This big ass of mine was made for your hard cock

This big ass of mine was made for your hard cock
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I loved my daughter more than anything in the world, but sometimes you just cave in to certain forces that are stronger than the bond between a father and his daughter. One such force was my obsessive personality. When I became obsessed with something, I poured all my time, energy, and money into it. When my wife Melody, my daughter Morgan, and I were living under the same roof my obsession was UFOs.

Sometimes I'd spend an entire week camping at sites that reported UFO sightings, and Melody eventually grew tired of me and left with Morgan. The other force was lust. After the separation from Melody I was glued to porn. It started "normal" at first, with nude modeling photos and solo masturbation videos, but with so much free time on my hands I eventually drifted into more extreme categories.

=== On Morgan's 18th birthday, she traveled to Hawaii with Melody and uploaded dozens of vacation photos to her Facebook and Instagram. Melody had let herself go horny white girl sucking his huge monster black cock video bit--many men would've referred to her as "thick"--but my god was Morgan a cock tease.

She had that semi-mature face that was the perfect mixture of cute and sexy, and she had inherited her mother's lady parts packaged in my slim figure.

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At the sight of her ample C-cup breasts and ass to match, my hand subconsciously gripped my cock. I wanted to reach out and grab a fistful of her natural blonde hair, toss her cute little 5'4" frame around, and unleash myself onto her. But this was my daughter, so I held back.for three months.

It was her Halloween photos that drove me over the edge. She uploaded photos of herself at a party dressed as Harley Quinn. She had ripped her top in half so that the bottom of her breasts were hanging out, and her shorts might as well have been a thong.

I wasn't very fond of the dyed hair or the ridiculous make up and outfit, but what turned me on so much was the guys in the background. A trio of guys, to be specific, was caught checking out Morgan from behind.

They were fixated on her plump ass, with a predatory look in their eyes. One of them was even licking his lips. "Caught them creepin lol," one of Morgan's friends commented on her photo. "That guy licking his lips was trying really hard to buy us a drink lol," Morgan replied.

"Yeah, he either had to be an undercover cop or trying to roofie you lol" My imagination ran wild after reading the third comment. What if Morgan accepted that drink? What if it was spiked? What if she had gone to that party alone? What would the three of them have done to her?

I initially couldn't get myself to fantasize about fucking her, but the thought of other men taking advantage of my daughter's perfect face and body drove me nuts. For the next three months, I fantasized about nothing but multiple men gang raping my drunk and drugged Morgan.

I downloaded all of her photos off of Facebook and Instagram valentina nappi enjoys her interrasial pornizle masturbated to each one. I imagined a group of big Hawaiian men ruining her vacation, burglars, classmates, and even her being sold off as a sex slave for Christmas to wealthy, old men. Then I became more twisted. My imagination wasn't enough. I began uploading her pictures to a porn forum, under the category "What Would You Do?" It turned out that my eyes hadn't been deceiving me.

Morgan was objectively gorgeous, as she became one of the most popular threads in that topic. My fellow filthy men lusted for her, and I absolutely enjoyed reading about what they'd do to her. Life was good for about half a year. I felt like I was a valued member of a community of like-minded men, and they fed my obsession every night. Then I received a call mother force son rapes mother xxx Melody, and at first I wasn't sure if my life would get better or worse.

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Morgan had finished her studies at a community college and had been accepted to transfer to a 4-year university just 10-15 minutes from my house. Mom and little son fag wanted to know if it was okay to have Morgan stay with me, to lighten her financial burden.

I hesitated, feeling an enormous amount of guilt about what I had been fantasizing about and doing with her photos. What if she found out? But of course I had to agree. === "Hello? Dad? Are you okay?" were her first words to me at the airport in almost 10 years.

Morgan was even hotter in person, and her beauty had me hypnotized. Her clear blue eyes dug into my soul and stopped my heartbeat, and she smiled an innocent smile, clueless to the countless thoughts I've had of that beautiful face being slapped with a big black cock.

"Oh! Sorry! Hi! Wow, look at you! You were a little princess when I last saw you! Now you're like.Miss Universe! How did this happen?" I knew I sounded very strange and cliché. "Eh, I lost that pageant. I'm only Miss Southern California," she pouted. "Really?" "No, silly! I'm messing with ya! And what do you mean 'how did this happen'? I mean, I can see where I got my looks handsome old man!" she winked as she gently nudged at my ribcage with her elbow.

I absolutely melted. Morgan had class and spunk. She was an angel and the devil at the same time. She was such a joy to be around, and for an entire month I forgot about all my sins and filth as I spent every day with her after work.

I felt normal for the first time in a while, but that period of decency also came to an end. When she began school and became busy with her classes and college life, I had couple is having fine sex homemade hardcore much time on my hands once again.

The porn forum practically threw a party when I returned from my hiatus with fresh photos of Morgan. The guys now knew she lived with me, so my mailbox was constantly slammed with requests.

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They wanted shots of her underwear, shots of her sleeping, showering, and quite a few even suggested that I drug her and rape her myself, knowing my tastes. But there was no way I'd harm her. I didn't even dare jacking off with her underwear, worried she might wear it again and get pregnant. But of course, that changed too.

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=== "Daaaaad!" I heard Morgan's drunken voice yell in the driveway. She was returning from a date party thrown by the fraternity of one of her classmates. I opened the door to a hot mess. Morgan was barefoot with her heels in her hand, and her crotch would be visible if her tight black minidress rode up another inch. "You thought I was Miss Universe! Ha! Ha!" she fell into my arms, "I fucking hate boys, dad. I fucking hate them all!" My god she smelled heavenly despite the traces of liquor.

I felt my cock swell as her tits pressed into my chest. I peeked over her shoulder and saw that her dress had ridden up, fully exposing a black G-string between her perfect buns. I dragged her inside and laid her on the couch to lock the door. "Why are boys so fucking dumb?" she incoherently mumbled herself to sleep, "I just want some wine and a million puppies!" I stood by the door, petrified, trying very hard not to get hard.

Morgan's legs were spread, exposing herself to me, and the only thing between me and her was that thin black G-string. I called her name as I walked toward her, but no response.

I kneeled in front of her and called her name, but no response. The entire house was still, except for her soft snores and warm breath gently blowing onto my face from her lightly-parted lips. I so badly wanted to lean over and meet my lips with hers, but I big thug dick bitty bopper gets a scare all the sanity and morals I had in me and scooped her up in my arms.

With her limbs and my semi-hard cock dangling side to side, I carried her into her room and gently laid her down. I tossed and turned in my bed for almost an hour, fighting with myself.

"Just pictures," I eventually promised myself as I got back up and grabbed my phone, "I can't miss this opportunity." I called her name once more, louder this time, and even shook her bed. Still no response. So I took dozens of photos of her, starting with her feet for my foot fetish buddies, and immediately uploaded them to the thread. "Don't be a little bitch and rape that slut!" was the first comment. "Give her a good slap. If she don't wake up, she ain't gonna know shit," was posted just a second after that.

"Come on bro, at least show us her pussy!" Ugh. I caved in. I agreed. I couldn't let this chance go to waste. I had to see and smell Morgan's pussy and share her with my friends. When I returned to her room, she had rolled to her side.

I switched my phone to video and began recording myself. I gently placed my hand on her cool thigh and slowly slid across her smooth skin toward her ass. I heard her exhale slightly harder and felt her body relax a little, as if she was subconsciously enjoying the touch of my warm hand. Slowly, I strengthened my grip and gave her ass a firm squeeze and a gentle shake.

It was mostly fatty and jiggly, just the way I liked it. Then I slowly curled my finger and hooked in her G-string. Her pussy felt warm and damp on the back of my finger. I tugged with great caution, but the underwear slid off surprisingly easy to reveal a young, succulent pussy. She had thin flaps hidden under juicy, glistening lips. I zoomed in for my online buddies before I bent over for a long whiff. Her intoxicating smell left me no choice. I had to feel her. I filmed myself licking my middle finger, smirked at my audience as I flipped off the camera, then slowly slid my lucky finger into Morgan's pussy.

She was hot and wet inside. I rotated my finger inside her, feeling her sacred walls, then gently pulled cavegaycomamateur southern teen ashly anderson fucked takes creampie out. Then I noticed some whiteness on my finger. I examined closely and realized that it was, unmistakably, someone's cum.

At first I was awash with disappointment and jealousy. A part of me didn't like the fact that someone had slept with my daughter without my approval, and another part of me wanted Morgan solely for myself.

The latter emotion eventually grew into an uncontrollable thirst. I could no longer contain myself, as I became massively turned on by the fact that someone had already used my whore. "Don't be a little bitch and rape that slut!" the first comment echoed my head. "Fuck it," I began reasoning with myself, "If she feels anything tomorrow, she'll think it's from whichever lucky bastard she fucked.

If she wakes up, fuck it.

I already crossed the line a year ago." I carefully dragged her hips to the edge of the bed and pulled down my pants. I let my spit drool onto my cock and lubricated the shaft until it was fully slippery. I almost jizzed as I rubbed the head of my cock on her damp pussy lips.

I had fantasized about this moment too many times to count.another cock entering her used, cum-filled cunt to ruin her even further. Tonight, I'd be doing the honors. I slowly pushed myself into her, recording every second. Her hot, used pussy felt amazing, and boy was she tight. I'm not a big guy, but her pussy hugged my cock nonetheless.

"Unnh." Morgan softly moaned and frowned, as if her body knew it was being invaded against her will and knowledge. It was too hot. I pulled out a bit faster, wanting to hear her moan again. She exhaled, as if relieved that her rapist had left her. I maintained my pace in and out of Morgan, so that each stroke stimulated a response from her.

My heart pounded at this dangerous game. I was frightened that she would wake up, but at the same time I wanted her to. I wanted to hear her moan and scream and look me helplessly with her clear blue eyes as she woke up from sperm swap shot straight in the mouth she drops it to another drunken sleep to her own daddy raping her. All this thought drove me over the edge.

"Fuck it!" I breathed out loud as I grabbed her juicy ass and slammed my cock deep inside her. "Ahh!" she let out a gasp.

I clenched her ass tighter, and my legs shook underneath me as I dumped load after load into her. I let myself soften inside her as I caught my breath, then filmed a stream of my cum follow my cock out of my daughter. I returned her G-string back to its original position and watched my cum form a wet patch on the fabric. Satisfied, I returned to my room to upload the video.