Passionate sex session with ebony hardcore big butt

Passionate sex session with ebony hardcore big butt
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It all started a month ago, I moved into my trailerpark after my divorice from a women who had sexually abused me for years. I'm not a small man but I have never been able to hit a women. I moved from NY to mississippi just to get away from it all I had money to live on for a while and thought the back woods would be my escape, I was wrong. As soon as I moved it my new home the neighbors started watching me.

A trailerpark in back woods of mississippi is not a big place and on top of that my trailer and the the one next to me nicole ray vs rod fontana 500 yards deeper into the woods then all the rest. There was a pond and a rope swing hanging from a tree. This place was a real shit hole I asked myself what I was doing here but could't come up with an awsner. Then I remembered, my ex took great pleasure in whipping and beating my cock in front of her girl friends, my humiliation got her off.

Forcing me to suck their toes and lick their assholes and eat their cunts, she even made me call her mommy. On my first day at my new shit hole trailer looking around at the rusted junk cars and refrigerators littering my (yard) I new this was a mistake.

but things were about to get worse. The trailer next to me was even more rusted and fucked up then mine, it was about 6 pm when an old drunk whore steped out the next door trailer and started swiging wiskey from a bottle. she started screaming my daughter needs cock she's a whore and never got none I whipp her pussy sore for being a drity girl every night but she needs cock.

I couldn't beleve what I was hearing or seeing this old women had her daughter tide to the edge ofthe picknic table with her legs spred open and hands tide above, it reminded me of the pain I had recived before.

She took a yard stick and started spanking her cunt calling her a slut and a whore she put metal clamps on her soft nipples, her sceams just made mom whant more. I new it was just a matter of time untill she came after me.

I walked out the door ready to stop the beating but the mother hisst at me telling me I was a not a good man and just like all the rest. she continude beating her daughters cunt savagely. I was about to turn and walk away when the mother grabed my balls thru my jeans and made me yell in pain!. She said your not going anywhere, my little slut needs to be whipped and fucked hard by a real man!.

What was I to say or do the old bat beating the girls cunt with out mercy I just stood there and watched then she turned to me and said now it's your turn beat and fuck her cunt you sorry man piece of shit. I said no but the old hag grabed my hair and forced my mouth on to her beaten cunt.

Her small legs spred wide open, her crys to stop, just made me want to do evil things. Her mother handed me the yard stick she had been using and told me if I didn't use it on her she would use it on my balls. she didn't have to ask twice. This young girl was was in pain already and I didn't want to make it worse but her psycho mom was standing right behind me.

she pulled down my pants and underwere and squeezed my balls untill I was ready to cry. Yes I'll do what you tell me to do. I took the yard stick and begain beating her young cunt with the tool I was given. at the point she was about to pass out her mom said fuck her now hard and fast. my cock may not be huge but I fucked her little pussy and listend to her scream for at least a half hour while her mother spanked my balls and finger fucked my ass.

I knew it was wrong but I just couldn't stop and then Messy asian slut and with one overweight dildo squirting and japanese shot my load deep inside that tight hole. Her mom looked at me and said looks to me like my little girl has a new fuck daddy!. I went back to my trailer hating myself for doing what had been done to me for so long. I took a shower went to bed a told myself never agian.

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8:00 am bang bang bang on my door, still half asleep and doning a morning stiffy I looked through the door window and ther was that dirty old hag. Open the door you young cunt beater, I opened the door only to find her little girl standing next to her totaly naked with a huge dilldo in her cunt and another one up her ass.

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she was crying. The ugly hag said training time, my little slut needs to learn how to take a cock down her throat and eat man cum, your also my bitch now do what ever I say or I'll give you up understand?.

all I could say was yes ma'am. The old bat owend me now. They came in, mom grabed her daughters hair and forced her to her knees in front of me I could see she was in pain her mom started spanking my hard on telling me I better fuck the shit out of her mouth or I would get a beating. Once again mom stuck her finger up my ass and guided my cock to her little girls quivering mouth.

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I was so horny now that I just wanted to do it and do it hard I slipped the head of my cock into her mouth grabed her long hair and ramed all that I had deep into her throat and started pumping like a monkey on speed.

Tears streamed down her face and she gaged for air but I could not stop her mom pushed a second finger up my ass and told me to go harder and deeper. I face fucked that girl without care I new now that she was my whore and I was her new fuck daddy and thats the way it was to be from now on and I also was her mothers bitch she had me over a barrel and I knew it.

I blew my load hard right down her throat Her eyes rolled back in her head then I released and let her breath, yea I now owned porn story cina java hihi littel bitch.

mom seemed happy with my work and told me I could keep my little slave for the day and do whatever I wanted to with her all of the sudden ideas of sick shit started flowing into my mind, today was going to be fun.

After mom left I took my little slut to the bedroom and removed the dilldos from her cunt and ass It seemed to me it was time for some discipline training, my little whore needed to know who was in charge. I made her bend over the bed and spred her legs and lift up her ass then I went to my closet and found a heavy belt, this was not going to be pretty. The first lash brought a sream her little ass was so perfect and round it was making me crazy It was clear her mom had been abusing her for a long time she accepted her punishment and knew she had to accept what ever I was to do to her like a good girl, my little whore.

I brought the belt to her ass ten more times her ass cheeks were now crimson and she was sobbing in pain. The memories of my own past pain did not stop a midget gets fucked by a black monster cock enjoyment I actuly was loving it. I told her to get on her tip toes spred her legs wider and stick her ass out even further I was going to make this a lng day.

I knelt down behind her and started to lick her cunt giving little bites here and ther, then the bites became harder and the animal in me came out and I lost all control. I started biting her cunt lips hard leaving teeth marks her screams made me want to do more, I felt like a mad man lusting to cause her pain and hear her cry even harder. Just then I thought mabe and good hard fist fucking was in order, I stood up and ramed two fingers in that tight little cunt then three then my hand sliped into her hole I made a fist and forced my arm all the way into that tiny cunt, punching in and out I could feel her womb at the end of my thrusts my fore arm streching her little hole wide open, she begged for me to stop but that would not happen her cut was mine.

When I was done I tossed her on the bed she was heaving in pain now face down I got on top of her and took my hard cock and ramed it up her ass no lube just hard cock and raw ass, her screams made me even more horny, fucking is all I wanted to do. This tight little cunt was my property and I made sure she new I owned it.

after I shot my load in her cum dumpster I turned her over and spread her legs wide and tide each to one side of the bed and then tide her hands to the head borad, time for more pussy disipline. But know it was time for the big guns, the real shit. her little cunt had know idea what was ahead.

I had bought a stun gun for protection in NY but now it had a very different use. I pulled it out of it's case and should it to her, the panic in her eyes gave me even more pleasure. It had three power settings so I startted on number one and touched it to her clit first, her eyes went wide and she shook all over, that was not enough.

I went to setting two and pressed it to her cunt lips, her little pussy spasmed and she pissed all over me. not enough. I went to number three and thrust it deep into her hole, she jerked up and down making sounds I've never heard before. The evil in me was still not satisfide. I needed to break her spirit and make her little cunt my own forever her mom would thank me. I stood her up and told her to be a good girl and wait untill I got back, I went to my tool box and came back with two dozen alligator clips, the first two I placed on her nipples, more tears, next I applyed them to her cunt lips and then her asshole.

I could only imagine the pain she was in, this was getting hot.

I gave her time to think about who owend her and the clamps had to come off, but not the easy way, they would have to be pulled off one at a time this would be fun. Starting with her nipples I pulled the clips slowly draging them across the skin, yelps and screams came fast even more whenI removed them her pussy and asshole, I was now in heaven.

After our session I laid with my new little sex slave in bed and let her rest, come 6:00 in the evening mom knocked at the door, I opened it slowly. She said is my little cunt more understanding now? yes I said she knows she's my whore and will obey both of us. Good now it's time fo me to take her home and give her the night time cunt whipping she needs, I like having you as my bitch were going to get along just fine.