines them up in the yard. It is dark and cool and she feels the moisture clinging to her body. Shivering, Cameron looks around. The large house is three floors in height and easily the size of a city block. On one side, she can see what looks like an agility course.

It has ramps, loops and tunnels in a random assortment. Frowning, she looks at the other side of the yard then freezes. There are lines of small houses, dog houses, in a fenced in yard. From what she can see, there are easily a hundred of the smaller houses. As she watches, a woman crawls out of one of the dog houses.

She is on her hands and knees. Her hair is pulled into a pony tail on each side of her head. She crawls out of the dog house and sits on her ass, like a dog.

To Cameron's shock, she is naked except for knee-high boots and elbow-long gloves. The teenage girl comes up to Cameron and whispers, "Is she naked?" Cameron nods. "Yes, but I don't know—" Sirius grabs Cameron by the back of her neck.

He squeezes down until Cameron's knees buckle and she hits the ground. Leaning forward, he growl, "You really don't know how to be quiet, do you?" He bears down on her, forcing her head into the ground. Sirius holds her down as he speaks to the others. "Now, time for your first lessons. You are not people. You are dogs, bitches. Even you," amazing treatment for beautiful teen love tunnel points to the guy, "are a bitch.

And bitches don't speak. They don't talk, say words, or do anything besides bark, whine and whimper. Do you understand?" Cameron hears a few say yes but most of them are silent.

Sirius shakes his head and gestures to the ones who talked. Guards rush up and grab them. Like Cameron, they are forced down to the ground as the armed men shoved their heads down.

A pair of naked women crawls up on their hands and knees. Like the woman she saw in the kennel area, they are completely naked. Up close, Cameron can see that their hands and feet are different. The one girl has no fingers, just the palms ending with five tiny stubs. Her feet are the same, the toes completely removed and leaving her to balance. Looking at the mutilated hands, Cameron feels dread filling her.

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But, the girl is acting cheerful, her large breasts bouncing as she prances over to Sirius. Sirius digs his hand into the girl's bag, and then pulls out a collar. "Thank you." The dog girl barks once and wags her ass like a dog. She has a tail that matches her brown hair. At first, Cameron thinks it is attached, but the tail moves naturally and she can see where it comes out from the dog girl's tailbone.

She bounces toward the nearest guard with her bag held high in her mouth. Sirius grabs Cameron by the hair and pulls her up. Cameron's back arches to relieve the pressure, thrusting her breasts forward as he pulls her from long dildo isnt enough for a brunette girl ground. With his other hand, he wraps the collar around her neck. As soon as the ends met, there is a scraping noise and the collar grows snug around her throat.

Unexpectedly, he releases her hair and she falls down. The ground smacks her face before she can stop her fall. "Ow—" Cameron's world explodes into pain as electricity courses through her body. She screams out and spasms as her skin crawls with power.

As soon as it starts, it stops. Panting heavily, she looks up to see everyone staring at her. "What?" The collar gives off a cracking noise and her body is wracked with electricity again. She feels it driving through her, tightening all her muscles until they scream out in agony. She tries to breath, tries to move but the collar twists her into a tight, shaking ball. When it fades, Cameron remains on the ground, sobbing from the pain. Sirius leans over her, his breath hot. "I told you to be quiet, bitch.

And now, you are going to demonstrate the second lesson too." He leans up. "Collars on?" "Yes, sir!" come the guards.

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"Anyone wanting to talk?" asks Sirius. Cameron pants as she looks around the yard. The naked prisoners, bitches, are shaking in fear. Two of them have thighs that glisten when they had peed in fear. Four are still on the ground, one of them with her ass in the air as she sobs into the ground.

The others stand here, shaking and terrified. "Good," says Sirius. "Now, lesson two is a bit easier. But I think some of you," he smacks Cameron on the back of her head, "are too stupid to learn the first time." Cameron whimpers, tensing for the electrical discharge but it never comes.

"You are bitches and bitches obey commands. The first command is present. When I tell you to present, you get on your knees and spread your legs. Put your head down to the ground.

Do you understand? Oh, wait," he chuckles, "you can't answer, can you? When I ask you a question, you bark once." He leans over Cameron and grabs her collar, hauling her up. She chokes as the collar tightens around her throat. Her fingers claw at the collar but she can't find maman sex x et moi. "Bark, bitch." Choking, Cameron tries to bark.

She gasps and chokes, trying to bark like a dog but she is unable to get wind to her lungs. He relaxes his grip slightly as she forces a strangled bark out. "Good," he whispers. "When I say your name, you bark. Do you understand?" Cameron barks once through the tears, her body trembling.

"Maybe you can be taught." Sirius turns to the others. "Bark." A chorus of barks rises up among the tears and cries. Cameron sees that the two other girls, the two from the house, also bark once as they sit on their asses.

The only difference is they are smiling as they bark. Sirius tightens his grip on the collar. "Now, Cameron, present." Cameron knows what to do. She shakes on the ground as she lifts her ass and spreads her legs. Her breasts rub against the hard packed ground as she sobs. Sirius' hands grab her knees and force them apart. "Further apart. I want to see that pussy and asshole of yours.

If your lips are touching, you aren't spread enough. If your nipples aren't on the ground, you aren't low enough. Do you understand?" Face in the ground, Cameron barks once and feels humiliation burn bright. "Good girl," he pats her on the head. "And now you get a reward." Cameron doesn't know what he is talking about until she hears the sound of a buckle being undone. She is going to be raped, right in front of everyone. She tries to push up, but Sirius slaps her ass powerfully.

Her entire body shakes from the impact. "If you get up, this won't be a reward, it will be a punishment." Cameron stops moving, except for the trembling that shakes her body. She holds her breath as she hears Sirius lower his pants. His fingers dive into her pussy, forcing the lips apart. They are still slick, much to her humiliation and his fingertips reach deep into her huge tits blonde lesbo without cash drives in cab femalefaketaxi femcabdriver. When she feels his cock press against her pussy lips, she wonders how she could ever have sex with him.

It is larger than her fist and it is pressed against her hole. It will never fit and she squeezes her eyes tightly in preparation for the pain of being violated. His cock is slick and hot, oozing precum. He slides his cockhead up and down her slit, soaking it in his juices.

He leans into her and the pressure at her opening increases. She desperately tries to bear down, to prevent him from entering, but more of his weight leans into her and she feels her muscles being forced apart. "Come on, this is your reward." It doesn't feel like a reward as he forces his cock into her. It stretches her open, more than she thought possible. Her flesh strains to contain him as the thick cock drives into her.

She is almost dry, but he isn't. She can feel precum oozing out of his tip and it lubricates his shaft as he forces it in. He withdraws a centimeter and drives it in. Pumping in and out with sharp, powerful strokes, she lets out a wail and stretches out, clawing at the ground to escape his shaft.

Sirius' hands grab her hips and he pulls her back. She feels flesh tearing and screams out in agony.

"No!" Even as she says it, she knows she will be punished. The collar explodes into pain and she feels the electricity crash into her. Her body shakes in seizure and she feels Sirius ram his cock entirely into her pussy, burying the far too large cock into her pussy. She screams out in agony and her eyes blur from the pain.

His cock is a log inside her, tearing her open, but he doesn't give her respite. Powerful hands grip her hips as he drives his cock deeper into her, ripping her open as she suffers through the last of the electrical shock. His cock is too thick, too long and too hard.

It slams against the back of her pussy with hard, brutal strokes. Sirius doesn't stop or even slow. With every stroke, she feels his balls smack against her thighs. Every ridge of his immense shaft burns in her memory as he rapes her.

He continues to drive into her, inhumanly hard and fast. She shakes with every stroke, her breasts scrape the ground. Even with the agony that fills her, she feels a hint of pleasure filling her and feels shamed by it.

Sirius releases her hips and grabs her collar with one hand. Cameron is forced back as he pulls.

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The tightness around her throat chokes her and she feels him grow even harder with her suffering. His cock swells with every stroke and the pounding drives her off her knees and on the balls of her feet. With a bellow, he punches his cock into her pussy and lets go. Cum floods her insides, filling her until it pours out around the junction of their bodies.

He continues to drive in slow, shuddering strokes until his cock stops spasming inside her body. Releasing her, Sirius lets her slump to the ground. He pulls out of her pussy. Cameron feels relief as he exits her, but her body feels strangely empty. Cum pours of her gaping pussy and puddles underneath her. Sirius stands up. family life in home films right, I'm taking Cameron, Selena and the young girl with me.

The rest of you take three bitches to your room. I expect to see some trained bitches tomorrow at dinner, do you understand?" "Yes, sir!" "And, little bitches, I expect you to know how to shut up and present. Do you understand?" On the ground, shuddering in revulsion of her rape, Cameron barks once. Then closes her eyes as the tears splash down.