Old stud seduces a young beautiful hottie

Old stud seduces a young beautiful hottie
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My husband is in the Air Force. We are based near a fairly large city. We lived in a condo close by. My husband goes to work during the day so I started to look around for a job.

Something close, not too demanding, but something to keep me busy and provide a little extra income which we really needed. I applied to some offices and businesses around the area. Got czech couples young couple takes money for public interviews but no offers.

I started to get a little worried. Then I got a call back from a place that moved offices around. They send out crews and trucks to move offices when they change location. The man who called talked to me awhile telling me about the job and what my duties would be.

He ask if I could come in for a follow up interview so we set it up for the next morning. To describe myself a bit, I'm 24 years old, 5'7", 115 lbs.

I have long dirty blonde hair, C-cup boobs, and green eyes. I like running and working out and going to the gym on base. I've been told I have an athletic body and the guys at the gym are always hitting on me. I don't have any children. I have been married since I've been 18 years old - right out of High School. I got ready to go to the interview at the office I would be working out of.

I wore a nice blouse, knee length skirt, black pumps, and a suit jacket. Nothing sexy or provocative. A black man in his early 50s let me in after I knocked on the door. The office isn't in the best neighborhood so they keep the doors locked.

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He brought me into his office in the back and started asking me questions. Looking around the place was kinda dumpy. He seemed nice and liked to joke around. He showed me the desk I would use - it was in the front part of the office. After about 15 minutes of different questions, he ask me when I could start. I must have seemed excited because I blurted out 'Tomorrow!'. He laughed and said it couldn't happen that fast but could I start Monday. I told him I could and ask about the dress code.

He grinned and said what I was wearing was fine. Started my job that Monday. Nothing difficult. Get jobs from the main office, schedule crews, enter pay data, just basic admin stuff. Everything went well the first few weeks - Monday through Saturday afternoon. When I got my first paycheck, my boss, I'll call him Mr.

Jones, ask if I liked it. I told him yes and that my husband and I really needed it. He said good and glad I liked it. The next week things started to change a little. Mr. Jones would say things about my clothes and hair and looks almost every day. He also started to make comments that were just slightly off color.

Then he would laugh and I would laugh too but more out of unease. He started putting his hands on my arms and shoulders as he walked by me. It actually made me shiver a bit. I think he thought I was enjoying it and if the truth be told I did like the attention but this just didn't feel right. At the end of the week Mr. Jones said that he would be taking me out to lunch after the crews got out on Saturday because Petite teen gagging ever since i was a little girl appointment alone with a priesthood had been working so hard and doing so well.

I told him OK. That Saturday, the last crews got out at about 1100. Mr. Jones took me to a nearby franchise place. We got there before any of the other lunch crowd. Mr. Jones ordered wine for us.

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I rarely drink but since he drove I thought it was ok. I had two glasses. We had a quick bite and headed to the office. I was feeling the wine just a bit and was a little unsteady. Mr. Jones wrapped his arm in mine to help me. I unlocked the door to let us in and heard Mr.

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Jones lock it behind us not thinking anything about it. Before I could get to my desk I felt him come up behind me and put his arms around my waist. He had NEVER done this before! He started rubbing his face in my hair and on the back of my neck! I started to try to push his hands away but he moved them up under my jacket to my boobs and began caressing them through my blouse. I have VERY sensitive nipples and they definitely reacted.

I tried to pull his hands down but he was too strong for me. He made the comment that I must be enjoying what he was doing because I was responding. I told him we shouldn't because we both were married - I really couldn't do this. He joked that he wouldn't tell if I didn't. He started kissing my neck and shoulders. He started lightly biting my ear lobes. I didn't know what to do but deep inside, I knew this felt good. (Later he told me that I started breathing very heavy so he kept going) He took one of his hands off my boob and moved it down my stomach and between my legs.

He began kneading his fingers on me over my skirt. I was really scared but sorta turned on by the whole thing. He ask me if I liked it - I couldn't answer. He pushed harder with his fingers and squeezed my nipple and ask me again more forcefully - I whispered / cried out yes.

He ask me if I had ever been with a black man before. I told him perfect doll is revealing her opened spread crack in close up I've only ever been with two boys.

A boyfriend from High School and my husband. Also, that I never had any contact with black people till I moved from coal country in Pennsylvania. He started laughing and said good. He took me by the hand and pulled me into his office.

He grabbed me around the waist again and brought me close to him. He started kissing me - tried to put his tongue in my mouth. I turned my head to the side.

He gently turned my head back and tried again. So I kissed him. He was running his hands over me, pulling my skirt up and feeling my behind. It might have been the wine but I was very turned on at this point. His hands felt very strong and powerful on my body. He stopped and stepped over to a small old couch he had in the corner. He sat me down on it and stood VERY close to me, my face at about the level of his belt buckle.

He reached down and grabbed my hand and put it on his crotch. I couldn't believe what I had my hand on and gasped. He was being so forward and this was going too fast. He told me to unbuckle his pants! I hesitated and couldn't look at him. He told me again louder and with a much lower voice.

I did what he ask. He told me to put his pants down. I started to but they got caught on him because of how hard he was and had to pull them out and over. He told me to take down his underwear - he called them drawers. So I did. For some reason I tried not to look. He pulled my head up and ask me if I had ever had one this size. No I hadn't. I couldn't believe what I was looking at!

It looked like a club to me! He told me he was a little over 9 and a half inches. (My husband is like half of this) He told me to go ahead, put my hands on him. I did - he felt so big. My fingers didn't go the whole way around. It was so hard I thought I felt him throbbing in my hand. He took my wrists and slowly moved my hands up and down. He told me that I wanted to put my mouth on him (not in those words). I was very unsure. I have never done this. Before in my life I tried twice and had to stop.

I didn't like it. I told Mr. Jones that I didn't really know what I was doing and that I didn't want to look ridiculous. He said he would show me. (My experience sex up to this time had been very.well.conservative. My husband won't even turn the lights on.) Mr. Jones started rubbing himself across my lips telling me to open my mouth. So I did. I could get just the top and a bit more.

He told me to just use my lips and tongue, no teeth, and to move my head up and down. He also kept both of my hands on him and moved them up and down with my head. He pulled my hair back like a ponytail and used it to hold on to. It was hard to imagine how open my mouth was doing this! I almost started to gag. Hot masturbation session with a stunning brunette it seemed to take forever, soon he started to get very excited.

I could tell by the way he moved his hips and started gently pushing on my head. He started going faster and told me he was going to have an orgasm (not his words). Then I felt him start pulsate and he began squirting into my mouth. It seemed like there was a lot but having never done this, I couldn't tell.

I heard him tell me to swallow it. I did. I had never done this before. I had never tasted anything like this before. It wasn't horrible but not great either.

It seemed like it left a pasty feel in my mouth. Mr. Jones backed away from me. I didn't know what to do so I just looked down at the floor. He pulled me upright and removed my jacket. He pulled my blouse out from my skirt and unbuttoned it.

He tossed it on the couch and told me to turn around. He undid my skirt and let it fall to the carpet. I picked up my clothes and laid them out on the table so they would look too mussed when I had to wear them home. Mr. Jones had me stand in front of him and he removed my bra. He told me to take off my hose and told me I was never allowed to wear them to work again.

'Nylons or nothing' was the phrase. He pulled down my panties and began running his hands over my body. I was so turned on by this point I wasn't thinking straight. He sat on the couch and told me to put my mouth on him again.

I bent over to do this and his fingers began to probe and push into me. He was telling me how wet I was. He began squeezing my boobs again. He told me to put my hands on him and to play with his testicles so that he could get hard again. His fingers felt so good in and on me I wasn't concentrating and suddenly realized that he was getting hard again. After a few minutes (and my jaw was getting sore) he pulled my head up and drew me closer to him to straddle his legs.

He wrapped his arm around my waist to guide me down and use his other hand to point himself into me. I started to freak out because he wasn't wearing a condom! Before I girl puts lotion on hands and handles cock say anything the top of him started to rub up against me.

After a few back and forths of this he pulled me down on to him and started to enter me. I couldn't believe it. I had NEVER felt anything like it! I felt like it was opening me up. He kept pulling out and pushing back in a little further each time. I felt so vulnerable and exposed like this. I wanted to leave and want to stay. I started to shake.

I had a tremendous orgasm just from doing this. That had never ever happened before that quick. It took a while but he finally was in me the whole way.

I felt so.filled, I thought I was being split apart. I basically collapsed on his lap and had orgasm after orgasm. I never felt like this ever. He pulled me up a little and began to thrust into me from underneath. Slowly at first but soon he seemed to be going very fast and hard. I couldn't stop shaking. I was gasping for breath. I could feel this 'pole' like it was deep into my abdomen. I felt like I was so wet. I felt like I was exploding. It has never been like this with my husband.

I just wrapped my arms around his neck and held on for dear life. After many minutes (I have no idea how long) Mr. Jones' movements became very frantic. He started really slamming his hips up into me. He was pulling my hair so hard that my back was arched and he was trying to suck and bite my boobs. He had a violent orgasm from the feel of it and collapsed there on the couch. I could only lie on top of him. My legs were shaking so bad I knew I couldn't stand up. After a minute or two, he eased me off of him, stood and pulled his pants back on.

He told me that we were going to make a few changes at work but that he would take care of it and I would enjoy it. He told me to go home before the late afternoon Saturday crew started showing up. I took my clothes out to my desk in the outer office and tried to get dressed. I was still shaking and could barely walk. I felt dirty and used but weirdly wonderful.

I was worried and turned on and excited and ashamed. Shocked and very sore il maggiordomo nero freeitalianporn and la sublime xxx. I couldn't believe what I had done or how it had made me feel.

I got to my car as soon as I could and drove home. My husband was still at work so I had time to take a long shower and start washing my clothes. I was apprehensive about what had happened and where it would lead. But I couldn't stop thinking about it. I'll try to finish my story as I get a chance.